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... & her poisoned mother was in Heaven 3 years ago & must have spoken on the matter to Angels & Saints - & this was done for Edward who had told she Auntie Winifred that HE HAD THE BETTER EDUCATION ... & Greta was an ape-eskimo-even the Race of Sakhalin Island ... ( OH - HOW EVIL do`th crawl AROUND MAZES OF their 20th century MAD RUSH for DOUGH ... IMPERIAL EMPIRES rule & have Family wars ... )

1946-1949 - Miss Win Gordon of 5 Colne Road Clacton seafront, is causing concern `Round the Town` - years later it is believed the du Cann visits had been doping her in the tea parties they had - Miss Win did not tell anyone else in her big educated families that she has been set up as PORTIA by Noble crooks of Noble Britain -

No doubt she is also threatened as we all are...or tricked -

1948 - She Miss WIN rather tight-lipped told me of the telegrams from Monaco & another from JAPAN - a young man & his wife, he who studies sea horses & marine biology

I Greta Ransom age 15 years whom she has shamed mid-May 1947 believing 3 Italian Londoners just out of Prison-Borstal-Remand Home with their LIES that I am an adulterer/ess to Colonel Andre Malraux whose dead mother is in Heaven ” - these Italian-East End of LONDON are the EMPLOYEES of British Nobility & Crowns G.B. & Scandinavia - are paid in cash by her sister Teresa Gordon Ransom (out of the TILL of the Photographer-musician Charles Magowan )

1945-1949 ... SHEshe CLYTEMNESTRA who is still partying Whitehall after dark-& round the Marble Pillars of Lordly debaucheries of Scarlet Town - is showing them her `RED LETTERS` which are the ESTATE of her daughter & brother-in-law, her husband`s families ... dope & liquor flows ...they toast crowns ...

SHEshe is asking old chums & their ISSUE for PAYMENT in MONEYS or INVITATIONS to her for giving them the Aluminium Shares etc/Transport around the globe/the GREEN EARTH...CLEAN WATERWAYS & delicate seashores ...

A gift or portion of this THEFT with massive VIOLENCE goes to her chum Angela & the Lindsay Premier Earls - ...SCANDINAVIA advance CLAIMS & spend BLOOD MONEYS about the Casinos of the earth ...

NB: She an ex-Holloway Prisoner 1926-1931, Teresa Gordon FRIEND OF CROWNS should NEVER be allowed to receive this POST/mail so cunningly /

1945-1949 - SHEshe Clytemnestra IS OFFERING THESE `RED LETTERS` to her LORDLY Scarlet town IMPERIAL CHUMS ... they have all known one another since 19 teens-1920s-1930s ...

... & they are now HELPING THEMSELVES to the Estate RANSOM in the name of BRITISH RACISM ... `the Ape-Eskimos RANSOM cannot be allowed to have a private Empire hee haw haw haw hee ` ...

jeer the in-bred British & Scandinavians ...

NB : as those Len & I GR record in the secret silence meetings 1938/1939 - Written in this document Summer 1937 earlier/

mid-20th century Noble Anglo-Saxons -

THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALLY INSANE...but Angela has a leg up on the EMPIRE...& the GROTE CHILDREN are all slain in pits & nets at sea ... SO THE LANDS & the entire Estate CAN BE GRABBED & bitten into by IMPERIAL JAWS ... 80 per cent of the world -


This is the Battle Cry of little Noble Captains of Industry ... et al ...

MAKE BRITAIN RICH - some are evil & some are lead by the SNOUT by LINDSAYbuggarhs Premier EARLS & JIM JONG for ANGELA packhorse ...

1948 February - crushed & doped with sedatives horribly for 6 months I could not send a message by a young trainee nurse ... to the Matron & Sister-in-Charge at Clacton hospital to go ahead with their planned letter to WRITE TO ANDRE ... & tell him IT WAS A SET UP & Mr Charles Magowan had found out with another Scot by fastening one of this Italian-London MOB to a door & forcing its confession ! Clacton Hospital know Colonel Widower of JOSETTE MALRAUX as

“ Andre dear ...” from 1937 Summer ...

