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“ After Mary Gordon her aunt died 1944 she, Miss Butler, could not learn very much about the inheritance … the War was still on … she had a good job offered 1945 but her cousin Teresa had spoken spitefully to her TRUE BLUES … & the Job was withdrawn … she, a single woman, had become depressed ”

“…The Estate - it was a family piece of philanthropy & even Hollywood cousins helped - a film was being made 1936 but Greta was kidnapped back by Earl LINDSAY & his Family& they had the AUTHORITY of a woman who was become jealous of Teresa Gordon the mother of the heir The woman had a Crown come to her before the War …she had rudely told the Gordon & Ransom families that an old ESKIMO gave it all to her … It showed nowadays, The Empire & its Nobility had a poor reputation overseas from the early 20th century ”

1959 December 17/18th - Notebook Arthur Malone Detective/ 3 visits to Miss Butler - Andre Malraux present at one emergency visit … `

… she Miss Butler had expected some reply from ANDRE MALRAUX or to her family in Manchester - of sufficient standing to receive recognition… & as good Catholics -

Her family had been involved in the Towns progress & a cousin had been Mayor of Manchester…Her mother was Julia, her sisters were Aunts BESSIE & ANNIE WILLIAMS & the dead Mary Gordon … they HAD SPOKEN SO HIGHLY, VERY HIGHLY OF ANDRE MALRAUX since 1937 - & 1945-1948 he was often visiting their house `Stella Maris` - He came immediately the 2nd World War ended … She, Miss Teresa Butler, did not doubt his good intentions … ” Notes/A. Malone detective/

1970 January - ANDRE MALRAUX to Peter J.P. WHITEHEAD ...

I REGARD my AUNTS BESSIE & ANNIE, Peter, as my INTELLECTUAL EQUALS - do not listen to Teresa

she is insane - as her noble acquaintances … ”

( Andre Malraux was angry & slapped the table … )

“ 1947 April - Miss Terry Butler - She was surprised that no one in her Manchester or Southern Irish families received an invitation to the early wedding 17th April 1947 - All would have been happy to come & WOULD have certainly SPOKEN upon the ESTATE to

the young HEIRS & the GUARDIAN- ANDRE MALRAUX agreed to

Guardianship October 1937-Mary Gordon had a letter from him ”

“ She did not hear immediately that the father of her niece Greta & members his Family Ransom stopped attending hours before wedding-Fred got a telephone call from Miss Win Gordon late evening ”

“ She, Miss Butler, heard later about the wedding frock sent from New York by the Uncles of Greta…& that Miss Gordon did not tell Greta about it…as she felt a suit would be more suitable to marry a Widower inMiss Gordon had the frock for 2 weeks before the wedding ”

A blue Scottish heavy weave suit that Julie had grown out of before the War is sent down from Manchester ~

“ SHE LATER HEARD THAT HER COUSIN TERESA & her TRUE BLUE friends had abused the wedding frock…then thrown it on a stall in a London market…They, THE TRUE BLUES, were insisting the Orphanages were used for prostitution around the world she did not know of all of the deaths of the children…only from Julie that a few of the orphans in South America had been killed savagely…SHE BEGAN TO KEEP HERSELF TO HERSELF ”

Her own life began to fall to pieces…& she had no savings to fall back on having loaned them to her cousin Teresa who pleaded for some money FOR HER HUSBAND ! IT WAS ALL LIES ! Teresa SPENT it at Cheltenham RACES October 1945 ! WITH HER TRUE BLUES ”

Miss Butler said…“ It was their brother Dr John Butler who helped his three OLD MAID sisters buy the house in Colne Road 1948 … where her cousin Win Gordon & young cousin Julie Butler rented the identical Victorian house next door/1946 springbut she, Miss Teresa Butler, did not live with her sisters very often…She went to live with an intellectual woman friend but that was not happy - two old maids in one house Notes of Arthur Malone

“ She Miss Butler had learned a few years ago that a cousin, elder brother of her cousin Win, had been given a Settlement in Australia by the OLD LADY formerly a Miss MARGARET RANSOM - it was for all of them, the families both sides, to go and live there if they wished - it was given to the Gordon family - He had no ideapoor Alfred Richard Gordon - his sister Win had not shared the Courtesy WILL from the old lady with her brother Harry Gordon…they were both asked to take care of Greetha her niece while she was in her young school days …they were in no way able to administer the Estate ” !

“ Alfred Richard had been protected after a vile attempt early 1920s to destroy him as a good person who took care of his parents -

these TRUE BLUES wanted to destroy the reputation of his parents & THE IRISH COUSINS who had 3 Baronetcies … & sometimes raised horses… they were very nicely off !

She knew them all when they came visiting to her families in Manchester !

“ BUT THEY the Irish cousins, DID NOT COME HERE-Clacton-not near cousin Teresa & her TRUE BLUES…Her TRUE BLUES blamed Alfred Richard for a nasty crime in London where a man was killed…THEY HAD DONE IT…she had heard it had been solved not long ago ”

“…Again it was Teresa & her TRUE BLUES…many of them older than she in the 1920sShe Miss Butler collected from the newspapers articles on themshe had them with the papers she had managed to acquire about the Estate of her niece…& she had also collected anything on Andre she found printed… ”

/MALONE Detective since October 1957 to ANDRE MALRAUX was busy for some hours going through her collectionThen her small caravan home at the back of the Thorpe Inn was closed & she went on the 19th to her sisters for XMASthey living in the big Victorian house Colne Road Clacton that their brother Dr John Butler had bought for them in 1948

She returned on the 30th December 1959 to her caravan Thorpe le soken… & was poisoned on the 1st January 1960 She had expected Malone Detective to continue with his search of her Papers …/

1959 28th December - MALONE was AWAY fast on RESEARCH -

going first to ARRAN, intended go over to Montrose...spoke of another place I did not know- he returned 5th/6th January. He tells me end of 1st week January 1960“ I WILL NOT GO THERE AGAIN … JIM has his BOOTS all over that Island … I THINK I WAS SPOTTED ” …

1960 2nd January - Mengele HARRINGTON 1.30 pm BOOTED IN

on Greetha at Colne Engaine . `The threats of what he would do to me G.R. were so frightening I could not write them in this document at first -it is here somewhere-& then perhaps not ALL . I am 26 years of age at this time - he is PIMPING on me & Ransom family from 1953 !

“ On the 1st JANUARY 1960 - her collection of papers/documents stolen by Doctor Mengele Harrington/with her cousin Teresa Gordon Ransom - she T.G. heard loudly rowing with Miss Butler the hours before/Inn Keeper who heard it coming from caravan tells Mrs Harry Gordon…& it was he discovered her ill next day.

Miss Terry Butler, found collapsed from poisoning in her caravan& is taken to Clacton hospital…”

Notes/Arthur Malone Detective ...

“ JIM gets 2 pounds a month off Harry - a lunch with booze JIM upped it to A FIVER when he became CUR JAMES- JIM has been around Harry Gordon since he was 12 years old…”

1971 JIM calls on Harry for ten pounds - he is now LEWD/lord JAMES … Harry said `Nankin Man hey ` NO ~ I do not earn anything … Go & ask Peggie if she can spare you a DIME … Report : ` Harry Gordon at Kathryn Potter`s wedding Great Clacton Church 1971 …

Greta Ransom has had JIM around her since the XMAS 1932...before her birth in March 1933...he LINDSAY & Angela demanded Teresa get an abortion... HE is always trying to KILL Greetha for her MONEY- His chums LINDSAY EARLS threaten Greta with a hearse - In Scandinavia other Nobles PIMP on Banks in name of Greta Ransom & Lennie & Aunt Mag Ransom Grote…

Nota bene : Arthur Malone had a few hours to DIGEST the news

from Miss Butler “ ...when my niece was born the old lady, she was a Miss Margaret RANSOM , made her the HEIR TO ALL SHE HAD - Her husband I cannot recall his name…its over in that pile of papers I keep…he had Orphanages around the world & they educated the children to 18 years & helped them afterwards…

THE VATICAN APPROVED…& HALF are in Catholic lands”

1959 17 December - Arthur Malone says to Andre MALRAUX

“ An HEIR ARISES-BORN on a HEARSE - she keeps getting off ” MALRAUX arrives late night & perhaps had an MOUTH OPEN for

first HOUR…he must FLEE back to GAUL swiftly by plane …

Arthur Malone Notes/

“WHAT I HAVE LEARNED from Miss Butler ... I did not know she

existed ! Andre said he did not know of her !

