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... Black orphans went to New York !

or Boston - & off-shore - wise not to confront at that time -

but TEACH humanism - let Grote students show their very human qualities to the people about them -

(quote from ANDRE MALRAUX - “ display GOSPELS ACTED OUT ”

“ 1880s - The Dialogue with the Roaring Arab Clerics is successful : Tiggy invited them to Baltimore for a visit-they stayed in Baltimore 2 years- saw more of America- were delighted with manners & hospitality-The Arab prince agreeing with Tig was perhaps relieved to have them away - they returned the roaring radicals within reason

`Yes, girls should enter Grote too-separate HOMES` nation did not chop

hands off anymore ” ...

1960 - Above is Dr John Ray Ransom/with Family records/Colne Engaine


1936-1938 - Aunt Margareth girl-of-the-snows often instructs me Greetha by phone after speaking with Daddy FJR ...

Nota bene : Say-eth she - “ Thomas-Tiggy would say if there was hesitation from some people to be involved in the Joyous Venture ...` Oh do not bother to pack - just bring your servants - my wife is rich - we will get what we want on the way & when we arrive ”

1937/38 - Margaret Ransom Grote -

“ I had to learn to TRADE with Daddy - Thomas we heard had left us shoeless & my Grote in-laws were ashamed of himso they gave him the almost 4 acres - it is under Central Park ” ...

... “ Daddy taught me all I know - I am sending you my Manuel 1909 a bit out of date - in the East they use these old fashioned shipping terms & the etiquette is the same ” XMAS 1937/38

Margareth girl of the snows a Goddess : Ransom Estates & GROTE HOMES provided gentle progress for all peoples of the earth 1864 onwards - She & Tig & the families who are us put the JOYOUS VENTURE swiftly into place Penniless Gross Britain & Scandinavia FIGURES eyed it from their MORGUES & Houses of Assassins -

1880s - `TIG & the one HOME that got CORRUPTION going `

“ He heard…so Thomas Tiggy called on them & began in his good hearted way sitting himself on the ground with his haversack

`I hear you have got corruption in No do not worry I am most interested let us talk ”

“... They did talk for 2 weeks non-stopafter that they were become a SERMON ON THE MOUNT to their neighbours for 100 miles that way & 150 miles that way- they may have become a trial ...

JEAN Weddell RANSOM ballerina ... is speaking to her grand-daughter Greeta Ransom her last Summer 1938 - LETTERS from JEAN

1938 - My father FJR said “…they might have become a bit of

a trial with their strict moralityhe must ask Aunt Margaret…

& of course they were taken to see Baltimore IN USA - TIGGY would say that you could live like this if you kept corruption out

... I Greta companion of ANDRE & Josette last year ...

wondered if it was a nice place for CHRISTMAS then … `

That GROTE HOME thrived very well…with good works of Welfare & humanism for miles & mileschildren educated to 18/19 years, help for small schools, & everyone helping their neighbours -

1938 XMAS - The slaying of the GROTE children began - Demolition - of a HOME in Norway - children in seas -

1938 - A letter from England is read by an illegitimate son who

acted as Secretary to his father Norway - prince/king

it reads : “ … it is about, that Mrs Grote has died before her

time … & the GROTE HEIRS the Ransom children have proved they can run Grote we must therefore proceed in silence …

Additional information: part of Reports of the Grote HOME children Norway left on low beaches off shore - A planned barbaric crime of murder/ GENOCIDE /350 plus children ages 6 to 18 deliberately left to die - the high freezing winter seas coming in

REPORTS : /photos - witness Reports - came from Berlin January 1939 - Investigations in full were available 1960s -

1938/1939 - at this time Greetha says to LENNIE RANSOM


Nota bene : There is a person born mid-1920s whom Uncle Harry Gordon calls `Henry Hall` & Teresa Gordon (de Havilland) R. greedily eats Battenburg Cake after encounters with him Greetah Ransom has no idea whom he is amongst her `natural mistakes ` except I hear some puzzling remarks about an Edward/

... later a nasty criminal in A Houses of Perversions 1954

... I am born 1933 ~

It may be he, `HENRY HALL` who speaks with Colne Engayne ghost house team … 1960 in spring/summer COLCHESTER - & if so POLITAN/Arthur Malone is lead to believe I know of him

I may have seen him when I was 2 years old !

