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My first Opera frock Prairie grasses green 5th Avenue bought by Jean Weddell Ransom my ballerina grand-mother-we go to a midnight performance of The Trojans April 1936 in German- Carnegie Hall-

A Society Aunt Magarethe belongs to-old-young Varese will come too & lots of their friends very old with grand-children-we can take a divertimento in the boring bits & go for ice-cream where the manager or the sub-manager will explain to us the Opera some more-

1935/1936 - LIR diaries NORD-SUD Poles GROTE HOMES tour

by RANSOM FAMILY of Margaret nee Ransom Mrs Thomas GROTE Itinerary arranged by she & her Brokers - family of her husband the Firm established 1830 of GROTE off Wall Street NEW YORK

You nearly fell off your seat at one part of The TROJANS

says LIR from his diaries - ` We had early supper in PARIS in November with a man who likes all things FRED RANSOM my grandpa twice back likes, Aunt Mag`s father, & some he has invented...He called me Little Gertrude because I too WANT TO PUT BACK IN NATURE all we take out...He is writing THE ARCADES...his name is VALTER BENJAMIN...he took us walking in the Paris Parks next day to speak PHILOSOPHY ...

1960-1972 readings /Diaries 1937 - LIR/Dr John RAY Ransom

Letters from JEAN/ Andre Malraux notebooks 1937 -

... We should continue - ANDRE MALRAUX in Summer 1937 -

he recorded in his notebooks 1937 your comments upon them -

Jo & he ... & “ bringing harmony into each day ” -

(you said to ) he & JO - `when they in ire- Irrhhh - you healed

` the savage brute` …

He never forgot this your advice -

“ You could not be more steadfast in your agreement to their UNION - he & JO ” (I discuss her bridal gown)

Warning him “ she JOJo would NOT agree - unless he mended the QUICK FIRE his temper - his repartee ” ...

` You said “ I am going to be your Judge & Jury for the next few hours - SO YOU WONT BE SO BOSSY IF YOU THINK ITS ALL BEING TAKEN DOWN

Memo from Greetah RANSOM : This clear advice is from my upbringing - Sermons by the old Quaker Preacher once a month - & JEAN of the Weddell SEA when Lennie & I go about Deptford with her on her ` holy work` & I detect a bit of Annie-Agnes Carroll Williams Artist my great-Aunt ... perhaps from her readings of The Ingoldsby Legends -

He ANDRE MALRAUX could not be more surprised ... & set

about an overhaul of his manners - WITH YOU

GR replies 2000 AD/ Lennie - he swooped at me - lifted me on to a table top & say “ SAY IT AGAIN - IF YOU DARE ” to which I doth reply

“ I hath dare - it is for your own good - you cannot go about the globe with such QUICK FIRE ”

He will now begin to put me on high places -

… a mantle-shelf over a fireplace which I doth not like & tremble...

& he will say “ SPEAK - NOW SPEAK TO ME - IF YOU DARE ” ...

But JOsette & meeeeh ... we are going to win his immortal soul back ... he is fun mocking me I think ...

( So terrible to mee young lives lost - by hasty speech - I know of some o`er the SEA GR. )

Diaries LIR Lennie-& Andre Malraux 1960 - THE HOLIDAY of the LAST FALL with Pierre & Vincent ...

LIR Diary 1960 - notebooks of ANDRE MALRAUX 1937 -



“ We were telling the boys that LAST FALL 1960 -

BEFORE THEY WERE KILLED to join Grote Homes Children

` How you said upon their relationship, ANDRE & JO`

“… The end result proved they would be very cosy together in their LAMPLIGHT - & a more perfect relationship could be embarked upon - & youd hold her train at the Altar. He said it swept him of his Bloody Perch … ”

You said “ I don` t have the quicksilver mind of the INCA BOY

& the ancestors who do mental arithmetic in the air ” ...

( NB: when the Inca boy Yahama Josef SAN JULIAN is taught by the Monks of San Julian they said he could pluck answers to mental arithmetic out of the air ... )

` You said “ & was there the bully boy - Oh there was !

THERE WAS A BULLY BOY RANSOM & he had to change his ways -

Not allowed on shore for 20 years in Palestine ! … ”

(11th-12th centuries Roseanne/Roxanna Ransom & husband ...

Monte CARLO are a blood line off his brother RANSOM ...

