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1864-1954 - Every orphan GROTE CHILD around the globe learns “ POUL IS THE FIRST ORPHAN ... Tiggy got the idea for giving us the GROTE HOMES & a full education from GREAT POUL & Margaret GRONLANDER We have an Island in the snow - a theatre a church & craftworks-we invent things ... our heimat is all HOMES in the nations we are from ... `

1937 Summer - Some of our SEA HISTORIES I doth relate in soft voice to ANDRE MALRAUX - We have FIVE WEEKS HAPPINESS - then to LINCOLN - Greetha trotting beside him as we wheel the old push chair with our days things on- I will not be seen by kindergarten friends in a pushchair in the town - he has had to understand this - I am NOT a baby - but I will get on top of our beaching things when we are in the countryside - along the cliffs - Holland-on-sea -

THUS we came upon THE MAN WHO WAS KING -

Written out in full in this document earlier - a lifelong acquaintance of ANDRE MALRAUX - In 1963 they all went to ROME - & could speak upon that afternoon - the next evening -the happy following days - When JOSETTE & a young man, he, came from bloody SPAIN & stayed on - made a SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937 -

... A whole 5 weeks of SUMMER - & then to LINCOLN to find his mother`s vast ancestry - sea fishers - traders some farming

9th century on -

“ ... contact only lost in the mid-19th century when Andre`s mother lost her land & little house to a JEW ... ”

1850s to 1930s - VATICAN `open Sesame ` - Grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM say`th `how he came to discover his Aunt Margareth in Italy was not OLD ... she now with her rich brown hair down her back could GO INTO THE VATICAN GARDENS since she was a child in the 1850s for her mother is POUL GRONLANDER`s grand-daughter When FCFR got to ROME with her then suddenly no more was she just Aunt Mag widow of Tiggy, with her sleeves rolled up seeing to the household ARRAN & worried that the HOMES would not have enough moneys ...correcting his pronunciation as he read BOEWULF in Early English ...He was 19 years of age & could speak excellent Conversational French, Latin, German & Early English ...

“ POUL GRONLANDER - GENIUS - 18th century & into all TIME ... Frederick Charles F. RANSOM says POUL ! So this was why Aunt Margareth`ea could go to luncheon & teas & suppers with the Popes - clad in her yellow silk gold edged gown or another made for PLAYS performed on our Island in the SNOWS - Always wrapped away under her cloak of grey as she entered the VATICAN - she passed through the stern Cardinals to the Gardens where she shed her mantle of grey & AS ROSY FINGERED DAWN come from the ARCTIC is greeted by the Pope with

Daughter - come tell me of the world ...” IT IS BECAUSE OF POUL & THE GREATEST SWIM UPON EARTH ... (Records/observer Vatican)

NB : Margareth Ransom acted Imogen in CYMBELINE/W.S./ at 15 years old in 1856 in this gown made in Paris for the theatre on The Holm/Jacopsholmen - It was not just TIGGY & his miracle HOMES granted her open doors - the Family visits to talk with the Popes had been going on since the 1790s - JACOP eldest son of POUL, then the clever HUMANIST Frederick Ransom of Montrose Scotland after marriage to GERTRUD grand-daughter of POUL- RANSOM Families had Estates & homes in France Germany Spain ASIA, North & South America ... they were invested in transport & all civilized technology, sciences, arts ... (stolen 1933-1980s by IMPERIAL scum & its cunning & evil class ...)

19th century - PLAY SEASON for POUL GRONLANDER - Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland -


“ The first Season to run 6 weeks - lasted 7 months ”

`orchestra 20-40 players/at first 60 persons sat comfortably - then Fred Ransom put on the Tier built as stoutly as a great ship then the family & Islanders gilded the inside now 200 or more could be seated with some standing for the popular plays of Shakespeare ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST as on shipboard …`

Intelligent people came for the PLAY season - an Emperor of Ethiopia sailed in - Ancient classics - W.S., Racine - Schiller - some American plays - Asian & Russian plays ... POULs version of Hamlet written for the Greenland mind - the orchestra is 60 players one season/ over half of them Greenlanders = Eskimos -

“ We also used the Ox in the Medieval play at Christmas... ”

1937- LIR diary October - recording the words of his niece- Greetha Ransom age 4 years & 8 months-

ANDRE & JO - well, he Saint Georges Andre had to hide -

or Maurice could give him crippling debts … ”

` There was never so much done on one holiday `

... our Jerusalem household agreed ... `

LIR/GR We had 5 perfect weeks - perfect every day - before we went by train to LINCOLN to see the Monument. JOJo&Joh- ... well not my perspicacity I think perhaps - with the seashells ... I still said on wet days that we might make something. The Tobacco Jar she said it seemed too difficult . We`d all go shopping - she said - for the foul discomforts of winter com`eth I think JO is copying my Quaker speech !