1960 January 2nd - onwards - ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE have IT IS BELIEVED begun to receive information upon the Guardianship of ANDRE MALRAUX - a French Citizen - of the Heirs & he made GUARDIAN to the GREATEST philanthropic ESTATE the GLOBE HAS EVER HAD

... but MALRAUX & de GAULLE , they LEGAL LACK DOCUMENTS … in January 1960 -

… The legal WILL 1937/38 sent to ANDRE MALRAUX giving his name as GUARDIAN is stolen 1938 May 17th Paris by the Gross British Embassy -

... handed to ANGELA her State Visit FRANCE JULY 1938 ...

with JIM & PREMIER Gross Britain & Scotland EARLS OF LINDSAY holding her Glasses of ABSINTHE … & pouring doped drinks called SIGN HERE ~ All old chums in CRIME since they were all KIDS IN THE STABLESearly 20th century

1960 Summer - Arthur Malone Detective reads from his Day Notebooks/ ( is this Master Henry Hall/Battenburg cake ? )

He says that he is certain his father did not agree this demolition the Estate & the killings - ( children Grote Home - & others the world )

He heard some slimy remarks about himself from the Gross Britain IMPERIAL cousins when they came visiting - One cousin was more interested in her new clothes than much else they spoke of him as `an odd job lot`… & he should NOT marry ! Otherwise he had grown up with no slights or hatred from his Father & his step-mother - They allowed his visits to his grandparents ” ( George Ernest Gordon & Mary Gordon … )

`YOU HAD TO KNOW THEM to understand the EVIL INFLUENCE they had on the young` J.F.

1961 - another Martyr c 1966/68 - & his mother summer 1960 -

The good soldier PATRICK MacDrew …

1942 - his family MARTYRS - the d`UFF MacDrew 900 years Essex Family of Castle Hedingham, heirs to NEWFOUNDLAND Estate & other seashores the globe, including Yugoslavia, Canada

Pat`s brother & his 2 children slain by 1942 :

1942 Spring, Pat MacDrew`s niece age 9 is in same Class as Greta Ransom at the Llewellen Road School, Headmaster Captain Leroy/Cyril Sharp House Folk Music/ Clacton-on-Sea …

1942 - 9 years old girl remaining HEIR IS murdered at Castle Hedingham - strangulation, on her way along a lane to choir practice … her mother & unborn child are in hospital … soon she aborted & dies …LINDSAY Premier EARLS of G.B. have to find DEATH DUTIES to pay for two EARLS, Numbers 12 & Earl 13 just dying - They found the MONEYS in their usual manner -

1942 - Lord LINDSAY soon Premier Earl 14 - came into our Clacton-on-Sea classroom a cold March morning & was INSULTING to both of us . He was surprised at her composure in her speech to him/ her brother & father have just been killed in this War ...

... I can see her in front of me...she, standing up in her desk, her hands behind her back, & is telling him

“ NO, HER TRUSTEES WOULD NOT ALLOW THE FACTORIES he proposed in Newfoundland on her inherited lands that were well cared for settlement, church, a CLEAN BAY …

... what Lindsay Monster & she exactly said ... is spoken clearly of later that morning by the middle-class Nonconformist boys !

She had NOT had her EDUCATION interfered with !

He showed his ANGER to us both & this had been noticed -

He had NO MONEY & wished to steal from our ESTATES was perhaps understood by all of us

... our Families are spied upon by G.B. INTELLIGENCE/run by LINDSAY gang/ since before we are both born in 1933 ... He began to bluster that she had to GIVE ALL HER ESTATE to the CROWN for the WAR EFFORT ... ( so he can pay his Death Duties ! )

See Reports/documents/1948 & 1960 :

“ The big black car left the back of Buckingham Palace pre-dawn … in it were Lord Lindsay, Mr JONG, a driver, & a man they were to give a lift to beyond Chelmsford ” ... “ The car was seen at Castle Hedingham soon after 8 am … by two Wartime All-Night Workers putting their bikes in their gardens, before entering their homes ”

