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“ …do you remember the visit to the Lighthouse…can you see the children 9 & 10 years old coming down the curving steps…they had been up to see the old light, & are instructed on the new light to be installed …they learn a lot about technology. We have come in our car but they arrive in 2 coaches. Two classes. We are going up with the second class who are 11 & 12 years old.

They learn about everything … One half will have a picnic on the dunes, & the other half of our school party is booked in a big hotel in the restaurant with the other people lunching. The children have chosen where they lunch so that a booking in the big hotel could be made. Can you see them , happy children with intelligent faces, coming down the steps of the Lighthouse, their light grey comfortable suits, little hats with brims on the back of the heads of the girls, their satchels or shoulder bags hold notebooks & drawing paper .

( Yes, I Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom am 3 years old 1936 , & see them come down the steps with jolly faces, their little school uniform suits are boxy & not too tight, & they have a nice blouse underneath or a little jumper of cream shades … the little hats are just as the drawings & photos of the chubby faced smiling TIGGY wears when he is 10 & 11 years of age & has on a Peter Pan style coat … & TIGGY GROTE is featured in the ( early 1850s ) BOSTON & USA Newspapers … “ Tiggy GROTE will talk to the EAGLE this afternoon … & to other animals Performance is free ` but you can put a coin in our box for unfortunate children so we can give them a day out & bring them to see the ZOO …` )

JEAN ( Len`s ballerina mother is an Argentine citizen & speaks Spanish/Portuguese/French & English , she is my grandmother ballerina a WEDDELL of Tierra del Fuego, Peru & Argentina has been with the Wardrobe keeper in her department yesterday & has learned of the fulltime job, with two assistants, for this department. Three types & weights of clothes are required for the year for each child, uniform for school classes but there are Sunday clothes, playtime clothes, evening clothes to change from school uniform…& when they go abroad a Keeper of the Wardrobe has to go with them with an assistant. When the girls are 16 they can go shopping in 4s & 6s for their own weekend clothes thank goodness. JEAN said `you can multiply the work you do for your own children during the week … Selena has her hem down again , Rachel has lost two buttons . Some children grow like weeds every three months `The children can use a needle & sew a fine seam & knit while they listen to books read to them if the weather is wet … they are taught everything about running their HOMEas well as the usual 3 or 4 languages … & everything about the Past, Present, & Future …they are HUMANISTS … `

1935 November - I GR liked Grandpa & Aunt Margarethe`s friend Valter Benjamin in Paris … he likes technology like me & told me about Grandpa`s grandpa FRED RANSOM & what he invented on our ISLAND IN THE SNOWS … / Buy “ The ARCADES ” … a large volume published 1981 from WB`s MS that might well have been lost in the 2nd World War…/& a nice read for wet day/XMAS …with rich chocolate cake & lots of thin GUNPOWDER TEA from China / 1945 Summer , Mr Winnclemann is telling Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX at Clacton-on-Sea where he should look for the Manuscript … he heard from Walter Benjamin that he had it safely put away … It was safe in the Paris Bibliotec Nationale …

These GROTE HOMES children are to be slain horribly in their HOMES during the dark hours … by Gross Britain & Government Lords & Crown … 1941 it began on the South American coasts where the GROTE HOMES are built with playgrounds & with our RANSOM lands , woods, pastures & smallholdings, craftworks, about them … The PARAGUAY GROTE HOME children are slain too…& have a graveyard with some few of them in …these were not burned in a pit … Other GROTE children with their HOME on the seashores were dragged out in nets to sea & sank.

