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“ 15th-16th centuries - FRED RANSOM -

His other/grandmother/great-grandmother are North Korea/ Mongolia & Siberia - he does have slanting eyes albeit he has the Jutland reddish glints hair - It would be surprising if he did not speak Japanese as well as the Chinese of his youth `

“ F.RANSOM first met his young rescuers Japanese sister in a Bruges Convent - her mother had lately died - the brother agreed a marriage & preparation began when they found they were suited - A Contract was drawn up ... it was 4 years before they wed ” ... JRr/Jean

FJR teaching LIR & GR 1930s ... “ He took his first widowhood in deep grief & holiness-the painting of him in the Kalkar Altarpiece by Joest is by a young friend Joos van Cleve apprentice to Joest- the Lazarus ... `He will awake from the dead`... Joos may have already painted F. Ransom his first wife & 2 sons his 2 daughters ...they are married when their father makes a 2nd marriage - & they agreed upon it -

... Joos van Cleve painted ` when it is warm enough for my hands outside - otherwise I trade... he writes in letters we have ” ... records/letters/diaries 15th-16th centuries

“ It is for Lady Japan he bought the farm Montrose-rather than they live Dundee or Arbroath as his first family homes -

He began another life when he felt he was too old - She is of an older Royal Family-Okinawa-Japan ...

Fred RANSOM 15th/16th centuries - The two Ransom daughters of the FIRST MARRIAGE married in England - The Family RANSOM of Montrose Scotland have as a relation “ 3 or 4 digits out ” MONTAIGNE of a Bordeaux Family ... he the famous French Essayist ...

... It could be read in a travelling book of Montaignes works published in 1870 ... where Greta Ransom reads in it Summer 1944 at THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC ... in the GREENLAND Library of RANSOM Family books ...

... & some are from Thomas Immanuel Grote who signs himself in some books ... G R O T I U S Jacopsholmen W. Greenland ... the ink is a brown shade ...

A book printed 1870 ... with black cover & thin tough paper white pages issued as 2,0OO copies & then 1970s PJPW of the BMNH comes to hear a second edition of more was printed ...

“ ...MONTAIGNE these his complete Works...& he is of the Family RANSOM of Montrose Scotland ...

Greta Ransom had the book until 1945 March -

Sheshe Teresa Elizabeth GORDON R. b 24 Nov 1906 - d 9 Sept 2001- often called Mad mother Kali/Clytemnestra/Old Mother Ransom-

sold this Montaigne Travelling Works to her NOBLE thieves - she goes partying with them on Aircraft carriers - Palaces - Whitehall & Admiralty - back of Palaces/

1930s-1960s - Nota bene : These old & younger dirty DOG PILES have an old song phrase `We`re in the money` to INSULT THEIR VICTIMS WITH

The Nobles all act it out - bums are rudely jerked at others,

to a stomping up & down of trotters hoofs & paws ... & a leering jeering grinNOBLES of Scandinavia & Gross Britain LIVE BY THEFT


“ ... If you had come with us 1949 you would have heard about a monster from the deepthe children were not burned but left knifed gunned on the seashoreno photos yet... but an eye witness drawing done of the big children taken off in the great netdraggedit sank then it rose like a Monster from the Deepdead children ?

no not all … then the sounds stopped of young voices ...`

“ The big RN ship stood out down the shores they had used the usual launches … When they had gone people crept down to the shores ... the children from the shores were now taken & given proper burials - we saw the little graves ... but persons coming to view are recorded & names given to British Intelligence ... ”

... “ Yes they (Bolivia) knew who had done it later the Banks had no moneys they were British came ashore ... but sometimes in American uniforms The lands claimed in silence because they are said to be Property British Crown ... then they the murderers put up FRONTS of other nations as they destroyed the landsfor dough - Noble Britain short of dough after winning the war ”

By now (1949) it had been decided to `drop it` by USA too

The records of returning USA servicemen from Europe gave us photos ... we got copies - They had tried protests ...or got out ... some Air photos organised thankfully - & they show the lands before DEMOLITION ! “ ... the great net it dipped & fell as they towed it out to sea ...

