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1945 - began cunning Premier Earls of Lindsay & Gross Britain Government & Crown FRAUD with violence - SELLING OFF OUR RANSOM LANDS properties-Reserves-TO PAY OFF NOBLES DEBTS- NO PART OF THE ESTATE IS LEFT THE WOMAN who prefers to be called ANGELA … or her friends THE PREMIER EARLS of LINDSAY - or to their families !

A list 8 articles is left to “ David, Angela, & their children ”

( “ David has a very nice kindly out of wedlock son living in Canada -

he has no interest in IMPERIAL MATTERS - his father enjoys a talk with him during the years ... Margareth Grote may have included a gift for this mature but still young man … To hear of the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN would cause great sorrow to this quiet living man in Canada ” )

THIS LIST of 8 gifts to the family of Angela IS WITH ALL GROTE RANSOM SOLICITORS BROKERS & FAMILIES by 1934 -


The 19 acres under NEW YORK are STOLEN in the name of ANGELA using in secret silence DEALS the Premier EARLS of LINDSAY they with Noble chums began theft of all the Art Works 1938 - To be sold off/traded/etc/ from Rooms in WHITEHALL British Government/secret numbers give THIEVES & Noble CREEPS a cheque to go abroad with !

NB : EVIDENCE COLLECTED 1957 when ANDRE & GRETA appeared together in LONDON TOWN ! We caused a SCARE to the thieves !

RANSOM BANK CAPITALS & income moneys are stolen to support the impoverished Lords & The Crowns of Fallen Empires - & their inhuman chums - ALL ON THE PIN -

The cunning calling of the Estate “ GROTE ESTATE ” is to hide the RANSOM name of the real owners of the Estate - Margareth nee RANSOM Grote has left the ESTATE to her family RANSOM - her husband & she have no children alive -

1904 - Tiggy Grote is murdered on ARRAN by Earl of Lindsay mob & others - they would NOT allow the body of TIGGY to go to USA - POISONS would have been found from the tea/coffee given him by EARLS & Nobles one morning on ARRAN -

Extensive records/updated 1948 by USA Secret Services & 1960 by the Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX /

1938 March - Account/diaries : My 5th birthday present from Mr Pong - ` Mr Pong came with a Clock an owl clock- he had made- then he said it was a bomb & would go off at 9.30pm-

I waited until he had gone- then carefully took it down the stairs to the garden- or it might blow a hole in the Old Road & the cars could not get by- IT WENT OFF AT 12 MIDNIGHT - I was asleep & half woke to hear it - but I had put it far away in a safe place -

I tell my Guardian ANDRE MALRAUX - A LETTER IS WRITTEN FOR ME ! IT IS STOLEN by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN ! The bomb did not go off at 9.30pm I explained …

1938 March - 5th Birthday Present - from JIM Mr Pong

“ JIM Mr Pong`s bomb - It blew a hole the size of the ancient Crater of the Island of SANTORIN … where Fred & Gertrud Ransom used to sail in with the children in the last century -

I heard next day of the awesome breaking of windows in other houses- water mains- gas pipes & some china ornaments fell off things- Daddy & friends got busy mending … & the Clacton Town knew who had done it - & sent some proper workmen to help …

When the Police went to the GRAND on the seafront to get

JIM & the other one Lindsay 14 two evil little jack-in-the-boxes- they hear the pair were `off shore` The Earl Lindsay No 12 lied as usual - all of the Lindsay tell lies … the whole Clacton Town knows …

NB: 1942 NOBLE VIOLENCE - Lindsay 14 is to go bankrupt in 1943 - See accounts/records/diaries/Reports/

“… the murder of 9 years Newfoundland heir Miss M. d`Uff MacDrew 1942 Castle Hedinghams/ The child in 9 years old Greta Ransom`s class at Captain Learoy School Clacton-on-sea-

& Earl soon no 14 rude to us in class- he wants control of our lands- HE IS ON THE PIN & the PURPLE POWER up his SNOUT -



… putting monsters like the British & Scandinavian Nobles on a raft for bestial evil- like cutting the tongue out of 2 years old heir after killing his mother “ Artinuous we will call him ”

is rescued & educated at 21 years for 2 years - He became a known Man of Arab Letters married & lived happily with his family -

… `Artinous` is rescued by Reverend Mother Majorie Mainwarring … she calls GROTE BROKERS attention several times in her career in the Pacific -

She was put in a coffin age 10 years of age - for being an heir in Scotland- but was rescued just before her last seconds of breath - She has a RANSOM girl in her ancestry !

