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She, Fred Ransom & Gertruds only daughter at 15 year old wrote her autobiography - but had little time after that date to continue it …

She records how she lays awake at night in bed- thinking how Greenland one day will be a great Nation …

`… GREENLAND WILL AWAKE- as long ago- the Islands special SUMMERTOWN will bloom everywhere- & she will hear the tramp of happy feet on ice free shores ` …

Margareth Ransom had acted several of Shakespeare female parts by age 15 years in the family theatre- she loved being Imogen - age 15 she is fluent in 5 languages - the PLAY Season had several languages used in performances …

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX - weary are his eyes & he avoids looking at me Greetah - his seated figure sometimes slumped & he keeps his overcoat or his raincoat on - At the dining-room table are spread out PJPWs evening & weekend work History of Natural History reference books/files - & the notebooks of MALRAUX in a row towards he Georges-ANDRE - neatly laid out with markers -

1937-1938 It would be impossible for Teresa to organise this on her own - Postal theft of this magnitude - & especially to me in FRANCE - Although 1957 she is able to intercept many important ADVICES on the Estate - her interference in my career came to my London home - 50 Lancaster Gate Square - Brown is her assistant !

1957 November - Greta allowed her mother to sleep in her room because she was unable to protect herself when I was not there -

I went to that Club & stood on a chair & told them what I thought of this behaviour ! At this time I had no idea WHAT THEY WERE HIDING FROM ME - they had always known ! - when I arrived to take charge of this French Mission - for General de Gaulle & the Catholic Diocese of Westminster … 1952 ...

Records : MALRAUX tells GR a Sunday morning where he is going January 1959 ! & tells of the SERMON he gave upon his return … within an hour or two IT WAS WIPED OUT OF MY MEMORY ! He received a telephone call to go to a Sunday lunch concerning matters of General de Gaulle … IT WAS ALL FALSE ! TRICKSTERS keeping us apart !

1970 - PJPW asks a question MALRAUX replies

1937 Peter - November-December - Teresa had to have told another, others that I had been the Visitor that Summer

& we had Greetha with us several weeks - & took her with us to LINCOLN 4 days with us alone, Josette & myself

We went to look for my mother`s line her ancestors …


“ 1945 May - Greetha & I were in danger- great danger- all the time- She is ordered by her Aunt in June 1945 to say nothing about an inheritance as it was for her father & the British Government to decide - What I did not know at that time Miss Win had been advised by the family du Cann & others that her sister knew socially not to tell me of the Guardianship - my postal correspondence is stolen by your nation Peter - your Government & Crown ” … ( the expression used by the Secret Agents is `post/mail is fingered` … )

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX - I reminded Win Gordon (1960 & 1963)

of an attack with a gun made on me October 1945 at night in the Clacton Recreation Ground - two bullets aimed at my back ...Reports/Marital Court/ In this Document SUMMER 1937

Miss Gordon replies to my Detectives in summer 1960 …that she is waiting for her sister`s husband to talk with me ANDRE MALRAUX - he is supposed to return from Africa that summer - he arrived late in September - she heard her sister did not wish to live with him …

YES - she had heard that some of the children had been deliberately killed in their Orphanages- that there might have been immorality going on - It was worrying to the new reign - ` Andre Malraux

NB : JIM Jong & ANGELA - plaguing the Gordon family since 1920 -

then plaguing RANSOM families after marriage 1932 Gordon-Ransom - insisting with Earls/Lords Lindsay mob that `an old Eskimo left them all this Estate` … fighting over it !

1944/1945 winter - Miss Gordon my aunt received a grizzly report

of shooting-clubbing to death of children in a Continental Orphanage winter 1944/45 - Because of the carnage reported in this new War we school children had become stoical in our distress. We did know it was only 20 years since the Great War finished ! There were many old persons who could tell of that horrendous slaughter on the Continent …

A letter arrived sent to Win Gordon ex-ATS by a widow of a few days her Officer husband SHOT AT DAWN - REFUSED to kill children whether they were diseased or not - He had a Major/Captain LINDSAY giving Orders -The Officer EXECUTED by firing squad is one of several men who did not swallow a DRINK given to them just before this SPECIAL OPERATION - his Batman took his last letters to safety -

NB: My aunt said she would ask Edward for advice. I supposed this was a Manchester relative from my grandmother Gordon her side of the family … My aunt Win seemed at a loss - she said she felt that it was wrong to worry her with such a letter - but she would reply to the new Widow.

