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They learn - end of February 1960 onwards false messages supposedly coming from MALRAUX & de GAULLE composed - an elaborate & costly & cunning & SKILLED enormous fraud - The GUARDIAN & the GENERAL of FRANCE, now President of FRANCE, say they sent no such messages - some they are shown - other messages they can now be told about - Ransom family et al -

1962 onwards - Hereafter DANGER - again the threats-violence-arrogance-from G.B. Government & Crown - & to all who know of Estate & Guardianship...MALRAUX poisoned twice 1960/1962 ... diaries/ records/& never safe from outlandish hate to his EARLY death 1976

6. 1961 May 23rd - Andres two sons 18 & 21 years of age deliberately killed after MI5 withdrew Cover believing as the youngest came of age at 18 years Vincent they could not justify Cover any longer -

MANIACS in TREACLE now certain they could KEEP MALRAUX & de GAULLE ignorant ... while they poured ACIDS into the GROTE HOMES death pits - depth charged off shores/so often within the 2 mile limit - Diplomats LIED etc etc / -

1960 JUNE - bombing of the JACOPSHOLMEN Island settlement Gronlander/Ransom of 19th century WEST GREENLAND ... INTENTION TO remove all evidence of its greatness - its World PLAYS theatre of 4 decades - its education history - its HUMANISM - ITS HISTORY OF GREENLAND - 1,000 years -

... THUS, of course, REMOVING the SCENES of the murder of 4 of the family of PARIS, M. de Salle his wife & two tiny boys ... The throwing the Family of 6 OUT into the Arctic Winter December 1939 & MINING the great house RANSOM-Poulsen ... De Salle are of RANSOM/GRONLANDER ancestors ...

/Capt Alan Villiers Oxford comments Dec 1967 on the bombing `SHAME! Shame ! Britain ! Denmark - SHAME ! /

7. General Charles de GAULLE could only say March 1962 -

“... an obscene gigantic piece of Statecraft by Gross Britannia ... ”

1960 Summer - Nobles put Mercenaries in trees Colne Engaine - won over when shown the photos of death pits/nets in sea of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - They now found pitiful sites abroad themselves - the girls had charm bracelets with names in one French death pit/ seen 1960-1960s


Attended by Mr Mengele paedophile royal Satrap/Mr JIM Jong-Cur Jimmie Steward big ORC & PIMP of Whites - bought out his partner 1956 - dope SALES in his private office/...

MEETINGS - Lords of Lindsay/ 7 Earls/10 Lords a leaping/ 12 others awaiting unholy Orders - are holding meetings 9.30am in WHITES Club a vice bar - JIM has enriched facilities of WHITES CLUB by 2 flats of exciting prostitution round the corner begun 1953 ... Kindly London POLICE cannot touch him ... JIM drinks at a PLACE he calls “ 3 Broads & a Greek Pub ”

- & has an apartment there since 1923 ...

An observer & Boyd Alexander comment - 1970 December :

Sir James ran his City empire from the Club - Because of his close connections to the Crown we could not fire him - Finally he was given notice January 1959 after complaints -

One matter was violence against Andre Malraux & his household at Lancaster Gate Square - but it was this MAY 1970 before we got the Club back in our hands & Sir James out of it - he ran his financial wheelings-dealings from the Club in the mornings - he had it all tied up with his City maze - which was always precarious ... ” Records/several sources/

9. 1937 JEAN WEDDELL ballerina -

Something nasty called Milford Haven/ “ they have robbed Grote Homes Ransom Estate so horribly ”

... IT - is insulting JEAN WEDDELL grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL the sub-arctic WEDDELL SEA - Possibly a teenager at the time ` he reared up on dope & liquor & insulted her legal marriage to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM 1909 & called her an Ape to her husband FCFR ` - She had a lst marriage Argentine-Spain & was widowed after 2 years - tragic death young husband & child born dead - this respectable marriage was also insulted & he was hissing `SMITH` at her ...

