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JIM PIMP the PIN b 1898, he was tossed into HELL at the `Angel & Crack` next door to a Pub in Scarlet Town c 1981... By good men`s sons from families he had ruined from the 1920s to his last weeks as KUBLA KHAN & it went on Mr Mengele Doc Harrington Royal Satrap GOLLUM who has a DECREE November 1953 from Phil the Greek are injecting themselves with hormones for “ We are gonnah live fur iver…” AND MENGELE Doctor Harrington grows cultures/hormones/microbes … on dead bodies…/where does he get the dead bodies … may we ask ?

Nota bene : Murphy & O`Brien Baronetcies/see Debretts 1953 etc/ have deaths of sons - the inherited titles die out from these honourable peace-seeking cousins to Greta`s grandmother MARY Murphy O`Brien Carroll Williams Mrs George Ernest GORDON . JIM PIMP & the other SCUM may be responsible for these young deaths… for there is CHORTLING from JIM 1940-41 & again when he is co-Steward of WHITES Club/of spiked drinks, dope, Vice run by JIM around the corner in 2 flats run 1953 onwards by a woman he brings over from Kenya … JIM White-slave INCOME “ OK Yah ”

MEMO : JIM & Angela have been after the Irish horses FOR FREE so they slander these Southern Irish families from 1919, cousins of Mary Williams Gordon. George & Mary Gordon`s grandchild Greetah born 1933 March is the GROTE HEIR ACCLAIMED by Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE & her BROKERS, Solicitors, hundreds of relatives AROUND THE GLOBE/the world ... It is earlier written in this Document BOOK OF SUMMER 1937 for Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette Roman Catholic wife - Greta Ransom

1972 March 19th - Dr Len Ransom LIR goes on …/& tapes

to ANDRE MALRAUX & Beryl a friend “… The EARLS, & BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN……These criminally insane from their youth (dopes) had ALL THE DOCUMENTS of the Overseas Estate, & copies the correspondence from New York & Argentine from around the globe … from Christmas 1933 when they hi-jacked/STOLE the POST to themselves… Property of a family NEVER WARDS OF COURT because they are bred of so many other nations ! IT WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BY THE TRUSTEES, administrators , Ransom families OVERSEAS ! THE ESTATE WOULD GO TO OTHERS OUTSIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE ! `

`… & from XMAS 1937/1938 - ALL of ANDRE`s POST stolen by them … about Estate matters especially from that winter of his Guardianship - they were also learning of his own professional life from reading all his post … THIS IS THE POSITION WHEN HE JOINS General de GAULLE winter 1945/1946 ... IMMEDIATELY BOTH MEN HAD NO PRIVACY & NOW NO RESPECT from an ill educated Class in Gross Britain … who could use the State to commit horrendous bloody crimes for themselves to acquire kudos/riches … ALL THEY WANTED WAS MONEYS & POWER over other nations… The old GAMBLING spirit, the RACES … WE MUST WIN … They seem to have FIXED MINDS over the IMPORTANCE of white supremacy … The British Empire & those of Scandinavia … `

LIR - ... my poor brother FJR not knowing of this theft could rely on our fathers postal arrangements for information on the Estate as he had always done - all of us had The custom was all our overseas mail for many years had been sent to the Argentine Embassy/or USA the `Jerusalem` household Deptford by the little park might be overseas awhile

We received FULL information summer 1939 on the theft that had gone on since Christmas 1933 TRICKS to steal our correspondence packages parcels from abroad using Angela`s entry into the family at the Palace … `

( XMAS 1933 onwards/ the post to young FRED RANSOM father of the HEIR is stolen from the ROYAL POSTAL SERVICE & directed to the back of the Palace & opened on a trestle table by family of Earl Crawford Lindsay, Angela & Mr JIM, Jimmie Jong & some others … `

Quote from witnesses/records/ ` All correspondence was carefully laid aside & taken away to WHITEHALL by 3 grey suited employees, men who had two special Rooms Whitehall to illegally collect information & from here the initial VIOLENCE to lay hands on the ESTATE in secret silence BEGINS - using the resources of the British Government & Armed Forces ` /Records/related in this document/ text/Greta Ransom & Andre Malraux

