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ARCTIC ROBBERY - by IMPERIAL MONSTERS - barbaric & obscene jeering given TO THEIR VICTIMS - recorded by hidden observers was the sadistic debauch upon the shores… “ One day the Danish yacht sailed in to stop the occupants of the British yacht from continuing …”

1956/8 Reports - “ The recognised nobles emptied the great West Greenland Jacopholsmen Island RANSOM HOME & took all possessions away in the 2 yachts/ All furnishings had been new 1933 from New York - but there were antiques/family records/family paintings/ valuable books including a Coptic library/ so much was there to prove that GROTE RANSOM ESTATE EXISTED with good quality families…for 20 centuries…»

` The NOBLES cat-called & chased the two girls de Salle…& a big rich bitch shrieking about the shores calling itself the Princess of the Island found their summer camp with stores for the Winter & destroyed it… the provisions Sarah & her sister had bartered for ANOTHER ARCTIC WINTERGIN BOTTLES LITTERED THE SHORES …

ARCTIC RESCUE - The two girls late 1950s are rescued from a Report by Missionaries… Sarah & her sister received NO HELP from the Noble Yachts full of criminally insane ON THE PIN murderers of the GROTE HOMES CHILDRENdestroyers of the Ransom Estate the globeThey now very well off-all family debts/other debts of this UPPER CLASS paid agreement of LINDSAY EARLS…


Doctor Mengele Harrington appeared around the two girls/women now/ immediately for The British Crown…Sarah’s sister now died in a hammock…they were told there was no money…they had no right to be on the Island…they should live with Eskimo…perhaps Alaska would be the place…they were not to speak…the money the Estate was the property of The British Government & Crown…given away in 1921 by an old Eskimo…( Records/several sources )

(blah blah blah LIES LIES LIES Britain still Rules the SEAS &

on its IMPERIAL PIN HEAD…a G.B. EMPIRE still BOOTS IN on A-Z the globe…Other peoples lands/properites/moneys can be demanded in Arrogance & using Armed Forces & Special Branches of SECRET SILENCE… The Press will do as it is told…also BBC…)


1950s - “ The visitors to West Greenland Jacopsholmen Island were very HIGH CLASS SIN monsters of greed on heavy DOPES - booze bottles thrown along the shore- one of them shrieking as she chased Sarah & her sister away that SHE was the Princess of the Island…« Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington their private friend & to some personal physician in a manner of speaking…went up at sometime ” … (records that shocked 1960s/City of London too)

1960 June - LINDSAY EARLS, Mengele & Mr Pong

JIM Cur James & `The NAVY LARK` would wish to bomb the Island before MALRAUX & de GAULLE could get up there & see the civilized settlement abandoned…great house, theatre, church…workshops…harbour…the Island BOMBED to SMITHEREENS JUNE 1960 ( Records after 1962/talk of the towns…)

ARCTIC incarceration 1939 XMAS to late 1950s -

1940s/50s - There are Coast Guards getting reports in these years

The two girls were chased & cat-called at by BRITISH & SCANDINAVIAN IMPERIAL MONSTERS…& their STORES for Winter found in their Summer Camp & destroyed by the Noble monsters… the faces of some well known… they were photographed by Greenlanders from the other end of the Island creeping over hiding in the SNOWSwho seem to have got warning of them…there was often a SUMMER settlement the other end of the Island… ”

The monstrous doped creatures were for 2 weeks having a very nasty FLING on dope & Spirits drank from the bottle…

…they were with 2 yachts one British one Danish standing in the harbour … where the Eternal Steps have carved on them every child’s name born on the Island

“ Dirty JIM knows the Island since 1929 when he began abusing it & all the RANSOM families world-wide, helped by the Lindsay gang…it may have been they stole the COPTIC LIBRARY…”

RANSOM histories : Fred Ransom aged 12 years c 1810 put himself in the COPTIC School when he stayed 2 years Ethiopia with his Aunt in The Residence…a widow she had been told to stay on…the incoming Consul would be quite happy with other accommodation …Fred at 12 years old knew his vast family of many races & nations well & had many connections to other Races…possibly this is why the Murgatroyd Missionaries went out to Ethiopia From the 1880s there were Grote Homes along this coast & the nations were proud of them & knew TIGGY very well… RANSOM put in various pieces of philanthropy 19th century…& would SAIL IN…

Reports/Papers-around the globe/

c 1958 - ARCTIC RESCUE - not to be allowed !

