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1939 11th/12th December ... a big icy HUT by the shoreline of Jacopsholmen island off Xristenshab/Christiansharb West Greenland …

we put on two layers of our Paris day clothes hoping the men with JIM would not notice..

… “I can see the face of my dear father-as the men ordered us out of your great warm houseit had lit up like a lamp when we arrived& Aunt Margarethe had filled it with such comfortable things for that Christmas here in this great housethat we all missed here 1933because of the death of Cousin Poulsen`s wife & Margarethe`s son …”

… 1st by a knife to her head-cutting top off… & BASIL by poison in a teacup ) 2 MURDERS done by JIM & Lindsay Earls eager to STOP any Family RANSOM gathering in the OLDE HOME…& THE PRESENTATION OF THE HEIR…a christening of GREETHA Frobisher Weddell RANSOM of the family of POUL GRONLANDER …Relatives friends SAILING IN…THE ISLAND AGAIN FEATURING IN THE USA PRESS…& many other NATIONS… NOT GROSS BRITAIN…or SCANDINAVIA…

An earlier letter from Cousin Sarah Poulsen de Salle has said “…as I go out over the snow I think I am Red Riding Hood in my scarlet cloak…” & words about her little sister who is 9 years…two baby brothers under 5 years old …” Parents & the little boys to die in the Arctic cold by 1941 … to make RICH doped up criminally insane GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIALS - SCANDINAVIAN too… of obscene greed

Only Sarah & sister surviving to 1958...then swiftly only Sarah …ENTERED Mengele Harrington into CANADA for the British Crown… Sarah`s sister went to sleep in a hammock … Mengele & scum stuck a needle in her…

1939 - GREENLAND ARCTIC WINTER - NO discussion or cunning Diplomatic oratory can be used to hesitate the understanding of this HORRIBLE CRIME…!

…The Island its 18th- 19th century history was known to Humanists of the globe…& all GROTE HOMES regarded it as HEIMAT…Europe had private printed books on POUL, & Papers educational & medical printed while TIG was alive (1904) The development of the Island the Theatre the School the Workshops…The FAMILIES who contributed to it, & the JOYOUS VENTURE & how it came about … THE ISLAND WAS NO THREAT & ITS VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TO civilized life known to intelligent human beings the World ! Only Gross Britain vowed to DEMOLISH all GROTE HOMES & Ransom Estate & WALLOW IN THE DOUGH from the RIVER OF BLOOD they had flow about the earth…from the NOBLE slaying of Grote children in their HOMES using the 2nd World…With the IMPERIAL KUDOS they had EASY MONEY…could PAY OFF their GAMBLING & DEBAUCHING DEBTS …FUND entirely their easy living … their LUXURY & SMART TOGS… A fallen Empire had a Pyramid of evil & ignorance at the top…filled with FIGURES FROM A MORGUE … Places BOOKED in HELL hopefully …

“ … your great house lit up like a lamp, little Greetah - we were just making the cake we always make for Christmas…» December 1939 Arctic Circle Jacopsholmen Island , West Greenland …

1960 January/February - Colne Engaine - the NIGHT WATCH

person arrives at 11 pm … a Dr John RAY ® reports

“…I have spoken with Sarah…I will read you some of it back…»

Nota bene : I thought in January this was ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 winter …& he was OVER from GAUL again …outside in the harsh nightime weather & taking NIGHT WATCH…& writing another novel…but I was woken from sleep…& if I had a night-light lit in the Caravan the fumes would keep me drowsy…

1976-1980s - Stray phrases of an angry nature from PJPW not to be understood by GR…he & others of trendy behaviour are adding insults under Doc Mengele`s GUIDANCE…G.R. is not to appear in the TRENDY videos they all now make…this goes on 1970s-1980s…& more lies-threats- I walk away…there are human beings that I know/some of them help give protection… I Greta Ransom W. DO NOT KNOW A SARAH/she disappeared from my UNDERSTANDING when I was nearly 7 years of age in 1939 !

