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1937 July - the ARRIVAL - I began to make a sand banquet, but the better sand banquet was made the following day. It is to give an appetite & suggestions for the following days meals . I was making an orange sou`fle but called it `a souu-oofel` & he laughed at me I said to him , Georges-ANDRE, that it was in Granny Gordons cookery book . I could read some things but not read Sumerian yet … Daddy & Lennie send postcards to each other ... G R & L I R

I, G.R. have my too, too big summer straw school hat on as grown-ups were strict about young children being NOT bareheaded in hot sun 1930s it was believed to be harmful to the brain It slips down over my eyebrows if I move quickly I felt a dumpy dwarf in the way of these tall beautiful persons from FAR AWAY … where I cannot go again until my PASSPORT is won back AT LAW in Gross Britain It was STOLEN on ORDERS my mother her friends/FIENDS … An old Auntie Mary whom the young let drive their cars FAST … & her daughter-in-law called ANGELA … & LINDSAYBUGGARHS who are after the moneys of Margarethe GIRL OF THE SNOWS… G R & FJR & Jean ballerina

He & Jo were strained in their behaviour to one another - she near tears - & he, the tall ANDRE, tossed his head, looked out to SEA & then around the beach & beach chalets … then went for a trot along the seas edges but stopped to look at shells & seaweeds. JOSETTE had to be warned by Stella & Freddie again ` … “ & what ever you do … you are not to row with him … thats what Clara does … & he is still a VERY young man ! Soon Jo was sent to bathe her feet along the waters edge … as Andre George ANDRE` returned with a no expression face … HE WAS TOLD … ` not to be impatient for she was a very young girl - & CLARA WAS CHASING THEM WITH A GUN & would kill JO if she found her in PARIS … people said so …`

This would clear the LANDSHAFT of ANGST G R & L I R

… (Len has been teaching me some German because FRENCH is spiteful says Aunt Mag for a first language … & GREENLAND speaks a lot of German tongue )

… 1937 July - That first afternoon, & first week, ANDRE George

he would nod his understanding, his agreement with the grown-ups, Stella-stars & Freddie-the Clacton Theatre … & look around the Holland beaches as if checking CLARA was not there with a gun

They BEING CHASED BY A PERSON WITH A GUN ? This was probably not so very alarming to me - Lennie & I have had awesome adventures because of our heir-ship to our miracle of philanthropy GROTE HOMES & Ransom Estates … this Joyous Venture twice around the globe -

& we are always wary of LINDSAYBUGGARHS & their chums come visiting the crouching Scots dark grey granite GRAND on the Seafront by the Royal Hotel … those monsters from the deep as Annie-artist my great-aunt calls them …

Some with knives & hypnotists needles & some SCREWBALLS are dangerously mad from hearsay from VIENNA 1900s - the psycho-analysts have done a lot of damage at cocktail parties , I have heard comments upon bad behaviour of these BRITISH NOBLES

`round the towns of the globe ` 1935/1936 … G R & L I R

1937 July - I decided I could help them both … by bringing him , ANDRE, into A STATE OF GRACE as he was born with from his Guardian Angel … He was supposed to be older than his lady love …. but JO had more common sense perhaps …

Two tall slender figures solemn of movements & expressionless faces were coming & going to the seas edges, as we three welcoming them to Clacton remained calm … & the young pair were soothed -

The PLANS begin to be explained for their approval - some mention of outings they may like to make … arrangements for their two weeks stay explained, to melt the ice in their misunderstandings -

This Andre … so tall he may not know what all of him is doing ….

He a young man with bright fairy world eyes, stepped back on my orange soufel … made of sand, small pretty shells & with the rare delicate fronds of the orange-red seaweed arranged upon it, & some of the green fronds that are more plentiful - I had been going about the beach amongst the other holidaymakers in their little groups & collecting this rare seaweed … but told I might not go too far away - & I had to be called back two or three times - my father has told her some of the SCARES about having the heir , I suppose … G R & L I R

… & that the Lindsaybuggarhs want me killed is no secret they want anyone killed when it is a big FORTUNE they can MAKE OFF WITH they are dope-fiends & have DISMISSED THE TREASURY … & can threaten to do it again… if it does not believe THESE STRANGE imaginary PLACES on the MAP of the world they invent & pencil in … to get them BIG DOUGH for supposed VISITS … Len & I have these problems about us … G R