She spoke as if she wished to lay the blame for this tragedy on the RANSOM side of the family

…My aunt Miss Win Gordon she said she would go to Church & ask for guidance - perhaps a saint or angel would be sent to tell her how to reply … she would say a Prayer to her dead mother in Heaven to see if she might get a message sent to the Widow … She certainly told her sister Teresa Gordon R., (mother of Ed du Cann 1924) & she TGR my mother showed me violence because I had been told of the letter ! She said it was a MATTER FOR GOD ! GOD did NOT want bastards - illegitimates to live ! THERE SHOULD BE A LAW TO TAKE THEM ALL AWAY !

…. This talk from `Treasa` Mad mother Kali CLYTEMNESTRA used to crush me - it is so dirty & gutter talk … THEY ARE NOT LOGICAL - either of them but to speak would result in VIOLENCE severe from Teresa - SHEshe who goes to PARTIES back of Buckingham Palace …

Records above / Greta Ransom age 11 years of age, of `Pearly`

112 Vista Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, East Anglia

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX - The Pillar House, Harwell

1944 onwards - She was unwise Miss Win Gordon to ask advice of her sisters son ( bastard 1924 du Cann is meant ) .

1960 - we learned he often visited her after her mother Mary Gordon who had saved his life is killed 1944 ! He came with 2 others of legal status…to the Marital Court ( end of August-September 1946 )

Later they were found to be without the qualifications they had claimed … Crooks ! ”

1946 - “ A disturbance outside `Stella Maris ` the home of my Aunts Bessie & Annie in the summer 1946 is not understood by me. I have recorded it July 1946 ! Annie was speaking in a poetic manner …dismissing them ! I understand it now ! You may read it, Peter ! These crooks from Mr du Cann were anxious from 1945 to receive assurance of some monies TO THEM from MARY & GEORGE GORDON for a Master Edward ” ...

1960 - “ … Miss Gordon 1960 told my Detective & his colleagues that the man called Edward, had advised the Orphanages were not wanted by the British Government now the War was over - They were of no use in a modern world & that the moneys of the ESTATE of an old ESKIMO were being divided for British Trade & development - & gifts to The Crown ” -

“ … He advised her AGAINST telling me a Frenchman & hindering the work of ROMAN CATHOLIC General de Gaulle & myself

HE ASSURED HER, this bastard, that her niece Greetah had no education, no connections to his Class, & perhaps a job could be found for her in the town when she became 14 or 15 years of age …”

MEMO : Ed du Cann chief of all BASTARDS - Shakespeare has one or two ! Edward a bastard of TG dies of LIES-drink-drugs-sex - 1990s !

It should be awarded a GOLLUM Badge ! & given a TICKET to URANUS-

1946 - “ Miss Minni felt that he, (Edward du Cann BASTARD) indicated the nations with the Orphanages had risen up … & killed the CHILDREN - & therefore shown they did not want them - She, a Catholic, did not agree with this - & told Edward so … I call her Miss Minni, Peter … Andre Malraux

1940s - Her cousin Julie Butler found her talking of dividing up the Orphanages & giving to Ed those NOT CATHOLIC - She - Julie Butler was angry with her cousin & felt she was drinking ! Later she believed the VISITORS were giving her things - DOPE ...

& not exactly with her permission … ” Andre Malraux 1970

Reports: ANDRE MALRAUX Greta Ransom/Arthur Malone et al /

( Julie said …. ) “ Win had this Mafia - Earls - Lords family round her since she was a small child & the man JIM & his female chums since Win was a child ... she once said 4 or 5 years of age when she first saw them at the garden gate on horses ... Theyd been after the Irish branch …OUR COUSINS …`

`… Tried get horses for free ... tried blame them for unrest...even cried TREASON...stormy Southern Irish politics of the time...but the cousins are all good Catholics - did not go in for VIOLENCE ... Murphys - OBrien - Carroll ... & theyd got 3 baronetcies in Southern Ireland - They were into nothing violent, I can assure you ANDRE ... always good Catholics- only after some peace ” ~ to A. Malraux

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - life at Lancaster Gate Square

1950s - There were insults from The Cann & others - Jim -

all of them on heroin - Sneers behind my back… attacks of a sadistic kind on Greetah & Colin -