1978 - SARAH - Mengele & blondes/LINDSAYbuggarhs & dirty JIM…all claiming Sarah as KIN/KITH…keep eye on her in Alaska ! They have been helping themselves to her WEALTH…which was in NORWAY & FRANCE-since END of the 2ND World War…IMPERIAL GREED persecution & VIOLENT ROBBERY goes on…

1960 Jan-Feb - Colne Engaine - Dr John RAY ®

NIGHT WATCH … “ Sarah says they could find no money ! ” ( he now quotes her ) “ They could find no money…there was plenty in Norway & France…Yet I was to understand my sister &

I could not have any money… then she died my sister…” ( ? I GR think it is MALRAUX & he is writing a novel ? … or this is his side of his families…?… )

Nota bene : G.R. does not know JOHN RAY…or a girl called SARAH…they disappeared from my understanding 1938 & `1939 when I was 5 & 6 years of age…!!!

Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile-violent thief-remover of national records- birth death marriages etc burns books & DNA-was in attendance for G.B. Lords- Earls & The Crown-

1958 ? - It was he Mengele decided the girls were not Virgins

& Sarah’s sister now died in a hammock in Canada while Mengele Harrington was there pawing away at her with his case as usual full of POISON PINS & NEEDLES

… he poisoned her in the hammock & Doc Harrington said she fell asleep from her lifestyle … Many innocent good people fall asleep in this fashion when these filthy obscene Nobles of Gross Britain & Scandinavia find themselves able to get more & more MONEYS without INCOME TAX if someone is CULLED….

` Sarah’s sister… SHE WAS NOT YET 30 years of age…

She had been 9 years old when this ordeal began… 1939 - thrown out of the Ransom great comfortable warm HOME

on the FAMILY Island Jacopsholmen/2 hours by slow boat from XRISTENSHARB … JIM MR PONG JIMMIE JONG…Royal Paramour brings ORDERS of BRITISH CROWN & LINDSAY EARLS…they say THEY OWN ALL OF THIS ISLAND off the WEST GREENLAND shoresJIM came with violence TO EVICT & then to STEAL … He has ORDERS of secret-silence FROM THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS EARLS & THE CROWN … who say they OWN THE GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts, especially the lands…`

The pack of `em should never be allowed near a War Memorial -

& if they go to church then they kneel in the churchyard ! Their greed & violence, & IGNORANCE has caused ALL THESE DEATHS !

1959 -` Crème-de-la-crème G.B. & Scandinavian Naval figures gave out its `Navy Lark` in its heroin & gin-vodka manner… `…the girls would not be virgins & could not come back to the nation of a Royal Family of virgins & holy men…it would be unseemly if they were allowed back in Noble British society…blah blah…Naval Intelligence were squirming at the crass talk-`

` Orders were given by Gross Brit to see Sarah did not speak on the ordeal. The Ransoms were to be blamed in secret nameless silence …& Sarah`s lack of proper schooling…ignoring it was well begun in FRANCE & internationally … The IMPERIAL & NOBLE usual FOUL BLACK TONGUES hung out about us all …

? … The moneys of Families Poulsen & de Salle of Paris & Norway ? could be seen on the backs of the Nobles of Scandinavia & Gross Britain…horses-cars - flash & glitter-immorality-dope-booze & DIVINITY…`

963/& 969 AD - The motto of Osbert RANSOM our direct line to he & wife Alice is `Satteus Laetus -

M. de Salle of Paris is a RANSOM -Elizabeth Ransom c 1770 m 2ndly de Salle 18th Century a small PARIS Banker -& he adopted her 9 years old Venezuelan son of her legal marriage by a Pastor West Indies/letters/records/Letters from he to Jacques Necker…