JEAN WEDDELL- in PARIS France She is a young sad Widow ballerina with red flowers in her hair when she dances her Spanish nouveau ballet ... She is friends with Juliette & Nadia Boulanger FRENCH COMPOSERS & they all know her mother MINERVA-Olivea Hesketh Mrs James Weddell II, well known for her EVENSONGS a book that went into several editions/ a popular Ballad writer too ... She is seen in photos talking with old DEGAS

JEAN dances until she is poisoned 1938 end of summer ... her youngest son Len LIR can pick her up on one arm when he is 12 years old she was still dancing at her best age 52 when she was murdered by ORDERS this mob of NOBLE penniless scavenging Vagrants

The creature on dope Milford Haven insisted the family of JAMES WEDDELL who married the INCA noblemans daughter an ape could not marry or inherit anything -

1950s - Someone may have done it in - perhaps it burns in Hell for eternity- I heard people brought Glad Tidings to Seasides ...

1900s to 1930s - my Grandmother JEAN WEDDELL has danced her Spanish choreographed ballet - IBERIA by Claude Debussy received stunning reviews - A Northern British paper writes -

IBERIA by Claude Debussy/danced by Mrs Frederick Charles RANSOM ... the ballerina JEAN WEDDELL ...

... “ ... she danced classicism - it would have been easy to add flourishes - she is the grand-daughter of James Weddell who first charted the Weddell Sea - mother of 4 grown children - ...

... & England should be proud of this ballerina ... whose grandmother Mrs James Weddell was a noble man`s daughter of the INCA & her father a Catholic scholar & seaman, a friend of James Weddell for many years before the Catholic-Quaker marriage which gave Weddell 2 sons James & John . Y. Josef San Julian F. San Miguel with his family would visit the Vatican ROME ` a lengthy review-perhaps it can be found & many others about the nations of the globe

1937/1938 ... I remember her telling me her grand-daughter Greta she was “ only allowed by your Grand-Dad to be a Monument to the Weddell Sea ” He allowed her no housework - she could dance - go out to her holy work - but not allowed touch a bit of domestic or kitchen work in this tiny home `Jerusalem`

Standing on her points in her beautiful ballet shoes - she flicked a blue-grey duster over `Millie`s what not` a black cabinet with lots of mirrors ... ( I have got three of funeral black for Pillar House from Bert`s Junk Yard at East Challow - but sprayed them gold - French Art nouveau - I told ANDRE MALRAUX 1972 at the renaissance party March-& he agreed ...& agreed the gold spray work ! White paint did not seem to be invented in aerosol cans 1970 ! )

... The grace of my grandmother JEAN WEDDELL is astonishing & it was like having a real FAIRY aboutshe has 4 grown children one my DadI had never seen a blue-grey duster before - they were always yellow

1935/1936 - I Greta Frobisher WEDDELL Ransom saw my grandmother dance North & South America - 3 Cornered Hat/ Firebird/ Dying Swan/ something I called `The fairy Queen` - Jean Weddell RC Catholic Widow Smith Argentine & SPAIN 2nd marriage Mrs Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM ~

... she was a most holy woman -


She is murdered by IMPERIAL Houses of ASSASSINS -

biography/Book of JEAN & Letters from JEAN to her 2nd son Dr John Ray/Ransom attacked at 1 month old by the Earls of Lindsay two of their horrible women/JOHN Ray Ransom had to be educated USA- Degrees/Astra-physics/animal management/LAW-murdered by above SCUM for dough 1969 Montrose Farm ...

10. 196O/61/62 ? - Andre MALRAUX & General De GAULLE -

gather in dead French children in one place & make a burial ground - talk with Spain/Germany/USA ...

G.B. Government & Crown maniacs in treacle intended to blame Germany for the deaths of the children 2nd World War - & in Asia to blame the Japanese - lose the Pacific Island Homes entirely - scoff at Roman Catholic South America - & brag & boast in semi-secret silences Westminster - `Oh these jolly foreigners we trade with rose up & murdered the children because they did not want education to 18 years... `

RECORDS : Big wages paid to destroy records Grote Ransom Weddell-

... all branches of Family...