RECORDS Colne Engaine 1960 - Ransom brothers/Dr John RAY & USA Intelligence/Detectives Colleagues Friends of Andre Malraux...

1948/1949 - Clacton-on-Sea : G.R. saw a copy/photo of a drawing of this NET being towed out... I was sent by cousin Julie Butler to her cousin Miss Win Gordon who was sitting on a concrete block beside the sea Clacton Pier ... & said to me mournfully ...

“ ... we could all have taken a child raised one each

Mrs Winncleman & I they did not have to do this I will speak to Edward

She goes on ... “ If you & ANDRE had not destroyed the marriage I made Mrs Wincleman does not want him to suffer any more distress in all this Mr Wincleman, well his son is Andres friend - he may come over -& they have children 2 girls` She was humped up like a dumpling & her eyes reproachful I had to leave for some reason ... probably to do her shopping ...

NB : SHE HAS NOT SHOWN HER courtesy copy THE WILL to anyone in the Families ! She has never told ANDRE or the Winncleman family ... SHE HAS NEVER LET HER BROTHER HARRY SEE the copy WILL - received by SHE in January 1938 & intended FOR BOTH OF THEM !

NB: She Auntie Winnie Gordon tells Julie Butler cousin from an educated Manchester family nothing muchshe has not completed the Document to put her sister Teresa in the NUT HOUSE - disobeyed the Court September 1946 who instructed she to do this by October

& SHE HAS NOT BEEN to CHURCH or in THE TOWN for the last two years...The Officials/Burghers of Clacton have tried speak with her. She does NOT ANSWER the door to callers - she tells the morning servants to say she is OUT ~

Her sister Teresa, mother of Greta Ransom HEIR - is found to be insane ... Teresa from childhood is gone mad with other Roaring 1920s insane Nobles ... like LINDSAY Premier Earls & Angela & JIM ...

1946 September - Miss Win Gordon/called PORTIA by Ed du Cann her Bastard nephew/ has been told by the Courts that her sister has to be in an ASYLUM for an unspecified periodbut at least for 10 yearsbecause she poisoned their mother early June 1944 ... after coming by train late evening from London attending a British & Scandinavian Nobles Party WHITEHALL .../Records

FCFR/FJR/LIR/JR®/GR & others …

1504 - NICE PEOPLE - 2nd marriage Bruges Cathedral -

F.R to the Lady Japan issue 5 children-2 sons 3 daughters -

The last born daughter stays home-her health fragile- she wrote letters & conveys that `she liked to be with her parents- sail with them- visit abroad- but return home` She may not have lived beyond her 30s to 39 years - I used to know her name- all their names- their graves were at Montrose the Farm lands - but the IMPERIAL BRUTE FIGURES FROM A MORGUE & Kubla-JIM-Khan- Doc Mengele paedophile Harrington & Counts Premier Earls LINDSAY have ordered EVERYTHING TO BE BURNED -

1938 - NASTY PEOPLE … “ In name of The Crown

She was waving our precious relics 15th century Zheng He` Admiral of the Chinese Seas ... & Chinese Brides of RANSOM family documents … Our records … It is 1938 & Angela is drinking purple stuff … as well as putting a pellet up the SNOUT … chortling & jeering about the VAST RANSOM HISTORY at SEA ... I have the RICE PAPER ” ... she too is insane & she drinks heavily - her eldest child heard a blazing row between father & she ... they would remove its memory with a draught of MEMORY LOSS ... its used by certain Doctors ” ...

RANSOM HISTORY : Our branch descends eldest sons FRED ...

except for 2 or 3 deaths the Fred - the line then comes from 2nd sons John Ransom … with one exception !

16th century - ONE WOMAN CARRIES US ON -


Margaret RANSOM, a grand-daughter of the 1504 marriage -

... losing 2 Carew husbands one at sea the next a murder had MAGGIE Ransom set about her ships inventions & repairs Yard Montrose-her Spanish Estates-her Brittany Estate of 11th century-other lands-her Asian properties. Her second family a son & daughter lived - the first family from a Carew had died & he ... she had wonderfully reformed him - She lives to be 92 years - a painting showed her with a good figure & black hair/probably a wig ... She raises the grandchildren some years at MONTROSE Farm the Basin ...

