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The accurate history is in 1920 at the end of the GREAT WAR/1st World War, 2 widows wanted a Clacton Roman Catholic Church … & armed with 20 thousand pounds between them they said `and you can have more WE WANT SOMETHING AS WE SEE IN ROME`

`Young Paccelli & the Pope of 1929 sent an Important scholarly Priest to be first in command…gift of an ancient font & paid for the impressive Pulpit …The beautiful altar curved steps made of glass indigo, blues, gold, in a French glassworks … `

1960 In March 1960 Mengele Harrington Golum paedophile Royal Satrap sends Brown rnvr over to my own homeI have bought it new from the makers Spritefrom my wages 2 years at Jaywick Holiday Shops- the little caravan `Mistral` Colne Engaine- Gallows Corner- Brown rnvr is to demand `that book`…his mother sent it me for my 21st birthday 1954 /it belonged to her dead son John who began to study architecture. `A short Critical History of Architecture - H. Heathcote Statham 2nd edition 1927/ Batsford High Holborn

The book was returned that day…it had not an entry of the Church RC at Clacton…Mengele determined now to PULL DOWN the church where Greta & Andre married 17 April 1947 permission PACCELLI acting for my grandmother Mary Helena Murphy O`Brien Carroll Williams Mrs George Ernest Gordon… Paccelli Pope Pius 12th knows our Irish families since 1890s…& the Ransom families the Greenland branch, of course. Destruction this beautiful piece of Rome began in 1975...Mengele Doc Harrington paedophile enjoying insulting ANDRE MALRAUX as usual…Gollum Mengele is in full employment as SPY for the British Government & Crown those gaseous noble departments run to HIDE the murder of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…to get dough/lands/threaten little nations with our philanthropic JOYOUS VENTURE …

1960 January all the year into 1961 … Mengele Harrington with his female vampires was showing his Imperial authority but pretending to The Ghost House Team that he was physician for Malraux & only interested in keeping him & his moneys safe for his familyhe was also holidaying with Clara as of old/ they acting out the Roaring 20s ! -

Mengele Harrington seemed to suddenly have a lot of DOUGH it is reported … He robbed Greta`s father 1960 of all his Argentine Estate, an Estate formed by him from gifts from his mother`s family … it had him independent for the Philanthropy work management. Mengele had control of BANKING AUTHORITIES IN ENLAND & could ORDER MONEYS INVESTMENTS TO DISAPPEAR …

1960 March - Mengele now began drawing up PLANS - To be destroyed by The British Realm ALL BOOKS FEATURING THIS CHURCH - Booksellers would be told they were helping the GovernmentSecret Services would deal with any stubborn persons All the old Mengele Harrington threats were flying about

MALONE/Politan NOW FOUND Mengele Doctor H. TO BE DANGEROUS & INSANEbut knew he could lose his own life if he made this known to those who might talk and say where they had gathered this information He could only alert Philip Silverlee & then when they were certain of not being overheard

Mengele had under INVESTIGATION ALL PERSONS who have married in the Roman Catholic Clacton church -been baptised and had-funeral services-LISTS OF PROMINENT CATHOLICS IN AREA WHO USED THIS CHURCH were to be searched for documents now said to be PROPERTY THE BRITISH CROWNwho had been given an Estate by an old Eskimo long ago which bought them luxury … The Agents used by Mr Mengele Doctor H would be told they `were in training` for this type of work in the future CUNNING DECEIT was the FLAG that Mengele waved

Many Agents used would not live if they came to question too much& it was the custom to REMOVE some of this type of STAFFtip them off the NOBLE FLAT EARTH They could now use Break-in-&-ENTRY- remove in name OF THE CROWN all iconography memorabilia that shows this church EXISTED`

The book of ARCHITECTURE was a 21st birthday gift 1954 from Brown rnvrs mother-it had belonged to her dead son Johnshot by British in Wales for flying on heroin-and bombing British ships- killing 30 persons or more off Ipswich-hed dumped his bombs at sea outside the harbour- Things went dreadfully wrong with HILDAs two boys-she had not wanted to marry-she wanted to be a Nun-she liked Saint Hilda-Whitbyher grandfather was Bacon Shipbuilders but they ran down quality and produced second rate work