`I am satisfied with sufficient…`

1944 November 9th - THE TRAGEDY OF JOSETTE Clotis MALRAUX … who for the previous 2 weeks tried get help to the De SALLE FAMILY of PARIS stranded on the Arctic Island - heirs also to Grote Ransom Estate… de Salle family have 4 children under 12 years old youngest 2 years old… 1939 December They are CAST OUT Inner Circle ARCTIC by Gross Britain Lords & Crown representative JIM Jong now Major Jim Carew JAMES… The parents & 4 children are making the Christmas Cake …Arrival of JIM & Army clad thugs in launch from a big ship offshore ! ORDERS from British NOBLESLAND …This family of good citizens EVICTED into the snow in 20 minutes from the great warm house Fred RANSOM built 1830s as a sturdy ship for civilized living- open Plan downstairs as the great USA 18th 19th century homes…3 forms of heating… (“ biggest house GREENLAND- USA style 18th-19th century-400 years of life at least” … say architects` & Captain Alan Villiers/& many other structural engineers-PLANS in Science Museum South Kensington LONDON…1939/ missing later )

1967 & 1968 - Villiers says first time, a Saturday morning Oxford December 1967... “ Fred Ransom built it for HIS BRIDE - THE GRONLANDER`s grand-daughter … a mighty man mighty intellect Peter… ONE SAIL MARGARETHE GAVE US THE KEY TO THE ISLAND A LITTLE UTOPIA A DEMOCRACY…Cousteau & I have had no end of trouble because we have sailed up there..” He will say this again in early 1968 at the Celebrations for The VOYAGES of JAMES COOK RN.

1939 December 9/10th - “ … on JACOPSHOLMEN Island in the afternoon when they were ORDERED OUT IN 20 MINUTES by JIM JONG Major Carew of Buckingham Palace Intelligence Unit & 6-7 thugs in British Army gear…OUT of the Gronlander/RANSOM warm home to which they are ALL 6 of them de Salle/Poulsen Ransom kin also heirs…on the Island a Holy Place & by decree 1770 WE are to erect the University to POUL when we can` The Inner Circle Arctic West Greenland - JOSETTE Clotis Malraux has LIVED a winter in the little CHATEAU Charente near TULLES, Period …& she would understand conditions for the de Salle family… “… a winter in the ARCTIC inner circle with 4 children the youngest 2 years would be horrible…” No food except what they fish & perhaps can hunt…It is believed 1943/44 Canada coastguards et al Reports “ that only the 2 teenage girls now alive …”

“…British have a blockade 1939-1940s with Denmark on the Island… Fred Ransom father of heir believed sent to his death Philippines…” GROTE BROKERS New York had no illusions about the monstrous evil IMPERIAL crowd in 1943 …

“ … JOSETTE tried to GET HELP to them…” de Salle (Ransom Poulsen branch) Family of PARIS evicted by G. B. criminally insane Nobles of GREED 1939 December with 4 children - kicked into the Arctic snow not allowed leave - It was the end of October 1944 - she had Pierre her 4 years old with her (birthday 5 No…”

… & second son born March 1944 Vincent put with a close friend in village nearby … because of the hardships of wartime France…& she must WRITE to earn money…CLARA has Andre`s monies…

1944 last day October : “ At the same time HER MOTHER ARRIVED by train … the British CONSUL in FRANCE…had HIS 2 GUNMEN ARRIVE to KILL she & ANDRE MALRAUX…She got them at the door …» Reports/1960 late winter Spring from FRANCE/Arthur Malone & Philip Silverlee & Colleagues of Andre Malraux…

… It had been learned end October 1944 by Gross Britain CONSUL diplomatic staff … of Josette`s attempts to help the de Salle Family of Paris… The IMMEDIATE DANGER is that she had received LAWFUL documents for ANDRE MALRAUX from GROTE BROKERS New York … reaching her end October 1944…

… & THE ORDERS of Gross Britain Nobles WERE “ SEND 2 GUNMEN TO KILL MALRAUX & THIS WOMAN…” NB : Who are FREE French citizens…

1960 February - (Report/Malone speaking Colne Engaine :

“ … that girl Jo… Andre’s Catholic wife…She got the village to send him ANDRE a message …but she knew not where…it had to go by 3 or 4 resistance workers…the first man would NOT carry a written message & he would NOT hear of any names - IN CASE HE WAS CAUGHT & TORTURED BY THE GESTAPO…» Colne Engaine 1960 Malone & Silverlee/others/ after somebody has talked with persons in FRANCE this week February 1960 … involved at that time…)