So FRED & GERTRUD used to SAIL IN from GREENLAND with their clever children in the Family ship The Mary Rose ... hence the telegrams 1948 “ GET THE ISLAND MADE A REPUBLIC - MY FATHER HAD THIS TROUBLE ! ”

“ You then amazed them, Andre & Josette, by making fairy

cakes … knowing exactly how much to put in the bowls- &

ANDRE liked them very much & they lasted for two days ! ”

( Miss Winnie & JEAN ballerina taught me & Unity` s mother… simple cooking... they put things in the Oven for me & take them out ... I must not touch the oven only ask for it to be put to the correct temperature & the shelves in place for the baking ... )

1937 Summer - Saint Georges-Andre an afternoon

mak`th me a crown of daisies in the Recreation Ground, a reward for making the cakesIf we ran out of cakes ANDRE would now hurtle over to the Co-op or another shop--he made it his duty to see the household had cakes for tea - G. R.

“ SHEshe ...CLYTEMNESTRA Mad Mother KALI ...had a man come to

find you - SHEshe had need of money & she had run out. You said

`We gave her two hundred pounds - shes been gambling then ` -

You told the man you could go & get fifty pounds from a

DRAWER IN THE BANK - how much did she need ?

He said more like two thousand pounds - no...dont bother then..

& he went back on the train to where SHEshe was ... gambling

He went back to where she was - Clifton-on-high-seas ...

where they climb up the walls & over ceilings on their DOPES...

“ It showed you could on your own cope with her & her gambling with your father & us away - You did not want to worry Granny Mary Helena or Harry ” -

( Neither did Andre wish to worry Mary Gordon just widowed in March - & Andre has known SHEshe gambler since Christmastide 1924 in France… ) -

1965/66 City of London - “ A person of note said `they have been slaying up & down the Realm since the new reign - round the globe -to get themselves easy money - lands are run down from logging - not a leaf stirs - dirty lakes seashores riversides where they went for quick profit 1945 onwards - a river of blood - we do not want to handle this money - they want to bring it into the City - they have been taking the Post away - but answering it with fraudulent messages - setting people against their friends their well-wishers - its been going on from before the War ... ” ...

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - retired Minister of FRANCE

HON. LAW Degree Oxford University 1967- is speaking Winter 1970

at The Pillar House Harwell `Johnny Crows Garden` of the `immortal books for Children` drawn by L. Leslie Brooke published by Frederick WARNE 1900s -

The man Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX b 1901 bereaved of his two grown sons 1961 - a loyal citizen of FRANCE… HE HAS COME

TO STOP, to EXPOSE, THE FOUL OBSCENE MOUTHS of the old British Noble Empire criminally MAD & many of their ISSUE …

all of them become the criminally insane !

1966-1967 - They have been FORKING information into the Whitehead identical TWINS & ilk … WAGONS of lies & obscene distortions… their LONG BLACK NOBLE TONGUES again wagging over their gold tassels BLOOD & GORE squelching expensive BOOTS … their footwear …


NB : The story of the Emperor with no clothes is useful to the understanding of their MADNESS here …

1971 - Sniggers about `Greeta Mrs Johnny Crow` were made at 1920s style Roaring knees-ups where Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON could get his paedophile carcase in the back door . SUNDAY GAMES of old arose into the decade 1970s from another JIM PAD A Clarence House a meeting place a DIVE where the nouveau corrupted FORK on Sevres platters … 1968 onwards -

Nota bene : 1968 onwards - the OLD roaring 1920s FIENDS from pre-2nd World WAR bring their OWN FODDER in a bag marked FORTNUM & MASON … their staff arrangements could be trusted … poisoning & doping is at is HEIGHT in Britain 1860s to 1930s … it is an UPPER CLASS tool … Research Papers/explain this

1970 WINTER - MALRAUX is com`th - to read his notebooks from

December 1924 ! ANDRE is trying to enlighten PJPW scientist BM Natural History Museum/ichthyologist - born 1930 Kenya -

MALRAUX has heard from good people HUMANISTS that old EVIL SQUAD IMPERIAL have claws into The Civil marriage Ransom-Whitehead …

1969 - MALRAUX retired MINISTER of GAUL is learning -

Greetah listened 1962 BMNH to PJPW because he awakened a past she had not known existed for her …

& again 1966 returning to work at BMNH hearing his tales of his RATHBONE grandmother…Ethel the Saint…sister of Harold Della Robbia Pottery/Edmund the Positivists/& Basil acting SHERLOCK HOLMES…their Nonconformist Family LINES … FOUND THEM FAMILIAR …

