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1938 EMERGENCY : FJR to LIR & GR `Saturday school` 1938 -

`LINDSAY & JIM are over Heligoland Island tearing at his grave to destroy him - URGENT information has come to us from overseas-from Germania ! ( HELIGOLAND German Island, mouth of ELBE -formerly British territory until 1939 ) NEW YORK say ` THE GUARDIAN IS TO IMMEDIATELY MAKE A STATEMENT ` ! BUT WHERE IS THE GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX ??? OH ! Post/mail stolen by criminally insane British Lords & Crowns -

8th-9th centuries - RANSOM main ancestor line -

Nota bene : This is our young RANSOM who carries our line into 20th century - To become a MAN OF LETTERS - a MAN OF HUMANISM -

22-24 years old - who would not marry a local girl in Norway no matter the village taunted him to/he hid in a cave one winter/made up his mind to get away/could not get his mother & younger brother away the first time/ ...

... Sailed away to Palestine with his DUSKY COLOURED CREW

they the offspring of a boat of IRISH tawny & red haired sailors made slaves in MADAGASCA … this slavery was agreeable to them, they married local girls & had children …the children grand-children were very good sailors & most agreeable…RANSOM main line history

8th-9th century - HELGOLAND RANSOM : Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM, Sailor & MAN OF LETTERS his direct descendant, had been taught Early English at school Derbyshire, & could lecture on BOEWULF.

FCFR set about recording as accurately as possible this Grandpa Ransom a 2nd son ( his father & elder brother lost at sea he tells us ) of NORWAY, Helgoland & East coast England - & a small place on the Scots coast too - 8th /9th centuries.

THE GRAVE WAS NOT TO BE DISTURBED - UNTIL ARCHAEOLOGY had improved techniques to excavate ! THIS WAS AGREED...with U.S.A., Germania & NORWAY too !

1930s - But HOUSES of ASSASSINS were spying out every grave to DESTROY/ reference the great tome/illustrated book with the page on RANSOM torn out/reconstructed 1920s ... “ A RAT IN A NORTHERN DEN DID THIS to the history of the globe ...”

Helgoland RANSOM - he describes his wife, himself, his children, & 3 grandchildren he will die at about age 44/48 years -

` we had his body examined after the LINDSAY monsters with JIM 1938 had torn at his grave to get the manuscripts to destroy them ! `

The POULSEN Gronlander branch helped us We all feared that these MONSTERS claiming him for Lindsay Earls & Angela a Crown will destroy he, his written works. HE LEFT A COPY WITH HIS

DAUGHTER - from which parts have come down to the families

GR was not to be told anymore…for fear I spoke to others ? & then the HUNT would go on if it reached to MONSTERS OF THE DEEP …

1938-1947/48 - SLAIN CHILDREN - GROTE HOMES the world -

CHILDREN ALL SLAIN 2nd World War & ever after HUNTED down

as BIG & LITTLE GAME, by Noble Britain who claim ESTATE GROTE RANSOM for CROWN & Premier EARLS LINDSAY -


... using 2nd World War - done by Noble Britain -


20th century history - direct descendants of Helgoland RANSOM :

`the Invisible ORDER of Saint John of the STARS - West Greenland …

“ An Arab gentleman came to us 1951 to New York

He had KUDOS in his own land, but held no Diplomatic Post he was a HUMANIST & his GROTE HOME had been his Treasury of civilized living … He was HOLY but not PRIM. He wished to begin his GROTE HOME again … he could not find the children but he would begin again …

HE HAD GONE TO THE HOME “ & it was full of long-haired ones … cars all over the place … they were not unkind but said the British Government & Crown had given it to them for helping them regain their SEASHORE LANDS nearby. He explained his mother had been buried here, when it was a school a HOME He was distressed he could not find her again …”

1948 - We had taken from a hospital in his nation a 7 years old child the only survivor his little skull burned, one leg … his trauma would last a lifetime unless we educated him to a very high standard & NOT TO CHAMPION THE POOR, but to be with Science & Letters … the future.