The Plans for the Our Lady Church Clacton-on-Sea were NOT in the book- I was amazed it was returned to me

Mengele Doc paedophile sadist Gollum Harrington friend of the Crown & Noble Britain had decided to PULL DOWN THIS Catholic Church - WHERE ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM took the Roman Catholic VOWS `early Wedding -Marriage of GRACE` 17 April 1947- He did in 1975 …

1960 March `THE PILGRIMAGE FROM ABROAD HAS STARTED` says Arthur Malone/Politan`to see where you and ANDRE married`we cant believe it either- the inside is magnificent- you feel you are in ROMEthat altarthe stones of blues, indigo, gold were made in FRANCEAndre saysa glassworksthe sweep of those stepsit cost a fortune` ( 30-thousand pounds sterling & the widows & families did not mind at allthey had created beauty)

1937 SUMMER.`I am not sure a little bit…of Andre-George… if he wants to walk back the Old Road way and lookI felt from his face that he did not understand our old little home - where he com`th upon HIS ARRIVAL July 1937 - JO was coming 2 hours later by train … he is too frightened of Clara & Maurice to travel with Josette … `they count his money` - This little home next the Labour Club was where he picked me up from my brother John Gordons cot - I had to take a sleep early afternoon - Monsters of the deep are gone to Scarlet Town for HI-JINKS I am safe until Stella the Stars Unitys mother comes -

( Nota bene : 1938 - both Clara & Maurice help MONITER Andre Malraux for JIM Jong & Harrington now released from Prison- Austria ? / & 1938 Psychiatric Clinic Gross Britain, Mengele born 1912 , transferred because of the KUDOS of his father & step-mother . Both Clara & Maurice cannot fail to know JIM JONG about PARIS society from the 1920s…his mother & her sister have an up-market Apartment…they the Continental educated daughters of a CHINESE educated Trader/sometime Broker/of Shanghai etc. with a part Indonesian Chinese wife ( c 1919/ he Chinese grandfather in despair put JIM JONG eldest son of his daughter by her marriage ( she with substantial DOWRY ) to a British RN/low level diplomat, into A COURSE at PEKIN OPERA … after JIM Jong (James) had killed a member of his CHINESE family/forged cheques/raved about on dopes…lied & threatened his grandparents … in superior Upper Class British manner … he has known Crawford LINDSAY EARLS family since 11 years of age … )

1937 July - OUR FIRST MEETING I heard what they said as I looked at his moonlight colour face … Colonel MALRAUX out of SPAIN , & noticed in surprise the very bright eyes of brown shades then green shooting stars settling into hazel tones as he turns to the light … & he had a much too tight grey woven raised weave jacket on - oh very tight as if he had collected his school jacket from home in a hurry -

She, Unity`s mother said `we have had to keep her from school a fortnight - the little intellect is racing ahead of its time - the Nuns cannot cope - LOOK ANDRE - the little thing is already in its sub-conscious mind

(they have all thisw Junk Fraud bunkum 1920s-30`s TALK) ` ` ` ` She went on about Granny Gordon `Mary just widowed has her part of the time but she does need a rest … now George has suddenly goneOh such nice peoplepart of the towna lossFreddie the Theatre will tell you`

1937 Summer - I Greetah RANSOM see YOU - ANDRE MALRAUX - & you are a cine film a movie in my mind 2008 AD & I found you very pretty looking 1937 as I tell you 1957 … when the kissing began again

I do wish there was an invention to get this out of my head onto a DVDhurry somebody & invent itbig eyes brown or green flashing very bright staring at me - & I rise & stand on my points looking at you Georges-ANDRE Malraux

` Georges-ANDRE X , I have seen JEAN my grandmother dance in her LANDS of South America - she puts one silver shoed foot beside her ear … standing on just her toes on the other … stretching her leg in a slow arc in the air beside her earshe is my Grandmother Miss Auntie Winnie 1936 autumn after I am kidnapped back to Gross Britain by FIGURES FROM A MORGUE says I cannot call her JEAN-ballerina but must call her `Nanny` as Mary Gordon her mother is my maternal GrannyMy father is only 22 when I am born & he GROANS at this over-refinementbut it is really because Miss Winifred is nagged & instructed by Mr Pong & some of the Lindsaybuggarhs Earls as to what I am to be told