Greta`s great-aunt Annie had known Ruth Bare who married a Postivist … In class was a young JOHN RUTTER … Rutters/Gregs/Greenes/Darbys/Greetha had in Class offshoots in her schools 1930s-1940s Clacton-on-Sea…PJPW raised the familiar from the PAST she had REMOVED …

ESSEX seashores - ANDRE had known some of these families 1937 & 1945-1948 …

1968-1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX so horribly DECEIVED by GROSS BRITAIN SCANDINAVIA & other TWISTERS - even in fair FRANCE -

Has in deep grief learned what happens when a young HEIR

has their memory REMOVED day-in-day out …

1950s … & he did not understand the EVIL coming into 50 Lancaster Gate Square… or TERESA & HER NOBLE FILTH had RISEN AGAIN … Why it is now exposed that 1920s they even stole GORDON lands from her father & his brothers !

… The pair called JIM PIMP & Angela a girl he got hold of 1913 ! …

JIM a visitor at the tea-table of VIOLET ARTIST (nee Lindsay) from 1908-09... She had noticed JIM 11 years old began worrying behaviour with LINDSAY YOUNG at her teatable…& the LINDSAY young…some had difficult manners…

NB : Violet Lindsay, Lady Rutland, is a beautiful artist BUT NAÏVE … as many of THE SOULS their aims are perhaps worthyto-day the Gertrud Jeckyl Gardens can be enjoyed … VIOLET lost her own life a little early in THIS BLOOD BATH - December 1937 …

1937 November she is almost able to LOCK UP the PIMP JIM JONG …his Chinese mother has agreed & a MAGISTRATES DOCUMENT is awaited ! They are in agreement JIM is MAD !

1970 - It is a strain for MALRAUX - that again Greta Ransom

( Civil m 12 October 1967 to PJPW ) here before him with shorthand pad & pencil as agreed … has clearly no memory except FEAR of Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1957-1959 -

1967 November - PJPW allows the years of VIOLENT FRAUD by G.B. Government Lords & Crowns & Scandinavia to CONTINUE -


that he gave permission November 1967 … that ALL POST/mail addressed to GRETA RANSOM W. & to HIMSELF is to be examined first by these NOBLE MONSTERS ! That he received a Deputation to the BMNH & an invitation to a noble lair & then drinks with them …

This British & Scandinavian Noble CLASS have advised PJPW he may TRAVEL THE GLOBE & DESTROY THE ESTATE

…. it embarrasses them !

1969 - PJPW discovers in DENMARK that /Dicky Bird/Louis Mountbatten since 1933 REMOVED MONEYS from BANKS in the name of GRETA & LEN RANSOM & that this PLAYBOY with other old OBSCENE monsters had ALWAYS paid his household & LUXURY bills from these GROTE RANSOM ESTATES of AN OLD ESKIMO … & he had STOLEN RANSOM LANDS about INDIA !

NB : The Rural Tories did him in 1979 - newspapers - a Sunday morning … records

1970 - PJPW should not be in charge - 1970 the first winter meetings The Pillar House Harwell, he has a notebook with prepared questions for MALRAUX to answer ! Questions are framed by the creature Mengele paedophile Harrington & Noble scum

who are the exceedingly criminally insane -

Mr Mengele & dames are now squatting when they please at Blewbury & other Oxford areas - adjacent to Harwell -

1966 November/1967 November … MASSIVE DECEIT !

Leads AGAIN to killings ! 1968 ABUSE of both ANDRE & GRETA ! MONSTERS surround them !

1933 onwards - 1966 November - I Greta Ransom receive NO POST/mail … NOBLE MONSTERS of British & Scandinavian Governments & Crowns

ARE ALSO EXAMINING THE POST OF PJPW & his identical twin brother Sir Rowland Whitehead …

NB: See this document/FATE of their grandfather REW 1940/41/-


PJPW & twin - have been persuaded I should have no knowledge-

no photographs-no idea of the ancestry of RANSOM-

PJPW has been handed documents-photos-ancestry- but he appears to take advice from the criminally insane-

I Greta Ransom cannot tell of the violence of the past if I do not have a memory - yet I am allowed some memory of ANDRE MALRAUX his London home !

