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“ But the devotion to nature - the commonsense understanding of a world shared with other forms of life - the dependency of all nature was born in them - it had been passed on from father Jacop from his parents they never met - He brings them, his children, to Greenland several times a year - they are fiercely Greenland citizens ... Tutors come with them ... they have attendance some Norwegian Schools ... EDUCATION was prominent in Jacop`s mind from when he was left a young boy in charge of the family & his father`s flock ” ...

“ JACOP knew of the life of his father POUL before he was orphaned by disease ! His parents - especially his tiny mother - a girl an Eskimo a little bit French - who reads Lucretius - & spoke on astra-physics & matter to her small son POUL before she died when he was 7-8 years of age - her parents went travelling two or three times to Europe taking she - Venice we hear about ”

“ It is this independence of thought that will have his daughter Gertrud ELOPE with the young `Millionaire` FRED RANSOM ” ...

( He & his brother JOHN own 19 acres under New York - that `parcil of land` their father bought when Antigua was becoming lawless & he felt the happy domestic homestead with CAIN their second son could no longer be the main home -

(his 4 children are - Fred - CAIN - John - & a sister - who married & went to live in California - )

` JACOP in 1770 age 20 years old … he is given the Island ` for father`s death ` Jacop was determined to have church - College - holy work begun - His children were all fiercely Greenlanders - hoping for Independence - they dressed in Eskimo garb or Western clothes - in Great Britain only Western clothes~ JACOP is half British … a family of Carlisle - good stock - a Frenchwoman married into them some way back - but otherwise all British stock SEA PEOPLES ”

Nota bene: All these people joining their lives are very well humanist educated - tolerance is a feature - HUMANISM ! They ACT THE GOSPELS OUT. They are all of SEAS people ancestry -

1820s WEST GREENLAND - there sailed into Jacopsholmen Island below Disco, off a 2 hours sail from Xristensharb, The RANSOM brothers of Montrose Farm East British coast ... they with many Estates around the globe Fred & John ... they had lost their parents to tragic accidents recently - the parents in their early years - RANSOM main line had distant kin Greenland - had documents their histories back to Icelandic Saga centuries - “ ... & could count their ancestors & the Ransom Brides on their fingers - as they counted their crew ” ...

` Old Jacop inclined to the aesthetic & Christian holiness & humanist learning was only anxious to get a Church & a College up for his father POUL GRONLANDER upon the Island granted for this but he was running out of finance » ...

“ Jacop very holy, did not at first approve the Plans the RANSOM boys put forward for workshops on his Island - but he had NOT his father POULs skill with moneys & trading ... & had been raising his own family on his father`s Capital - But a furniture shop began 1830 - the oak ballast lay about the shores from previous centuries - the RANSOM BOYS had to remind Jacop - that CHRIST WAS A CARPENTER ”

“ An enamel works got going as pots & pans were in great demand for cooking - but after a short time F.R. discontinued it - technology not good enough - he returned to metal pans and utensils - Began to think about a BELL ... his scrap metal pile was growing ... he seriously began to think about a GIGANTIC BELL for the Church & they would have time keeping on the island - the bell would be heard for miles … He explained to Jacop. JACOP had his bell made ! I am not sure if he was still alive - but he saw the designs & heard how the technology would proceed. It was a tremendous achievement to make such a great Bell up there ... in the snows ” ...

“ FRED RANSOM explained to Jacop his father-in-law that they had to have a community & educated support coming from other nations - or the Danes would walk in & take the island even Norway was becoming unpleasant over JACOP owning the Island ”

The age wanted profit & had lost the enlightenment of the 18th century MUCK & MONEY was the rule ”

... 1967 December - Captain Alan Villiers describes the Island & its cultural life- before the British Imperial scum set about having the first bell cast in Greenland cut up in the 1940s-50s

I Greta Ransom, great-great grand-daughter Fred Ransom & Gertrud nee Poulsen, saw the early photographs of F.R. beside the BELL - it is much higher than him - & the OX is there - they used OX in the Xmas Plays - a second theatre was by the shores - a natural theatre using the landscape - this was for winter lights performances - here F.R. heated the open air seats - I think it must have been with pipes & hot water electricity was used from very early & the first electric shovel to put in pylons for the experimental building for the first two Colleges

... Delacroix sailed up from Bordeaux & painted in the church - & inside the door ! The Angel ! That was stolen & chewed over in a magazine mid-20th century ! The article stated it must have been a door.