1920s - JIM & Angela & the TRUE BLUES were insane on dope- the Lindsay EARLS & others grew it...playing spiteful games `Sunday games` they called them-they turned the Church service of the morning upside down - Turned the 10 Commandments up-side down The bullying-robbing-turned to violence…sometimes people killed by fearful staged ACCIDENTS ”

“ ...This older Miss Teresa Butler said she had her cousin Teresa come from Prison 1931 & they her old friends did not want to be seen too much with her although JIM did not drop her...Suddenly she surprised everyone & made a marriage to young Fred RANSOM 1932…

Now her former friends Angela & Jim & other Nobles came to see her

The young husband has a grandfather who is JOHN RANSOM the brother of Margaret Grote…& the inheritance has always been arranged to come to this senior branch of the ancient RANSOM Family ” …

1959 17th December - Thorpe-le-Soken -

Arthur Malone POLITAN/Detective to ANDRE MALRAUX

… Notes from talking with Miss Teresa Butler:

“ She said, Miss Butler, ... IT WAS CLEAR NOW ! The GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX WAS NOT TO KNOW WHAT HE WAS GUARDIAN TOother than her cousin Miss Winifred from summer 1945 calling him Greeta`s Guardian Angel & Winnie still referring to him as that in 1947 at the rehearsal in the Church with Greta for the wedding 2 days before the ceremony GRETA had told her July 1948 as they waited for their buses in Clacton Bus Park ...SHE, Miss Teresa Terry Butler NEVER again could get to Greta to speak with her ... & ANDRE MALRAUX did not reply ... but she thought she had received an off-hand message about that time »

... evening 15th April 6.30pm ... REHEARSAL OF WEDDING OF GRACE ... VATICAN ! LIR says 1978 “now we hear the VATICAN has got itself A STEAM CHAMBER ... all documents not needed for the ARCHIVES are steamed of writings & pulped ... given to the poor to burn as fuel ... I FEAR THIS GREAT MIRACLE OF PHILANTRHROPY has been DIRECTED by COUSINS LINDSAY upon their Road of Merciless greed-fears-threats-blackmail ... & IMPERIAL POMP & BLOOD SOAKED BOOTS as before ... `

1944/1945 - “ Greetha had HAD by good citizens a little of her memory RESTORED…of the important WORK ahead for her family when WAR FINISHED That is, as the child of 6 years the heir Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM understood the position… when all RANSOM MEN left for the WAR 1939 - ( 2nd WORLD WAR 1939-1945 )

…A part-time school teacher is prominent in trying to remind G.R. of her historic Family at SEA, because he knew her young father 1930s - Armstrong geographer of Cambridge University -

` He, Armstrong Geographer Cambridge University & others, friends of her father FJR, observed G.R. Heir from 1942 spring-they had grief over the girl of 9 years in the class of Greta Ransom was murdered so that robbery of her Newfoundland Estate might OCCUR … the Earls of LINDSAY could then PAYE their double DEATH DUTIES 1943 ...

“ WHEN THEIR LORDSHIPS SIN nothing can be done...they may not be challenged...they take BRUTE revenge ” -

1942-1945 - SCHOOLS REPORTS : … the tall girl, born 11th March 1933, Greta Ransom had been reported with bad memory lapse mornings in school since she returned from 8 months away 1935-1936 with her Ransom family Europe North & South America & sometimes for several days at a time ... Observant school teachers, mostly those of University training collected information on the lonely HOUSE at the END of the RECREATION GROUND, Vista Road - THEY SPOKE IN THE STAFF ROOMS of three local schools ...

... They said that young Army Captain Fred Ransom away at War had his heir daughter `Little Miss North Pole` bruised about the legs & face again as pre-war, & she seemed unable to follow speech all the school mornings … she looked dazed from not enough sleep at night because she & the younger boy Colin were left alone in the large house. The mother had gone to London to her Noble friends some in uniform ... The mother insisted the girl was MAD like her father & his family ... they owned this great piece of philanthropy about the globe . But the girl spoke phrases of culture ... as her RANSOM family ... whom they knew pre-2nd World War ...or knew of ...

Her mother ( Teresa Gordon companion of Noble Britain 1920s ) said Greta Ransom (heir to GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts with her young uncle Len Immanuel RANSOM Flyer) ran away at night … & was MAD because she was an Ape & Eskimo on her Ransom Weddell side of the family ) Teresa Gordon Mrs Ransom insisted with forcefulness that HER Noble friends TOLD HER SO…& they were the BETTER CLASS...GOD had put them to RULE the world with the BRITISH EMPIRE ... GOD had made them the better sort ... ` (The Oratory reached to IMPERIAL gory regions... the FIX up the snout ... the best brandy in a silver flask aided the vicious tones of authority...)

SHEshe, mother of Greta-heir, was SEEN to receive VISITS at mid-evening … from men old & young she had known since a child ...they came in very expensive big cars with furled STANDARDS one or two of the well polished big CARS are BOOKED OUT of the BACK of Buckingham Palace ... or the British ADMIRALTY in The WHITEHALL … Scarlet Town/London … Reports Clacton teachers/townsfolk/others/1943-to March 1945 ...

1920s… Clacton-on-sea & Frinton-on-Sea had become popular seaside retreats for UPPER CLASS nobles in BIG cars & little jaunty racers - some of them went to the Brooklands Racetrack.. all a privileged CLASS outside the law when necessary

1910 - LINDSAY EARLS had a PLACE built on the Clacton seafront

GRAND -& HIGH DOPE apparitions with yellow-white faces came to SLUM - rob small shops for liquor fags & whole joints of HAMS … before the DAWNThe noble fun & games halted 1939 & WAR com`th …

1942-1944 - the too early death 1944 June of Mary Gordon … Sometimes the girl` s Grandmother, the RESPECTED Mrs Mary GORDON was in the same dazed condition IN THE MORNINGS. But this was at the times TERESA GORDON her daughter got furlough too frequently from a second Prison sentence - The Court decided she would STAY 2 years in Wiltshire/Worcester PRISON then transferred to an Asylum to await return of her husband young Fred Ransom at War. British Prisons were run by the husband of friend ANGELAtheir friend from childhood JIM Jong has a 2 Man Unit Intelligence back of the Palace 1939-1944 ...

The sentence 6 years commencing 1926 is for sedating an old rich man in his home Hilldrop Crescent Highgate for over 2 years & using his home & moneys to live as the well-off. The young noble friends came to party here ... & the list of their illustrious names had the Judge decide to sentence Teresa Gordon as she is employed age 16 & a half years as ACTING HOUSEKEEPER on the good reputation of her mother & father... The Judge could not say Angela Duchess of York & JIM Jong & their wild living young blue-bloods enjoyed the hospitality of the old heavily sedated owner of the property & that they all knew these tricks ... He feared this could be the tip of an iceberg ...

Noble Britain LACKED MONEY for the GOOD LIFE...The LAW had a problem with Noble dope was the middle of the ROARING 20s ... The IMPERIAL EMPIRE did not bring in big DOUGH as it was expected to. Because the upper-crust were above the LAW they became barrage balloons of EVIL with the years ...

1945 JUNE - Miss Gordon told Colonel WIDOWER Andre MALRAUX Greta could not learn at school because of the Games of Imagination she played in the REC - Miss Gordon had been told it would be better GRETA did not remember these games - she had been told this by a Doctor / She was told this by EARLS of Crawford LINDSAY - childhood CHUMS of ANGELA -

MALRAUX says 1970 to PJPW that he was deceived by Miss Win Gordon 1945 ... & she deceived Mr Winclemann . She did NOT warn ANDRE to what he was heir...she listened to her nephew Ed du Cann who promised to find her a husband now she was 35 years old ...

1959 December 15/17/18/19th - Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex

INFORMATION: to Greta Ransom/ Arthur Malone detective & Andre Malraux /-

Miss Teresa Butler tells us that her branch of the family had no wedding invitations & this was a little distressing - After the ceremony 17th April 1947, she heard in a letter from her Aunts Bessie & Annie, by the end of April, that it was very much a WEDDING OF GRACE … quiet & dignified as befitted his Widowhood … & his work alongside that young man, General Charles de Gaulle … a saint of France…older Catholics called him Saint Charles when War began … ”

“… Annie-Agnes & Bessie-Martha Williams spinster aunts were always close to her as their sister Mary-Helena Gordon born 1870 … She was more like a sister to Mary & Annie born 1880 because of ages. They were spinster like herself … she felt she was never pretty … & should earn her living & make SAVINGS for her old age ”

