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1937 SUMMER - The very tall young lady Josette Clotis writes some of my Tales down in her Exercise book…with red, green, blue inks for her sub-headings…I Greetha Ransom give her ideas…we sit at the kitchen tables in the house on the corner Marine Parade with the long rectangle garden where grow things we can eat…we go to visit Unity`s grandpa every day in the Convalescence Home & thank him for letting us have his sweet home on the corner…The big white Convalescence Home with great glass windows is at the end of Clacton Seafront where it becomes Holland-on-Sea cliffs

…. & we now have below JO`s Beach…Andre & I can find her there…she enjoys peace… (ANDRE MALRAUX will return here all his life…last visit October 1976... Lennie FLYER & the others getting him out of GAUL BY AIR…away to this shrine…where HAPPINESS BEGAN for both he & JOSETTE…SUMMER 1937 …

1937 SUMMER - ANDRE & Greetah (little Miss North Pole) are able to walk miles & miles gather information for him as we go about the Town as he is interested in people living without WAR…He says he finds here & about Essex THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT…

JO has had enough of bloody SPAIN…but `a statement had to be made`….

1937 July-August-September - Andre & my Granny Mary Helena Gordon have sadly spoken…evenings or an afternoon She has been widowed March…& the little home is so quiet without Grandpa…the smell of his Erinmore tobacco…his easel with a painting on it…his son & daughter living at home bringing in young people …Philip Silverlee MARTYR comes to my grandparents with his family during the year…plays me on Aunt Winnie`s piano CATHEDRALS UNDER THE SEA-Claude Debussy…

1937 Summer “ Well… JohJo Jean who is a ballerina was reading me about her Granny THE ICE WHITE BRIDE…& she had gone to Holy Rome with her family in their own Ice Breaker ships…”

The INCA Roman Catholic noblewoman - wife of JAMES WEDDELL QUAKER Mariner she died age 21 years 1833-

given a Sainthood by the South American Catholic Church - a pilgrimage goes to her tomb yearly - Len & I go 1936 January & she his great-grandma, my great-great/ I have a drawing of her & she is lovely - I will look a little like her age 10 years/ She `The AELOVEDMAH Maria is the highly educated wife of JAMES WEDDELL the SEA & I G.R. have descriptions in newspapers/ letters of her trousseau when I am 5 years old 1938 & a few of her own words on her older husband whom she has known since a child…& finds him such a good man - THE ICE WHITE BRIDE

1960 - She so beautiful died 1833 , & her Roman Catholic INCA father were mocked at the Opening of a British Motorway 1960 - rude Cat-calls from muddy-bloody frozen puddles Mengele Cult dope-fiends- Young people are perverted easily by Mengele & JIM ! But I hath good blood both sides except for TREASA GORDONshe friend of Noble Britain & they give DOPE to her that they grow in Scotland)

1953/1955 - TALL STORIES - gossip of literary/medical/ political-economy Scarlet Town :

Spies of other Nations & intellectual/medical circles - hear how Old Mengele-wengele Doc Harrington is Plotting to BLOW UP A CHURCH with beautiful dead girls in it & how he has his snout in the Kit Marlow grave too-

& OS Office have a chain around Stone Henge he Doc Mengele may try take that to GAULfor his prisoner ANDRE MALRAUX…» ( & de Gaulle being fooled by Whitehall…)

There is `BRAIN DRAIN` early 1950sthe days when young educated went overseas for jobs Doc Mengele Harrington clearly has a profitable LINE & is paid WHITEHALL for his Nosey-parkering- destroy all evidence of the DNA of persons being robbedLEAVE NO RECORDShe Harrington has by winter 1954 200 assisting in this violent FRAUD & Robbery - Naval Intelligence/etc/gaseous groups between MI5 & MI6 that can be enlarged...

