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He writes/scribbles in a notebook in the great KEEP COLCHESTER, iced winter mornings or in Hollytrees Mansion Museum … the old Doctor`s Library … Dr & Mrs Cunnington , Historical Costumes books, sometimes are working up there …

Nota bene : Graham Greene, novelist, Catholic convert, will return from a visit VATICAN 1952/1953 winter … BEARING ACCURATE INFORMATION from RECORDS held there upon the life of THE NOBLE INCA, Roman Catholic Yahamah Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel … his daughter The Aelovedmah-Maria Miss San Julian who marries in a Quaker-Catholic marriage JAMES WEDDELL whom the SEA is eventually named for - pressure of HUMANISTS -

1952/53 in winter , Colchester - Graham Greene, nearly 50 years, speaks to G.R. ` your great-great-great Grandfather, old JOSEF San JULIAN … Greetah … DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Teresa … I have met her before the war … they were all rather mad from the 1920s … `

Graham Greene will return with more information from The Vatican before ANDRE MALRAUX strides as an EMPEROR into Colchester Castle … November 1953 ! My bridegroom of April 1947 seems to think I have a memory !

1953 November - When I, Miss Ransom, asked HOW TO SPELL HIS NAME , to announce his presence to THE CURATOR that winter afternoon - November 1953 … with dusk already filling the COLCHESTER GREAT KEEP with deep shadows & mists … The imposing figure in the GLENN MILLER RAINCOAT USA ARMY said `I WILL SLAP YOU WHEN I GET YOU ALONE ` & he glared at me … I kept my composure & said if he would write his name down in my notebook I would take it to THE CURATOR … He did this ~ breathing out FIRE … I KNEW HIM IN CENTURIES PAST - A 20 years old young PAUPER has to be careful of her reputation-

A DOOR OPENS TO HEAVEN GREETAH Frobisher Weddell RANSOM is caught in the myth that Claudio MONTEVERDI uses for his OPERA … The ORPHEO 1607 `one of the first Operas/ performed MANTUA / `La Favola d`Orfeo`


into Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis

1937 SUMMER - G.R. is asked by Stella-stars Unity`s mother, not to talk too much about RANSOM family troubles as ANDRE & JO are in a weary state having been in the Wars of Spain Granny Gordon has told Andre-Georges, that she has gone to the church & prayed that Harry her youngest son & his friends will not go to the WAR in SPAIN - She explains that she prefers talking around a round table & ANDRE is having this opinion too. BUT A STATEMENT HAD TO BE MADE … about SPAIN … they have made it … but lost to MONSTERS OF THE DEEP & indifference … WE RANSOM family DO NOT FIGHT … Our dear Thomas Tiggy Grote preached this to the children … TIG who travelled the globe with LUCRETIUS on one shoulder & JESUS on the other - not very long ago/ began HOMES 1864 circling twice round the globe in 15 years-

1937 - 1904 is only 33 YEARS AGO … when the Lords of Arran & LINDSAYBUGGARHS murdered Thomas Immanuel GROTE USA citizen … & cashed great big cheques on USA … NOBLE BRITAIN grow in Scotland a NARCOTIC Divinorum Salvia Scotland & burn it into pellets to stuff up their SNOUTS …They are a RAGING BEAST in 2 seconds - it HITS the BRAIN …LINDSAY Earls have BAILIFFS IN no matter how much DOUGH they steal …

Thomas I. Grote husband of Margarethe Ransom murdered 1904 Arran for dough - LINDSAY planning to LOCK-UP Margarethe GIRL of the SNOWS in an ASYLUM & STEAL the WORLDWIDE ESTATE ...Winston Churchill throws LINDSAY EARLS out of Britain early 1920s they were killing people for land & moneys in SCOTLAND”