The British & Scandinavian MONSTERS OF THE DEEP doing this are all with a pellet of PURPLE NARCOTIC up their SNOUTS … they use mixed NARCOTICS … THEY ARE GREEDY & STEAL … In 1960 hurried depth-charging started by RN ships…complaints had the noble British/Scandinavian MONSTERS organising this slaughter 2nd World War use to G.B. Government to CONTRACT OUT/ a mention in Press/

1936 Summer - Greta was kidnapped to Gross Britain GB by ORDERS GB & Scotland criminally-insane Premier EARL of Crawford & Lindsay & LINDSAY thugs … JIM Jong assisted to May 1936 but returned to South America & made LISTS of forests to be felled/lands to be called BRITISH CROWN…etc in the manner of these TWISTERS :

… A heroin soaked woman from British Government The Whitehall, & a TWISTER thief heroin soak tall GB Ambassador of some nation … Switzerland ? Broke in … on JEAN my grandmother & me in a respectable hotel where I have just finished a MEDICAL EXAMINATION to see if my little torso has recovered from the GLASS they Premier Earls The LINDSAYbuggarhs … had stuffed in me Summer 1935 when they GRABBED HOLD OF ME I AM THE HEIR THEY ARE ALL PENNILESS & THEIR OBSCENELY NEGLECTED EMPIRE HAS FALLEN DOWN !

….‘Stuffed animals from a British Museum` Tape/text/diaries/ 1936/1971/ Murder of Uncle Dr Hebedie a revered Academic RIO J. Brazil)

1936 August - Much more cunning violence begins & the paedophile LINDSAY ( no 14 in 1943 ) is found out by CHURCHILL in January 1960/ WSC had stopped the LINDSAY GANG violence in Scotland & against Mrs Margaret GROTE in the early 1920s. Lindsaybuggarhs were robbing people for the land & killing them as usual/nothing can be proved against a Lindsaybuggarh/… or it dismisses the British Treasury

Premier Earl Crawford Lindsaybuggarh no 12 & his MOB were using the G. B. Diplomatic Force … & a violent attack was engineered by them on Jean, Len, & Greta Ransom in Mexico March 1936 … resulting in us three being in hospital, Jean for 2 months until she DANCED AGAIN …

… WE the RANSOM family, with Greetah & Lennie the heir & co-sub-heir to be in the film too & talk to the GROTE children & children the world generally … which we have now shown WE CAN DO SO WELL …WE KNOW HOW TO MANAGE OUR GREAT FAMILY PHILANTHROPY BUT … WERE DUE IN HOLLYWOOD to make the film on GROTE HOMES

… Uncle Fred Mac Murray ( Ransom line ) had everything ready for 2 weeks work/the introduction had been CANNED…that is filmed already … by a famous young person (Judy Garland) in films who admired GROTE HOMES

… another young person a Miss Shirley Black was coming with her father to be in the GROTE HOMES film…she knows Aunt Margarethe who has admired her from a tiny girl in the films she has made as Miss Shirley TempleHer father is seeing Shirley has a normal simple family life & a good schooling in the local school with her brother. They have their little house in the countryside but hire a big Mansion like Uncle Fred Mac Murray & then the families can come too for a holiday

Shirley will be a UN Ambassador for Children when she grows up She & I exchanged a curl from our hair 1936 April …when she came to tea in the Bridal House New York built for Margarethe girl of the SNOWS … I like Mr Black her father for he has a small country Museum of OLD HOUSEHOLD INVENTIONS… & we are to look out for him anything we find … ( Diaries 1930s/Reports 1960 & Records 1988 ) … Reports Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 onwards

GROTE HOMES CHILDREN are raised to feel themselves part of the great extended RANSOM family, they have them call, & they often meet them when they the children travel abroad on exchange trips ... They find in their HOMES books, charts of RANSOM family back to 92 AD/out of Jutland& the other lines are drawn up to - THEY FEEL THEY ARE A FAMILY ALL ROUND THE WORLD - WITH A HOME !

1930s - early 1940s - Some handmade gifts came every year from young Grote children & the older children sometimes sent craftwork & letters of Greetings/their progress in something special like music/painting/athletics/ ALL NORMAL ACTIVITIES -

Also came NEWS/gifts from relatives round the globe/from China came an elaborate ancient christening gown to borrow for Greta ,,, who will have several Xristenings / it was destroyed in a Mayfair gutter by LINDSAY & their FIENDS & Figures Divine of a Morgue Britain & Scandinavia …

1939 early winter - MISSING POSTAL PACKAGES LOST during the 1930s now SOLVED completely by early winter 1939 . LINDSAY Premier Earls & a woman who preferred to be called ANGELA were stealing them since XMAS 1933 ! THIS INCLUDED a complete SET of the entire ESTATE quarterly annual Reports ! THIS DIVINE VERMIN had their SNOUTS for 6 YEARS 1933-1939 in the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts, which was in 80 per cent of the free nations of the Globe … the Nations OUTSIDE the Gross Britain EMPIRE .

