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Georges-Andre MALRAUX - Greetha Greta Frobisher Weddell

New York March 1937-b 1901 Maureen RANSOM March 1937-b 1933

Menu of the high tea - nearly September-summer 1937-

When we awoke 2.30pm - ( 17th century East Anglian Nonconformist speech from my first Quaker teachers-to be heard Argentine 1930s)

`NAY thus we bright eyed could sleep nohw JO we left sleeping , Andre he woke first at 2.30 pm & then mee the little lion the little dog at the bottom of their tomb of the CRUSADES times -the two single beds fastened together & I seeth his bright eyes-looking more brown than that hazel green - You see his eyes sometimes flash green as with our marsh gases we now go to see above Jos beach every hot evening we canSaint Georges he puts finger to mouth to `shush` & we to rise & creep to the door-pulling on those clothes we hath taken off when we step into the Landing…rinse face & hands downstairs in the kitchen…brush hair…I cleaned my teeth after our light lunch…

Colonel Andre of SPAIN - he say`eth into my fair hair we will have

AN AFTERNOON - go see Mary Gordon - leave JO our Queen Cassiopiaea to sleep for the DANCING to-night

They have me DANCE with hee & the sheeh - sometimes picking me up for the Dancing of we three- I upon his shoulder his breast... NIGHT & DAY- perhaps the lovely `Sand in my Shoes

Say I nought upon VILLA LOBOS whom we probably met last year although when we called he was out but I kissed his composing pillow - JEAN says her countree is all of Sud America she says - We all know old-young VARESE - his is a sculptural composer & lives in New York 1936 - I remember lots of things from last year because LENNIE Flyer my best friend writes in his Diary lots of things … he is my Uncle but many people think he is my brother …

1937 Summer - MAKE weeeh … Ah for Crail Granny Gordons SAD WIDOW HOUSE caused by them-Lindsaybuggarhs-JIM & scum & hee Andre call`th her Mary Mary Gordon - She is Mary Helena I say after Saint Helena mother of Constantine - ANDRE his name he becom`th when talking with Mary Gordon - Before we leave this blessed house on the corner loaned to we three… he washes his face in the kitchen sink downstairs & helps me for I cannot quite reach - Yeeeahhhh a comb of our hair & THEN AWAY striding the afternoon SEAS airs -

… across the Marine Parade Clacton Town, a pause beside the Mens Co-op shop where she Mary Gordon hath just bought him a jacket a present for going to SPAIN for soon to LINCOLN & the colder lands of East Anglia & the Fens adventure wee three where his Mummy has ancestors buried about the lands & we shall hope to find some of their graves - there is a great house somewhere by seas edges & along winding lanes -

MARY - he ask`th her to come with us AN AFTERNOON -

but she will not come to-day. She has me go to the pretty bedroom of Auntie Winnie & put on my white frock with yoke made by Aunt Win & Esther from a piece of heavy broken-white shantung Esther got in Oxford Street one lunchtime`

… Esther said ` … beautiful but always so expensive-this was the end of the roll so reduced- so I bought it- we can make our niece a frock Winifred`

Next my pale green silk lined coat- a straw bonnet not my usual beret- my white bag with lots of money in on a strap across my chest so I `pay my way` & best shoes shiny black patent & white socks, check there is folded best handkerchief & a spare

& we off to go ON THE TOWN -

I hope he doth notice I am not in my usual Hebrides shorts that are considered hard wearing & made for me at Aunt Margarethe her Pirn Mill on her creepy Island ARRANwhere I was to be killed at 4 months old …`

1937 Summer - I do find him so like my HERO Great POUL.

Doctor-Mr Gronlander- the genius- Gertruds grandpa

… Aunt Mag girl-of-the-snows her great-grandpa

POUL DID THAT GREATEST SWIM ON EARTH in our Land of Greenland - I hath to remember I am Tierra del Fuego & Peru too & all of the others of China & everywhere… I would be scared if Georges-ANDRE swam out too far & in Arctic seas -

Im not sure he can swim - hhhmnnn- I won`t ask -

perhaps he puts a leg on the bottom of the sea like me -


An afternoon upon the Town SUMMER 1937 -

I am told by ANDRE of SPAIN I may chatter - be the Prophetthis afternoon & of us is written by him into those notebooks-