` Henry VIII sent her another Carew - 7 years younger than she ... but he said HE WILL KILL HIMSELF unless you work the same magic ... HIT VENICE for 2 YEARS as before ... educate him ... perhaps I can catch up somewhere as in the old days `... They had been teenagers together ... there is a connection to his parents by earlier Ransom family ...

She had PERMISSION as a Renaissance Trader to LEAVE THE East British SHORES without a visit to The White Hall ...

1961 SUMMER - DAWN Colne Engaine-caravan Mistral


He begins to help - assisted by friends in Law/Territorial Army-others- Arthur Malone had no idea I did not know him - that he had been ACID REMOVED from my young memory 1940s -

Forward pages give some background to information given to Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues & relatives from Aunt Terry Butler CHRISTMASTIDE 1959 - before she is POISONED & dies

The speech of the GOOD MAN of Manchester (Dr John BUTLER brother

of Aunt Terry Butler ) “ He was soon discovered to be objecting to the greatest crime of mankind & he did not live too long - he was kept sedated by Orders the obscene violent thugs who have all the modern technology of Naval Intelligence-they can spy on any households ... break in ... ”

“ they are too familiar with General de Gaulles French country home ... in 1956 boasting how easy to walk in records Naval Intelligence/ JIM- Mengele et al- & Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues 1960 onwards-

1959 December- THORPE-Le-SOKEN Essex

Miss Teresa Mary Butler - an aunt not known to Malraux & detectives has spoken angrily learning of a Visit to happen - The Vatican Rotweiller Pere Ratzinga who drives himself about England since 1958 in a little old car wearing a navy blue beret ... clearly put up to CRIME by the criminally insane Premier Earls of LINDSAY & Montague connexions - concerning a grand-gross abandoned GROTE HOME in ROMA !

SHE KNEW - Greta born 1933 was being INSULTED/used as a STOOGE/ by these hideous creatures out to GET MORE DOUGH !

She knew her cousin Harry Gordon is THREATENED with murder by JIM ... A half breed Chinese crook ... who has hung about the family since the GREAT WAR wanting to get hold of RACE HORSES from the Southern IRISH COUSINS ...

Aunt Terry Butler, had collected newspapers/letters/documents on this PREMIER EARLS LINDSAY MOB ... since the murder attack on her niece GRETA Frobisher Weddell RANSOM age 5 months the summer 1933 on ARRAN ... A Western Scotland island that had been stolen & sold on by DIRTY JIMMIE Jong ... a little HOB GOBLIN & VERMIN who had persecuted her families for decades ...

... JIM a glorified BARMAN & bar-rat ... in the WHITES CLUB St James` ...had just sold the Island of the RANSOM Estate to his immoral chum ANGELA/she Angela a little monster now with purple SACKS full/

DIVINE Angela had a panic over taking the stolen island which she knew was LEGALLY the property of the Family RANSOM

... it was complicated ... her late friend Teresa Gordon had made a Ransom marriage ... & her daughter Greta, whom Angela still called AN APE & a Black (October 1957) ... IS THE legal HEIR, ANDRE MALRAUX of spicy FRANCE the legal GUARDIAN ...

... So in 1956/57 Unholy ANGELA had a second cousin buy the Island of ARRAN criminally- AT LAST JIMMIE IS VERY RICH !

Aunt Terry followed these WICKED MATTERS since 1933 -

these CRIMES of the TRUE BLUES of the BRITISH NOBILITY & Crowns ... Miss Butler reasoned that ANDRE MALRAUX did NOT KNOW

of the ESTATE ! Her niece Greeta did not ... & they had the Holy Catholic marriage 1947 destroyed because of this Estate ROBBERY by NOBLE TRUE BLUES ... the old gang of the 1920s ...

1959 December - & SHE SPOKE FIRST with Detective ARTHUR MALONE 17th December ! HE CONFIRMED THEY HAD NO IDEA - & it settled the matter of the VIOLENCE against ANDRE & GRETA ...

1959 December - Miss Butler said she could NOT get Greeta her niece to find a memory of Margaret Ransom ... or her HUSBAND a German American who had ORPHANAGES around the world - & young PACELLI knew them well, these HOMES, & was very pleased with the QUALITY of the children finishing education at 18 or more years ...