` Gross Britain immediately claimed the two girls body & soul & reputations when they were got off the Island. Some American Missionaries going to Canada said they had seen them spoken to them but were warned they might NOT TAKE THEM OFF… Mr Mengele visited immediately & Sarah’s younger sister died in a hammock - `

“ There was NO FAMILY MONEY given them - 1959/ was about Scarlet Town British Naval Intelligence circles `they were not Virgins & HAD BEEN WITH SAILORS `…” (`Navy Lark`BBC)

1938 - de Salle family PARIS are also LEGAL HEIRS to the ESTATE including Jacopsholmen Island a democracy off West Greenland 1970s - Alas , the last three of de Salle family murdered in PARIS. A young beautiful woman & two children from 1969 Visitors to England attracted attention & were called horrible dirty names…that only NOBLE BRITISH SCUM can phraseShe young & beautiful woman with two near teenage children, offended JIM & Angela & LINDSAYBUGGARHS & Mr Mengele had ORDERS from the criminally insane to REMOVE ALL DNA all lines linked to the vast ESTATE Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts -

Elizabeth RANSOM 1770s her son adopted by de Salle her 2nd marriage PARIS…

LEGALLY Sarah & her sister & 2 brothers own a de Salle home in Paris, moneys, investments in France, Norway from their father & their motherSARAH should have been able to live where she pleased in safety & comfort her security given by GROTE RANSOM ESTATE… The family are included in various Ventures with the JOYOUS VENTURE philanthropy… As members of the families Gronlander RANSOM/Weddell/de Salle/ they could legally claim a home on any GROTE RANSOM lands round the globe

AH ! British Government Nobles including EARLS Premier Lindsaybuggarhs & The Crowns have had all GROTE HOMES & our houses, mansions, apartments smashed or taken over so there is NO EXISTENCE of these mainly architect commissioned HOMES & the lovely old places we put a tenant with family in to maintain the building & any lands . These restored places gave holidays to the GROTE CHILDREN about the globe who came by ships & trains on exchange visits to broaden their education…from the 1860s to the 1930s !

Our lands Grote & RANSOM are grabbed at from 1937 with a change of RULER in IMPERIAL BRITAIN. NOBLE creatures with PAWS & JAWS dripping blood & gore & all of Noble Britain & Scandinavia… ALL ON THE PIN & their habitual lifestyle has no open roads or pleasant lanes into NORMAL HUMAN ACTIVITIES…they use the STATE of Gross Britain & bully small nations about the Globe

… to pull off this barbaric GREATEST CRIME ON EARTH

… all the 20th century … into the 21st

Nota bene: I Greetha Ransom use a shade of colour on this French keyboard called purple fonce to mean the matter written about is MORT/the dead…This document 1937 Summer relates a GENOCIDE… State of MOURNING for the GLOBE should be recognised

1960s -CITY OF LONDON Elders & others - come upon the evil progress of the crimes against the Grote Ransom Estate - Andre Malraux & savage death of the mother of his 2 sons/ THEY given faked car accident DEATHS May 23rd 1961...Frederick Charles RANSOM gave a much appreciated SPEECH in ROYAL EXCHANGE winter 1939 January (records/printed information-details )

“ They have been killing people for this money…we knew about it when I was in the City…” reports 1970/