ANDRE MALRAUX is stopped by Peter speaking on many subjects -

the Estate ! THE RANSOM ANCESTORS & my 20th century family

& names of people are forbidden ! The first 2 days had me GR feel I am being made an idiot…a pauper who got to know an important MAN of LETTERS/politician ! … & MALRAUX DID NOT WISH ANY MENTION OF ME TO EVER APPEAR UPON THE WORLD ! This, of course was the CUNNING … the DECEIT ! THE VILLANY ! PLOTTED !

In 4 days we were under observation yet again by Mengele royal Satrap who can summon CID secret service gaseous groups & old BILGE RATS from Scarlet Town- It is my shorthand notes & the contribution from older people that made some little sense … I AM NOT TO BE ALLOWED A MEMORY ! NO PHOTOS-VISITORS-documents-gifts- A MEMORY WIPE OUT - as accomplished from

1939 onwards - when my father & his brothers went to War ! Heavy sedatives are used on victims - its an old trick of the Upper Class !


reads his notebooks of MAI 1945 into 1948

I returned to the seaside May 1945 - Clacton-on-Sea , Peter -

the Winnclemanns had moved there & I hoped to speak again with MARY GORDON. She had told me much of Ireland & its history

… & problems. We shared friends - Paulette Goddard in Paris …

( PJPW asks him not say names - saying it was unnecessary )

… Mary Gordon had known others that entered my world …

1945 - my first visit, since 1937 - to my sorrow I learned that she had died - the previous June 1944 -


until 1960 - In winter 1945/46 I was to learn more of the sorrows -

she Mary was poisoned - She 1944 is to go with her grand-daughter to relatives in Southern Ireland … ”

(NB: then to ROME when War ceased/Paccelli has a school inside the Vatican for children at risk/ We were to go to Rome 1938/summer 1939 Granny Gordon tried take GR to Southern Ireland )

1970 winter - MALRAUX continues -

“ It is the summer 1945 I hear of a murder -

a Newfoundland heiress in Greetha`s class 1942 - niece of Patrick MacDrew - a Clacton connection to Harry …

I could not follow the importance of what I am being told

… a young heir & a savage murder near to Colchester ”

(Castle Hedingham/ref. 1960 March-April-Patrick MacDrew visit`s

the ghost house team… & joins them for some months … )

1970 - MALRAUX reads his notebooks - The Pillar House Harwell

1960 - Papers-documents sent to General de Gaulle & I -

ANDRE MALRAUX - in February & early March 1960 never reached us ... or other Papers coming from abroad ” ...

“ Less important documents did - a package from America had been examined the vital documents removed - but we did not know ! The detectives have kept long notes at this time - the matter can be followedMy life is being threatened at this time - the Job - I kept my movements known to a few people - others lost their lives ” ...

NB : 1960 Mai Philip Silverlee his daughter age 28 is murdered in the Argentine- February 1960 she a professional woman gathers for her father documents from two old Solicitors Buenos Aries & delivers them to her father- he flew to New York to meet her when she telephoned him to say she had everything & spoke of certain papers ! They together went to Grote Brokers who had joined another firm WALL STREET -

NB : 1960 February- Papers/copy letters/WILLS/

GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate recovered Argentina :

The old Ransom Solicitors/1830s on/remained unknown to EVIL BRUTES -

thus they survived the CRIMES of VIOLENCE & FRAUD & knowing of the ILLEGAL removal of the 1801 RANSOM 19 acres New York from the Estate -

IT IS NEVER GIVEN TO A WOMAN as a dowry as a child - THE KILLERS of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN are TELLING LIES - they take a very dangerous addictive DOPE- it is in the Stables when they are children

Philip Silverlee, Argentina citizen & his family are known to the Gordon family Clacton-on-Sea before the 2nd World War`

Nota Bene: Philip Silverlee an Acad. Francs. Lit. 2nd rank

1929/30 “ a book which made the Continent sit up & think ” musician pianist-Oboe-/ Man of Letters-Insurance Broker Philip Silverlee- 1st wife/daughter born 1932 murdered 1960/younger son/

Philip & 2nd family all murdered Argentine 1976/daughter 15/son 14/ tape sent to PJPW BM Natural History Museum gives account of persecution the last 3 years & finishes “ you will not hear from me again ” - full account death of he & family reaches Museum circles late 1970s/1981-2...

1976 - Arthur Malone/POLITAN often wondered at his own survival in this BLOODY CRIME - he heard of Phil`s death - 1985 he speaks to PJPW & tries address Greta … at Balliol College an evening in June - he was worried about his only child age 16 years `my orange blossom Patricia` when he had to die - he had heard he only had 18 months left - Andre Malraux has a Hon.Law degree OXFORD UNIVERSITY 1967- there are loyal connection about the Town !