1947-1949 - I was reeling most days from what Teresa Gordon R. SHEshe put in the morning tea & I was wishing to walk away from all these grown-ups who allowed the evil & insane to be free -

For me G.R. always it was a shock for this OTHER LIFE to be vaguely opened again but it never lasted as a reality & I was all alone ! I am to be sedated by a dope-addict ex-Prisoner referred to as `your mother `.. who gets BIG MONEYS from WHITEHALL disgusting Noble Britain & Scandinavia TO KEEP the HEIR a HOSTAGE -

1938 - into 21st century - Angela & her men, her set-up, pour millions into their pleasures ...

... they who are VAGRANTS & NOBLE SCAVENGERS going about the globe with VIOLENCE stealing from BANKS ... in the names of Lennie & Greta RANSOM from 1938 summer -

... it is the 20th century & these dope-addicts are trashing the globe - its like Ancient ROME

of Nero or Caligula

1958-1968 - NOTA BENE:

General de Gaulle has a point perhaps to make about Anglo-Saxons/you can find this history in books - or take a WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with your flashing boxes of bits of wire & electricity ...

1947/1948 - I could recall Miss Win my Aunt still in the ATS

June 1944 saying to me G.R. that if I & my school friends

(I was 11 years of age) said a word of her mothers death

she could have it taken out of my memory & I could be locked up-

Miss Gordon is saying to Greta `You will not be allowed to pull the family down - I am in charge now mother is in Heaven with her dead husband & children ”

... With her White Rabbit pouting face she said “ I have Edward to consider as well - he has the better education he tells me - & he knows you have not tried at School I have given him ALL the ORPHANAGES THAT ARE NOT ROMAN CATHOLIC you could ruin his career ”

(? Somebody is giving her DOPE ? )

NB: In a family who use same names several generations I did not question whom Edward might be - I do not know this little nasty imp who reaches to my knees & has wanted me dead since I was 5 years old ... & that our legal WILL is fingered by all of these criminally insane Nobles ...

I had been made to FORGET so much once the RANSOM family had gone to WAR...& my Ransom grandparents murdered by IMPERIAL BLOOD SOAKED BIG BOOTS 1939 & 1938 by LINDSAY EARLS & JIM for ANGELA

1944/45 - But she Miss Win modified matter of her mother`s death quite quickly - I think Clacton Hospital & some of the school teachers had spoken to her ! People who went to Church ...

1947 - She discovered the wrecking of the Andre & Greta Wedding of Grace` on Xmas-day 2.30pm 1947 when her drunken sister Teresa bottle of spirits in each paw said “ ... of course old girl I wrecked it - WHY should she have a husband ... he could have married me ... ”

1947 CHRISTMAS DAY - She Miss Win spoke to me before I left in tears - I the most lonely girl in the world “ Well she could not do anything now as he was to marry his sister & she was very good looking & knew his fashionable world

Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM - young

Madam X - WIDOW age 14 years upon earth

1948 March - The telegram from MONACO to my father FJR

that Miss Winnie received reads : “ get Island Jacopsholmen MADE A REPUBLIC - my grandfather had this trouble ” ! signed by a Prince of Monaco -

1960 Research-Detectives Colleagues Families of Andre Malraux/

1945 spring - KENYA - my poor father Army Captain FJR knows of the million dead children in pits & under the sea in nets-2nd world War & WHO HAS DONE IT - A to Z the globe - JIM & LINDSAY Premier EARLS have given ORDERS Royal Decree to KILL HIM !

1945 - I Greta Ransom could , if I had been allowed a memory, reported how these killings in the name of G.B. Government & Crown & Scandinavia began - the sailing in on our lands 1938/9 in winter the first is Norway - then Netherlands - then 1939 the slaying of the smaller HOMES about the Pacific -

... but I have been sometimes doped a month & hidden under the stairs or the summerhouse of THE HOUSE ON THE REC

1960 - Records 1930s-1940s-1950s - up-dated by Arthur Malone Politan/Clacton town/Colleagues/school pupils ... all anxious to help ANDRE MALRAUX of FRANCE tragic Widower of Josette...

1945 March - I was kept knocked out by dope in the Garage 112 Vista Road - little brother Colin & a school friend (7 years old) found me by climbing up on a chair & a box ... for they had watched Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Riley Ransom “ going in to the Garage with a drink of water ... ” -

At the Marital Court 1946 September when she brought a charge Greta Ransom ran away with Americans she was confronted by witnesses- SHEshe TGR & her son John G. R.- born 1936 who believes he is a bastard too for she tells him so- were proved LIARS- Teresa E. Gordon R. was ordered to be put in an Asylum for life & her sister Miss Winifred Gordon to make the arrangements-

Miss Win did not do this - the du CANN father & son trained in LAW STEEPED IN GREED both acknowledged daily heroin users told her not to lock up Edward`s mother & theyd now find her a husband `for she had sacrificed her life to Greta an ape-eskimo & the uneducated Ransoms of doubtful ways` - du Cann call Angela by this her preferred Christian name when speaking with her-

1937 Summer- (Part 2) A black night- Out there in this PITCH BLACK SEAI know about pitch for ships & Jean`s grandpa`s ship JANE two or three fisher boats there are with lights only tiny specks of light in that black-night sea reaching into Oceanus Germanicus named by Ancient Rome- This magic night of Peace with Jo & Andre 1937 I do not wish to forget - Out there are the Cathedrals under the Sea Claude Debussy piano Prelude-Philip Silverlee plays the piece on Auntie Winnies piano- The Cathedrale Angloutie -

For several centuries the land of East Anglia merges sinks into a gentle or ungentle legend becoming the new seas edges eroding villages the small towns the homesteads/heimat-

CHURCHES- fields & farms where families have history recorded or lost -

George Andre`s mother`s line came from here Through the Ages we all have prepared for FOUL WINTER COM`TH- the trees & copses of those souls who lived here their lives over hundreds of years from time long before the Little Doomsday book into Medieval times, they are become like faint sketches upon the sea waves & the air - but we can hear them if they have left us things written

1937 Summer - `They exist too-under the seas- ANDRE-Saint George tells us how off the Brittany coasts are some Remains & Legends-he knew as a child- he of SEA FARING LINES from both his mother & his father-

That black night by the beach fire on Josette`s beach we all speak upon & feel sadness for Unitys GRANDPA who is unlikely unless a miracle to get well- everybody goes to visit & talk with him & 3 or 4 times a day he can have visitors Summer 1937- & we three are to live onI ponder human time-it is far too short, for we have so much to do & good persons learn more with our years `

`LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS & such chance - & here this SUMMER black night it is felt to be thus by this collection of grown-ups speaking softly upon Spain & the Great War 1914-1919& the sick man who has given us his home for this SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937...

1935/1936 - Age 2-3 years I G R. travelled Poles Nord-Sud & in between for 8 months of freedom from Monsters declaring on dope & booze they will help themselves to GROTE HOMES Ransom lands & all the double bracelet around the globe -

… I have been training with Lennie to take care with all of the Families who are our lines kin & kith of Aunt Margarethe`s JOYOUS VENTURE

we all help with the miracle Grote Homes-Ransom Estate in 3 Parts- seashores of the globe/Reserves/islands/settlements/

Grasping brutal minded impoverished Vagrant Nobles of Gross Britain with great hidden debts from gambling & living above their Incomes show us arrogant violence - They attempt to compete with gaudy display the rich well known Americans-

I notice many things SUMMER 1937 - Clacton-on-Sea & Holland-on-Sea … as Andre & Josette & me go about 1937

East Anglia …