It took your breath away too ... to see her work with newspapers making HATS - ANDRE-Saint Georges , he say`eth she can make many other things when she hath time - she has learned it in Paris - it has a name from the East `

1937 Summer - Clacton-on-Sea ...

~ An late afternoon meeting around the kitchen table -

ANDRE Georges- He is to say ... there are no moneys for riotous living - only a fragile en-conomy - Ohhh fragile-

only - could be undertaken - AN ADVANCEMENT COULD BE GOT FOR ANOTHER BOOK - but - ther ` rrr `d beee - ALL of them to provide for ...

~ LIR diary October 1937- Lenir-artist -

( I understood the solemnity of the enquiry & the questions above - we were deciding their future life ANDRE & Josette ~

Andre Malraux speech captured in amber from time

1937 - A young man of humanism out of France -

... suitable for GROTE HOMES to INVITE to Guardianship of this great philanthropic work - HE IS PROCLAIMED AS GUARDIAN - he has accepted in a letter to MARY GORDON October -

... & THE WILL was known January 1938/courtesy copies round the globe/Germany too - 2,500 HOMES/other educational facilities & Welfare - grants for many activities as well as music/arts/gym/sports / MALRAUX will be Guardian the worlds biggest Estate -

... Chosen not just for his Sea Traders lines back to 9th century East Anglia - but from what we doth gather from a READING of his books - especially a youthful dialogue ` TEMPTATION OF THE WEST ` & information given above on his HUMANISM & STATE of GRACE - The Guardianship is to be a very great honour to France -

Nota bene : Andre Malraux`s post/mail correspondence is stolen by Xmas 1937 - Should FRANCE be INFORMED of this GUARDIANSHIP then Gross Britain cannot continue with FRAUD & violent ROBBERY against the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE -

Being informed of his Acceptance of GUARDIANSHIP to Greetha RANSOM the family GROTE BROKERS New York cheered ...

& we hear by letters THAT WERE NOT STOLEN , for some come to elder family members via foreign Embassy staff ... that GROTE Brokers & ARGENTINE Solicitors smiled in pleasure at all the Gordon & RANSOM family observations upon young ANDRE MALRAUX & reports from Clacton town & district. The NEWS had got to Uncle Fred MacMurray-Broker Wall Street & film star ...

Guardian chosen if you all agree -young man - writer - experience in SPAIN - ANDRE MALRAUX


“ Stayed in Mr S..... his house, edge of Clacton town - friend of his daughter whose husband works in Paris - She accompanied them each day they went exploring about the villages towns & countryside -

has ancestors at sea like many of us - He had a young lady with him & both were accompanied by Miss North Pole young Greetha the niece to Mrs Grote Aunt Margaret - he is 36 years of age - talks naturally with everyone in the town - made himself at home in a few days - & the young lady too - Little Miss North Pole always smiling & happy with them ... Mary Gordon spoke with him several times & found him a good human being ...”

NB : ` MALRAUX has been raised by 3 GRACES from birth to 17 years - before marrying Clara he 20 years old - He had no idea the Guardianship was more than Greta Ransom. There was a swift THEFT of his Post/mail organised by the British Nobles using the REALM -

In October ANDRE MALRAUX replied to Mary Gordon that he had a letter early OCTOBER 1937 from Margaret Grote aunt of Greetah saying she had made him Guardian to her niece Greta & HE WAS TO HEAR MORE -

He had no address to reply to on the letter from Aunt Magarethe Ransom Grote so he immediately wrote early OCTOBER to Mary Gordon & telephoned her at her home `Crail` Skelmersdale Road saying HE WAS DELIGHTED TO TAKE UP THE GUARDIANSHIP -

Andre MALRAUX, by January 1938 ought to have received extensive Papers from GROTE BROKERS New York - At XMAS he should have had many letters from RANSOM families including POULSEN of Norway ...

