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JIM from 1927 … had been hanging about the West Greenland coast often with a another from the Earl`s family… & ordering good families off our Island … It is at this time he tried a proposal of Marriage to Margarethe`s grand-daughter hoping to GET CONTROL OF THE WHOLE ESTATE for himself I have some fragments of a sad tale of a girl cousin Esmereldashe refused marriage learning he JIM was twice married in France & Algiers/bigamy/ & then she is set upon by JIM … she dies, before you were born … Leaving our Aunt her only child, her son & his son … later a Priest at Rome …

1935 October MARTYRS - A brother & sister you met ... she murdered in 6 weeks - she spoke 3 languages & could have represented her Nation in the Danish Parliament - YOU WERE WATCHED by SPIES employed by the British Government for The Crown who appear to be claiming you & LEN as unofficial Wards of Court/rather of two women, I will call the elder Mary TECK, & the other ANGELA - a not at all reluctant friend of your mother Teresa Gordon … immediately she had married your father … !

Your cousins, they are cousins to us all , are descended from The GRONLANDER … He & she his sister had been driven out of their home on our Island - by Denmark they thought - We have a legal DECREE 1770 to own the Island JACOPSHOLMEN & duties there which Denmark & Gross Britain have VOWED using VIOLENCE to us

THAT WE SHALL NOT CARRY ON … not BUILD A UNIVERSITY TO POUL , open the theatre, the school, the workshops on our Holy Island, a little Utopia a democracy

1935 October - You saw that they, your Greenland cousins, had their few possessions on a sledge - they were not allowed to leave with more than the bare essentials for dismal living - At Gotharb they had been told they had no money in the DANISH banks - they had been robbed ! & could NOT leave for America where they had a RIGHT of ENTRY because of the GROTE HOMES - He very tall reddish haired : her brother was killed at Gotharb a year & a little more later 1936 - They were descended from The Gronlander, POUL & Margaret, Jacop`s parents … & he father of Gertrud (Mrs Fred Ransom ) : Jacopsholmen Island her Dowry with the RESPONSIBILITIES from her Father … from the 1770s Decrees -

My mother wrote it to me 1930s - ` LETTERS FROM JEAN ` reference Books 1 & 2 & other records Ransom history - Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960/1961 onwards

1935 October - West Greenland , Xristensharb town …

Memo : ` 2 cousins Gronlander `

I remember them late October 1935, sunny days but getting cold - she is a big girl about 35 years old dark brown hair very white skin wearing heavy European clothes not furs …& she broke a tooth looking & laughing at my golden hair & blue eyes - She may be called Margaret after her great great great grandmother Great POULs wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle I am 2 years & 8 months & have been told I may not hug & stroke the lovely sledge dogs of a creamy & old parchment colour for I do not have the right smell - even if I am part a little Greenlander - Lennie has flown the seaplane 5 hours `to come up for a Beer` & they are very pleased with him Cousin LEN FLYER even though he has fair hair & green eyes/ PORTRAITS IN TIME/Also PORTRAITS of EVIL where the MONSTERS of the DEEP are given their identities - RANSOM et al histories) Greta Ransom

1938 diary LIR - Lennie reads to ANDRE MALRAUX -

“ DEVASTATING SCENE PRESENTED TO MY FATHER - end of summer Jean dead - my niece his/their grand-daughter unveiling serious violence entering her family homes at the Seaside ” …

/Earls of Lindsay & others savagely sneering at 5 years old heir Greta & attacking her / decided to rip off old Eskimo … `

1972 March - LIR Diary 1938 - read to ANDRE MALRAUX

his brothers FJR & JR® have been murdered 1969/ JR is listed as `missing on duties for USA State Department Washington `