Reports : 1948 Buckingham Palace records/USA State Department SPIES/ & 1960 Records/witnesses speaking to Detectives & Colleagues, Friends of ANDRE MALRAUX …

1960 January - Reference from Winston CHURCHILL/morning visit/ LINDSAY- a bloody nuisance since the PLANET began !

Churchill tells Philip Silverlee & others, he threw the pack of them LINDSAY ... OUT of BRITAIN c 1922

“... it was proved they had been killing people in Scotland & taking their lands & moneys ” ( they would ROB & kill abroad - foreigners ! )

1960 summer - Colne Engaine ghost house Team :

Came Patrick MacDrew - to help Arthur Malone detective & Philip Silverlee whom he knew 1930s in the seashore towns of Essex

Pat is Uncle of the Newfoundland heiress in same school Class as Greta Ransom winter-spring 1942 -

She 9 years old is murdered for her lands Newfoundland & other seashores by Lord Lindsay to be Earl 14, & Jim JONG his childhood chum driver of car is not given a name :

SHE WOULD SEE HER ATTACKERS as the big black car came alongside her as she cycled to her Choir practice that early Saturday morning - she knows them by sight all her childhood...on her family Visits to Clacton-on-Sea seafront... & Mary Gordon knows these MONSTERS ... & the MacDrew family ...

1960 - Colne Engaine - I GR , could not recall any of Uncle Harry Gordon`s 1930s friends…although they came some weekends or holidays & I saw them at my Gordon grandparents…perhaps taking a breakfast- a lunch- a Sunday dinner, or a tea

... or coming in late night Saturday after the DANCE as a gay party with fish & chips for a 11 pm supper I was 6 years 1939 when the 2nd World WAR came …

1945 after June - I had a half dozen memories of the 1930s - a few IMAGES of horror allowed by Teresa Gordon Ransom … she is a friend since childhood of a Witch called ANGELA…who CLAIMS our GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE & calls us APES & ESKIMOS - with JIM

All my MEMORY has been removed with DOPES-ACIDS … by PERVERTS who are acknowledged by their Upper Noble Class

MEMORY REMOVE is a nasty method used by HIGH CLASS SIN to get inheritances or QUICK DOUGH records of this go back into 19th century

1936-1939 - It is probably Patrick I called Sir Patrick Spens - Hed come to Catholic church to Benediction with us 1930s - he could follow my love of the Monteverdi `Stella Maris` sung & the church door flung open so we could hear the crashing of a wild sea on the Clacton beaches & lower promenade - if it was thus stormy weather …

1960/1961 … Patrick MacDrew is two months summer 1960

& again summer 1961 part of Ghost House Team - then helped Philip Silverlee & Arthur Malone in Canterbury & City of London 1962/1966 - Phil Silverlee for my 15th birthday sent me a big lipstick black/white-as seen in a Bogart-Bacall film-he got one

for his daughter too - she to be murdered 1960 May ...

PATRICK is killed in an Asian Prison 1966/68 ? by the filthy mouth of DOCTOR Mengele HARRINGTON Royal Satrap with Diplomatic Authority from Premier Earls LINDSAY filth etc etc & BILGE RATS of Norway & Denmark Houses of Assassins

They who now drip BLOOD & GORE MONEYS from the murders of GROTE HOMES RANSOM settlements & lands, & on-going persecution of other ESTATES - Mengele Harrington is often in tropical Asia chasing tiny boys in the seas/he has been documented in this/when he is accompanying NOBLES-

1938/1939 CHRISTMAS - The Norwegian Grote Homes children were put in winter on low lying sea beaches & left when the Tide came in Were there sniggers at Xmas Parties over this massacre … at their jazzy parties with DOPES & Absinthe Rum Benzedrine cocktails … & chants about `WE HAVE MONEY ` …

Photos & reports from 3 rowing boats came to us with the

news from BERLIN January 1939 - I hear my father on the phone “ … you can see 2 heads bobbing in the high waves ...

a 3rd child they could not rescue further off - the others had gone - died beneath the waves - swept away before they got out there … An airplane overhead was not known to be friend or foe ~

Clearly `young Paccelli ` has been told - & copies sent of

the photos sent from Berlin - GROTE Brokers Wall Street may have sent him a report ... Everyone was in SHOCK !