1973 - Told to the Guardian A BOMB PRESENT 1938 - Diaries LIR et al : ANDRE MALRAUX did not know of this present for my 5th birthday - MY LETTER TO MALRAUX 1938 IS STOLEN by Gross Britain Government & its Crowns ! I am reminded 1973 & spake forth - when we have a day out on the river Thames … LIR in mourning for his two brothers …

1938 = 5th birthday BOMB - present from JIM with co-operation of Premier EARLS of Lindsaybuggarhs - & love in name of Angela -

LIR confirms it from his & his two brothers diaries -

FJR my poor young father is now dead - tricked & killed by Doc Mengele Harrington Royal Satrap paedophile…March 1969 -

Dr John RAY/Ransom - who disappeared at Montrose 1969/1970

1973 it is discovered JOHN RAY Ransom USA CITIZEN - had petrol poured down his throat as he was invited by the Tenant for the Crown to step over the doorstep of our 1500 home/

… that we still own even though it has been pulled down to GET THE CROWN OWNERS off the hook - This is that old mellow worn house where F.R. brought his dear lady of Japan his 2nd bride - & we are descended from their first son - & REVEREND Mother Marjorie Mainwarring PUT IN A COFFIN FOR BEING AN HEIR SCOTLAND age 10 years - is descended from their half-Japanese daughter PHOEBE of the paintings !

RANSOM genealogy FJR & others - guided by retired Heralds 1920s a lot of work had been done 19th century & records in the RANSOM families are VAST … it was a JOY to all who worked upon it … new discoveries as the material is examined …

Example : RANSOM GIRLS :

` CAEN - AT THE DAWN OF THE 13th century …

a side-shoot is allowed by the great Monastery - Arabs teaching medicine & philosophy - brought in by a man with a Ransom girl mother - he went to Palestine 1201 not to be a conquering hero but to FOUND a SCHOOL of ARAB MEDICINE … returning he was allowed run a little side-shoot off CAEN … He is an educationalist- we put him as one of the first educational experimenters … he is not bringing in a new religion/this was a fear of the ABBEY …

Luckily his family were in Norway when matters grew difficult… we do not know if he survived the TROUBLES …`

(information a relative…others… )

Nota bene : The tenant helping with the MURDER of 1969/70 on our Montrose farm is exterminated in 1970s under a lorry load of sand & gravel - he spoke in lordly manner of being Tenant for The Crown - The Crown Tenant HAD HELPED KILL WITH PETROL DOWN HIS THROAT Doctor JOHN RAY RANSOM a USA CITIZEN returning to USA to TAKE UP WORK FOR THE AMERICAN SENATE -

… Uncle John RAY Ransom INVITED 1969 … he had ACCEPTED ! A RANSOM, an heir to the Estate, WOULD BE PROMINENT IN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT from 1970 -

HE WAS NOT GOING TO CONFRONT AT Montrose - he wished to step over his ancestral doorway - he has copies the LIFE there in 16th-17th centuries … those wonderful diaries/letters/


British Government & Crown they have stolen this Estate September 1939 after JIM has murdered horribly the old RANSOM childless couple pouring petrol down their throats setting them on fire -

Full records 1939/1948/1960s

1939 - The PIMP JIM Jong Mr Pong -

a Major 1939 with a 2-Man Intelligence Unit back of Buckingham Palace 1939/1944 is now in charge for Nobles & Crown with 6 Army thugs of Ransom properties-

… including Jacopsholmen Island Greenland where he has imprisoned in a hut the de Salle family of PARIS with 4 children under 13 years of age- throwing them out of our great warm well appointed- provisioned Ransom family home-

Dec 1939 into the Arctic winter

…several accounts/records/witnesses/ -

NB: The tenant in the 1960s/70s … taking part in the murder of Dr JOHN RAY Ransom had a truck of sand & gravel poured over him - but Mr Mengele Harrington in disguise GOT AWAY -some very nasty experiments were going on with breeding PIGS with no eyes - it is said it was to do with Mengele Harrington paedophile & obscene sex … & us Witchcraft of Saint Michael Falling & FALLEN -

Nota bene : a Fraud trick invented by JIM 1930s - Lindsay- others then use it - Is to insert a little line in documents when stealing properties- lands- goods & chattels that it is `property of the Crown` Two identical Documents are used - one does NOT SAY IT IS CROWN PROPERTY !