1960 late February - Z E U S SPOKE from the HEAVENS - & hurled thunderbolts ! (the Christian God may be knocked out with DOPE by IMPERIUM ! ) PHIL SILVERLEE knew there would be SOME EVIDENCE of what GROTE BROKERS New York SENT by Post SUMMER 1944 to MALRAUX & what JOSETTE read…& Ransom Solicitors Buenos Aries…HE FLEW TO NEW YORK…after his daughter had recovered carbon copies Buenos Aries…of the most INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE against IMPERIAL BRITAIN…She also was given copies the 3 WILLS…which operate the entire ESTATE…`

“ Phil, he met her plane in to New York….together she & her father went to GROTE New York…it was all there…carbon copies/documents/reports…” ( amalgamated after the THEFT of the 19 acres in name of LINDSAY for the heir… & Angela because she says AN OLD ESKIMO GAVE IT HER when she was 10...) …& PHILIP sent message to London to come to Malone also…

… He Silverlee said…“ He was terrified at what he got from them

IT PROVED A CAREFULLY PLANNED most VIOLENT SLAYING of the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES… during the 2nd World War… It had been done by IMPERIAL Gross Britain…they were criminally INSANE…those who had done this…& their names were in all of these documents/these carbon copies/reports from South America Asia…the nations where the HOMES were sited…”

“… Philip moved from his hotel where he had booked in that morning…to another…he saw his daughter back to the Argentine by plane to her husband & 2 children, his grandchildren…

HE SAYS HE WAS TERRIFIED …to find without a doubt that Britain had plotted planned AT THE TOP… this horrific savage crime…FOR DOUGH…”

The robbery of the Grote-Ransom estate-the slaying of the children GROTE HOMES of which there were 2,500 principal homes of quality keeping a low profile from when Tiggy was murdered ARRAN Hebrides 1904 by the filthy Scots Lords & Lindsaybuggarhs Earls for this `Fortune` as they spoke & spluttered about it being Eldorado … rudely adding `of an old Eskimo` as the comely & beautiful of mind & presence, the GODDESS Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote got older in her widowhood…

references Dec 1946-to 1960 Malraux Detectives & Colleagues…

“ There were 5 HOMES in FRANCE - the Lands everywhere were to be sold for the British Crown & the Lindsay Earls et al would have their share/Scandinavia too - The family of M. de Salle must not be allowed off the Island - they could inform the French Government that MALRAUX was Guardian to the greatest Estate in the world…Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grote….Legal Will USA 1938 - All of Malraux his Post/mail had been stolen from New Year 1938- by the British Government & Crown …”

The Liberation of PARIS had correspondence from GROTE Brokers New York arrive to an address ANDRE MALRAUX used pre-War & where his letters from Margarethe Grote & Mary Gordon arrived October 1937 -

Nota bene “ Grote Homes were sometimes quite small outside of the 2,500 architect designed big HOMES in prominent cities…Perhaps only 300 children because that was the local need…but the EDUCATION was the same always 3 or 4 languages & HUMANISM, the religion of the nation but understanding of all nations & TRAVEL from 12 years of age to 18 years/some children going on into higher education/… Teachers came for 6 months but always stayed 2 years or more…some for life…The little investments & big investments circled around & around in the RANSOM Traders centuries age old custom…going in & out & around in all Nations where we had in previous centuries dowry lands with Ransom brides & GOODWILL & cousins…some who from 11th-12th century Palestine shores sent us XMAS CARDS to 1929 - then were slain ! (not all Christians hence my prayer mat from the Arab king )

We THE JOYOUS VENTURE need not be concerned with big big profit…We can weather climate & disputes even wars…WE are welcomed as of 14 Races & 27 nations the globe…quite unique are we RANSOM….Thus a Tiggy Grote Home might be put in for 30 orphans on an island & a school attached…the education was THE SAME - HIGH HUMANISM…

19th century… In Asia it was very cheap to fund the little Homes & this suited parts of the nations. Russia had 11 HOMES in 1880s but the friend of Tiggy, Basil a Nobleman suggested combining them to 7...& this worked well…they could be guarded…a HOME at ARCHANGEL was felt not to be safe.