1880s - Aunt Mag owning 98 acres Arran Hebrides -

1953/54 - Jim PIMP now CUR JAMES, with Brown rnvr they trashed the Island - killed people - JIM 1954 brought Doc Mengele paedophile HARRINGTON in on this FOUL ROBBERY - harm others - Sold it on AS HIS PAYE for helping the FALL of the Grote Homes using underworld New York & Clara Malraux`s brother MAURICE 1940s- cunning investigation of the RANSOM 19 acres bought 1801

ARRAN Is - Ransom Estate is thieved by JIM using his obscene DIRTY MOUTH to destroy reputations of entire RANSOM FAMILY-

& his thugs went about Gross Britain issuing threats of murder to Ransom & branches overseas… JIM now sold it to Angelas 2nd cousin - 1956/1957 - getting it IN THE RED from Christmas 1953 with nasty obscene TRICKS - removing Capital & tenants of the Estate/some having non - ACCIDENTS - Accounts/diaries/letters/forged cheques by Scots nobles/ Lieutenant-Commander David S. Brown RNVR stole 21,000 British pounds - presented to Greetah Ransom by the Estate Arran, for her 21st Birthday March 1954... HE SPENT IT ON HIMSELF … & is paid monthly by LINDSAY 14 & 15 to HARM Greeta-

TIGGY- THOMAS Immanuel GROTE 1841-1904

… circumnavigating the globe, maintaining his 2 thousand five hundred HOMES for orphans educating to 18 years, curriculum HUMANISM . ( 2,500 large HOMES, sometimes many more when there is a need for the small Homes in Asia & South Pacific )

1864-1950s - GROTE HOMES for orphans A to Z the globe -

HUMANIST education with 3 or 4 languages learned/ Also music/ Arts/science/welfare & medicine/& athletics - Greta expected to begin school 1938 at 5 years of age in Montevideo GROTE HOME … where the children took my hands & showed me all over their happy HOME/Weddell family are visitors/

… Edgar Varese composer France & USA, sometimes finds time to go with his wife to sling a hammock in the South American homes to teach music & study ethnic music / Montevideo Home has the biggest stained glass window we have ever commissioned - it shows the countryside to the children passing up and down by the double staircase …

… The Montevideo HOME is unusual being in the middle of the City - usually we build the HOMES on the outskirts so a settlement can grow making a natural environment … Children MARYRED by British 1941

1941 - MONTEVIDEO - CHILDREN are SLAIN overnight/in a quiet holiday location nearby… the property of the GROTE RANSOM Estate

RECORDS - photos-Reports by witnesses-some few children escaped - they were staying with the NUNS in their Convent - they teach in local schools ...

“ 2 big British Ships offshore - thugs in launches came ashore they had been told the children were used for prostitution & diseased/ IT WAS THE PROPERTY OF THE BRITISH CROWN ”

Slayers are well paid- but some of them killed shortly afterwards … NO GOSSIPS-NO MONEY to pay/Gross Britain NOBLE policy-

Thugs organised by LINDSAY Earls et al - This Uruguay GROTE RANSOM Estate came to Harold MacMillan - he lived here after retirement with 2 young half-cast women & they produced 2 children fate unknown - Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington & JIM Cur James have decided EXTERMINATION should happen to all bastards HUNTING SMALL GAME (du Cann escapes ... )

Nota Bene : Mengele Doc Harrington & JIM are ON THE PIN … Mengele woken daily by his nurse wife with his cocktail of dopes/

he is trying out - for G. Britain NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE -

RECORDS - 1948 Records USA State Department etc - gathered with Dr John RAY R & his two brothers Frederick John RANSOM, Dr Len Imm. RANSOM etc Records : & Detectives Colleagues friends of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960-1979/& comments/reports to 1992 ...& LIR his DIARIES & Greta Ransom 1936 January / & LETTERS FROM JEAN 1934/1938 to her middle son Dr John RAY ® USA citizen … 1961 Visits-reports Frank Sinatra & friends- have a GROTE HOMES orphan educated early 1920s…thus escaping SLAUGHTER of the children 1941 - in his former HOME … GENOCIDE 1941 - GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES GET RICH -

