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Compare my visit, a nearly 3 years old patient, to the Paris Salpetriere hospital with that long stay of Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX 1973 ... he has written a book LAZARUS from his stay as patient -

... perhaps Lennie did not read him this Diary entry of 1935 ... only our visits to the GROTE HOMES N & S. America ... they had to keep emotion low-key & give prominence to the Estate matters -

.... after the killing of the sons of Josette ...


... OUTSIDE the British Empire ...

... but it is all STOLEN from him ... he is given DEATH repeatedly - of all who are dear to him ... abuse-violence-sniggers-mocking- & Mengele Doc paedophile HARRINGTON & G.B. Naval thugs Intelligence et al to SPY - harm his health - poison him now & then ... search him night & day ... SO GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES & CROWN COULD GET RICH ... debauch the more ...

“ 1937 Summer - & Josette & Greetha talking away ... Mr Teagarden is the only black jazz musician Granny Gordon will let Harry play on the gramophone after Grandpa George has died - the year of mourning - 1937 …

I think it was his name, Mr Tea Garden - dear Mr Tea Garden perhaps Granny Mary Helena did not hear `Mr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde & the bottle of gin` song

… Pre-war all the family know Villa Lobos, & old Varese - well really young still - but he suddenly looks old & wise talking about MUSIC - & Mr Muddy Waters or some one like that at Memphis … who let me PLAY Spoons to the BLUES … Aunt Magarethe our girl of the snows has them all UNDER AN UMBRELLA of ARTS “

` If MEMPHIS has a river then the Mary Rose used to sail in with Fred Gertrud & children Aunt Mag their daughter who begins her first Mission for widows & orphans at DUSSELEDORF , she age 15 years old - with help from her father … who is GR `s Grandpa Old Fred RANSOM twice-back

1935 - RANSOM GHOSTS “ When GR was 2 years 8 months … she went wandering around the Island October 1935 … for we went for our National Day SHE met his ghost, old FRED RANSOM ” … & I said my name is GRETA RANSOM & HE JUMPED IN ”

… that is the only explanation the RANSOM family give for my strength & energy from age 2-3 years old

1937 Summer - Andre did not believe my histories of the ISLAND IN THE SNOW- Sadly our heart & soul, our HEIMAT of 1770 into the 20th century, was not at all real to him … He was not told where the RANSOM family had gone … on the failed RESCUE to blood soaked SPAIN where he had just come from …& then ALL of MALRAUX `s post/mail from around the Globe was STOLEN by big bloody IMPERIAL DIRTY BOOTS … 1939 came their World War 2 …

1959 December - Aunt Terry Butler tells ANDRE MALRAUX -

“... when my niece Greetha Ransom was born the old lady Margaret,

a former Miss Ransom she was made her the heir ... with her young Uncle… Her husband was an American citizen but I think they had been from Germany… He had HOMES for orphans around the world … & this , his Estate , is included in the WILL … it is many years since I looked at the WILL … the WAR came

... ANDRE never answered my letters, & a postcard or two … I did not give my name other than T. Butler & then used another but not giving away I was a female Andre should have known who I was/either names - at least by the end of the 2nd World War ” Teresa M. Butler

1960 June … Noble bilge rats ORDERED bombing of the Holy Jacopshomen Island WEST GREENLAND in secrecy JUNE 1960 a hasty PLOT carried out by planes of Denmark & GROSS Britain Their filthy mouths now put out Diplomatic Propaganda lies - “ that buildings found decayed & dangerous” ...

NO MENTION of the IMPRISONMENT 1939 DECEMBER of Family de SALLE 2 adults 4 children under 12 years , of PARIS - FRANCE … 4 die of the Arctic winters -

1960s - Sordid remarks jeered at RANSOM Families & at ANDRE MALRAUX … sly remarks at General de GAULLE et al

1960s - FOUL REMARKS continued after closing time Noble Clubs, Westminster, & Whitehall parties & Admiralty knees-up -

... “ Documents never legal 1770s - GREENLAND belongs to DENMARK ” - BRITAIN/ Claim of ANGELA age 10 “ a GIFT from an OLD ESKIMO - former Miss Bloody Liar is 10 years old 1910 ”

1940s - NORWAY has bilge rats who PIMP upon the Great ESTATE since their teens Greta Ransom is asked 1960 Colne Engaine“ Have you withdrawn again 10,000 British pounds from your Norwegian Bank NO ! You do not know about it ! 30 YEARS of PIMPING on GR & LIR !