QUALITY was always maintained & new buildings with lands around…The drawing in of the community immediately about the HOME the establishment of the basic requirements for civilized life…farms/ craftworks/ musicians/sport/hospitals & RESEARCH etc… An understanding in lectures for all was about technology/medicine/science…& included `WE HAVE TO GO TO THE STARS … `GOD` WANTS US TO … but going safely depends upon progress ` … The nations outside Gross Britain thus they understood the curriculum & the aim of the education/help was often given to small schools to have them with raised standards… The Nations were well pleased with the children who came out of the Grote Homes & took up POSITIONS which helped them the peoples of the area & the nation have a more comfortable life span… GROSS BRITAIN disapproved & its Diplomats were troublesome even in Tiggy`s lifetime…TIG running the HOMES from 1864 to his death 1904... Noble Britain was GREEDY…it could not maintain its NOBLE CLASS on its honest trade…

TIGGY GROTE had his education from age 11 years at the SCHOOL

in the SNOWS OF Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland … where we go local Arctic shopping to Xristensharb 1830s-1930s…

( Thomas Immanuel GROTE an old family of West Saxony born 1841/1842-murdered 1904 by Scots Nobles Arran… our 98 acres stolen by JIM JONG 1953 & sold on to Angela’s 2nd cousin… ( there was a beautiful woman 1968/9 ANDRE MALRAUX & PJPW tried help for this MOB had in mind her certain murder…she had rather got lost in her philosophy…Records/archives/reaching to The Pillar House 1972 renaissance party 19 March)

TIGGY (Ward of the ARCTIC because of his Ringworm from talking to the Animals Boston Zoo ) … felt human nature functioned best when it knew common sense & he grew up with this…his mother`s great uncle was Frederick Immanuel K A N T… Tiggy says he learned very much from age 11 years Ward to Fred Ransom & Gertrude Poulsen his wife…& sailing to other nations once or twice a year… TIG BEGAN HIS WORK AT 21 YEARS after plaguing Edward LEAR artist-cartoonist on the family acres Corfu aged 18 to 19 years of age… TIG upon marriage to Margarethe Ransom 1863 began his first HOME in OHIO…his enthusiasm & her agreement both aged 21 years put both Grote Brokers New York & Ransom families into ` NO SHOES` state for a few years…but nobody minded…TRADERS & HUMANISTS Ransom & Gronlander families were tolerant…Tiggy’s ideas explained to the intelligent & noble of the world were seen to flourish easily- “ & soon with Aunt Mag’s GREEN GOLD FINGERS everybody had shoes ` adds Lennie he keeps diaries/& speaks many languages.

Nota bene : Above is a system of HUMANISM but LUCIFERS of a Fallen British NOBLES Empire are determined to DESTROY IT ! I/we give it below…we doth LEARN with this Document ` BOOK OF JOSETTE & ANDRE MALRAUX SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937` ... Greetah & Clacton Town- found them FULL OF SUCH GRACE…JoJOH&Jo & Saint George ANDRE

1960 January - Night Watch - “ A WORD … IMPORTANT … S U M M A T R A (speaker probably Dr John RAY)

“ IN SUMMATRA WE HAD IN EDUCATION GROTE HOMES 3,000 orphans…educating in HUMANISM…with 3 or more languages each…living in quality GROTE HOMES… When the British Empire 1940s slew them they using The Realms of noble circles (Scandinavia & Gross Britain & some relatives…) mouthed that about 200 children only were on all these LANDS & they were used as SIN…They emptied banks & cried falsely as their custom… `IN THE RED…& IMMORALITY HERE…” !

