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… then he is swaying backwards & staring more & looking round the simple furnished bedroom which is built over the 16th century part of the back of the little old house in the OLD ROAD down from Great Clacton … We all, in our families LIKE ANCIENT PLACES to restore I had woken as I heard the Old Road door opened downstairs … & was standing on my toes holding the cot rail … when I wake I often stand on the very tips of my toes - I see JEAN my grandmother do this in her ballet shoes

… He had a very too tight grey jacket of a worsted raised weave, such bright eyes keen-searching about him-kindly - a flop of dark hair coming over his forehead & cheek as he leaned down at me - I have been told they are Catholics very much so when children She addressed him as ANDRE

Unitys mother said apologetically after finding my clothes neatly on the chair “ … and the little thing is already in its sub-conscious mind Andre- Teresa goes up to town - I have the key & we share the guardianship during the holidays - she is at the Convent School on the seafront - If you don`t mind we will have her a few days to give Mary Gordon just widowed a rest

She, our Hostess of 1937, is to re-speak this to PJPW 1968/69 - but Andre Malraux has his notebooks & HIS UNDERSTANDING as we LIVE that SUMMER 1937 & what he discovers & THEN THE YEARS OH ! -

MALRAUX has gone over this first meeting so many times - through the decades ahead to his early death November 1976 ... I , little Miss North Pole , HAVE IT AS A CINE FILM IN MY HEAD … & can run it back & forth … describing what I see, what I hear, what I feel … “ I AM THE CHILD WHOSE SOUL HAS FLED IN FEAR ”

( Reference above/ an observation PARIS Nov 1935 by Herman Goring to his elder sister, to be written in her letter to JEAN 1937 agreeing the GUARDIANSHIP of young ANDRE MALRAUX for the World`s GROTE HOMES & the great ESTATE of philanthropy …)

1970 - Andre MALRAUX to PJPW The Pillar House, Harwell :

( MALRAUX is commenting upon Little Miss North Pole

the child whose SOUL has fled in FEAR )

I wanted to keep her with me all the time -

I always have - when the truth was told to me about the ESTATE it was going to be too late unless the POST/mail was delivered to General de GAULLE & me … Andre Malraux, that is my name Greetah I think sometimes they give you an ACID bath for your brain … & you cannot remember my name it is ANDRE MALRAUX, sometimes you call me George some of my family called me Georges …

The POST/letters, urgent communications It is stolen by your nation TO THIS DAY , PETER ! As it has been stolen, from 1937 … that first Christmas

1937 Summer - ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette visit Clacton -

WHAT HE , they DID NOT KNOW… about the status of RANSOM & GROTE HOMES worldwide - & Greetah 4 years staying in their care …

G .R. If only Georges-ANDRE had been told immediately, that I have really travelled from October 1935 to summer 1936 from Pole Nord to Pole Sud - learning with Lennie about the work of Thomas & Margarethe girl of the Snows - & that my instructions for how to get out of a MOUND from my INCA kin had me survive planned murder by “ the 2 EVIL little JACK-in-BOXES … that evening after dark ” Alexandra Palace was an experience I survived because of the earlier INCA training !

That Mary Gordon thought hed been told something of the great Estate … is obvious in her caution to them when we are all three are to go to LINCOLN for 4 days researching Andre`s mother`s GREAT ENGLISH ancestry SAILING & PLOUGHING back to the 9th century !

… “ the Child must not be left alone - you know she inherits - she must be with you & the young lady at nights - she must not be put in a bedroom alone …” Obviously, caution is urged by my DEPARTING that DAY, FATHER age 26 years old to his artist friend 20 years older than he, UNITY`s Mother OUR HOSTESS Summer 1937 whom I Greta call `Stella the stars `… I cannot recall why … PERHAPS FJR felt that YOUNG MALRAUX might try to get for SPAIN some of our SEAPLANES, small planes, our flying boat on a South American river … I can never recall which of three rivers this is ? Amazon/Orinoco/Plate ?