LIR - ` The most cruel behaviour had gone on 1930s … & clearly this was how our kith/kin abroad were subjects of robberies - their households & many persons, children, now go missing (as the 2nd World War begins )

property taken - all identification disappears - often properties burned … & we discovered 1948 onwards bodies burned too

The violence was coming from a Class of this nation … ”

… “ We are given by witnesses 1948 a description of Christmas 1936 … when we all had to return to Britain … the heir age 3 years was kidnapped back & passport removed without the LAW being involved THAT YEAR 1936, two trestle tables were set up at the back of the Palace the tearing open in indecent haste of packages addressed to a child of our family & to others all written enclosures carefully laid aside by 3 men come in who worked in the weekdays at WHITEHALL ”

There was a trampling under foot of little gifts … from overseas from the GROTE HOMES … made by little hands, simple things … This caused consternation to some who were employed in the Palace or called in to assist in the jollifications It was commented by visitors that ` these two girls should not be taking part in this …` Mr JIM was often raucous … He seized something made of feathers & stuck it on his behind … then began crowing like a Cock …

That year two bins went down the Thames to the incinerator

2 trestle tables had been needed for the packages …” …

“… & it had been going on since the child was born 1933 the Christmas & birthday presents were torn open by the family who claimed my grandmother MILLIE…” Diaries/Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM

( Miss Millicent Frobisher direct line Sir Martin Frobisher Tudor Mariner / she a noted ice skater & with school friends makes a little Academy of Ancient Arts from 1878 /she 14 years They travelled on the Continent giving displays, chariot riding & were part of the movement to promote Womens Gym /Magazines in sepia/ 1883 she becomes Mrs JOHN RANSOM grandmother of LIR / mother of Frederick Charles RANSOM who marries Jean Weddell Argentina/Peru ballerina, parents of Ivy Jean, Frederick John, John Ray, & Lennie LIR who keeps DIARIES )

1937/1938 ... ANGELA - with Jim at her elbow makes phone calls with threats to Mary Gordon & from summer 1938 to her grown children Miss Win Gordon her brother Harry JIM & she are insistingthat the Estate is left her by an Old Eskimo

Mary Gordon says 1939 I can always tell Harry she has had 2 or 3 cocktails before she phones me - shes baiting me about the child & the inheritance, she & JIM & shes using those powders & him JIM the chemists should not sell them to the young shes turning into a fat hard woman I tell her to look after her husbands health … I am going to put the phone down on her … ”

1930s - LIR DIARIES `NOTHING COULD BE OBTAINED IN WRITING OF THIS CLAIM TO AN ESTATE … WITH LEGAL WILL administration already 1938 Summer begun overseasJune 1938 COPY THE WILL DEPOSITED IN London town & Scotland & the Government & Crown advised where it might be seen AS THE LAW OF GREAT BRITAIN REQUIRED Summer 1939 it was denied by The WHITEHALL that any Papers had been received & deaths had begun horribly The 2nd World War was to allow the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES `

1937 on - With the new reign in Gross Britain - robberies with violence of Ransom households & other branches the Family, records everywhere, increases as the Institutions of the State used

1937/1938 - JEAN WEDDELL ballerina Mrs Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM is subjected to vile rudeness by a teenage doped up sneering RANTER called Milford Haven - who took money LAND investments & properties as his share in the violent theft & fraud of the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE - God may have called it EARLY to Hell …

1933 Christmastide - JACOPSHOLMEN Island West Greenland

`the Christmas THAT WAS NOT` ` March 1933 Aunt Mag had a baby again the christening would be in the family church where she had sat a VIGIL the week before her Wedding 1863 to Thomas Immanuel Grote son of the New York Broker GROTE, established 1830...`

`… her watercolours were on display in New York she had copied the Delacroix & other painters in the church the days before the Ceremony, she wearing a scarlet gown her father had made in Spain. A BRIDE IN SCARLET AGAINST THE SNOWS …`

