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1960/1970s Lennie LIR is saying “ ... you & we have 60 Mansions round the globe - they have squatted in them - trashed them - pulled them down for Concrete blocks of disgusting PROFIT `

... Another voice “ ... you & Andre could travel & administer legally the Estate kind tenants we all go to see the HOMES are safe before the WAR distinguished persons helped your father after the War secure a third of the Estate where the children had been killed keep it in purity & humanism When Andre went to Ecuador he arrived ill from being poisoned - you not with him Len got to him to keep him safe he could have died ... & General de Gaulle if they had not COPIES of the WILLS ” ...

1940s - Wartime Britain The woman Angela is given my school books after I Greta Ransom am sent DOPED into class by Teresa Gordon R. her friend/fellow fiend ... or into end of Term exams doped ! She, Angela, is seen & reported upon, waving the heir`s school books about her blood & gore stained satin & lace ... & jeering of apes & Eskimos all being stupid - JIM is in attendance -

It is the good geography teacher Armstrong of Cambridge who discovered this old 1920s DOPE trick was being played on Greta Ransom age 9 to 12 years - The Humperdinck family saw this was so - & others from two Universities who teach us children in the wartime -

THE good Teachers TRIED EXPLAIN , as much as politeness

allowed them, to Colonel WIDOWER ANDRE MALRAUX summer 1945 ... that Teresa Gordon R. with her Noble friends stand to gain money by these tricks against the young - ANDRE did not grasp that it was because of an INHERITANCE to Greta Ransom other than something to come from her great-Aunts Bessie & Annie, HIS INTELLECTUAL EQUALS -

All his POST/mail is stolen by the British IMPERIAL Government & Crown from Winter 1937-38 to 1962 ... & sometimes to the end of his life ...

1944 November - JOSETTE died so horribly because evil SCUM have ROBBED ANDRE MALRAUX of his lawful post/mail from Nations outside the British Empire ... especially the URGENT DOCUMENTS coming to him from GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK - MALRAUX & General Charles de GAULLE will not know of the full extent of the IMPERIAL obscene crimes of evil ... until 1962 ...

1959 December - Miss Teresa Terry Mary BUTLER b 1899 -

Records-notebooks - Arthur Malone & Andre Malraux -

She relates the violence against her family on several cousin lines Southern Ireland/via Gordon marriage/ from time of Great War 1st World War - & especially the Imperial violence after the Gordon/Ransom marriage of 1932 - violence horribly increased against families Ransom & Gordon who have from 1933 the two young heirs to an Estate about the globe !

( She has some information of the fraud - theft - murders against the Ransom family from the marriage of Millie & John Ransom 1883 to get the lands & moneys of MARGARET RANSOM who married a man with Orphanages about the globe called GROTE ...She had become familiar with the crimes of the EARLS of LINDSAY creatures gone mad in Scotland who had a Place called GRAND on Clacton seafront between the Royal Hotel & The Towers Hotel ...She has collected an archive of information from newspapers/books/since 1933 )

1937 November - It is swiftly understood by Gross Britain Government Lords that if ANDRE MALRAUX & FRANCE knew of his appointed GUARDIANSHIP to the great worldwide GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE then IMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA could not go on ROBBING the Estate around the globe under the slimy PRETENCE that it was property of THE BRITISH EMPIRE ! & went on egging on its British Diplomatic world to take advantage of this !

Miss Butler explains she had written to Andre Malraux 3 times from 1947 - but not given away too much - she had never received an answer from him - but as Guardian he should have known the name BUTLER -

... ` two of Mary Gordons sisters married 2 Butler brothers Manchester late 19th centurya son Bill is a Mayor of Manchester `

Arthur Malone detective/Law Notebooks - Miss Butler`s information -

“ PERSECUTION of ANDRE MALRAUX & General Charles de GAULLE because of legal WILL Guardianship Grote Homes Ransom Estate ” December 1959

` 1933 summer - PLANNED MURDER 3/4 months old Greta Ransom - baby doped - to die of thirst under doorway `Grange` ARRAN Western Hebrides ... Island grew big crops of Divinorum Salvia Scotland when bought by Mr & Mrs Grote ... they banned crop immediately -