Some days Josette-JO is sketching out in headlines in coloured inks an idea for a story- but not exactly so- she gathers IDEAS. Andre is terrified of Clara & Maurice finding out where JO & he hath come - treading upon his ancient shores- Clara & Maurice will take all his moneys into Kingdoms to come

`ON the Clacton TOWN` - But he Georges-Colonel ANDRE will wish to speak this afternoon- imparting his wisdom of his travels & his years to me- & anyone we meet as we WATCH THE WORLD GO BY-

I feel tears at the thought of the years gone past ( ALL 4 OF THEM ! ) when I was not beside he & JO… & taking them with us visiting about the globe to enjoy our miracle … Andre, he could speak to the children in the HOMES of our dear Thomas -

& I doth feel sad & apologetic & ALL ALONE that no Ransom family com`th to greet us this summertime - 1937 -

THE AFTERNOON of hee & mee - Best behaviour I vow- Not to tell our histories & have to say ` yea - it is true` … & have him put me on a high place & say ` Say it again- if you dare

… We hath had tiny set-tooos- budding tears from me-

over Teilhard de Chardin & what I gained- & thought I understood from the lecture in Colchester March 1937...

& I hath never forgot the old lamp & its light as we came to the little school for the lecture that winter night-

THE GROWN-UPS all fell asleep perhaps- I saw them nod & blink a little- theyd taken a good supper- but I hath to listen best I can & tell my Father who could not attend

1937 nearly September -

The special Afternoon of ANDRE-Georges Colonel MALRAUX & his PROPHET … born of 14 races & 27 Nations the past thousand years- Sea Traders families as Georges-Andre …

TEA WAS IN CORDYs restaurant but it may hath had another name then - He had me recall memories in 1945 when he spoke upon this year of our meeting Summer 1937-

THE WIDOWER IN GRIEF FOR JOSETTE - `the young woman with us is now dead` He will remember this afternoon all his life & as with all of summer 1937 … for he made ENTRIES in his notebooks -

… The happiness discovered when he came with a young lady

& they found the Gospels acted out -

… then December 1937 the disgusting obscene British Nobles & Crown set about him- all the rest of his life until his death & afterwards - because he ANDRE MALRAUX is made GUARDIAN TO THE GREATEST PIECE OF HUMANISM-PHILANTHROPY … that brought to the globe to its civilized people great HOPE - MANs HOPE -

1937 - We had a High tea & Andre he chose the table -

Colonel Andre - He sayeth- coming September

I wish to look at people - study them - & listen ”

We sit at the left hand side as you face the street so he can see the entire teashop & see the Town pass by outside -

I chose with Colonel Andre`s advice & agreement shrimps peeled & some for us to peel - cucumber & lettuce with bread & butter very fine & brown for me - All in a glass bowl & on a plate too - A good tea -

… half China-half Indian I doth advise …

having travelled Nord-Sud Amerika with JEAN last year & grandpa RANSOM & my father & Lennie - & Alfred-Alfie Charles RN

Rear-Admiral Great War I … & in the coming WAR II

records/1946-1948/1953 - Debretts 1953-

I know hee ANDRE believth me nohhh - & sayth it is in my dreams - & he has his !

But High Tea is not finished- a white creamy ice cream & fan wafers is still to come. I prefer coffee ice-cream having travelled Sud Amerika - but Aunt Winnie says ITS FAST … & alright for Esther & friends in Town …

1937 Summer - A dispute we hath had a three weeks ago …

me & Saint Georges-ANDRE & me over my requesting coffee ice-cream & announcing `I have it in Tierra del Fuego` -

I got nothing & he ate a strawberry ice with a stone-face-looking at me in great solemnities - Strawberry -which I doth not like-

not too many sweet things for mee - I would have had a plain

lily-white vanilla ice cream-

( Yes I am to hear `it is FAST-coffee ice cream` )

I got nothing ! I kee`ae p`th my dignity ~ We have come to an agreement over the old Grandpa Ransom push-chair we take with our things piled on … with my great-aunts` Ethel & Alice Gordon their green baize umbrella-sunshade that they used when they were my age - I hath AGREED I will sit on top our beaching things WHEN WE GET OUT OF THE TOWN -

I did not give him a dinosaur stare…I do not respond to his

STONE FACE at my Family histories that will slip from my tongue … yet in November 1957 when he asked if I would like a DOG to have at his London home 50 Lancaster Gate Square ? … I said I would prefer a BRONTOSAURUS …