“ … Nazi Germany gave orders not to harm Tiggy Grote Homes, the children orphans, some motherless or fatherless , just a few had grandparents...THERE ARE NO JEWISH CHILDREN because they had their own arrangements for orphans …

... Education to 18 years or more is the rule... humanism & The Gospels Acted Out - The best of 18th-19th century German family values ... love of the heimat - German culture but also World Wide Culture … It is all breathed in Tigs Homes & 3 or 4 languages easily learned from 6 years old - The children raised to ` not fight ` but taught they might have to make an exception in the unknown - unforeseen - It would be a personal matter perhaps The children have no RACISM as Gross Britain ”

1939 January - ` OBJECTIONS from THE GUARDIAN are expected swiftly ! ANDRE MALRAUX - he should have this World public knowledge … A statement personally delivered by him to Wall Street ! FRANCE ?

Should not the world have warning of this barbarism ?

on the coast of NORWAY -


1939/1940 - I Greetha Ransom, remember hoping in my Prayers, that we would hear that other Norway GROTE HOMES children were saved …felt misery over the head of the child seen swept away…suffered horror that the rowing boats could not reach that child in a rough sea…imagined drowning...I prayed for this child I hoped she/he would be taken care of by the family of Granny Mary Helena in Heaven …

… My young Father Fred John RANSOM ( only 28 years old ) decided we were not to tell her sisters Bessie & Annie retired in a fashion

at `Stella Maris` Granville Road …

IT IS ALL far worse than the HITLER GANG are up to … & will get up to … this is a GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN, staff, settlements, craft & light industry workers in their safe housing & with retirement homes … so British Nobles & Scandinavia can have masses OF DOUGH …

1939 spring - EAST AFRICAN COAST - GROTE HOMES education

for black & lighter tones of skin orphan children - learning 3-4 languages, music, sports, a HUMANIST education to 18/19 years of age -

LEN Immanuel RANSOM age 18 years in October , is to FLY down East African coast in the spring 1939 with an older FLYER friend in another plane…they are to be guarded by good people on the Continent & they will land back in KENT…good people helping…

LEN flew back with REPORTS - Grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & I Greetah met LENNIE in … he was covered in white dust … THE GHOST BOY … they had hit Volcanic dust … `It is all over the cabins` he said … but looked so miserable … nodded grimly at Grandpa. Later Lennie said to me GR ` they are all dead … three Homes are missing all the children ...` THEY have killed Aunt Mag & now they kill the children …



1939 REPORTS : 3 AFRICAN GROTE HOMES - have all the children MISSING … but some are found dead…

The British did it & this is known to many intelligent persons called to investigate BUT THEY CANNOT STAND UP TO THE UGLY POWER OF GROSS BRITAIN wearing American Uniforms ? Those uniforms USA that I GR & Len my co-heir (OUR GUARDIAN known to be officially ANDRE MALRAUX) saw on the beds in the PALATIAL big Army Tent … ready for Mr Pong JONG & LINDSAYbuggarhs to put on to RAID in the PACIFIC…

...1950s - It was about London `that JIM knew about Pearl Harbour before it happened he had been boasting in his CUPS ` …

1937 - Nota bene : GUARDIAN chosen October 1937 :

MALRAUX accepted that month in a written letter to MARY GORDON .