1937 RANSOM - have had to go to blood soaked SPAIN -

Ransom family have gone to rescue young cousin of the Missionaries Murgatroyd in Spain - URGENT PHONE CALL the day of MALRAUX`s ARRIVAL had Greta`s FATHER Frederick John RANSOM pack a haversack & dash for train at 12 noon that July DAY 1937/en route BLOODY SPAIN ARRIVES in 3 hours, ANDRE MALRAUX come from BLOOD SOAKED SPAIN …

Lindsaybuggarhs hath been told by Angela May 1937 … at her crowning & celebrations to have got rid of Ned & the American woman

The Premier EARLS of GROSS gross BRITAIN are told that they can lay hands on this estate - log the half a mountain too - throw the GROTE children out of their HOME, declare all the RANSOM lands BRITISH CROWN PROPERTIES … ( lands held before Tiggy GROTE was born 1841 USA … some 6-7th century Castile ) … & they can share the dough - for helping her secure THE ESTATE promised to her when she was 10 years old … by AN OLD ESKIMO … ` …

Nota bene : all of them, NOBLE BRITAIN ARE HIGH HIGH HIGH on DOPE … DOPE & MORE DOPES only the fragile & very sick are on medicines !

CALL ON THE HEAVENS ! When villains are SLYLY ENCOURAGED by THE REALM to ROB THE GOOD CITIZENS of the WORLD ! Towards us they threaten & in 1938 begin to DEMOLISH the GROTE HOMES of a million children around the globe … The Ransom Estates BIG IMPERIAL BOOTS SET UPON … & maim & kill the heirs in scandalous ways - intending to hit the newspapers with foul destruction of our family RANSOM its good humanist character …

1935-1936 - I was fortunate to have toured our ancestral lands & been instructed by ` kin & kith` - I was a good listener early on - it was the family manner - I am now 4 years & 6 months old July 1937-

… He Georges-ANDRE is learning too, & he says so - this young man of Gaul- I hath begun on political economy … this winter passed - but we never take part in Governments or fight unless it hath to be so - Our dear THOMAS Tiggy was always asked to come & talk out political problems in dozens of small nations where he had his real HOMES A to Z encircling the WORLD especially the NEAR - MIDDLE & FAR EAST … TIG even speaks MARSH ARABS language … ! At 50 years of age he knew 110 languages … & felt there were still more to learn …

(signed) Greetha RANSOM b 11.3.1933 - Diaries/files/photos/ RANSOM et al histories/

1937 summer - ( LIR diary record made in October)

` The ARRIVAL of Andre then Josette `

It is 2. 30pm … I am put into shorts & shirt- a bag of things beside the cot picked up & off we go with Stella-stars in her old car - we are to call on her father who is resting on the seafront - where Holland-on-sea begins - the all white painted rather `art Deco` Convalescence Home - we go 3 times a day & ` this young fellah ` says he doth not mind … & it will be agreeable to speak with her father, & he will help with The Calls to cheer the invalid.

He is nicely brought up then - & later I will hear of his 3 Graces - who stopped him falling into Dantes Hell - His mother dead - how sad & his granny Adriarrrr-neabut his Aunt Mary -Marie is alive - & she cares for him … `

(recovery of `THE ARRIVAL 1937 ` by GR/LIR/ & Andre Malraux )

He is called ANDRE - but when in public places we should say Andrew -or George- I am to glean that a Clara is chasing him with a gun - & most of all wants to shoot JO - Jo who is clearly a young lady - I hear on the beach this first afternoon, that French Law will allow Clara to shoot - & CRY OUT ALOUD to the newspapers … ` Crème passion dale` - I cannot ask Lennie what it exactly means … as he is away FLYING

The two young tall, very tall people, have told Stella-stars that TO GET AWAY they had to dress a friend up as JOSETTE - this had to be done every morning & she, this good friend , sat in a window wearing a big hat with a newspaper & a cup of coffee - Where Clara kept watch or had a watcher - the friend had been able to tell them by telephone, & soon a postcard arrives , ` that the ruse was working & she would go on ` … ( Len & I doth know similar scenario , I fear ! )

JO is a writer - tall very tall, & he makes her sad sometimes -

THUS I BEGIN TO CALL HIM TO HIS BETTER FEELINGS - HE IS A ROMAN CATHOLIC - & so am I but also like Daddy & everyone of the RANSOM WEDDELL side of our family, a Quaker-mixed Nonconformist - & a HUMANIST … I will be taken to an ancient ANABAPTIST Service but I am not to be allowed to become one … the Bishop lets the old people have a Service every 2 or 3 months …They were supposed to have packed their branch of Christianity UP … in 1596 I hear …

