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Josette - photograph 1938 - `JOJo&Johhhh of Summer HAPPINESS 1937 - Clacton-on-Sea - Essex `

- Harcourt photographer France -

1947 - A WIDOWER of FRANCE Colonel GEORGES-Andre MALRAUX `early wedding` to be made to Miss GRETA (Greetah) Maureen Caecelia RANSOM … Clacton R.C. Church of Our Lady -

NB : - second christening our Church Jacopsholmen Island-West Greenland November 1933

names me , Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom …

“ … The EARLY WEDDING of GRACE is allowed by Mary Gordons friend young Paccelli of Germany & Rome. He become 1938 POPE PIUS 12 -

Paccelli had met many of her family on the Southern Irish side

& he knew, of course, Margaret Ransom Grote widow of TIGGY GROTE the Founder of the GROTE HOMES educating children of the globe to 18-20 years of age & sponsoring their education further should they wish …

Mary Gordon is poisoned 2-3 June 1944 by Noble Britain/Scandinavia - records 1960 gathered in by Malraux detectives-colleagues -

1870-1950s - Half the Grote Homes are in Catholic lands-

begun permission the Vatican 1870 after discussions with a man they called affectionately TIG/Tiggy Grote -

1944 Summer - there was a plan to get heir Greetah Ransom to Southern Ireland to titled relatives…because of the abuse of me since I had been kidnapped abroad from RANSOM grandparents,

I age 3 & half years early summer 1936

… Westminster DECREE granted in secret silence by CROWNS & LINDSAYBUGGARHS Premier EARLS of Gross Britain - all of these criminally insane aided by MONSTERS of SCANDINAVIA - all of them crazy greedy DEVOTEES of an INSANE CULT which sticks up FIGURES FROM A MORGUE to rule the globe -

1933-1944 - RECORDS : Physical abuse of my grandmother too

by her daughter Teresa & JIM using Angela KUDOS , directed by these frenzied noble British Scandinavian Vagrants … commencing upon the murders of the Grote HOMES Children 1938

hoping to blame the Jerri/Germans

1945 - Noble SCUM now embarked upon sale of the Ransom lands attached to the slain GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - BLOOD MONEYS !

1938-1940s/50s - MASSIVE on-going destruction of all evidence of the IMPERIAL massive bestial obscene CRIME

the KILLING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in their HOMES along the seashores of the world, is now fronted by big nouveau business MOBS galloping along -

To replenish their Fortunes the Noble Britain Scandinavia Class of SIN ON THE PIN of the well-togged with new diamonds

pass the matter to THE WHITEHALL (staff work for a Pension ! )

20th century - THE CRIMINALLY INSANE NOBLES misuse

DOPES from childhood & they saw their parents & CIRCLE of NOBILITY use DOPE to get hold of lands & DOUGH

Records of Genocide in Scotland got abroadTHE NOBLES WERE BECOMING MORE & MORE DIVINE … especially on the West Side of SCOTLAND where the crop DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND grew so very well … & produced big DOUGH from SALES abroad in the Empire …

1938/1939 ` Young Paccelli gone up on high` as Uncle Harry Gordon says to Greetah some worrying dinner times when Angela has been on the phone baiting Granny Gordon …I come from the Saint Clare Convent for my mid-day dinner to Granny Mary Helena Widow … so she is kept from empty days now they have driven Grandpa out to his death … Those monsters of the Deep on the seafront …

1939 War advancing - `young Paccelli` now Pope Pius XII is fretting over accurate reports/photos of dead children of Grote Homes -

1945 - A few Grote Homes children were got out of Germany by Germans - USA - others - to safety - They are being hunted to death by Teams run by Noble Lindsaybuggarhs/ Mr Pong/& the others of the Noble secret silence meetings 1930s -

ALL DONE in NAME of G.B. Government & Crowns - This investigation with killings was going on into 1970s … & never to stop until all who could speak out were dead - The families-grandchildren great-grandchildren of GROTE HOMES students, anyone who knew, were not to be left alive with information- World of SCIENCE say EAST GERMANY is loaded with EVIDENCE !

