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Drawn for renaissance party The Pillar House Harwell 19 March 1972 -ANDRE MALRAUX comth at 9.30pm with old friend Beryl- this drawing by Peter J.P. Whitehead may represent JOSETTE mother of MALRAUXs two sons/over life size-charcoal/gold spray/heat-sealed dry mounted/it is very much as she appears in Greethas memory- SUMMER 1937 - upon the seashores of East Anglia -

(original is Simonetta Vespucci-painting by Botticelli ) -

1937 Summer - BLACK NIGHT- Part 2 -

Holland-on-Sea Essex

Saint George-Andre, & Cassiopeia-JO & me the Prophet reaching to up to around their knees, have lit a fire upon the place that is becoming spoken of amongst us & others, as JOs BEACH- We can always find her there- perhaps after comth from the Visiting Times a day of our hostesss father in the Convalescent Home above - This evening they hath made a little fire before I arrive from Granny Gordon, perhaps uncle Harry has brought me in his little car - The fire is glowing on a quiet beach made by collecting driftwood about the sands - ANDRE began collecting it before full nightfall for he com`th first, & alone a little earlier the Black Night …

...A DARK NIGHT a black sky night but many brilliant stars appearing- the slow soft -lapping sounds of the sea talking to itself-

Two men come to speak about Spain - come from almost finishing their work tidying the deckchairs & the beach - I see darkness advancing into our shadows outside the fire which sometimes is lighting up a black sea edges when a flame ris`th- There are 3 specks of light far out - I do not love the sea but prefer the air with Lennie Flyer-

1935-1936 - I awoke in JEANs land last year & they her kith & kin hath come in the darkness on quiet feet-by flat boats like punts- made a fire with a big tripod-food is to be cooked-they wear little beaded caps & modern clothes - “ Will she dance-when will she dance-they come over 2-3 days-they will arriveCousin Clarke has made a new film-San Francisco ” - “ Yes- he has come with others-from Hollywood -`”

They came on such quiet feet from the waterways where trees bowed over them as they anchored their boats - I am remembering this- seeing it all again about this fire Holland-on-Sea beach 1937 -

But here I will not speak upon INCA & AZTEC kin- THE MATTER FOR ANDRE & JO IS SPAIN-war & blood- JO does not want him going back again- he wanders about in a dream- & doth not know how TALL he is`

“ SPAIN ? Andre says not to go- it is too late- a statement has been made- IT HAS BEEN TERRIBLE ” Soft voices I hear as if in memory of the dead- JO adds what she has seen-Andre repeats in clear English-

The men nod at Andres introduction of us all -

`& say they know where we stay-know my grandparents-grandpa Mr George Gordon just dead-whom they miss- Miss Winnie - Harry- `young Esther soon to marry Mr Potter the newspaper-town printer-Lifeboat- they the young people training working in Town so will no doubt live up there a bit after the wedding -`

`the dead Kitty-terrible loss for the parents - lovely hair-worked as a Nursery maid then an engagement-a quiet marriage made-family well known-India sometime-his brother helping the Government … they can recall that last year 1929 - terrible shock to Thorpe-le-Soken where her parents were living before coming a few miles to the sea to be near The Misses Bessie & Annie - they worked hard with A Mission up North when they were young ` Oh young Harry not got over it yet - terrible shock to have a sister die so suddenly `

Kathleen Gordon - who had to marry in secret because of her sister Teresas wild days with the ever present nuisance Mr Jimmie Jong & her friend who came down to the Grand on the front…

( they nod their heads & faces look solemn & even grim - speak of troubled times in London & reaching to our seashores sometimes` -

… They will reason that these two young people will have been warned of what comes to misbehave on Clacton seafront -

The GRAND a low crouching grey Scots granite building squashed between Royal Hotel & Towers- that Police & others forbid young girls & men to enter at any time - ` never take a drink from them - it will have a stain of purple inside the cup the glass`

The Police call this narcotic `frog spawn `

“ KIT - Kitty - Kathleen Gordon ... the elder sister survived the epidemic that killed her parents 5 children 1905 ages 13 to 2 years.

Kitty who becomes in a private officially unannounced Service Catholic Tree Cathedral Mrs Guy Vansittart - her sister Teresa having just got herself a 6 years Prison sentence & escaped incarceration in an Asylum/

... or could an Asylum have done something with her - theyd have found out her friends/fiends on high, they now setting about robbing the 60 thousand pounds of her first out of wedlock son Jack Gordon - tragically made Ward of Court at 2 years - then his father a Naval Medical man pushed overboard ...

Kitty who could not be buried with her married name as his brother is to do with the Government of G.B - she was attacked by 2 men outside CLIVEDEN-they knew her movements ” - REPORTS/witnesses

(It was Jimmie Jong & another man killed her hitting her face until nothing was left, after knocking her out - then they threw her in the ditch at the Astor Family Place CLIVEDEN - stole a sapphire diamond engagement ring ! Typical JIM PIMP on the PIN Mr Jong behaviour- & certain Nobles of 20th century .