Thus Gross Britain & Denmark Imperial brutes robbed Greenland of a great parts of its 18th- 19th century histories - because they did not want THE UNIVERSITY GOING UP on the accessible JACOPSHOLMEN island with it mild summers - it would mean recognition of GROTE HOMES RANSOM-GRONLANDER Estates ... & also interfere with greedy PROFIT - THE HISTORIES would again be KNOWN OF THE ISLAND IN THE SNOWS ... the violent crimes against the de Salle Family 1939 of Paris would not then fade away ...

1938/1939 - It was carefully PLANNED to grasp in secret silence at the greatest piece of philanthropy GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 PARTS -Reserves-Sea shores of the world & education to 18 years for children A-Z the globe - This is an Estate agreed by those independent small nations outside of Gross Britain & Scandinavia ... these small nations had such violent arrogance from Gross Britain ... from the top of its CLASS PYRAMID !

1830s - Gertrud eloped to PARIS with FRED RANSOM - she so dark haired he so fair - “ ... her eyes were as diamonds in the Northern skies... ” married blue-turquoise eyes - `Jacops Ladder` a long autobiography by F.R. after Gertruids death -

I G.R. Summer 1960 am jeered at ` that it is all burned `- but some is recovered say Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960s -

“ They have been killing people & children with sadistic hate envy & racism for money for DOUGH ”

they remove gravestones-documents-homes-photos-but hide a collection designed by FRAUDESTERS to GET THEM CLEARED OF THIS GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND ”

“ Photographed are in secret taken by ESKIMO in the 1950s when the criminally insane were caught at lewd behaviour & their abuse at the two survivors of Family de Salle. They did not stop the imprisoning of the Poulsen de SALLE two girls ... thrown into the Arctic WINTER XMAS tide 1939 with their parents & 2 baby brothers soon dead All `this to be lost in smutty jokes - “ not virgins yah know-related to Eskimo Nell ” ... etc etc

More vulgar sniggers were recorded at the 3rd drink in a Vice barWHITES or the others What was called `Perverts Corner` in these Clubs had become 20th century the refuge of a handful of humanists

the rest of the BARS were Mr PONG & LINDSAYBUGGARHS Fraud-theft-obscene speech about MALRAUX de Gaulle & Greetha Ransom & familiesheir & Guardian & a humanist-

1830 onwards - THERE WAS A PLAIN reason for the Elopement -

young Fred Ransom knew the British would object to he a rich young man marrying a girl with foreign ancestry. To Gertrude it was the romantic FLIGHT that caught her imagination ... she a modern holy aesthete - reading poems, talented in music, a rich young girl with several languages who `put back in nature all she took out`

The BRITISH would INTERFERE, of course, with a RICH YOUNG SEA-TRADER - MARRYING an ESKIMO ! - & they would fast get objections at Noble & Diplomatic level ... who would be told to stop such a marriage - even bring some charge & LOCK the YOUNG RICH MAN UP ! & if so then all his WEALTH put in the CLAWS of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT !

- theyd an eye on all rich young sea traders in Gross Britain !

The racism of Gross Britain at the TOP was disgusting ~ nowhere in the globe was it so harsh & GREEDY !

But our dear sweet Gertrud got 4 weddings - 4 frocks - 4 rings …` & this pleased Old Jacop her father - keen on these things …`

He old JACOP ( b 1750 first child POUL & Margaret ) had intended his only daughter make a HIGHER MARRIAGE ... & not to a BRITISH MAN ... Gertrud pleased her father Jacop with her learning from him that he learned from his parents ... her HUMANISM & care for her PEOPLE & HER LANDS had her given as DOWRY the Island of her Grandfather POUL Jacop Poulsen had thought of a HIGHER marriage in Norway perhaps, or on the Continent - her brother is already Count Poulsen of Norway -

The PLAY SEASON began late 1830s - the theatre built as a tall sailing ship is ... superb craftsmanship ...

Examined 1920s/1930s by many fine sailors-architects-& Alan Villiers & seamen Ship construction - he knew what he was doing Peter ” ... Then a tier added - & then the gilding after theyd all seen RIENZI ... Richard Wagner`s Opera in a small German Theatre - PLAYS were always Ancient Classics, Shakespeare, even Schillers The Robbers - to please the young ! Performed in several languages - Latin & Greek/... some ancient plays & some Medieval were experimented with - Miracle Plays & Asian pieces too ”

“ Poul`s Hamlet - he set about a complete play he had extended the endings of some of the Shakespeare plays ...

It was ` for the Greenland mind` ... The Eskimo ... they liked to take a play over 2 weeks - stopping & starting - asking questions ” ...