(Pity Graham Greene Writer ( 3rd MAN film) trying to cope with this danger since 1952 Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis/Colchester he comes some days into the Great KEEP to scribble-talk with the Guides-who are good men-it was a matter of his writing)

1954 - ANDRE MALRAUX felt Old Mengele Harrington 1954 learning of the discovery of DNA had a bee in his bonnet - for Andre knew he was often MAD

But Malraux does not know Mengele orders the THEFT of the POST/mail of Georges-Andre in England & France- & knows not therefore the real reason Mengele Harrington is persecuting him- Mengele Harrington is very envious of the tall person ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX & his world-wide KUDOS - Mengele is a leading figure amongst those directing VIOLENCE AGAINST ALL WHO ARE IN THE WAY OF they sub-apes robbing Grote RANSOM Estate the globe

The LEGAL Estate owners & thousands of good people have horrible interference & violence through the 1950s XMAS 1959... AN HEIR APPEARS - BORN ON A HEARSE

1811 - born San Julian`s BAY/ South America/ Her name is `The AELOVEMDAH-Maria Miss San Julian - she died 1833 only 21 years old after an attack on her…leaving 2 sons James & John Weddell aged 8 years & 7 sons of JAMES WEDDELL THE sub-arctic SEA charted 1829...They are raised by loving grandparents - their grandmother wife of SAN JULIAN INCA a former Miss AQUIDA a Basque family, Spain…

Aelovedmah Maria has an hereditary title as a daughter of this line of maths-astronomers Priest-Rulers INCA- see Ice White Bride-her wedding-San Julian-Weddell 1824 Tierra del Fuego-2 sons- THE ICE WHITE BRIDE newspapers

1936 JEAN ballerina refused this Title on our Visit to our Aztec blood brother line & our blood line INCA & had it bestowed upon her grand-daughter heir to Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas GROTE a Holy Woman of the SNOWS It is a holy title because of its humanism responsibilities JEAN grand-daughter of Aelovedmah-Maria was satisfied to be called for her dancing the INCA `Firebird`BOOK OF JEAN WEDDELL `Firebird` ballerina - poisoned age 52 by Noble SCUM “our mother still dancing ” Dr. JR®

Earls LINDSAYBUGGARHS Angela & her MEN call us Apes & Eskimos-

But their behaviour has them the sub-sub-sub APES of barbarism & obscene crimes…they take horrible DOPES & guzzle barrels of liquor…they are THE ROARING `20s…& responsible Reports of this decade in New York/Chicago/Paris/Cairo have….

1927/8 « the LONDON Noble scene nasty - no fun - & you could not trust your best friend become a fiend on all the dopes they mixed unwisely… Noble Britain was penniless & envious of USA…»

The Estate GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts seashores/Reserves/islands/settlements/investments transport/everything a civilized society requires & wise inventions technology-SCIENCE - a Leper colony where they CHART the STARS & did important work…education first two years of their admittance has them become talented enthusiastic Astra-Scientists by their 5th year… (Responsible persons came to see WHAT COULD BE DONE FOR THE SICK…)

(Lennie & I Greetah called in on a day visit- 1936 The Americas...with our Ransom-Weddell families… some of our pupils preferred stay on although the CURE had come - they had their WORK their HOME )

THE ESTATE RANSOM Grote (well established by 1504)

is administered legally from USA & Argentinegood Agents Trustees around the globe … ASIA too- Australia & New Zealand as well…/…

nota bene : “ … & please do not say who the other overseas brokers/trustees/solicitors are (we fear we are still being robbed…) ` CARBON COPY LETTER TO ANDRE MALRAUX 1944 summer received by Josette end October 1944-

The Estate is nothing to do with Gross Britain- THEY CANNOT legally BROKER A PENNY & the penniless Noble crooks know it - death duties have been paid to them on the British Isles properties 3 times over by 1945 - the Nobles of Britain lie & thieve…

All British LAW requires is to know where the WILL CAN BE SEEN - & that is OFFSHORE ! G.B. Diplomats & THUGS can go & see the copies or signed 7 original WILLS of Margarethe Ransom Grote GIRL OF THE SNOWSThe LEGAL WILL is round the globe - FJR father of the heir Greetah & brother of the sub-heir Lennie Immanuel RANSOM…he FJR “ AT LAW registered the Will June 1938 & made a copy available for inspection in The Strand…”

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