The French painter Delacroix an old friend of the Ransom family sailed up from Bordeaux with her father in the Family ship … The MARY ROSE … & theyd begun the decoration of grandpa JACOP Poulsen`s Church. A painting is made of Gertrude “ Gertrude beside the water in her savage necklace ” Theyd known Gericault painter who died so young Margarethe`s father FRED RANSOM is a torso sketch for the RAFT … a few months before Gericault began work, young FRED RANSOM 19 years old had foolishly lost his ship in the channel by not paying attention to the weather ! He & another were found two days later on a spar ! HE TOOK A VOW HE WOULD NEVER LOSE A SHIP AGAIN ! & he did not ! ( Wreck/raft of the Medusa/Gericault/Louvre PARIS )

LIR has been reading his 1930s diaries - LIR with ANDRE MALRAUX explains to Beryl an old friend 1972 March 19/20th The Pillar House Harwell & afterwards at Beryls home … `they talked until 6.30 in the cold winter dawn …rested 5 hours then drove to London to friends ANDRE felt he had never understood so much before…being able to speak for 4 hours non-stop … he came to understand what he should have realised was happening …`

1933 - Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland a great month of festivities planned for XMAS 1933/1934 ships were coming in to our Island full of kin & friends & some Grote Homes children to be chosen Services in old Jacop`s Church & my niece ( Greetha Frobisher Weddell Ransom ) to be christened again with kin from the GREENLAND 18th century

our line from POUL ( POUL Gronlander, catechist Trader & GENIUS )

& his wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle … some would be Godparents

It would have had some observers for the Press in America & other nations reporting that the island to blossom as before 19th century theatre school workshops Research ship repairs & fishing ship building A UNIVERSITY TO GO UP … the money all ready University POUL GRONLANDER West Greenland

1933 October - 2 violent murders by LINDSAY gang & JIM

stop the opening of the independent from 1770 Democracy Jacopsholmen Island of West Greenland

To have XMAS 1933 on our Island was paramount to again a push for INDEPENDENCE for Greenland ( the cancelling of XMAS 1933, is going to lead to CATASTROPHE & in 1939 The Island to be the TOMB of M. de SALLE of PARIS & his wife & 2 of their 4 children under 12 years . )

OUR RANSOM MONEY IS READY in USA & around the globe to build the University of POUL Gronlander 6` 5 inches tall d 1765

( Eskimo & Northern Chinese a little French ancestry ) The money is safe in USA & South Americaround the globefrom the philanthropy Grote HOMES on their Ransom lands & Estates, & from hundreds of years of The Ransom Estate SEA TRADERS investments & moneys …

PLOTTERS to get hold of the Island as well as the entire Estate are Earls of Crawford & LINDSAY (since 1883 marriage Millie Frobisher & JOHN RANSOM ) & a piece of vermin half Chinese-British a RACIST Jimmie Jong who FELT THAT HE & ANGELA chums since their teens, should have their share of the great ESTATE GROTE RANSOM around the globe

He had been at tea tables with the families of LINDSAY Earls since he was 11 years of age

… VIOLET LINDSAY ARTIST (Lady Rutland) speaks November 1937 on JIM … “ A child who made you uneasy - hed whisper behind his hand - hed then make off with one other & mischief was planned - I felt sorry for his poor mother a Chinese heiress ` VIOLET ARTIST cousin to Millie Frobisher mother of Frederick Charles RANSOM father of Lennie LIR these diaries/

Violet Artist, she would come down to Clacton-on-Sea from the 1880s stay at The Royal Hotel on the seafront, often in wintertime out of Season, & have peace to sketch, visit friends along the coast & speak about painting & art

1937 Summer - I Greta Ransom remember her vividly Violet Artist -

we go to tea at her smaller house, I remember 1936 & have written it all/text LEMON BUN/ Harry acts driver for a big car sometimes when we go to London, & Frederick Charles & Jean my grandparents come with others to Violet`s tea party or to other people Grandpa Ransom is related to …

1937 November - ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette have just left from SUMMER VIOLET & my grandmother Mary Gordon were getting JIM locked up with a Magistrate Document now awaited his mother had agreed THEN VIOLET WAS DEAD given an overdose of heroin December 1937 ...