1960 February - Politan/Arthur Malone & Detectives & Colleagues Andre Malraux - “ IT IS NOW KNOWN THAT JOSETTE MALRAUX GOT POST/mail she collected in Paris for ANDRE MALRAUX at an address they had used 1930s…He had left for an unknown destination that day & may have suggested she call before they parted … for EVER UPON EARTH… Report “ & she decided to call as they had just remembered this address before they parted…It was 1944 the end of October ” - THERE WERE POSTAL envelopes for ANDRE MALRAUX from NEW YORK GROTE BROKERS including information from the ARGENTINE RANSOM solicitors…”

J O S E T T E ` Reading all this Correspondence to Malraux, she remembered Andre had accepted GUARDIANSHIP to the child Greetha Ransom who spoke of an ISLAND IN THE SNOW…SHE NOW READ of the de SALLE FAMILY…& KNEW THAT ISLAND WAS TRUE ! By early November 1944 the 32 years old girl with 2 tiny Malraux sons was very upsetespecially by the kindly request from the Brokers & Solicitors NEW YORK…to LET THEM KNOW WHAT THE SUMS DRAWN ON THE CHEQUE BOOK SENT HIM 1938 WERE FOR ?

… But he has not had a cheque book ! … This is what her mother hears her saying & JO was walking up & down… Her mother thought she was writing a story to earn money to keep MALRAUX & the two baby boys & she disapproved of this big cold Chateau as a home with winter coming on ! ` Reports Colne Engaine 1960 February/NEW information/visits/France…

1960 early February - Reports from FRENCH sources … to Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux/ARTHUR MALONE reports

(Prob. Phil Silverlee went over to speak with the CLOTIS family/he has written a book in French language 1929...)

“ Her mother had arrived by 1st November & confirms her daughter was upset & she believed it was because the place was big & cold & she seemed to have some writing to do…”…` She JOSETTE saw on the Papers/documents/letters/ the name of the child GRETA RANSOM who had shared Summer 1937 Clacton-on-Sea & East Anglia with them…` She would recall the child talking of AN ISLAND IN THE SNOWS where a church with French paintings a theatre a College being built, Eternal steps with all the names of the children on…& where the child Greetah said she had been the year before with LENNIE who was only 15 years but HE FLEW PLANES…

…& much moreThat summer 1937, Josette she had made SOME NOTES IN HER WRITING IDEAS BOOK…

…She wrote ideas in HEADLINES and sub-headings in green red and blue inks ( Greta took her to a little shop to buy some little bottles of inks )…Andre insisted the things Greta related were the child`s dreams… `JO…SHE HAD TO HAVE BECOME VERY FRIGHTENED as she read the correspondence … & thought back 5-6-7 years ago…

& there were photographs taken on that summer holiday …`

`IF ONLY SHE HAD NOT MADE ENQUIRIES ABOUT THE FAMILY stranded on the Arctic Island…M de Salle & family of PARIS…. but … she tried to do as a letter asked “… find out WHY the British would NOT allow a search of JACOPSHOLMEN the RANSOM -Gronlander island off Xristenshab…there were 78 miles of the island & the 2 girls of the family of Monsieur de SALLE of PARIS & his wife of the Norwegian Poulsen Gronlander family were believed to be alive…It was feared the two tiny boys were dead in the Arctic winters…the parents had not been seen since 1941...but the two girls had…there were Coast Guard reports…”

1939 December The family de Salle had sent distressing letters December 1939 reaching Frederick John RANSOM 23rd December at Clacton-on-Sea Essex … but he had been sent abroad to PHILIPPINES some days after receiving them…he had however told a relative who conveyed information to them Grote Brokers…they had also received a letter from young FRED RANSOM Greta’s father in 1943 but he was asking them in NEW YORK & Argentine what had happened …?