All these people are now to have their homes searched/any papers on The Estate burned/objects relating to the history of the Estate TO BE DECLARED in secret silence CROWN properties ...

NB : ALL POST by November 1937 is stolen by G .B. Government & Crown/in name of LINDSAY Premier Earls ... & postal deliveries to various Ministries PARIS stolen -

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX to PJPW - The Pillar House HARWELL -

I ACCEPTED ! I have accepted again officially when I knew 1959 December ! I still do accept the Guardianship !

1937 I would have accepted all this - had my Post not been stolen by your Government - Peter !

It was what I was looking for - what I could undertake - it all made sense - I would have immediately got a plane back to NEW YORK - & visited Grote Brokers - visited everyone - she a Goddess Mrs Grote !

Trustees/Brokers/Solicitors/Families about the Globe set about reading ALL HIS BOOKS from September 1937-

Nota bene : True Tales & the Grote Brokers sailed in - Tiggy Grotes mother a great-niece of Frederick Immanuel Kant has perhaps contributed family mannerisms to that common sense Reign of Grote Brokers off Wall Street New York/ Photographs of the first GROTE BROKERS building erected in 1830s show it is a big wooden planks building with a Family name that was modestly known in the expanding town of NEW YORK for its kindliness & GOOD WILL

... 1930s - Augusta-our grey-girl Frobisher & JEAN Weddell ballerina - & Aunt Murgatroyd Missionary bride-of-the-russet-silk -gown ... ALL OF US are recognised as good women - `le girls decide` as FJR my father calls us - Margarethe - Augusta - Jean - Greta - & Sarah de Salle coming on board are making an IMPACT upon the JOYOUS VENTURE that MARGARETHE GODDESS OF THE SNOWS wished for -

... I Greta am rather required to live in Boy Scouts clothes most of the week ... to keep myself safe from Premier Earls of LINDSAY & their fellow PREDATORS -

“ Lennie I FIND MYSELF RINGED ABOUT BY BEASTS OF PREY” is recorded in his diary 1938 after I Greetah have experienced more intended VIOLENCE at me & managed TO ESCAPE ... This is IMPERIAL SCUM & all penniless-VERMIN of top class Gross Britain ! THEY ALL KNOW THEY HAVE NOT BEEN LEFT ANYTHING FROM THIS GREAT ESTATE - & that its purpose is philanthropy ! They are GREEDY ~

1930s ... WE, our families, are busy with taking care of our peoples & our lands - IMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA has MASSIVE DEBTS because of their greedy debauched living - THEIR INORANCE - We do not know THEY are about to begin SLAYING THE GROTE CHILDREN so they can TAKE THE CAPITAL in our BANKS & begin to TRASH our lands ... log our forests our Reserves ... & DISPLAY THEMSELVES on CAT WALKS ... in all their blood & gore dripping ignorance ...

1937 - I ask to state to the GROTE RANSOM FROBISHER FAMILY & the `le GIRLS , that next time we FLY up for a BEER to Greenland in the seaplanes on slatted seats that we take with us rugs & eiderdowns -

I can recall 1935 OCTOBER - men & boys borrowed my eiderdown - that JEAN ballerina had thoughtfully wrapped around me before we left to go in secret to OUR SEAPLANES ! Because of IMPERIAL dirty UNLAWFUL evil murderous tricks WE MUST TRAVEL IN SECRET now ~

Reference : 1935-1936 Nord-Sud Poles Tour Grote -

& in the month of JUNE 1938 Len Flyer `GREENLAND FOR A BEER ` & helped by pilot who has been up in the sky since 1910 from Ireland at night -

... ` to take Aunt Magarethes spirit back to Jacopsholmen Island to her home in the SNOWS - ...WE FLY in secret - LEAVE by NIGHT - ireland

Unofficially 1937 - but enforced 1938 : ORDERS had been given by Lindsay Earls & Noble Scum of British Empire & JIM Jong to ground all our planes - which serve 2,500 GROTE Homes the globe & all the settlements investments planes number 2,000-3,000 or more / all of them kept in perfect condition/or we retire them FIGURES FROM A MORGUE NOW GO SHOPPING - horses & diamonds - Our planes were to be sold off for Imperial flash-spout-splutter-glitz-& blondes in flats in Scarlet Town & our properties overseas -