1960 April - She is dead after making recovery from being poisoned 1st January 1960 - killed with poison ... & she dies because Mengele Doctor Harrington came on a visit - he BOOTED IN ON HER TWO SISTERS early morning... pushed a bunch of mimosa in their sister`s face - she was in bed recovering - she breathed in poisons -

... 1961 next year their elder brother is dead in Manchester ...

Doctor John Butler who came to help early Summer 1961 learning of the killing of the TWO YOUNG SONS of Josette & ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN to the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE ...

it is an old trick putting poisons in mimosa19th century onwards

1973 Records - from the remaining two Butler sisters Winifred

& little Bessie... Colne Road, Clacton-on-Sea ...

“ 1933 LINDSAY family & ilk had June 1933 nailed the 4 months old Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM- her aunts grand-daughter - under the floorboards of a door to The Grange ARRAN - left the Island -

gone for 22 hours-taking boats- after burning contents of the home of Mrs Grote- also barbaric behaviour to the babe Greta Ransom- baby was hurled in the sea at one time by Earls- other TRUE BLUES ”

I Greta Ransom Frobisher Weddell want these MONSTERS on the Wilkins Ice Shelf- with an empty bottle of gin -a packet of cabbage seeds..G.R.)

1959 December - Concerning 1933 June - REPORT to ANDRE MALRAUX by Miss Terry Butler Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex

“ ... The 3 Catholic girls Gordon & Butler DECIDED the YOUNG FATHER Frederick J. RANSOM is NOT TO BE TOLD - there was sufficient harassment from a woman called Angela & her men friends - particularly a little half Chinese man JIM who had been a nuisance since the Great War to her Aunt Mary Gordon & family - she was the eldest niece & Aunt Mary was more like a sister to her after they had lost their mother Julia Aunt Marys sister ”

“ 1933 - She Miss Butler the elder sister was not told what her two holy sisters & cousin Miss Winnie were mishandling in Scotland - When she knew she had collected all information she could in sorrow - CLEARLY THEY WERE AT PAINS TO SEE MARY GORDON did not know what her daughter TERESA & her wild friends were up to with the new baby Greta Ransom. Whom the old lady a relative a former Miss Margaret RANSOM had chosen with her Families, her son, her Trustees/Brokers/Solicitors the globe as heir - a young brother of the father of the baby was to be sub-heir & ANDRE MALRAUX had been chosen as GUARDIAN when the children, the heirs, were 4 years & 16 years old - Miss Butler said that she felt one day perhaps it could become a novel - or it could be of use explaining the century ” -

“ … she had written to ANDRE MALRAUX - two letters - a postcard perhaps two … nearly 20 years ago 1937/9, & after the War ... She heard he was Guardian to her niece but did not receive any reply from him. She signed herself T. Butler - she had written a postcard or two perhaps, she could not remember now, after the WAR … when she was upset over her cousin Teresa being spiteful to her children … & other matters worrying the families about her mad behaviour ”

“ ... She, herself, had loaned Teresa 500 English pounds ... almost her entire Single Woman Savings - Teresa begged HELP for her husband in October 1945 … but she, Miss Terry Butler, realised, when Teresa spent madly at the Cheltenham Races that October that she had been FOOLED She hoped Captain Ransom would go & see her family in Manchester …he had to often stay abroad to look after the Estate -she heard he was attacked in Britain by the TRUE BLUES ” ...

“ 19-teens/1920s - The families of her dead mother Julia Williams Butler also had problems at the time of the intrigues & bitterness at the Gordon families by JIM & ANGELA trying to get RACE HORSES from the well-off Southern Irish cousins…they kept boasting about the TRUE BLUES that they were committing TREASON against BRITAIN...but this was challenged by the Irish Police » ...

« 1920s - A tragedy came to her family from the Roman Catholic lordly Montague family -

… concerning a sexual attack when a girl of just 12 years was sent by the Catholic Mission for Convalescence. It was the Catholic Priest who got an admittance of these crimes going on for some 2 years against the young & often poor children sent for Convalescence - children under 12 years of age - he would spring out on them in the grounds ... & then disappear & later say HE WAS NOT THERE ... The culprit was a member of the MONTAGUE FAMILY, he was 19 years old when they caught him …

By then … 2 years at least of these sex attack crimes had happened

& to many other children, all under 12 years of age »

“ After the attack on a 12 years old in her family, & the Catholic Priest intervening & forcing them to admit who the young criminal was … then her mother Julia Williams Butler died suddenly .