The 1939 XMAS letters from M. de Salle FRENCH CITIZEN… tell how he & his family of 6 with 4 children under 12 years of age were THROWN OUT OF THE RANSOM BIG WARM HOUSE 9th December 1939...into a cold hut… ( by someone they knew in Paris )

( JIM Major Carew James )…Not allowed bring bedding-anything…how they found the FOODS for winter had been taken from their STORES in the Ice Caves…”

( Nota bene : by someone they knew from PARIS where his mother had an Apartment with her sister- 2 Chinese women educated & well off…)

It is not clear whether this was included in the information JOSETTE got from USA …` NO replies could be received from London only phone messages from Whitehall/to USA Embassy ` the matter was receiving attention ` …

( The man they recognised was a half Chinese now become a British Major alongside the King in the Palace/ & came to West Greenland the JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND with a British Army Squad…

ordering the family out of the very comfortable big warm Ransom home into a big cold hut in the ARCTIC WINTER … / So much could be gathered from the letters & from other persons England who could tell them of an unpleasant situation for the families Ransom/de Salle/Poulsen/ )

1938 autumnM de Salle had visited young Fred Ransom’s father in London coming over distraught from PARIS…& with Cousin de Salle came Clarke Gable`s cousin (a delicate look-a-like of the USA film star ) He is an Argentine French citizen & worked in PARIS…his mother Cindy Weddell owned a large Mansion over towards the Perigord…& lived in her hacienda outside MONTIVEDEO…I Greta RANSOM remember the City & its smoke curling up from chimneys far away …Aunt Cindy has a blue cat sits on a purple sofa…she & JEAN ballerina are first cousins…

MARTYR - JEAN Weddell RANSOM ballerina 52 years of age has just been buried after the poisoning of her by JIM & the future EARL Lindsay 14 & Teresa Gordon…so that with their friend-fiend ANGELA they can set about the robbery of the GROTE ESTATE upon the Continent & SPAIN…& share out … THEY - ON PIN & up snout !

1938 November - 4 o-clock in the afternoon at `Jerusalem` by the little Deptford Park - M. de SALLE come from PARIS for two days… settled with Frederick Charles RANSOM that he & his family could go to the ISLAND… for he said “ THE LINDSAYS ARE AFTER THE ISLAND…they have used me as PIG-IN-THE-MIDDLE in PARIS & left me WITHOUT ANY MONEY… We can look after the Island…” …& it was all arranged he might take his family to the Island…Paul & Veronica FROBISHER of Canada would send stores furs & might be able to send them some persons to assist with life on the Island … known to the world as an independent DEMOCRACY called JACOPSHOLMEN from 1770 & of enormous assistance in trying to have GREENLAND an INDEPENDENT NATION !

1920 onwards - British Government Lords had been removing families from the GRONLANDER-RANSOM island Jacopsholmen below DISCO, WEST GREENLAND & many related to THE GRONLANDER were found dead or missing…MONEYS they had in Scandinavian Banks had gone missing ! It was a persecution & GROTE BROKERS could get NOTHING in writing from WESTMINSTER about voiced objections from BRITISH CROWN to education for Greenlanders continuing upon the ISLAND…

1930s - The CROWN of Gross Britain were CLAIMING the WEST GREENLAND ISLAND HAD BEEN GIVEN TO A WOMAN NAMED ANGELA…(a marriage to Norway strengthened their ILLICIT claim) THIS GREED HAD BEGUN with an EARL LINDSAY in 1884 when he SENT three BIG Gross Britain ROYAL NAVY GUN SHIPS UP to WEST GREENLAND to bring Millie FROBISHER & her husband JOHN RANSOM & their educated young friends OFF THE ISLAND or he would shell them ! Denmark claimed the Island too ! Velvet fisticuffs went on…Roaring 1920s ran into 21st century…

Nota bene : all this history can be recovered from newspapers/& early cine film/but sources of accuracy concerning GREATEST PIECE OF PHILANTHROPY the globe have been removed-shears taken/Decrees waved IMPERIAL PROPERTIES… A mob of high DOPE gangsters got hold of the 20th century…their minds formed on dopes & Empire divinity when they were children. ( late 1970s/ The formation of a NET of information to link globe : already CULLED…see report/THE 4 sites G.B. with the coming ` internet` - 2 contributors have been attacked/information removed for G.B. Intelligence…kicking in a door…Leicester & OXFORD/ matter is GROTE HOMES claimed by DIVINITIES of Gross Britain «