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - retired Minister of France

Very solemn his face, sometimes weary his movements…

continues reading his notebooks in winter The Pillar House Harwell -

1945 Summer - I had no Papers no documents that were sent to me… that should have reached me early New Year 1938 -

1944 October SEVERAL DOCUMENTS & letters to me were collected for me by JO- my wife- We had just parted in Parisshe to return to our two sons - I had matters of War -

This was 2 weeks before her death …

… The correspondence is sent summer 1944 addressed to me ANDRE MALRAUX - concerning urgently my Guardianship & administration role in this Estate - of which I knew nothing -

I did not know what Josette received for me…until January & February 1960 ...

… 1944 after her death & 1946… I heard some phrases from a resistance agent who attempted to carry her message to me… concerning this correspondence from America… They would not attempt to bring me a message that had names or placesI learned nothing more at that time -

I did not know full details of the Estate until MARCH 1962 -

Only then did the extent of the theft of documents become clear

- General de Gaulle & I saw the WILLS at last - we had NOT sent messages received by my Detectives- we are able to say 2 years on !

1960 February - Philip Silverlee`s daughter handed carbon COPIES

of LETTERS - copies WILLS - by the Argentine faithful old solicitors still administering legally the vast Estate for Frederick John RANSOM his brothers & the family the heirs … THE GUARDIAN NEVER REPLIED !

/ Philip Silverlee his daughter - she took a plane to New York-met her father-together they went to the Office of GROTE BROKERS- AMALGAMATED- WALL STREET- found copies of all that JO collected end October 1944 & opened as instructed by her Catholic husband ANDRE MALRAUX /

1960 February - Detective Malone & colleagues …

“… she the girl JO, Andre`s young wife, got post/mail addressed to ANDRE in Paris on last visit she makes end October 1944 when she & Andre together last time - he being seen off by her to a secret destination- Resistance ” … (see biographies)

They may have both had idea she call at a place she & he thought might have post - they`d used it before the War -

Malone/Politan & Colleagues had information gathered days before in FRANCE - Reports at COLNE ENGAINE MARCH 1960-

I GR do not hear this again until 1970 - By then I have NO MEMORY OF JOSETTE -or of she & ANDRE MALRAUX SUMMER 1937- or even of

their two sons Pierre & Vincent whom I saw November 1957 when we were poisoned at the SUPPER that ANDRE had booked two weeks before in a quiet but discrete smart restaurant yet in a fragile sense it had a place in my mind November-December 1957 attempts by ANDRE MALRAUX himself to have me with a pre-War memory !

1957 December - The mind numbing DOPES are increased by the thugs Doc Mengele Royal satrap Doc paedophile HARRINGTON & his MAD spiteful Mrs Mengele whom he uses as a high class prostitute … With them, joining in the FUN, is Mrs DIRTY JIM last-of- the-line of the Jim wives he marries for dough/two at a time Asia & the West … She is sometimes seen hanging about with the Mengele Harrington pair … with her spiteful little faded face- SHE IS A HEROIN ADDICT since KENYA years & will NOT give it up say top MEDICS !

… It is their CUSTOM to use this house 50 Lancaster Gate Square as their LONDON RESIDENCE at weekends & order drinks be brought them from the hotel … expense account British Top Class tricks … ! Other times they DRINK at the Saint Lizzie HEAD, Buck Road … ( WOW ! say people who keep the LAWS !

Soon the 1960s has come … rackets get bigger … )

1957 November-December … & Teresa Gordon R. has battened onto ANDRE & GRETA calling them FOUL NAMES … 1920s Nobles have their chum Teresa now insisting again she BE GIVEN HER SHARE of the FORTUNE they are all USING … of this OLD ESKIMO ESTATE !

NB: Her young husband administering the third of it left ! He burdened with the MURDERS of the Grote Children … the theft by Angela & Lindsay scum …others who put themselves OUT on the IMPERIAL CAT WALKS !