… GREAT MALRAUX of GAUL went to the BM Natural History Museum & asked THEM what it would cost to keep a brontosaurus in food ? they pointed out the dung might be a problem for the Bayswater Road Georgi-ANDRE hath luckily got some old friends in AlbertOpolis & they go to suppers & things for years & years )

… I coming 5 years do not want my school-friends to see me in a push-chair ! He Georges-Andre ( `the Blessed Saint Andre as Annie & Bessie my great-aunts will call him 1945 June onwards after the SEA MISTS SUPPER- when they invited he & JO in Heaven a young lady` ( accounts)

… enjoys now hearing my ancient East Coast Britain speech 1937 -

1937 - I can say simply to ANDRE as we become friends & explaining the Nonconformist speech `we hang the words upon the very air - lay them upon the seas advancing the beach say`eth FJR my father` because they had to learn a new language they who escaped PERSECUTION on the Continent …

& Ah Yes - ANDRE-Georges & I can begin speak plain as I doth at the Convent of the Poor Saint Clares on the seafront - it is easier for the school pupils … although out in the villages are children who doth spake thus of the olden times `

1957 November - at 50 Lancaster Gate Square after he has come from seeing The Pope PACCELLI … MALRAUX will say when he speaks with me … come in from the cold winter late afternoon …


( ` young Paccelli your grandmother Mary Gordon her Families friend ` … MALRAUX Burgermeister/Menagier de PARIS will NOT KNOW anything of this properly UNTIL XMAS 1959 January 1960 …

East Coast Britain speech - It is the influx from the Continent 16th-18th centuries - they had to learn English - you wished to say something beyond the plain facts with your limited vocabulary -so you dance the sounds adding body movements upon the spaces about you. They also use their first language to speak quickly - use of the range of the voice blends with the body movements …

These matters are explained sometimes. In these new lands where doth find refuge , to say matters beyond the words -

with a philosophical meaning - a poetic one - a deep question -

you hang the words the thoughts as it were upon the mists- waters-seasons- dawn & dusk- about the heimat

I, of the SEAS peoples, hath had these matters explained before the 2nd World War- JEAN could dance it all … my grandmother was like a fairy… it is as if a FAIRY lived at Jerusalem or wherever we went HOW THE criminally greedy insane HAVE INSULTED THE grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL the sub-arctic SEA… intention is to put their own blood & gore dripping names upon it … to GUSH into it THEIR RIVERS OF BLOOD …

Nota bene : 1989/90s - As the EAST GERMAN WALL fell the BRITISH & SCANDINAVIAN MONSTERS have been in tearing at all RECORDS OF GROTE HOMES & the SLAIN CHIDLREN & THE JOYOUS VENTURE… & another blood bath for MONEYS & CHEAP LIFESTYLE gets going …

East Germany does NOT have any GROSS BRITAIN CROWN LANDS- The ESTATE in Germany is all part of the great JOYOUS VENTURE of my RANSOM Family … also the 19 acres under New York & the near 4 acres sold off late 20th century are our propertiesIT IS ALL STOLEN PROPERTY from Grote RANSOM ESTATE - & you who wallow in the cash & KUDOS are seen to DRIP WITH BLOOD & GORE of the GROTE CHILDREN & hath made a GENOCIDE …

Nota bene: BEWARE GERMANIA … the intention 2nd World War by

Gross Britain Government & Crown & Nobles & Scandinavian NOBLES

is to ACCUSE THE GERMAN ARMIES & NAVY of the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN … it failed - so COVER UP lead to massive more SLAUGHTER… double GENOCIDE …


1990s - we hear of the nouveau politics destroying embarrassing records that might stop SLOSHUPS NOSHUPS COUGH-UPS with Gross Britain & Scandinavia …

The paths of COVERUP commencing 1938 of the slain GROTE CHILDREN to get at DOUGH from the GROTE RANSOM Estate expose who are the BESTIAL & OBSCENE criminally insane

21st century - you could all begin FIGHTING over who owns GREENLAND as the snows melt !