` RANSOM Sea-Traders … we sail under an invisible flag - HUMANITAS - but we can also sail under that of ZHENG HE`

Admiral of the China Seas - It is a white satin flag with 3 red stars or splodges upon it … This ` DISHY ` Admiral gave us a Courtesy Flag under 3 Emperors - for he came aboard sometimes - & they talked philosophy ... Two RANSOM brothers went Trading 1400 East … got a Siberia bride, a Mongolian-Chinese bride … then SCOOPED the PRIZE with one of Hue` Artan`s daughters …somewhere on the coast that is to become North Korea … ` (lessons Saturday school/Len & me)

` 1400s onwards … We have at that time the Sea-trading RANSOM brothers marry & give Len & all of us 3 grandmothers in a straight line of CHINA “ we must have become very slant eyed for awhile ” says FJR Greta`s father, Len`s eldest brother -

1. Miss Siberia & other parts along the coast/ Kurile Islands dowry -

2. Miss ` The Lady of the Miraculous Condition `

3. a daughter m 1450 (their eldest son F. RANSOM marries Lady of Japan OKINAWA 1504 Bruges Cathedral 2nd marriage ) of the Philosopher - Sea-Trader- Governor of the Settlement along the shore where they live/probably now North Korea & he shares responsibility with his friend & they have 2 years each on as GOVERNOR… & 2 years off -

… Grandpa HUE ARTAN on the distaff side …Welcome back ! EVIL GROSS BRITISH NOBLES have not removed your EXISTANCE as they intended !

HUE` in his last Will & Testament demands in the 15th century we should all sail in for 10,000 years coming, & visit him as he sits on the headlands - a statue of 16 feet tall - & my father (FJR) hath warned me YOU are of his line - HUE`- not he of yours - remember daughter - he was a great man in solving human problems -

See Life of HUE` - we hath restored some -

Nota bene: When Greetha Ransom is a child, HUE` was a poster drawing by Beerbohm-Tree, done for Millie Frobisher & her husband John Ransom/issue 150 printed in 4 colours … We had two or three … but LINDSAY satanic brutes, & JIM Jong, destroyed them for ANGELA a BLACK Witch of Wales who calls herself EidelviezzzeSHE Angela, HAS BEEN A BAD INFLUENCE on SheSHE Clytemnestra Teresa - when they were Roaring in the 1920s… “Angela`s parents go out in the woods as a wizard & a witch before ROARING 1920s !”

“ Then 1499 Fred Ransom of that time loses his 2 sons & wife in a shipwreck in Arctic seas- ( their 2 girls were nicely married ) This is how he marries 2ndly 1504 Asian lady no 4 Okinawa/Japan …`

(he can be seen as Lazarus in Kalkar Altarpiece & probably painter Joest let apprentice young Joos van Cleve our friend do this Lazarus as a portrait of the WIDOWER RANSOM ) -

1499 - He, our Ransom direct ancestor has lost his wife & 2 sons at SEA - her Japanese brother picked him up floating on a spar in the Arctic with one other - The Japanese young Captain said `go & see my sister in Bruges - we had to put her in a Convent after our mother died - but she is like you, she can speak PHILOSOPHY … After 5 years Widowhood he will wed again - He & his wife-to-be got on very well, & she did not really wish to be a Nun or a lay-sister … but the Convent was kindly, most of them, but they had to talk the Bishop into her honourable release. SHE HAD BROUGHT A BIG DOWRY … when she came into the CONVENT … RANSOM Widower was able to assure them he did not lack moneys, properties, Continent … & a BARGAIN WAS STUCK .

1500 - Meanwhile he bought our Farm Montrose basin in 1500 - moving away from the Estate about Dundee where he lived with the first wife now dead - He began with sheep … this will be their main income when religion & fisti-cuffs start affecting Bruges now & then

1504 - She left the Convent … clad in a wedding gown of rose-salmon-pink … the Cathedral Bells of Bruges rang … a Catholic wedding so the Nuns could come/perhaps they sang ?