It was Doctor JOHN RAY Ransom USA & his colleagues who came up with how to handle this The child, HE COULD NEVER LIVE again in HIS OWN NATION , & he needed special medical care for the next 2 years ...his little scalp, his leg . So his schooling we began immediately in the hospital … this proved most healing …”

This HOME had its children used over 2 days for SPORT - some young bodies were at night in the forecourt of a British Diplomatic pillared place - a few witnesses got away because of the drinking - & the collapsing from a DOPE given to the men to SLAUGHTER/payments were to be made for this work for MAKING BRITAIN RICH -

RECRUITS were told the HOME had been a brothel & the British Government had found the children diseased ... /Reports GROTE HOMES CHILDREN slayings - printed with all horrible barbaric details by 1960s ...

I GR have added some of the tragic young deaths in this document of SUMMER 1937 for ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette - a record of HAPPINESS -

... the BRITISH NOBLE MONSTERS of the DEEP were away at obscene matters all that spring-summer-autumn ...

BRITAIN & The BRITISH EMPIRE 20th century :

The usual criminally insane SET UP, well PLANNED as at the end of the 1930s - as the 2nd World War ended swiftly had its National TEAMS efficiently IN PLACE … there were WORKS OF ART to be grabbed ! Now Gross Britain Lords & Crown all over the globe had a Duty to the Crown to REMOVE ALL MEMORY of the HOMES & the ESTATE Premier EARLS of Crawford LINDSAY mob were well placed - in charge for the HEIRS who were bred from Eskimos & Apes - appointed by Government Lords & Crown in secret silence ...

PLAN : TO HUNT DOWN ALL WHO KNOW OF GROTE That is in this little nation & in all the others That is A - Z, 80 per cent of the nations of the globe OUTSIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE … This tottering Empire always FULL OF HATRED to the Estate since TIGGY founded the HOMES 1864 … The British Empire had bared its teeth, & with venom, had made attacks on vulnerable seashore GROTE HOMES using its ROYAL NAVY … G.B. & Scandinavia nations with a barbaric lecherous NOBLE CLASS - in debt perpetually from immense WANTON GREED … `

A NOBLE penniless CLASS - some massive debts COLLECTED for 2 or 3 generations WERE TO BE MET from slaying the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - then picking off THE Capital in the BANKS & BOOTING in on the LANDS … LIES cunningly crept from Diplomatic channels

“ THESE NATIONS ROSE UP & SLEW THE CHILDREN … they found the HOMES were prostitution Yah KNOW …”

more LIES that the Estate is found ` ALL IN THE RED

OLD ESKIMO got loose … ! Similar vile statements are recorded from pucker accents about Scarlet Town/LONDON !

IT IS THE GREATEST CRIME ON EARTH … 20th century history scales have it weigh as heavy or heavier than NAZI GERMANY crimes…a bastard of Teresa Gordon (Ransom m 1932) is in Houses of Parliament ( before he is an MP -while MP twice failed ) & ALL enquiries GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE - WEDDELL, Poulsen & GREENLAND - ARE TO BE GIVEN IMMEDIATELY TO HIM … he has an assistant- others are in WHITEHALL ”

“ 1940 onwards - The British House of Lords speaking for The Crown wishes all reference to the former Grote Ransom ESTATE acquired in secret-silence by Premier EARLS of LINDSAY be REMOVED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH …

Official semi-secret DECREE says “ GROTE a system which placed children of SIN & misfortune ABOVE THE BRITISH NOBLE CLASS … a system which taught other Religions about the globe … & is heartily disapproved of by the Noble Great Britain Government - Gentlemen RAISE YOUR GLASSES to the CROWN

(Records/by several noble men- who keep a TOAST to calm their anger


1957 October - R A C I S M - from ANGELA “ a SHARK WRAPPED IN SATIN ” 1930s slurs about `Apes & Eskimos` is generally kept low-key by 1950s … ALL correspondence to/sometimes from/ ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE, & the RANSOM legal heirs is still stolen, nosed into, some false messages sent … “ RANSOM families to be kept apart from French frogs…destroy reputations or KILL ”

1957 October - the woman Angela tells Whitehall ` Yes, she knows Greetah RANSOM is with MALRAUX at Lancaster Gate …

“ Yes ... SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR ANY LONGER ” ( Comment: somebody should puncture that barrel of Absinthe in the Yard delivered every month/& she is breaking the Noble British Law made 1929 by the House of Perversions ... )


1951 - Report USA - GROTE HOMES 1948 - Part II

CHILDREN ages 4 to 18 years old - SLAIN for fun & profit by British Nobles in name of the British Government & Crown :

“ Our good Arab we could NOT tell him what had happened to his GROTE HOMES children yet we had to keep him safe. We said the British Government & Crown HAD illegally claimed the lands in his nation … & we were unable to do anything against their POWER.

… We impressed upon him he should never again mention GROTE HOMES … that the moneys had been distributed from the THEFT of our historic lands … but THIS IS WHAT WE COULD OFFER ”

“ We asked if he would like his HOME back in another Nation ?

… He said he did not think he could adapt We stressed he must never say GROTE in his nation or abroadWe purchased some land near a good community - but FAR away from the original HOME & our stolen LANDS … ( now littered with PITS of dead children & the good families of our lands ) ...

This land - it was across the other side of his Nation

We built him a HOME, added small craft works & farming so that he would be independent but we gave him a DISASTER FUND which would always be kept up from other lands should he need extra funding for disaster … or expansion that he could not manage himself WE COULD TELL HIM NO MORE ! We gave him good people to guide his new Estate & they knew that NEVER A WORD MUST EVER BE SAID OF GROTE…or RANSOM…BRITISH NOBLES POWER would move in & SLAY & thieve, falsify… as before” .

“ THE HOME, the Estate flourishes, the CURRICULUM is GROTE …

3-4 languages, humanism, arts, science past-present & Future IT SURVIVES ! ANDRE now dead ! We now cut ourselves OFF from our good ARAB … except for the DISASTER FUND which passes him by & he can drain off moneys or assistance to his TREASURE HOME when he needs it ” .

“ … a POEM YOU WOULD READ AT Colchester … that hamlet Colne Engaine … that year of more disaster 1960 `this stone head I hold in my hands … fell out of a DREAM … I hold it in my hands again … MY HANDS ARE MAIMED … `

something like that will do to explain HOW WE FELT, we who rightly inherit the ESTATE … WE WHO SHAPED IT for so many centuries … (Geo. SEFRIS/Greek poet - translation REX WARNER - `this stone head I hold in my hands fell out of a dream ... (a NIGHTMARE ! )

Oh his mother`s grave ? in the new HOME & Estate we gave her a MONUMENT … she became Patron Saint of the children when they had completed their education at 18/20 years of age They could as formerly go out into the world not penniless … girls with a dowry … boys with an investment … Continue their education higher or begin some work …

... The only child that survived the SLAUGHTER ?

a burning of the children, some not quite dead he does good thoughtful work … he does not return to his land … he knows there are other survivors of his HOMES (around the globe) & his silence is necessary - for them ALL to survive ”


NOBLE GROSS BRITAIN has put A RIVER OF BLOOD around the shoulders of the legal heirs GROTE RANSOM ESTATE …

“ANGELA PACK HORSE FOR THE CRIMES OF HER MEN … she a SHARK WRAPPED IN SATIN … ” (references 1953 Augusta Frobisher & 1965 City of London ELDERS )

1972 - Len Immanuel Ransom Diaries/ The Pillar House Harwell renaissance evening party 19 March speaking with ANDRE MALRAUX & friends Len dressed as Scribe to Arthur Malone/Politan ( tutor to the children of Lorenzo d` Medici )

has a tale true 20th century …

Nota bene : Ponder ?? - LIR 1972 to Andre MALRAUX colleagues-friends ... that the ESTATE GROTE RANSOM was handed back intact 1945/46 by Germania ...

... We all then discover “ the immediate & on-going RAVAGES done to it by NOBLE BRITAIN ... claiming it for a woman with an illicit crown ... she with her men known to be treacherous & very abusive of her brother-in-law Ned ... spurred on by LINDSAY pack & JIM Jong all HIGH ON PINS living by violent theft & their IMPERIAL KUDOS granted by the NOBLES of the impoverished BRITISH EMPIRE... this beginning in 1929... when the LINDSAY Premier Earls had decided to CLAIM in secret silence THE ESTATE OF an old ESKIMO ...