DO NOT DRINK WHEN THE criminally insane who planned & carried out this massive CRIME come to OFFER A CHALICE -

1952 November - H. W. Poulter Deputy Keeper The Colchester Museums, asks Miss Greta Ransom the new recruit to humanism

` how come Child you have the speech of the 17th century Nonconformists - out on the Essex marshes - I know some old women in their 90s nowadays, out Dovercourt way- they speak like you grey eyes and flaxen hair the families still hath - hath hath … excuse my stutter - had it as a boy `

1937 - Oh woe! Decades on ANDRE MALRAUX will weep that

in his understanding of an heir it lived in a big place … & never dreamed an heir travelled in 3 seaplanes with slatted seats to Greenland - or wore knee length tough shorts- have the old

push-chair her grandpa Ransom had been taken in by Millie -

the skater girl Use an old green baize umbrella-sunshade from her Grandpa Gordon`s two sisters Greenwich - when they all lived in the Trafalgar Tavern with their father John Frederick Gordon Mine Host & of the White Bait Suppers- a man of Scotland his wife too the former Miss Kellow - We were grateful for the green baize umbrella happiness summer 1937 & it joins memories 1937 with Andre Malrauxs `bluebird on his water jar in Spain`- records/

Thank you for your brolly great-aunts Edith (the second Mrs Tadhunter no issue) & spinster sister Alice Maud Gordon

1937 Summer - I wonder when he gazes out to the horizon

waves at sea `is he missing his mother` I must try be more like to his mother -

1957 November - in 20 years time in his rooms Saint Edmund`s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square, his the floor above where the Flags hang out left hand side - MALRAUX tells me of this afternoon from his notebooks 1937 -

He who may get a JOB in the new Government of GAUL

is saying “ YOU - YOU- were acting as my WIFE that afternoon ! Oh yes you were- you were- I hath it here in my note books-

I am going to give you another wedding ring- we only need 4 Banns read this time not 6- & I may have the 15 children- I think I will enjoy leading them all across the Park in a crocodile to the French School…”

He Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX is joyful with a gentle smile when he looks at me …somebody said `Tante Yvonne Mrs de Gaulle will be happy about the children & start knitting …`

Again violence came at us ! BOOTING IN ON THIS HOLY HOUSEHOLD

are JIM, Mengele Harrington, Mad Mother Kali & a horrible criminally insane NOBLE CLASS - they direct their HATE at us & URGE VIOLENT TRICKS

… They know ANDRE & GRETA have a following about The City & the West End … who WISH MALRAUX & RANSOM well…WISH THE GROTE HOMES ESTATE matters to be made OPEN TO PUBLIC ENQUIRY outside GREAT BRITAIN … the PRESS overseas could make a FORTUNE …

1937 summer - if I was trying out the role of `Madame X`

- it is because I doth know that JO will not have him if he doth not cure that quick fire

I find ANDRE doth look like POUL GRONLANDER in the several drawings done when he is young & by Margaret when they marry - Engravings are in the books they have written on him - with black covers very big books - & the books in every GROTE HOME - for the children know that POUL is the 1st Orphan- that was where Tiggy-Thomas got his idea- in the SNOWS- for their HOMES … they who had no homes A to Z the globe -

POUL lost his mother in death when he was 7 years old in an epidemic -

2 of his tall half brothers went away to USA- He & his Uncle had a hard time 2 years when they came into Gotharb -

His Uncle & he survived & at 10 years old he entered the Norwegian Mission of Pastor Hans Egede & his wife Gertrud to train as a Catechist being given the name POUL & somewhere he soon has GRONLANDER added -

(I Greetah did know his Greenland-Chinese names but cannot recall them easily … )

Records : “ he learned all there was to know in the world ”

& POUL with the sons of the Missionaries Pastor Egede & Gertrud taught themselves what they did not know…& GREEK - & many languages- & read widely/ books could be ordered from Europe or borrowed …

1740s - POUL GRONLANDER married Margaret Yates she of shipping Families both sides - her father is owner of his ship out of Carlisle

& while her father went to cork his ship Fredericktown & over to trade in France she stayed some months at Gotharb & helped the romantic holy POUL with his work-

… At 19 years of age they married at Frederickstown- they have 5 children- Margaret had several half brothers sisters as her mother died when she was tiny & later her father married again … Her father brought very nice household goods from France & books & fine linen for them … & her wedding rings …

… She married in Eskimo clothes & gave the trousseau money to the Mission that POUL ran at Gotharb - The Eskimo made her a wondrous CROWN for the wedding… drawings were made of her Procession to the Church & she wearing the Crown… & her little half brothers & sisters have come from England & some other family members…she does have a French ancestress way back