1937 July, Holland-on-Sea, after 4.30 pm : I could see the delicate rare seaweed on the waterline - this orange soufel was the centre piece & to be the best sand dish I had ever made for this sand banquet for the French strangers - I BURST INTO TEARS - sobbed not meaning to -

… it did not help stop my misery that SheSHE had bought me a school Panama hat for a 16 years old for spite … calling me Ape head … & it kept slipping over my eyes SHEshe sometimes took NASTY photos of me …to take to her fiends in Noble London Town … THEY want to lock me up in a NUT HOUSE … as they do with their old grandparents & unmarried aunts … THEN THEY TAKE THEIR MONEYS … GR et al

1970/71 - There are photographs of the 1937 Holiday , & Unity & her family had them on display in the library in Berkshire, where they have rented a big house for a few years - A roll of film in black-white had the negatives re-printed October 1937 Auntie Winnie & I took the negatives into Archie in Boots Chemists twice . We are sending extras to ANDRE & Josette & keeping some for us in our photos album, & some are for my grandparents at `Jerusalem` my father & Lennie to see …

The negatives are now returned November 1937 to our Hostess, mother of Unity who is 6 years older than me Her father is to die before Christmas he did not recover that summer 1937, in that lovely white painted Convalescence Home on the Clacton-Holland seafront … where we would go visit 3 times a day … Our hostess going to help get him up & to have his breakfast … then we call again in the afternoon, & then mid-evening after his supper … G R & L I R

1970/71 - XMASTIDE, I heard the description of a photo I am in with ANDRE in a deckchair all long legs beside me … I was nervous to go and see it on my own in their library , I would be alone/Malraux has gone outside into the grounds , Unease, especially as PJPW had been to see the photo album with MALRAUX & others earlier, & now had just told me , in a rather bullying fashion, to ` leave the baby with somebody `

… In my head comes FOUL WINTER MISTS … That cine film of grey shades & long tunnels where the only light is from MEMORY hovered in my mind/ my NON-understanding … I MIGHT NEVER LEAVE THAT LIBRARY …

I had been kidnapped too many times 1957 autumn-winter Arose IMAGERY … gloom & Noble ghouls … JIM, Mengele & others … hiding in the passage beside my top room, or BOOTING IN loud voices of ARROGANCE about their ROYAL connections & Lord this-&-that … INVADING when ANDRE MALRAUX away from the Catholic residence St Edmund`s House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square …

1940s-1950s-1960s - Memories - Endless WINTERS of wasted life & insults … an icy cold room … when Mengele has broken again the electric single bar fire …

HE, Mengele Harrington, sentenced paedophile & criminally insane sadist Royal Satrap GOLLUM No 2 ... had the one RADIATOR from the central heating TURNED OFF November 1957 !

Holding to me little Peter, 3 months old, wrapped in his blue shawl against the winter day, I feel descending upon me a horrible blood stained CLOAK of gloomy centuries I seemed to have lived, came before my eyes …

I am hissed at by them 1950s … that I am `A PAUPER` …

… & still believing this now in 1970/1971 WHERE ARE MY DOCUMENTS my Postal deliveries ??? You dirty little NOBLE RUNTS & PIMPS … From 1938 slaying good people the globe to STEAL this GROTE RANSOM ESTATE lands investments … & money ! YOU DRIP BLOOD & GORE … all of you… to this day … !

I holding baby Peter my second child born August 21st 1970 - a long time to wait for the little ones ... Here this hour is ANDRE on the stairstall graceful but his face older & his eyes pools of misery for Josette … & her two sons she left him have been a planned road death 1961 at ages 18 and 21 ...

RECORDS : Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux Colne Engaine 1960/1961 … & other accurate research …

1970/1971 - Christmastide here is ANDRE George … who has had Victoria on her reins up & down the big staircase

... then PJPW got angry … strode angrily to him & took her off him … something blonde haired is at his side here … directing him to harm Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom & her children -

... I do not leave my two little children at any time but I trust the man MALRAUX on the stairs he Andre looked so sad at having Victoria brutally taken off him -

Monsters of Noble Britain have some fear of being found out

… They stick in a PIN & PLOT sin

1937 SUMMER ` A sobbing 4 years old-`

he writes in his notebook … ` He picked me up after studying the situation slowly … & seemed astonished at my grief, I suppose - then gazing & gazing with those unusual neither brown or green eyes at me bent to pick me up He will say he is surprised at my Quaker-Nonconformist firm clear sentences with the lingering `thee thou` - `thus` I was now very miserable & expressed to myself the thoughts … for I am not sure I am wanted here.”