Violet comes into Ransom families via THE SOULS a movement of young people aesthetes she is cousin to Millie Frobisher & learned a lot she later realised from knowing JOHN & POUL RANSOM from the early 1880s late 19th century their sister Margarethe the girl-of-the-snows whose Goddess status she grasped far too late, just before her own death perhaps

VIOLET ARTIST clothed in shadows comes October 1937 …& lunchtime takes me across the road to `Stella Maris` to Bessie very holy & ANNIE ARTISTthen they take me on to the Catholic Convent School SAINT CLARES` for the afternoon BECAUSE OF THE KIDNAPPING by JIM & LINDSAY heir Earl 14 to be ! IT IS NOT SAFE FOR ME TO BE LEFT ALONE . ( In a Boarding Convent School I would have been easily kidnapped or killed by LINDSAYbuggarh & JIM, called two EVIL little JACK in the BOXES. ) VIOLET had an Exhibition November … & she was in October preparing for it.

1935/1937 - 2 MARTYRS of West Greenland - who could represent their Nation in the Danish Parliament - POUL GRONLANDER descendants - 3rd cousins LEN, & 4th to Greetah, both very tall, she called Margaret, he ? … eye witnesses including Greetah Gronlander Ransom/ LETTERS FROM JEAN 1930s/ Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960/1961 /other witnesses/

Assistance/records/witnesses/ 1960 from another great-great-great grandchild of great POUL & Margaret GRONLANDER 18th century ... There follows extracts the notebooks of Dr JOHN RAY/rae/ Ransom MARTYRS - his son POUL JRR murdered 1969/70 Montrose Scotland, & POUL RAY Ransom his only child, age 17 years 1975 - nephew to Lennie - 1st cousin to Greetha Ransom

1960 - into the 3rd week January I am the man in the moon come down not too soon I have made my way from Norwich

JRR ( Dr John RAY /USA citizen age 2 years/christened Ransom) … he doth take a NIGHT WATCH Colne Engaine& I the pauper G.R. who hath fled from 50 Lancaster Gate ANDRE MALRAUX`s London home, because of the FILTHY CROOKS of NOBLE BRITAIN coming in THE DOOR am surprised OUT OF MY LIFE at all this attention & ill-grasped REVELATIONS

That wintertime January 1960 I GR thought for 10 days it was ANDRE MALRAUX Burgermeister of PARIS … come back from GAUL … & I read poems to this man with GUNS keeping NIGHT WATCH & soft voice matching my own, he keeping hidden behind the caravan ` Mistral ` …or speaking extra softly through the tiny caravan window nearest the back & kitchen end.

Nota bene : XMAS 1959 ANDRE MALRAUX has been cleared of MISCHIEF & NEGLECT … over his GUARDIANSHIP his appointment OCTOBER 1937 to GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts the WORLD …IT IS NOW, this XMAS, ESTABLISHED ANDRE MALRAUX has had his POST/MAIL stolen


BUT General de GAULLE & The Republic of FRANCE & its HIGH Governments HAVE NOT AT ALL BEEN CLEARED of complicity with GROSS BRITAIN in the THEFT with VIOLENCE of 19 acres UNDER NEW YORK … GROTE BROKERS TUMBLED 1953/54 by ANGELA & LINDSAY Premier EARLS of GROSS BRITAIN … in DIVINE secret Westminster Whitehall SILENCE in name of British Government & THE CROWN … Angela & her men of GB & Scandinavia are well known as unsuitable to hold high office …

I , Greta Ransom am BORN ON A HEARSE Without the WALLS of 1st-2nd century ROMAN CAMULODUNUM COLONIA VICTRICENSIS in this Quaker hamlet I am INFORMED in whispers after 10pm on iced winter nights, mainly moonless, I am to be the BAIT for this USA State Department Agent/ he, & THEY USA , wish to KNOW who are these MEN who have been ROBBING the great ESTATE & killing thousands connected to CHILDRENS HOMES in AMERICA … & South America … HE SAYS THEY KNOW THEY WILL COME TO ATTACK TO KIDNAP OR KILL ME … ( Greetah Ransom heir )

1960 - THEY, the grown-ups in USA State Department/ Secret Agents/ WISH TO SEE WHO COMES TO Colne Engaine & see who are the villains that have so harmed ANDRE MALRAUX & GROTE HOMES former children in USA For 30 years even their grandchildren are being killed or harmed & PROPERTIES taken off them … by NOBLES of Gross Britain

… CIA/& other such Departments USA/ might gather some valuable information if it could take a walk on THE WILD SIDE & look at shelves of archives ? During the COMMUNIST TRIALS 1940s, many eminent persons charged as Communists could easily have given them all the information on GROTE HOMES OVERSEAS & RANSOM philanthropy that they should have on their HUMANISM shelves ! THAT INFORMATION that they ARE SEACHING for 1960 … using Greta as bait … our records/diaries speak some of this /

1960 January - JRR - ` THE MAN IN THE MOON ` …

Dr John RAY Ransom , he comes to help ANDRE MALRAUX &

his own 2 brothers & sister Ivy he is a USA citizen working for the American State department & at NASA 3 degrees Astra-physics , Animal Management , & LAW see `LETTERS FROM JEAN` to her middle son who was attacked by LINDSAY women at 1 month old, in the little house of Millie, `Jerusalem` Deptford by the little sloping Park born c 1917 ... 1919 got to a special school USA Kentucky 2 years old to save his life from the LINDSAY criminally insane SCUM claiming to be cousins & that the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE are their property ordered to them by DIVINITIES - His first baptism name is changed to JOHN RAY by the school - the baby of 2 years made USA citizen/

His sorrowing ballerina mother JEAN was allowed write him from when he was 7 years of age she writes in SPANISH & English these are the `LETTERS FROM JEAN` he receives until her murder 1938, poisoned by LINDSAY Earls, JIM for ANGELA, using mad Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R .

… & 1960 JRR will READ extracts from these LETTERS from his mother JEAN ballerina … she whose face he never could remember & only saw her dance in the films that cousin Fred MacMurray with others made in Hollywood … 1960 as he takes NIGHT WATCH Colne Engaine, January early February JEAN says to Greetah 1938 I had him on my knee , my little Johnny , he was nearly 2 years old , but your grand Dad said he had to go to this school in America - he was to have the best education in the world … or they would tear him to pieces in the street … the LINDSAY …

JEAN, Greta`s grandmother Ransom, SHE BEGAN TO TELL IN HER LETTERS … her 2nd son John Ransom of the FAMILY HISTORIES & HIS GENEALOGY it is seen to SHAPE HIS FURTHER EDUCATION When he is 21 years of age his mother & father are murdered 1938, 1939, by LINDSAY Premier Earls & other SCUM - to make the British Nobles & Crown rich - & some Scandinavian EVIL TWISTERS & bilge rats RICH too - all of them HIGH ON DOPES - as is the fashion of NOBLE CLASSES …

MARTYR JOHN RAY Ransom … had a humanist tell him what it was all about 1940 New York he was welcomed at GROTE BROKERS who knew all about his education & asked he come work about the world in the management of the ESTATE of his Aunt as soon as he couldhe now begins to investigate with scholars more of the early Family history/ Vinland scholarship/WAR CAME to USA 1941 & he joined the Army he meets his brothers & sister 1944/45 & many of the vast family/including the charming JAMES WEDDELL lines in South America

penniless obscene minded NOBLE dope fiends WHO SMELL DOUGH kept watch on him … HE HAD A GREAT ESTATE N. CANADA, A GIFT at his BIRTH from HIS Aunt Margarethe Ransom Grote …This was quickly thieved after his murder …

1975 - they murdered his son POUL 17 … his mother had hid him she thought safely with her … She is murdered Montreal before 1980/ it caused very much ANGER amongst the old Territorial Army men & some rural Tories Oxfordshire … They could not follow WHO NOW WAS DOING THE KILLING/they felt they had dealt with the worst those who were seen slaying the GROTE CHILDREN in the British Wartime LINDSAY criminally insane with addition of Mengele Doctor Harrington & JIM Cur/Lewd James & thugs, were at FRAUD & THEFT as from pre-war … in name of The British Crown … & bilge-rats of Scandinavia…THEY STILL HUNT BIG GAME-for dough/