Jacop Poulsen eldest son of Poul & Margaret is grandfather to Margareth Ransom Grote & brothers JOHN (father of FCFR ) & POUL Ransom -

P O U L - his tiny young mother dies when he is 7/8 years old, his father too … she is a 2nd wife to a Northern Chinese-Greenland Widower

“ … she taught him her only child all about nature- about MATTER & the STARS in space…She says “ WE WILL GO - to the STARS - IN SHIPS THAT WILL TAKE USone day there will be ships to take us …they are other worlds like this …

We call her the first Astra-Physicist of Greenland `little soft white snow paws fox-squirrel-Maria`

She read LUCRETIUS in a French translation 1720 ( Additional Records USA citizen Dr John RAY Ransom adds to knowledge 1930s of she our ancestress a tiny Eskimo-French young woman … who visits Venice 1720s/30s …

1936/1937 - Len & I are making a book on the ancestors-

he is drawing the graves inscriptions - we did some work at Montrose Farm 1936 where we stayed with the Old Ransoms-

The Lady Japan & her children & FR her husband are buried there. We are the grave diggers - getting off turf on the 16th & 17th century graves … We are strong !

RANSOM families threatened to peg us on the line with our earth smelling clothes & Ida/Ivy Ransom from America said they cannot come in the dining-room for tea…’ Her two sons are sailing in The Basin- but it was appreciated what we had set about- recording all the inscriptions that had to be covered up when religious maniac times arose -

ANDRE MALRAUX will recall 1960s that Greetah spoke upon a RAFT

& that he did not hear it was in Paris or perhaps follow.

That afternoon of our `ON THE TOWN` 1937 thinking that I am perhaps talking too much as I point to the white shore rafts below the promenade … he did not follow the meaning of my fading faltering speech on Grandpa FRED RANSOM- twice back “… and hee helped a man paint a Raft in Paris…”

1938 next year my 5th birthday - I receive from Aunt Margareth a present from her father- now dead- the LOG OF THE MEDUSA -

It used to be on the altar of our Jacopsholmen Island Church West Greenland but had to be removed to our Solicitors for ARRAN in 1933 October after the murders of Count Poulsen his wife, & Margarethe her son !

At Clacton we had Masses said for them- their souls- & for two weeks the Log was on the Our Lady Church Altar & in the library Montfort Lodge for visitors- The old Italian Priest, friend of PACCELLI, saw the LOG & would tell the VATICAN about it when he went for his Summer Holidays.

1938/1939 - We combined A MASS for Bishop Arnulf of GREENLAND with another person, a saint of the same Feast Day I think - & everyone say`th `Oh he will be surprised UP THERE to get a MASS after so long - he is 12th century …`

12th-13th centuries … when RANSOM sail under the Flag of Queen Margarethe of Denmark - she who had The Monopoly of Greenland Trade- she lived to be 92 years old !

TO HAPPEN NEXT YEAR 1938 - after 1937 Summer of peace

Lindsaybuggarh 14/Jimmie Jong/Teresa/ kill Aunt Margareth Ransom Grote 15th Mai - JIM slit a vein behind her ear- he & noble scum were never to know where she was being kept safe 1938 -

1938 June she was to leave for France & then go to New York-

1937/1938 - With a change of Rulers all Post/mail is very easy to steal

& phone calls are to be unlawfully traced - Citizens interfered with

if they have moneys & properties overseas - Paupers-Vagrants & Scavengers of Noble Britain are by Divine Right to spend on luxury & have debts paid in secrecy - It is claimed WHITEHALL as the secret silence UNLAWFUL Authority of The British Government & Crowns -

1938 - Begins the THEFT of our RANSOM 2,000 years of lands & philanthropy - stolen by massive violence & arrogant FRAUD-

The slaying of the million GROTE CHILDREN A to Z the globe

is the excuse … for logging/removing & killing families on the settlements/destroying farming & fishing grounds/stealing investments/paying debts/destruction of property & theft of numerous Art Works - ( “ her collection is more than the Louvre” says Andre Malraux 1960...)

GROTE RANSOM ESTATE & the RANSOM families to be slandered in secret DECREES in name of Premier Earls of LINDSAY & British Government & Crowns - distorted for British Trade we hear -

1945 onwards - vast grotesque quick profit destruction is underway

of civilized peoples, lands, townships, investments… A to Z globe owned by GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts -