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“ ... Aunt Mag Girl of the SNOWS would know them - & their

great- grandparents/her cousins/& her mother GERTRUD her cousins - MARGARETHE Ransom GROTE & her families always gave generous wedding presents to the islanders ... & took a care of sending good furnishing & household goods from New York for everyone in the Ice Caves are STORES for 5 years eating ... they are always kept topped up ... & anyone hungry may come & take what they need ... they will repay IF THEY CAN ... HERE IS THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT !

1936 - GROTE BROKERS New York , decided MARGARETHE Ransom GROTE ... Is NOT to be told of the murders of her cousins Margaret & her tall brother - IF THEY HAD KNOWN IN TIME THEY COULD HAVE GOT THEM OUT BY AIRLIFT !

... 1933 Mrs Grote has had too much grief - her son murdered in a poisoned cup of TEA in October 1933 - Just before her cousin Count Poulsen`s wife murdered horribly with her head cut off at the top by JIM Jong , on the shores of JACOPSHOLMEN Island -

October 1933 - Extensive records are added to 1960s by Detectives Colleagues for Andre Malraux -

Nota bene: Grote Brokers NEW YORK hold the Documents for our entitlement to Jacopsholmen Island/our lawful right to establish a College/later a University on the Island - LAW COURTS outside Gross Britain would NOT find fault with it ...

1933 October - J I M after the murder of Countess Poulsen with the sharp knife he always carries ... then CUT HIMSELF A GREAT PIECE OFF the HAM just delivered from NEW YORK for the coming CHRISTMAS Celebrations in the GREAT HOUSE for the birth of Greetah heir to Margarethe ... RANSOM ...

JIM , he this half Chinese racist had in 1929 killed Margaret Grote`s grand-daughter in the same pattern of hate having RUINED her reputation & used DOPES in her kitchens ! ... she had refused him marriage ! He hoped to take ALL THE ESTATE ... but had 2 wives one in Algiers one in France/ he married for money as all of NOBLES-land did then got rid of them ...

The British Empire noble penniless gave a DECREE to KILL to JIM & Earls Lindsaybuggarhs & Nobles who had already bagged Estates overseas they`d move in on WHEN THE OLD ESKIMO IS FOUND & KILLED - these coarse violent British nobles were all high on DOPE ... some had used it from 12/13 years of age & THEY WERE ALL PENNILESS from extravagance

1935 October - We had flown up in our 3 Seaplanes for our NATIONAL GREENLAND DAY/not just FOR A BEER ... a necessary escape from Imperial violence of Gross Britain - we travelled in our 3 seaplanes/ Records: diaries-photos-drawings - A N D PIER FEVER com`th -

Letters to/from a Republic organised by FJR for Greetah ...

The real GREENLANDERS of CHRISTENSHARB have got PIER FEVER from Greetah telling them about CLACTON ...

A copy of Clacton Pier is to be built at XRISTENSHARB - the Greenlanders raised the cash themselves with some regular holidaymakers helping - it will have a CHURCH at the end of the Pier not a 2nd theatre - MR KINGSMAN whose father built Clacton Pier sent the PLANS & he will come up as SOON AS THEY ARE READY TO BUILD ... but another WAR CAME ...

ISLAND JACOPSHOLMEN - Disco Bay off Xristenshaab -

granted on death of Great POUL genius/1770 DECREE

1. in name of POUL GRONLANDER - & Jacop his 1st son-

2. in name of Gertrud Poulsen Ransom his grand-daughter

3. in name of Margarethe Ransom Grote her daughter

4. To her HEIR Greetha Frobisher Weddell RANSOM & co-heir Len Immanuel RANSOM gt-gt-gt grandchild of POUL & Margaret Gronlander -

“ To hold in name of POUL GRONLANDER - keep as a holy place - TO ERECT WHEN YOU MAY


Nota bene : Gertrud Poulsen Mrs Fred Ransom grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER is seen in the painting SARDANAPULUS by Delacroix/ the figure with indigo veil at the foot of the bed The old artist is a friend of her husband FRED RANSOM & his parents ( who adopted CAIN their 2nd son Antigua... )

1937 - alas St Georges ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX of SPAIN - believth me nohhh Summer 1937 - JOSETTE November 1944 before her hideous death ... her legs run over by a train ... KNEW the 4 & a half years old GREETHA RANSOM with them SUMMER 1937 spoke truth - there is AN ISLAND IN THE SNOW - old RANSOM families sailing in ships - an Inca boy who did arithmetic in the air -

1944 - Message that reached Andre after her death via 4 French resistance workers is `she was worried about an Island ` ...

1740s - Great Poul who swam in the North Pole sea to rescue an Italian ship full - brought in the dog & cat too - ALONG THE LINE - BROUGHT THEM ALL IN ALONG THE LINE - ` We Greenlanders coming out as far as we dared in the rough seas - holding the line steady - only POUL 6 feet 5 inches could make this swim - he had to reach that rock halfway curl the line around - they thought they had lost him - then his head above the waves `

1944 end of October - ` The child Greta Ransom did not have dreams from listening to grown-ups `will have arisen in Josette`s frightening understanding of what the Guardianship of Summer 1937 did mean in full `

1944 NOVEMBER - Charentes near Tulle - a small chateau - Josette`s mother becoming very upset she Madam Clotis, had come for two weeks to see her grandsons - JOSETTE is writing a name repeatedly in a notebook - it began with a G walking up & down in distress sometimes talking to herself `Abyssinia-Argentine-Halifax-Venezuela ... but he has not had a cheque book ! ` ...

... Her mother quite sure her daughter was WRITING A STORY to earn money to care for her two tiny children 4 years & a few months ... & MALRAUX away ! HE NOT THERE ! Josette did not know where he was ! `

Just her daughter in a cold much too big Chateau - winter coming on - Josette using her own moneys - that Clara who would wave a gun at them getting all of his - a woman whod lived as she - not granting a divorce !

Poor Madam Clotis - `her daughter should not have come to this -

She wanted to see her two grandsons - this was why she had come -

& they delighted her ... ` ( Records 1960 - Arthur Malone Detectives & Colleagues for Andre Malraux/read Colne Engaine spring/many helpers got over to investigate this TRAGEDY ...

... the very distraught Madam Clotis - she left two days early -

her daughter putting her on the early train -

Then JOSETTE falls from the train & it runs over her legs !

1946 spring - Andre MALRAUX Widower puts black & white photos of the Chateau the baby boys, JO, on the top of Aunt Win Gordons piano at the big Victorian house Colne Road - Clacton seafront


JIM Jong & Angela with Premier EARLS LINDSAY ... begin to

STEAL big sums of money, bigger than they have before in the 1920s, from the Grote Homes RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts -

1938 summer - It is these BRITISH NOBLE criminally insane who cashed the 3 cheques sent to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM as ordered by Margarethe Ransom GROTE -

one cheque is for Gretas school fees until 18 years of age - this cheque for 15,000 pounds was taken by them all - “ Angelas share was 2 fine black horses shown off 1938 at a Race Course ” - ( RECORDS 1944/1948/1953 & 1960s )

1938 late summer - JEAN WEDDELL ballerina had been poisoned - so that the NOBLE criminally insane could all enjoy a big glitzy splash trying to cash cheques on our South American Banks - using their KUDOS of Imperial FIGURES from a MORGUE

1944 late October early November - JOSETTE in distress

(she went to the village to talk with friends) ... over a cheque book Andre Malraux is asked about by GROTE BROKERS, New York/politely in the carbon copies the letters seen 1960 ...

“ could he MALRAUX account for the SUMS drawn on the CHEQUE BOOK ... & would he NOT tell who the Asian & other BROKERS Solicitors Accountants are ... ”

This is the cheque book sent spring 1938 - by GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK - to ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN - STOLEN BY GROSS BRITAIN LORDS & CROWNS ... 1938 MALRAUX just appointed for GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts ... & approved even by GERMANY ...

British & Scandinavian IMPERIAL ORDERS are to DESTROY the following of the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE : seashores/Reserves/settlements/investments/Sports-gym/

THE GLOBE/Also the moneys in Banks-the carefully tended manicured lands-art works-musical instruments-houses-apartments/historic buildings maintained/Umbrellas supporting vast poor communities of the world & bringing them Welfare & recreation facilities

All carefully cared for - THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT -

Created from honest earnings & savings of The Family RANSOM - Sea Traders/who hold a homestead/heimat 92 AD/at Dunwich - a little useful Port - if there`s a sudden bad squall along that East Anglia coast bulging into Oceanus Germanicus, East Coast Britain ...

1937 Summer - LIR diary 1937 autumn -

SOCCER - you took him to a Soccer match - ANDRE MALRAUX (recording his niece Greetha Ransom )

“ Yes Lennie - he liked it & was demonstrative - I a little surprised but pleased at his liking our football - not a big match but our local boys & men It was our little ground by the

Gas-0-Meter by our Old Road house - where we are expected to bring our own chairs if we want to sit at the Match - but there were some spare for hee & mee ... & he ask` th so politely of the people - some older - sitting down - He is so nice to the old ladies & old men & they immediately smile at him & touched his hands his arms & he away away he chatted …»

« ... HE IS SUCH A NICE YOUNG MAN His manners - Oh so very well doth they suit - I said `weeeh hath come suddenly.that he hath to see ALL the town ` He smiles almost but not a big smile ... suddenly he is perhaps lost too but his face is so kindly & his body full of grace when he addresses hoi polloi - that is all of us ...”

` I do wish you`d been there & you could speak the French & tell him I do not have dreams - I am a bashful young person & put my hands behind my back & am the boy I must be 6 days the WEEK to keep our million children safe THE JOYOUS VENTURE but I doth come alive & have courage when he is beside me with his GRACE …`

... well if JO doth not want him then perhaps I could marry him for he doth remind me sohooohof our dear POULpreaching Saint John standing in the sea after he made the GREATEST SWIM on the EARTH & Poul he doth then stretch to the UNIVERSE to the STARS in the name of his little mother ...

... our JEAN she doth sometimes dance them all - & their kindly brave lives - with sadness & joy in her blue ballet shoes ”

Nota bene : 1720s - POUL`s mother : translation her Greenland name is = little white snow paws squirrel/fox Maria` her only child is POUL, she dies in epidemic when he is 7/8 years old ... to whom she teach`th Astra-physics/ she reads LUCRETIUS in French

When she was a child her parents took her to VENICE where she heard marvellous singing & brought some back - she is a little French but nearly all ESKIMO & has travelled to other parts of the Continent when a child/

Poul`s PAPERS were safely stored, catalogued, in the great RANSOM home built on his island JACOPSHOLMEN West Greenland for his grand-daughter GERTRUD POULSEN - only daughter of his elder son JACOP.

... This great house was built by her husband FRED RANSOM of Montrose Farm with Estates about the globe he holds with his brother JOHN/including 2 islands tip LUSAN chain Pacific - DOWRY of his JAPAN grandmother 1504 marriage Bruges Cathedral to F. Ransom Widower /our direct line/ issue 5 children/4 with descendants/

1930s LIR diaries/ Greta Ransom is known to speak with some parts of the speech 17th century Nonconformist East Anglia from her first school the Quakers Old Road Clacton

Harold Walter Poulter Deputy Curator Camulodunum/Colcestre/ early 1950s is proud of Miss Ransom with this almost lost in use speech but 1960s PJPW of British Museum Natural History set about correcting it `SUB-ARTIC ` etc banned ! Standard middle-class correct ! He is getting jibing from thieving IMPERIAL SCUM ...

1937 Summer - SOCCER MATCH Old Road ground Clacton - ANDRE MALRAUX at his first football match in Britain/LIR diary Oct.

( An entry Len R. made while listening to G.R. his niece age 4 years

& 7 months talk on the SUMMER of HAPPINESS 1937 )

LIR diary / ... he bends gracefully this way & that like a Sea-Merman- Without much shyness after some minutes when he has looked about him & at everybody - & he being un-introduced to anyone until I said a few words ... with caution on him COME FROM THE BLOOD OF SPAIN ... he out of SPAIN -

... At the game of football he cheered - rose to clap - spoke left & right in quiet modestyit is a responsibility to see he doth not think upon Spain - such a waste of life JoJoh&JO say`th ” LIR

` He stretches to Heaven - I GR watch him & leans into the shades & shadows of the overhanging trees his moonlight skin has to be from the Sea Traders as we - & that pallor means some girls married in from Up North - inside the Arctic circle - perhaps from Siberia com`th his eyes - like our first Bride of those shores- shee`eeh who taught us PHILOSOPHY - This I hath heard

... but at the Football Ground so small & with such friendly folk of our town & come in from Thorpe-Saint Osyth-Wheeley- DREAR CAN ADVANCE WITHIN meee`h ... I think SHEshe went mad here ... & I was alone with her ... ` G. R.

1937 Summer - ` I have some miserable knowledge - drear feelings - things overheard - half-memories sketched upon winter nights - about SHEshe - a winter early evening beside these over-hanging trees - I only they say 2 years 1934/5 - She is paid by Lindsaybuggarhs to harm us - & the scum that harms her parents - before the Great war ended -

... She has been told by Lindsaybuggarhs & Mr Pong I could be used as a money-maker for I am an ape-Eskimo ... & they have all become gigantic dope-fiends now Angela has a leg up - I can remember the nasty LANGUAGE OF LINDSAY Premier Earls & MR PONG & ILK 1930s/40s I HEAR THINGS ...` Greta Ransom ...

1937 Summer - THE SOCCER MATCH Clacton Old Road ground

by the Gas-0-Meter ... Having Saint George ANDRE the motherless beside me I knew that what matters is that we are going to charge about the Universe doing good deeds for Tiggy & Margarethe

1720s - Great Pouls little mother say`eth “ WE WILL GO TO THE STARS - they are other worlds - there will be ships like sailing ships that will take us to the Stars ... & she hath been reading LUCRETIUS - (she our Granny 4 & 5 times back to Len & me) ` Little soft white snow squirrel/fox paws ` her Greenland name 1720s -

She lived not all her life in Greenland - but as a child making visits to Venice & other places - she visited Venice & the Continent up to 12 years of age & heard the singing in the Churches with her parents & is a tiny bit French ancestry

She is great-great grandmother of Margarethe, John & Poul Ransom - they could read all about her in the Family Papers carefully kept by JACOP their grandfather for she is his grandmother who died when father POUL is 7/8 years old -

There are two books published on POUL GRONLANDER in the 19th century - BRITISH IMPERIAL MONSTERS/& Scandinavian Houses of ASSASSINS / were still burning discovered COPIES in 1970 ! Records/reports/MONSTERS will have found much more evidence of GROTE RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts the globe since the failure of COMMUNISM & WALLS COMING DOWN ...

1740s - POUL took two weeks HOLY-DAYS to think of his mother & her Teachings ... he sat beside the seashores Gotharb - he was 19 years - it is just before the marriage to Margaret Yates at Frederickstown/two witnesses were the sons of the famous good Norwegian Pastor Hans Egede & his wife Gertrud /

see Finn Gad 4 vols History of Greenland 1968 on - first 3 translated into English -

“ He POUL sat in meditation by the seashores where as a child he came with his tiny mother - & he restored all her teaching to him - he wrote a biography of her words - she speaks of `we came over the top` & clearly has learned her husbands line that reaches into Northern China ...

Nota bene : 1986 & 1988 Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM accompanies PJPW on the British Museum NATURAL HISTORY tours to CHINA Fishery Institutes & Universities - the tours are 6 weeks each/

... I met a number of good people who knew who I am !

They tell me of ANDRE MALRAUX a hero for the China youth - & I was to see in the libraries the book STORM IN SHANGHAI published 1933 USA/la Condition humaine 1934 France/...

... find Changsha/go towards the coast/PJPW knew all this in CHINA 1986 for BMNH - Greta Ransom W. is introduced to a tall man QUINGDAO who is from same village/area as POUL`s Chinese families -

... Greta Ransom W. is still NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW whom she is...

it is still to be FOXED by IMPERIAL SCUM & PJPW long ago under their dirty THUMB ! The West Virginia mother of the nouveau aristocratic WHITEHEAD identical twins did say 1970 “ I WARN YAH DEEEARH...the twinzz is anibuddieez fuur a GIN & TONIC ... they shud hev cum tah AMERICA fur education ” ...

1730s - “ When POUL aged 8 years came into the Settlement Gotharb with his uncle or great uncle , his two older half brothers went away to USA ... only they, these four, surviving an epidemic - they had with them writings in Chinese -

... but these got trampled in the snows in the two years hardship that Poul & his uncle suffered Gotharb - POUL is taken to train as a Catechist age 10 years. POUL sang Venetian 16th-17th centuries polyphony - Poul ` s mother is a quarter French in her ancestry ”

Aunt Margarethe hath said 1930s “...after we have begun again the University for Jacopsholmen there will be some money to put up a College or two in Tierra del Fuego - we might do more - we will see - I have made more investment in PERU

1937 Summer - SEA ANCESTORS - ANDRE-Georges MALRAUX - his line both sides have been at SEA like us - before steam-coal-oil- ` Greenland & over the top into Siberia perhaps - his mother had records - they got lost after her death - his Aunt Marie has some still he thinks `

... We RANSOM main line, have good records of Grandmother 15th century Miss Siberia (some Dowry the Kuriles) there were records on she & her daughter-in-law `the girl of The Mystical Condition ` ... her men folk explained shed seen some Christian Missionaries with a Cross -they had been blown off course ... so we never have anyone ON our Cross on shipboard - says Uncle Gimlet eyes Mainwarring RN -

There are 3 marriages Chinese brides of Ransom brothers 1400 Siberia/ then 2 brides the coasts of North China, one Ransom bride is half Mongolian / then HUE ARTUN Trader-Philosopher his daughter his settlement is the coast of North Korea it is now / then Lady Japan of OKINAWA 1504 in Bruges Cathedral she allowed leave her Convent -

Of course, to Josette & ANDRE, I did not boast about Grandmother HUEs daughter (Hue` Artun) our great catch - a marriage allowed by HUE` & thus he allowed us to enter his line in the marriage of 1450 - & the Dutchman Trader too was granted a daughter - family name Heid ? -we knew them, Netherlands, until after the 2nd World War and then they were all perhaps killed off ? -

(Biography of HUE` philosophy-Settlement Governor sharing-taking turns with his friend-they are poetic- Notes Dr John RAY ® 1960 - Poster done by Beerbohm-Tree for Millie & JOHN /

1938 Spring onwards : LINDSAY Premier Earls - in name of Angela - & Jim ... are all heard chortling about having got hold of the Ransom historic records - “ ANGELA has been seen waving it at breakfast time & laughing in a nasty way that SHE HAS GOT THE RICE PAPER...we fear they are lighting their fags & cigars with our records ”

1936 - they order break-in-entry on us All & into the GROTE HOMES of the children all round the globe

1937 Summer I hath gently warned Saint George ANDRE he must watch his STATE OF GRACE or Josette will not marry him - Sermons on the Mount - Greetha Ransom summer 1937- all Ransoms away - gone to Spain ...

Frederick Charles RANSOM - in his early 20s -

( child of Millie FROBISHER & JOHN RANSOM marriage 1883 )

POUL, my grandmother Gertruds grandfather - I met the greatest mind on earth - it was on the shelves & in the desk in the house my grandfather built so strong - a great house of Greenland - Here were all their lives in notes, diaries, printed texts, letters, drawings POUL had written another HAMLET for the Greenland mind ... he & his wife Margaret gave performances of many Shakespeare Plays with the wax dolls in the wintertime ... The Eskimo liked to discuss a Play & have some parts acted again ...

... ( F.C.F. Ransom is writing a book commissioned by MacMillan Publishers - they have said ` WRITE ANYTHING YOU LIKE about the SEA for we know it will be good `... )

Poul`s wife Margaret of Carlisle had carefully preserved everything in their lifetime - then JACOP their eldest son my grandmother`s father, had more carefully preserved everything, teaching his brothers & sisters from their father`s GENIUS ” -

“ I could understand why my tiny mother Millie had fallen in love with my father John Ransom - Then I went down to the shores & entered the homes of my KIN-my KITH- & sailed with them for 2 years - I too prayed in the seas quoting Saint JOHN as POUL after that magnificient swim- I did not swim the half mile as POUL did to rescue 50 members of the Italian ship - the cat & dog too ”

“ He has helped make thee Len, Greeta. Poul taking the line wound round the mace - on the shores the Greenlanders still tying the lines - fastening everything anything for this half mile swim -

POUL had to set off for in 20 minutes - the ship might begin to break up...his head is seen by the rock when they thought they had lost him - he is 6 feet 5 ins tall - their Pastor - ALL CAME ASHORE along the line ` FCR teaching-1937-39-

Lennie & I GR have weekend learning we enjoy...the preparation for our WORK - about the seashores of the world -

1740s-1765 (over 17 years perhaps )

`Now begin`th Letters to The Pope in 4 languages by Poul GRONLANDER - wife Margaret Yates Carlisle - they to have 5 issue ...

late 1740s/to 1765 - Letters POUL GRONLANDER HUMANIST to VATICAN - ROMA ` ...

... I feel it polite to write you in other languages Your Excellence, for which one you prefer Sire - That Pope sent POUL a horse & the wonders of the world & bidding him ... to come - come to Rome - we must talk ...

... That Pope writes he would send a ship for him - & an escort -

( POUL/with an educated English Carlisle wife 1740s / may have feared interference from The British building an EMPIRE/or SCANDINAVIA sinking Norway & Denmark rising with penniless PROFIT first killers ... )

... That Pope says they would talk about the wonders of the globe ... & the STARS ... meanwhile he was sending POUL some of those wonders - he remembered to send POUL the spices he asked for - POUL writes the Pope & others & in his Papers of a fascination with nutmegs spices & Bible plants - sea shells - leaves & fruits ...

... POUL & MARGARET are believers of BOTANICAL MEDICINES... & perhaps POUL has inherited this from his North CHINESE/Changsha to the China coast ancestry from his FATHER ... (reference records Marco Polo finding Christianity in China - one place is Changsha... etc etc Reader may perhaps have time to TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE of libraries - TRY Internet too ... )

1740s-50s - This Pope of the GREATEST SWIM UPON EARTH by POUL GRONLANDER to save an Italian ship with 50 souls...had NEVER had anyone write him in 4 languages FROM THE TOP OF THE WORLD ...

we must reason thus ...

(NB : POUL & many of the GREENLANDERS are entering upon botanical medicine as Europe - may be more advanced if allowed education /Thus his belief in BOTANICAL CURES - it is felt that HERE in NATURE from GOD is the CURE for much of mankind diseases/ 18th century has

many persons NOT of the belief that MANKIND HAD SINNED & therefore must HAVE DISEASE & DISASTER ... & thus curzz`th is hee ! RECORDS : POUL & Margaret live their lives in the 18th century & an enlightenment of intellect heralds from thee whiter races beyond the PALESTINE seas -Poul is also Northern CHINESE from his father )

1740s/50s - The Pope asks POUL of his BOOKS he hath ?

of Books Poul replies, he hath many & access to collections West Greenland or books would be loaned & brought by ships - the POPE sent POUL the books he wrote about ... that POUL had heard things from ... but could not find in Europe to buy or borrow …& Poul is to send him comments ... from THE SNOWS at the TOP of the GLOBE .../is there comments from this Pope ... ?

... & POUL he begins to explain WHY he has not travelled -

it is BECAUSE OF DISEASE ... although, his father-in-law Captain Yates has a ship & brings so kindly things to them from the

` wunderbar...of the kunst-karma...of the miracle of their World

... A CREATION amidst the heavens they look upon ` ...

LETTERS : POUL writes from GREENLAND ... to a POPE

in the VATICAN ... how he is fearful to travel just yet because of disease & gives the history of his parents & the epidemic that killed them ... ALSO he confides to the POPE the problems he has to keep his little MISSION safe ... his congregation he feels he cannot leave ... not yet ...

... ? POUL GRONLANDER surely he will have written upon the training he has had as A CATECHIST from the NORWEGIAN MISSION of the Pastor Hans EGEDE & his wife Gertruid...& his especial friends two of the three sons of the Pastor & his wife...

... ? Perhaps HOW as teenagers they, the three of them, had been studying GREEK but did not know the pronunciation of ANCIENT GREEK ... One day a man came from a ship & they recognised the GREEK TONGUE ... he was persuaded to stay with them for 2 weeks ... & give TUITION ...

( A racy late 18th century account says these teenage boys they nabbed this seaman - picnicked upon the shores of Greenland for 2 weeks -plaguing this seaman with questions ... the SHIP he arrived upon had a 2 weeks STOP OFF ... All was very harmonious ... )

N B: - 18th century Greenland/Gotharb/ at times there is troubles for POUL & Margaret awhile with the MORAVIAN Brotherhood ... I GR wonder if it was not a matter of the bread ?

... the grains got damp & even when baked could produce MADNESS in the diners ! /History of grain disease - inter-net & WILD SIDE/BOOKS

Our records above ... are stored in CAVERNS DEEP ... so I must actually THINK & walk again those years 1930s luckily I hath music/objects/wonders of the world to have those voices rise from TIME...

... these were my bedtime stories 1934-1939 ...

I G.R. am born of the 2,OOO years of RANSOM well known SEA FAMILIES - who marry 19th century into FROBISHER & WEDDELL the sub-arctic the WEDDELL SEA ...

... & POUL GRONLANDER grandpa 4 times back to GR is a HERO

an inspiration to us all ... 1930s ESSEX modern girls who go DANCING to SWING, called POUL GRONLANDER `so very DISHY` seeing the drawings & watercolours of him done in his lifetime ...

In SUMMER 1937 , GR a nearly 5 years old she says to enquiries,

is sometimes required to give to ANDRE MALRAUX good advice from our CASKETS of FAMILY WISDOM ... our HUMANISM ...

Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX deserves a SAINTHOOD I am thinking as he gets so good ... & even opens doors for dogs & cats least a STAR called for him...

... a very bright STAR is HE Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX in the East-Anglia night skies of the UNIVERSE we looked upon Summer 1937 the time of happiness ... & I tell `th hee ANDRE of the thoughts of GREAT POUL from his tiny mother of GREENLAND... POUL is an ORPHAN too ... as ANDRE MALRAUX ... who now feels deeply the LOSS of his mother ... he cannot even find her GRAVE ...

GR says - ` the Family RANSOM/Weddell/Frobisher all speak GERMANIC tongue ... I GR began at 4 years with Lennie, the way our GROTE CHILDREN learn languages... just simple names, expressions... but sheSHE heard us ... & picked up the WIRELESS & HURLED it threw the WINDOW into the Old Road Clacton -

She Teresa Gordon is in BERLIN 1926/you may see her in some VIDEO etc/ all of NOBLE BRITAIN 1920s/1930s calls in on BERLIN to see if there is something they can NICK ...

( ? NICK = steal/lift/pick-a-pocket/ ask Michael Caine of the gangster films ... et al ... )

Nota bene : The mid-18th century - POUL GRONLANDER is a rich young man ... he banked his first Trading profits with a NORWEGIAN BANKER when he was 15 years of age - He is a fully trained Catechist ...

Family records in the library upon JACOPSHOLMEN Island West Greenland 19th century - ` POUL got his writings at 17 years of age BURNED IN A NORWEGIAN CEMETERY, allowed by the weak of intellect the nervous of their position ... they being urged on by DISGRUNTLED NORWEGIAN TRADERS ! `


19th century - PROFIT MOTIF is RISING in the golden glow of Enlightenment of the 18th century ! Some favour ` Where there is MUCK there is MONEY ` should be the MOTTO for the IMPERIAL & better CLASSES - where manpower is cheap do not interfere with the Gods -

Others see the GLOBE as belonging to education progress & profit to ADVANCE understanding ...

Summer 1937 I GR am finding Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX very like to our great POUL ...

20th century - POUL of the 18th century is in the way of QUICK PROFIT - MUCK & MONEY ... TOP DOGS of MORGUES of DENMARK & NORWAY, & IMPERIAL GROSS BRITAIN will not allow GREENLAND to have HEROES of this stature ...

19th/20th centuries - A GENIUS is found to be of the ESKIMO ... & an ISLAND IN THE SNOW ... is FINGERED by all of them ... the IMPERIAL FIGURES from the MORGUES ...

1939 onwards - Immoral criminally insane Playboys are stomping about raiding BANKS - OFTEN those Accounts with moneys in names of GRETA & LEN RANSOM & still some kept in name of MARGARET Ransom GROTE ...

When two are caught red-handed burning books on POUL GRONLANDER beside a BELGIUM RIVER in 1970 (Phil a Greek & Mengele Harrington ) & matter is written upon initially in the PRESS, quickly the IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS squelching blood & gore of slain GROTE HOMES CHILDREN have matter DISSOLVED ... using British Diplomats ...

1740s/50s - WEST GREENLAND -

Letters from GREENLAND to the VATICAN -

But POUL carefully EXPLAINED in his letters he was frightened of disease - he had his family killed by it when he was a child - he explain`th He say`th not for awhile shall we travel - we must learn more medicine ” ...

GREENLAND Records - of too few happy days : G.R. texts from her weekend lessons ` Jerusalem` or Clacton-on-sea & the coasts as we march along -sometimes singing the songs of Hans Eisler too - the family have so many languages ... do`eth they speak `

POUL GRONLANDER 18th century - Greenland Eskimo-Northern Chinese a little French blood from his mother - She the first Astra-physicist of Greenland - she read Lucretius & before she died she passed her understanding to her 7/8 years old son POUL -

... she has 2 tall step-sons from her Greenland Northern Chinese husband his first marriage - the brothers of POUL took off to America 18th century when he was 10 years but may have returned ...?

( Full records Dr John RAY LETTERS FROM JEAN/& RANSOM families ) G R

` POUL GRONLANDER dies in the accident with the new gun 1765 Gotharb - his son Jacop`s letter `on Fathers death` printed in Finn Gad 4 vols Greenland History 1968/70s - translated into English-except last volume

1770 - the island JACOPSHOLMEN West Greenland is granted into ETERNITY - To keep as a Holy Place & to erect when you may the University to POUL GRONLANDER -sometime our servant - in accident he died …` 2 Decrees -

1864 - GROTE HOMES founding - TIGGY GROTE b 1841 -

murdered 1904 by Scottish Earls on ARRAN Island for his moneys -

USA Citizen, father has firm off Wall Street GROTE BROKES -

TIGGY is inspired to begin the GROTE HOMES by his reading of RANSOM HISTORIES & discovering the GENIUS of POUL GRONLANDER POUL is the grandpa of his mother-in-law Gertrud Poulsen -