Disgust over this obscene behaviour at the top of the TREE surfaced when people began to HEAR of the interference with the GROTE HOMES children & the deaths of several children.

Accurate Records of this VIOLENCE against the HOMES all overseas are written in this manuscript SUMMER 1937/for ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette Clotis Malraux …

1936 XMAS … REPORTED … “ 2 trestle tables at the back of Buckingham Palace were full of gifts & letters, greetings . IT WAS SEEN that two girls joined in … The 2 girls daughters of David & Angela, could not fail to see other names on these packages, especially those addressed to a child called GRETA `Little Miss North Pole` . An ugly TEARING OPEN of GIFTS & an ugly TRAMPLING on LITTLE HAND-MADE THINGS by young children…these simple gifts got crushed UNDERFOOT… at the rush to get at the MORE EXPENSIVE ITEMS since Xmas 1933 this had been going on - ALL DONE IN NOBLE SECRECY … The families RANSOM had no idea that this went on … in a place where you expected moral behaviour Some of the men present had come into the Palace circle with Angela in 1923 …

All post/mail RANSOM written correspondence STOLEN & delivered to back of Buckingham Palace was allowed by ANGELA & HER MEN to be taken away by 3 grey suited men from WHITEHALL IN ATTENDANCE at the XMAS RIPPING OPEN of the STOLEN RANSOM PRESENTS & correspondence by NOBLE FIGURES …These 3 men had 2 Rooms Whitehall for dealing with sections of the RANSOM GROTE ESTATE Thus the above abuse of the GROTE HOMES & the Estate round the globe gathered speed - its 1 million & a quarter children & peoples put in the way of secret violence by the criminally insane of the IMPERIAL GREED - The slaying of the GROTE HOMES children in their HOMES was made possible using the past KUDOS of a FALLEN IMPERIAL EMPIRE of supposedly Divine & Noble persons … KNOWN TO BE PENNILESS by the Establishment & their debts known overseas where they had to borrow moneys It showed how horribly ill-bred is the top of the British/Scandinavian Class structure & obscene in its VIOLENCE …

1939 Dec - JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND West Greenland

Family de Salle of PARIS France parents & 4 children under 12 years of age evicted into the Arctic winter from the warm RANSOM great house to which they also have a legal claim if the heirs are all dead Done by JIM Jong Mr Pong now called a British Major … with a 2 Man Unit Intelligence at the back of BUCKINGHAM PALACE JIM has been invading the Island from 1929 & stealing many valuable books & possessions from the buildings of this Ransom-GRONLANDER democracy granted to Jacop Poulsen eldest son 1770 to `erect a University when you may POUL GRONLANDER-accidental death 1765

1944 - REPORTED by the Coastguards Americans/Canadians that 2 girls had been seenEuropean girls living rough - & not living in the great Ransom comfortable warm house above the harbour …

-architects report- will be standing in 400 years/ the famous 19th century Theatre a very substantial building will be standing in 200 years/some buildings had been attacked wantonly by British launch squads sailing in & the church with great bell suffered terrible damage in name of British Government & Crown - The door painted inside by the French artist Delacroix was ripped off (a later report has it being sold in Europe) …FIRST GREAT BELL Jacop`s Church ever cast in Greenland 1840s was hacked at by British & Danish RN/went missing…believed it was cut up with modern equipment 1950s …

(Full reports/photos/archives/LETTERS…GR saw one report-foreign Press …)

1944 end October-early November - Josettes mother Madam Clotis hearing her daughter talking to herself as she walked up & down in the Chateau at Charentefelt her daughter was writing a story for JO had earned her living from her writing since 15 years of age`BUT HE HAS NOT HAD A CHEQUE BOOK …`