& miserable I am at the absence of my father & Lennie not here for summer & `Jerusalem` is empty, they away … & Aunt Winnie Gordon has gone to Manchester to her cousins to Saint Annes beaches -

& Grandpa George Gordon is in a grave since my 4th birthday in March & will never paint again & I AM TO DIE IN SEPTEMBER …& be buried with Teresa Carroll Granny Gordons mother the girl Platonist & Harmonist who died when Annie-artist my great-aunt was only 2 years old … & I do not know what she looks like - no photo can be found - & I AM NOT GOING IN A GRAVE WITH SOMEBODY I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE ….

…. Thus I sobbed their first afternoon 1937 of THE ARRIVAL -

… of their ARRIVAL upon our ancient shores - Andre

& JoJoh&Jo a young lady come for summer 1937-

The sounds were become muffled & faded as I felt clumsy & too big to cry & somewhat ashamed - G.R & Andre Malraux NOTES 1937

I am called in winter by the town `little Miss North Pole`- & I a strong stout walker hath travelled Nord Pole to Sud Pole. with Lennie sometimes piloting or driving trucks - become a Pilot-licence granted New York - a FLYER at 15 years old October 1935 ... he has a Scroll a book & a badge FLYER Air-planes have been in the air since 1904 ... 31 years ago

1937 July - ANDRE George- He bent down like a sapling tree - a reed - made an arc a pencilled brush stroked in the air a movement I see JEAN do in ballet - & he picked me up - & showed in those strange fairy world eyes that he understood that `I made this BANQUET for them - a welcome.

The PROGRAMME for them includes visiting in Essex to see paintings … some in Wivenhoe House … & it is the Centenary of JOHN CONSTABLE his death 1937 -/Harry knows old people Dedham whose grandparents knew Mr Constable … & he knows people in big houses where we can visit to look at their PICTURES even if they are away on holiday … ANDRE wishes to `Study` British painters … & see the East Anglia landscapes - the water colourists - the churches - the old houses in the villages Perhaps we can go as far as Greta Bridge & Greta Woods ...

Aunt Margarethe girl of the snows has a watercolour of one of these -

In the late February 1937 I hath been told by Unitys mother Stella -stars … “ … some friends may com`th from Paris for a rest in the summer … but I do not know yet if it will happen … but I think they are to come … he needs a rest I hear … I only have a certain amount of money, so we will be picnicking to save moneys & we can eat some meals here in my father`s house

I do not know if he will be well enough to join us ”

… She has a worried face, so that I think her father has been diagnosed with something serious … it makes me sad & I remember calling in her with my father the past winter early evenings, an exchange of books, some talk … a pot of tea, or a glassful for the men the sound of a rough sea in winter reaching the Town … G R & L I R

“ but we can use his home he says & the gardener has the garden full of vegetables ” … We should now with her father s part-time gardener put in many salad things - Then I hear her say that her father is in hospital - but is better … & he will come to the Clacton seafront to Convalescence

… 1937 MARCH - The Visitors are most likely to come, two friends who are very dear to her heart … & she says that my father & Grandfather Frederick Charles will wish to meet him … & we can all go to `Jerusalem` … & perhaps visiting to MONTROSE … the old Ransom couple … perhaps the American Ransom families will be over again …

SO THE VISIT WILL HAPPEN … in SUMMER - I will be asked out for some VISITS because my father will be asked & perhaps Len … SO - I was very happy to plant a row of spring onions & radishes in March . I will be pleased that summer to see George - sometimes Andre - picking the radishes & spring onions for our sandwiches our salads - Lettuces we hath planted in a box, & the gardener not trusting us also has raised them in boxes, & there are new Potatoes we helped plant in February & covered the ground with straw for late frosts . G.R. et al

… To the Programme, a gathering ITINERARY, is added

“ … that there may be time to go in search of his mothers ancestors reaching back hundreds of years … and they too were AT SEA but they Andre & Josette will want to do that on their own perhaps … ` although your Father may wish to accompany them as he knows SEA PEOPLES so very well … ` G.R. & our hostess