11. 1960s - ANDRE MALRAUX-detectives-colleagues -

carbon copies of letters/documents discovered in Argentine & New York/ Asia- Philip Silverlees daughter 28 years murdered MAY 1960 for handing copies which are All the legal property of ANDRE MALRAUX to her father late February 1960 New York - diaries/REPORTS -

This paperwork is received by Special COURIER of General de GAULLE at the New York Airport - he returning directly to PARIS to take it to The PRESIDENT of FRANCE ... STOLEN as usual

1960 March - old Argentine solicitor a firm FR & Gertrude used 1830s immediately killed by British Intelligence Count LINDSAY & his PIMPS Premier EARLS of G.B. & `Louis PIMP “ that`s NO DICKY BIRD ” ... these criminally insane MANIACS in TREACLE immediately ordered Intelligence teams be swiftly sent into the Buenos Aries offices to REMOVE RANSOM DOCUMENTATION as soon as theft accomplished - from the one Courier for General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux -

NOBLE piles of DOGGIE DIRT , late February 1960 having hi-jacked The FRENCH PRESIDENT COURIER PORTFOLIO... had the important documents swiftly taken out - stolen in name of BRITISH CROWNS & SCANDINAVIAN HOOKERS - Naval Intelligence & gaseous Ex-Army brutish thug teams were available to Mengele paedophile, he is employed by OLD noble DOPE SOAKS who have had GROTE CHILDREN slain ... TO MAKE BRITAIN RICH ...

1960 February - Outside the WALLS of CAMULODUNUM, at Colne Engaine, our ghost house team are under-manned ! The second old solicitor Argentina his family firm employed on RANSOM ESTATE work from 1830s is confined to his home - dies - killed by obscene British criminally insane -

These two good old men had looked after the Grote Homes Ransom Estate as a delicate flower garden twice round the globe there is now mocking of this phrase in WHITES CLUB A Vice Bar - & other trendy debauching marble column Places - obscene LIFE FORMS still gallop their DISEASES twice around the GLOBE robbing us - /Records several sources/

12. 1960 JUNE came the Territorial Army & others to Colne Engaine & they kept us all alive in Gaul & Britain USA for awhile -

- records/diaries/Arial photos of death pits the world- notes-/

2 films made/shown 1965/ on the Grote slain children sites -

2 villains exterminated - One by fire as he had burned many GROTE children not at all dead - ( Colombia & Spanish GROTE HOMES young victims of 1941-1944 are being honoured in these two films ! )

... the other greedy British noble villain died same way ?

Or used as another Lindsay ashtray of the world ? Some maniacs are therefore, sent to Hell -

2 Films are shown in City of London at a big Institution 1965 to an invited audience - Greta lead by the hand by a kindly person into one Showing in a HIGH HALL permission by City Elders - Malone & Silverlee are present - THEY HAD NO IDEA OF THE PROGRESS of the REVENGE taken by HUMANISTS who came to help us at Colne Engaine 1960/61 - Some British Army & Navy figures had REMOVED some NOBLE SCUM by 1965 ...

`...Oh goodie goodie gum drops - & could some be put under a train as they did to Jo ? - A Saga of MANIACS in TREACLE as a Popular CINEMA TREAT might CLEANSE the WORLD ? `

... “ Toast is Noble SCUM of the EARTH ” Raise your goblets RANSOM Ancients you of the mists back to 77 AD LONDINIUM our Island in the Thames - & FOLLOW us the young RANSOM heirs - GR & LIR - ` HUMANITAS ` our RANSOM Battle cry ... & FLY our Courtesy FLAG granted by ZHENG HE` Admiral of the CHINA SEAS ... OUR LINE may fly his FLAG from 1400s Northern China ...

1959 - CHRISTMASTIDE - Miss Teresa Mary Butler to

ANDRE MALRAUX - NOW doth commence the EXPOSURE of FRAUD & violent killings ordered in name of G. B. Government Nobles & Crown/ LINDSAYBUGGARHS & ilk did this OBSCENE CRIME to get at the moneys-lands-properties of GROTE HOMES/ Ransom Estate A-Z the globe & MAKE BRITAIN RICH -

THEFT plotted in secret silence meetings from 1929/39/49/59

...ESTATE sneered at as ` IN THE WAY OF BRITISH TRADE` ... attitude in top GENTS clubs-bars-marble halls-Races-gambling dens-garden parties & Private nosh-ups slosh-ups as

“ Oh in way of British Trade - cant have the FROGS in control of the Empire yah know ”

GROTE CHILDREN are REMEMBERED CHRISTMAS 1959 ... At last brought to the attention of MALRAUX & General de GAULLE fully in 1962 ...