1972 LIR (Dr Len I.Ransom) -renaissance party evening 19/20th March The Pillar House Harwell- a mention of the murder of Dr JOHN RAY Ransom- who was to take up Senate Work USA in 1970- he had been invited to do so- (3 degrees Astra-physics/Animal management/LAW/ -


to Greta Ransom Malraux Whitehead - come from 2nd Tour of CHINA - 2 MONTHS for BMNH Museum - touched down The Pillar House HARWELL…then makes a JOURNEY Central America … Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM has no memory/photographs/of the GROTE HOMES TOUR - Nord-Sud Poles 1935-1936 when she is taken to safety from the BRUTALITY of the BRITISH LORDS & its hi-jacking Crown of M. Teck & Angela … two Noble women in DEBT !

NB : Hence Maurice Ravel his remark 1920s that the little half-breed JIM knew old Queens … confided after he had his car crash Mr JIM Jong PIMP had been caught by Ravel in his wardrobe choosing himself some togs …

Nota bene : Records/ The parents & friends 1900s-1940s of the modern mid-20th century Kennedy family had tried help the families of Tiggy GROTE murdered, his wife Margaret Ransom, Weddell & Count Gronlander Poulsen families … & the childen of the EDUCATIONAL MIRACLE the THOMAS Immanuel GROTE HOMES A-Z the globe …

In 1960 it is hoped to ESTABLISH the truth of the murder of the GROTE HOMES children … & HALT the carnage on-going …


1933 - The Grote RANSOM ESTATE is the greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY the globe has ever had ! & BRITISH LORDS & CROWN & some SCANDINAVIAN Houses of ASSASSINS are with GREAT DEBTS from their debauching lifestyle the last 3 generations …

The US Department of STATE is asking if Mrs Peter J.P. Whitehead knew what had happened to DR JOHN RAY … “ went missing at MONTROSE 1969/1970 ” … a farm owned by RANSOM ESTATE …


LIR - Duck Soup - My brother is missing - & we now know dead -

he sent a letter from New York- Peter did not get it - it told how the Bowl … ”

(Nota bene: Hollywood Bowl- Aunt Margarethe put money into it- musicians Mossolov & others - ask Bela Lugosi- `a very nice man-could have had a legal career` )

… “ …the Bowl has been got off them- we have it back- my brother was coming on USA State matters- not in lordly fashion- but to some human beings who did not want this matter any longer covered up- nailed down- under the decks ”


(1969 possibly Whitsun-May) & that Mrs Whitehead had no idea whom he was- that shed never understood …”

NB: for her memory is removed daily - as often done to others -

… & done to ANDRE MALRAUX - It is an old trick of Noble Britain -

Duck Soup may be a code name- as Scarlet Town for London-

used by Secret Services or The Admiralty ? Operation Duck Soup ?

Or a reference from a Marx Bros film …

1969 - My brother came with Portfolio

From the USA Department of State & Senate figures who agreed 1961 President Kennedy could investigate this FRAUD which began with the slaying of the USA Thomas I. Grote Homes children round the globe-using the 2nd World War as Cover -

( G.R. heard JIM speak of the Plans to kill all the Grote children 1940 winter Salisbury Plains Bulford Camp ) -

“ … a request to know where some of the children on certain Pacific islands had been buried at sea-drowned in nets-

it is known the information was there kept safe in British Admiralty records … ” ( confirmed December 1946 ) -

… available said some good men into Admiralty Records -

& still there Whitehall in spite of the depth-charging in a hurry March/June 1960after ANDRE MALRAUX on the 17 December 1959 is told the fate of the GROTE orphans about the world - & the Estate explained by Miss Teresa Butler & other persons in fear

1957 November/1958- Ivy Ransom had to protect her brother FJR-

he has been attacked again at night in the street - their flat is also broken into one afternoon 3. oo pm - she feared to tell FJR what is missing from his photos - poems - family histories -

“That MALRAUX gone to GUYANAS for General de GAULLE ” !