1966 - A great scientist speaks on the slaying of the Grote Homes children during the 2nd World War -

He is visiting Scarlet Town & well aware of danger - his Embassy protect him -

` it is difficult for a little nation like mine to understand

why a nation with so much had to kill all these children -

I was grateful for my HOME - You had at the helm of your Nation in the last War an ugly woman -

`Germany always approved Thomas Grotes Homes & had several from 1864 to 1945 - ` generally we dont fight - thats the accepted rule-but we teach them to talk-the teaching is humanism- HUMANITAS - But the children are taught they may enter into situations after 18 years where they may have to make a decision whether to fight or not … `

1938 - Whitehall - Grantley-Smithers ( a name like that ? )

Angela has said she wants the Grote Homes cleared - the lands sold & the money given to her but you will have a million children without a HOME wandering about the Globe ”?

1947 - We shall marry 17 April 1947 in the great ROMAN church completed 1929 - Church of OUR LADY beside the St Clares Convent School on the Cliffs end of Clacton beginning of Holland-on-sea - the dead JOJo&Joh-Josette with us in our minds - we holding her hands -

… I will go on with Clacton Convent school until 18 - a baby when I am 16-17 ? Best perhaps become a family unit again as in SUMMER 1937 - JO has their 2 boys booked for Ampleforth School - where Tolkien has his boys -

We have a life here BESIDE THE SEAS - choir-seashores for thoughts- music- humanitas - Georges-ANDRE will be in his age group very often I doth understand - I shall have my kitchen !

I do embroidery & wish to make some furniture - I DO NOT KNIT like Mrs Saint Charles General de Gaulle …

ANDRE MALRAUX is named in Vatican documents WIDOWER -

“ in the 1960s Lindsay Earl 15 & in-law tried remove them ” Records/diaries/accounts/

1947 - New family X hath no problem of moneys - school fees -

but ANDRE MALRAUX DOTH NOT KNOW HE IS GUARDIAN to the GLOBE - to all nations A to Z- & I have again had my memory removed- Miss Win Gordon has not told Mr Professor Winnclemann - she said she was waiting for my father to return from Africa 1945 - extensive records tell of the MISERY & wickedness ahead …

WE MARRY WITH A MILLION DEAD CHILDREN in a river of blood about our knees & circling the globe & back again to us ...

A hideous crime done under cover of 2nd World War to get the British Nobles DOUGH -

tapes/records/ ANDRE does not know -


My father FJR he is again threatened-humiliated-attacked again & again-these attacks from the foul mouths will continue all his short life … for LIKE US ALL he is SPIED UPON by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN-

They have slain the Grote Homes children, the staff the workers-their & our friends- many kith & kin -

We RANSOM are the rightful owners of this Estate by permission the globe- nations A to Z -

A fallen British Empire has NO DOUGH - & ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE PIN -

Frederick John RANSOM/dairies/tapes/records/

b November 1911 - KILLED March 1969 Greenwich -

Planned cunning murder by Mr Doc Mengele HARRINGTON

for his Noble criminally insane … He PEER in WAITING …

NB: HARRINGTON Royal Satrap-paedophile-

convicted1936 sexual attacks on a child under a year old -

1938 - Employed to kill/blackmail/ Fraud/ theft/ removal of records/documents/lands/properties- PAID BIG DOUGH for his HOURS

of violence & collects his PAY in cash down WHITEHALL & abroad …

Frederick John RANSOM humanist/poet/writer/soldier/ sailor/speaking several languages including Japanese-

born 1911 November - killed for this ESTATE moneys in March 1969 Greenwich London -

FJR has travelled our RANSOM GRONLANDER WEDDELL SAN JULIAN lands our islands & Grote Homes from childhood -

1936 with his father FCFR & others they climbed our ancestral site MACCHU PICCHU - Cousin Clarke Gable had been up earlier with friends & relatives our SAN JULIAN great-grandfather line…

A marriage between James Weddell Quaker sub-arctic SEA & Ayelovedah Maria Miss San Julian INCA/Tierra del Fuego -

MARRIAGE OF THE ICE WHITE BRIDE 1824 issue two sons James & John-

her father last of line of Mathematicians/ astronomers/Priest-Rulers INCA-educated R.C. owner Ice Breakers & seaman polymath Acting Governor for Spain some years- Yaham. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel-d 1850s/a photograph of him with his Sash & Order of Spain side face is in a Dictionary-

NB: This book is DEMANDED 1930s-1990s as property of British Government & Crown- & where found it was burned- as many other books of our families- DONOVAN bookseller Strand & Colchester had a copy 1953 -

DONOVAN friend of Graham Greene novelist is threatened by Cur/Sir JIM of WHITES CLUB representing a British Crown to HAND IT OVER

refusal had the Rare Book Room of DONOVAN burned overnight 1954 by British squad Army-Navy in the employment of JIM & Mengele & Premier EARLS of Lindsay …MONSTERS of the DEEP Clacton seafront …

Doc Mengele Harrington-long time companion Playboy Prince caught burning books-Belgium Police- beside river c 1970-press/Diplomats swiftly summoned/records- References made in Science circles to Donovan Rare Book room - It is said Naval Intelligence burned the valuable collection which included BOOKS on the GROTE ESTATE - Strand bookshop fire 1954/1955 ? - London .

1937 Summer holiday - Clacton & Holland-on-Sea 5 weeks

JOJoJoh- But you were ever there - behind the words spoken

ANDRE messages received- weathers- appointments kept- 1937-2008 Pencil sketches upon our words- upon sea mists-

AD The marsh gas lights pond August evenings

Holland-on-Sea - Jos beach - 1937

You always there -5 weeks happiness

& then - to Lincoln - Monuments the SEAS

We taken forward - always into wintertime- G.R. 1960/61

1937 - JO we would leave sleeping-rising first trace of light the

East & he to mee- I to heea finger to lips for absolute care of our movements & no sounds to wake our Queen Cassiopiiii-eaya-

She has been At the Dancing- with us- & must appear in some hours again WHEN THE SKY IS DARK- At the Dancing

Andre Saint George - HE HAS TO HAVE THE NEWSPAPERS as many as we can getsome are now ordered special - Annie has the Welsh newspaper & he thinks notbut Mary Gordon has the Southern Irish - He thinks `Yes he will call in for tea-coffee-see if she wants anything from `Down the Town`- & talk with her about things from that perspective or this of her life-

… she was told `to stand by- I might be needed for Peleus & Melisande- I might have to go over`

(she sings in choirs when young- & turned out on the Music Hall between Acts to help young lodgers of a neighbour- one was Bud Flanaghan & they slept in hay in a loft in London …)

I think of the Song that Uncle Harry likes her to sing for him-

THE STORMING OF THE VAN- & probably I hum the tune & a phrase -

My favourite is ye wantah get married but you are too young - at 14 & a tune about moonlight & making ready - Aunt Winnie loves to hear Patsy Morgan sung by her mother -

1937 - JUST is OUR CAUSE - we of GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate in 3 Parts the globe- our million children A to Z twice round- the delicate flower garden where Tiggy our dear Thomas travels year after year with Lucretius on one shoulder & Jesus on the other

1937 Summer … ANDRE MALRAUX in far away mood with notebook sayeth to me one summer day 1937 … “… they did

not live in the same century- Lucretius & Jesus…”

Good manners to guests received by me & now known to me

as HOLY PEOPLE … I doth expect of myself - & I hath been requested by Stella-stars let them rest & not speak so much

My Guardian Angel & my Saint remind me I should not embark more upon this matter- but enquire if he Andre-Andrew now very much in a State of Grace- would take a drink a bite- even a rest- may I help carry his swimming towel- make him some more Fairy Cakes- & I shall say a prayer to his dear mother in Heaven- his Grannie Adriannea-Adrienne- & I will send Aunt Mary-Marie something for Christmas & a nice holy card 1937

I AM VERY VERY GRATEFUL FOR THIS HOLIDAY - here where I live in Clacton-on-sea- For my father & everyone Ransom seem to be away & I hath no protection with Harry at work & poor Granny Gordon with Grandpa just gone to the churchyard - Aunt Winnie Gordon has gone to Manchester cousins who go to the beaches at St Annes- I may have had a postcard- a telephone call to `Crail ..

Below the photo is of Georges-ANDRE talking in New York with the composer Edgard VARESE in March 1937- & G.R. that year at a birthday tea the family of Charles Magowan 1937 March/or it might be November 1936 ? But it is ME - some months before ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE arrive for the Summer holiday 1937-

1936 March-April - LEN & I are out & about seeing NEW YORK-

A daughter of GREAT POUL GRONLANDER has a line in New York & USA - cousins 2nd degree to Gertrud his grand-daughter - she is the mother of JOHN RANSOM my great-grandpa & of Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote- TIG the GROTE HOMES-

1936 April - Len & I had the Composer VARESE & his very nice wife with others who are friends of Aunt Margarethe to luncheon - Some perhaps are very old & they knew TIG our dear Thomas. We are staying in the Bridal House of Margareth on Long Island- it is all white inside & beautiful full of light & a terrace garden has views of the sea -

We are learning our manners - after living rough South America travelling simply by sometimes our own airplanes-ships-trains-cars to the Grote Homes & meeting the children -

1935-1936 - It is Aunt Mags wishes say`th her in-laws Grote Brokers Wall Street, that we the heirs & the elders go on a Tour of the HOMES as the children do expect to see those of the family of TIGGY who gave them their HOMES -

I think I am to go shopping with some ladies & Mrs Varese will buy a pretty frock on 5th Avenue for me - they say American childrens` clothes are so sweet- & they have heard that Len & Jean & I have been attacked in Mexico - so best buy a pretty frock or two & such an attack will not happen again

… I say I am brave like Fred of The Mary Rose & our Island in the Snow- They know this is the Father of Margareth - & they are pleased I know all about FRED RANSOM with his yellow hair his sea-blue green eyes from his mother they say - & his grandmother who had a little Dutch blood - & have just seen the Island & the great house & the Theatre …

An old American gentleman at our Bridal House Luncheon knew Aunt Margarethes father FREDERICK RANSOM OF THE MARY ROSE & speaks to Len & Greetha of “ … your family ship - & his wife her mother GERTRUID- grandchild of Poul … Ah Poul a genius - we have acted his Hamlet - we should act it again

I am reminded POUL is 6 feet 5 inches tall … & is my grandpa 4 times back with deep blue eyes & black-brown hair & Chinese & Greenland Eskimo & a little French too - I must marry someone like him - He is my hero as well as Fred Grandpa twice-back !

Poul married Margaret of Carlisle - Even if we waken the dead in their ice tombs I do not think I can marry POUL - this would not be allowed as he is a family member & died in 1765 - & ANYWAY MARGARET MIGHT WANT TO WAKE UP & HAVE LIFE OVER AGAIN -

There is excitement that the frozen mammoths may be able to be made come alive again - its a matter of ethics I think -

I may ask Len to explain …’

Margarethes father & mother are my grandparents two times back- ALL THE RANSOMS & WEDDELLS & FRIENDS SAY I HATH HIS ENQUIRING DRIVE - & Lennie & I will have the Island OPEN & the Theatre School workshops going on for HUMANITAS -

Monaco hath said a Republic & New York they speak the same -

1936 March - We, Len & me recovered after the attacks -

had an escape & a WILD DRIVE by Len driving the first part over the Mexican deserts … then we fell at the feet of Mrs Albaqerke in the little town of Monterrey & she & her husband & community took over arrangements to get us safely into the USA .

1988 - I got an apology in MEXICO from some Policemen - they said they should have been able to get the crooks - sent by the British Lord Lindsay & his GANGS …

1936 April - Here we think we are safe in Aunt Mags Bridal Home on the Island New York - But we are not - Mr Paul Whiteman & American Senators are going to help & get our Bank moneys OFF a wicked British Embassy & the thieving Head of it !

I HAD MY 3rd Birthday Mexico during the ATTACK - JEAN was 6 weeks in hospital but they wanted her dancing again before she left - so she danced for everyone - (refs. 1988 USA State Department ) -

Dear old young - old VARESE - JEAN can dance his music - buildings & what you think about- invisible in the air -

I can see him as a cine film in my memory- he is leaning eagerly over the table talking or listening- popping questions excitedly- but such kindly manners- FJR my father has said `he sometimes slings a hammock with us about the South American Homes-the children can play what he is working out in his head`

I think he is a Catholic too. It is after we hath eaten nice things & hath been speaking upon music & arts- Len & I are really quite civilized - & I am then to take a child rest of an hour - then rise for the tea drinking … PEACE is come to us here but NO !

The Agency housekeeper-maid & her husband the chauffer are GOT AT by Premier LORDS OF LINDSAY those stuffed animals in a BRITISH MUSEUM … & a half-breed IMP may not be far away … he was last seen by us rushing to HIDE in the BRITISH EMBASSY in Bogota, Colombia - POLICE out looking for him manning the street corners in 3s & 4s THEY APPRECIATE their GROTE HOME for the children …

1936 April - when we are hidden by PAUL WHITEMAN who wakes his band up in the hay at noon each day - he says `Wake up Savages` - but he knew we had learned our manners & could host A Luncheon at the white Bridal home of Margaret Grote

All the Ransom families play lots of instruments each-

Len has a Strad that Aunt Margarethe thinks the family bought from him the maker - & Grandpa Ransom who is Lens father has a famous clarinet given him & an inscription on it - Aunt Mag has several pianos round the world so she can keep up- & they are there for everybody to use- I have been bought girls clothes by all of her friends on 5th Avenue by the next week - Oh some delicate frocks with frills & puffs of sleeves & such lovely colours so delicate pale too - like dawn & dusk- snow & sleet & water

1936 March-April - Lennie Immanuel Ransom & me Greetah Ransom

while JEAN is in the New York Hospital recovering from the dreadful attacks are to entertain Margareth Ransom Grote girl-of-the-Snows her old friends several times- & also accept invitations- we have a chauffeured car here from an Agency, or a Family car is sent to fetch us - with a friend or servants to help us dress if we need -

“ We are to learn our manners` - Len repeats - as he tells me if I say a wrong thing he will tug on my bib - he means the collars on my frocks - I have heard said we hath been living rough South America with our Inca/Aztec kin & kith- doing good work as Tiggy did- & we are congratulated for going all the way to San Julians bay to visit San Julians mothers line- pure Tierra del Fugian & a little sliver of Gaelic-Norwegian-Spanish blood-

… This is `dear Cousin Clarke Gable`s line too- & the MacMurrays` say he is acting very well- all the friends of Aunt Margareth have the news - Uncle MacMurray is a Ransom line & she sees him often when she is in New York … & she has been to Hollywood when he is PIED PIPER & invites ALL the children in all the related families to a big Mansion he hires …”


THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND LINDSAYbuggarhs & BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN, House of Assassins Norway & others Scandinavia… the PIMP Jimmie Jong Anglo-Chinese is useful for languages - called DIRTY JIM 1950s WHITES & City of London-

1926 - Maurice Ravel Composer says “ I had seizures before in my car when the little man half-Chinese was around - he did not want me to know whom his mother was- One afternoon I found him in my wardrobe fingering my clothes ” ( Ravel had a car crash- died in Paris…)