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1947 - THUS a marriage of GRACE was made by you both .

There are many photographs of you both two tall young people solemn on Clacton-on-Sea front sometimes with a dog or two 1945 to 1947 ... you were too impressive in your grave manner your suitability to play a role - HUMANITAS ! ANDRE had not seen many of the photographs that we had collected he wept …& for JOSETTE too for here he had made footsteps with both of you … that summer he could never forget - HAPPINESS 1937 -


Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grotes erudite letters & request to please deliver to Andre Malraux or his publisher or family& enclosed letter for Andre Malraux to deliver to the President of France were stolen May 1938 PARIS by British Embassy / had Leon Blum still been President Mrs Grote would have gone to PARIS to see him - they are acquaintances-speak upon her French holdings-

She expected to be in France end of May & go on to ROME - her grandson a Priest there … Then she would go to AMERICA to her Grote Bridal House New York, where her grandfather F. RANSOM bought 19 acres 1801 … helped by his wife`s Dutch Uncle .. This is administered for her by GROTE BROKERS Wall Street, New York, the family firm of her husband Tiggy Grote, murdered Arran 1904...

SHE WAS MURDERED BY JIM Jong (later Sir James) 15 May 1938 Ayrshirehe kidnapping Greetah & attempting to blame her, age 5 years, for the cut behind Mrs Grote`s ear … HE DID IT WITH HIS KNIFE …he has several killings 1930s with his sharp knife …

…. He, JIMMIE JONG James … will repeat this murder on the

the old lady an Aunt of Angela…a favourite with the Palace staff…she would visit GROTE HOMES in America with other New York ladies …”

“ … She stood up at a small dinner towards the back of the Palace…& said “ HOW CAN YOU DESTROY TOMMY GROTE`S HOMES ” -

Mr Jong called her a name & in extreme ANGER leapt at her with his knife he always carries in case he is attacked at night … everyone knew he carried a knife … & the blood from her neck spurted on high … the old lady clutched a plate from the table to protect herself…then fell down … There was no CRY for Physician … only cries for SEDATIVES …

a well known figure, a man, was removed from the table & this was in a hurry … two people crept away on hands & knees & were not seen …”

REPORTS on the above : 1948 USA Agents/1953 remembered by nervous people/ 1960 Detectives Colleagues friends of ANDRE MALRAUX 1965/66 City of London-this & connected matters to the theft/

1970 “… they have been killing people, Peter, FOR THIS MONEY…we knew about it when I was in The City … YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE IN CHARGE …”

1938 May 17th/18th PARIS -

A Mr Phipps British Ambassador refused to hand the envelopes sent by MRS GROTE to Mr Jimmie Jong & an heir to the Earl of Lindsay when they came hot foot from Great Britain They demanded the package & letters in name of the Earl Lindsay & ANGELA They went on to say ` for the CROWN ` PHIPPS Ambassador had OPENED & LOOKED AT THIS PRIVATE POSTAL package after READING the letter to him from MRS GROTE MALRAUX`s copy the WILL signed by Mrs Grote was seen by him … & the letter to the French President …

HE HANDED THE WHOLE PACKAGE to ANGELA on her first Official State visit Paris July 1938 reports/several sources/

1934 - A PARTY IN GERMANY, the British Noble visitors fly in by a SILVER PLANE . Angela/sometimes called Angela MacMurphy/MacMurray when she travels with Mr JIM Jong 1920s & 1930s eyeing the RANSOM GROTE lands

1934 - ATTENDING from Great Britain were : ` Lindsaybuggarhs & Teresa Gordon/Angela with JIM fawning over Teresa Gordon now Mrs young Fred Ransom her daughter Greta Ransom is Mrs Margarethe Ransom GROTE`s approved by the world HEIR / Hitler came for 20 minutes/passes comments on Ange & Tree - his few words are intelligent concerning both of them/records/

It was a top Nazi party & all of the hosts were most courteous - Ribbentrop was there, he whom both women know in England- he is a charming ladies man/ Herman Goring whose elder sister has a concern for GROTE HOMES children from the time she was a child … they have one Orphan in their families come from an early Grote Home 1860s/70s .