ANDRE MALRAUX a free citizen of FRANCE - young writer aged 35 years GUARDIAN GROTE HOMES children alive & happy in their HOMES

… & functioning is the civilized GREEN PEACE Ransom Estate of so many Nations Seashores - Reserves - Mud Flats - Settlements - Forests - investments in TRANSPORT - workshops - all that is needed for a civilized life -GRANTS to sport - dance - music of every kind - science -schools - Churches … mostly everything … that is CIVILIZED

1939 January - My Father FJR wept in the Old Road House down from Great ClactonThere hath been so many killings from 1933 upon our kith & kin & GROTE HOMES - We must protect our young Apostle LENNIE coming 18 years (Dr Len Immanuel Ransom) his mother JEAN ballerina grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL The sub-arctic SEA is poisoned by these MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP end of the last summer 1938 - She my Grandmother the ballerina of Firebird & the famous dancer of The 3-cornered Hat - JEAN WAS STILL DANCING at her best …

1939 nearly March - we move to The House at the End of the Rec/recreation ground - 112 Vista Road Clacton on Sea - slightly rising ground leading to the Holland-on-sea cliffs - a gentle slope of the wild field used for Football Practice leads to the Valley Road , & that leads to the Summer HEIMAT of Clacton MAN & his Neolithic families … Do not turn off for the Cemetery1945 ANDRE goes to see MARY GORDON there & talk softly in his mind to her

1945 May - Arrives the tragic WIDOWER Colonel Andre Malraux

That Summer 1945I GR will begin to tell him again the local histories, & suggest we make a Camp here tooBUT the DEAD Josette`s BEACH is two stone-throws away

`Here they gathered shell fishes beneath the Holland Cliffs ` - where JOs BEACH is already named & a dear place to we three in 1937-

I have heard of her death winter 1944 & the letter may have come from Andre Malraux by December to his old friends Professor & Mrs WinclemannI HAVE NO MEMORY AT ALL OF THE PRE-WAR LIFE

I am not allowed to see my fathers letters by Mad Mother Kali

1944 - I find Professor Winclemann before Xmas turning a letter over in his hands & he tells me he is in grief for a dear friend … he has had his young wife killed - & there are children very young He & Mrs Winclemann have just come to settle by the sea This letter from Colonel Andre Malraux it must have come in a French diplomatic bag or via the Free French London

Mr Winclemann is a quite famous medical man Continental & London circleschildren in hospitals suffering trauma comes into his worka chauffeured car comes for him sometimes

He had said to me that I reminded him of a young friend who wrote booksthis was soon after we met in the REC Summer 1944 when he called out phrases to my Games of history

`Go forward-ride onYes we follow-We follow to the High Place of the Kings`He wore a hat with a feather which showed he was Austrian born I was toldhe & his much younger wife had their dear old dog that had been with them in Internment Camp Epsom Racecourseshe is English

1945 May - ` We have a hero at the Winclemanns home & chemist shop before War called `Murrays` HERO is come forth out of GAUL- My memory fades & goes - flutters -never is full

I am told by ANDRE MALRAUX many years on how Mr Wincleman told him the first day that he as Widower of Josette arrived

GO & SEE IF THE CHILDREN IN THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE RECREATION GROUND ARE SAFE - ANDRE ! ~ THE MOTHER IS A VIRAGO & goes to her titled friends in London - they seem to call her in - I want to get the daughter into a school abroad

... I would like you to help me

My unusual name was not spoken … Mr Winclemann calls me ELSA from Lohengrin …

The dear very kindly Winclemanns will name it thus -

The House at the end of the REC - They to be MARTYRS -

BASTARDS of the Noble Class : Nota bene : Henry Hall born c 1923 Norway/ she was calling herself Teresa de Havilland & her companion was MR JIMMIE JONG out for a dollar or two- a bag of Viking gold- Henry Hall had a 4 years old daughter murdered 1960-

he is not allowed any children by Noble Britain- all the escapes from Protestant abortion were to be neutered- his natural mother`s mother

is Catholic Mary Gordon-

THUS HE GOT LIFE - The Protestants always abort girls in trouble as

it may interfere with high Virgin marriage Gross Britain fashion -

So Mad Mother Kalis bastards got life- not so Angelas two abortions before marriage-there were no pillsJIM kills his mistakes early-one got to 14 & won a scholarship to a London school-so JIM poured acid in the boys head c 1941/3...