... & HARRASS & ISOLATE the fragile parts of The JOYOUS VENTURE A to Z the Globe - ALL BRITISH EMBASSIES/Consulates TO BE TOLD TO STOP PLANES FLYING & STEAL FROM THE BANKS GROTE RANSOM when they can« put nothing in writingact with arrogance & cunning…» & you will get a leg-up on the IMPERIAL LADDER ... or on a CHARNAL CART -

HORROR - 20th century/1930s - onwards

- the message is well understood in the Diplomatic World - ` BRITISH EMPIRE collapsing - let us get what we can FAST ... BIG BOOTS have got luxury SHACKS in CANADA ... paid for by the Tax Payer & The Royal Government of CANADA ... hee hee HAW ...hee haw ! The IMPERIAL boots are squelching blood of this ESTATE ... so ALL FOR IT ... FIX UP ... or we too may be penniless too...`


The house on the corner near Marine Parade - Kitchen Table discussion - for ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE -

.... SUMMARY : Saint George-ANDRE will marry JoJO&Joh-Josette when they can - He of Sea Traders-so an honourable person - They take this holiday to rest them - after Spain - War & dreadful troubles - Clara to be asked to not wave her gun at JO or Andre - friends in Paris will talk to her- She will have lots of money -

... JO can easily earn her own living as she has always done-writing since she was 15 years old- (Aunt Mag can help her invest it/she has GREEN GOLD fingers - I GR am thinking ) Meanwhile here at Clacton-on-sea we enjoy free a neat little house beside the town- a vegetable garden with salad plants & potatoes & early cabbage if we run out of money ~ We have sun most days - everything to interest us - & we know people who have fruits in their gardens who will happily tell us to pick a bowl or basket - ANDRE MALRAUX & JO become relaxed & very happy - It becomes a summer holiday 1937 Greta Ransom

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - foul winter - The Pillar House HARWELL - NOTEBOOKS OF ANDRE Summer 1937/the months of his life-kept from 1920s-hidden in various places - he has come with the Notebooks of the YEARS of ANDRE & GREETAH ...

that is the years ever after from SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937 ... to his death 1976 ...

Nota bene : PJPW is already clasped by EVIL/Mengele Harrington Royal Satrap, Lindsay Count No 15, & Naval SCUM slither into the British Museum NATURAL HISTORY ...

1968... “Ah warn yah deearh” says the mother of the IDENTICAL Whitehead twins 1968 ...

“ THEY IZ anibuddiez fur a GIN & tonic ... they ain `t he` d the education of their forebears the QUAKERS ... it woz they made the money in the family... they invented thingzzz ... Gregg & Darby then Reynolds & others into philanthropy ... Arts before they went into movies ...

( She is former Miss Gertrude Ostrander PALMER /Mrs Philip Henry Rathbone WHITEHEAD - of American FAMILIES ... PALMER in The Law-Church-Medicine & marrying into Sparkman Yachts /Wheeling W. Virginia & NEW YORK ... )

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - speaking his SOUL upon that happiness SUMMER 1937 ... in East Anglia -

I found the Gospels Acted Out - wandering about with Greetah- and sometimes JO accompanying us on our rambles - ?

No not always with us ! ... not always ... SHE, Josette HAD WRITING - I HAD TAKEN ALL HER TIME IN SPAIN Peter ” !


“ IF I MAY CONTINUE, Peter, & Greetah is listening too I hope ” ... ANDRE MALRAUX calmed himself at the dining room table (moved to GAUL & room reconstructed here - )

“ ... That summer - we, we three, made friendships -

Our friends came to understand what I wanted to do in life - I was working it out - that summer when we were a unit - then a family - We had come for 2 weeks but stayed on 5 weeks - Greta accompanied us to LINCOLN ” -

“... a journey to see a monument to my fathers line 18th century - & places where my mothers line from the 9th century had lived - fished - traded that coast - farmed - East Anglia - It began, OUR JOURNEY Lincoln CATHEDRAL & then over to The Wash - all those centuries ago some of my ancestors had lived in these parts - some stayed on ” ...