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX is wearily trying to explain to PJPW Zoology BMNH/ichthyology/in The Pillar House Harwell

“ 1937 - We had a summer holiday - we became a unit - a family WE HAD COME FROM SPAIN, Peter … I felt I was ill

that I had not long to live

Greetha told me she was to die in September … & be buried in her grandmothers mothers grave … Teresa Carroll a Platonist-harmonistGreta knew all about this mother of her Grandmother & Bessie & Annie-artist her great-aunts…

but the family could not find a photograph of her … & she Greetah said “ I am NOT going in a grave with somebody I do not know WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE ” !

... WE GOT BETTER TO-GETHER - 1937 … I have read my notes of this summer 1937 to Greetah several times 1950s - it seemed to vanish from her memory 1937 there is a bottle with medicine to be given Greta twice a day … I talked to the Chemist …

I POURED IT DOWN THE SINK ! It was poisoned, Peter ! ~ Malraux reads from his notebooks of his years …

Greta Ransom/diary LIR/letters the family/others/ & LETTERS FROM JEAN to Dr John RAY/® - middle son attacked by LINDSAY EARLS women c 1917 age 1 month in his pram one evening when his mother JEAN had returned from 1st World WAR WORK & the home-help Nanny had left for her home nearby/ These LINDSAY women also sent a poisoned basket of fruit, killing an 11 years boy the son of the Deptford Wireless operator

EARLS of Crawford & LINDSAY - have given Noble DECREE that Frederick Charles RANSOM only surviving child of Millie Frobisher (line of Clouts Lindsay 1830) NOT to have MARRIAGE or ISSUE ALL GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE BELONG TO LINDSAY - Premier Earls of Scotland & GROSS Britain ALL ON THE PIN … & up their snouts a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland -

THEY may BREED INSANE ” - Report read 1970 from 2 great medical institutes of the globe - “ They have been training their kids on this stuff for a century at least - it hits the brain in 2 seconds - at first we said IT CANNOT BE USED IN THIS WAY - we cannot rule out THEY MAY BREED INSANE ” /Records impeccable -

1937 Summer - First days - we are all four staying at Unitys grandfathers house, but her mother whom I sometimes call Stella-the-stars thinks the young couple should have a place of their own perhaps Freddie Clacton Theatre finds them 2 rooms by his Theatre `

Diary LIR October 1937 - HOLIDAY 1937 related to `Jerusalem` household Deptford by G. R. grand-daughter of Frederick Charles Ransom & Jean Weddell ballerina -

… `We did in 4 days put them in a rented room near Freddie Theatre … & they stayed not a week … & then hurried back to us - for home comforts `

... ( This is the house on the corner across from the church on the right hand as you walk from Marine Parade into the town & Pier Avenue - & a few steps away is scanty remains of an olden hamlet 17th/18th century just 3 little places of old walls & corners, & an Inn by the road corner, an old lamp to be lit by the lamplighter - This house we are invited to use as A HOME, has a vegetable garden full of ripe things…It is a long rectangle going down to a garage-a small road goes by & a bigger one `…

` In March I GR planted the radishes spring onions & lettuces… for this visit which may take place friends from Paris who are dear to her heart … & in need of a quiet time. We have pictures little water colours & big paintings in old houses to see & we shall take picnics `

~ Stella stars our HOSTESS says “ as I have not a lot of money we will take picnics ... but we will take them to nice places & manage some meals in interesting places she is Unitys mother. She is a Catholic Convert who wears a real SPANISH black lace head-dress in church on certain Feast days - Converts are more serious than us the born Catholics - `

G. R. happy & Lennie -LIR writing his diary as usual

1937 July - ` FIRST AFTERNOON … we were down on the beach at Holland on sea by just after 4 oo pm JO is beautiful & sad -

Andrew-Georges-ANDRE is nervous - JO takes off her high very high heels, shoes of brown, & silk stockings - & walks along the edge of the ripples of the sea … & Stella-stars sends him to walk with her