When there were notifications the MARRIAGE had failed …

her mother s cousin Sir John OBrien was asked over to Rome to see The Vatican ” ! ( her mother the dead Julia/ ref. Montague family … a tragedy caused by a paedophile amongst them … )

“ The marriage was dissolved ? at first she thought this was the position … then heard from the men in the families called in by PACELLI at The VATICAN … that he, now POPE PIUS XII, had put the marriage of MALRAUX, the GROTE GUARDIAN & Greta RANSOM heir on hold because of the girls age - & the Widower ANDRE MALRAUX had taken up work for his Nation, Catholic FRANCE , with General de GAULLE

“ She, Miss Terry Butler born 1899, had been told at first that the early wedding had been DISSOLVED ... this was by her cousin Miss Win Gordon born 1910 … she & the youngest cousin JULIE Butler born 1920 had opened a guest house Colne Road, Clacton-on-Sea after they left the ATS They too felt they should make SAVINGS for their old age - but the ESTATE needed FAMILY to help run it about the world - THERE WERE EXCITING CAREERS FOR ALL ... her families were HUMANISTS ... it was humiliating ”

“ 1948 summer … A bewildered but too calm niece Greetha told her as they waited for buses Clacton Town bus Park one July evening , after she Miss Butler had made a delicate reference to ANDRE … “ Oh he has married his sister - Number 18 the Prayer Book FORBID - Auntie Julie banged the kitchen table & said ` Bloody Dissolution of the Monasteries Win - this sort of thing does not happen in our families ”

“ 1948 summer that meeting with Greetha She Miss Terry Butler felt that Greta had NO MEMORY AT ALL OF THE WEDDING -

A YEAR AGO - so she spoke to her gently trying to encourage response … she learned the girl was living with her mother Teresa in a two room flat Clacton Greetha told her how she was painting the flat for her mother … that she wanted a blue bedroom …She, called Aunt Terry by her nephews & nieces, advised that BLUE was a colour that gave you the BLUES … better have something else … they had to take separate buses … Her own life was in tatters at this time »

...Yes, I her niece, Greetha Ransom, can see this meeting 1948 in my memory - a hot summer evening… many buses & a smell of petrol creating a DISMAL NOTHINGNESS life for me … & I come from Charles Magowan his Photographic studio & workshops to go on with the painting of the flat 57 Oxford Crescent …

… the small UPSTAIRS flat 2 rooms tiny kitchen, bathroom …

that ANDRE MALRAUX will pronounce upon November 1957


(text/tapes/ The Visit to the country THE SEASIDE, that was not ! 27th November 1957 )

1940s & on - I am used to not having a memory - & I rely on people awakening it -but I AM A PAUPER & I HAVE NO EDUCATION & Old Mother Ransom keeps on reminding me 1948 thus … saying ` MY SONS - SONS - SONS are CLEVER - not you - you bloody bitch

I have had terrible attacks from her the last few months - attempts to mark my face with boiling water Its at Clacton bus station where I meet Aunt Terry - but Mad Clytemnestra old Mother Ransom does not like me speaking with anyone - and she hates Aunt Terry - whom I like but have not really seen since Xmas 1942-43-

Aunt Terry, Miss Teresa Mary Butler, she begins speaking with

“ I am your butch aunt -not pretty like Esther & Kitty so I try to keep my brain active do good deeds like my holy sisters old Maids … like me

… I Greta Ransom feel as if I am in a dusty jam jar in a larder high on a shelf I look out on life I am slow Greta Ransom

1959 December Thorpe-le-Soken - Notebook/Arthur Malone detective to ANDRE MALRAUX / “ 1948 - She, Miss Butler, heard how Greetha was painting a room in this small flat for her mother Teresa Gordon Ransom - how her mother wanted it blue her Aunt Terry told Greta that a blue room gave you `the blues` She again enquired how to speak with ANDRE MALRAUX ? But it did not lead her to put another letter in the Post just then - she tried to make a telephone call Then she sent another postcard - she used a family name but not her own as GUARDIAN he should have known it … & replied in some manner very swiftly to she or her family”

“1947 August-September - The VATICAN representatives had spoken at Rome airport 10 minutes with the mother of Greta & had her, Teresa Gordon Ransom returned to Great Britain - they heard her & did not wish to take her out of the Airport They were not going to let her talk to the Pope … she sounded mad & vicious … they were well aware whose friend she was ” !

… Angela & JIM her travelling companion , & EARLS of Lindsay claiming the entire Estate in secrecy … They are known 1920s-30s to make trouble for the GROTE HOMES ESTATE…& now the children were all missing in the War… many now found dead burned in pits … some dredged up from the sea in nets …

1947 - Information given to VATICAN : “ The mother Teresa Gordon Ransom was demanding moneys from the father & now from Andre Malraux - She was felt to be badly unjust & unstable & they were told she was to be put in a psychiatric hospital … her sister Miss Winifred Gordon had the authority to do this

Nota bene : At this point, we should insert a phrase 1953 in a letter by Augusta Frobisher to a noble KINSMAN …


1947 Summer - VATICAN - The career of ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulles position were taken into consideration & someone would talk perhaps with the General the Estate is vast worldwide & in Catholic nations - THE MATTER OF THE SLAIN GROTE CHILDREN is discussed by the few - it was behind a dreadful door is the phrase used `

1948 - Miss Teresa Mary Butler - had been assured after the visits to Rome by the educated men in her families , that the Roman Catholic marriage MALRAUX-RANSOM was not dissolved - but put on hold …

1959 December 17/18th /Thorpe-le-Soken Essex/

… his one visit to Miss Teresa Butler, ANDRE MALRAUX assures her the marriage HAS NOT BEEN DISSOLVED ….

He discovered this talking to Paccelli Pope PIUS 12 , early November 1957 … when he went to ask if he could take the marriage up - Although he Malraux had hastily made a Registry Office marriage to his sister-in-law March 1948 …

… 11 months after the WEDDING OF GRACE Clacton Church of Our Lady, seafront … they lived their separate lives from 1950/51 -

Nota bene: presumably, to PACELLI he Andre Malraux had some explaining to do … did he say Mrs de Gaulle told me to marry my sister-in-law…we could not otherwise LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE there was a joke around PARIS 1948/50s `MALRAUX HAS MARRIED HIS AUNT …`

Peter J.P. WHITEHEAD November 1967 learned what was meant…

… Mrs de Gaulle is called `TANTE YVONNE `…

1959 December - Speaking on events 1947 July-September -

ANDRE MALRAUX, relates his anxious visits to Clacton-on-Sea to get Greetah to safety, away from Teresa he could not get the Passport for Greta without help from her father Army Captain F.J. RANSOM … whom HE HAD NEVER MET … he could not find where he was … HE DID NOT COME TO THE WEDDING … although ANDRE had been told Greta`s FATHER would attend … ! No explanation was given by Miss Win 17th April 1947 - THE WEDDING WAS TAKING PLACE … other than Greta`s FATHER could not come … at the last minute …


- Teresa Gordon whom hed met in 1924 - he felt now Teresa was insane with jealousy at the time of the marriage -

1957-1959 - He Andre Malraux working for General de Gaulle had her Teresa squatting on he & Greetah in his London home the last 3 years - October 1957-February 1959 - In January 1959 he hit her on the jaw & threw her in the doorway next to the Kent Hotel Lancaster Gate Square - she had threatened he & Greta at 1 am with a knife & a bowler hat with lighted candles on her head -

Nota Bene : JIM & Lindsay gang do the same tricks - it is the DOPES - but they all will kill ! The head gear was from a Party shop down the Mile End Road - you can RENT it Noble Britain knows the way to the

shop …

Malraux continues: THE PERSECUTION OF HE, & indirectly General de Gaulle : Teresa was always insulting him … from 1946.. 1954…1957 onwards/in 1958 Summer she, Teresa, had tried poison him - Mr Poulter at Hollytrees MUSEUM Colchester had got him medical help one night when he could certainly have died ” (full reports on THAT evening ! )

“… Always she, they were threatening his Job - From 1958 the possibility of his entry into General de Gaulle`s Government - It was a blackmail by she, Teresa & her friend JIM…& a FAT FOOL was used…Miss Butler knew of she Angela & the trouble she had caused for her families with her TRUE BLUES & some of the clientele of London Clubs -WHITES Club especially ” ( a rather dirty Vice bar at times, with 3 kinds of DOPES spiking the Spirits/drinks ! )

“ WHITES CLUB - They had often been joking & sly behind his back with threatening verbal abuse, to he ANDRE MALRAUX, about the nature of his marriage to Greta … behind his back but within his hearing !

“ THESE MEN LIVED DIRTY LIVES …& some of their women too … he had got REPORTS December 1957 ! But he could not understand WHY THEY DID NOT LEAVE he & Greetah ALONE … ” !

Now he Malraux knew it was so much more SO MUCH MORE … he had to leave it to the Detective & the families…& friends would help…he had to return to FRANCE…he had to keep up with his JOBhe would be telling General de Gaulle as soon as he could reach him…& when they would be alone They had both suffered this odd behaviour in Britain ” …

Conversations above : Andre Malraux-Miss Teresa Butler - December 1959/Notebooks Arthur Malone Politan & spoken to Greta Ransom & others January 1960…

1960 January - This month ANDRE MALRAUX listened to some evidence of the slaying of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - BUT documents & letters swiftly sent him, or delivered to him in PARIS offices, or left for him at 50 Lancaster Gate Square or to his PARIS home were stolen ! JANUARY-FEBRUARY …

January - The first horrific information is from his Grote Ransom Estate visitors - then he often had to hide his movements - Everyone is immediately under DOUBLE OBSERVATION by Gross Britain thug groups from Naval Intelligence - death followed for many trying to help - ANDRE MALRAUX must carry on his job as CULTURAL MINISTER FRANCE …

1960 - The British TRUE BLUE establishment were with arrogance demanding of FRANCE/Paris … that ANDRE MALRAUX NOT APPEAR at any events with IMPERIAL BRITISH/Scandinavia FIGURES FROM A MORGUE who have caused all this world VIOLENCE to thieve this great GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE & Andre Malraux GUARDIAN to the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE, MUST NOT BE SEEN !

IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS squelching blood & gore of savage killing of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN now showed their KUDOS- They who stomp upon the stage of the globe were threatening ANDRE MALRAUX `s life their great INTELLIGENCE Teams everywhere … to see the world did NOT ask the QUESTION posed February 1960 … WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN, MOTHER ENGLAND … ?

the TRUE BLUES , the noble friends of Teresa Gordon & Angela & JIM their travelling companion the half Chinese …. intending take HALF of the OLD ESKIMO her FORTUNE … from the EARLS of LINDSAYgang CLAIMING the whole …

On account of a great-great Grandmother (called a Miss Lindsay) of the heir RANSOM legally PROCLAIMED March 1933 … & Len Immanuel RANSOM Proclaimed sub-& Co-heir 1937 … legal WILL USA & ARGENTINE in operation 1938 …

1930s - NO LEGAL CLAIM HAS BEEN RECEIVED FROM GROSS BRITAIN/its Scandinavian relatives … as penniless as their relatives in GROSS BRITAIN … & a few on the Continent of Europe …always looking for a WINDFALL … 1930s - NOTHING IN WRITING CAN BE GOT … except Diplomatic BIG BOOTING hissing … that a woman called ANGELA of IMPERIAL BRITAIN in purple secret silence CLAIMS … `AN OLD ESKIMO gave her the ESTATE … When she was 10 years old in 1910 … when Old Eskimo kindly took her to ROME … to escape a PLAGUE in Angela`s Noble Family PLACE …

Nota bene : ANGELA is called the former `Miss Bloody LIAR ` by City of London ELDERS … 1965/66 … they find they WALK IN A RIVER OF BLOOD around the EARTH they have come upon the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in the 2nd World War … a million & a quarter children & good persons are dead in the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE encircling the Globe twice … Documents as at 1938 Spring …

… 15th May 1938 - the murder of MARGARETHE GIRL OF THE SNOWS … Ayrshire, the O`Niell Farmhouse … friends of her father FRED RANSOM of the family ship The Mary Rose … & his wife`s inherited Island JACOPSHOMEN off XRISTENSHARB West GREENLAND … A little Utopia/democracy 1770s-1900s …

...1850s-1930s the NOBLE Governments of DENMARK & GROSS BRITAIN will NOT allow the Colleges, the University of POUL GRONLANDER to continue building … VIOLENCE is shown this little democratic UTOPIA in 1862 after DENMARK REFUSED the nation of GREENLAND its INDEPENDENCE as it had lost a costly WAR of greed & fun & display … & had now BIG BILLS to pay …

Nota bene: 1910 - A visit to ROME by the eminent WELCOMED visitor to The Vatican … Mrs Margarethe Ransom GROTE great-grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER genius West Greenland... accompanied by a child Angela age 10 years her parents insisting she use a false surname. It is 6 years after the Scots Nobles murdered her husband Thomas Immanuel GROTE 1904 ARRAN…

ow the PENNILESS & barely educated of IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS clustered around the Widow Margarethe RANSOM Grote, her two brothers murdered by them 1890 & 1891 … calling her a lonely old woman ...

All IMPERIAL Courts & CIRCLES rely on QUICK MONEY from that falling down BRITISH EMPIRE You will find it on the MAPS of the WORLD early 20th century …

& it is COLOURED PINK in Atlases of that time …

Commenting on Miss Butler & the `OPEN SESAME ` 1959 December - with her information on TRUE BLUES Arthur Malone reports/notebook readings January 1960 :

Andre had his head as with all of us, swimming with this information - he went back for CHRISTMAS with it AN HEIR NOW TAKES SHAPE - an explanation to the horrible attacks on us all - in Lancaster Gate Square … that nice home that Andre gave us…in Scarlet Town

Notes by Arthur Malone on 1959 December/

“ When Miss Teresa Butler heard the MARRIAGE is BEING DISSOLVED she felt it was done by her cousin Teresa Gordon & her chum Angela - both had chirpy little JIM about them since they were children - & their MEN , those TRUE BLUES … & it had to be theft of the Estate Then she`d heard from her side of the family that the Marriage was laid aside - ON HOLD ”

She, Miss Butler, learned some more over the first years …

` the true blues ` THEY WERE AFTER THE ESTATE

of the old lady MARGARET a former Miss RANSOM she was … her lands & HER MONEYS - Her husband, with another name I cannot recall … but its all over there in the Documents & newspapers I HAVE COLLECTED for 27 YEARS …since the marriage of my cousin Teresa to young FRED RANSOM … Well, her husband, he had Orphanages all over the world but he was` nt British - the children were murdered in the War, this last War … the men in the family at MANCHESTER know more - the British Establishment said later the Nations rose up & slew them - but it was not true …”

“ Miss Butler said she was frightened ... when she learned how many children up to 20 YEARS of age had been murdered -

in every nation - the small nations - the Islands - the Pacific - they had no chance

She as the as the elder sister & female cousin to the families … she has later learned matters of this GENOCIDE …”


2nd World War - RN ships were able to sail in - anchor - thugs went ashore - special duties… » Various Secret Services

Alfred Charles RANSOM Rear Admiral -

Distinction in 1st World War & 2nd World War says December 1946 … « THE WORST EPISODE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE NAVY … SINCE ALFRED BEGAN IT WHEN YOUR FATHER COMES WITH HIS PARTY WE WILL HAVE A MEETING - We will take ANDRE in with us We will not include you because it is about the deaths of the children

… Lord Louis .. He has gone mad, very mad … he has been tramping ALL OVER YOUR LANDS all the Wartime EYING THEM … every ORDER he has given has had to be checked we have had terrible trouble with him Esther had him come to see Fred Potter »

( Aunt Terry Butler knows too well of cousin Teresa`s TRUE BLUES … out of SCANDINAVIA too …we at Clacton have had TROUBLE with the Lord Louis 1930s … I have described HIM in 1937 calling ANGELA a blazing or brazen COW one early morning … DEMANDING MONEY that he barked ANGELA & Teresa OWED Him & he EMPTIED MY new MONEY BOX in his hangover RAGEhe wore BEACH CLOTHES too tight ! GR )

Miss Butler said … WHEN YOU SAW IN THE NEWSPAPERS THE MEN HER COUSIN HAD KNOWN WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG- you could not expect anyone to stand up to them - & the woman they called Angela - the way they assumed power ”

1933/XMAS 1934 - She Miss Butler began to LAY letters, PAPERS & newspapers ASIDE - collect things - it was distressing to a Catholic - perhaps they would be needed one day - She could write something … perhaps turn it into a Novel ”