… HE HAS BEEN PIMPING on you & LEN since he is 15 years old … before that on Mrs Grote … BIG CHIEF DIRTY BOOTS … since end of War dripping blood & gore moneys from the SLAYING of the CHILDREN … IN THEIR HOMES ” LINDSAY (Earl 15) has only a PIGS HEAD on his shoulders given him by his father & Mr Jong before the War …

1937 & 1945 - How differently ANDRE MALRAUX regards my Granny Gordon - she is to him MARY GORDON still a girl - & she can tell him many things he needs to know about the world he lives in -

I did not remember until 1942/1943 XMASTIDE that she had warned him of JIM … & Angela a Witch friend of long ago … of Treasa Mad Mother Kali Clytemnestra … Granny is telling Ada Pin a friend who has come to help us for a few days ... before Aunt Terry Butler comes on New Year`s Eve ...

1957 November - THE WIDOWER Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX

is giving me my memory back at St. Edmunds House 50 Lancaster Gate Square - annex French Legation & Roman Catholic hostel Charity Mission - The LONDON HOME of Andre Malraux 1952-1961 …

… he speaks of 20 years ago SUMMER 1937 Clacton-on-Sea- reminding me GR of myself a child, & he & our Nausicaea-Cassiopeia our Queen of the Dancing , the now dead Josette of 9th November 1944 - he does not yet know she is a MARTYR to the ESTATE he is GUARDIAN to ... he knows not of the ESTATE for his POST/mail is stolen-he is watched night & day- his phone intercepted & he cannot trust anyone about him in either FRANCE or Scarlet Town Britain ...

1950s - ANDRE MALRAUX has notebooks & memories & he begins to speak ... It is not long before the house-keeper or a servant come with cups of warming beverages - hot chocolate or coffee for Greetah & always tea for Mr Malraux it is laced with NO MEMORY ACIDS/sometimes for both of us … his ACID HEAD WASH may not be so strong as that given to GR …

Mr Mengele Royal Satrap paedophile Gollum Harrington will be made a Peer ... if he sees Andre & Greta do not stay to-gether … for they will inevitably learn of the ESTATE - THE GROTE HOMES with pits of dead children, some in nets taken & sunk at sea - THE LEGAL WILL is legal & is being quietly discretely executed in every Nation of the globe

THE GREATEST CRIME ON EARTH COMMITTED BY NOBLE BRITAIN for dough continues … foul tricks played …

1960s - Kennedy family Evidence & ASSISTANCE : commences silent EVICTION of some Noble British Monsters … Removed, thrown-out … of the apartments, flats, mansions, businesses, they have INFESTED since 1945 & to take back moneys for the stolen 19 acres under New York …

Two-thirds of the great Estate has been thieved & trashed …

MEMORY REMOVE acids/ were developed the Great War/W.W.I. in hospitals for shell-shock soldiers & othersthey remove the memory very wellBUT THE PATIENT IS NOT TO SEE ANYTHINGphotos-persons-places- & TO HAVE NO LETTERS that could disturb etc`

... The words are disappearing-to another part of the brain- illness is good at reeling some memory back- but the dope is to produce a zombie who cannot follow 3 words at a time

... When I have escaped this then Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington will be up haunting the passage by my top room-with a needle ready`I will not have you Ape remembering my patient Andre Malraux`

... Mr Mengele whose 40 Saville Row suits stink of dung is living on the moneys of blood & gore GROTE HOMES slain children when he goes abroad & in England he is told by Angela to rob the Apes Eskimos .

… Angela whom he Mengele Harrington was called to calm down 1951/1952 when the medical world said SHE HAD GOT MEGLOMANIA-dope addiction … It is necessary to keep the matter of GROTE HOMES quiet ... the disappearance of the children ... a few of the pits & the nets of children discovered have been explained ... an INVESTIGATION would reveal the mass slaughter ...

.... Her son-in-law called him in for it was dangerous to have her state known to the regular physiciansshe was shouting about GROTE HOMES brats & RANSOM& an old ESKIMO WHO HAD GIVEN HER ALLLINDSAY Earls & so many NOBLE BRITAIN had climbed on the CHARNAL CARTS & carrying off DOUGH As Augusta Frobisher 1953 writes `ANGELA A PACK HORSE FOR THE CRIMES OF HER MEN `

Angela has told Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON or his wife to collect once a month his household expenses from a Midlands firm & bank accounts in name of Greta Ransom & Len I. Ransom…we the legal heirs - this is his payment for SERVICES ... sometimes his car has a Royal Insignia on it ... on or off ... depending ...