1959 XMAS-tide witnesses say Mrs Grote & her husband stopped this crop ... put up good houses & got in a medical team to take care of the sick workers - 1870s onwards

Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/61 & 1940/1943 Mrs MacDonald school teacher Bulford/

1933 summer - Nobles/some claiming child GR as their KIN would return in November find babe dead under doorstep -

Accuse Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grote of witchcraft murder -

ALERT ! CALL to the Nation to be made over the new BBC Wireless of 1931 “ lock the old Eskimo up ”


Witchcraft in certain Noble families Scotland - All Hail MACBETH -

1933 - M. Teck/old battleship/heard calling out that the ESKIMO Estate was not to go to her daughter-in-law but to

SHE a Queen … little education in this class ... ”

1930s - “ ... medicines & opium were to be checked & suggestion made politely that Mr JONG did not go to TEA & pour it too once a month with `Mary dear` & Angela -

... `Mary dear` is a woman of the earlier `Marlborough House Set` who lives apart from her husband & Angela has JIM travelling companion -met as big children & both could find dope in the Stables - especially pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland - Parents of Angela grew it with other Noble families illegally /Scotland a LAW unto itself -

The dope purple plum/snow/mist/pickle PUT A MONSTER IN THE BRAIN & IT TOLD THEM TO WIN

1934 Visit - MARGARETHA - A HOLY WOMAN - holy women themselves are the sisters of Mary Gordon, Bessie Martha & Annie Agnes artist the Misses Williams - They have had a smaller but same spirit piece of philanthropy when younger - THEY HAD NEVER BEEN IN THE PRESENCE OF ANYONE WHO HAD SAT AT luncheons & teas WITH SO MANY POPES ...& in the Vatican Gardens They were impressed with the holiness & humanism of the grandfather of Margarethe`s mother Gertrud , POUL GRONLANDER catechist genius & his wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle a ship owners daughter ...

1959 December - Thorpe-le-soken Essex -

Miss Teresa Mary Butler continues to Andre Malraux :


It began in early summer 1933 - I did not know until the autumn - then I went up there - sat on the Island October - a lovely place that month - her mother my cousin Teresa & the TRUE BLUES tried kill the child made heir by the old lady when she was born in March . The Trustees needed a figurehead to be trained by family to take care of the Estate - then the boy LEN her Uncle was chosen too - he was a great favourite & comfort to my Aunts Bessie & Annie He could draw & speak languages - so they always welcomed him coming to the seaside after the marriage of Teresa to young Fred RANSOM he 5 years younger than she - 1932 is the marriage ”

1933 October - “ I went to the Police & to the Solicitor - I explained I was the eldest of us & the trouble my young Aunt Mary had from the end of the War 1st World War this is what I heard ` Police were called but by then the Party had left the island & the babe had been discovered under the floor boards - Greta Ransom first child of the marriage - ...

... The house had been prepared for winter - nobody would come by again - perhaps in November to check outside - The unwelcome visitors ... there had been damage & a fire outside - things carried out & burned - the marble dog was broken in pieces beside the pump - & Mrs Grotes jewel box the top torn off ... it was of lead there was a fashion for this/Shakespeareit was empty & broken

(The dog is Rienzi beloved house dog of Jacopsholmen Island that F.R. got 1852 to keep Tiggy in the playground & not wandering off into the snows ... Fred & Gertrud RANSOM had lost their first born FREDERICK RANSOM & Greenland cousins down an ice fissure …the children 6-8 years old with sledge had gone too far without telling the adults ... )

“ Police told me `it was two local women had first found the child in a privy - in a bucket- it had no clothes on- it was not fed - they crept back when they knew the TRUE BLUES, the Noble families were away other parts of the Island & they came daily to feed the child - sometimes the babe was in a bowl - Newspapers were used to clean the child - the men in the first fishing boat had seen the child tossed into the sea ... then retrieved ” ...