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX is speaking `The Pillar House` Harwell - where L. Leslie Brooke did the drawings of the immortal stories & drawings for children for F. Warne Publisher 1900s/ … & we found these books like to THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT / `of Pastoral care` is a comment from Cambridge Divinity studies …

I called her The Prophet, Peter - nothing wrong with her mental state - you should NOT believe these tales put about to lay hands on The ESTATE

... She was more like an 8 years old … than 4 years-&-a half years old - Her tales of an island in the snow & the Tierra del Fuego-Another , an island of the Sun … a gold nugget she said JEAN called it - & two more at the end of Japan - I regarded as a childs dreams I felt that the child slept with its door open at night & heard the talk from the sitting-room below I have wept over this - what I could not follow - but they were hardly going to tell me too much - I might want some planes - try return to SPAIN

Clearly - 1945 onwards - many people we met had no idea I did not know of the HOMES - the family histories at sea

the Northern lands an island 19th century within the arctic circle that had a booming cultural life … a PLAY season extended to include the ancient world - & because the owners spoke many languages and had kin of many lands they had acted the plays of Europe & other parts of the world - An orchestra that might be 40 players or more - many West Greenlanders that is Eskimo … ”

“ … 1937 that Summer - her family, they were all away - in SPAIN -

a rescue failed - you know about it ? - with a fearful death to a young man 22 years old done by this branch of a family way back - determined to lay hands on all they could - MY NAME IS ANDRE MALRAUX Greetah ! THEY TRY TO HAVE YOU NOT REMEMBER ME, Greetah ” ! Andre Malraux

1970 winter - PJPW said too arrogantly that he would HALT the evening … ` he had a list of what it was proposed should be discussed it was too late to bring up the dim past … `

Nota bene : PJPW of the British Museum NATURAL HISTORY/Zoology-Fishes/ …. has Mengele Harrington & TRASH, working for Noble Britain … Mengele Doc Harrington ( BANNED 1982 by British Medical Association/BMA ) has been promised he will be created A Peer of the Realm of GROSS Britain … if he, a criminally insane paedophile & sadistic killer goes on spying for Government Lords & Crown & Scandinavia BILGE RATS … & harming ANDRE & GREETAH - GUARDIAN & HEIR …

... THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN IS TO BE HIDDEN when we are all dead then the CROWNS & the Lords can bring out their prepared spoof EXPLANATIONS … & award themselves more obscene ORDERS

of Saint Michael-LUCIFER the Sovereign OF HELL

(1960 January- Arthur Malone/Politan to Greta Ransom `YOU HAVE BEEN BORN ON A HEARSEtrouble is you keep getting off`they have been culling - this Noble branch claiming youPhil is having a word with Churchill ` January 1960 - they are both MEN OF LETTERS )

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX “ … Not entitled to a sou - a nickel - a farthing - but they had an old fat fool - a drunken woman they claimed excesses in her name - therefore in purple silence ! Kennedy was determined to make them pay it all back

He died earlier my own family suffered


( Andre Malraux had to slap his hand on the corner of the table three or four times …

( The Pillar House dining room which is over the cellars … every spoken word can be heard below … )

MALRAUX was angry at insidious remarks PJPW made from his LIST … it was certainly dictated, or had cunning input , by Mengele Doctor paedophile Royal Satrap HARRINGTON … )

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX continues : All accomplished … by stealing the POST/mail from everyone - answering some post threatening some correspondents - many people have DISAPPEARED !

THEY … were SENDING FALSE MESSAGES ! … insults my own households were used Paris & London & those of everyone who knew of the ESTATE … the dead … overseas ” !

“ I am warning you about Teresa - she is insane - warped

- as they all are - They use an unpleasant narcotic early in life - as children they used it very often - little education that is worthwhile enters into them after that

I have been brought to my knees with deaths - insults - falsehoods ” -

“ 1937 we went for a holiday 2 weeks - FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT - & decided to stay 5 weeks … some days intending a return the next year perhaps in

THE SPRING 1938 ” …

1970 winter - there is more table slapping in anger by the retired MINISTER of FRANCE ANDRE MALRAUX honourable MAN


A GARDEN …like a garden … where I could bring my cat &

let it wander about. And upon my RETURN in 1945 ...