1960 March It is learned certain NOBLE NAVAL figures were up in airplanes from March 1960 eyeing the Scandinavian lands of the Estate & that their greed was out of control - Mr Mengele Harrington was often there… & advice always from Mr Jong -

ALL OF THEM ON PINS - & bottles … best add ...

Speaking is Dr Len I. Ransom/Arthur Malone Politan- & Andre Malraux & others in conversation- 19-20th March 1972 The Pillar House Harwell -

Nota bene : President Kennedy is alive until 1963 -

“… he cleared with Senate & had a 4 man Team to uncover this Fraud-violence-deaths of the children- His parents who had known Margaret Ransom Grote & the families were PAYING ALL EXPENSES of the investigation. The accounts/witness reports of the killings of the GROTE HOMES orphans is extensive- a strong mind is required to read what DOPED UP & greedy drunken British Scandinavian Nobles did ON THE PIN & the SNOUT … to get FAST at big dough -

READING matter : True horrible Tales 1880s -

Records by a young RN his writings protected by his servant

after his murder …for revealing this Gross Britain ORGANISED possibly with Dutch bestial labour conditions in South American MINES- whole families who never saw daylight tiny children working at 2 years - ate the donkey droppings - died by 25 years … & other slaves, black, captured & brought in ...

… FAST PROFIT for Britain/Scandinavian/European IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS with carriages & Nobles to swagger about in their smart diamond covered togs/gambling/horses & the NOBLE UPPER SNOUT ...

1930s - Whitehall sent a posh voiced Worker woman ... to demand them from RANSOM at `JERUSALEM` Deptford - other HUMANISTS who had copies- the records were not given up- copies have been given to educated humans where it was hoped they could STOP THIS GREED … still going on about the globe … )

Nota bene : 1943-1944 - HIGH SOCIETY LONDON TOWN I

Greta Ransom recall being hit with a cricket bat- a fire poker - boiling water thrown at me- my clothes soaked in dirty water before I leave for school winter mornings…an attempt to push me into a lighted paraffin stove before the chimney piece was fastened down … when Teresa Gordon R. had come back from her Noble friends London 1943

… I had only asked to take dancing & ballet lessons- she began to hit my legs calling me an ape who had ruined her life…

… SHEshe could have married a RICH MAN … N B ` they are ALL criminally insane from DOPES since they are kids in the stables & the Marble Halls !

She would RAGE on - `her friends who were top of the Nation had told her to smash me & stop me going to school- I was in everyones way- `

``THEY GIVE HER DOPE-PURPLE PELLETS & HEROIN at Buckingham Palace parties- Thursday nights at the back- some have little apartments there … `

b 1912 - Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile Royal Satrap had a mother AT COURT but she died when he was 12 years leaving her moneys to a Court Charity. He insisted to his father he had a right to all Family moneys...& had psychiatric care age 12,17, 21 years …he gave concern School in Norway had him returned rather MAD - …Records 1930s-1960s - HARRINGTON dismissed by BMA 1982

1953 - he began investigating all Weddell lines South America &

Britain- & now they disappeared without trace so fast-

There were distant lines about the globe & the Ransom families visited every several years or they came to visit us …Weddell family had property in France

1953 - Doc MENGELE H. & JIM & thugs - DEMAND all


INFORMATION comes to RANSOM families from branches -

they began to speak of this intrusion & persecution-

Hesketh Family Wyoming/Henshaw family Montreal/ Tierra del Fuego lines of San Julians mother/ Mengele is using Naval intelligence & other thugs to search homes/careers/moneys in the RANSOM Weddell Poulsen families & he & JIM are reaching back to lines of 17th century ! JIM & MENGELE & LINDSAY Earls are called 1960s criminally insane Records/City of London & many sources/