13. 1960 - Holiday of the last Fall - Diary LIR

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM is the driver to Go down to Jo`s Place - & the two sons of JOSETTE & ANDRE hear from Lens diaries & ANDRE`s notebooks of LOST TIME that happiness of

SUMMER 1937 - the five weeks & then to LINCOLN -

LIR 1972 speaking... “ How they laughed at their mother & Andre-young-all these things they had never known. They met their mother & father as young good people - before they, their two sons, died 23rd Mai 1961 ... Pierre & Vincent to be VICTIMS too because their father ANDRE MALRAUX the GUARDIAN to GROTE RANSOM ESTATE -

Age 21 & 18 years old - VICTIMS with the slain GROTE HOMES children & the JOYOUS VENTURE fashioned by good HUMANISTS...STOLEN to make BRITAIN RICH ...

Well - an accident just waiting to happen if wed thought about it ” Hollis & colleagues/MI5 July 1969 - We`d only just withdrawn cover as the youngest Vincent came to 18 years -

we had other training methods now - we could not justify the expense - But if wed thought about it we would have known ...


... “ It sticks in our throats even now - 8 years on - we knew about the little marriage to your wife - when she was at school - we gave them cover Lancaster Gate - 1957/59 - felt at last the old Hero could have a bit of happiness ” -

The boys were not wanted over there - should have been in our schools - Ampleforth - somewhere … We tried get OUR MAN into No 50 ... No - could not get past the VIOLIN MAN & the DRAGON on the DOOR ...

Hollis & Team MI5/GRW & PJPW/ Harwell Atomic luncheon with all families/ MI5 - ANDRE`S sons/pastoral care - ( the criminally insane bided their time )

SUMMARY : CRIME made possible by stealing of the Post/mail by Imperial BIG BOOTS Gross Britain Government & Crown & Scandinavia et al -

The Netherlands join criminal insanity autumn 1953 onwards & BOOKS of The GRONLANDER thrown in the fire in a Hunting Lodge owned by GROTE RANSOM Estate & POUL GRONLANDER genius insulted with sneers about being an ICE MAN -

(Records of Spies-including USA /` Racist-buggarhs meet ! ... )

Mr JIM Major Jong in charge for Angela & ilk & he & Netherlands PLAYBOYS photographed with young nobles -

Midnight the blondes came in & JIM JONG WAS SELL THE PLACE IT SEEMED for purple power ”

Reports-Secret Service Agents several nations- some finding it entertaining - should have kept Romanov Family !

14. 1961 28th Dec. - Harold Walter POULTER at Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester - before he is poisoned -

“ ... this has not been amnesia Child - its been done with stuff - I saw it out East when I was young -

“ I am so sorry for you and ANDRE - he has aged terribly because of his latest circumstances - he is no longer the young Emperor he was when as a bridegroom again he came wooing you, Child - go to him Child - he needs help ” -

Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester - Hollytrees Mansion Museum Study 6.30-7pm - I have accompanied him as he is locking up the Museum…he frowning pulls at his beard adjusts his skull cap- the STUDY door is left OPEN for Mr Sprack & his wife will come mid-evening to see to the hot water Boiler for the night - they walk their dog & Mr Sprack enjoys his work in retirement as GUIDE Hollytrees- Greta Ransom

15. 1970 winter - PJPW had no understanding of the life 1950s

at 50 Lancaster Gate Square ! Peter during 2 years had been listening to slimy Noble brutal thieves telling foulness which was not true of us ... but the contents of their own unclean lives -

1967-1968 - These killers of the GROTE CHILDREN & of the settlements A-Z the globe RANSOM JOYOUS VENTURE ...

have been urging PJPW of BM Natural History -

... identical twins of their CLASS - the grandsons of REW, he of a QUAKER FAMILY who said 1940/1941 -


... 1967 PJPW is given PERMISSION to CLOSE DOWN THE RANSOM ESTATE ... the Whitehead twins too have embarked upon FRAUD - lead by IMPERIAL rings in the nose

PJPW age 37 years of age - he is given secret silence permission WESTMINSTER - to act for ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN & Greeta & Len Ransom heirs ...

