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1960 January - Colne Engaine…INVESTIGATION MOVED FAST…unravelling the investigation of the persecution of ANDRE MALRAUX for 2 decades…he made GUARDIAN 1937 October to the greatest ESTATE of Philanthropy the globe has ever had…Guardian to the heirs LIR & GR… Arthur Malone Law Detective & Philip Silverlee academic & musician/Broker Insurance/ had willing help from people they had known professionally for 40 years…But postal services were not to be trusted at all/telephones/& swiftly law abiding citizens were spied upon…some losing their lives for keeping the LAW/

1957 - The year of JENNY BRETT’s employment by ANDRE MALRAUX got her drawn into Grote Ransom Estate via her now deceased great-uncle Sir Rowland E. Whitehead KC ex-MP… & spied upon from December 1967 to her death Her cousin Peter Whitehead & his twin she knew as a child. He PJPW was in Kenya part of that year 1957 her employment by MALRAUX…but 1957/1958 came on a `Sabbatical` Scotland Glasgow Department of Professor XZ Young ichthyology…

…& Greta Ransom young Madam X of the Catholic marriage of GRACE to the WIDOWER ANDRE MALRAUX recalls one lunchtime November 1958 seeing PJPW with first wife Monica FitzGerald O`Dwyer outside Sir JOE BANKS house 130 Soho Square when she is saying a few words with HEYWARD of Oceanography & the BOUNTY…his great- great-uncle was on Captain Bligh`s ship He mentioned a Peter Whitehead & much older wife were coming to see the old house … « & Lo ! here they came walking across the square… & young Heyward invited GR to come on a tour of the old house that the young professionals in natural history called Sir JOE`s PLACE …( A nervous person, I GR said must away to look at ceramics in V & A for Mr Poulter as I was a year late about this ! )

The young man Whitehead was keen to see the 200 Anniversary of the JAMES COOK RN VOYAGES gave an opportunity to get at the science of the Voyages…as everybody knew, Banks had not bothered with the STUFF brought back from the first Voyage…he BANKS had turned to horticulture. This young Heyward who knows Greta Ransom comes from CAMULODUNUM Colchester is in the Department of British Oceanography working from a HUT in BMNHhe may die too soon in Australia because of what he knows about Grote Homes & Ransom Estate & ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom heir & Guardian…SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT… I GR refused the tour…I was on my way to the BM & going to UR of the Chaldees gallery with a book…but suddenly recalled Mr POULTER …the matter for which I had been paid last year 20 pounds to take the young Emperor ANDRE & go & look at prints of ships, ports, on ceramics…as Poulter was trying spend all spare time on QUAKERS… This ceramics project & Quakers of course was linked…

1957/1958 ... I am merely a girl in a duffle coat in love with Georges A. Malraux…a tall man in a Glenn Miller raincoat & he goes to Gaul to see a General & SOMETIMES at a LONG TABLE where dogs arrive & snuffle about their file of papers…he finds a MAN…» He tells me some things but I have said not to tell me any SECRETS ! Or I am in danger-WHITES Vice bar, JIM & SHEshe Clytemnestra R. !

ANDRE MALRAUX will get an appointment in FRENCH Politics …in a land I do not wish to live in unless deep in the countryside !

I prefer ROME or GREECE or CHINA ! I read about them ! I feel vaguely that going into POLITICS FOR MEN is shabby … Old men over 60 full of wisdom, learning, might be better.

1953/54 … Deputy Curator COLCHESTER ESSEX MUSEUMS ,

Harold Walter POULTER has said “ MEN SHOULD DO MANLY THINGS, Child…A to Z…leave politics to women…its about fixing the price of butter & cheese… A few old Lords & heroes can come in & help them…old men with experience…We decided this we young men of the 1890s … used to visit the Café Royal when back from the EAST…but experience taught you … men in Politics get into smart suits get a big motorcar & take the first whisky at 9 in the morning, Child…NOW THE MUSEUM WORLD…we the civilized…wish the YOUNG EMPEROR ANDRE would NOT go into POLITICS…but come back to us…this is where his talents are best suited…”

I could follow that this was my feeling too…`MEN SHOULD DO the MANLY THINGS…science…inventions…A to Z as Poulter said…`

MALRAUX did know something of my feelings…so when his JOB became Cultural Minister I could hold my head up a bit…