1967/68 winter - The Whitehead twins mother said the Penthatal range & similar drugs could do this - leave no memory - did I have pin marks on me when I went to bathe ? She thought I might have had Doc Mengele or others creeping in my room at night after I had been knocked asleep by a late night cup of beverage …

“ They clearly were trying to GET YAH OUTA THA PLACE Deeearh ” He ain`t Arthur Miller … I hev heard how he woz treated in his PLACE he had in gay Paree ! … they`d git his ancestry out LIKE DURTY WASHING and he wer`nt allowed PUT HIS BOOT UNDER THEIR TABLE … the womin there … poor Crittah … he hez cum here one morning and told meee … ”

The accent is 19th-early 20th century Wheeling West Virginia …Gertrude Ostrander Palmer/Mrs Philip Henry Rathbone WHITEHEAD-ex…

1958 January 19th - Doc Mengele Harrington Royal Satrap attacked me GR with a needle 10 minutes after ANDRE left for the Guyana Tour for General de Gaulle -

Mengele hissing “ I will not have YOU-you Ape remembering my patient Andre Malraux ” diaries/records/50 Lancaster Gate Square end July 1957-1959 2nd June/

1960 France research - Malone/Politan & Colleagues - research in France/they hear of that visit Oct-November 1944 by the mother of Josette , Madam Clotis - `She found her daughter distressed- concerned some nations places A to Z- an ISLAND in the SNOW etc- her mother felt Jo writing a story to earn money- He Malraux was away- JO did not know where he was… 2 men came & searched when her mother was out… they knocked on the door one morning when her mother had gone to the village …

Sources to be kept secret - until more could be learned … ? `

( Is Jo`s mother alive 1960 ? )

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX reads on -

Correspondence - papers had been removed during the two weeks of her mother`s visit … Jo received two visitors but she may have only detected one at first two gunmen were sent by the British Consul - we learn later when my detectives began to investigate - late December 1959 & in France 1960 January & February The gunmen were to shoot us & find papers correspondence anything related to the Estate - They were to find out whom she had spoken to - about the family de SALLE on the Island …

“ Her mother felt her daughter to be distressed … about a cheque book - she heard her walking up & down overhead…& again heard this the next day…Jo saying to herself “ but he has not had a cheque book ” -

` There are other matters spoken of an Island… several nations … her mother felt her daughter had to complete a piece of writing … she earned money from her work …`

“ A cheque book sent to me had been used to cash large sums on the Brokers New York - the Estate - my name had been forged -

My name is ANDRE MALRAUX Greetha sometimes is made to forget it I believe …`

`… I am asked by the BROKERS not to give away whom the Agents for the Estate are overseas - a letter a carbon copy of a letter says `can I tell them what the big sums are for - DRAWN on the CHEQUE BOOK they sent to me spring 1938 ! signatures are forged - I do not know this until 1962 ” -

“ … I, … ANDRE MALRAUX, am believed to have cashed large sums of moneys on the Estate for 20 years ! I did not do so Your Government & Crowns authorized this forgery of my name …

& the THEFT of correspondence sent to me ” !

1970 - reading events of 1960 February -

“ 1960 February - I ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of France offered some accommodation in France - I tell them at Earls Colne (Colne Engaine/Engayne Gallows Corner) ` it is agreed with General de Gaulle for the Detectives & Greetah to come to what we felt was a safe place - When it was not taken up I felt apologetic - offering the Estate`s heir only an apartment in Versailles -

We had a matter of bad communications I feel - many people who had stolen from the Estate wished to strip me ANDRE MALRAUX of all respectability - I had gone to church ...

with a school girl ”

MALRAUX reads his NOTEBOOKS: “ JUNE 1945 when I first meet her Miss Win Gordon did not inform me of a WILL - with my name as GUARDIAN - she had a copy in her possession January 1938 - she & her brother Harry are family guardians to Greetha during her school days. They are not Guardians to the Estate ! Neither did she Miss Winnie-Miss Minny tell Winclemann. I had not met her that summer 1937 - she was away with her cousins at Manchester - Saint Anne`s beaches -

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - My aunts Bessie & Annie -

I regard those two as my intellectual equals Peter ! They had no idea what had occurred to the English properties…or to the children overseas in the Orphanages - & were themselves lacking in correspondence PUT IN THE BRITISH POST- & from OVERSEAS - especially from OVERSEAS -

They had visited the owner of the Estate in 1934 & she had given them the key to her Welsh cottage to take holidays- they are told to take to safety a box of her youthful writings when she lived on the island- & to keep them safe for Greetha until she grew up-

& Master Len RECORDS / files Stella Maris 1930s-40s/

G.R./LIR/Jean/JR®/my father FJR have managed to re-construct-

& LETTERS FROM JEAN - Margarethe by letters-telephone-meetings-answering our questions on life on the Island …