The newly wedded gathered Good Will from the Church but there were some hurdles to be overcome …the Bishop may have got into trouble at ROME…it depends IF THEY WERE SHORT OF DOUGH … !


…. But we were still RICH from ZHENG HE` letting us venture a little INTO THE PORCELAIN TRADE … FOR WE SPOKE PHILOSOPHY with The Admiral of the CHINA SEAS … `

( It is possible first wife is British/French ? Uncle Liam Ransom & Uncle Fred MacMurray know these lines better than me GR - we have held a homestead/heimat on the EAST COAST of Britain since 92 AD…)

` The widower 5 years after his loss - he in his mid-40s, marries

My Lovely Lady of Japan in Bruges Cathedral 1504 she in a gown of orange-pink the Japanese Sea Captains sister in a Convent, age 27- a scholar - a humanist - Diaries/letters/…

We are a straight line RANSOM from the 4 Ransom Brides of Asia - father to eldest son - except when we get to the grand-daughter of the marriage Bruges 1504 … Here we HUNG by the female JUST THIS ONCE … the strong girl MAGGIE RANSOM CAREW lives to 92 years of age /Henry VIII sends her another CAREW after the ship wreck of her first Carew husband & son, death of their daughter … & it is the son of 2nd marriage to another CAREW, issue son & daughter again, who is asked to assume surname of RANSOM - thus WE GO ON

I GR , with LIR, AM LEARNING ABOUT my grandpas & grandmas back to 77 AD Thames islet, LONDINIUM/he came from JUTLAND.

The ancestral lines send us CHRISTMAS CARDS as far back as 6th/7th centuries CASTILE . Aunt Mag went to stay with them in 1929.

Len & I are in training for care of the Estate & the million GROTE HOMES CHILDREN that Tiggy-Thomas collected .

We all can visit nearly everyone around the world - & they come visiting us to - or help with the Estate -

& Xmas cards come as well from 11th 12th century Palestine - Seward Ransom has given us our oldest Estate in Brittany - & we hold lands Accre, The Holy Land & the Palestine coasts - SEWARD 11th century has a wife who is Arab & Italian. ( She may be called Goldi-locks the NIECE of the Scholar Arab Trader brilliant mathematician “ THEY MET IN A CAVERN, where all Religions met to worship” ) Issue 5 children, Seward dies with the other Traders in a Fort Acre, they would have been killed by mad Crusaders or Arabs had they tried get out … SO THEY DIED OF THIRST… left the big in inscription in 3 colours on the wallsHis Steward stood OUT AT SEA in the two ships for 2 weeks… a man swam out to them with a package of letters/documents/leaving the Shores in a smaller vessel … The covering Letter says `Leave … we cannot get out … `

A moving last letter to his wife, philosophical , about life in this Trading post the last 150 years of peaceful conditions … summer evenings under the trees, all races, all friends … Life there some part of the year, each year … The last translation was by a scholar in NORWICH 1937... A little is given in this Document SUMMER 1937/

Nota bene : But Count LINDSAY/15 Earl, went 1948 & smashed it to pieces. THEN HE CAME & GLOATED AT ME, Greetah , TWICE telling of this. The second time was 1960 Summer, Colne Engaine …

I must have felt it had some connection somewhere to my life !

The second Ransom bride Palestine is ROSE-ANNA/Roxana who married the Bully-boy Ransom … who got BANNED from stepping on shore for 20 Years Penance. & he was quite cheerful about it / REFORMED !

12th century Palestine … The third Ransom bride is French/Greek & Arab, with long black hair. This is `Hebithyaeah `who writes poems & he young RANSOM plays flute & psaltery for her - sadly JIM & LINDSAY 14 Jack-in-Box burned with EARL LINDSAY No 12 all her POEMS beside the Thames that afternoon in 1938 when AUGUSTA FROBISHER was threatened with punches like me … I have recalled two of the lines a little, of Hebithyaeah ( … a name I should like to have been christened ! HHHMN ! They could not let me choose ! ) she seems quite spiritual …