1937 Summer Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX 1957...

thee did hold back winter for mee - Where did I put my porridge bowl ? Ahon my shelf on the moon ! And a crown of stars I made thee- from the evening tide- 1937- Cassiopeia our Queen did sleep until The Dancing time..

~ Evenings of George-Andre & Greta late autumn into winter 1957 St Edmund`s House - before the re-vowing upon the Feast of St Cede Bishop of Londinium & OTHONA-great fort of Rome-along the Saxon shores~

1937 SUMMER An afternoon shopping he & mee`eh in Clacton-on-sea town, a ride on a tram/trolley to a ride on a donkey at Holland-on-Seaa visit to the Gift Shop Pier Avenue full of everything nice & he selects a hat which I insist upon paying forADVICE of Granny Gordon Mary Helena as her youngest son Harry sometimes calls her when they speak upon Irish Parliament Doyl matters & the world of Southern Ireland, matters outside Essex.

Mary Helena has told me to help buy some things & pay for things as I am a guest this lengthened time. My white bag on a strap across my chest is kept full of notes by Uncle Harry & she She reminds me that Len & I hath income enough for the provision of our Apprentices Hostel for orphans at Holland-on-sea & our little engineering concern.& this young man has a good heart & risked his life in Spain & the young lady with him .

I say outside the Gift Shop to Andre-George have a hat like Grandpa would wear before he went to Heaven my last birthday time Grandpa was tall too, & the Edwardian straw with his old school ribbon band of Dr Bells Academy Greenwich had him an old fashioned appearance...

& he was a comforting happy making sight to see … for we all had much HORROR come to us from Monsters of the Deep on the seafront ...

I try convey this to Andre-Georges-Andrew- But he said he did not want to draw attention to himself & wanted something to hide underso chose a slinky tobacco coloured fine straw trilby as I had seen men wear in JEANs country South America the last two years our eight months away from HORRORS - & it only cost two shillings here at Clacton Gift Shop ..

He, Georges or Andre or Andrew ... to be called what we like now as he feels safe ... went around the hat stand out side the Gift Shop leaning this way and that like a sea Merman or even a delicate bull-rush on the marshestrying the hats on before choosing- I was a little disappointed it was so cheap & a big slinky gangsters of the films up to something If I said about seeing these hats in South America then he did not believe it was true but my going to the Movies & falling asleep as he now has experience of - but perhaps I say`th it to myself for I am told to not worry him with my life when he must think & write again perhaps - he hath a new-book being published everywhere - Mans Hope - after SPAIN & BLOOD 1936 - it is a book men like to read says Harry to Winnie in the autumn when she returns from holidays with cousins at St Annes Liverpool ...

1937 Summer - We arrived back from this afternoon of hee & mee VERY LATE & it was not known we had gone ON THE TOWN -

I in a white frock & green coat-black patent shoes white socks-straw hat Granny Mary Helena has made me with some little daisies on it

… white bag on strap across my chest & full of money from Granny-Harry & Augusta-that-sweet-grey-girl a Frobisher who gives me a monthly little account for school things & such matters as this

Nota bene : JIM & Lindsay 14 killed horribly Augusta`s 15 years old adopted daughter in ROME - she was returning with her Cello- THEY WANT ALL OF AUGUSTAs MONEYSAUGUSTA Frobisher is cousin from Napier & Ettrick lines to Millie Frobisher my grandpa Ransoms mother

coming 7 pm Stella stars/our hostess & Freddie-Theatre are by the kitchen tables of the generous kitchen … a sort of living room for everyday meals … They were to call out “ You monkeys - we thought you must be still sleeping - & it was only when JO got up we found you gone - we were thinking of sending out the search party, you monkeys (Andre & Greetha are monkeys from now on )

JO did not mind - she was able to rest - write - & think what she will wear for The Dancing .