( … so they had told the Diplomatic enclaves to PAY THEIR BILLS FROM RANSOM GROTE BANKS where they may get away with it ! …as we encountered 1935/1937 our NORD SUD Poles GROTE HOMES TOUR… GR … `Behaviour from an EMPIRE FALLEN grasping at a long decline…` )

Summary from several speakers follows/… ` And thus FOULNESS at the TOP OF THE CLASS PYRAMID OF GROSS BRITAIN paid for its gigantic life of debauch-touring the globe- fingering other NATIONS…/

…The lies about the numbers of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN will be repeated & falsified where they bulldoze the HOMES in independent Nations A- to-Z- from 1946 into the 1950s…then by further corruption after 1968 slithering with bloody paws claws on the remainder … Always claiming softly THE LANDS ARE THE PROPERTIES OF THE LAWFUL PURCHASE or CONQUEST OF THE ANCESTORS OF THE BRITISH CROWN… `It is ALL LIES…thus they have become quite-quite-quite mad…Oh so very criminally insane concerning Grote Homes & Ransom Estate…` Moneys & KUDOS reach to grandchildren… it is difficult to point out the EVIL OF THE ROARING 1920s DIVINE…when well togged issue put pompous risque books on COFFEE TABLES intended for the CHRISTMAS read… The horrible slitherings of their previous generations in this RIVER OF BLOOD brings them secure big incomes & smart togs…travel & all that whiz-boom


GR for her families… )

1960/61 - (unknown speaker to GR ) “ WE do NOT want them in NEW ZEALAND…they are never sober you can smell the liquor… So it is come about…THAT THEY HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO OPEN the POST/MAIL of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE …from 1933...THERE IS YOUR PROBLEM (answer )…TO THEIR MADNESS…IT IS A GATHERING STORM FOR THE FABRIC OF THE GLOBE…THEY HAVE GONE MAD…FOR THEY ARE RAISED TO BELIEVE THEY CAN DO NO WRONG…THEY ARE DIVINE…I did tell you before we moved away ( late 1940s ) GET RID OF JIM … ” (Arthur Malone report)

c 1970 - (unknown speaker above of 10 years ago…seen briefly but GR has no recognition-is to have this interpreted as a CRITICISM of herself over the next hours…) The SPEAKER has been a physician on high who had brought great advances to medicine /c 1970... Blewbury day visitor…He was alarmed at Peter J. P. Whitehead being given all this power to dispense of the great RANSOM ESTATE… that he had known/possibly helped with/ Andre Malraux & the Ransom families had got circling about again the globe from 1960s.. (Mengele may be about us-or have spies…)

He of ( formerly ? ) New Zealand began his speech…` So you find there is NO MONEYS IN THE BANKS OF NEW ZEALAND…& that they, THE DIVINE OF PIN … have received handouts from those who are permitted to STEAL THE ESTATE FROM THE LAWFUL HEIRS RANSOM- THERE IS THE ANSWER TO THE MADNESS WE HAVE ALL OBSERVED…the greed…dope & liquor…` ….

1970s - a visitor & others…concerned 2 Ransom brothers they have known well are dead far too soon…murder by the known-

1947 summer - onwards the monstrous Harrington known

to medical circles & the highly educated as “ old Mengele… a weird physician with no proven qualifications… he has a team to falsify all records GROTE HOMES…` This “ LUCIFER …”

( say` th New Zealand 1970s ) was given to speaking of the GROTE HEIRS RANSOM & the distant heirs…as…

HUMPS UPON THE BACK … OF MY PATIENT ANDRE MALRAUX…” Mengele is of course the Royal Satrap paedophile a Gollum of MAGNIFICENT foulness…`

` GOES ON CAT WALKS ` he says…`

Mengele is also known 1950s as “ DOC Kill-the-Birds…& to a London co-ed School “ Doctor NEVER HIS KNEES ” (history/archives/reports)

1939 - XMAS PARTY a Thursday evening 6.00 pm-7 00 pm at the back of BUCKINGHAM PALACE (a guest reads 1960 from diary 1939 )

“…a lot of jollity…fit for graveside figures… was hee-hawing around Jim.. Jimmie Jong heard saying “ they will be dead by now in the cold ” he was not liked by some visitors…” / records 1948 & 1960...