Nota bene : MALRAUX & Dr Len I. RANSOM, may know of Dr JR`s horrible murder at Montrose … The 1500 AD purchased Ransom Farm Montrose near The Basin, stolen 1939 for THE CROWN …in September 1939 the old RANSOM couple were murdered in same way as USA citizen Dr JOHN RAY Ransom … PETROL poured down their throats by JIM - who has a 2-Man UNIT Intelligence 1939/1944 at the back of Buckingham Palace : calling himself by many names & Army titles during the 2nd World War years 1939 he is Major JIMMIE Carew … appeared with Army gear thugs at Montrose Scotland/

Jean my mother (Gretas grandmother) dead at the end of summer 1938 - poisoned by them the Uncles Lindsay & Mr JIM Jong- sheSHE offered the poisoned tea - but they were on the train from Clacton it was confirmed - to see Jeans handbag was not with her dying body - 4 days later my father found her - a key ring from the Argentine identified her his wife ballerina, mother of we four children LIR diary 1938


Gather it in Childwe need to know what they thoughtfeltnot just inscriptions on stoneI have been telling the YOUNG EMPEROR ANDRE we have a bit `O work in progress that Quaker painting of the church…” Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums - Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis `

1972 March - LIR Diaries/on tapes etc/ Len speaks to MALRAUX who are informing two friends of the SAGA/

… ` How his father Frederick Charles Ransom, only surviving child , had the DEAD BODY of his mother Millie Frobisher RANSOM 32 years of age 1897, put into his arms one late dark night at the door of `Jerusalem` Deptford by the little sloping Park. He is age 14 years His parents had been persecuted since the marriage 1883 by Old Earl LINDSAY & the penniless criminally insane of his Family .

Two evil 2nd cousins LINDSAY - who had now taken all her Florida lands & money earlier now demanded she give them her jewellery & FROBISHER RECORDS, photographs to be destroyed - paintings & furniture SOLD ! ORDERS `High Poop` EARL of LINDSAY !

Millie Frobisher RANSOM Widow had an intellectual group of friends … but they had been threatened … especially since the hideous SPITEFUL MURDER 1890 by LINDSAY SCUM of her husband JOHN RANSOM … he offered an EDUCATIONAL POST as Advisor to the British Overseas Government. Some few enlightened Englishmen & Women wished to use the curriculum of GROTE HOMES run by his brother-in-law TIG. They may have been killed too .

1890s - The Earl had followed Millie & her young son about London Art exhibitions & private homes … he hissing at her ` MILLIE LINDSAY you ARE AN IMMORAL WOMAN ! ` He had INSISTED she MARRY A SECOND COUSIN LINDSAY ! SHE WOULD NOT ! Millie was in love with her dead husband ! She knew LINDSAY had murdered him !

… HER MOTHER was a MISS LINDSAY … before escaping to marry a FROBISHER !

Millie is made a young widow with a 7 years old son , her husband JOHN RANSOM found dead by the schoolboys 8 am in the school playground of Hithergreen Church School 1890 , his liver cut out displayed beside him. Millie was very worried because he had not come home that night - Her second son is born after her husband`s horrible murder by LINDSAY gang . The baby was killed in a bath by ORDERS of Earl Lindsay & his women … THEY DEMAND ALL FROBISHER MONEYS & WANTED TO HAVE THE ENTIRE ESTATE OF THOMAS GROTE & his wife Margarethe RANSOM … RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts ! LINDSAY Monetary Advisors sharpened their fangs …

1984 - ` They had their passports removed by Earl LINDSAY who sailed up in 3 big RN ships to Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland to STOP the newly married John Ransom & wife Millie & friends living there 6 months of the year & Opening the THEATRE, the School, getting the Crafts going again & running the little Utopia/Democracy as it had been when GERTRUD & FRED RANSOM & these children still alive in 1883/84 … Margarethe, JOHN, POUL … THE EARL THREATENED TO SHELL THE ISLAND IF THEY WOULD NOT COME OFF ! They were now prisoners in London ! Where he could watch them ! & BEGIN TO USE THEIR BANKS !