1936 - We met some of the family branch of Jean Weddell her great-great grandmother Tierra del Fuego- they called JEAN cousin- JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM legal marriage 1909- trousseau bought by MINERVA her mother is most splendid- I am given her blue white satin frock-

it disappeared from Mary Gordons care 1939 … records

…when JIM (caught by Maurice Ravel in HIS wardrobe 1920s)

broke into the little Gordon house Clacton & burned her photo albums- tore up her letters from famous holy men & women… photographs of her family life & her life as a private Milliner…

Her Holy Work had been kept secret in Ireland since the TROUBLES from LINDSAY Earls when Greta born 1933

JIM on PIN elbow chum of Angela - destroyed all connections

of Mary Gordon - her intelligent ROMAN CATHOLIC HUMANISM… photos, letters from her Irish cousins Murphy/O`Brien/Carroll

& he was hunting for ANYTHING from ANDRE MALRAUX !

JIM vermin PIMP… is always careful to incriminate Teresa Gordon in his LOOTING & destruction… since she a child !

1939 October - Young LEN b 1921 October had now his mother & father murdered - so Noble Britain could spend again/flash/gloat/make Racist remarks left or right - racist smut -

LIR Lennies young dancing mother/humanist/she sometimes has Nadia Boulange` on the telephone -

JEAN WEDDELL ballerina/SEA sub-arctic/HER HOLY WORK Deptford

& overseas-records/See True Stories/Ransom Weddell other lines /

JEAN & Frederick Charles RANSOM their middle son JOHN educated USA from 2 years of age & given name JOHN RAY to hide him/

John Ransom RAY b 1917 - Premier Earls of LINDSAY had two of their WOMEN visit Wartime winter evening with basket of POISONED FRUIT - come to `Jerusalem` Deptford in a Family carriage

& sexual penknife attack is carried out on the month old JOHN-

The poisoned FRUIT KILLED killed 11 years old son of the WIRELESS Operator Deptford High Street- the child is given some choice fruits - he is in bed recovering from an illness - full records/ VISITS BY FIGURES FROM A MORGUE - 1910 on -

1931 - VISITS REFUSED by JEAN & her son Len age 9 years !

LINDSAY FAMILY with criminally insane - habit of stuffing pellet of PURPLE POWER up the snout/Divinorum Salvia Scotland it puts a wild BEAST in the brain …/records

1937 SUMMER - I G.R. 5 years next March weave in & out

of what has gone before - criminally insane steal DOUGH -

At the High Tea Clacton town - called Cordys restaurant later Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX is speaking to me at the tea table about this-&-that - & I am solemn for I realise he is treating me like a grown-up- as I sometimes hath to be when Len & I are out & about Tiggy`s Homes & Ransom Estate matters- MALRAUX Man of Letters a man for FREEDOM who has been to Russia is speaking to me & I do appreciate the honour -

We RANSOM families had many kin & friends in Russia of matters the JOYOUS VENTURE & we still know some good people there …TIGGY KNEW EVERYBODY before he died 1904… BUT I WILL NOT SPEAK- he will NOT believe it is true…say its only my dreams…

I look at his solemn moonlight face - sometime he is eating & sipping his tea- nodding at the shrimps- requesting some mayonnaise or perhaps some more tea … He will look out of the window & not say anything - or at the other people in the restaurant… & he does not stare but looks at them with a calm brow -

I am wearing a frock & curtsey to the lady assistant taking my coat & hat for the clothes-stand- Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX is getting a taste for this- even when we rise in the DAWN- He demands the curtsey when I am 24 years old - He has very delicate wrists & uses his hands nicely

He looks up in thoughtful mood saying quietly it would be wise to remind Mary Gordon your grandmother that she should tell Harry & his friends NOT to go to the War in Spain- it is too late He says he thinks he has her understand this matter … & she was never in agreement with young men going to fight - but sometimes you had to make a stand- she agreed with him in their conversations - That a stand has been made against tyranny I doth follow.