1919 - Since the end of the 1st World War , The German Government has often had to stop British SCUM Nobles walking into the German GROTE HOMES & stealing the GROTE HOMES childrens` toys at CHRISTMASTIDE . The British Establishment/Lords & Crown, have by silent-secret DECREE WESTMINSTER/Whitehall/ given ORDERS the Ambassadors & his British Visitors ( round the world ) are to nick/steal that is/ Mrs Grotes art works that the children have on the walls of THEIR HOMES … & there is sculpture, bronzes, precious books & antiquities that are visited by scholars/workers from many Museums across the world . ANYTHING regarded as SALEABLE can be LIFTED in a JOKEY way …to provide funds for Great Britain Diplomatic Staff expenses etc & WHITEHALL …

… It is the Centre of GB Government WHITEHALL that have a care of the vast British Crown DEBTS & their personal overseas borrowings 1880s/1920s … THUS a flow of CASH can be used to eased the INTERESTS… FUN thuggish style THIEVING from the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE is encouraged … even though the Estate is legally administered from USA & other nations outside the BRITISH EMPIRE … getting hold of DOUGH can have those in DEBT exhibit again THE BIG BIG TIME -

1920 into 1939 - GERMANY is endeavouring to STOP British Nobles & Diplomats in the name of the Crown from ENTRY to the GROTE HOMES … but another more complex problem is the several Residences & small holdings/investments/simple homes for workers & retired attached to factories etc of the RANSOM Estate where there have been UGLY SCENES & harm done to good German citizens & tenants … & possibly some deaths PACELLI 1920s in GERMANY for the VATICAN encountered this VIOLENCE & THEFT against the Grote Estate … half the GROTE HOMES educating to 18 years are in Roman Catholic lands around the globe …

1935 November, PARIS - Herman Goring asked to comment on this PARTY said he must refuse … but advised we the RANSOM family make ARGENTINA the heimat & do not return to Britain. He says … The HOMES & the Estate were independent of Politics , Crowns, & were needed. He hoped Mrs Grote would not stay in Britain again. She could be well protected in North America. Or in the Vatican where she was well known & her grandson was a Priest … He made a mention of PACELLI … ’

1935 November in PARIS - we dined with Walter Benjamin, Sadie an ethnologist …after Len & I had been saluted & bowed to by Herman Goring & he was pleased LEN had got his FLYING CERTIFICATE & asked how he did in the TEST. That Test October 1935 was from the misty early morning English Channel to West Greenland … with 2 Pilots in the seaplane all the time . LENNIE got full marks !

Herman Goring wrote to Jean & Augusta Frobisher 1938 , when the WILL was sent to them, that he agreed ANDRE MALRAUX would be a good GUARDIAN etc etc … Greetha Ransom heir, in Paris 1935 he remembered she & Len Flyer … & he saw a child whose SOUL had FLED in FEAR but with Len flying a winged chariot in the sky & the three of them aboard they should survive … He advised again we all go to America, ` make the Argentine home, Jean has the Weddell family there - you have USA whole-hearted support for the Estate` … JEAN IS GOING TO BE MURDERED end of SUMMER 1938 … in Gross Britain by JIM organising it with Lindsay 14 - & using dope-dimmed Teresa Gordon Ransom to hand Jean the poisoned cup of tea … they were both on the train to Liverpool Street London, emptying her handbag of all identification …/reports are several/

1935 November - The next day there was a meeting between Fredrick Charles Frobisher RANSOM, representing his Aunt Margarethe Ransom Grote … & Herman Goring it was about our safety …& what the German Government were experiencing in Germany, had reported to them from other nations, A PATTERN of sly ATTACKS ON THE ESTATE by GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES … HG said it indicated THE BRITISH INTENDED TO DEMOLISH & take all this was becoming clear … NOTHING COULD BE GOT IN WRITING from BRITAIN by the USA ADMINISTRATORS, or the Argentine Solicitors & leading figures … `

1930s to 1970s ` NEWS ABOUT the Scarlet TOWN …`

` Angela & her parents/given out in secret silence/embarrassed by such a gift from an OLD ESKIMO /therefore there would `be discretion in accepting this Estateit would not be referred to in any way in public … it must remain a private gift accepted BY DIVINITY…which is known to be criminally insane, with Scandinavian in-put … but all is to be used to put Gross Britain BACK as TOP DOG of the world …/All Eskimos & Apes to work chain gang for the EMPIRE to rise … hee haw … ”

Nota bene : 1919/1920 a noble well crusted gang of girls ages 14 to 17 had their parents-grandparents give parties & DOOs for Neddy Crown Prince of the BRITISH EMPIREone of them would marry him & they would all be friends for ever & never part`happiness would be granted them if this PLAN succeeded - `