... Mengele Harrington pushed one of his sons out of an airplane to his death- he planned it-perhaps it was the one he abused as a baby/ LIVES OF NOBLES organised by dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland grown by their parents in Scotland

`THEY HAVE BEEN CULLING AGAIN` says Arthur Malone/Politan February 1960- he had professional help to look into Premier EARLS LINDSAY ancestry - people retired from Somerset House Records & the LAW-

... There are lovely cheerful histories on the files of the Grote Homes students/ reports of the good people they become- I knew in the 1930s the Norwegian Grote Homes students doing Science would not leave HOME so that Tiggy & Aunt Mag had to build them a Research Unit - Some married-some left when they knew what to do-but they returned HOME with families, children, grandchildren, visiting every two or 5 years - 1938 the killing of them began

ANDRE MALRAUX- in his last years of life caused a disturbance about Berkshire/Oxfordshire to the evil slayers of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN -

1970s - At WANTAGE where Alfred burnt Cakes in Saxon times/he also began the British Navya collection of monsters has electronic equipment & listen to certain households England - We are warned at The Pillar House - garden of the immortal books for children of LLB L.Leslie Brooke that we are one of the SPIED UPON households -

At the time of ANDRE MALRAUXs death November 1976 Dr Len Immanuel Ransom came to try & protect his kin - he is to be spied upon & persecuted by Doc Mengele Harrington still working for his Peerage …He is employed from 1938 by Lords of Britain & the Crowns & Houses of Assassins/some Scandinavia -

Records/ Dr John Ray Ransom/RANSOM correspondence/ photographs/documents etc/

1879 - PERSECUTION & GREED began when Premier Earl Lindsay 1879 heard that Millicent Frobisher age 15 years was to go on a Grote Homes Tour for Young Visitors - her mother a former Miss Lindsay via the line of a Miss Clouts of Dereham Park - Millies father is FROBISHER direct line Sir Martin Frobisher Tudor ARCTIC SEAMAN - he helped his wife GET AWAY from the EVIL of LINDSAY-

1879 - A Tour across Mesopotamia one Grote Home to the next - is arranged/ Reports in newspapers magazines say - `They were met by Princes Prelates famous men & women as they journeyed Mesopotamia to Japan where Thomas Grotes wife owns two islands from her Japanese direct line ancestors - a marriage 1504 -`

1879-1885 ... It was now the Earl LINDSAY & his criminally insane gang decided this Estate would give them moneys of support for some time to come - they would begin to help themselves as soon as they understood the financial arrangements --- `& PARLIAMENT would be told

`That the BRITISH GOVERNMENT did not APPROVE these Orphans

HOMES around the WORLD - they were DANGEROUS to The Empire of Great Britain & her TRADE ... blah blah `

Soon Premier Earl of G.B. LINDSAY agreed Millicent Frobisher - an heiress in her own right Frobisher side - should marry the Widower JOHN RANSOM brother of the incredibly rich Mrs Thomas Grote & her husband TIG who owned the HOMES -

... rich in their eyes for they did not care a toss a fig -

for any philanthropy helping the whole world -

JOHN RANSOM & family - born of 14 Races & 27 Nations

A to Z the globe - & upon their KINSHIP shores the family for generations are welcomed. John & Poul Ransom & sister Margareth hold vast lands & often the Grote Homes are built upon them from 1864 - They own 19 ACRES UNDER NEW YORK bought by their grandfather Fred RANSOM 1801 ...

Thomas Immanuel GROTE USA citizen, husband of Margareth Ransom is found with influential friends & KUDOS - It is not

easy to ROB HIM- they killed him in 1904-records vast/

2 Islands end of LUSAN chain Pacific - RANSOM Estate

`Nilahlah` Family of YUSS-shampoo-old Royal line of Okinawa- 2nd wife of F.Ransom /DIARY entries during her LIFE & after her death - they had 5 children grown - They have sailed into Okinawa 1512 with the first born two sons-& are now approved & granted her Dowry - the last two islets end of the LUSANS -

Nota bene: his mother a daughter of HUE ARTAN, his grandmother North Chinese, his great-grandmother Siberia ... He RANSOM holds ESTATES with kin EAST BRITAIN coasts ... since 92 AD -

COMPUTER jazzy Continental BELT OF LONDINIUM ...