… I knew a file was always in the Old Doctor`s Library HOLLYTREES Mansion MUSEUM, Colchester, for ANDRE MALRAUX when he dropped by…ideas, reminders…of what needed to be done by Politicians about what mattered in our world of ancient matters…

1957 November 1st/2nd week Jenny in tears one early evening tried tell Greetah Ransom of what was going on in Saint Edmund’s House … “ & that it was odd & ANDRE MALRAUX COULD NOT UNDERSTAND…& you must know that Doctor Mengele is a paedophile…” She had written a 2-page letter to Scotland Yard & another letter somewhere I do not know . She did give her first draft to read to one or two of the young men on the Catholic staff ( NB: The building is listened in to by the G.B. RN ` Navy Lark…`)

1957 November 5th/Guy Fawkes evening/ The death of the 12 years Catholic boy of good reputation at the Kent Hotel from the scarlet lollypop that Doctor Mengele Harrington prepared with others for MALRAUX`s young STAFF 5th November 1957 … has yet to RISE IN ALL ITS CLEAR MEANING…to anyone …

1957 5th November GUY FAWKES NIGHT - I saw Jenny receive a lollypop from the bag of different colours that Doctor Mengele Harrington insisted they have from him. He was naming the colours for each young person…about 8 or so…Jenny got either yellow or green. He had just swept up in his blue car as she & others were going to the finish of a bonfire then to a Pub…they were all a bit ill & odd the next day they reported

The scarlet lollypop was handed by me GR to the Catholic errand boy who organised the playtime of the other children in the Square after school…I WAS NOT GOING TO ACCEPT `Doctor `s ORDERS from Mengele a nasty spiteful creep … ANDRE left as Mengele turned up…he Andre more or less ignored him I felt

He Andre was taking his sons to a bonfire down the Thames - Pierre & Vincent, Andre & Josette`s two sons were over for 5 daysI was to have an early night…I had been very ill again… ! Andre kisses the top of my head & tells me to go in to my room have an early night … not get cold.

8.30 pm - It was as Doc Mengele swept up in his BLUE DONALD DUCK of the cartoons CAR…& began handing out `DOCTOR`s ORDERS lollypops…carefully saying which colour was for each young staff member` … I was still standing on the doorstep but just watching Andre leave swiftly with the boys…running across the Square with them to the Bayswater Road…Mengele now angrily turned to me saying `…& SCARLET FOR YOU…` he avoided eye contact.

He now got in his car & left…fast ! I supposed he was going to follow Andre & the boys ! They all three had seemed to IGNORE HIM !

MENGELE … IS APPOINTED by British Government & Crown the SPY on MALRAUXI went to my room at the top of the building. Andre had said he would be back about 11.30pm & come to see if I was sleeping. Everything & everybody had appeared normal … except MENGELE DOC HARRINGTON ! He a shark circling, a FIN always about our knees…sometimes you just felt it … (description of Mengele Doc Harrington SHARK later from somebody with us…)

I GR gave the scarlet lollypop to the errand boy…but it may have been next day… ? Certainly the boy nearly 12 years came by at as we all stood in front of 50 Lancaster Gate Square…he was smiling up at us all…he was going home to the Kent Hotel to his Catholic family at the end of the terrace.

1957 6th November - DEATH OF A 12 YEARS OLD BOY of good reputation a pupil at Saint Matthews Catholic School round the corner… A week later it was Brown RNVR who said ` Doc Mengele has been trying to blame YOU for the boy`s death…& JIM is in on this…` Then we hear that JIM had to go down to the Magistrates Court & Police & change some statement he & Mengele had made… It was to become one of the horrible things happening week after week …because these PSYCHOPATHS are let loose…claiming KUDOS because of whom they know & where they DRINK - since the 1920s !!

1957 autumn - A Magistrates Court … the Case is reported in newspapers … KUDOS had got Mengele Harrington off charges of molesting children winter nights as they came from schools outer London. He was said by Authorities & House of Lords persons to be “ a Doctor investigating this matter in schools after dark ” .