A man came to the door of the house in Salford & she had to speak to him ... & it was after dark - she died - it was felt to be murder-the man was paid” ...

“ ... She Miss Butler kept quiet, she was advised to keep quiet about the death of her mother because of her brother JOHN BUTLER eldest child of the family - an educated young man & his family - their education & their jobs would not be safe if they took any action against the Noble Roman Catholic Montague family ”

“ But the Priest got a Confession - an INTENTION was secured that they the fathers family the ROMAN CATHOLIC Lordly MONTAGUE Family were to bring up this illegitimate child in their own family - they put it to a distant branch - & saw that the baby was neutered - this was often the way with the Nobility … in Great Britain ”

“ The girl a young Catholic was only 12 years ... & it had stunted her life & she did not recover from the shock of her expanding stomach & having to leave school - & the loss of her educated mother Julia (daughter of Teresa Carroll Williams Classics/studied Plato & Harmony) from a knock at night on the door ” ...

“ She Miss Teresa Butler was alarmed when a marriage was made between LINDSAY Lords & Montague families 1953 - There was too much power between them ... & ILL WILL to her families & the RANSOM families& too little Catholicism up there ... ”

“ 1953 October - 1954 March …Andre MALRAUX & Greta Ransom heir parted - The Roman Catholic marriage, permission given by PACELLI himself, said to have folded up twice ”

REPORT : Miss Terry Butler speaking to Arthur Malone Detective

& in a few hours to Andre Malraux 17/19th December 1959 .

Teresa Mary Butler b 1899 - poisoned 1st January 1960/dies April

killed with poisons by Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON paedophile Royal Satrap - he BOOTED in her sisters door/she recovering …

1960 January - BURGERMEISTER OF PARIS, Andre Malraux , comes to take NIGHTWATCH by Greta Ransom to whom he is Guardian & GUARDIAN of a vast Estate 1937 October .

1959 - 17/18th December - MALRAUX learns that his POST/& has been stolen since 1937/1938 … indeed, since 1945 all knowledge of the ESTATE kept from him & General de Gaulle ! He has spoken two hours with Miss Teresa Butler, then he had to RETURN to FRANCE … He had not been told by Miss Win Gordon of this intelligent cousin …

` … He listens to her notes on the NEAR MURDER of the HEIR summer 1933 on Arran … Arthur Malone is to visit Miss Aunt Teresa Butler next day & go through the pile of Papers she has kept on the tragedies. She informs ANDRE & Arthur Malone that she has told her niece Greetha a great deal earlier that afternoon but she seemed vague …`

1960 January - with frost on the tiny meadow Colne Engaine, MALRAUX speaks taking necessary NIGHT WATCH “ STARS look at them … we were there ! That Summer 1937 ! You CAN remember if you try … THEY HAVE KNOWN ALL THIS TIME `

( References : The TWISTERS & SNAKE PATCHES of G.B. Government Lords & Crown & Whitehall ... )

1968 - A rare happening- a Catholic Divorce- granted Lindsay No 15 Earl - the metal spade wheeler who used to attack Greta Ransom 1936/1938 on the Clacton beach screeching “ … my father says thats my money you ape-give it to me … ”

1938 - Misunderstanding 12/13 years old brute I bought him a best ice cream for 6 pence - he looked so pleased - then gazed into space where his H. Bosch HELL may have been & threw the BEST Ice Cream down & did a WAR DANCE on it - I told him Off ! Well & truly OFF ! from the top of the Seawall -

after I had run like the INCA up the slope -

“ I could have given it to a poor person- you naughty nasty big boy ” … & I departed fast, but with great dignity ~ He has told me of his grey horse he is training to bite me & other people .

He says his Family motto is I HATE & he says “ I hate you, little Greetah - GIVE ME THAT MONEY Ape-Eskimo He is already made a monster on these terrible DOPES his family use ...

I may have told him our RANSOM motto from Osbert R. is SATTEUS LAETUS - I am joyfully satisfied with sufficient -

1938 - This LINDSAY born 1926, he has said that he has to

“ TRAIN FOR MY ROLE IN LIFE WITH THIS STUFF UP MY NOSE SOME HOURS OF THE DAY Its Divinorum Salvia Scotland - pellets hitting his brain in 2 seconds & causing a WILD BEAST in his mind !

JIM Mr Pong is a frequent visitor to his family Places & this gloomy devilish place on the seafront just above us … the LINDSAY `GRAND` - JIM goes about with his father future

Earl 14. They are spoken of as ` 2 evil little jack-in-boxes `

1944 onwards - They called in all photos of themselves in August Clacton Hospital Carnival Processions … They built their GRAND Clacton seafront in 1910 ! They are seen in photos with 2 Collecting Tins for the HOSPITAL & one tin is to be filled by holidaymakers for LINDSAY & chums to DRINK AWAY -

ANDRE MALRAUX had memories of the outside of the GRAND, & some photos with it in the background 1937 & 1945 …

1959 December - Miss Teresa Butler `Aunt Terry` said she had seen her niece Greetah as Juliet in this tragedy

Notebook of Arthur Malone/Politan - XMAS 1959/1960 -

“ 1947/1948 - A marriage allowed by PACELLI ,

the Pope … 1947 April to the Widower ANDRE MALRAUX -

He, Andre, the GUARDIAN to this big Estate …

( GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts the World ) -

Xmas 1947/1948 - they were all told at Manchester & in Ireland the marriage had failed causing them GREAT DISTRESS - Aunt Annie said she had been told by their cousin Miss Win Gordon ... ”

“ In the March 1948 - Andre made a marriage to his sister-in-law

in a Registry Office in France - but the VATICAN did not recognise

such marriages it is later learned the marriage of Andre & Greta is ON HOLD- owing to her youth & his work with General de Gaulle ”

“ She, Miss Butler did not trust certain people - her cousin who had been in Prison 4 & a half years of her 6 years sentence 1926 -

Cousin Teresa Gordon the mother of the HEIR Greta - Teresa had a friend called ANGELA that the family disapproved of - it had been continued immediately her cousin married young Fred Ransom

& not at all when she first came from her Prison sentence 1931”

“ She Miss Butler called the men friends of Cousin Teresa

the TRUE BLUES...many were unpleasant …

“& they all made it clear in the 1930s that they were AFTER pieces of the ESTATE which was around the world…much of it upon seashores as the families of RANSOM had been at SEA for centuries & had married respectably with many nations & different RACES ”

“ She Teresa Butler & her older family members, her brother who had gone to the University, they had not been invited to this little quiet Service of Marriage Catholic Church 1947 … ANDRE a WIDOWER …

she had left him two small sons … The Spring Marriage was being arranged by her cousin Miss Winnie Gordon…It was felt that at least a representative from the Southern Irish Catholic families should have been present...They all sent gifts…Miss Gordon on the telephone insisted he ANDRE wished it to be very quiet ..”

“ She, Miss Butler the elder female cousin, was disturbed because 1933 this cousin Miss Win Gordon & her own 2 younger Butler sisters had taken it upon themselves to STOP the Police at Arran & elsewhere proceeding with a CASE against the culprits - they had burned 4 Gericault paintings & historic collections…including a collection of Holy Books & Bibles in EVERY TONGUE IN THE WORLD that her husband had collected ! They had also robbed Mrs Grotes Arran home of rare books & objects…”

“ ... & buried the 4 months old alive child under the doorstep boards with a purple halter running noose round the neck - heir at 2 weeks to all properties of her Aunt Ransom & those of her husband - it was he had these Orphanages around the world »

“ Her cousin Miss Win & her own two sisters said many years later they were nervous of Earl LINDSAY 1933 - HE insisted it would do HIS FAMILY NO GOOD to have this matter IN THE NEWSPAPERS ” ...

NB: 1933 Margaret Grote had her 53 years old son poisoned by JIM & her cousin Count Poulsen his wife knifed on the Greenland Island shores-it was JIM caused the death of Margaret`s grand-daughter ...

NB : It was in the newspapers c 1910 how the Earl & brother had put their HEIR age 12 years down a Maritime hole in the Sea & tried claim the massive Insurance on this boys life - he had been kept at home - not sent to school…/child kept sedated/a little dim in his mind/ & left in the metal hole asleep on the sands which had been filling it up for years ...with the sea rising-

... The Earl said the 12 year old had gone to sleep - but there was a wooden narrow circular balcony/platform around the top of the hole - BUT as an Investigation Maritime Hole it had NOT been used for some years... Evidence is dared to be given by the boatmen as the INSURANCE FIRM did NOT wish to hand over to LINDSAYbuggarhs this enormous SUM of DOUGH this child had been INSURED FOR ... The two boatmen said they were told to row away...the Earl had important work for the Government so he might have forgot the boy ... a 2 page spread of this newspaper was kept by many East Anglian persons - seen c 1930s -many people in those days kept SCRAP BOOKS ... )

1908/10 ... this Earl said a baby born to his wife was not his - in ANGST he stuffed the babe down a drain -he said the child should not have been born ... (this is the brute who tried have me Greta F.W. Ransom killed age 4 months on ARRAN 1933/

... Reports to Andre Malraux his Detectives Colleagues friends ...Miss Teresa Mary Butler is killed 1960 April... by Mengele paedophile Doc Harrington Royal Satrap... because of her Collection of documents on TRUE BLUES...some on the CULLING of child heirs they LAY CLAWS ON ...FOR DOUGH

1938 - LINDSAY EARL old Salt & Pepper came rushing at me GR on Clacton Seafront 1938 late Summer early autumn - saying “little Greetha...Greetha LINDSAY ... sign here...I will be your Guardian not Andre...” He sounds crazy ! With his reputation too !

JEAN has just been poisoned ! Like her mother MINERVA ! This EARL had claimed them both as his family & tied up 1909 the moneys of Minerva Mrs James Weddell II THE SEA - stealing the moneys investments SONG COPYRIGHTS in 1934 ~

My reply, in my grief, was “ PACK YOUR CASE & LEAVE ... decent people cannot walk on this seafront... when you & yours are over there... ” ...

... I pointed to his low sinister Scottish dark grey granite GRAND squashed between The Royal Hotel & The Towers, that he built in 1910 - forcing the Builder to keep the contract even though the granite blacks were TOO HEAVY - a Court of British LAW could NOT oppose the Premier Earl of Gross Britain... with its NAVY that can bombard all other Nations if it cannot get enough DOUGH ...

1959 December - `Miss Butler did not like the criminally insane LINDSAY bad-blood Clan claiming her niece Greta as their property - when the Aunt Margaret Ransom had made Greta HEIR TO ALL SHE HAD … when Greta was 2 weeks old - March 1933 - & the WILL which she knew was in Manchester said this & ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian … that was given out to the elders of the families in 1937 Xmas

1960 January - end of 1st week / Arthur Malone detective


trouble is you keep getting off ` Andre will try & get over as soon as he can …

1959 December - Aunt Terry Butler now learned 17/18th December from Andre Malraux that on his visit to the Pope November 1957 he was told by ` young Pacelli ` become Pope Pius 12, that he had NEVER cancelled the marriage 1947 April to Mary Gordons grand-daughter - but put it ` ON HOLD `

NOTA BENE : As Pere PACELLI, representing the VATICAN in Germany 1920s, he knew much about the violence dealt the GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate the world by the G. B. Government & Crown ... & the murder of Tiggy Grote 1904 …

1864-1954 - HALF the GROTE HOMES were in Roman Catholic Nations

& had been APPROVED by the VATICAN early 1870 …

& PACELLI knew as others did, that GERMANY would NOT harm the children AROUND THE WORLD in the Grote Homes !

NB: There were no JEWISH children in the Grote Homes - because the Jewish communities took care of their own orphans. If there were any half Jewish children then they & we did not know - it might show in their faces later or not ... GERMANY is NOT harming the German Grote Homes children or those in their territories or conquered territories abroad - BUT the British Government & its NOBLES were doing this in secretive BREAK-INS ...