Miss Winifred Mary Gordon born 1910 November, SHE IS WARNED


But then they sneer snigger at everyone & never pay their bills in Clacton & district - just say in quippy tones & body language fashions the EARL Lindsaybuggarh will pay later he seldom does

1938 - Holland-on-Sea marshes Martyrs : They, JIM & Lindsay 14, have pushed to his death the breadwinner of the young woman with 2 children - pushed her goodly husband out of the grains loft - He just asked the Crawford Lindsay Earls to pay for the petrol they kept getting for 2 years from his one forecourt Pump put in on the marshes for convenience He sells grains & things to farmers His young wife with dark hair, she took his role, putting on trousers. We put in Capital to keep her going we took a half share then immediately the War was over my father FJR gave her the moneys for free to keep she & her children safe she was able to go away & not work so harshly - She & children may have had trouble from JIM & Lindsays after the end of the War RANSOM ARE HUMANISTS So are George- ANDRE & JOSETTE MALRAUX

1937 SUMMER - LIMPET collecting SHOES It is in the Old Road Clacton-on-Sea along from the Doctor Barnardo Orphans Home … this little slip of a shop with its Wares hanging up outside & sometimes the scent of a good dinner cooking in the back on a slow fire It is very close to our little house on the other side of the Old Road, just past the Dr Barnardos Orphanage where we have to put little John Gordon RANSOM for SHEshe has taught him to growl at us & pull all tablecloths off tea tables when the Tea-Service is laid -

The thin shop is almost next to the hairdresser with the girl who gives me my hair shampoo-washing & drying on Fridays in winter & keeps me with her family until my father comes for me . 1935 onwards Sheshe & Lindsaybuggarhs ordered petrol & brown vinigre to wash my hair & they hoped to blind me so I would not be able to sign documents for GROTE RANSOM Estate

They do these things in Scotland where they grow this dangerous narcotic and purple fire-blown pellets are stuck up their snouts …&

` A RAGING BEAST IS IN THEIR BRAIN in 2 seconds/MedicalReports 1970

Since I am 1 year old it is arranged two of the senior girls who are at the old Quaker School had a care to me to help my young father & again when I went in my pram at 14 months to this school across the road near the little shell-fishes shoes shop

Our teacher is 81 years old in 1935 & very learned- The girls are of families which go to the Midlands composer RUTLAND BOUGHTON OPERA Season & some take part It is sneered at as `Poormans Glyndebourne` after the 2nd World War by those dripping blood & gore Grote Homes moneys Paul Robeson visited & sang either 1920s/30s …

1937 SUMMER - I take George- ANDRE to show HEEE & now he is not so fussy about his name & people talking to him about SPAIN … perhaps he does not fear Clara & Maurice jumping out on him with guns anymore … ?

He has become a young person of Clacton ! The LIMPITING shoes he wishes for are a bit like my Eskimo grey with pink embrodiery baby boots that cousin Sarah Poulsen de SALLE of Paris sent me & which SHEshe Teresa Gordon R. threw on the fire -

This solemn faced young man ANDRE MALRAUX a Catholic as I ambut also a Free-thinker like the brother of Great Aunt Annie artist her sisters … their only brother John Carroll Williams who died in South America in c 1887 in his early 20s ANDRE Saint Georges is talking intently, in deep conversation with the shop owner a sparse small woman with gold-greying hair & another woman who came to buy the shoes for her work, her `Trade` She looking very much like the shop owner woman - they may be part gypsy but they do not have black or brown hair … George Andre surprises me at the way he will speak in English, sometimes French, with people he has never met before…& then calls in for a chat hereafter … even in the 1970s … he becomes quickly ANDRE DEAR to ladies … He has grown up with his 3 Graces , Granny Adriana, Aunt Marie & Mother Bertha , running a small corner shop in North Paris & possibly these good manners & interest in everybody may come from his early childhood …

1937 Summer - I Greta Ransom am alone & suddenly lost because no RANSOM family are with us But I doth gaze upon the SCENE knowing it is of TIME & will not be the same again unless we film it or take some photographs - but then only WE can say how this TIME was … unless we write it … Lennie says I am speaking aesthetics & he thinks that all humanists do thishe too is learning this way especially when he flys our planes

Saint George ANDRE he is intent upon his conversation with them these ladies or others we meetI do not exist I know I am fragile but at 4 & a half years of age perhaps not able to comprehend that the grown-ups are fragile too Especially in this JOYOUS VENTURE philanthropy under threat by GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES & CROWNS I have begun to say naturally by week two of Summer 1937 things about our Island in the SNOWS … & dear Thomas who goes around the globe with Jesus & Lucretius on each shoulder speaking sometimes to he ANDRE-GEORGES but mostly to JOJo&Joh Josette, who asks me to go on speaking sometimes & makes some notes in her Exercise books

I see you Georgie-ANDRE bending swaying , examining the Wares a white shirt no tie & dark grey trousers & you are so very tall & slim as Fred Astaire but like the marsh grasses isolated against the November frosts that lean aslant gracefully YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL & your mind too

& I am suddenly a dumpy dwarf as SHEshe insists I will be if I live to be 17 years.she is not sure I can live longer for I am born of Apes & Eskimos her Noble friends/fiends tell her so Linsaybuggarhs & Angela

1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX looking so carefully at the shell fishes collecting-shoes hanging in a row downwards outside the shop that I wondered if his eyesight was perfect He bought a grey coloured pair about 20 inches long not the expensive ones for he will only use them here a little but he will take them back to Normandy & show JOSETTE the seaside there & talk to her about his childhood some more I said I would pay - but he said he would like to- we are very `butch` about these matters - he does not believe a word I say about Thomas & the JOYOUS VENTURE twice round the globe & Len who flies airplanes from age 9 years

Andre-Saint George & Greetah, me who discuss EMPIRES when we hath seen our dear JOJo&JOH Josette a young lady she is off to London Town to research & see the great Museums … & be free of bloody SPAIN & matters about the Universe & THE S T A R S …

I GR hath to say … Andre & I keep late hours … almost awakening Rosy-fingered-dawn herself…for we will sit out late speaking softly & gazing, dozing … & she JO joins in … then has to go & sleep… but wishes she com`th too into the dawn hours when the very very darkness is considering retreating around the globe … those fuller night hours …when ANDRE & Greetah in the garden of the HOUSE ON THE CORNER leading INTO MARINE PARADE Clacton-on-Sea, were loath to stop their gazing at the midnight blue - bleu nuit sky set with sequins STAR travel is certainly to come by the end of the century & is very interesting & full of H O P E but SUMMER 1937 we all going without enough sleep BURNING THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS …

… And … UNITY`S mother has to order us to mid-DAY REST…. & then prescribes EARLY NIGHTS FOR EVERYBODY … ` Yes we will go to the STARS…but meanwhile we have to have enough sleep…they will be there each night at 10 pm …we shall be allowed an hour with last cups of tea,milk, & lemonade …a glass of wine after supper for grown-ups if they wish … OR CLACTON ON SEA will say we look like VAMPIRES in the DAYLIGHT (she knows we all know Uncle Bela Lugosi who was going to be a Lawyer not a film star …) ! ` JEAN Weddell ( 1st m SPAIN c 1904 Aquida - Smith ) who is 2nd marriage 1909 Mrs Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM ballerina grandmother & mother of LEN I.R. who keeps diaries - will say October 1937... `NEVER was so much done … on a holiday … `

1936 April - I have learned some ETIQUETTE FROM Paul Whiteman`s Establishment New Yorkwhen he waked us in the sky, Lennie & me, saying `Goodmorning SavagesI have opened your Bank & you may go shopping all over New Yorkthe Manager Carnegie Hall will hand you a tub full & if you again have too much money you may deposit with him & he will hand you a TUB FULL every day…to go shopping all OVER NEW YORK … (with 3 Senators USA he had kicked the British Ambassador & his evil staff up the `arse`APRIL 1936...USA)

1937 Summer - Next afternoon we , JO & me - Greetah - watched ANDRE wade out to the groyne & begin to pick off the limpets-with a knife I think…some young boys in the sea shallows ask him questionsI tell he & Jo of our shell gathering, fishing, & shrimping all in the right seasons - & winter fishing

not about the accident-the first/there will be 3 in all - Sheshe & satin & lace London Town, & the Lindsaybuggarhs & Mr Pong caused this to Daddy & friends/ last winter1936/1937...DEATH AT SEA of them all was intended…

Death as usual to all RANSOM Weddell Gronlander families ! These planned non-accidents happen at least once a month ! find from the records 1930s …

Winter 1936/38 - Accounts - What I GR did not tell Andre Malraux 1937/1947/1957... but is read to him by LIR from his diaries … LEN 1960 `THE HOLIDAY OF THEIR LAST FALL…`

the worst faked accident at sea being the intended night murder of them all - the SOS lights & the torches, with dud batteries, one tea flask filled with something nasty - but all had been OK when I watched them go carefully over the equipment at 7 pm…in this old house where men left to go fishing hundreds of years ago… My father & 3 friends, all young men, begin to pack the equipment from the Clacton-on-SEA Old Road house… it was spread all over the 17th century Great kitchen floor…they check everything with most care … Now it was transferred into the car to go to the Pier beachhead, West side beach , where our boat is - it maybe the green boat with my name on it G R E T A on the side Oh … miracle … how they managed to save themselves from being dashed to pieces under the Pier where the big Steamers come in -

1937 - 2 young men bracing their feet against those great columns of special wood of 1890s… & 1930s pylons that are the re-inforced columns under the Pier built by the Kingsman family late Victorian days A third young man with my father, both rowing like mad to get over that great inset BAY for London steamers at high tide … If they can row to the beginning of the Blue Lagoon Ballroom on the Pier then here they could just stand on the seabed under the seas if the boat overturned…or swim in to the shallower water … DEATH AT SEA for us WAS often INTENDED BY LINDSAY Crawford EARLS of VICE & JIM JONGfor Angela…whom they will give a hand-out to…seeing she shuts her mouth or they promise no further DOUGH … They are, 20th century Noble Britain, such a pack of dirt common guttersnipe GITS, Alley-cats & VERMIN out of the wains-coating …EVIL IS STAMPED UPON THEM ! Looking like them I, or anybody, would go about in a Burqa to-day !

( A burqa of soft Broderie Anglais & organza in pale lavender shades would be nice I think … lots of eye-make up like Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra … I would drape myself about RUINS when the BURGERMEISTER OF GAUL is in the Province of ROME … Hhmmmn … He, ANDRE-Georges Malraux, seeing me he would say ` WASH YOUR FACE - but I like the burqa !! ` He is old-fashioned ! )

1920s-1930s - DEATH AT SEA plots & plans - WHY ?

… this is because we are Ransom-Weddell & we are keeping the GROTE Homes safe & Grote Brokers & all the Brokers Trustees & Solicitors around the globe are stopping the Noble Penniless Imperial Britain taking any more moneys to pay their gambling & wallop about in their obscene lives- just because they are Earls & other morons & FIGURES FROM A MORGUE..

1937 Summer Upon the beach that first day -to become known as Jos beach We hath received the arrival of a sad wilting JO-so-tall … Along the SEAS EDGE there was sent Andre Georges MALRAUX Colonel…HEEE a Catholic boy, raised by 3 Graces France but caught by Clara of Magdeburg in his teens

Unity`s mother say`th firmly “ … Andre do go & speak with her ... & to my surprise he went obediently …`Yes, he doth go quickly to sheee, Lennie …` as if he had just understood Jo`s misery .

Stella say` th to Freddie-theatre - and I have told her not to upset him, Freddie- not to row with him whatever she does ! Not to give him any unhappiness ! This is what Clara does … THE TROUBLE IS HE CANNOT STOP TALKING WHEN HE IS WITH OTHER PEOPLE

I Greetah guided by Lennie … & my father FJR guides us both with firm speechknowth signs of severe youth- a Grote child will tell you - I do look forward to going to school with them in Montevideo when I am 5 years. I am going to be told not to speak about my worries by Unity`s mother - but I can think about them - & I am hurting from this medicine which ANDRE will STOP me having soon & my limbs my head my aesthetics will feel better !