19th century - Upon the Island were many human beings … kith & kin, friends, of POUL GRONLANDER & his children, grandchildren, his great grandchildren MARGARETHE (nee Ransom) GROTE , JOHN RANSOM, POUL RANSOM their mother inherited the ISLAND from her father JACOP POULSEN the son of POUL GRONLANDER & his legal wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle& many educated Greenlanders whose great grandparents had taken part in the PLAY SEASONS 1830s onwards…& the busy wholesome life of the Islanda little UTOPIA & a DEMOCRACY…a model of HUMANISM !


1938/1939 - STORES had been sent from Canada & should have arrived a year before…certainly by the summer months 1939 …` JIM Pong & G. B. NOBLE LORDS for Angela using the Danish & G.B. Nation` s Armed Forces & various THUGGERIES … carefully spied upon de Salle family of PARIS from 1938 … & it was JIM Jong who organised using RN Navy that the STORES from Frobisher family & other sources were diverted thus stolen/he put some DOUGH in back pockets/ … it was JIM organised the THEFT of the supplies in the ICE CAVES STORES…there was always enough for 5 years !!! JIM has his ARSE on the Island since 1929 for his NOBLE EMPLOYERS… It was JIM JONG who had put about the filthy LIES late 1920s that the OLD ESKIMO MARGARET GROTE (owner of the greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY the GLOBE ) STARVED THE West Greenland ISLANDERS - JIM IS A PSYCHOPATH ON THE PIN - Employed by MOONLIGHT to work for IMPERIAL MONSTERS GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA !

1944 November 9th - DEATH OF JOSETTE MALRAUX falling on a railway line 9/11/1944 & her legs crushed by the train she has just put her mother on to return to her home after an emotion fraught visit…Madam Clotis feeling her daughter had been treated dishonourably by MALRAUX…whose older first wife Clara was a well known WHORE & nasty dope-fiend…& had taken up 1938 with a queer creature a Mr Harrington who claimed to be a British aristocrat & a Viennese aristocrat

2 QUESTIONS ? ? Mengele HARRINGTON is in a British Army Major`s Uniform PARIS Liberation 1944 - meets CLARA MARLAUX

at a CAFÉ they used BEFORE this ending 2nd World WAR…

1. What is this twice convicted paedophile fraudster a Mr HARRINGTON doing in a British Army Major`s uniform in PARIS at the Liberation the summer 1944 ? He has a history of insanity age 12 years on/violence & demands for MONEY…he born 1912 -

2. CLARA nee Goldsmidt MALRAUX she b 1895/ Does she KNOW where ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE are living with their

2 tiny sons ? If she does know of the chateau Charente, TULLES, then she will tell HARRINGTON…her toy-boy 1938/1939 ...

DIVORCE - 1946 Andre Malraux & Clara / Finalized early 1947/ PAPERS shown to VATICAN !

1945 June - ANDRE MALRAUX speaks in grief of the last

November 1944 “…Josette in terrible pain…dying…they could not get the morphine to work for hours… ” WIDOWER of not yet a year…his brothers dead in the WAR too …

Records : Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX weeping to Bessie & Annie Williams JUNE 1945 Clacton-on-Sea/ records/SEAMIST supper-TEXT- tapes…GR & AM`x Records 1937-1949/1950/51/1953-1954/1957-1959 LIFE AT 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE…/Records 1960 on…

1960s - Research Arthur Malone/Silverlee et al

sometimes with Dr John RAY (his research begins 1948 onwards & by 1958 he is a USA State Department Agent … first job was at NASA…degrees Astra-Physics/ANIMAL MANAGEMNT & LAW… ) FJR & LIR- Argentine Solicitors Grote Brokers New York, … Frobisher Canada/