19th century Jacopsholmen Theatre Playbills ... that I, G.R., saw as a child were all disapproved of by Gross Britain & Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs - 1937/1939 JIM expected to be handed them by SHEshe to BURN on the Clacton beaches ! He would threaten her Teresa Gordon R. with his piping squeaking phrases about “ ANGELA says ... ”

& add that the Nobles would come & be severe on her Teresa if she did not hand all to him for “ MAJESTY ” !

JIM PIMP on the PIN refers to the NOBLES of RACISM who live by violent theft - using the Institutions of Gross Britain to perform their evil ... they are always short of DOUGH ...

1957 October - Mr Mengele Harrington & Teams - he a sentenced paedophile 1930s - has us listened to by Naval Intelligence now getting really crafty tapping-bugging houses, cars, workplaces ... They have a Peter Wright “ down there - has done Science...”

… Comes some advance technology for SPIES `

ANDRE MALRAUX has to leave 50 Lancaster Gate Square & go to Gaul every few days ... then he returns some days later - When he is away we are all vulnerable in the lovely home he tries give us 50 Lancaster Gate Square - MALRAUX is likely to get an appointment in the coming FRENCH REPUBLIC Government 1958 of General de GAULLE -

... these Noble British true blues would dearly like to tumble all Malraux & de Gaulles chances - but SPYING UPON THEM in France/the frogs might be more fun & PROFIT - floating currencies & FUNhunting big game GOES ON

1957 October ... A DECREE is read out in WHITES Club -

JIM had his SUN-UPPERS at 9.30am - Kenya style meetings of EMERGENCY

... “ MALRAUX is to be the patient of Doctor Harrington as The Crown does not wish him to hold OFFICE in FRANCE & we can then deal with de GAULLE ... who is always in our way Gentlemen »

( ref. to Mengele paedophile ) “ Greeta Ransom is to be made appear a fool & called nasty names. & she has to be made immoral ... blah blah blah ” ...

... THESE MEETINGS began & finished with an alcoholic toast early morning as Kenya style ... “The Sovereign Gentlemen”

( GR is to be made IMMORAL ... like nearly all of their own wives who put a leg up for a diamond bracelet or a dirty weekend trip to New York ) Len & Greetah know their worth 1930s

The Ape-Eskimo Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM & The GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX, he about to get a POST in the FRENCH GOVERNMENT GAUL have been seen striding TALL about LondiniumSOMEBODY IS GOING TO HAND MALRAUX that WILL there are still many copies in odd places the GLOBEevery Grote Home had a printed courtesy copyevery investment1937/1938...

Nota bene : 20th century history :

MALRAUXs POST/mail has been stolen by Gross Britain Government Lords Nobles & Crown since end November 1937/ XMASTIDE now the trestle tables back of Buckingham Palace can rip open the RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDER & MALRAUX Christmas Greetings from the free world NATIONS A TO Z who are the MAKERS, the creators, of the Joyous Venture & GROTE HOMES

Old hookers & FIGURES from a MORGUE are penniless & constantly PASS the FIX/ the syringe/scarlet cups/

1950s - The Catholic residence & Mission St Edmunds House 50 Lancaster Gate Square we do not know is WIRED c/o Naval Intelligence bilge rats etc - We know we are followed about Scarlet Town/see G.R. Reports & others including Malraux/ FOLLOW THEM EVERYWHERE says JIM & his ORCS - reports on his violence-kidnapping-blackmail all the 1920s-50s-are gathered /


SO IT CAN TEACH THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD HOW TO BEHAVE Whack fol-di-diddle - Mary Gordon 1916 sang first performance in Britain -she knew the young composer S. Ireland -

... 1957 - Unrest over RACISM is heard about The Scarlet Town & on buses early mornings when I go to hear HIM a Preacher in shirt sleeves at Southwark Cathedral 6.30am Workers Mass by a river & ancient steps … when I come from the great Museums & queue for a bus ... some few times 1957 November-December ANDRE MALRAUX steps from the shadows at Oxford Circus & we return home down the road together ...

... I am a normal young girl of my times book of POEMS in a pocket about Londinium I go & I Greetha Maureen Caecaelia young Madam X hath a young Emperor come from GAUL Andre-Georgie MALRAUX ... he has said November 1957 he will have those 15 children & looks forward to leading them across the Park to the French School ... again we try to have a normal life ... GUARDIAN & HEIR ...

but still unknown to they ...