1942/1943 XMAS - Mary Gordon my grandmother is weeping to Ada Pin a friend of her younger days /Records made of XMAS days after Greta Ransom is born 1933 onwards/ Families & Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/

THESE VIOLENT CRIMES HAPPEN BECAUSE THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID OF Gross Britain has no money - only massive debts from the previous generation & a system of privilege for uneducated nobles -

Esther said 1944 the SUMMER of her mother MARY GORDONs DEATH

“ ... the man with the romantic novel name she got engaged to him -

I remember the ring - a diamond with sapphires the reverse of Mothers engagement ring from Father - her navy blue sapphire with diamonds round - I wonder what happened to the ring that Kitty had ? - I must ask my sister Winifred - she does not tell me some things … because I am the youngest in the family `

1944 - Esther Mary Gordon b 1914 Mrs Fred. Neville Potter m October 1937 in grief over her mothers death, & Teresa going nasty & spiteful again- sending Esther a bouquet of dead flowers & making a poisoned treacle tart - Auntie Esther is finding time to think about the years reaching back many records/accounts/years of family histories ...

1954 February - Guy Vansittart - he will come to Colchester

Castle … then talk to Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator the Colchester & Essex Museums - A medium height man in a belted raincoat a scarf high round his neck a soft trilby hat he came & spoke to me Greetah Ransom in The Castle at 10am … the time I open the Book stall & prepare for any visitors who may like assistance -

... I also type- clean pot sherds- run messages- & once a week have an hour or two or three in Hollytrees Mansion Museum basement

being instructed by Harold W. Poulter in model making, history of Science … “ & GOOD COMMON SENSE Child ”

He has been “ 19 Years Out East spending the Poulter fortunes-

luckily my mother kept hold of most of the Capital - as she has a maternal LINE to the de QUINCY family … ”

… “ Became a student mature Camborne School of Mining after a colleague & I had been 2 years across CHINA studying Bronze making - going across & round China from one Mandarin respectable family to the next after we had learned some Mandarin ” - before the BOXER TROUBLES …

“ ... learned Mandarin Child & we set off - TO SEE CHINA

…two young men out of mischief- my mother kept hold of the bulk of Poulter Fortunes thank heavens- having a maternal LINE to the Family

of De Quincey- Oh … a book `Opium Eaters`

… I will get you a copy as you hath… hath… not read it then…from old skinflint Donovan on the corner- I will give him sixpence…but he will `BILL` ME at Hollytrees if he thinks he can get more !

(Mr Poulter had a slight stutter from his youth sometimes …)

1954 - I am, that cold still winter morning, asked by Guy Vansittart kindly softly if I liked working there & I replied `… its a happy world archaeology- you can travel about TIME…` He looked over the Castle bid me good morning in 20 minutes …

Guy Vansittart went immediately to see Mr Poulter in Hollytrees -

& Mr Poulter came puzzled to me later in the day “ … a sad man-rather nervous, would not loosen his scarf in the Study…came asking about you Child…

… knew your Aunt the one that died- I invited him into the Hollytrees Study…e did History at the crack Oxford School-so I said what have you written … but seems to have done nothing with it… says if the ring is still in the family he wants you & ANDRE to have it …”

Greta Ransom is being torn apart from ANDRE MALRAUX again

& I am without a proper memory & during the whole time of his re-courtship the Marriage of Grace I barely had 2 or 3 hours at a time in my head -

I am under constant supervision by Mengele of Naval Intelligence/departments of IMPERIAL blood soaked Scandinavia & BRITAIN…ALL EMBARKED UPON MASSIVE VIOLENT FRAUD

My head is sluggish in the mornings when I arrive by bus at the Castle from Clacton & the two room flat I have to live in with my mother Teresa Gordon R. - & she paid in Racing Credit by Lindsaybuggarhs-Angela-& Noble Scum for s removing my memory day in day out -

… I have only the 10 pounds a week I earn at the Museum - & she will steal some silver from my handbag if I do not hide it - Records/diaries/1960 Detectives & colleagues of Andre Malraux/family Ransom/

1953 December - Very near to Greta In Colchester Castle 11.30am

the novelist Graham Greene says to ANDRE MALRAUX

Greetha can speak with me perfectly well after 1 o-clock ANDRE !

I do not trust the old woman Teresa- Oh everybody knows her before the War from the Races - Greetha is not aligned in the mornings - I come in here to do some work - scribble upstairs - Chapman the

chief Guide & I are sometimes alarmed about things…”

ANDRE MALRAUX is immediately very angry with young Master Greene -

& put his fists up to him - told him to mind his own business … This behaviour is because Mengele Harrington has given Andre some medicine…it is designed to harm the health of successful men… Mengele HARRINGTON is paid for this crime by his masters & mistresses …

1958 March discovered Malraux has been taking poisons

4 years /the London kindly humanist medical world was very worried for Andre`s health -

… Mengele Royal Satrap frightens young educated London -

“… Soon Andre had poured the Mengele prescription filthy stuff

down the sink when a young chemist dared warn others ” !