J A P A N ... ASIA ... globe

All 19th/half 20th century RANSOM family & lines are RECORDED on visits ... we stay-learn Japanese-from childhood - & our Japan KIN came visiting us... until 1939 when LINDSAY EARLS/Norway & Britain Houses of Assassins helped murder them ... & tried CLAIM the 2 islands from JAPAN -

1939 -Japanese-Greek-Ransom line wedding

A wedding winter 1938/39 I GR 6 years old in March 1939 attend the Ceremony Clacton-on-sea- my father & others remaining for the evening - I Greta Ransom presenting my present to the Bride, say` th

` I am come in Aunt Margarethes Place - she has had to go to Heaven` records-diaries /

1939 January - At Clacton-on-Sea -

A Japanese-Greek-Rumania ? Ransom wedding

The GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX would have been here with

us IF THE evil BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & CROWNS were not STEALING HIS POST … putting their SNOUTS in all his correspondence…as they do to us GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE-

1939 January - after the Japanese Ransom wedding, Mr Jimmie Jong Pong tried kidnap me … I YELLED in the Old Road as the car slowed down for the Policeman at the little roundabout … Mr JIM was carried off by Clacton POLICE in LEG IRONS - he is known to be ON THE PIN - the townspeople held on to him as he bit - cursed - kicked & SQUEALED & squeaked for the Premier Earl LINDSAY his friend !

HE WAS 2 DAYS LOCKED UP ! A Solicitor for Buckingham Palace

got him out …

J A P A N - considered savages for centuries by the British penniless NOBILITY ... they could not ravage them for British Trade ...

1504 - F.R. Widower 44 years old married in a ceremony of the Catholic Church with relatives & friends agreeable in the town of Bruges in the Cathedral 1504 ... The Lady of Japan ... she with her brother`s permission /he sails for RANSOM brothers/ & the Convent she resides in gave its blessing - she now aged 27 years is attired in a gown of rose pink salmon - music is played ...

Both are very highly educated Renaissance people- the marriage is recorded in letters/diaries/comments/paintings & was so very happy-sometimes they had sufficient moneys & sometimes NOT but they could always SAIL AWAY - go about the world ... with their children/their books/their great EDUCATION/HUMANITAS

Money was scarce after PHOEBE RANSOM (with her Japanese eyes)

age 22 years... & possibly suffering RACISM in Scotland... & lack of connections of her civilized HUMANISM learning ... asked of her parents `CAN I GO TO COURT ` ... it cost the older parents a FORTUNE ...

Diary RANSOM 1520s / “ PHOEBE asks to go to Court-we may let her... although the COST is great ...”

HER Court arranged marriage to Lionel MAINWARRING is bitterly unhappy - he BLED her parents - he was a fashionable GAMBLER & LIQUOR SOAK/possibly Tudor England dopes/ ...

... the two children of the marriage survived after their mother`s death eleven years after the marriage... they were raised by distant kin... Frederick John RANSOM/father of Greetha RANSOM/ went to see the descendants at EPSOM 1938 - but it may have been to WARN THEM of the MONSTERS of the MORGUES hunting us all to death ... certain now a WAR was coming ... that IMPERIAL BRITAIN could LAY CLAWS ILLEGALLY ON THE GREAT ESTATE Grote RANSOM ...

1504 marriage - F. RANSOM ... son of his father`s marriage 1450 to a daughter of the Philosopher Trader Governor HUE ARTAN North Korea coast ... is `well off` from honest sea trading & owns with approval of the nations little properties by the SEAS EDGES & estuaries all around the globe - because his ancestors married foreign girls

1920s-1939 - a portrait found (copies were made) Bruges -

Phoebe Ransom their daughter with her Japanese eyes she married unhappily Sir Lionel Mainwaring (some call themselves Mannering) ... 1930s - Uncle Gimlet Eyes Mainwarring RN will give

Sir Lionel a KICK up the bum ...when they meet in Purgatory-

1938/39 - concerning a portrait of PHOEBE RANSOM - AN UNLAWFUL POSTER - Report/Poster on Continent in Book Shops/& galleries/