“ 1953 - WITH MR POULTER`s help - we discovered 2 people retired- Histon by name - but they were away -

2 years later they had died but there was no trace of them -

it was Mr Poulter who began to be concerned ” Andre Malraux

( NB : & GRAHAM GREENE & DONOVAN BOOKSELLER The Strand & Colchester !!! They commenting on missing persons with long faces one winter morning in the great Colchester Castle KEEP Jan-February 1953 ... Graham Greene was now unable to bring any more information from The Vatican upon an ancestor he said I had ` old Yahama Josef SAN JULIAN R.C. of the INCA `... Master GREENE had shown me a photograph of the 1840s of Y. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel Acting Governor for SPAIN ... it was side-faced showing his SASH & DECORATIONS ... in a BOOK he Graham Greene had borrowed from his friend Mr DONOVAN the BOOKSELLER ... )

1953 November ... ANDRE MALRAUX - I did not know of ...

A British Government & Crown persecution going on in The Colchester Museums - When I learned some matters ... I understood the persecution began November 1953 ... I came to believe this.

& later reasoned that it had been because I had met again & spoken with Greeta again ... she working in the CASTLE Museum Colchester , Peter ...

... & living with her mother in Clacton in the 2 room flat 57 Oxford Crescent ... where I had visited that SUMMER 1947 ... several times ... when we were being PERSECUTED ...

A matter of the THEFT of MY POST/& by then that for General de GAULLE too ... by your Realm your Government, Peter ... PEOPLE WERE BEING KILLED TO GET AT MONEY & lands overseas ...

“ BUT ... investigation had, in fact, begun when Greta arrived to work in the Castle the year before - November 1952 -

A year later when I arrive 1953 ... & we were seen to be together ...

a much more sophisticated PERSECUTION began & reached into my home in Paris ... where I had not been aware of it before ... Although that began when I came to live there in 1946 ... ” !

“ WE, Greeta & myself, people we knew, were UNDER INVESTIGATION by your CLASS, Peter ... your Realm could use its Government to persecute us ... BECAUSE of the CONTENTS of the correspondence sent to me from 1938 - STOLEN by your GOVERNMENT Peter... concerning my lawful GUARDIANSHIP of Greeta Ransom ...

& this VIOLENCE & ROBBERY about us continued - that your Government seeks to HIDE from the WORLD ! YOU CAN FOLLOW from here Peter... I believe you can follow easily ” ...

“ It has caused a lot of unnecessary deaths ... & in my own families too... you can follow me... I must believe you can... !

1954 MARCH ... “ I became ill after Greetha was taken from me again - her father & his family were insulted over a Birthday Party in March 1954 for her 21stit was many years many years, Peter, before that poor young man came to know it had been a most horrible trick .. -

“ ... GRETA & I ANDRE MALRAUX - had never received the INVITATION to the big family BIRTHDAY PARTY arranged in a HALL in LONDON for her 21st Birthday.. WHEN SHE, & I, ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN appointed 1937, will be asked TO TAKE UP THE ESTATE duties ... !

WE WERE NOT TOLD ! INVITATIONS WERE STOLEN ! FALSE MESSAGES WERE DELIVERED FOR US ... that we WOULD appear ... at 9 pm at the Supper Table - This deceit was organised by your Class... Peter ! ... your Realm & its Government ” !

... “ MARCH 1954 - Greta was ill for a month & could not be

seen … she could not be found ... Mr POULTER & the Museum were told she would not be returning to work ...


The old local retired eminent doctors, some whom had known Mr WINCLEMANN ... he had only DIED 4 years before, Peter ... decided it would be BETTER NOT TO TELL THE GIRL she had experienced a break down - they knew I had played a part in her life again ... they too were deceived » ... Malraux

` 1954 APRIL - GREETA resumed her duties in the CASTLE MUSEUM ...