... PERMISSION from NOBLE IMPERIAL BRITAIN - is given at Sevres porcelain platter forking luncheons & suppers ... with old WHORES & pack-horses & rats in the sewers & ships bilges of the GLOBE ... /WATCH OUT FOR POISONS ... WHAT IS THE BLACKMAIL HERE ?

The identical twin Rowland Whitehead is a baronet - they listen to Noble Britain - those who have kept dirty beds 1870s -1970s

& are soaked in DOPE because they NEVER GET ENOUGH DOUGH

1970 winter - The Pillar House, HARWELL Village -

ANDRE MALRAUX has come with his note books -

`It is the first visit - Georges-Andre leaves well after midnight -

it was 3.30am in the morning & going over notes PJPW says`

“ Well - well - he has come to defend you - I may have things to learn ... ”

PJPW ignorance of the TRAGEDY Grote Homes children & Malraux-Ransom has come to him IN 3 years of Mengele paedophile Harrington Royal Satrap & TEAMS hovering about ALBERTOPOLIS -

`TEMPTATION of GREEDY SCUM slipping out of a side door Buckingham Palace, Admiralty, WHITES vice-bar...all short of DOUGH... spouting mouthfuls of trendy codswallop phrases of SCARLET TOWN .. DRINKS-drinks-with FIXES ! ... allow for BLACKMAIL ! `

16. 1968 - Dr John RAY - referring to 1960/61 & now/

“ YOU & ANDRE - two doves sitting on the rim of the world ”

( perhaps `sitting on the rim of the Cauldron of HELL` might be more accurate ... )

What has happened can hardly be re-assuring to us all - you cannot have done this without them taking away your brain -

We should have known when you went down the lane Colne Engaine that you could not recognise any of us -

And Andres account of the 1960 February early morning encounter should have told us you are again a victim of dope - They have been using dope on you & your families, on both your father & mother

...1967 marriage to PJPW/Victoria on my hip- I never leave her- threats have come from Mengele Harrington & Noble filthto

take her away ... Do they consider Victoria-Augusta 2nd Legion of Ancient Rome as the heir to the lands/investments properties/moneys they have all stolen then ?

1968/ - We are invited to a place & to my fear & horror Mengele turns up - with the blue car - & criminally insane entourage - he is come to see I am kept from Andre Malraux & my father -

This Royal Satrap paedophile Mengele Harrington knows well that

I Greta Ransom do not recognise Dr John RAY as a relative ...

& have NO MEMORY - unless somebody says something of CHANCE I will have no awakening.

PJPW does not introduce me to MY UNCLE ... perhaps he too does not know whom he is - PJPW has agreed IMPERIAL MONSTERS STEAL the post /mail of GRETA RANSOM Whitehead - COMMUNICATIONS TO BE SEVERED with her family where possible - Maniacs IMPERIAL are loose -

1968/1969 - Mengele Harrington is heard blaming `Greta Ransom the Ape` for daring to LIVE at 50 Lancaster Gate Square- where his patient ANDRE MALRAUX from 1938 is to be kept without a MEMORY NB : 1938 - NOBLE HARRINGTON just REALEASED from Prison & Nut House -

1950s - NB : Mengele Doc HARRINGTON & his Vampires took my RENT of 20 pounds a month for the top room with no heating except a 1 bar fire after he had broken the radiator & the 2 bar fire/he also removed electric light bulbs/& his evil assistant Mrs Mengele put DOPE on my pillow & thieved my umbrellas/pyjamas/beret hats/jumpers/cosmetics/& put ACID in the toothpaste ! & other annoyances ! IT IS AS IF MANIACS ARE LOOSE ! He is doctor in secret silence to ANGELA & can go in her back door ... MANIACS in TREACLE are here - of Roaring 20s & Hitler parties 1930s ...