WE HAVE LOST 10 YEARS from the marriage day ” says ANDRE MALRAUX (granted by ` young Paccelli ` 17th April 1947)

( EVIL is always about us for we who do not know of GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE every kind of Noble Gross Britain thug is earning big extra moneys -

1957 November - Aunt Murgatroyd Ethiopian Missionary would like to have us call on her in LONDON but NO POST IS ANSWERED by MALRAUX at his splendid home 50 Lancaster Gate Square ...

(... she is my girl in the russet silk bridal gown of 1936 when she came with the famous Spanish Cross & to comfort me…)

No TELEPHONE CALLS answered by ANDRE MALRAUX to London or to his FRENCH Place in PARIS ... then Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON was sent into her home by JIM & his Crowns …they will SEDATE HER ! Their old trick !

This is she who SUMMER 1937 had all RANSOM family away in SPAIN upon a rescue of her only child ... which became THE BLOODIEST MATTER IN SPAINWhen EARLS OF LINDSAY The British Government & Crown & Nobles burned in marmalade her 22 years old son a Coptic scholar who ran this Estate they own & the little marmalade factory that gave employment locally

IT is by the SHORES of SPAIN

Life at Lancaster Gate Square 1957/59 & onwards I G.R. am reminded of the City of London 1960s ... & others come to assist 1960 ghost house team Colne Engaine/Engayne-

Old Mengele - did not work in the War (W. War 2nd) - but spied on people - he was EMPLOYED BY A RING OF MEN ” ...

- further report - that he headed a Scientific Institute as Director - he has DEFINITELY NO SCIENCE TRAINING at all

Mengele escapes the LAW 1950s - His crimes include hit & run deaths & paedophilia with violence - clearly he has kudos -

1949 - Harold Macmillan to be arrested for theft of paintings & art works from properties owned by the USA GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate - documents given by Greece showing he was BANNED for LIFE from Greece by its Parliament in 1934 for the same attempted crime ... He claimed in a false American voice to be a representative for GROTE BROKERS ... called a penniless British noble ... Appears to have got away with it ... RECORDS: Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960/1961 onwards ...

1938 -1945 onwards - RECORDS Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960/1961 onwards -

“ GROTE HOMES CHILDREN SLAIN & hunted down ... have to keep quiet ... the few left ...

... but the JOYOUS VENTURE the great piece of philanthropy formed by RANSOM FAMILIES is still in place world wide ...

... even though the EMI biggest shares holding was dirtied by Earl Lindsay family - claiming it for a faceless woman Angela now a MEGLOMANIAC because like her friend mother of the legal HEIR their NOBLE MEN are making off with too much DOUGH -

Aluminium Shares stolen - little Captains of Industry will not want any interviews here ...

The Legal ESTATE has VAST WEALTH piling into BANKS as CASH ... but Noble NORWAY & Denmark keep themselves from it ... it is stolen every three months by British Crown in name of a woman who has an invisible face & her in-laws ... “

More records found in Essex /horrible violence/Hospital records & others... / Reports on the ABUSE of the children of Frederick John Ransom born 1933 & 1938 by the mother `s Noble chums & JIM ... LITTLE ugly HOB GOBLIN he is called now by several people ” ... Essex Records found 1960 : Arthur Malone/Phil Silverlee/Pat MacDrew/ Markham-Makepeace & Fiona Funnula MacDonald Matron ...

“ Records from Diaries / Margarethes father Fred Ransom of Jacopsholmen island & the tall master family ship Mary Rose ... knew old Grand-daddy Westinghouse, grandpa of Ben - theyd invent things in a shed in Germany 19th century - ... WE FIND - Norwegian-Scandinavian holdings-bank balances-assets-were stolen after 2nd World war ”

`Reports/accounts/diaries/letters/ the meeting of secret silence Len & I covered 1938 end of season Cowes - 15 daring minutes until the Ransom family & others could get in other end to listen to the violent villains determined to murder all heirs & ANDRE MALRAUX - We listeners were not seen~& Greetha Miss North & South Poles got out of the open kitchen window to Lennie safely what I heard & passed to LIR/FJR/Uncle Mainwarring/others`

Mr Floating Currency off-shore.Mr prefers Blondes really.Mr Pong of course & the Lindsay he goes around with the two little Evil jack-in-the boxes. Mr Put them in RED`Mr I shall soon be a Cur``Mr Imperial Morgue`

1960s - Catalogue made for & by Andre Malraux -

“ Margaret Ransom Grote had more art works than the Louvre in the orphanages (Grote Homes) educating to 18 years ... & in the private residences & accommodation attached for visiting family & scholars to come & stay ... ” Andre Malraux