Widower Peter ! … A WIDOWER ” !

( Nota bene : I G.R. use capitals & heavy lettering to emphasise the rising of his voice ANDRE MALRAUX, in his firmness to have Peter J.P. Whitehead understand this past timeI am sitting with a shorthand notebook to take down what I am told to in shorthand G.R.W. )

“ … & UPON MY RETURN - a Widower ! MY TWO BROTHERS DEAD - again - AGAIN - I found the same kindness, sympathy, succour - & she Greetha 12 years of age a friend of old Winclemann & his English wife - whom I had known on the Continent for many years I FOUND GRETA damaged !

I warn you again - not to believe her mother - or her accomplices … Peter … ”

“ HE - they the Wincleman couple - had found she, Greetha, had an interest in music - all music - they worshipped at the shrine of Richard Wagner - but Debussy featured … I have told you of Mary Gordon - Pellaeus & Melisande - Mary Garden - friends in common - that we discovered we had - as we spoke that summer 1937 ” -


“ … I think old WINCLEMANN had marriage in mind - WHEN HE FOUND I WAS NOT DEAD - after Jos death - AFTER HER DEATH -

She - Greetha grew on me - the choir - meeting her from school … Walks with the dogs along the promenades … where we had walked with JO only a day or so before it sometimes seemed -

… JO only beyond my call a beach were wed find her - she liked to swim, make notes, read look about her at PEACE … … she found SPAIN a terrible loss of life Andre Malraux 1970

Greta Ransom/& LIR diary October 1937 -

I recall the music of pre-war ... & that summer 1937-

1938 my father Len & I, friends in the town cannot go along the Holland cliffs singing EISLER Marching Songs - they are in German -

Kristalnacht happens 1938 November - anyone speaking German will be shot by LINDSAYBUGGARHS - so they could rob their pockets -

1930s-1940s - Roman Catholic church music … has Claudio Monteverdi 17th century … VICTORIA Spanish composer for the Church Year & Daddy sings all the Nonconformist hymns - Claude Debussy is known to all who live by the sea … its the new music - Jimmie YANCY - piano blues played as if sea music seemed to represent the lapping of the water about the shores the Pier columns - those rather sinister Groynes covered in dark murky green seaweeds - they always frightened me a small green painted boat drawn up on the sands by the Pier West side has my name on its side …GRETA …

1944 - PETER GRIMES dominated our Music Class a term at Clacton

Pathfields School … & the musicians-singers in the class , 11/12 years old, were taken to meet Ben Britten Aldeburgh …

Vaughn Williams Tallis & Bird featured , but we heard some Villa-Lobos from records played in Class - Major Glenn Miller & all the big band swing of the war years & pre-war was at the Youth Clubs on records - 1944 our Music Teacher Raymond Salt Royal College of Music took the Class up to ` JOB a Masque for Dancing` in London - Mad Mother Kali would NOT let me go - G.R.

1937 Summer - ANDRE MALRAUX describes himself as LAZARUS - Emerged from the bloody WAR of SPAIN ...

Happiness awoke him - JO liking Jack Teagarden, she was saying, & wanted to get back to PARIS to hear him play that autumn -

` … if Clara did not shoot them first/this worried me - Clara with a gun chasing them about Paris …

… PARIS … where I GR had been November 1935 & had early supper with grandpa`s friend philosopher Walter BENJAMIN & I did a drawing of Mr Bulgarin`s mother - from the photo in Aunt Mag`s Paris Apartment … he wrote to say he was always going to keep it … Mr Bulgarin may have tried to tell to this to MALRAUX after the 2nd World War but was NOT UNDERSTOOD ...

NB: It probably got on the Secret Services SPIES files of the WORLD as MYSTIFYING ? ... Perhaps I can have my drawing back ?

1935 November PARIS ... & I Greta Ransom had a lovely time in the Salpetrie`re Hospital having my heart checked … and they, the Staff, are all coming up to help us open JACOPSHOLMEN Island WEST GREENLAND& COMING ROUND THE WORLD to the GROTE HOMES for their holidays -


1935/1936 ... XMAS tide BEGINS in PARIS - & I go to MASS in the Cathedral at Santa FE` ... for we are to fly-go by ships-cars-trains all over the Americas ... after we pop in to see our dear Basque family AQUIDA at San Sebastian - We their long lost Tribe of Peru ...