Poster looking Official stating `A person can be taken before a Magistrate if you hold any books/paintings/documents upon

the Family RANSOM - they are the property of the British Crown` in tiny letters ... Report/letters/phone-calls/ & student of Basil Grey, Director of British Museum/ scholar of Chinese studies -

Nota bene : Basil Grey/or Arthur Woolly ? has a book of Chinese/Japanese poems translated that everyone carried around in muff or back pocket/ his daughter marries L. Binyon who has a Liverpool Rathbone grandmother - information members of the family 1940s-60s - Ethel Rathbone is Lady Whitehead grandmother of the Whitehead twins Rowland & PETER of the British Museum NATURAL HISTORY, South Kensington, SCARLET TOWN/see internet/

... WE DRIFT in this DOCUMENT 1937 Summer into the RELEVANT ... we complete the puzzle - a contribution to the HISTORY of the 20th CENTURY/an evil century it is called in literature/ ...

We drift but we NEVER DREAM ...

... I display for you here - the paths of EVIL & show how HAPPINESS can be...that SUMMER 1937 enjoyed by ANDRE MALRAUX

a young lady writer JOSETTE Clotis & GREETA RANSOM...a child in her 5th year HEIR to GROTE HOMES educating to 18 years & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts the globe ... you can choose which path you prefer ...Perhaps for safety GET A FAST SHIP TO MARS ... or elsewhere ... it might be wise ...

1939-1940 - Sir REW - on a BRITISH GOVERNMENT sub-Committee to examine IF the Government may continue to STEAL the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE twice around the WORLD, he remarks

to three old colleagues on the Committee :


1967 October - Greta RANSOM with no or little MEMORY makes a marriage 1967 October to Peter J. Palmer WHITEHEAD identical twins - the grandsons of REW above ... PJPW comes after Kenya early career ... into the BMNH to work on FISHES -that is British Museum Natural History -

RATHBONE are the family of his grandmother ETHEL... they are Shipping Agents 18th-20th centuries- HUMANISTS helping education-arts-music- one is Edmund Rathbone Architect/ of the Church of POSITIVISTS...Artist Ruth Bare POSITIVIST Church is a friend of Annie Agnes Carroll Williams Roman Catholic Great Aunt of GREETHA ...

... some information came out of the ozone to Clacton from Ransom-Grote Brokers 1930s/40s & RATHBONE families ...


daughter of Lady Japan & Fred Ransom 16th century Montrose Farm The Basin-became wife of Sir Lionel Mainwaring late 1520s-

1930s onwards - RANSOM/Weddell/Gronlander/SAN JULIAN families- Portraits stolen or destroyed - names removed or hidden by a false identity-

Nota bene : LINDSAYS Earls were destroying evidence of existence of PERSONS they had robbed/murdered from 18th century onwards - “ STEAL-DESTROY-remove existence upon the planet ” They stole painting 1939 Greta Ransom 4 years old sitting with legs curled by Greenland mountain- commissioned by Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM my grandfatherexhibited Bond Street 1957 as `child with arthritis` taken to USA - 1960 LINDSAY 15 jeering - Stole it you Ape -we will destroy it ” !

16th century Diary Fred Ransom -

... “ Phoebe asks to go to Court-we may let her try for 2 years- the expense is very great (it crippled them financially - Phoebe married Sir Lionel Mainwaring & died leaving 2 children under 10 years)

“ As F.R. lay dying at The Farm Montrose- widower twice- he writes of his nearly 30 years of his second happy marriage that he never expected- he writes in his diary & speaks to his last visitors

... adding I will see you allUNDER THE SEA “

1960/1961 - Records above & below - read by Dr John Ray Ransom & Arthur Malone/Politan- Detective to Andre Malraux -

“ FR Widower, means his lst wife & 2 sons drowned - only he & one other are rescued by the Lady Japans brother finding in the Arctic sea a 40 years old Sea Captain & rich Cosmopolitan high educated Trader-of Bruges with Chinese ancestry, clinging to a spar 1499

... such chance are we - their descendants ...`