She Josette says “Greetah has made him so good - I do

not recognise him ... IN THE DAYLIGHT ”

1937 - Theres a lot of boogie-woogie blues played at this time -

very cheerful music … Mead Lux Lewis & Albert Ammons - & the Master YANCY - Wirelesses are on all day or seldom off … but turned low if theres conversation - I am born in the age of BBC 1931 - I have the Radio Times of 1933 - unfortunately my birth year has the rise of Hitler - ...

We had come in well after 6.30 pm for he ANDRE did not want simple tea in the tiny Geisha tea shop with pink & white coconut pyramid cakes so special where Aunt Winnie & I take lady friends - but a big place he say`th ... as he holding my small strong hand looks into the tiny cafe in a discrete road from the seafront - in ten years I shall be almost as tall as he - But a BIG PLACE for tea for just us two ... is causing some small anguish to my code of Grote-Ransom-Weddell care of moneys for personal use ! But he is my guest ... so he older than me should decide ...

He explained he wished for a big place where he might sit & study people . thus we had a High Tea a place named Cordys when he cometh the WIDOWER early Summer 1945 -

The food will be described later - it is a very pleasant menu for late afternoon in summer - & he liked me curtseying- as I always do when in a frock - but never in my usual weekday garb when out of school uniform - I do not curtsy in the shorts made for me in Scotland in our Pirn Mill on Arran - they are tough - but I bow sometimes with hands neatly folded behind my back

Greetings suitable for a young heir to respond with -

I am taught thus - my role as HEIR to MARGARETHE GIRL OF THE SNOWS For this afternoon ON THE TOWN I had changed into my Sunday or duties & invitations clothes & am a girl - & I like frocks but not when Lennie & I are FLYING UP TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER or to THE WEDDELL SEA almost … FOR A COFFEE ICE CREAM !

CHARNAL HOUSE - Hearse Martyrs - Lennie & I sold this Pirn Mill to Uncle Grandison in 1938 as he has the skills-but everybody agreed we retain the ground as Grote-Ransom Estate - a Dr Miss Bunty Grandison-Reptiles-British Museum Natural History in the 1960s talks of him as `Uncle Frank`-

… she is another who died too early - JIM & Lindsaybuggarhs Earls & Mengele Harrington learned of her distant relationship & her knowledge

1970s Reports/ & Lists 1987 onwards of the VICTIMS…aboard the HEARSE to the CHARNAL HOUSESso slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN, people who take care of the ESTATE continues - FOR DOUGH & LANDS, buildings … investments especially transport, technology, science, welfare ...

` A HOB GOBLIN ` an eminent person says of JIM JONG dirty JIM now Cur JAMES ... recalling his presence in the decades 1920-1970 ...

` A NASTY LITTLE HOB GOBLIN he would suddenly appear -

creep into your home when your wife was alone - find his way to a child`s bedroom ... tell lies - say the child had asked him to call ~

... MALRAUX should have recognised that his sons were being interfered with early on - REMOVING THEIR MEMORIES to interfere with their education - an old trick of penniless Noble Britain ... destroy the children & isolate the parents ... it is blood curdling what they were doing with drugs to harm those they could get money & lands from !

Both the Harrington (Mengele`) pair were skilled at this ...

& all those who were tolerated in high circles in the 1920s onwards ... `

1957 November - St Edmunds House - ANDRE-George

he is reading his notebooks one evening to GREETAH Ransom - & re-tells that afternoon we slipped away Summer 1937 & had a High Tea at 6 pm at `Cordys ` … after a very full afternoon in town, on pier, & riding donkeys at Holland-on-sea … & everybody commenting on us `AROUND THE TOWN … Jo taking a well earned rest after Spain … `

“ … acting as my wife - Oh yes you were - you were ! All that afternoon ...

`Georgie MALRAUX-Gov-Sir-Andre` of Scarlet Town ... but the SHINING great TOWER called ANDRE MALRAUX when he first arrives each fortnight from PARIS ... He say`th to me age 24 years of age young enough to tremble badly at my childish manners - “ I have it here in my notebooks - & there is more to tell Madame ! ” … says Man of Gaul - Aragorn King of Kings … to a very in love 24 years old -

... to whom he knows he is Guardian - from a letter written by Margaret Grote October 1937 - & he replied YEA ! & his name was written in the LEGAL WILL of her Estate THOMAS GROTE HOMES & the RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts encircling the globe A-Z ... disapproved of by Lindsay Premier EARLS of Gross Britain & Mr JIM JONG a nasty little HOB GOBLIN & his travelling companion ANGELA with Scandinavian in-laws since 1923 ... all of them pimping on the Estate since in their teens ... some of their parents too ...