Royal Navy/& ` Navy Lark ` let out the full history of Mengele Harrington from time to time … perhaps some got thrown overboardlike young cousin FROBISHER seen by JIM & Mengele SPEAKING WITH the Whitehead family ` 1971 MOMA OXFORD…

1988 autumn - I GRW meet Jenny Brett living with her mother

It is the Whitehead family gathering City of London Lord Mayor’s Procession for THE 100th ANNIVERSARY 1888 of JAMES WHITEHEAD Lord Mayor Jenny`s great-grandfather.

I had no memory of her other than I had seen her before … but she

was so very calm perhaps unnaturally calm … & kindly & we spoke of the Whitehead-Rathbone genealogy & philanthropy they all did. She writes me a kindly letter later…& sends the newspaper Obituary of JAMES 1888 which I had not seen…her mother she said, collected Whitehead histories too

JENNY nee Brett, she of course had a good memory to 1957

of Greta & Andre Malraux The home & workplace 50 Lancaster Gate Square & a meeting with me GR/W in Summer 1968 after which she got that peculiar physician & that Cur James hanging about her life yet AGAIN ! If she & her husband put a LETTER in the post to either Peter or Greetah, it would be read first of all by CRIMINALLY INSANE & FIGURES FROM A MORGUE… She may have lost a son age 9 years ? She is in danger…HER FAMILY TOO…as we all are…SHE DIES STILL YOUNG !

1988 - Lord Mayor`s SHOW/we Jenny & Greta are on film & video BBC/…I hear PJPW speaking with Oxford people February 1992 just before he dies May 1992 “ they would have seen them speaking to-gether …”

1988 - Family Whitehead at Lord Mayor`s SHOW/Anniversary 100 years 1888 James Whitehead ORTON/…I had come with little Pete Whitehead 1988 aged 18 years August 21stShe JENNY would be thinking of Andre Malraux’s two sons Pierre & Vincent whom she met November 1957...they killed May 1961...they ages 18 & 21 years …car crash as all the others GROTE RANSOM connexions …

It was she Jenny Brett helped ANDRE MALRAUX November 1961 when dirty JIM & Mengele & Lindsay filth/Morgue Figures sniggering/ gave him EVICTION an icy winter afternoon from 50 Lancaster Gate Square & forbade him to enter GROSS Britain again/records in full/

/Peter Rathbone Whitehead born 1970 - died 1998 … photographer humanist…photographing his buds & flowers he finds on his philosophical pathways…Pete`s young work with CAMERA shows things he intended to pursue…Fragility of childhoodPete`s beauty in photographs of him is seen coming from his 14 Races & 27 nations of SEA TRADERS the GLOBE…some photos to be added to this Document BOOK OF SUMMER 1937 - he is as beautiful in his mind as his body…/

1957 November - JENNY came to follow that there was peculiar treachery in this Roman Catholic Hostel workplace with a very big Charity Fund to give away to Anglo-French small businesses…That Malraux over part of the month had got TWISTERS coming & about him as the Chinese Legation said nervously & bravely ! She broke down in tears & gave Andre Notice … She who had not long just come as assistant to ANDRE MALRAUX -

JENNY took away with her a receipt for the RENTS that Greta Ransom had paid … whom she knew had a Roman Catholic marriage from Pope PIUS 12 to Andre Malraux …she fetched another receipt from the Housekeeper learning I GR had not got another receipt ! She kept them safely for she knew by then Greta & ANDRE & all of the young Catholic Workers were searched…`It was a weird place sometimes…

With JIM & Mengele Harrington coming in uninvited…JIM collecting a paper bag of 100 pounds cash every Friday about 6.30 pm. It had to be ready for him . ` JIM said he had an agreement with ANDRE MALRAUX. ” Nota bene : The bar-rat JIM is running WHITES CLUB now a VICE BAR with prostitution in 2 apartments round the corner for the Club members…JIM said he had an agreement with MALRAUX …when politely asked by a staff member what he should enter it as in the official Register…!

1967 December - Jenny handed the Receipts of 1957 to her cousin Peter J. P. Whitehead December 1967 when she visited him in the BM NATURAL HISTORY Museum…learning of the marriage from her Uncle Gilbert Rathbone Whitehead KC….