ANGELA a girl of 20 years of age heard what they were up to & she stepped inwith Mr JIM Jong She & Teresa Gordon seen to be `best friends or fiends` They are seen in a silent cine film 1921 in beautiful romantic organza frocks `the short & the tall` Ange got engaged to a delicate of health younger son of a King - her brothers who found her a trial were heartily gladNeddy Crown Prince did not fall PREY to them…”

He had a mother of cold disposition & given to monstrous gambling debts & regretting a marriage she could have made to a German Texan Millionaire & not LOST HER FIGUREHowever, she became very jolly when the marriageable young took her out in their cars & let her DRIVE FAST … & she gave them the RUN of Buckingham Palace London/records Edward/Ned … he was inclined to THINK a bitan American women was more on his intellectual level …»

1960 January - ` … nothing like a penniless British Aristocrat…

they can get up to anything … `

says Winston Churchill to Philip Silverlee, both Men of Letters & he took 98,000 English pounds off Earl Lindsay No 14 & put it in a Swiss Bank for ANDRE MALRAUX MAN OF LETTERS … he their Guardian to look after it for Greetha & Lennie heirs

He remembered Millie Frobisher skating & describes her performance … & how in 1939 her great grand-daughter Greetha Ransom age 6 years had comforted him a winter morning when he was distressed by newspaper articles in his shop … (G.R. spoke to him because he was talking to himself aloud & grumbling & he looked like Father Christmas) Her aunt is his landlady Margarethe our girl of the SNOWS`

1960 spring - CATASTROPHE carefully plotted by Special Forces Naval Intelligence their big TREASON noses sniffing everywhere - Feb-March Churchill resting/sedated/SENT PAINTINGlate February General de Gaulles Courier robbed between New York & Paris/Philip Silverlees daughter age 28 years murdered in Argentine May 1960 , she lawfully getting all documents & carbon copy correspondence late February 1960/ including that sent October/November 1937 to GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX … up to summer 1944 TO FRANCEresulting in JOSETTE`s death/manslaughter/murder …

1944 late October `The British CONSUL, FRANCE , sent TWO GUNMEN to KILL she & ANDRE MALRAUX ( for daring to open the correspondence of ROYAL ANGELA the former Miss Bloody Liar & The criminally insane Earls of Crawford & LINDSAY claiming this ESTATE in secret silence - since 1883 ! )

( 1944 early winter the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES are dead in France & Spain ) Malraux was not there/she Josette did not know where ` Full records Oct-Nov 1944 & 1945/47...1960/61 onwards Detectives Colleagues friends of Andre Malraux

1972 March 19th - The Pillar House Harwell -

DIARY Summer 1938/Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM/ his two brothers murdered by Mengele leading the HUNT of BIG GAME …

Lennie is saying at the renaissance party to ANDRE MALRAUX arrived with Beryl an old 1930s friend & LIR is reading some extracts from his DIARIES

MALRAUX upon their arrival 9.30 pm is told by Beryl to Hold on to her Andreshe is dashing about at her party tell me Greta how you began to plan this renaissance party ? ” …

Andre MALRAUX delicately holds me Greetah called GRETA now, by the elbowhe steadies himself with one arm on the frame of the classical doorway

MALRAUX retired Minister of GAUL 1969 HAS BEEN TOLD ABOUT THE ACID HEAD WASHING-OUT OF THE MEMORY BY Mengele Harrington paedophile Gollum & his criminally insane Upper Class mobs … & that they take COMMISSIONS to harm the health of middle-age men in Politics & business…& SAVAGE other Nations so … to halt their development … (British upper-classes learned of it from The Great War Nut Houses the hospitals dealing with shell-shocked fighting men unable to return to The Front because of frightening scenes of gory bloody War passing in front of their eyes )

Nota bene : Mengele Harrington has ACIDS that remove MEMORY IMMEDIATELY … powders to spread on bedding, cushions, night clothes. He has advanced tricks of long term sedation used on old people to get POWER over their Estates/ The penniless British NOBLES used this from 1870s to get hold of MONEYS in a family …

1972 March 19/renaissance evening : Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM is speaking & reading from his proofs of a new book to be printed abroad …

She my niece came to Liverpool Street Station with a surprisingly dismal piece of information that showed the situation at the seaside. I met her from the train taking her hand from the family whod brought her up in their care We arrived almost at Jerusalem by the little Park, & she insisted upon going first for sweets. Several tiny bags of cheap sweets were selected in a shop we did not use soft things some of brilliant mauve & purple colours Frederick Charles my Dad puzzled as she stuffed them in her mouth. His grand-daughter is saying she had had no food for a month

When her father arrived she overheard him saying she imagined it a bit ’ … She my niece spoke out the situation with SHE-SHE& the Uncles in the grey granite Place on the seafront (Lindsaybuggarhs) ` How their fiends of Hell in the town (Clacton) & London town they had said she my niece was to die & the money was being shared by all of them /diaries & records/


Jean Weddell dead was enough for us ! She my niece insisted going to keep watch on Jeans grave & set off with her bags of sweets but I followed ... THE GRAVE HAD BEEN ATTACKED AGAIN …

The grave had been attacked again ! She my niece, said her father was taken in again by SHE-SHE & she was so cruel & hissing that soon, very soon, when she my niece was dead

SHE-SHE would have her share ! Now JEAN was dead ”

“ More ! - The baby just born ( Colin born October 1938 ) was given to people round the town to take care of SHE-SHE had tried drop him in the fire the two little Jack-in-the boxes were often now in the back garden - Mr Pong & HIM wear wigs for disguise - Lindsay-to-be 14 ! Augusta says they should all MOVE UP ONE for they PUT THE 12 years old HEIR DOWN THE MARITIME exploration HOLE AT SEA ! In this century ! ...

& … the young kindly Mercer on horseback had gone missing on the North coast - Mr Pong had said he knew too much & they put two men to follow him - & there were other matters to tell ...

Diary 1938 LIR/& other extracts

See MERCER ON HORSEBACK/text/ MARTYR ex Army man/murder arranged by JIM & Lindsaybuggarhs/ 1938 he hears THEM PLOTTING EVIL … the two evil little Jack-in-Boxes come in for more boozing with Teresa in the Parlour Our rather scholarly Mercer puts a tent up in our back garden he is welcomed into the Clacton town families when he calls with his WARES He is of a good Northern family) /LIR/FJR/et al/ … I GR have written some pages from their records & my own clear memories/

1938 November - Greta Ransom spoke out at `Jerusalem` because JEAN is just murdered by the gang of 3 … My grandmother ballerina this last SUMMER of her LIFE, she only 52 years old & still DANCING, had told me WHY we left Gross Britain for EVER … that October 1935 ...

JEAN SPEAKING - Summer 1938

I could tell my eldest, your Dad, could not go on any longerhe only 24 years oldso I phoned Aunt Margaretha … said what I wanted to do I would pay from my own Weddell moneys Argentine & we would CALL ON THE HOMES … as I knew she was always anxious about the HOMES having enough moneys But she said we should have had lots of letters telling us things they wanted us to call now she could not travel so much they wanted us all the FAMILY calling all the timeas we used to before this last Great War & when Tiggy was aliveAfter that summer 1935 I saw from Freds face that he was not going to be able to go on … my eldest … `

` WE HAD TO LEAVE they were threatening all our lives& they were getting at the money in the Banks using the DiplomatsThe LINDSAY they had gone mad again as they had when they killed your Grand-dads parents Millie & JOHNGREEDI cannot understand why folk who have so much need to kill & rob others BUT THEY HAD YOU KIDNAPPED BACK the Earl Lindsaythey had no authority to do thisyou are NOT a Ward of Courtif you & Lennie were then the ESTATE would go abroad to all the other Ransom family or the branches

Hollywood could manage it with the relatives It is not at all a British Estate its a JOYOUS VENTURE … & all overseas Jean Weddell Ballerina, grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL the WEDDELL SEA sub-arctic Mariner & Quaker …

1938 DIARY/ Dr LEN Immanuel RANSOM/ LIR reading 1972/

My Dad Frederick Charles had just learned (Lindsay ) his mothers 2nd cousins & gang … with a woman on high recently …

had been cashing cheques emptying our banks around the world He was able to tell the Brokers New York & with full co-operation they put a stop to it round the globe

This left the British properties vulnerable & some Continental ones & some in Ireland … ( VIOLENCE was now used by the criminals against Properties they could reach easily … some offshore/ Reference : the French FOREST that they tried CUT DOWN 1938 - they called it British Crown Property ! `

The Will was accepted 1937/38 & all the properties administered from abroad British Solicitors were under the umbrella New York & Argentine - THE HOMES were watched by educationalists … it was a piece of philanthropy with lessons to be learned … We kept low profile after Tiggy`s murder by the Scots Lords - there was to have been no THEFT of POST - its not law allowed by British Law … `

“ This was what had happened- a set of documents sent yearly

( quarterly ) to my eldest brother had been stolen by the Earl for The Crown & Transport documents for me ( LIR in training-it was known hed a flare for Transport by age 9 years) 1937 October ANDRE is in charge of it all as our GUARDIAN … ”

( LIR speaking from his diaries with ANDRE & Beryl & Arthur Malone detective POLITAN/ 1972 March 19th The Pillar House Harwell, `renaissance evening party` )

Continues : It was now my poor brother FJR learned that a quarterly set of documents EVERY YEAR had been hijacked from CHRISTMAS 1933 BECAUSE we the heirs were under 21 years of age …`

“ They are all breaking the lawthe relationship to to the Earl is one woman in 1830...nothing moreBUT THEY WERE KEEPING THEIR CLAIM SECRET & saying “ IN THE NAME OF THE CROWN” in secret meetings …

My mother age 53 years was poisoned 1938 and my father 56 years in 1939 by them ... They had chased him in the little streets beating his back one time when I was not there the Police could not catch them because they are family of an Earl & MR JIM had an apartment at the back of Buckingham Palace since the Great War ended THEY ARE ALL ON THE PIN & grow a narcotic in Scotland which puts a wild animal in the brain in seconds ` L.I.R. tape/etc


Nota bene : Greta Ransom / All my post/mail from Xmas 1933 on & on being opened at the back of Buckingham Palaceby Earls of Lindsay & scum & the family of Angela (reports 1948 & 1960 are by persons who objected to this wild behaviour with post/parcels of other families…/Special Agents USA etc )

1954 March 11th - Greta Ransom 21st birthday

… had all overseas & outside Clacton area post/mail going to the Noble scum at the back of Buckingham Palace/as always/ where they rip it open on trestle tables I G. R. received 9 cards & 7 presents from Clacton & area & NOTHING came TO ME from the RANSOM, Weddell & Poulsen families

REPORTS : It is verified that Teresa Gordon Ransom was given some few things to dispose of … but not the valuable things - The Frobisher Pearls, the OBrien tiara were displayed by these High Class floozies & their NON MEN, all taking turns wearing them at a Mayfair nightclub/much drink & dope & they have no sign of breeding said reports …

Sir John Edmond OBrien ( cousin to Mary Gordon ) came from Ireland to Buckingham Palace to DEMAND his family Tiara of 1859 off them - He had sent it for his cousin`s grand-daughter the HEIR to the Estate of Margarethe GROTE ! These MONSTERS had all been photographed by Press, & got published in Daily Express - with 3 well known heads wearing it misbehaving in Mayfair -

1954 March - 21st Birthday Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM The Frobisher Pearls (belonged to the wife of the TUDOR SEAMAN Sir Martin Frobisher one of the 10 daughters of Lord Wentworth) The necklace is seen being torn to pieces outside the restaurant as the party HIGH on DOPE emerged after midnight … & TORN TO PIECES with a YELL of “ FROBISHER ” & dropped in the gutter … Taxi drivers picked a few pearls up next day found them to be real FROBISHER had been a Telephone Exchange London - it was no longer used

1950s one male from Norway - was referred to by some educated upper class as ` a FOOTBALL HOOLIGAN ` … his sister-in-law was photographed with the O`Brien tiny Tiara on her head OUT FOR THE NIGHT misbehaving with a Lord LINDSAY to become Earl No 15 .

1954 March - Sir Edmond John Uncle OBrienhe had his 3 Irish aunts attacked & savaged in their nice flat at Queens Gate/or Terrace - it was put in a London newspaper they were hiding heroin when the new Sir-CUR James & thugs walked in Uncle John had to take the old ladies home to Southern Ireland JIM PIMP has been causing trouble for the Irish cousins of Mary Gordon since 1919 He wanted to NICK race horses then … He has ANGELA on his arm very often …

Mr Jimmie Jong now Sir-Cur James … but called dirty Jim 1950s about Scarlet Town … fancied the nice flat the 3 ladies had in Queens Terrace/or Gate ? Lindsay Earls & JIM vowed to `get the Paddy` they began harming his health, his farm, & he was also a small International Broker /he died penniless 1970 & There was JEERING 1970s from dirty JIM about OXFORD - he was trying to enter scholarly places & BRAG …