1931 ... beginning 1931 when they TESTED THE WATERS organising a SECRET visit to the HOMES UN-AURTHORIZED

by GROTE BROKERS New York or the Argentine Solicitors for RANSOM Joyous Venture a flower garden around the earth ...

... 1931 ... it was now the penniless obscene British Scandinavian NOBLES saw the VAST ART WORKS in the HOMES...bought by RANSOM family for the children to grow up exhibit around the HOMES...these REAL HOMES ...

1934 Harold MacMillan went to GREECE telling LIES that he was a Representative for GROTE BROKERS & come to change the ART WORKS ... his awful nymphomaniac doped up wife was giving him ANGST problems YAH Know ...

A Miss Goering writes from 1900s … In 1935/36 HITLER caught BRITISH NOBLES & Diplomats fingering in the HOMES - EYEING the ART WORKS & even the toys of Grote Children...

They are caught taking the Orphans Christmas toys, & stealing the ART WORKS in the HOMES, brazenly saying “ THEY WERE THE PROPERTY OF ANGELAfrom an Old ESKIMO the British Lords & Government did not approve of Records/Captain Liam RANSOM/visiting with Norwegian Mission to new Nazi Party/

1920s-1950s - It was obvious the BRITISH NOBLE CLASS were intending to PAY their DEBTS - by robbing Mrs Margarethe Grote`s Estate she a former Miss RANSOM who in 1856 at 14 years of age had begun Charities for Industrial Widows & orphans … Germany was proud of her … & her Ransom ancestry … & of her husband Thomas Immanuel GROTE, grandson of a respected West Saxony family GROTE …

1946 Nuremburg Trials it was known from persons present that H. Goering had got permission from USA to speak about the deaths & the danger to the children in the HOMES … at the Nuremburg Trials - A person of Gross Britain was present to see no such statement is made or GRote HOMES spoken about - PROPERTY BRITISH CROWN- the slaying of the Grote children & staff/settlers/ is known by some persons in authority USA to be a GENOCIDE by G. B. penniless nobles & their relatives ... Records

Miss Teresa Mary Butler speaks to Arthur Malone then ANDRE

MALRAUX, 17/18th December 1959 -

“… The early Marriage was allowed …

BECAUSE of the INHERITANCE from The OLD LADY a former Miss MARGARET or Margarethe RANSOM -

… It was she had left Greta Ransom ALL & should the girl die in childhood, then to Len her father`s younger brother - her legal heirs & a legal WILL made this clear ~ The Solicitors & Brokers were anxious she name an heir … her French son had refused … but he helped with the running of the HOMES ”

NB: he is poisoned in 1933 October

“ ...The entire Estate is left to the Ransom Family

- Margareth Mrs Grote to her only nephew Frederick Charles Ransom -

the son of her brother JOHN RANSOM/m Millie Frobisher ... Greeta`s grandfather …

She, his Aunt Margaret, had been waiting for his children to grow up … He married 1909 Jean Weddell ... because of her INCA family, The Brokers & Mrs Grote had put a lot of philanthropy & investment into PERU ... a broad system which could be enlarged by fellow humanists ... IT WAS NOT THE PROPERTY OF THE BRITISH CROWN . ”

NB: The violence done by British/Scandinavian Nobles to

PERU showed tragically by 1948 ... Electricity/water/Welfare input was TORN OUT as if by barbarians ... JIM & LINDSAY were boasting of this 1960 ! It sounds as if they wished to teach PERU a lesson because RANSOM married into the INCA Noble line !

late December 1959/with Malone Detective she Miss Butler, has looked at some of her collection/& telephoned relatives Manchester/

Mrs Grote knew her nephew Len & began to instruct Greetha by telephone...the children were great friends & with the family & a programme arranged by educationalists they had begun training in the manner of the GROTE curriculum of Humanism ... learning to take care of the peoples & the lands … She, Miss Butler, had heard from her Aunts The Misses Bessie & Annie Williams, friends of Andre Malraux from 1945 , that young Len was training to head TRANSPORT for Grote Brokers & he could fly planes - They heard that the overseas solicitors & brokers were very pleased with the children when they were touring the Worldwide Estate before the War …