She only LEFT when she heard her mother saying in 1955 November that she, TERESA, was going to POISON her for an INSURANCE ... Greta told me this in 1957... WHEN I BROUGHT HER INTO MY HOME TO LIVE WITH ME - She said her mother was known to GO MAD ... but it was people AT THE RACES that she had known in the Roaring 1920s ! `

`... They all went mad & as they got older sometimes ... Greta did not seem too worried about it ... `

`Although I learned later Greeta had been sufficiently worried to leave her mother`s flat at Clacton & her job at COLCHESTER MUSEUMS ... her mother began to follow her & Greeta could not take another job ... her mother told spiteful tales ... IT IS NOW I COME AGAIN & after some months of COURTING my young wife again bring her into my London home ... 50 Lancaster Gate Square ... HELL HAD NEVER LET US GO ... you could say ... I have wept Peter over some of this ... ` Andre MALRAUX- 1970 winter -

... “ & I & my detectives only learned of this from Colchester Museum 1960/1961 ... & again 1962 when General de Gaulle & I learned of queer tricks ” ...

Nota bene : ` 1954 onwards for 10 years - Persecution too of the Greene families - he the Novelist Graham Greene could follow some of the mischief - then his friend the bookseller Donovan died - after his RARE BOOK ROOM The STRAND, LONDON, was burned IN AN OFFICIAL NAVY-Army RAID overnight ... Donovan REFUSED without a legal COURT DOCUMENT to hand over TO this CROWN the BOOKS on RANSOM - WEDDELL - POUL GRONLANDER & SAN JULIAN THE INCA ! So the criminally insane of the above burned them !` Records

Nota bene : The Lords & Crowns of Gross Britain & Scandinavia involved in this crime should have been immediately arrested handcuffed charged with GROTE HOMES CHILDREN murders :

& robberies, vast illegal logging, destruction of Reserves waterways historic buildings & Estates ...Emptying of BANKS of Capital of the ESTATE Grote Homes & Ransom JOYOUS VENTURE ... & slaying of thousands of good peoples in lands outside the British Empire, destruction to their welfare natural products minerals, transport, their clean air, their clean waters ... etc etc ... CRIMINALS should have been ARRESTED, chained in old stained clothes of the DEAD ... & PUT ON ICED SHORES TO BUILD back some of the things they have they have destroyed ... fed on cabbage soup & stale bread & fetid water ! ... Greta Ransom representing ALL the VICTIMS ...

“ So The G.B. LORDS & CROWNS burned his Collection AFTER the SHOP was shut for the night ” ... Report: “ Professional Job for Government done by Army or Naval Intelligence ” /

`1953-1956 - At the Colchester Castle KEEP & Hollytrees Mansion the MUSEUM where Mr Poulter lived in a flat at the top of the House ... evil men lead by JIM now called Sir JAMES Steward of WHITES CLUB booted in - to remove books - any documents with a link to the (GROTE RANSOM) Estate names -

& to me ANDRE MALRAUX - my ancestry was now to be examined & destroyed - It is as if a maniac were loose , Peter !

1945 May - To continue - earlier times - I ANDRE MALRAUX ...

returned to Clacton-on-Sea... without Jo - I a widower

Again I found friends & THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT -

Greetah was clearly being harmed by Teresa for kudos-moneys-from her high born friends - I did not know this - but old WINCLEMANN had an understanding of the situation - He had worked with children -psychology - on the Continent - his interest ? He trained in chemistry of the brain - Germany - other nations

1945 - early that summer - June - He called Teresa a Virago-

He was surprised when I related to him my memories of meeting her December 1924 Deauville - she & another girl were with us - my young friends - about two weeks - Neither WINCLEMANN or

myself knew of an inheritance to Greetha overseas ...

Miss Winnie Gordon did not hand me her copy of the Will -

she should have done so by June 1945 - or told old Winclemann at least something - We were ALL of us, in danger - MY POST IS AGAIN STOLEN !

1945 June ... She played a trick on us, Peter ... He & I ...

She told me in the month of June Greeta could not learn algebra at school because she played these games - invented games - played them when she should have been learning at school - She persuaded Winnclemann to take those games out of Gretas head

`... Oh some light hypnotism - a narcotic - Greta had clearly respect even affection for he & his wife ...whom she had met 1944 ... the year before I - A WIDOW - arrived in May 1945 -

... THE GAMES ? ... I HAD HEARD FROM GRETA IN 1937 - & THAT JO HAD HEARD ... & just before her death knew that they were TRUE ! One is about AN ISLAND in the SNOW ” !