He to die spring 1968 from a COLLAPSE Feb 6th … the peculiar physician Mengele Harrington leaving no name & a false Mayfair phone number was passing by in his BLUE CAR “ saw him fall” he told a neighbour `advising the Ambulance be called but saying he had to RUSH TO A PATIENT IN LONDON…`

MENGELE calling himself Doctor HARRINGTON sits in kitchens of fashionable homes, POURING DRINKS…he does this at BLEWBURY parties where some very prominent people arts & literature call by for a short time/…he & others are INVESTIGATING all person known to PJPW & his twin brother…& whom they have come to know in Berkshire-Oxfordshire…& London & Museum circles & overseas ! NATURAL HISTORY world from November 1966 has Mengele paedophile Royal Satrap HARRINGTON Doctor…& teams…sticking their SNOUTS into normal lives …

1967 - Report : December Jenny Brett presented receipts for Greta’s RENT to her cousin Peter Whitehead British Museum (Natural History) …. “ having been informed of the discrete marriage as Peter & Greta were in their 30s … She explained that November 1957 she left her employment having given ANDRE notice reluctantly, in a flood of tears - the Charity was being robbed by Sir James who had to be given a bag of cash 100 pounds every late Friday night saying `he had an arrangement with Andre`/others robbed/

1967 December - The first wife of PJPW, MONICA now a widow Mrs Frederick Frederickson had come to live in LONDON from Kenya. Peter J.P. Whitehead had her call on him… Peter may not have been told while married to Monica the full atrocities of JIM

That is the full history of this filthy little half-breed JIM Jong against her first husband JOHN VICKERS photographer…How JIM had shut her first husband John Vickers in a Photographic Stores & storage unit Wartime & set fire to him damaging Monica`s 7 years old child her son- attacking the child`s head ~

JIM WAS USED TO COMING ONCE A MONTH FOR A BAG OF MONEY for free…he was the MAFIA from London Town the Buckingham Palace where he has a 2 MAN UNIT called Intelligence at the back …The Police could not arrest him…he was always said to be ON CROWN DUTIESNewspaper coverage & BBC c 1942/Northern England possibly…

1967 December - Monica may have told Peter now ? …HE HAS TO VISIT JIM…or is this visit about to happen ? at Henley in a house where the garden has sudden dramatic flood lighting when you step inside the gate !

Peter`s uncle Gilbert Whitehead (18 years old when the twins are born 1930 ) has been told by LAW friends Inns of Court … that JIM Sir James can tell about the ownership of the home of Mrs Margaret Ransom Grote on ARRAN … the Grange …where I was buried under floorboards by JIM LINDSAYbuggarhs Teresa Gordon & other SCUM age 3 months 1933 early summer !

1967 November - After the quiet marriage October 12th of PJPW his nephew to Greta Ransom, kind Uncle Gilbert has been speaking on the telephone with Fred J. RANSOM father of Greta about the RANSOM Estate …

Gilbert hears … ` A third of the original ESTATE overseas is well organised & run by his brothers Dr John RAY Ransom & Dr Len Immanuel Ransom…& the administrators in the other nations … IT IS IN VERY GOOD SHAPE & centre of administration is New York .

The matter Gilbert Whitehead KC is then to look into November 1967 is the house The Grange on ARRAN…Peter is to ask Sir James who sold the Island if the RANSOM family still own Mrs Grote`s house there ~ it gets screwballgood citizens do not get their necessary POST/mail… & those who slew the GROTE CHILDREN are psychopaths … still high on THE PIN…

Nota bene : 1967 - Gilbert Whitehead does not know the HISTORY of dirty JIM Mr Pong… Gilbert`s education & entering the 2nd World War a young man has him not know enough…about that uneducated BARBARIC NOBLE DOPE TAKING circle of the Roaring 1920s…

Gilbert Rathbone Whitehead is at a severe disadvantage 1967

1940/1941 - IF Gilbert had received a letter to him written by his father REW in 1940/41 he would be very wary of Mister dirty JIMMIE JONG… Gilbert is too young…he is at Clifton School- trains in LAW…is a K.C. with young family after the 2nd World War…he comes of a QUAKER FAMILY both sides who uphold the LAW…he has not that late 19th century/early 20th century understanding of evil in society at the top that the RATHBONE relatives of the previous generation had…They cosmopolitan being able to travel on shipping lines whose founders they knew…go easily about the globe/climb the Pyramids with the children & Dance the Tarantella that night ~