& HER LEGS were RUN OVER by the train wheels

… she died after some hours 9th November 1944 Andre Malraux June 1945 8 months later, was crying at `Stella Maris` Clacton-on-Sea telling Annie artist (Miss Annie Agnes Carroll Williams R.C. born 1880 ) `they could not get the morphine to work for hours - she knew she was dying ` ANDRE MALRAUX ARRIVED HOURS AFTER HER DEATHtheir two sons were with a friend in the village … Pierre just 4 years 5th November, & Vincent born March 10th 1944... Pierre 4 years understood his mother would not come for Christmas 1944

18th century biography - The de SALLE/Ransom family of PARIS

“ … M. de SALLE an 18th century PARIS (France) small Banker /letters to Alexander Necker were in existence 1938/ M. de Salle a man in his mid-50s married Elizabeth Ransom 1770s& made her 9 years old son his heir/child mid-brown colour/ of a Venezuela German Pastors marriage 1760s ... records said to have been destroyed by the Orders/Decrees Gross Britain Earls & other criminally insane Elizabeth Ransom in a letter in German to Madame de Stael “… you cannot bring a man of colour to Europe these days ….

Elizabeth Ransom was a delicate semi-invalid until about 25 years of agea visit to the West Indies had her recover her healthfresh air exercise, fresh fruits, swimming & walking did the trickshe fell in love with 6` 6” inches of Venezuelan satin brown & as RANSOM families have been marrying brides of different nations & races for centuries she did the same Political & racial problems had her flee with her son back to Europe G.R. can recall no morefirst marriage is another love story & if I told it to JOSETTE she would understand it M. de Salle was an excellent husband & they were very happy until his death..they went about in Society & travelled a little…& she kept very healthy … `

1968/69 de SALLE/Ransom Families at Blewbury Village her female descendant ( her great-great-great niece ) a woman married /into a family called de la Rue I think/ had 2 children there was unpleasant talk reported from Mengele Harrington & JIM Cur James about her darker skin & her beauty offending a woman with purple rice ( Angela an ex-whore had seen or had it reported to her this RANSOM de Salle descendant, a beautiful woman, was wearing a tiara at the British Opera scene …)

Nota bene : both of the sadistic killers JIM Jong CUR JAMES …

& Mengele Doctor fake HARRINGTON Royal Satrap Norway-Britain, paedophile double Gollum have all houses that the new Whitehead family visit skillfully BUGGED-TAPPED by Naval Intelligence & GOVERNMENT of Britain CONTRACTING OUT scheme … There are chips in the ceilings to LOOK IN &

` Mengele Doctor Harrington “ ROYAL DOCTOR ” ( as Madeline-Messalina Empress of Gaul calls him to a startled BENNY GOODMAN …who ran for safety to the USA Embassy PARIS …) wanting to photograph SEXY SCENES … & they have their scarlet women spying with them too …

JIM & Doc Mengele Harrington run a DIRTY PICTURES UNIT 1930s-1970s…into 1980s … WHEN Andre MALRAUX & Greta RANSOM & families are to be framed these evil criminally insane could not at all get what they wanted for the satisfaction of their NOBLE MONSTERS ! …

1958/1959 … General de Gaulle receiving a photo of ANDRE doing doggy-ape antics in a corridor at Versailles (1958/59) said IT IS MADE UP FROM PIECES OF A NEGATIVE … done with scissors … ”

( REPORTS : Detectives Colleagues friends of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 … “… Mrs de Gaulle got it arriving in plain envelope … with her knitting wools… It puzzled her … she could not find her glasses … so took it to Charles in his study …”

…. The same will be found out about photographs in dark dirty places of ANDRE`s Catholic wives Josette & Greetah …

( JIM & Mengele HARRINGTON a pair of VERMIN … & their accomplices & Noble Masters/Mistresses should be stripped of their clothes & put in a big CAGE at LONDON ZOO with placards stating their crimes … some of them might NOT get away with the PLEA … that they PLEAD they are criminally insane ’ …

( Elizabeth Ransom 18th century is the Aunt to Margarethe`s father FRED RANSOM of Jacopsholmen, therefore his father`s sister ( therefore she is the Aunt to CAIN Ransom Antigua…)

1968/1969 - ` This beautiful woman/early-30s years ? Elizabeth`s Ransom-de Salle descendant was with a tiara seen in a BOX in a British public theatre - perhaps Opera Orders were given to DESTROY HER as she was RANSOM PJPW was told ` jealousy has arisen because they are all ON THE PIN … her husband is over the limit on HEROIN - they can be told anything so long as they make money there will be a divorce & she will disappear, have no position in society again …

1969 - Family de SALLE/Ransom descendant of PARIS (France) At a dinner party I GR was kept apart from her & told by PJPW that her husband divorcing her soon (who has the little glittery eyes of the DOPE user) did not want any contact as I ( GR legal HEIR to the great GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts ) was not respectable & had led Andre Malraux into a mental breakdown

Blah blah blah lies lies lies

I GR HAD NO MEMORY of my past … & this new to me pack of Old thieving DEVILS KNEW IT WELL ! … They knew I had NO MEMORY of the names de Salle/or Paulsen…or Gronlander …

That I believed my father was adopted by poor people who cleaned railway carriages … THAT these names, the true history of my early years, mean`t NOTHING TO ME … That it was STRUCK OUT OF MY MEMORY by these MONSTERS OF THE DEEP, commencing that afternoon 23rd December 1939 & ALL OF THEM, 1969, HAD THIS TECHNIQUE … how to use DOPES on others to EMPTY THEIR MINDS TOO & had known these devilish SKILLS well since they were in their teen years …

1968/1969 … & their game always, & here AT a near to Harwell Village SUPPER TABLE, DETERMINED to keep me from remembering my life with ANDRE MALRAUX , from SUMMER 1937, Our WEDDING OF GRACE allowed by Paccelli/Pope Pius XII/ he blamed & called a NAZI … because the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN has been successfully COVERED UP for Gross Britain Nobles & Crown including lavatory-minded criminally insane from Norway … ( one got blown up too late )

Arthur Malone POLITAN faithful Detective/reporting to Philip Silverlee & trying to keep ANDRE balanced… he was present

… I GRW leaned over the long table/seats 16/ & spoke with Malone who seemed a familiar face & shape to me … BUT I HAD NO IDEA WHERE OR WHEN he exactly came from I GR began to speak politely “ … you were at Lancaster Gate Square ?

He was called to the head of the table for instructions or he did not know how to proceed ? … in this company ? …


1969 - That evening, this supper party, ANDRE MALRAUX is upstairs in the playroom walking about with the bundle Victoria-Augusta MOUSIE in her nightclothesnow a few months old … & she knows Andre MALRAUX & likes him if he put her down she moaned to be picked up but NEVER bothered to do so with anyone else Victoria-Mousie WAS NEVER LEFT ON HER OWN by her mother Greta Ransom W…. 1968 V-A had already made her first Classical Tour ancient Italy with her half-sister & half-brother Amanda Oonagh & Paul James Whitehead /

1969 June Southern Ireland there mother dies from poisons/ because of this FRAUD /1987 December PJPW learned this & Lindsay 15 was under investigation with Mengele Doc Harrington /

JIM was dead c 1981/2 - REPORTS `… some visitors his former VICTIMS since 1930s-1970s, THREW HIM ABOUT the last month for harming them & their families/Ransom family were not part of this/…

… Mavis Lucinder Elizabeth nee Tait, born Northern Ireland, & her 1st husband m 1953 Clem Ardwings-Kodek Barrister Minister for Tourism & Game KENYA had known GROTE HOMES AFRICA , & had a friend a Doctor who had looked after the GROTE HOME on Lake VICTORIA & found the African children all slain by freakish BRITISH NOBLES & some Scandinavian Playboys all inter-married or mobbing together in the same schools

It was known the general policy of the British Government Lords & Crown was DISAPPOVAL of educating African orphans as HUMANISTS …to emerge at 19 years & ACT THE GOSPELS OUT … with 3 or 4 languages … able to recognise QUALITY …

1969 Minister Ardwings-Kodek was murdered by gunshots at a crossroads in Mombasa Kenya …

1968 … At her first Scientific Meeting a few weeks old Victoria-Augusta (The 2nd Legion ancient ROME ) 1968 / I GR am forbidden a PRAM for the new baby by the Whitehead twins mother & half sister ( they are Marxists & NO PRAM is Kenya style ) I carried my first live child on my hip for at 37 years I am very strong of course ( Eskimo-Ape style is it ??? ) IT WAS DANGEROUS TO LEAVE VICTORIA-Mousie anywhere… in those early years until she went to school at 5 years There were three trustworthy families who understood the NOBLE MADNESS that had always been clutching at ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM W. for DOUGH …

1967-1969 … British Museum Natural History had ugly booting-in … by JIM & LINDSAY 15 & Mengele with RN thugs & Special Branch … ripping out Director Sir Terence Morrison-Scott`s cupboards & drawers/also in his home when his wife was alone /

… RANSOM family would visit him pre-war/also some Weddell & Gronlander-Poulsen family…he was in the Science Museum, South Kensington until 1939 … & was a curator for hoards of our documents in what was believed to be a place of safety for the world`s history …

1968 autumn - there were murmurs from Teresa Gordon R.

` I have heard Victoria could be taken off you this Pillar House given to the Nation YOU WERE NOT TO BE ALLOWED TO MARRY OR HAVE CHILDREN ` she is given WITCH POWERS by evil old Angela & the gang again …I don`t like the way she picks up knives …

I am told by MY … MY friends your father is insane you are to be watched I have HAD TO GIVE UP MY LIFE to keep hold of you I SHOUTED AT HER TO SHUT UP THIS STUPID TALK ~ She seemed to enter sanity for awhile - but she is clearly in & out of DOPE - & visiting potential victims without my knowing in Blewbury Village with Mengele Doctor Harrington now called again `ROYAL DOCTOR ’ ….

Nota bene : “ Royal Doctor ” … Thus spake forth Madam M. Malraux / Went down the French Registry Office March 1948 with her brother-in-law No 18 the PRAYER BOOK FORBID !

Malraux for the 2nd Registry office trip …`SEE YAH `

Do they say “ See you again ” as they go out of the swing

doors … ?

1948 - B U T - COLONEL Georges-Andre MALRAUX the WIDOWER of JOSETTE November 1944 is still married legally from 17th April 1947 wedding in the Roman Catholic Church to his Ward Greta Ransom but he was lied to by the criminally insane September 1947 ... He was told that Pope PIUS XII had cancelled the Wedding of Grace … & Malraux only learned the TRUTH from “ young PACCELLI ” November 1957 ( are Georgie-AMx & Messalina bigamists … ? )

Nota bene : ` The Royal Doctor Mengele Harrington ` -

Madam Malraux (of the 2nd Registry Office Alliance in GAUL March 1948 …) is telling Benny Goodman 1957 that Harrington the Royal Doctor has INSTRUCTED her to REMOVE the MEMORY of ANDRE MALRAUX when he came from LONDON … & when ever she could… or MALRAUX might endanger General de Gaulle`s Government ”

… ( more likely ANDRE could point out the TWISTERS & TAKE UP HIS GUARDIANSHIP of the great ESTATE of Philanthropy he is legal GUARDIAN to since October 1937 !!!

… 1938 a great slaying of the families RANSOM & offshoots began … with greater venom than 1890s when LINDSAYbuggarhs criminally insane Earl Old HIGH POOP had John Ransom & Millie Frobisher & babe murdered for it - then TIGGY GROTE 1904 … )

Records : Detectives Colleagues & friends of Andre Malraux 1957 1960/1961 … : ` the penniless criminally insane STRUT THE BOARDS 20th century - Benny Goodman looked in her eyes & saw she was gone INSANE … he flees to the American Embassy PARIS …