Records/diaries 1952-1980s

1953/1954 - “ The peculiar Physician ” sent down by Big Guns from London Town` attracts attention because of his illegal PARKING of that BLUE CAR ! A creature known to young Medical world as Doctor MENGELE H. (Harrington) has followed MALRAUX November 1953 to Colchester Town & Museums - & set up a spy ring about us all - We are all now `cases for treatment & under investigation by these dripping blood & gore Crowns ` /Records are accurate/

This ex-Continental paedophile Prisoner/numerous STAYS in Psychiatric Clinics from age 12 years = NUT HOUSES

“…takes COMMISSIONS to destroy HEALTH of middle aged successful men” Reports/USA SPIES/Washington branch

… Dr H. supplier to others of infamous narcotics - called Mengele Dr Harrington is on SALARY from Naval Intelligence CASH collected DOWN THE WHITEHALL -

1953 November 3rd : Harrington b 1912, is interviewed by his Norway school chum The GREEK now scared that his mother-in-laws part in the slaying of a million GROTE HOMES children will ruin his chances of being king-of-the-Castle-

GREEK has tried get GROTE RANSOM Estate OFF my poor young father Captain Frederick John RANSOM 1947 !

GREEK ex-RN is told by Scotland Yard 1948 “ get a divorce -


… He too is on a PIN - fashionable Playboy thugs stuff as in Roaring 20s... & now they curze & zoom about with LSD -

If I had a memory I could remember this one with 5 sisters… with Lindsaybuggarhs & noble scum - when I am 10-11 years old- he also wants me dead ! They are bilge rats in the RN & wear gold tinsel on their sleeves- dream of gold dust in their hair -

1950s diaries/records/accounts/ iconography/violence against every nation the globe - & all of us !

1973 - Guy Vansittart will weep when he sees the 3 years of age little Peter Rathbone Whitehead with his golden curls- brought to visit him by Teresa Gordon Ransom - he wept & said with Kittys hair

1946 - in spring ANDRE MALRAUX took the red & orange roses for KITTYS birthday to her grave Clacton-on-sea cemetery - Aunt Esther/Estelle say`th “ Our Clacton cemetery Andre

its a lovely place - I shall enjoy being there when I am dead you can see the SEA I think … ” THANK YOU - Dear Auntie ESTHER - you the perfect beauty of form & face in our family -



A PEACEFUL NIGHT - Summer 1937 -

A QUIET CALM SEASHORE NIGHT - All of us by the fire on the sands express sadness about Stella-stars father who may not recover - but we must hope - say a prayer -

1937 - It is as if here on this Holland-on-Sea, Essex beach, I saw & gathered HOPE- for me - THIS IS WHAT IT COULD BE LIKE- living in safety & happiness - & I thinking HOPE for them - ANDRE-Georges & JOSETTE MALRAUX - WHO HAVE NOW BECOME VICTIMS with RANSOM families as the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN are to become next year - for greedy IMPERIAL BRITAIN & its RACISTS …

1937 - I am surprised how they do `settle in` Andre & JO -

in this small town along the ancient seashores - I am already planning their Wedding & have begun giving polite advice on JOs wedding gown - We the Ransom family, I tell her, could pay for it -

… so she can have a beautiful church wedding - perhaps in this one our Catholic church for which the Vatican sent us an antique font of Italy … & paid for the spectacular Pulpit - no doubt YOUNG PACELLI paid the VAT BILL -

1921-1929 - The great Clacton Catholic church building dedicated to OUR LADY is a gift from two widows - they simply said to an architect 1920 …

` Well we`d like something as we see in Rome -

Here`s 20 thousand pounds to begin with - you can have a

little more

In the 1930s people smiled & said the Widows had seen Italy when it was fashionable - the English 19th century had a LOVE AFFAIR with ITALY after the eloping BROWNING couple published their poems …

1937 - JO & ANDRE - they are both Catholic - so I am at ease - but doth not forget my Quaker-Nonconformist roots 17th century & my schooling from 14 months of age in the Quaker enclave down from Great Clacton Manor - The white painted wooden buildings with high steps just past us in the ancient Old Road where we hath our little ancient foundations house is … on the way to the SEAS -

1934-1939 - My Father on Sunday mornings calls this ROUTE to the SEAS THE WAY OF THE 7 Churches - & we pop in to sing a hymn in several of them … as we wind our way to the Sea-front …& he is to take me to the Roman Catholic 11 AM Great Mass in this beautiful great church of Our Lady beside the Saint Clares` Convent School -

a piece of OLDEN ROME … ”


CATHEDRALS UNDER SEAS - We do not go to the stars -

1957 December - ANDRE MALRAUX says “ It is about this TOWN that I am your FATHER by a Russian princess - I am a hungry man …

& I am NOT YOUR FATHER ! I married you to have grandchildren come to us ! Why will they not leave us alone …