... these loutish OAFISH Nobles refer to the highly educated enlightened Mrs Margareth Ransom GROTE with one great-grandfather (she has four) the enlightened polymath genius POUL GRONLANDER ... This girl of the SNOWS a GODDESS of WEST GREENLAND & the GLOBE is felt to be the richest person in the world - so say the sniping vagrant scavengers of NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA ... ”

L I R “ … you remember perhaps Herr Muller nobody warmed to him before the War - then his little wireless station & concerns went broke - hed a silent partner named Mr Jimmie Carew -

It was the little twister Jim Jong came in a year - & a month or so before ... ( meaning is : `JIM he left before WAR declared `)

... he` d nothing much left poor Herr Muller - an empty bank - Hed heard Mr Jong had two powerful broads & NOTHING COULD BE DONE -

We, the Estate, decided to help him after the War as all our German properties were handed back ”

LEN continues - telling a gathering , explaining clearly

ANDRE MALRAUX is with this group, & he has also been a victim of the now discovered TRICK the little slipped in sentence on some documents says ` In name of the Crown` & … it appears & disappears … ”

LIR A DIFFERENT PICTURE - in the land of Great Britain -

( reference above : `after the War - Germany having honoured Estates & investments GROTE RANSOM Estate held pre-war `)

… where everything THEY could lay hands on was milked put in the red - still they were hissing old Eskimos cannot make Wills ” ...

( when shutters drawn & candles lit , Lennie ! )

... “ Well Herr Muller - he began to climb back up a little, but he was changed . He was shocked WELL WHO COULD YOU TRUST THEN ! Youd not want that villain Hitler back - but theyd never interfered with his lawful & useful ventures ”

( Nota bene : Len I. Ransom speaks perfect German since a child …

( … ? it is possible Herr Muller was in some small way attached to a GROTE HOME complex pre-War … ? )

L I R - ( speaks of the end of the 2nd World War ) He now came on board - Herr Muller ...

& I`d trust him - He says (1969/1972) that THEY are FRAMING the young man in the British Museum - leading him on to not let his wife have her POST from abroad - or know what has occurred since the War - she`s to have no memory of years ago . The young man has been lead to crash certain industries & put the Capital in big Museums ... & its all been whipped off ! & do you know - they have all got a share-out yet AGAIN - Jim & his gang … ”

L I R Herr Muller we will call him - but hes changed his name - to survive what he knows - A GREAT & HORRIBLE CRIME the slaying of so many children under cover of the 2nd World War -

He says he won` t ever go back - or be able to forget what the Noble persons of G. B. have done - & they used a half Chinese - yet cursed Eskimos LIR & Arthur Malone Detective in the Lawyer`s Gown/Politan/ 1972 speaking with ANDRE MALRAUX & some influential persons of the globe ...


There were happier true tales - GR a child under 7 years -

` Our LITTLE MAN OF BABYLON - he writes us on a tattered tablet in Sumerian - found by Sylvia & John Ransom - or Mill 2nd wife & John Ransom - when they made journeys across MESOPOTAMIA.

He, Mr Babylon adoped Ransom Family was rejected 19th century by a noble Museum because his tablet was fragmenting - With perseverance, & then great affection, many people had helped save him & his thoughts -

... A TRANSLATION EXISTED & was up-dated 1938 - G.R. has restored what she can recall … read to her 1938 …

& a mention of him is made by those taking NIGHT WATCH 1960 Colne Engaine - He lived in a little glass topped box at my Ransom grandparents London home `Jerusalem` ... the tiny house of happiness by the lane into Deptford little sloping park

1939/40 Winter - Sadly his own WRITINGS on his tablet are crushed under the BIG IMPERIAL blood squelching BOOTS of the ugly greedy wanton invaders into Jerusalem winter 1939-40 … when all the RANSOM grown children had gone to War : their parents murdered so the ravaging of the great GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE, by the British Government its LORDS & its Crowns , could go ON - without respected figures of KUDOS in the way …

1939 - An intelligent citizen of Ancient BABYLON is MURDERED after his very long life & when he has begun his LITERARY WORKS - here is another MARTYR -

crushed under Imperial Britain big blood oozing boots

Our little man of Babylon (Mr Babylon Ransom) is concerned with matter & making of LIFE he tells us this in his writing that he has learned now he is old & has the time - so he can record his thoughts - ` decay & the constant or yearly renewal of life , are recorded by him - He tells us that now he is getting old all this makes sense to him …`

1969/1970/ & c 1981/ The three RANSOM sons will be murdered by Mengele Doc Harrington , JIM, & LINDSAY Premier EARLS & their mobs. The three are FJR/JRR/LIR, born 1911, 1917, 1921 … The clever sons of the poisoned ballerina JEAN WEDDELL 1938 end of summer / her grandfather James Weddell has a sub-arctic SEA named after him … & sons of her husband Frederick Charles RANSOM Man of Letters , he also poisoned - Suffolk October 1939 ...

Nota bene : MSS by Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM …

he was just finishing the editing 1939 it had been commissioned by MacMillan publishers. Grandpa RANSOM called it simply “ THE SEA ” & it was ready Summer 1939 another writer is said to have been handed it to peruse a LITTLE later the influence could be seen

1939/1940 - JIM & Angela were in the tiny Deptford house `Jerusalem` ripping out our possessions - then in 24 hours the joists of the upper floor were cut crashing the house down because 2 ex-Lord Mayor`s were getting a Magistrate Document to stop ENTRY by these old Roaring 20s ON THE PIN living by fraud-theft- as in their teenage years … when they stuffed a dangerous narcotic up their snouts in the stables Purple plum/ Pickle/Snow Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets fire blown - put a MONSTER in their brain in 2 seconds !

MARTYRS - Ransom family - Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM

& Jean Weddell ballerina RANSOM & her WEDDELL lines : Jean 1938 poisoned - still dancing 53 years old/Grandpa Ransom 56 years still writing poisoned October 1939 /

... parents of : FJR/ Ivy Jean/John Ray R/Lennie I. R/ & 2 dead infants Thomas or Poul ?/ & last child Bettina Ransom Children of the marriage of 1909 when the North Pole Arctic seas married the sub-arctic WEDDELL SEA

` … you are the victims remembered in my own dear soul - & George-ANDRE MALRAUX, GUARDIAN our GREAT PHILANTHROPY ESTATE came to know you all at last

… & speak upon some of you to his two sons Pierre & Vincent … 1972 Len Immanuel Ransom is reading from his diaries that HOLIDAY OF THE LAST FALL 1960 … MARTYRS aged 21 & 18 years, the SONS OF JOSETTE & ANDRE MALRAUX …

Their mother JOSETTE a MARTYR 9 November 1944

in this noble greed to get money by slaying the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - & with sly arrogant IMPERIAL tricks & obscene TRICKSTERS assisting for DOUGH, taking every coin about the globe that the penniless British Nobles could lay their paws upon Using the British Realm & its Services & Institutions in secret silence -

1937 Summer , Clacton-on-Sea -

JO say`th that first afternoon upon the beach Holland-on-Sea she was scared of SPAIN because Andre kept standing up & walking out when there was a firing of guns he went to have a better look, & he is so tall ! He strode out one occasion & they all shouted at him to fall down - get down - he did not … but seemed in a dream. A man had to rush out & pull him down by the legs. OR HE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD ! She Josette did not understand why he did these things - went into a dream

( Clara dopes him - since he was a teenager of 19 years !

1953 December - HOT NEWS from PARIS to CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis … relayed by `RIX ` MW )

1937 Summer Stella-stars is translating from the French for Freddie-theatre, who cannot follow fast-fast-fast French, & I am to know some thingsso as to understand they are here to rest, see the countryside & paintings … & we should try have them not think of SPAIN & the carnage so much . He is a tall Angel figure with rather different eyes to everybody else … & he, this Andre, arrived first at the railway station … & yes, it is to be understood, she had to come on a train later G R

... It was a matter making her sad that he would not be seen travelling with her . It was spoken of as a matter of fear a woman named Clara with a gun IS threatening to shoot them both or one of them she is known as ` a terror ` in France & Europe … she pushed a Greek girl to her death off a cliff out EAST one night …they are ON THE PIN ... G R & L I R