…Broad cultural activities/progressive educational circles as Elizabeth Greg Rathbone & Annabel Lady Byron others/VAST MONEYS TO DEVOTE TO PHILANTHROPY : the entry of REYNOLDS Philanthropy via marriage & arrival of the Hannah Mary named girls…Darby with their iron bridges…WHITEHEAD Quakers uphold the same values …Gospels Acted out… as Rathbone Liverpoolbut do not travel as they…they go into LAW & good works…not stage acting/films/architecture & the Positivists…Welfare…politics Eleanor MP…her father MP paid the Insurance for the first Workers UNION…set about District Nursing when Lucretia his first wife was dying …The Rathbone branch of the family would recognise a little moonlight worker for evil Nobles like Mr JIM & know he was ON THE PIN …

Whitehead are in the LAW…they do not move in that Cosmopolitan world that has FIENDS OF HELL/ROTTERS recognised…Philip Henry Rathbone could reach in his back pocket abroad to buy WORKS OF ART when wandering about Italy…or go visiting the battlefields of the CRIMEA for ideas… There is Harold Rathbone & the visionary Della Robbia Pottery always losing money where Greetha Ransom`s great-aunt Annie Agnes Carroll Williams went to do some work with her Professor MANZONI…the Catholics came in( Annie her mark A Cl/sometimes A Cl W) There was Cassandra Annie working there too…these two young girls were allowed by Manzoni to make the lilies on the Tiles he was fashioning of Mr Rathbone`s sisters…The 3 tiles show the sisters as angels … PETE R.W. great-grandson of ETHEL in the photo reproduced in this Document Summer 1937 looks like an identical 4th Angel…

Pete is also similar to Millie FROBISHER skater gymnast…Mrs JOHN RANSOM . This photograph shows how ANDRE MALRAUX KNEW LITTLE PETER…born 1970... `the most beautiful thing on YOUR GOD`s EARTH MADAM … he is also mine ! ` A friend of Josette said `yes dear…gold hair & sky blue eyes…he looks just like you…` She missed the TRAGIC MALRAUX`s poetic meaning… here was a child that might have beenfrom the Wedding of Grace…when he MALRAUX had found himself deeply happy again…as with Josette …

`… the above is a little raw…I have not thought it out…but I mean something like that…19th century Rathbones/19th century Whiteheads can be compared/biographies/diaries/achievements/available on both sides of the family…

GR & family histories - the great HUMANISM of RANSOM & branches sailing striding the seas of the globe from BC Jutland…to 92 AD a homestead at Dunwich by the Sea, Suffolk…to 19th century the globe1420s flying the flag of Admiral of the China SEAS ZHENG HE`…

he gives it to us COURTESY…white & scarlet stars I think…`We RANSOM Family & our wives of China speak PHILOSOPHY with him …`

1957 October - JIM - again as 1953 XMAS was threatening Andre & General de Gaulle with exposure of the underage marriage to Greta 1947 - THE VATICAN WAS ALLOWED TO MAKE THESE MARRIAGES & they did not fail…BECAUSE THE PERSONS WERE ABLE TO EMBARK UPON A MEANINGFUL FIRM LIFE

1920s British Barbaric IMPERIAL Nobles waving knickers round their head until 21 years all ON THE PIN … Was not acceptable to East Anglia & many young modern people of the 20th century. A HOME, a hearth, a purpose in life…family to create & so many activities in the community or about the world…SOLID FOUNDATIONS WERE STILL WANTED BY THOSE WHO WERE HUMAN BEINGS… ANDRE & GRETA HAVE TO BE SEEN TO BE HAPPY ! Thus Mengele , Treasa, Angela got a crown by default & JIM & hoards of ORCS are out to DESTROY