1937 SUMMER - & there is the proposed LINCOLN visit being spoken of as we APPROACH THE LEAVE TAKING that hath to come -

then a discussion of visiting a Monument at Lincoln that ANDREs mother told him of - saw a photograph of as a girl ... & visited or the mother of her father didI was not sure He & Jo will go & explore. Then unbelievable joy descends in my heart ... for I am invited ... & may go by agreement Mary Gordon Granny -

Granny Gordon says to Andre “ ... & Yeh know the child inherits so she must not be left in a room alone - she must stay in the accommodation of you & your young lady - /she clearly believed ANDRE had been told of matters by our hostess, Unitys mother/

Granny Mary Helena will not come to Lincoln for she wants to stay near George-Grandpa in his grave - so new spring 1937 - ANDRE understands I have to be taken care of ... & that she a Widow doth not wish to leave her husband - He young man brought up by 3 Graces who are French & Italian born Catholics... is IN CHARGE of JO & Greta/Greetha -

We will go to Lincoln at the end of this SUMMER visit in a week or so THERE HAS then TO BE A LEAVE TAKING - I shall soon be back at school they tell me - It is all nicely arranged.

1977 - LIR - ANDRE MALRAUX FAMILY MONUMENT - LINCOLN CATHEDRAL seen 1937... Len whom I doth not know - he disappeared in 1939 says after Andre MALRAUXs death do you remember a monument on the right hand side as you entered - the Lincoln Cathedral - it was to his family - one who rescued others at sea - the Lowlands name was spelt Malr-joo-& other manners - as we Sea traders prudently do render the name into the vernacular although here it is the original Netherlands spelling MALRJOO - the early Malraux branch they sail with us 1600 - 1630 from Bordeaux

Memo : G.R to LIR 2008 AD - ancestry ANDRE MALRAUX

on his mothers line is Histon & Wake-somethingother names They fished & lived East Anglia often The Wash - Dwelt near Kings Lynn & near to Saxmunden HALL but may have owned this Medieval times when they became well-off for awhile - They are about The Thorpes said Mr Poulter/this is on the Norfolk coast -

... His mother`s ancestry reaches back to 9th century - Fishing/Traders/owning some lands here & there - Then there is a Somerset branch from 17th-18th century - H.W. Poulter Colchester Museums had this information - I hath a little more in some records

Did his Fathers line Malraux et al - also come fishing/trading this area The Wash - so important a fishing grounds in Medieval times - along the East Anglia coast - Ships sail in from The Lowlands - where the Malraux line roots are. Histories of Continental Refugees-Fens drainers-Dutch Wars - branches of MALRAUX via females/Brides/ may have come in to fish-trade-settle after the Dutch Wars -

1953 onwards - Mengele Doc Harrington MADNESS :

Doctor Harrington ... b 1912-exterminated 1992... is ablaze & dripping venom 1954 - his friendship with Phil the Greek had him able to slither about Cambridge ... HE declared he had begun a project to show the faults in DNA - GENETICS … The exciting 1953 proclamation of DNA at Cambridge University had Mengele paedophile Royal Satrap Harrington obtain documents wrested from O.S. Office & he began to hastily tear at GRAVES - he was disturbed by the casual approach of JIM pre-war - JIM had to understand ALL TRACE of the Apes & Eskimos had to be burned ! … Mengele Harrington began switching pauper bodies from an ancient London cemetery into some graves he feared …

Many good people, some descendants, feared for JAMES WEDDELL buried in Saint Clement Danes 1960s CITY of London had misgivings about THUGS representing the NOBILITY able to dig up graves … 1961 - Millie Frobisher murdered 1897 & her husband JOHN RANSOM murdered 1890 had their grave `gone missing` … it came back re-carved for a `Millicent Myrtle Murgatroyd` … AN OLD MAN who walked his dog 20 years in this Cemetery London OBJECTED … he was visited by JIM & Noble THUGS … London Country Council seemed GA-GA about the matters …

ANDRE MALRAUX ANCESTRY -We saw the plaque of bronze colour September 1937 - it had a scene of the rescue depicted I think - It was in Lincoln Cathedral right hand side aisle towards the Altar -

“ MALJAUX/Maljoo/a dead brave sailor ? He saved his comrades late 18th/early 19th centuries ”

H.W. POULTER, Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums had all your ancestry at his fingertips from your visits 1953/1954 … when with QUAKERS of Colchester & Essex you would go exploring those EAST ANGLIA lands of ancient histories … & YOUR OWN ancestry FROM YOUR MOTHER … her long line Histon reaching to 9th century AD … The Wash Norfolk/Lincolnshire to Saxmundham Hall 18th-19th centuries