“ 1945 THAT SUMMER - Greta`s father was in East Africa - trying to get a ship back to England - Jim all of them intended he die - first in the Philippines 1940 - then in Africa - He got help to keep himself alive - after tricks played on him by JIM - 1944 he got himself & his bar rats into Kenya - My notebooks of the years tell much more ... & the DIARIES of Captain RANSOM ...

“ ... My name is ANDRE MALRAUX Greeta ... Greta ... I believe sometimes YOU WERE MADE TO FORGET MY NAME ... it is something they put in our cups of tea ” ...

1937 Summer - LIR diary October 1937 - Greetah summer-

I took him Saint George Andre to the cinema - The CENTURY - he thought it was very big - I said at the booking office to the tickets lady & another we had nowhere to go & might I come in & I would sleep & I had my rug & pillow from the dolls pram as Daddy & Grandpa Gordon & Winnie hath me do if it is a film not fit - & they smiled & said I might come in - Oh he ANDRE-Georges enjoyed it - good for his English he said - “ it would be useful ” It was about a gangster`s Moll I think - but I slept - only looked twice -

JEAN say`eth “... she was no Sally Anne then ”

I slept Lennie until THE SUN WAS LOW - but he George -Andre was happy & content with the film - We met JO in from the train - she doth need to rest - from blood & War - She JO say`eth

... He, ANDRE, will keep talking about the Wars - even when he wants to stop - & he would prefer also not to think ... So as I was there he cannot say anything - & I am too young to hear he says ...

1937 Summer I did ask sometimes if he would have me stay home & I could make things - & look at books - but he Saint George say` th “ NO ! I would like the Prophet with me - there are things to show me & you do it well ” LIR notes in his Diary 1937/

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - at The Pillar House Harwell -

... he says to us - trying to not look at my face -

“... there were things she could show me & tell me

things about the globe that I did not know

This is 33 years on 1937/1970 - Not much really when you can be allowed to look back on time the span of Jesus Christ I think our very religious friends would say` eth LOST TIME has included the 2nd World War when NOBLE & IMPERIAL Gross Britain slew the GROTE children - sailing RN ships in around the globe for over 7 years - plotted 1929 -1939/records/

Is it not time 1970 the criminals were locked up & put on chains to build ... the UNIVERSITY of POUL GRONLANDER ... IN THE SNOWS

1937 SUMMER - Clacton-on-Sea -

ANDRE MALRAUX - JO a young lady & Greetha Ransom`

DIARY LIR - October 1937 Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM -

After the film at the Century cinema - we were not attired for a good tea - he Andre Malraux-George wanted tea OUT in the TOWN - I explained & he understood- & took him to a modest place- & me with pillow & rug-our woollies tied about our waists- I asked in the doorway with a curtsey - `was it alright` & they said we could take a table- & smiled Greta Ransom August 1937`Jerusalem`Deptford-Oct. 1937-

LIR often does drawings sketches from our lives - perhaps he did drawings to his account he wrote from Greethas words above/

All his drawings they could STEAL were burned by Mr Pong-Lindsay Premier Earls - later Mengele Harrington & others working for the BRITISH NATIONAL INDUSTRY who could break-in wherever Len lived from a child to the end of his life ... LIR-Lenir-

Nota bene : Mary Broke-Freeman, Winterbrook House, Harwell,

met LIR in Harwell & spoke with him 1970/Len was not allowed by PJPW & Dr Mengele Harrington & his NOBLE THUGS to visit The Pillar House & say whom he was ! Although he did once - BUT IT WAS A TRICK SET UP !

Dr L.I. Ransom had taken drawing lessons with one of Mary Freeman`s VORTIST friends when he was 13/14 years of age/ they all met one afternoon visit -

MF knew LIR as a rare artist ... & had collected some illustrations of his work - (Mary Cotton/Mary Short/Mary Dudley-Short (Bowdler family-of W.S. criticism) Mary Laura Freeman-artist-at 17 years went to Reading Art School-to do woodcuts-watercolours-then to PARIS- met ANDRE MALRAUX in Ceylon 1920s ... SHE has private talks with ANDRE MALRAUX 1969 onwards in HARWELL in her house ...

Mary Freeman ... saw Margaret Ransom Grote by Tutankamens Tomb just discovered - 1925-26 ...