“... be kind Andreshe is a very young girl & you have travelled about the world ` … Freddie Theatre is with us & so we have two cars but he must DASH to open his Theatre & be early to see everything is ready for evening performance & nobody has become sick -

Stella-stars has done a Poster for him, Freddie, & it will be OUTSIDE by the Clacton Theatre steps …

JO wears lots of brown, a touch of light orange & fawn - black & brick red - little hats … the evening gown was a disappointment but she has explained SHE HAS TO HAVE SOMETHING THAT WILL NOT CRUSH when she is travelling …`

` … I BEGIN to make a BANQUET in the SAND - it will perhaps cheer them to see it then we can go & have real things to eat -

I think we are getting a first supper in the kitchen of the house on the corner … & it is all very cosy & practical & they seem agreeable -

Do not want to go anywhere until they know the town they say -

1937 - end of July - I can see us in my head, my memory, on the walk to the beach - to be known hence as JO `s beach` the people in front of us I see again, that first walk, & they coming towards us - but I cannot draw it all as Len can -

1937 - a Cine film, a Movie with SOUND, is in my head of so much of this holiday … ANDRE MALRAUX will speak upon it, giving me more memories, all the years ahead … until his death visits, September & October 1976 ...

1945 … I will tell Colonel ANDRE when he is WIDOWER of JOSETTE, that it is such a pity we cannot project the past from our memories & capture it all as a film in the cinema I will tell him this & that … snips of things … That the frozen mammoths may one day be made alive - & there is the lecture before the War I attended & did not fall asleep like all the grown-ups - but they had had a good supper - perhaps that man had hope of eternity … he is treated with courtesy by the Catholic converts we went with in their cars ...

The LECTURE it was in the March 1937 just leaving winter but still wintery at night held in a little school at Colchester with an old gas lamp outside making an evening scene like a painting by moonlight & lamplight . & Teilhard de Chardin spoke & turned about this way & that … made steps this way then that … & using his arms a lot, wearing a white shirt after awhile, so I think he had taken his jacket off as he reached exciting bits to say All on a little school stage with a microphone spake he thus - I am sure he is an Indian from India -

I do not mean a Red Indian like some of our relatives in America but from INDIA where Lettie-Laeticea Mrs Fabricius Ransom Granny 5 times back is from/Karachi now but 1937 Saint George ANDRE disagrees…& says `HE IS NOT AN INDIAN - He is a charlatan ! `

Unity`s mother told ANDRE he is NOT to speak like that about a man that many people find comfort from … So he said he would be polite nowadays because he is no longer, he realises, a very young man & he has agreed that he is to cure his wildness - & find his GRACE he was born with …& not UPSET his immortal SOUL ( or his SOUL it may FLEE as we have heard in a letter has happened to mine )I have suggested that JOSETTE WILL NOT MARRY HIM - unless he recovers HIS STATE OF GRACE he was born with … so he grimaces at me as we embark upon STATES OF GRACE ... ~

ANDRE MALRAUX - a young man 35 years of age looking 25 years -

He Georges-ANDRE & JoJOH&Jo- come from the Spanish cruel & blood soaked Troubles 1936 “ … arrive`ae`th they CLACTON-on-Sea ... in the full summertime of 1937 ”

1957 autumn - MALRAUX soon to be Burgemeister of PARIS

`The Menagier de PARIS` he remind`th me Greta Ransom of Summer 1937 twenty years ago - We dwell at St Edmund`s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square his London home … IT SHOULD BE A HOLY HOUSE, but these obscene Noble criminally-insane creatures can boot in all our doors so that MALRAUX does not learn of GUARDIANSHIP to GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts …

ALL OUR POST/mail is examined or stolen , telephone calls are listened to & deaths begin ... of people who TRY ASK ABOUT THE POSTION with the RANSOM FAMILY & the ESTATE of the Goddess Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Grote -

General de Gaulle put Andre Malraux here half the month to guide this gigantic Roman Catholic Charity left by WILL an old Anglo-Frenchman 1938 - this his Catholic home until his death

1953 onwards - JIM & other scum are ROBBING this Roman CATHOLIC CHARITY - harming some small businesses & workshops who apply for Grants/JIM collects a hundred pounds CASH Friday evenings from a late worker or from the Housekeeper. It has to be in a paper bag. He says HE HAS AN ARRANGEMENT with ANDRE

... JIM is threatening ANDRE that he will ORDER BRITISH NEWSPAPERS to print that MALRAUX married a school-girl - & she ran away to others… & this will embarrass General de Gaulle & the CATHOLIC religion !

Pope PIUS XII would not be taken in by JIM Jong - `Young Pacelli` has the RECORDS of the fate of the GROTE HOMES children behind a most DREADFUL DOOR in the Vatican ! The Pope might speak openly to General de GAULLE if any such dirty charges got in the BRITISH PRESS ... then evil cats would be let out of bags !

ANDRE MALRAUX does not know the deceit/& barbaric deaths that LINDSAY & scum & Angela & JIM would like attribute to his mismanagement of GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate ... JIM & Noble Britain are all criminally insane, soaked in dopes, & boozed night/day ... their recreations are loutish & obscene

1957 autumn - ANDRE MALRAUX has brought GRETA RANSOM to live in his home ! In FRANCE the MALRAUX household, so often visited & squatted in by these evil thugs, has its own life .

JIM & Mengele paedophile evil spoof Doc HARRINGTON & Crawford LINDSAY EARLS have a problem 1957 -

& so do their ugly insane MASTERS/the Houses of ASSASSINS the FIGURES FROM A MORGUE The appearance of Greetha RANSOM about LONDON Town with ANDRE MALRAUX is welcomed by honourable persons …

`Their presence can reveal an obscene GENOCIDE - GREATEST CRIME ON EARTH … SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 2nd World War fearful ABDUCTIONS of Greta/& Andre begin - FEAR of Noble Britain is that all can be revealed to MALRAUX & General de GAULLE …

dirty JIM, LINDSAY mob & Mengele Harrington are quite sure 1950s that GRETA RANSOM HAS NO MEMORY … they see she does not They must savage Malraux & others the more … JIM the Bar Rat is to lose his RACKETEERING 100 pounds a week cash from this Catholic Charity in January 1959 !

In this lovely house we are all overheard by super-dooper EQUIPMENT from BRITISH NAVAL INTELLIGENCE bilge rats

& in charge of destroying us is Gollum sentenced paedophile Royal Satrap Mr Mengele spoof Dr Harrington - he takes commissions to run down health of important men /

USA State Department & CIA Spies are investigating …

& NEED to KNOW who EMPLOYS him … thus his killing goes on -

Mengele Doc paedophile Harrington is at far worse atrocities than Nazi death camp crimes - ENJOYS with JIM creating the earths most murderous bestial fun JIM Steward of WHITES Club is heard 1950s PREACHING to young MEN “ killing a man is like sticking a PIG… it toughens up young men ... like a War ” ... (... thus spake NANJIN MAN who may have lost his grandfather & family their FORESTS & properties NANJIN before 1920 ! )

1953 - JIM co-STEWARD of WHITES, a Club he now runs as a Vice bar/spiked drinks for those he wishes to learn things from or reduce to dribbling idiots He is rudely ORDERING LOGGING ...

cut all ancient trees - the Sovereign Elizabeth

she needs all fine timber she can get SAY`TH JIM Whites VICE BAR xmastide 1953...(IS SHE BUILDING A WOOD NAVY or short of matchsticks? )

His arrogant little barrel fat form & very bulging stomach spilling over from his deliberately low slung trousers his flys never buttoned fully up - he often attacks girls & young men ... He seems to reach to the knees of Andre & Greta - MALRAUX calls him A BAR RAT …

The young of Scarlet Town call him Dirty JIM 1950s - he has ON the PIN EYES hes learned a few tricks lower Shanghai/Cairo/Chicago/ when in his teens JIM robbed his Grandfather & threatened & stole from the Chinese family ... Grandpa a Chinese well-to-doo Trader-small Broker - Grandpa JONG put JIM in a Course PEKIN OPERA where JIM excelled at EVIL PARTS- learned to play page-Puck-faun

JIM - his Dad a British RN & given small Diplomatic post Fort Arthur - No British fortune but his Chinese wife Jim`s mother is an heiress & educated with her sister in Europe … they have an expensive apartment 1920s PARIS/ reference Maurice Ravel composer -

1957 November - ANDRE MALRAUX speaks of 1937 SUMMER You said to me when we were talking about the leave-taking … the end of August early September that had to come ” as I spoke to you upon with Josette … YOU Greetha Ransom, said to me Andre Malraux ` YOU HATH BECOME AS MY OWN DEAR SOUL `

We were to return the next year 1938 … perhaps to the house offered at Orford/Orford Ness … but we would be returning to all of you … our friends at the seaside - You sent me a card at Christmas, & I have a note of it here ” …

`For foul winter doth come `

` September 1937 cometh - that there must ... there MUST be the

LEAVE TAKING. Warm raindrops had been falling in my heart from this unexpected holiday with ANDRE & Josette . Grandpa Gordon only just gone to sleep in the Cemetery, that March . The fearful MONSTERS of the DEEP away, not in their GRAND on our seafront `

` It will not be a parting FOR EVER from Jo & Andre for we shall be exchanging Christmas greetings … & a MEETING of us , there is already spoke of for next year 1938 … & my father & his family will meet ANDRE & Jo . There is the house for Andre & Josette for FREE at Orford … they can have it 1938 & even stay IF THERE IS A WAR … He can bring Aunt Marie … I can go & visit a weekend with them…& then there would be the HOLIDAYS again …`

I GR am told to stop grunting like ANDRE that writer-fellah

I DO NOT MIND because the GRUNTING I have learned from ANDRE.

I am to go shopping for the Christmas card very early with Auntie Winnie Gordon & she & I discuss a small suitable present that might be sent to them both or to each of them

Soon foul winter doth come` a phrase that JOSETTE writes in her notebook & uses in solemnity about this or that as the days of the holiday came advancing then began to slip away into `THE LEAVE TAKING that must come `


YOU HATH BECOME AS MY OWN DEAR SOUL” - meaning to a child `like to my own soul which I attend to keep it pure - give it courtesy It is a high compliment I give to ANDRE MALRAUX - & is a token of the happiness of the weeks with them

I grant the phrase to my fathers young brother b 1921 Lennie our young Apostle - Lennie FLYER age 15 years - in the heavens

LEN-NIE/ LIR - goes about the globe finding good people, & helps JEAN his mother with her holy work in Deptford when they are not abroad - She, GR`s grand-mother, finds she has spare time from the Millie Frobisher Ransom tiny household - Frederick Charles will only let the ballerina flick a duster of grey blue on his mother Mills black glass fronted elaborate sideboard of a design very popular in the 1870s/

I GR great-grand-daughter of MILLIE, bought similar for The Pillar House - 3 for under 10 English pounds - black very light wood & glass doors … I sprayed them gold for the fairy dining room, as it became to be called by candlelight - & ANDRE MALRAUX is shown them 1970s -

9th century - “ RANSOM-MAN of LETTERS

called “ RANSOM of Helgoland -

… buried in the boat he was born in-he tells us so… ”

“ He could not stop spelling it out - grabbing a pen - he is our wave length back to them - you could not shut him up - Early English - Latin - Norwegian, French & was into Arabic Its advice to kin, grandchildren - and all of us to come born of him - He barks away ...

and had COPY made of all he wrote , wrapped round him in his grave - & writes how he has left A COPY for all of us with his daughterwe should read it & learn of his wisdom from his long life & his travels-