1944 IMPORTANT POINT : Josette distressed at the cheque book withdrawals by ANDRE - it was sent from New York by Grote Brokers/Ransom Solicitors 1938...They now 1944 asked what the sums drawn on the cheque book sent to him were for ? & Andre is asked NOT TO TELL WHO THE OVERSEAS ACCOUNTANTS ARE … ( because Gross Britain LORDS & Crown are committing FRAUD with massive murdering VIOLENCE against the globe …)

Nota bene : the sums drawn are large & this would require KUDOS to forge ANDRE MALRAUX` his signature for such amounts…Gross Britain Whitehall the Lords & the Crown of course had the technique to do this… The ordinary lower Class bloke with fag in mouth would not be able to continue this gigantic FRAUD in a hurry - An IMPERIAL gang could, of course, standing on the decks of its Fallen Empire flashing its diamond teeth …

1944 first week of November - JOSETTE she is DISTRESSED by the correspondence to ANDRE MALRAUX…She tries send ANDRE a note by the local RESISTANCE Perigord/? about TULLES/ This message verbal did not reach him until after her death/ IT HAD TO BE PASSED WORD OF MOUTH - her note destroyed by the first person carrying it who said he did not want to hear ANY NAMES or PLACES fearing if he were caught by the Gestapo they might try get more from him with torture - Her message stripped of all names arrived via 3 persons & the last person could only recall “ SHE WAS WORRIED ABOUT AN ISLAND ”. 2 years later he of French resistance/or the middle person number 2/ recalled a little more…but in 1946 it not make sense to Malraux…

1959 CHRISTMAS… Josette`s message, her last words to him, made sense to MALRAUX… He knew now she had died because of he MALRAUX made LEGAL GUARDIAN to this GROTE HOMES RANSOM philanthropic & intelligent great Estate -

His Guardianship would mean NO MORE could IMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA thieve & cunningly claw at moneys they knew well were NOT THEIR OWN/desecration of other nations lands OUTSIDE their crumbled Empires would cease or slow down/& the vicious cunning HALTING of EDUCATION to the globe… & the obscene MINDLESS destruction of CRUCIAL PROGRESS for MANKIND be exposed … & shown to be an arrogant TRAMPLING UPON HUMANISM … `HUMANITAS `might become a logo…

1944 - Josette`s mother describes her early November 1944 as walking about saying “ but he has not had a Cheque Book ” She believed her daughter was writing a story for publication to earn money…

The visit was a difficult one & Madam Clotis left 3 days early in a huff … 9 November 1944 - Josette putting her Mother on the 9 am train then falling on the line …/there are printed biographies/

( …? or was she pushed by another person … as the two men say visiting Xmas 1945 to Clacton-on- Sea one… from the British Foreign office the other the War Office - a visit to Elders of the town …/records of their future-one dies )

… JOSETTE could hardly tell her mother this whole SAGA that she was suddenly presented with in reading the Post/mail from NEW YORK USA… SHE JO, had to grasp after some reading of the USA & Argentine CORRESPONDENCE that she & ANDRE MALRAUX were in danger… “ 2 GUNMEN SENT BY THE British Consul FRANCE end October 1944 had Orders to KILL THE WOMAN & ANDRE MALRAUX/it is learned 1960 `they , the two gunmen, tried to BOOT IN ON JOSETTE one afternoon when her mother had gone to the village …` Only Noble Britain could organise this GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND…

1944/1960 - Carbon copies retrieved New York & Argentine END OF FEBRUARY 1960- Correspondence to the LAWFUL GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX 1938 to 1948/after this date Brokers/Solicitors send no more/MALRAUX has not contacted them when he has been in NEW YORK, & at the United Nations Building ! 10 years Post/mail to ANDRE MALRAUX stolen & fingered by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & Crown…