“ Mrs Grote .. she & others would pay for a great building - A museum workplace to be erected over the whole area - so the entire tomb & area might stay intact ... They were rather excited & did NOT want the contents of the Tomb moved out ... It was known they were a group of people very rich & could easily put up such a building ... it would have had to be the size of an AIRSHIP hanger ... or the size of several ... they DID NOT WANT THE contents of the TOMB split up between other nations ... ? Mollie Freeman speaking 1980s

GR adds / `I think this did appear in a newspaper with a photo of Aunt Magareth - LIR showed me photos & newspapers & things about her archaeological visits which reach back to when she is 11 years old in 1852/3 ...

Fred & Gertrud RANSOM parents of Margareth had known the Schliemann Family ... photos of them at ? Mycenae ... & we RANSOM have seashore settlements Turkey & Greece - sailing there in `The Mary Rose` the family ship -

A Greek bride RANSOM had given us a small harbourage - a half-Turkish Palestine or Greek Ransom bride gives us some land too...`

NNB: ... the LINDSAY mob Premier Earls 1920s had tried put Margaret GROTE IN A LUNATIC ASYLUM Scotland ... were stopped by Winston Churchill investigating them for SCOTS MURDERS for LANDS & MONEYS ... He threw them OUT OF BRITAIN ... as much as he could dare do with murdering Nobles in `Lands of Dope & Imperial Tory`...

They LINDSAY & NOBLE high titles Scottish are often sniffing around Mrs Grote widow wherever she is ! - THIS WAS TO BE THEIR FORTUNE . They are criminally insane . They are thinking HOW DARE AN OLD ESKIMO SPEND HER OWN DOUGH ...

The worst of the LINDSAY mob GOT BACK INTO BRITAIN 1930s & fooled Winston S. CHURCHILL all the 2nd WORLD WAR ... He did remove from them one of the two DSOs they were in the HABIT OF awarding each of themselves ... !

... One LINDSAY was shot in a harem c 1944 - the Prince/Sultan returned suddenly - shot Captain/Major/Colonel LINDSAY quite DEAD ! 19th century into 1920s LINDSAY Premier EARLS of Gross Britain would HIRE a HAREM overseas ... they all got syphilis of course/before the CURE in 1944 the SIGNS of this horrible disease were evident on the carcases of LINDSAY & in their behaviour ...

HARWELL - Mary Mollie Freeman she speaks 1981 of LIR as a rare artist- his work not generally known - she shows G.R. two in magazines-she could remember in 1970 when her old VORTIST friend & Len his student a year 1930s were at a TEA with PAINTINGS - Winterbrook House across the Harwell High Street from The Pillar House -

1968-1970s - ANDRE MALRAUX came to visit her Winterbrook House Harwell - it was private visits then death happened swiftly to her Missionary friends Oxford who had KNOWN A GROTE HOME abroad- death by persons known - /records/letters etc -

Mrs Mary/Mollie Freeman left Greta Ransom XW a collection of

CHILD ART LAGOS & G. B./& made gifts of two of her paintings, her portraits of PJPW & Greta Ransom XW- She tried her best to help/losing friends c 1970 in this awful matter - uneducated people with terrible power ”/ MF a Roman Catholic convert

1968-70s OXFORD circles - `MANN family/German writers - speaking softly `that GROTE HOMES WERE superb - & wicked TALES put about by NOBLE persons should NOT BE BELIEVED` - some Missionaries now came to grief ` - they had admired GROTE education AFRICA/ records -

1961 summer - Colne Engaine “ Jacops Ladder II ”

“ ... a girl in a purple coat appeared - a figure of winter & mourning - she passed us by 1961 - It was a summer morning ... the purple top-coat had us think she was in mourning ... as if she were cold from what had happened to ANDRE MALRAUXs two sons last month - no one advanced towards her because we felt she was in grief- We did not know she did not know - it was Arthur Malone came upon it that late summer 1961 ” ...

Records/tapes-diaries/Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX ghost house Colne Engaine -

“ ... arranged & cunning - so many misunderstandings created to stop us all following what was happening ~ It was Arthur Malone first who thought she was being DOPED ... during that summer 1961 he came upon evidence of it having happened often before ... But he did not dare tell us then ...