1960 January winter night A Dr JOHN RAY (Ransom) takes NIGHT WATCH Colne Engaine Arrived from USA called by his brothers & sister Ransom to help ANDRE MALRAUX now CLEARED OF INDIFFERENCE … of perhaps 15-20 years over the great GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts/philanthropic -

( & possible FRAUD over a cheque Book sent to ANDRE MALRAUX January 1938 that Josette Catholic wife, is asked about 1944 late summer in correspondence she collected PARIS late October 1944 … to an address in PARIS she & Andre used pre-war )

1944 November 9th - JOSETTE WILL DIE before the Midnight …

her legs crushed under an early morning train Tulles line as she puts her mother on the train at the little station to return to her home Toulouse-

1945 CHRISTMASTIDE - 2 workers of WHITEHALL visit Clacton-on-Sea … they say `look after ANDRE MALRAUX, see he does not kill himself, his two brothers dead in the War & of JOSETTE ` they think she may have been pushed ` … & that there is another reason They are to have a meeting with Church & JPs & other dignitaries Clacton & area … one of these two good men dies in 1946, the other was sent OVERSEAS …

1944 early morning November 9th near Tulles …

THE 2 GUNMEN are closely about Josette & her Mother Madam Clotis since she arrived to see her grandsons late October 1944

THE GUNMEN are sent by the BRITISH CONSUL FRANCE with instructions to SHOOT the woman & ANDRE MALRAUX ” …RECOVER ALL THE DOCUMENTS LETTERS received by them … THIS TO BE DONE in the NAME of the BRITISH CROWN …

( Nota bene : a fat woman called Angela, “ the FORMER Miss Bloody Liar ” says ALL the Estate was given her when she was 10 years of age … & was taken to ROME by Mrs Margarethe Ransom GROTE …

there had been an outbreak of disease in the parents great Place )

Nota bene : IT IS LIKELY ONE OF THE GUNMEN IS a Noble called HARRINGTON - 1935/1938 an ex-prisoner & lunatic, sentenced 5 years for horrible paedophile acts against a baby , but of the British Norwegian Noble Class & got OUT of TREATMENT after 2 years … & ever after EMPLOYED in name of British Government Lords & Crown by his NOBLE CONNECTIONS to HARM ANDRE MALRAUX & his families & connections/MENGELE Doc HARRINGTON is given by British & Scandinavian Nobles full AUTHORITY to SPY for them on ANDRE MALRAUX Harrington`s late mother WAS AT THE BRITISH COURT …

… 1944 - A POLITE LETTER to Andre Malraux is opened by Josette, from GROTE Brokers NEW YORK & another POLITE ENQUIRY from ( first employed by RANSOM family early 1830s) Buenos Aries Solicitors for THE RANSOM ESTATE of 18,00 years both respected professional Firms ask … ` WOULD ANDRE MALRAUX NOT TELL OF THE NAMES OF THE ASIAN BROKERS SOLICITORS TRUSTEES … & could he tell them what the cheques DRAWN on the CHEQUE BOOK sent him January 1938 … are for ? …

Hence, JOSETTE, reported by her mother early November 1944 … her daughter ` Walking up & down repeating `BUT HE HAS NOT HAD A CHEQUE BOOK … ` Sadly Madam Clotis thought her daughter was writing a story urgently to pay the BILLS … MALRAUX who had given her daughter two sons was AWAY …`

1960 January - NIGHT WATCH, tiny meadow Colne Engaine, near Colchester … Dr John Ray USA is speaking from his NOTEBOOKS/Letters from Jean/his research with others

… By 1933 the murders had begun - our Gronlander kith & kin to be wiped off the face of the earth - as if they had never existed- then the Island could be claimed by Earls of Lindsay in conjunction with G. B. Government & Crown - Denmark, were out to get hold of our Island too - not one of them concerned with education but with profit - Anybody up there in Greenland who knew too much of the Island`s history & was related to us - & had education Mr JIM was instructed to investigate & cripple - see they were lost - at sea … `