Our biggest RANSOM CHART with all the RANSOM daughters & where they marry off is in the 2 dowry islets of the Lady Ransom -Yussah-shampoo (Okinawa old Royal line)… he last two islands at the end of the LUSANS - Her dowry given 1512- when FR & she visited in their ships & the marriage was approved - they took the 2 boys of the marriage/you see them in a famous painting by Holbein

… I & Lennie have not sold the islets - We are hopeful the Noble British obscene thieves were outwitted here - we always found our Japanese KIN so civilized - I missed out on visiting them August 1936 - (Files/accounts etc.) -

1936 August/- I G. R. missed visiting Japan & New York with Sarah & the de Salle family & Aunt MARGARETHE … because Mr Jimmie Jong & the evil little Lindsay Earl no 14 hit me with an iron bar I was in hospital with black face - then resting - before going to school at the Convent of Order of Poor St Clares` Clacton-on-Sea October 1936 - Hiding me with the Suffolk RANSOM branch, our second-cousins in the 12th- century, was a disaster = EARL LINDSAY & his scum booted in on them …

1936 - `At the Entrance of summer in Europe I , G.R. , was kidnapped on Continent from loving humanist Grandparents & brought back to GROSS BRITAIN - monsters in Government acting BY MOONLIGHT for Lindsaybuggarhs & dough with 2 ugly women AT THE HELM OF GROSS BRITAIN which they call British Empire -

I GR am NOT a Ward of Court … these FREAKS & FIGURES FROM A MORGUE know if Len & I were WARDS OF COURT the ESTATE goes to heirs RANSOM OVERSEAS/some USA citizens !

Gigantic obscene crimes now go quickly cunningly forward to lay NOBLE blood soaked claws on this miracle of philanthropy & TEAR IT IN PIECES FOR THEMSELVES … They hiss in secret silence meetings they do it for THE EMPIRE & BRITISH TRADE ~ Criminally insane Nobles & faulty/blackmailed/or precipitancy Administration WESTMINSTER WHITEHALL has obscene barbaric KILLINGS BEGIN

1936 - Len & I heard the TRICKS of the TRICKSTERS when we were visiting the Brokers & solicitors Buenos Aries & New York 1936 ... The British Ambassador USA had given ORDERS the family RANSOM the heirs of Mrs Grote COULD NOT DRAW MONEY FROM THEIR BANKS … a complaint had us the arrogant reply `we could draw 2 pounds a day from Central New York ` PAUL WHITEMAN an American gentleman, & 3 USA Senators OPENED OUR BANKS ! Told Len & I TO GO SHOPPING ALL OVER NEW YORK !

1939 - The British Ambassador USA was raided for THEFT from GROTE RANSOM ESTATE …

/by Keystone Cops Presumably/ New York Police Force/ I Greetah Ransom am made an Hon. Member April 1936 - they taught me at 3 years old how to manage A GUN ! Because of the BRITISH NOBLES ATTACK ON US IN MEXICO - March my 3rd Birthday ~

1939 - This British Ambassador, had STOLEN from Mr Irving Berlin, the Millionaire American citizen & Composer of music pieces like NIGHT & DAY etc. the ENTIRE CAPITAL FOR THE FUNDING OF ARTS-GYM-MUSIC New York State from Mrs Margaret RANSOM GROTE`s BANK . He was HISSING that it was PROPERTY THE BRITISH CROWN ANGELA & her MOTHER-IN- LAW … The USA Police with others found a very INCRIMINATING LETTER IN HIS PRIVATE HOUSEHOLD ! He was a thieving MONSTER too ! It was known he was a drugs & heroin soak ! Hopefully he has a PLACE BOOKED IN HELL FOR HIM !

1934 & 1936/37 … `WE CANNOT GET ANYTHING IN WRITING FROM THEM - said GROTE BROKERS & the representatives for Grote from the USA Senate ! A Deputation had gone to WESTMINSTER & been treated with disdain & arrogance ! BUT NOTHING IS SAID IN PRESS of Gross Britain, except some smutty little sentences began to appear about the heirs & parents & Greetha`s grandparentsTHE BRITISH LORDS & CROWN HAVE NO MONEY ! THEY ARE ALL IN MASSIVE DEBT ! They GAMBLE too much - DEVOID of CIVILIZED EDUCATION, they dope heavily - drink until they fall down - misbehave sexually & obscenely in spiteful manner EARLS of LINDSAY & ANGELA & her Norwegian in-laws CANNOT LEGALLY BROKER A PENNY ! THEY ARE KILLING FOR THIS MONEY !