Colonel Andre Malraux then tells me to get on & eat & go to my own thoughts- for he has his - He has his tiny notebook on the table - HE IS STUDYING PEOPLEhe may call that evening for an hour with Mary Gordon I know- he & she share friends-acquaintances Paris - abroad -

1937 late August - Granny Mary Helena Gordon she has bought Georges-ANDRE a jacket for Lincoln & the Fens as its colder up

there & we are coming to September - The jacket is a present, she says, ` from all of us for going to Spain `

Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX goes to the Co-op side-window an Sunday evening with me to look at the men`s clothes displayed … & he will bring Josette to look to-morrow … she may wish to come in with him to help choose …

& he go`th to try on jackets in the time that is quiet that Granny tells him to next day - he tall & slender in grey trousers & white shirt, no tie, a pullover tied around his hips, holds my hand, I in girls clothes for he has just collected me from Granny Gordon & CHURCH SUNDAY I see us, Andre & Greetah, REFLECTED in the BIG GLASS WINDOW of the Clacton-on-sea CO-OP MAN`s shop …

at the side of the Grocery stores …

1957 November - at 50 Lancaster Gate Square…he now called

by newspapers just ` MALRAUX` got this jacket out from the

Queen Anne wardrobe he bought at Christies …

& tells me your grandmother Mary Gordon bought it for me -

I always keep it I is as if a fairy story is being read-

to the pauper girl …persecuted by JIM Mengele & `Treasa`

IN HOURS - I felt as if I were in a grey great misty tunnel of thousands of years back into time - & I was trying to get inside my body-my head... An awkward frightened embarrassed pauper arose in me … for SHEshe is again saying things about the family at the seaside- pulling them down- insulting them- but at the same time saying

“ WHAT would MY family MY family do without ME … THEY TELL ME WHAT THEY THINK OF YOU you YOU - they want YOU you LOCKED UP ! LOCKED UP ! WE WE WE do not want YOUR KIND & that OLD FOSSIL in LONDON …he is being sent back to FRANCE … dirty FRANCE …”

I DO NOT KNOW at first SHEshe is drinking in JIMs private office at WHITES Club- he is called `dirty Jim` but has become a Sir JamesHe has again pulled down City of London some good mens sons - but nothing can be done for he goes in & out of the Palace- & two girls call him `Uncle James`other TRUE TALES are about the Scarlet Town ! It is a FRIGHTENING world Mengele HARRINGTON & his criminal wife put DOPE to sedate me in bed-linen/clothes/beverages /had me followed about the civilized Museums world !

1953/1959 - I G.R. have no memory JIM is Mr Pong Jimmie of my first 8 years -he is now a very fat short man- he comes into this Roman Catholic household 50 Lancaster Gate Square late every Friday night & the last young RC man on duty has to hand him 100 pounds in a paper bag-he says it is an arrangement he has with Andre- ANDRE MALRAUX did not know of this the first years -then knew it was BLACKMAIL over Greta Ransom … Weekly JIM goes to a hairdresser & gets money from them this BLACKMAIL way/he & Lindsay 14 had RACKETS like this in ESSEX pre-War - Records/records/records/1920s into 1970s

1950-1961 ... This Catholic Charity & MISSION is also a political establishment arranged by General de Gaulle with Whitehall-

(Those TWISTERS that the Chinese Legation come to warn us about

see this document earlier )

1953 - It is understood to be Andre Malrauxs London home - Autumn 1957 I doth pay my monthly rent & have been made to part with 80 English pounds - rent to January 1958 - Because of this CRIME over my rent Paddington Rent Tribunal have said they can KNOCK this CATHOLIC-FRENCH ESTABLISHMENT into the BRITISH COURTS … The position at LAW is that I cannot be given NOTICE to LEAVE for a year … 3 months Notice are to be GIVEN to tenants who pay BY THE MONTH … MALRAUX HAD NOT IDEA AT FIRST I PAID HIM RENT ! I put my head in the air & walked tall PAST HIM for this crime ! Then he came to know & apologised !

1957-1959 - JIM & Mengele with sluts & monsters come BOOTING in - when ANDRE MALRAUX is in GAUL ...

Andre & Greetah are surrounded by the 1930s OLD CRIMINAL GANG who have been stealing our POST/mail & robbing the ESTATE

they slaughtered all the GROTE HOMES children around the world

2nd World War giving COVER 1938-1954 - to get claws on big DOUGH …