1957/1958/1959 Mengele & Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R are boozing mornings at dirty Jim Cur James private office- WHITES CLUB - a Vice Club - They are back in old haunts - Savoy etc - the marble halls of their youth - enter by back doors - leave arrogantly by the front - KUDOS -

Payment Crown Office or some Rooms Whitehall - CASH TILLS ring open as they pass by & in they put in a PAW & stuff back pockets saddle bags

... Phil the Greek is scared his mother-in-law Angela may get exposed ...

& he is told to be slippery & try in secret silence grab half this overseas ESTATE where IT IS IN THE WAY OF BRITISH TRADE ... They are all HIGH on dopes/sometimes addicts to Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up the snout/ & mixing LSD... they have Mr Mengele HARRINGTON a spoof doctor to mix them Cocktails of Dopes ... they can knock their memories out after mad parties ... Mengele can use them as puppets on strings ...

...THEY HAVE NO EDUCATION as the humanists of the world recognise it ... they have NO BREEDING ... they are loutish in their leisure pursuits ... they know the GROTE CHILDREN were slain horribly so they could all HAVE LOTS OF DOUGH ...

1950s-1960s - Its a raw-RAW-raw world Upper-crust London Town-Scarlet Town - they are criminally insane ...

You would not think there had been a War listening to them -



18th century-early 19th

1756-1840s - West GREENLAND - GOOD PEOPLE-

Jacop eldest son of POUL Gronlander & his Carlisle wife Margaret Yates - his letter `on father`s death` is reproduced in

4 Vols. History of Greenland - Finn Gad 1968 -1970s -

1765 - “ Jacop eldest child is 15 when his father dies in the accidental shooting - POUL was teaching a Company employee to fire the new gun - Jacops brave little mother Margaret of the gold curls the blue eyes had taken a rowing boat to rescue some children - they all drowned - POUL Catechist, trader, scholar, was away at the time

Their 5 children were orphans - JACOP with help from elders of the COMMUNITY & Church West Greenland took charge - saw to a good education continuing - His father had left him very well off ”

Jacop was not tall like father POUL who is 6 feet 5 inches, he was dark haired & not with his mother`s golden curls … Jacop a boy raised in a rarefied Gotharb West Greenland household with literature in several languages - at the forefront of medicine so far as the 18th century could - his parents believing in the botanical - not the animal cures - Jacop, he an 18th century enlightened youth - He Jacop had a certain amount of CARE WORK for his fathers Religious community ... & he was helped in this by the elders

1779 - “ Age 29 years eventually he went to Noroway to train for the Priesthood himself - he was 29 years when he felt he could think about his own career but by then hed a broader mind - he had a belief in hypnotic markers for the brain - a form of SELF DISCIPLINE ” Ransom Poulsen families/Dr JRR

“ but, Jacop, hed been left too young - & with cares - to have the brilliance of POUL & the culture of Margaret - nevertheless it was all there in his early learning - & it is to Gertrud his only daughter he will in abundance hand it on She is the figure in several Delacroix paintings noticeably in Sardanapulus (Louvre Paris) where she is the exotic figure with indigo veil she is also painted as Saintly figures ” & by other painters France possibly Russia in her mature years -


Read by him on NIGHT WATCH - January 1960

Colne Engaine/Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/1961

“ He married ... Monica - Norwegian father & a French mother.

We read in letters hear from Margareth ` her mother, Monica`s mother, all French & was `a bit of a maniac - but disciplined & of good stock - she brings the dark hair into the family again ` The Poulsens` have it 20th century - but we go fair because of F.R. ... although he marries black haired Gertrud - except for IVY Jean who has the black eyes the black hair & a delicate stature of Gertrud & our mother JEAN - So we are North & South Poles - Arctic & sub-arctic as Antarctica is called then ”

“ Jacop has his children well educated - a humanist broad education they acquire, holy, but a certain input of the Arts-music-theatre-ideas from the world outside Greenland … not just the Classicism-science-nature & holy work of his parents household - Yet Poul & Margaret with the dolls gave performances of Shakespeare plays & POUL WROTE HIS OWN HAMLET the Greenlanders always came to the same conclusions as Shakespeare but they liked to chew a play over ... taking a week or more `