… with his notebooks & his book to read , the days needs on the old push-chair from `Jerusalem`, or packed for the car journeys - that is our routine for the 5 WEEKS OF OUR SUMMER HOLIDAY - He will let me talk on a little, ` like a little clear stream sometimes ` he says … & he calls me The Prophet . When he is extra FULL OF GRACE I call him Saint Georges …THUS I speak forth - acting his mother - to which Role I hath appointed myself with his approval !

I tell him all I hath learned of our tradition in the family of HUMANITAS - our civilized families RANSOM - & the vast Weddell Family of Jeans uncle John , younger son of JAMES THE WEDDELL SEA - & I spake upon Jeans grand-daddys OCEAN … occasionally he doth remind me he hath his own thoughts & dreams & must earn his bread & butter by writing/thinking/speaking too - I take the hint -

I heir in training with LENNIE heir & FLYER …

All RANSOM families are in love with our GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATES, our great histories & our Kin who SAIL DOWN THE SEAS since the ROMAN ARMIES came to Britain - RANSOM & GROTE have made the greatest piece of philanthropy the world hath ever been lucky to have - … 1937 - ALL NOW UNDER THREAT by VILE PENNILESS Gross Britain criminally insane Noble scum : to be destroyed when the NOBLE SCUM have SLAIN THE GROTE CHILDREN ABOUT THE GLOBE … THESE Noble PENNILESS have been PLOTTING/now PLANNING THIS SLAUGHTER / Genocide … They the Noble ILL BRED , the barely literate in matters of the world & its peoples & green pastures, its great wonders & THE HEAVENS waiting for our exploration & our settling on other stars - those other worlds … Great POUL was taught this by his tiny Greenland mother in the early 18th century … she surely the first Astra-Physicist of GREENLAND …

RANSOM family histories/Saturday lessons 1930s LIR & GR/

Dr John RAY R - Night Watch January 1960 Colne Engayne -

one hitch OUR LINE 16th century when we are carried forward by Maggie RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM (grand-daughter of the Lady Yuss - ???/shampoo/ of Okinawa…)

Maggie is allowed to SAIL AWAY - she a Trader in her own right - & has an inventions & ships repairs yard at Montrose -losing one Carew she marries another - Henry VIII asked her to - Henry as cultured as she - talk on Venice…& her Estates overseas - Her recipe for a mad Carew was to hit Venice the hot spots for 2 years - visit her Estates to teach them husbandry & languages she made both CAREW husbands balanced & cultured good men/

1936/37 - winter-spring lessons in family history with Len :

I Greta am sorry I do not have the sloping eyes of some of the family - I think it very romantic mine are near the shape of MINERVAs eyes … she grew up alongside the SHAKERS - Olivea Hesketh called MINERVA for her Song Books & an owl on her shoulder at the piano - her pet - my great-grandmother - Whom I just recall holding me - there were photos - & she likes lavender & violet scents worn together & old lace collars on a dark stuff frock with a fitting waist, a high neck, a brooch at the lace collar `

1937 Summer - St George ANDRE has very beautiful eyes but sometimes I see he is a little shy perhaps - not quite sure of being a grown-up ? No I think it is because he is so kind - so nicely brought up by the 3 GRACES … Berthea his mother with the BRITAIN Sea Traders ancestors, & Aunt Marie & their mother Adriann`ae-part Italian

1952 - COLCHESTER - Graham Greene -who wrote The Third Man as a novel then made into a now Classic film - will tell me , Miss Ransom , the new worker in The Colchester Castle winter 1952 … when I am 19 years `MINERVA-YOUR GREAT-GRANDMOTHER, Greetah - she wrote music, ballads-my father (a Vicar) had her book EVENSONGS on the top of the piano as we were growing up She wrote the first “ A-train ” - its a ballad for piano, harmonium & a singer or a choir … This is how it goes `take the A-train for a spot of Heavens blue - it will do the world of good for you - something like that