NOBLE THIEVES - The Mengele Royal Doc Harrington Satrap couple have an expensive hole-in-the-wall MAYFAIR & an unexpected caller saw on their single beds THE MISSING BEDDING of 50 Lancaster Gate Square ... the dark green eiderdowns, brown satin edged blankets ... OF THE BEST QUALITY...paid for by Diocese of Westminster R.C. !

No doubt this pair of NOBLE HOOKERS were responsible for the good quality sheets & towels - missing since 1953 ...

/ Probably Catholic boy ANDRE MALRAUX paid for the missing articles by going without his warm winter clothes & his Saturday sweets for several years ... He is nicely brought up by 3 Graces, his mother Bertha, his Auntie Mary, & his Granny Adrianna /

17. 1960 late winter - Dr John RAY ® JEAN my dancing mother - whom I never saw after I was 2 years old wrote me in a letter 1936 saying she was certain her grand-daughter was being given dope - it was to stop her education for a great Estate -

& Lennie her youngest son had said a thing or two - about the childs sudden loss of memory … ”

Dr John RAY ® b 1917- murdered Montrose Scotland 1969 by

Gross Britain & Scandinavian IMPERIAL SCUM - TRAGIC FIGURE - sometime at NASA physicist/then to USA State Department/ 3 DEGREES in Astra-Physics/Law/Animal Management/ 2nd son of Frederic Charles Ransom & Jean Weddell - attacked at a month old by 2 women of family of Earl LINDSAY/records in this document earlier/

USA Citizen - Dr John RAY Ransom - He was educated in Kentucky

the special school for boys with similar mutilation or birth defects/

His son 17 years a brutal & tragic murder too - 1975 POUL Ray Ransom will be murdered same way - petrol poured down throat ... blown up - no DNA is to be found, says Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON & LINDSAYbuggarhs - they organise these killings, often with JIM assisting in the fun ... HUNTING BIG GAME ...

1975 ... Noble British Lords & Crowns require this CANADA Estate - claiming it is GROTE RANSOM CROWN in silence /it helps to pay for their luxuries & their loose living ... /

1969 - Dr John Ray ® murdered at our stolen Montrose Farm invited to step over the doorstep - Crown tenant was later put under a load of sand & gravel -

`...Mengele Harrington royal Satrap paedophile Gollum AGAIN escaped detection - ALL EVIDENCE OF THE GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE SEASHORES OF THE GLOBEin 3 Parts

is to be destroyed by secret silence DECREE

SLAYING by Noble British of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN around the entire world cunningly using 2nd World War not to be discovered again...`

18. 1957 October -Lancaster Gate Square- Lord ABC-trying to

give good advice to Miss Greta Ransom one cold misty morning -

`YOUR MOTHER & ANGELA - I know them from the Races - THEY CAN DRINK A PUB OUT OVERNIGHT - keep her away from Andre - he is a good man

I do not know who Angela is / she disappeared in my memory when I was age 5 or 6 years of age - I did not know him - he had a kindly face.

I was embarrassed October 1957 - I had not been told yet by MALRAUX of his 1924 PARIS meeting with Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra-old Mother Ransom my criminally insane mother ... Malraux does not YET read his notebooks to me ...

Mr Mengele paedophile Harrington & his teams are about us in the Catholic hostel/Mission at No 50 Lancaster Gate Square Saint Edmund`s House…the criminally insane, some paedophiles, all attack women, & all live by VIOLENT ROBBERY for cruel FUN ... They are protected by IMPERIAL BRITAIN ...

19. My father FJR 1911-1969 SPOKE JAPANESE -

All the family do until the second half the 20th century & sailed in our tall Ships from 1512 to our Japanese properties & we are of the family of Yuss/shampoo Okinawa , an old Royal line in the 16th century, & hath two islands end of Lusans out in the Pacific

FJR is only 22 when I Greta am born - He SURVIVED 1940/41 Philippines/A Noble British PLOT to have him killed/he is USEFUL speaking Japanese/helped some British Army get away -

1943-1945 - Kenya - Frederick John RANSOM

FJR is the father & brother of the HEIRS to the great GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate the biggest piece of philanthropy the globe has ever had -

Orders were given to mutilate, murder or mock Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM - to KEEP HIM FROM RETURNING TO GROSS BRITAIN & his family - all the war his wife Teresa Gordon CLYTEMNESTRA has been paid to harm her children Greta & Colin Frederick - inform on her family & attend Parties back of Buckingham Palace, Admiralty, Private suites big hotels -

TGR is to write her husband kind letters as if she is sane -

SHE HAS from Noble Lords CREDIT WITH RACING bookies -

& is told to take care of her bastard sons/ Ed du Cann & the King of Sweden...& JGR is CREATED Bastard too by her friend/fiend ANGELA ... IT IS AS IF MANIACS ARE LOOSE - all over Wartime Noble partying swinging SCARLET TOWN ...

21. 1957 October - MALRAUX doth not know at all he is GUARDIAN a vast Estate - but knows he is willingly Guardian to Greta Ransom a child he met in Summer 1937 -

or of the existence of this Estate - NOW strewn with a million dead children & settlers small-holders/vandalized craftworks & small industries with WELFARE/great transport holdings, investment in all useful & civilized...providing for villages towns forests & wooded watered settlements along the seacoasts & estuaries the WORLD A to Z - A PIECE OF PHILANTHROPY -

1938 - Claimed in secret silence as the vast overseas lands & properties won by the future Queen`s ancestors of G.B in centuries gone by ! LIES ! 1948 - VANDALISM & obscene destruction gallops forward on these seacoasts, waterways, transport ... children dead in pits & nets at sea ... families slain in settlements/LANDS stolen & called British Crown Property in secret silence ... TO MAKE BRITAIN RICH -

1957 mid-October - Doctor paedophile Mengele Harrington swiftly had the telephone in Greta`s room removed . He had been on luxury holiday with his boy friends all summer- ALL using Grote RANSOM Estate moneys. I G.R. pay 20 pounds a month for the room & this was my answer to dirty JIM mid-October demanding I get out one evening when ANDRE MALRAUX was away.

1957 November - The American General came in to No 50 hearing

NOBLE HIGH CLASS SIN were harming Andre & Greta -

He had no idea Andre Malraux did not know of GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE - he had spoken with FJR earlier & IVY Jean-

Ransom ? Regiment 29th state ? /our Red Indian granny 17th century Harriet who brought no lands but languages ?

The General handed me Greta a gun - showed me how to fire it in the room - he put a bullet hole by the window in the woodwork ...

( That Mengele Harrington immediately had removed so there had to be A SPY on duty - A craftsman is called in to remove the hole ...the paint had to be matched exactly...the Housekeeper clearly had become demented by this COVER UP expected by Mr Mengele - she began to mumble to me over the next days ...


“ The APE is to have NO MEMORY ” ! Says paedophile Harrington he plots to remove my memory every day - have me staggering about London - push me into a private clinic & kill

NB : I was taught to care for & fire a gun April 1936 New York for my 3rd birthday & am “ Hon. Member Keystone Cops ” = New York Police Force /Aunt Mag or Tiggy gave them some funding/sports ? ...

The USA General had spoken with one of the young Staff -

He heard that ANDRE was expected at about 11.30pm that evening. The General could not wait or return - He wrote a letter to Andre in the Drawing Room . He put it with the gun in a very well sealed big brown envelope - this package he ADDRESSED clearly to ANDRE MALRAUX - placing it on his desk in his Room that evening 8 pm or so -

This letter enclosed may have given an account of what I had told the American General of LIFE in the London Malraux household -

It is supposed to be A HOLY HOUSE - the property of VATICAN & FRANCE under Diplomatic LAW ! I was to be given the GUN when ANDRE MALRAUX was away in GAUL !

1957 November - Mrs Mengele Harrington was on duty that night & STOLE the package for Mengele paedophile Harrington Royal Satrap OUT WITH HIS YOUNG MEN She has been told by HIGH SIN on THE PIN she would make a lovely Countess when she takes her clothes off - & expects her evil husband to be made PEER of the REALM every 1st January for his work of VIOLENCE against GOOD CITIZENS ...

22. 1937 Summer ... LIR asks a group 1972

“ Did Sheshe begin to mock Aunt Mags JOYOUS VENTURE when she returned in NOVEMBER 1937 ? She had been to everything of the 1937 celebrations except the Abbey Service DID SHE FIND OUT WHOM my niece HAD BEEN WITH that Summer 1937 ?

... We think it is from the November 1937 she was able to confide to someone that ANDRE MALRAUX had come & saved the life of my niece ... A funeral is planned at Manchester to happen in September placing my niece in a coffin alongside ( Teresa Carroll ) the mother of her mother. It WAS SHE who got the parcel from France that he & Josette sent - she read Andre`s letter -

( ANDRE learned this from something Greta said December 1957 ... when he asked her to make a list of little presents to send to their relatives at the seaside ... )

1937 Summer - Clacton-on-Sea - Andre & Greetha -

WE RISE AT DAWN - often Pre-dawn -

he stirs & I open eyes quickly & we nod we will rise leaving

the sleeping JO - she has had enough of us & our ENERGY -

I their little CRUSADER KNIGHT dog or lion at their feet -

at THE FOOT OF THEIR TOMB he hath told me. All of us sleeping contentedly together...I at the bottom of the twin beds tied together for he & Josette ...

My presence with them is because I had a nightmare sleeping in the cot downstairs by the window/it was only Old so-&-so coming back from his night JOB washing up at the ROYAL HOTEL & clomping by & rattling his bike down against a nearby fence - as he goes to his bed to sleep until 10 in the morning !

We greet EARLY DAWN & first birds in the gardens, hear a few little seaside town day sounds - the SUMMER of the 5 WEEKS OF HAPPINESS Clacton & then to LINCOLN to his Mother & his father their monuments from the centuries - WE SEA PEOPLES OF TALL SHIPS - HAPPINESS WE HATH 1937 SUMMER -

23. 1937 October - My capital letters improve & I tell ANDRE- Georges that we get SUMERIAN POSTCARDSmy father & Lennie who is good at the language write & send them via Dr Barnardo Orphanage over the Old Road from our little Old Road house

I do not say to Andre & Josette « because it is safer for the postal arrangements »

... The letter telling Andre good news of my marks at school for the CAPITAL LETTERS he taught me is sent the September 1937 & is written for me by another hand The address is to ANDRE & Josette in PARIS & they read my letter - Andre confirms this by telephone October 1937 & again in 1960 ...

... This is the ADDRESS they used occasionally pre-War ... & where JOSETTE discovered postal packets from GROTE USA summer 1944 addressed to ANDRE ... Before they PARTED in PARIS late October 1944, the last time they are ALIVE together minutes before they part he suggested that as she had time before her train to Tulles she might call by & see if anything should be waiting - she should open it for him of course.

1937 September - My letter to ANDRE is not in Sumerian - as exchanges on postcards to the Old Road Doctor Barnardo Orphanage , between my Father & Len. Miss Aunt Winnie wrote a neat letter for me September 1937. THUS ANDRE went on believing from 1937 to 1960 that I Greta Ransom X had DREAMS ...

... & because Post/mail was STOLEN by British Government Nobles & Crown from November 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX had no idea of the talents of my father & his RANSOM family until 1957 & 1960 ! Or the ESTATE he has accepted GUARDIANSHIP to ... Guardianship of Greta Ransom ...

NB: THIS British Scandinavian NOBLE THEFT of ANDRE MALRAUX`s correspondence HAD OVER A MILLION CHILDREN & adults slain - to PAY THE IMPERIAL DEBTS & support a worthless NOBLE CLASS of OBSCENE VAGRANTS & SCAVENGERS & MANIACS from 1938 into the 21st century !

1930s - The learning of SUMERIAN in the Family Ransom is because a scholar has pronounced our tablet of the Little Man of Babylon to have existed with his thoughts - not a school text - & we now have him one of the family - he thinks like LUCRETIUS on `matter` & writes it for us in his old age