“ A collection of bibles & holy books were wheeled to the jetty & tipped in the sea - it was men in a rowing boat fishing , they alerted earlier by a boat that had seen & heard malicious behaviour from three or four persons about the house - It was known Mrs Grotes husband had made this collection - every tongue in the world -

... Some paintings were taken to a shop - but they could only be given a few pounds - so the party brought them back & they were burned on the fire outside the house - they were 3 or 4 paintings by Gericault - Mrs Grotes father knew him ” TMB

“ The people - a woman & three men - there were others earlier - left the island it was believed ... then proved - some Clergymen had been asked to look into the destruction earlier - but did not interfere - later one did agree that the Police should be called - They were nobles that came, you see -

... The child could not be seen - The house was to be made secure after the damage done & locked up for the winter …” ( this 4 months baby is Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Ransom )

The curtains embroidered by Mrs Grotes Greenland Eskimo relatives - her mothers relatives - had been burned - they had embroidery of the history of Greenland - they were made for her wedding The women of the Island she contacted on HEARING THE NEWS of DAMAGE to her house - were asked to go and see if her wedding dress was alright. The local Solicitor had given orders to tell her there had been a fire - she MUST NOT COME BACK - until they had tided the house & grounds ” -

“ Well she was anxious about her scarlet wedding frock - her father had it made in SPAIN for he wanted to see a scarlet bride against the snow - it was famous - it had been loaned for other weddings on their Island - and it went to PARIS to be taken care of - she was asked to wear it at certain occasions - it was with a diamond collar & there were other jewels stitched on - these scarlet wedding dresses were famous in Spain -

Later it was decided by everyone her tenants THAT Aunt Margareth Mrs Grote SHE MUST NEVER RETURN - to see the damage could harm her health ! After the women had collected the dress & some other things - mercifully intact then the three men came in by boat & locked up the house - put shutters on the windows - boarded up for winter ”

An un-prepossessing place outside, people said but it was a vast wonder of scholarship - intelligence - normal household inside -

Mr Grotes study remained - he had been killed on the island 1904 - it was not natural - his death ... -

Arthur Malone detective for ANDRE MALRAUX reading his account February 1960 says he saw the house late December-early this January 1960 ... he has added some remarks from tenants he met ... they told him of the kindness of Margaret Grote called Auntie by the young - & the days when she had her young son with her & their Greenland relatives came to stay - the women outstandingly beautiful would sit in the fields & sing embroider tell wonderful histories of Greenland & many parts of the world ...he had seen some photos & even been given a couple he said .../

“ 1933 October - The Police told her, Miss Butler, EVIL MEN of POWER were after their properties about the world, that is the properties of she Margareth & her husband Tiggy Grote - she had been protected by the Island tenants after the disgraceful insults over the burial of her husband - THE EARLS (LINDSAY et al ) WOULD NOT ALLOW HIS BODY TO BE RETURNED TO THE USA they feared poisoning could be detected `...

“ Finally, 1904/1905, the Islanders had told the nobles they would destroy their places if they touched the new grave - a great boulder was placed & the inscription put upon that - At first they had tried bury Mr Grote in a rat-infested part - then 2 gravestones had been broken to pieces - Mrs Grote was called Aunt Margaret I think it was by the tenants ... after she held the island a long time, & her son was grown up - I heard she had a grandson a Priest & later he went to ROME ” ...

“ When she was younger her young son lived with her until he was 15 years but they travelled part of the year helping with Mr Grote`s work taking care of the Orphanages - he called them HOMES & all the children were educated to 18 years - her Greenland cousins came to stay for 2 months at a time - very beautiful women, they would sing & sew sitting out in the fields ” ...

“ Then her nephew came to stay, young Weldon Frobisher (Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM, Greta`s grandpa - he had to be HIDDEN from EARLS of LINDSAY crazed with GREED & not wishing him to be ALIVE ) ... RANSOM families visited ... ”

“ She could not go & live on her island in Greenland without a family - she was waiting for her nephew to marry & have children - her brothers had been killed - & her sister-in-law a Miss Frobisher she wasthe deaths were known to be unnatural - TMBGreta Ransom hears parts 17 Dec 1959-

Teresa Mary Butler/Aunt Terry Butler/

It was because of the great wealth abroad - there was trouble for them & their families from the TRUE BLUES - Some of the Islanders had gone to visit & joined the wonderful work around the world - She did not live on the Island all the year but had to visit her own properties abroad -

It was hard for her after her husband was killed - he had circumnavigated every year & she could catch him where she would round the world - she had a house in New York but she preferred to be where she could see her relatives - They had an ancient farm Montrose Scotland - & they would all get together up there - I think it was an uncle Some of them had ships -

big sailing ships - Mr Grote had big ships for taking his orphans visiting - but they were steam - Some family came over from Norway - her mother`s relatives I heard

1959/60 winter - Teresa Mary Butler to Arthur Malone - & ANDRE MALRAUX a few hours - Detectives & Colleagues )

Nota bene : Arthur Malone said `ANDRE had his eyebrows nearly dropping off ... when she got to a babe, Greetah under the doorstep ... I think it was !

Then I left them for a bit so as he could say anything personal he wanted to ... I said I might do a bit of research about the countryside after I had called on my mother & family for Christmas pudding - I would have to think about it - I did not want to say any PLANS - IT WAS ALL TOO DANGEROUS ... ` Politan/A.Malone

“ 1933 SUMMER … ARRAN Is. `The Grange` ...

A dog would not leave the place & the men had closed the shutters & nailed up - a dog heard a tiny whimper - then 2 of the men having to return for the dog pawing at the boards - they too heard it -

... the child had a purple halter round its neck - it was naked - the noble party had left the Island the previous day

The 3 men were in the boat with the other dog ready to leave - the home now locked up by good Islanders in grief ` they called Dog but it would not come - a man got out of the boat & went to look - then after some minutes another man followed - Dog would not come away from where it was pawing

` Oh Witchcraft was to be the cry later - they could again try lock Margarethe Ransom Grote up in a lunatic asylum - EARL LINDSAY & his family had tried do it once before - Churchill stopped them - they had been killing people in SCOTLAND for lands & money again - Churchill threw them out of the country


1933 summer - Arran Hebrides “ The men they knew of the destruction - it had been seen from the sea - the collection of Bibles & Holy Books in EVERY LANGUAGE property of Thomas Grote an American citizen - wheeled to a jetty & thrown in the sea - they had watched the party from the sea - there was a lot of drinking - loud language & they had a gramophone ” -

“ Later everyone reported the destruction, fires outside the house, & properties thrown on ... & of the ripping up & burning of the 3 Gericault paintings bought from the painter by Mrs Grotes father FRED RANSOM

Her Father had his great sailing ship ` Mary Rose` the family ship carefully laid up as a restoration piece in Montrose basin - his brother John lived at Montrose in their family home - They had lived on the East Coast, the Ransoms, for centuries - Gericault had painted a big picture everyone knew The Medusa Wreck ”

“ The child was taken out from under the boards & the Police informed -

A nurse came to see to the babe a girl Later they heard it was GRETA RANSOM - Mrs Grotes heir - chosen by everyone at birth - to train to run the Estate & they knew several of the RANSOM family - everyone knew of them as they had been at SEA for centuries ” - vast accounts/

“ The curtains were mourned, they had been Mrs Grotes trousseau - they had taken 2 years work - showed history of GREENLAND ” ...

( 1860/63 embroidery done on the Island Jacopsholmen by her

mother`s relatives beautiful GREENLAND women - embroidered with scenes from Greenland history )

“ ... they had been ripped out from the windows ... as heavy drinking went on the curtains were burned - by those that should know better ”

RECORDS : ( Police & Islanders reports 1933 Oct. ) Miss T. Butler/

Notebooks Arthur Malone & ANDRE MALRAUX 1959 Dec.

Report : The child was first seen when it was carried in a bucket to an outside privy & left 2 days - reports said it had been thrown in the sea from the Jetty - it was given no milk - the Island women crept in at nightfall & fed the child - & one afternoon when the party had gone to another part of the Island ...

1933 summer - The child had been under the floorboards naked for 22 hours - a lead of purple satin was round its throat - the Island women had watched the party throw the child far out in the SEA - 3 men of different Faiths asked `were cautious of nobles` who came to the Island or lived sometime of the year upon it - Another report says that one of the three religious men may have alerted the mainland - after three days `

Research reports/ The childs remains were to be found November-December by somebody pretending to be concerned returning to the Island of Arran - they would DISCOVER the dead tiny body of GRETA RANSOM under the entrance -

... The BBC put out an ALERT : ` Old Eskimo wanted for witchcraft - CROWN CLAIMS ALL - doing the Lindsays in the eye ! Somewhere British & Scandinavian Governments claw ways in - Noble Lords expect a share

A dog saved the legal heir - Greta Ransom -

References - Aunt Terry Butler - see Goblin Market papers Dec 1959 -

Arran Western Hebrides - an island home of Aunt Margareth Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote where she manicures 98 ACRES

until STOLEN BY JIM JONG Cur James BAR RAT 1954 -

Sold to his chum Angela & she to her 2nd cousin 1956/1957...

A CRIME OF THEFT FRAUD & obscene violence ... THE ISLAND is the Property of the RANSOM families .

“ WHEN THEIR LORDSHIPS DECIDE TO SIN NOTHING CAN BE DONE - Police must look the other way ...”

1937 summer/autumn - Greetah Ransom - alive & well-happy with my Guardian appointed early October 1937 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX ... & I am being trained & very happy I am about it with Lennie Immanuel RANSOM FLYER my Uncle & best friend only 12 years older than me - to take care of the miracle GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE THE WORLD our JOYOUS VENTURE of pure philanthropy -

1904-1920s - Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas GROTE -

Insulted behind her back - called `an old Eskimo` fawned upon by Nobles North G. B. who could have paid their wedding from the profit on their Divinorum Salvia Scotland fields - or collected from LINDSAY self-appointed CROWN OFFICE along The Whitehall -

... Premier Earls of Lindsay OWN the British Treasury too ...

“ ... eye & ear witnesses during the year 1922/23 hear from the parents of the bride, she known as THE FORMER MISS BLOODY LIAR 1960s City of London Elders... especial VENOM, gigantic VENOM... against the woman WHO HAS BEEN TRICKED INTO PAYING FOR THIS WEDDING of an ex-girl-chum of JIM Jong PIMP ... she HIGH on dope too ... her brothers were anxious to GET RID OF HER & she was LONG IN THE TOOTH by Upper Class standards ... they grabbed THE important HEIRS by 14-17 years of age ” ...

NB: ... A cine Film 1920/1921 shows Teresa Gordon & ANGELA in fairy frocks of organza partying with young weak chinned inbred men - shown Blewbury Village 1968 by the sister of a King ... An ARAB ruler`s grandson & Greetah were to be given CUPS OF GRANITE to drink... but we saw some of the REELS ... (sorry you were not given an invite to the `renaissance EVENING party 19/20th March 1972 ... I expect you have spoke upon EASTERN PROMISE to Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX my approved GUARDIAN & perhaps were allowed by the 20th century THE EVIL CENTURY to speak in the green Gardens of PHILOSOPHY ...

... We RANSOM Family BC JUTLAND began in earnest 1400s AD in SIBERIA-& coasts of Vladivostok ...` Greetha Frobisher Weddell Ransom b. 1933

... NNB: I GR am allowed NO MEMORY by THESE EVIL ... but his grandpa a Prince/or King/ sent me a Prayer Mat of blues & gold after Miss Win Gordon had written a LETTER for me to say `I had tried the headscarf but it slipped over my eyes in Convent School & was dangerous as I crossed traffic roads `...

He replied “ BE A BOY then, for 6 days of the WEEK... & a girl on Sundays ... you are managing it all very well for AUNT MARGARETH Mrs Grote ... her husband TIGGY used to call upon us & we all spoke PHILOSOPHY ...`

1923 - THE FIRST GIGANTIC PIECE OF FRAUD so far as Grote Brokers & the Solicitors of the Globe regarded it : ...

Further, the BARBARIC parents of the BRIDE to be call the woman MRG who foots the BILL for this wedding obscene names ...

( She to become the BRIDE of a younger son of a British Sailor King, he not at all keen on this marriage ...)

These BAD BLOOD parents they call Margareth RANSOM Mrs Thomas Immanuel TIGGY GROTE (she this high educated HUMANIST of the RANSOM direct line from 77 AD Londinium ...) AN OLD ESKIMO !

... & they BOAST their PLAN “ now LOCK UP in an ASYLUM & take all her FORTUNE ... for the British Noble Vagrant Scavenger Class & The Crown - FOR THE FRONT of the GANG ...

COM`TH microbes & diseases from Scandinavia & they now plot too in their Fashionable decadent circles of London & Paris... VOWING to GET THEIR SHARE ...”

(NB: this Noble British-Scandinavian CLASS/Assassins of the globe/ are ALL ON DOPES & grow it too for SALES to The Empire... )

1923 - Diaries/correspondence/Reports/

“ Aunt Mag was tricked into paying for all but a 12th part of the complete lavish Wedding - an old Catholic Lord understanding the TRICKSTERS had his Solicitors pay what they could.

... Margaret Ransom Grote has Tig`s Grote Homes children worldwide to support/her great pieces of philanthropy/her `umbrellas` for poor communities training them in art-music-sport/ helping with hospitals/schools/good housing & retirement homes for her industry workers & looking to giving intelligent civilized work to all nations A-Z the globe ... she has our historic buildings & LANDS to look to ... keep the hundreds of Settlements SAFE from the GREED of IMPERIAL BRUTES ...

... She Margareth Grote her husband murdered by Noble Scotland on ARRAN 1904 had kindly agreed to contribute to a COLLECTION for this wedding of the woman called ANGELA ... born 1900 she Miss B-L ... who preferred the name ANGELA... is giving CONCERN from 1919 to respectable Establishment British enclaves ... `

( Ref. Reports to 1970s - from Edward G. Robinson ACTOR/real name Emmanuel/` who found no EVIDENCE of that fresh faced girl of 15-17 years he met `... he has a YORKSHIRE ancestral line... he is a friend of FJR... Family RANSOM know his ancestry on the line of his father )

1923 - Diaries/etc Records/Gross Britain Royal Wedding -

“ ... Aunt Mag the highly educated creator with her family & Tiggy of this vast philanthropy is denied entrance even to a side-chapel 1923 -

THE PLOT TO TAKE HER ESTATE IS ALREADY FORMED - old Catholic Lord paid 12 percent to help out - his solicitors said he could not manage more - One by one the others backed out -

It was an arrangement once they had got Mrs Grote to enter their lair - JIM was about ! This is regarded as the first piece of GREAT FRAUD found by Grote Brokers New York ” - endless records

1938/1939 winter - WHITEHALL GB Government London -

A posh voice asks agreeably ...

`where will the Grote Children go -

when the HOMES are emptied - shut down - lands sold -

Angela has ordered this - She says all money be given to her - ... There are a million GROTE CHILDREN - you will have them wandering about - highly educating - NO HOMES -

They will speak about what has happened to them - all about the world surely - ?

... & those who have left are at work & always return every year or so to their HOME -

... I ask a simple question ”

RECORDS : many GROTE children enter medicine science music theatre -EDUCATION - many stay HOME & work on the settlements - farms -craftworks - all marry happily/a few enter the Church/ records/diaries

Mrs Grote - a Goddess on Arran - She & Tiggy cleansed the island - ended the misery - stopped immediately growing of the dangerous narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland - Previously tenants worked growing - processing the narcotic - life expectancy about 28/9 years - She put up neat homes in 2 months & Nurses for the sick -

18th-19th centuries - UPON ARRAN Western Hebrides they had lived worse than pigs - she started a Camp for the dying - the others looked after them - She put in nurses & a doctor on call from the mainland - A lot of professional people did not want to live on the island - because of the lawless nobles - She put in the road - she won a battle with Westminster for street lighting - “ It was the LAW ” she informed Westminster - Nobles intended SHE PAY - they collect the `lolly` from WESTMINSTER The Whitehall ...

... NOBLES now grew their crops of Divinorum Salvia Scotland in other sheltered Glens but NOT on the Island or they would be FOUND OUT ! ... They seethed with HATE after they had spent the good moneys she paid them for the ACRES ... `

` The Nobles - Earls of Arran - all of them - ( LINDSAY Coal Ships Insurance FRAUD also grew the purple pickle) - now demanded she mend their great roofs - but it was explained to them she had left them the ground around their noble dwellings - therefore they were responsible for mending their roofs ! PITY SHE DID NOT BUY THEM OUT LOCK -STOCK & BARREL - push them off the island - to Edinbur` & Scarlet Town - they tried make her buy all their land up to their walls - leave them only their dwellings -

HER legal advisors KNEW THE LAW - & all about treacherous Scots Lords /reports-1870s onwards/MacBeth W.S./

Margarethe Ransom Grote BOUGHT 98 acres from thuggish EARLS & Nobles - gave them a good price to pay their GAMBLING DEBTS - they intended taking Island off her when they could give her an accident - but her husband was too powerful with his HOMES - he speaking 100 or more languages & circumnavigating the globe - TIG a USA citizen staying with Princes-Prelates-Sultans - even Kaiser Willy - intelligent men & women-Presidents-Industrialists-scientists - NOBLE BRITAIN Scotland made plans to murdered him & achieved this in 1904 /records/reports/-

1904 - MURDER OF TIG - Thomas Immanuel GROTE b 1841 ...

USA citizen & philanthropist was lured to a meeting Houses of Parliament Westminster. As he entered Strangers Gallery an UPROAR began on the FLOOR ... hissing pointing fingers at him ... cries of his having NO British GOD ... IT WAS ALL PLANNED ! He could not leave - his Passport taken - Upon ARRAN the tenants helped Margareth call in a ship to take him off ! The Island was patrolled by British RN gunboats ! Young Augusta Frobisher gives her eye witness account of the days of the murder of TIGGY in 1904 !

1953 - `AUGUSTA writes it too ! PENNILESS NOBLES WERE DETERMINED TO DESTROY THE GROTE HOMES educating foreign children to 18 years ...

The HOMES WERE OUTSIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE ... which was clearly toppling ... ! Augusta is killed with a knife by JIM JONG the newly created CUR JAMES 1954 ... in the bath in her flat NORWAY where she was considered safe protected by the GRONLANDER-Count POULSEN branch of the Ransom-Frobisher family ...`

1954/1959 - JIM was bragging in WHITES CLUB a low VICE bar he runs in Saint James`- he was waggling one of Augusta Frobisher`s famous silver SHIP earrings ... a model of the ship of Sir Martin Frobisher her Tudor ancestor ... JIM was ` making MEN ` of the young boozers in WHITES ... he insists killing a person is LIKE STICKING A PIG ...

Ref. JIM Jong-JAMES Mr Pong-dirty JIMMIE-CUR born China c 1898/

1954 March - AUGUSTA, who lost a young daughter in ROME to savage attack from JIM & LINDSAY 1934 , INTENDED BEING PRESENT AT THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS for GREETAH - GRETA FROBISHER WEDDELL RANSOM - to be 21 years on 11th March 1954 ... the HEIR to dear Margareth girl of the SNOWS ... »

`... & she, AUGUSTA FROBISHER (Napier & Ettrick Branch) , looked forward to meeting THE GUARDIAN ... the mature ANDRE MALRAUX ... a HERO for the GLOBE ... General de Gaulle was expected to send at least a telegram of good wishes to the heirs Greetah & Lennie RANSOM ... FRANCE WOULD SHINE IN THE EYES OF THE GLOBE ... OUTSIDE a decayed self-righteous BRITISH EMPIRE ... `


1910 - LIR diaries 1930sAunt Mag is in flight 1910 -

...1920 she has planes for all the HOMES & Estates - She said Thomas would have gone into flight immediately - he always took a great interest in useful technology - his 2nd cousins Messerschmitt - somewhere kindly old Junkers come into his family - his mother a great niece of Frederick Immanuel KANT - His ancestors had a WENS skirmish - he would mention this when our genealogy RANSOM was over-powering ” LIR Guardian his mother her Weddell ancestry -

LIR Diaries 1930s -

Greetha - speaking with Aunt Mag winter 1937 asked her about Catholic church music - Monteverdi ? Margarethe our Girl of the SNOWS she say`th “ No - I do not know enough of his music -

but I attended a performance of the Opera about the EMPRESS at the beginning of this century . We could have a performance on Jacopsholmen - the Opera about the Empress - as soon as we can open the Island - & use our THEATRE again ”

“ Your father had an Architect to look at our Theatre - it will be sturdy in 200 years time - my father & the craftsmen built it as they build boats - I do look forward to us all being there - now your grandfathers family is grown up - MAKING THE ISLAND OUR HOME AGAIN- OUR CENTRE- THIS WAS HOW IT USED TO BE- FAMILIES ON OUR GREENLAND ISLAND HOME - WHEN THOMAS & I BEGAN THE `JOYOUS VENTURE` & then his GROTE HOMES ” ...

... 1864 ... We were married on the Island in the Church of JACOP my grandfather- My father had the scarlet wedding gown made for me in Spain - so he could see a scarlet bride against the snow - he had seen them in Spain & admired them years ago LIR writes what GR says…here we record our AUNT MARGARETH RANSOM GROTE

1856 - MARGARETHE RANSOM - remains of her auto-biography begun when she was 15 years of age - She had acted Imogen-Shakespeare`s Cymbeline in the family Theatre Jacopsholmen island - West Greenland ...

... Intelligent people came for the PLAY SEASON each year from 1830s - An Emperor of Ethiopia sailed in - her father FRED RANSOM had been 2 years in a Coptic school when he was 12 years of age - he stayed with his Aunt widow of the Consul & needed something to do besides the usual school curriculum from a Tutor -

Hence the RANSOM great collection of Arabic Coptic Asian books - stolen by Imperial dope-fiends & boozers G.B. & Scandinavia 1950s - Photographed they are, emptying the great Ransom house 1950s - 2 Royal yachts - Watched by Greenlanders as they throw gin bottles on the seashores /black-white film/records/

1961 dawn- summer - Account by Greta Ransom

... a knock on the window at `Mistral` my only home in the tiny tri-angular meadow beside a 900 years old hedge of twelve different species-a maturing Oak tree too ...

I feel some of the madness of break-in & entry 1957/59 at 50 Lancaster Gate Square HAS FOLLOWED ME HERE . Mengele Doc Harrington occasionally dashes by the lanes in that blue car- piping the hooter in a nasty manner - & some nights since last autumn 1960 he flashes a green-yellow light torch through the Caravan curtains ... he is a hypnotist too ... but knows the MESMERISM ACT when they give the VICTIM a doped drink !

1960/1961 ... THE TORCH BEAM makes me see dissolving cracking egg shell patterns in my brain & I feel sick & blind for several minutes -

IF I SAY ANYTHING THEN I feel certain I WILL BE CALLED CRANKY - & this dung stinking paedophile Royal Satrap BRUTE friend of Phil the GREEK & his greedy business world dope-booze-womanizers (this creature Young London calls Doc Mengele Harrington) can tell any idiots that I HAVE NERVES

1959 November ...I GR came to live near Colchester, Colne Engaine, where I had felt I could at last lock a door - & earn my living by my craftwork for a while until I feel brave enough to try for another Museum job ... perhaps Ipswich/Norwich ...

... In my head are NO MEMORIES of two Roman Catholic marriages to the same person ANDRE MALRAUX IN 1947 & 1958 7th January ... Mengele who works for dope soaked playboy Nobles removes all memory from people who are in their way ... & his way ... he is earning BIG DOUGH from spying on many people & has a BIG TEAM ...

He is PAID by Government WHITEHALL ... Government tills fling OPEN when he & dirty JIMMIE Cur James of WHITES Club pass by ...