REMEMBER … THE SLAYING during the 2nd World War of the

GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ABOUT THE GLOBE to get Gross Britain NOBLES with doughTO KEEP BRITAIN IMPERIAL MIGHTY STILL…`Land of Hope & Glory` `Land of Dope & Tory` sang a young crowd at the Albert Hall…as Mrs Thatcher & the French President looking like NAPOLEON came in to hear LA MER… Debussy`s music will reach the STARS hopefully & not the EVIL of the 20th century IMPERIAL MONSTERS It was time the GROTE CHILDREN had their name upon the UNIVERSE, amongst the STARS…Dr JOHN RAY RANSOM took his first job NASA/3 degrees Astra-Physics, Animal Management, LAW…USA…/why hide records of his HUMANIST LIFE ~ ? ~ /death of his son 1975 Canada 17 years old POUL RAY Ransom/ these disgraceful murders by LINDSAY Earls & Noble SCUM ~ to keep Noble Britain/Scandinavia ON the PIN trotting out in such good clothes…petrol poured down throats of JOHN & son POUL RAY RANSOM…the honourable wife & mother an educated woman recorded in British/CANADA press… “murder of a woman in a floral dressing gown in MONTREAL…” Dates, 1969/1975/some years later…/then records FALSIFIED…NB : ALL GODS should have such creatures … of NOBLE low intelligence… get new togs diamonds & TAKE A ROCKET TO URANUS

1957 October - “ JIM Cur James returning from expenses paid SUMMER HOLIDAYS & Doc Mengele Harrington were wetting themselves over Noble & IMPERIAL floors …calling more foul names at Ransom families & Gordon & ANDRE MALRAUX… gave ORDERS TO PART THE APE ESKIMO from the FOOL MALRAUX…& they paid themselves very well from CROWN OFFICE/or whatever this place the Earls of LINDSAY rook calls itself… all 19th century & 20th century It is a Department of Whitehall, the administration centre of British Government …GREETAH RANSOM & ANDRE MALRAUX have rooms in 50 Lancaster Gate Square, LONDINIUM … Guardian & heir GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE the globe…

1967 December - Attempting some explanation to her elder cousin Peter James Palmer Whitehead, the twins cousin Jenny Brett explains…`she felt she could not make him ANDRE MALRAUX understand that CUR JAMES was a loathsome character & some of WHITES Club said so too….JIM is a childhood friend of a woman who lived at Clarence House named Angela … She Angela in OCTOBER 1957 sent a spiteful racist message to Greta about her long hair… “ that Greetha Ape Eskimo did not have to straighten it anymore…”

`… JENNY MARTYR explains to cousin Peter, the man who was robbing the Charity 50 Lancaster Gate Square JIMMIE running WHITES CLUB, was calling himself by the name of a man she had seen in her grandfather’s study Sir James Harrison an old man & very respectable … `

` …& Mengele Harrington, always following Andre, was a paedophile… Mengele Harrington & TEAMS WILL have her INVESTIGATED for the rest of her LIFE ! She may have a son age 9 killed by Mengele/& Jim ? Records PJPW & others/families/& BM Natural History, South Kensington/others/& ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 in winter … The Pillar House Harwell …

1957/1959 - Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square

January 1959 … At least I GR could now lock the door on the inside of my top room. The adjoining room had had the door securely boarded up by 2 men in white overalls with thick chipboard. ANDRE MALRAUX saw to it one morning -he standing there ! He had been called over by the young staff … Emergency Miss GRX early January 1959...

I GR attempting to get dressed but horribly weak after the housekeeper brought me a cup of tea… & only wishing to GET OUT OF THE PLACE , heard them say … “ Engagements…GOV ANDRE has to be in FRANCE …7th…engagement…Charles wants him to take this signing…THERE IS TIME FOR HIM TO COME HERE…they are coming in from WHITES…trailing upstairs…they are on heroin … ”

I, G.R.X. Reports 1960 onwards “ she had been badly knocked with ACIDS orders Doc Mengele HARRINGTON & his filthy dames…” ` that MALRAUX had forbid them ALL to enter his Holy home had no meaning for this IMPERIAL FILTH… they lived by cruel robberies…all ON THE PIN etc - records begin January 1959/Malone Law Detective/Philip Silverleethis leads to `THE WALK ON THE RUSSIAN ROOF when we have got Greta well…`

then he MALRAUX freshly Minister de FRANCE… from a lightening visit to his HOLY HOUSE, 50 Lancaster Gate Square, dashing back to GAUL to take the signing for a FOREIGN Deputation in the name of General de Gaulle 7th January … (photos ! )

1959 early JanuaryPhilip Silverlee & Arthur Malone guarding me for Harry Gordon & Malraux … ( they ` the Detective in the Lawyers GOWN ` & the Man of Letters Musician Insurance Broker…educated good men in their late 50s of age … were recovering hospital & clinic early January 1959…they had been poisoned toobut earlier in the evening than Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom now age 25 years old…