Nota bene : JOHN RANSOM he a Canadian-British-West Greenland citizen - Earl Lindsay using RN TO STOP HE & HIS FAMILY & friends - all in education & social welfare the arts, from opening up the Gronlander-Ransom family home on Jacopsholmen Island where… he & Tiggy Grote his brother-in-law, his sister Margaret he & brother POUL had been raised in happiness : the school having the reputation of one of the most intelligent in the world ref. Captain Alan Villiers tells of this UTOPIA/see this document earlier/ one SAIL Margarethe gave us the key.. )

1972 LIR - Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM/ANDRE MALRAUX talking with 2 friends/Arthur Malone POLITAN sometimes with them -

My mother found after 4 days - they were about to bury her in a paupers grave - It had been carefully co-ordinated - JEAN 53 years -still dancinga ballerina perhaps still at her best Now the violence picked up - denying her ancestry - although they had begun this - the Earls & Uncles` Lindsay soon after the marriage of 1909... They became spiteful when they could not get hold of ALL of JEAN `s family WEDDELL Trusts - properties - moneys OFF SHORE !

They refused to acknowledge the Weddell Catholic-Quaker marriage of 1824 because INCA were APES … they jeered Mouthing began behind our backs that the WEDDELL SEA could have a more noble name- They were demanding ALL RECORDS of GROTE HOMES in the 1920s insisting ALL was property of the British Crown - & they would mention Government Lords who were preparing to TAKE THE HOMES & DEMOLISH THEM, & LOCK THE OLD ESKIMO UP .


The Earls Lindsay ever forceful INSISTED that we were kin & UNFIT to have this Estate - & they in charge for G. B. Government & Crown - Great War came & my parents stayed alive & their three children … 2nd World War came … we all joined inthe heir got left & violence reigned Careful arrangements were made for her safety… but she was handed back to her mother to abuse … they all began to enjoy destroying her education, my niece, her health, her reputation, they cunningly attributed their crimes against my niece, to us the family of her father …

1972 March - LENNIE LIR/Diaries 1930s we found their madness had lead to the destruction of graves everywhere - so many bodies missing - we were told they had been burned as we are Apes & Eskimos … so many kin missing overseas - & the HOMES entered into as we had reported to us 1934/1936 - art works - antique musical instruments - furniture - claimed as property of THE BRITISH CROWN - Aunt Mag still alive !!! Winston Churchill helped her get free of The Earl & his criminally-insane, early 1920s …he had found they were robbing & killing others in Scotland…thieving Land … he threw them out of England ! They will get back in !

VIOLENCE & robbery … was what the small GROTE Homes were subjected to late 1920s, 1930s - theyd always been kept quiet but with full agreement with the nations they were in - Especially after Tig`s murder on Arran 1904 - ` It was felt after the murder of Aunt Mag`s brothers, & Millie her sister-in-law, THEN TIGGY on Arran … it would be wise to keep the HOMES without the publicity that TIGGY used to create for them to have the globe realise the importance of the Grote EDUCATION… several languages …HUMANISM ! `

` … But the HOMES were welcomed EVERYWHERE ! Tiggy began them 1864 & swiftly went round the world, then again A to Z … The nonsense you hear from behind a hand raised to a mouth in Whitehall - WESTMINSTER - that the children were killed by the nations they were in is a wicked trick - gross distortion has been spread about the quality of the HOMES as you know now - as we discovered - these last years - THEY HAVE BEEN ROBBED TO PROP UP the old BRITISH EMPIRE & its Rulers of the NOBLE CLASS … whatever the EMPIRE is called nowadays … IT DRIPS BLOOD & GORE … from the careful PLANNING of the slaughter of the GROTE HOMES children … in their HOMES during the entire 2nd World WAR … `

1972 - LIR reads his 2nd book text slowly , to have Beryl old friend of Andre understand - her connections by ancestry to some good men & women she has stressed … Her grandfather lived in the times of Horatio Nelson …

ANDRE MALRAUX a sorrowing delicate minded HUMANIST, now with dead boys from Mai 1961 because of his GUARDIANSHIP of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN …& the vast RANSOM philanthropic Estate from October 1937 UNKNOWN TO HIM … until XMAS 1959... because THE BRITISH LORDS & CROWNS stole his LAWFUL correspondence coming from around the Globe/ …

… These criminally insane of the top British NOBLE Class, used their super-dooper G.B. & Scandinavian RN Teams & other gaseous groups, British & Norwegian & Danish to SPY upon MALRAUX & General de GAULLE … from XMAS 1945/1946 to their deaths & afterwards … & the Noble top-dog Masters/Mistresses those EVIL SCUM have instructed that some pieces of correspondence be ANSWERED in MALRAUX`s name to the SENDERS … to have the lawful INNOCENT think that MALRAUX was receiving their communications & ACTING AS GUARDIAN Later this is done to some pieces of correspondence intended for MALRAUX & General de GAULLE …

… Thus, ANDRE MALRAUX retired from FRENCH GOVERNMENT the 1st Cultural Minister the world … alone & spied upon by Gross Britain & Scandinavia & a HOST of business world CREEPS have him mocked, his actions deliberately BROADCAST as a joke ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX a brave honest young man in SPAIN `s bloody Wars 1936 , cannot always make the matter clear - THEE criminally insane of Gross Britain & Scandinavia DO NOT INTEND BEING FOUND OUT IN THEIR LIFETIMES 1972 Noble Britain et al are continuing to HUNT BIG & SMALL GAME …

When MALRAUX attempts to explain this cruel PAST -

… THIS genocide TIME WE HAVE ALL TRAVELLED THROUGH - his mind has his memories swept into that NOVEMBER SEA Clacton 1945 when he decided TO WALK IN along the dangerous slippery seaweed groyne on the West Side of the Clacton Pier. HE CAME BEARING IN HIS ARMS the SPIRITS of memories of his DEAD … of Josette & two brothers, dead, 2nd World WAR A freezing winter late afternoon, Georges-ANDRE makes entry FROM THE SEA TO LIFE … he has just explained & will explain further his aesthetic & HUMANIST action … Greetha RANSOM is to stand on the beach, she coming from Convent School Saint Clares in the dying light of that winter day…

… ANDRE MALRAUX DID NOT KNOW HE WAS other than Greetha`s GUARDIAN … All WILLS, Estate correspondence, all persons trying to visit him STOLEN & used to promote NOBLE Britain massive FRAUD, robbery Precious Records DESTROYED … falsified, or hidden to SELL ON … give KUDOS when legitamate names removed : EVIL NAMES of thieves inserted as benefactors of the EARTH … !

ANDRE MALRAUX DID NOT SLIP ! I Greta Ransom was ready to throw off my school raincoat & swim to save him … but we might have both submerged TO CATHEDRALS UNDER THE SEAS/ G R

` EXPLANATIONS of the TIME from Summer 1937 & the terrible decades following/revealed to be the GREED of the BRITISH NOBLE CLASS those criminally insaneANDRE MALRAUX is crushed by his close family DEATHS & his words stumble in his grief - HE finds himself at fault for not being more alert - & good people hasten to tell him it is not so - They know it is the GREATEST CRIME ON EARTH by monstrous greedy-ignorance of PENNILESS debauched Nobles controlling others … their heavy use of dope-booze has them live IN FLASH-GLITTER - a DECLINE & FALL of on going VIOLENCE to thieve employing killer MONSTERS who WORK by MOONLIGHT


Clacton-on-Sea - of unexpected happiness for Andre -Saint Georges … MALRAUX & a young lady he calls in an excited or absent minded way - `JOJoh &Johhhh - & Johhhh - JOE ! & I Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM …

… & HE WILL SETTLE THEIR LIVES - they will be a married couple - In other ages it must be because of the EVIL GREED they hath entered upon -

… Georges-Andre … finds I Greetah, little Miss North Pole, doth live in other ages too … Sadly hee`eeh doth nay believe my sentences upon AN ISLAND OF HAPPINESS IN THE SNOW a girl called Margarethe … & dear THOMAS who rushes around the world WITH LUCRETIUS on one arm & JESUS on the other … looking after ALL THE CHILDREN …

1937 A holiday of thoughtfulness CLACTON-ON-SEA - lengthened thrice times - we saw paintings-made visits-took picnics … sat evenings on Jos beach Holland-on-seatalking with local people sometimes, or if we were late evening then to the deck chair & Chalet men … who can tell ANDRE MALRAUX of The GREAT WAR - 1st World War

We three, Andre-Josette-Greta, went to the theatres-swam-collected limpets-walked miles with our days needs - swim things/umbrellas/water bottles/woolly jumpers & sandwiches … all piled on the old push-chair that my great-grandma Millie Frobisher Ransom pushed my Grandpa FCR out in Hithergreen & Deptford … 1880s/1890s …

We visited daily the convalescing father of our hostess in the big white glass veranda HOME on the seafront near the Holland beaches - Unity`s mother`s father a recent WIDOWER … he is Unity age 10 years her Grandpa , but she is with her father in PARIS this holiday & her elder half-sister. & we did even more …

JEAN ballerina says October 1937, “ never was so much done on a holiday ” … & Lennie LIR her youngest child has recorded ALL he heard in his Diary 1937... He keeps diaries since he is 9 years … & now, since 1935 LEN IS A FLYER …

Everybody has helped reconstruct SUMMER 1937 - ANDRE MALRAUX carrying it in his heart his soul … for JO is to die 1944 because of this happiness many weeks SUMMER 1937 into autumn -

Andre & Jo becoming rested & settling into the town day-by- day-

JO GOING ROUND THE TOWN WITH A SHOPPING BASKET ON HER ARM- & Clacton people, new made friends, saying hello Jo - we see you at the Dancing later

1957-58-59 - ANDRE MALRAUX - his London home …

the big terrace house & Catholic Charity work place , 50 Lancaster Gate Square is speaking to Greta Ransom in the winters … wishing her to hold in her memory their first meeting & the happiness of SUMMER 1937 …

…“ We wore ourselves out with STAR WATCHING … yet we rose to see the DAWN -

… to get my newspapers hot from the train -

can you remember how happy we all became -that summer 1937- by the sea - we had come from Spain - now she is dead…the girl with us …

SHIPS THAT MIGHT HAVE PASSED IN THE NIGHT - from a chance meeting with Ransom & Gordon families … a young couple come for a break away from the bewildering world of violence in Spain FOUND themselves gathering peace of mind that SUMMER 1937...

com`th into their entire lives the HELL of H. Bosch - I GR recall a painting we RANSOM family owned at Montrose farm - Greetah looked into it with LENNIE Ransom, 1936, when we all buzzed up for the American branch RANSOM et al was over a visit & sailing in The Basin -

1970 winter - The Pillar House, Harwell - ANDRE MALRAUX is reading from his notebooks of the years 1924 to 1960s that he has recorded at that time …

“ 1937 … We had a holiday - became a unit - a family , Peter !

We kept Greetah with us & we were happy - IN EAST ANGLIA - where I found … the Gospels Acted Out - & where my mother has an ancestral line to the 9th century along the coasts … they were fishing trading- I used to know it all when I was a child 7-8 years of age - there were records, letters, photographs, copies of inscriptions, a MONUMENT … that we found INTACT that summer ! … `

1969/1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX NOW 68 years old , is aware that ACID BATH on the brain has been used on Greta Ransom heir to remove her memory since 1939 - the family went away to WAR !

ANDRE MALRAUX, since the killing of his two sons May 1961,

has LEARNED ABOUT THE EVIL PROCEDURES of penniless Noble Britain when they wish to get hold of moneys in the family or close by, their CULLING … in IMPERIAL BIG BLOODY BOOTS

MALRAUX wishes to warn young scientist BMNH Peter J. P. Whitehead that the company festering about him from his British Scandinavian Noble World/his twin brother a baronet, is ALWAYS after dough …`

1937 Summer - ANDRE MALRAUX & a young lady called JOSETTE - Johhh&Joh - come for a rest from the world & its troubles especially BLOOD SOAKED SPAIN 1936 They come to Clacton-on-sea intending stay 2 weeks … then go searching for his mother`s ancestry & her piece of dowry land & small dwelling she had as a young woman … He has books & Papers with him …

The LITTLE Doomsday Book has a brief mention CLACHINTUNA with Manor … & Thorpe Hall. 16th- 17th centuries at Great Clacton a Church on the rise, an ancient track sweeping down to the SEA … where a Packet Boat from the Continent will leave/arrive 17th century onwards , past the Nonconformist QUAKER enclave of white wooden buildings of they who cometh out of the Lowlands, France, getting over the North Sea the channel - fleeing High Class madness …

For instance, the Huguenots 1572, a selfish miserable slaughter,

& some few left France …Many of these Refugees later leaving England to go to USA, South America … bringing Gospels Acted Out as much as they could & taking them with them -

From 1937 - the COUNTRYSIDE of EAST ANGLIA is very well known to ANDRE MALRAUX from that year ... he visits every year sometimes several times, to walk again with JOSETTE& their happiness … & THAT OTHER HAPPINESS, that he a Widower had tried to give from SUMMER 1945 … & all his life … acting GUARDIAN as he understood it , until XMAS 1959 when a door was opened to him by Miss Teresa Butler - she to be a MARTYR swiftly for doing so …

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister FRANCE, comes to The Pillar House Harwell in good faith - to ask he be accepted into the family as an elder relative He stresses he has not come TO TAKE AWAY GREETAH & the baby VICTORIA … whom he felt early December 1968 … were in great danger from old MONSTERS hovering about the young couple, Peter & Greta W. He has visited the house several times since Summer 1968 … with those he felt he could trust …

… for it is reported to MALRAUX … & by some persons in the village Harwell … that EVIL IS AT THE DOORS of Peter & Greta who have bought `Johnny Crow`s Garden … where some of the IMMORTAL STORIES for children were drawn & composed by L. Leslie Brooke - for his friend Frederick Warne a publisher

ANDRE MALRAUX has seen, & had it reported, that Greta

is having EVIL BEINGS slithering behind her back

He, MALRAUX, has said ` the monies of blood & gore had been nowadays spread wide ` … ( he means amongst the British Upper Class & Scandinavian devils … their TEAMS continue offshore ROBBERIES of the ESTATE when they can & it is sent to NORWAY & a little to Denmark by powerful business connections all demolishing RANSOM LANDS & parts of the Estate circling the globe twice … From Scandinavia, Noble Creatures all penniless 1930s collect a submarine FULL for their kids … ITS CALLED MONEY LAUNDERING - before the end of the 20th century.

I GR am asked January 1960 ` have you withdrawn another 10 thousand pounds from YOUR NORWAY BANK ? NO YOU HAVE NOT ! Its going to him big dirty IMPERIAL BOOTS … they pay themselves from some investments too & he has been helping himself to MY FAMILY RECORDS ! & MY FAMILY paintings ! `

RECORDS : Dr John RAY Ransom - USA citizen from age 2 years/ & USA Agents for State Department/1960/61 Colne Engaine- Detectives Colleagues family & friends of ANDRE MALRAUX

` … older Kennedy family members are soon to have an agreement via their son , that they can FOOT THE BILL for further investigation the ROBBERY of Margaret Grote`s 19 acres under New York , including her father`s USA investments & her own/ RANSOM families are in rail TRANSPORT since 1830s, North & South America … & ROAD & SHIPPING transport in the 18th century, especially South America down to San Julian`s Bay !