& on the families …but I did not know this for years - I had never met them ! I RECEIVED NO POST/mail that is not OPENED first by your Government & Crown ... & much sent to me is stolen by them ” …

… The lawful OWNERS of this ESTATE are used to INSULTS from

the IMPERIAL top … not having the right birth to inherit overseas properties - a lot of smut - Racism … & physical attacks there are many deaths explained some not yet understood …

20th century Several family members held passports to other Nations - & North & South America Julie Butler did not live full time at Clacton until 1948 - she worked in Manchester & lived with her parents ... Miss Winnie... Miss Minni I call her... Peter ...

For two years ( 1946-48 ) she, Win, is often alone in the big house at the seafront … when they had no Visitors … ”

Records/ Andre Malraux/Arthur Malone & Colleagues/townspeople Clacton/ & Families of the Estate …

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX reads his notebooks -

“ 1946 MARITAL COURT at Clacton-on-Sea ... the matter of the Marital Court RULINGS September 1946 -

I as a man of Letters-ex-Army- will be allowed to attend 20 minutes

a day to be agreed & time chosen by Miss Win Gordon ex ATS ” -

“ … Gretas father was not present that day- I did not know this would

be so … Miss Gordon said he had given his evidence & left for London she did not have an address

I expected to meet this man - I had agreed to be the GUARDIAN to his daughter October 1937 Miss Gordon referred to me as Greta`s Guardian Angel ” …

“ THEY WERE HAVING ME BELIEVE, Peter … that this man was a low uneducated working man … whom her sister Teresa had unfortunately married … SHE Miss MINNI … directed by the bastard & its fatherTHE CANN ! … ” Andre Malraux reads his notebooks 1924 to 1960s The Pillar House Harwell 1970

Nota bene: Ed du Cann bastard of Teresa Gordon b 1924 - Churchill says January 1960 “ Teresa Gordon wrecked her life - SHE GOT MIXED UP WITH A PENNILESS LAWYER called du CANN … I remember Millie Frobisher skating … she had a little Academy of Ancient Arts … the girls rode chariots … they toured the Continent …” Records Detectives/Silverlee/ 1960/

“ The Court Records show THEY DID NOT CONSIDER AS TRUTH one word said by du Cann & fake team - but they had the support of a woman named ANGELA … her in-laws overseas …”

(NB: Reference is to Mountbatten HOUSES of ASSASSINS Scandinavia -

& he who sailed RN ships in to KILL the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES so the LANDS could be stolen by GROSS BRITAIN LORDS & CROWNS ! … ISSUE now without the family DEBTS of 3 generations ! )


It is done to her … IT IS LIKE MIRAGE … I have had it done to me ! … YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING … I am warning you Peter ! THEY ARE MAD … they have all been killing for money …

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX continues :

“ … & I had no idea The Cann & their legal advisors were permitted into the Court & allowed to speak obscene untruth ! they were found out in several ways … a Scout Master exposed them but the Court could not OBJECT to their presence because of a powerful woman & her men backing them, Peter

( reference ANGELA & LINDSAYbuggarhs & others robbing the Estate )

1946 September “… you do not know, Peter … You have not been told ? I am surprised … Gretas father won Custody 3 children- not Teresa - she was to go into an Asylum by the end of the month - Miss Gordon is given the task to make the necessary arrangements … SHE ASSURED THE COURT she would do so !

… I, legal GUARDIAN, to Greetha … & OTHER MATTERS … did not know what the Family THE Cann & their FAKE legal advisors knew - that I am GUARDIAN TO AN ESTATE they are robbing…in the name of your Government & Crown , your CLASS … Peter …”

“ I do not know that cunningly all my post is stolen in France by the British Government & Crown who acted for Earls & lords

( Lindsay Premier Earls ) & a woman in a purple dressing-gown !

“ … It was they (Vagrants-scavengers-& du Cann )

outside The Crown Court & Marital Court , September 1946, knowing they were going to lose -

this bastard would NOT be put in charge of THE ESTATE for his legitimate half sister told Miss Gordon to disregard the Courts & keep his mother free … ”

1946 September - “ AT the MARITAL COURT - the evidence of her violence against Greta & Colin her husband & her own family- the poisoning of her mother 1944 ... this is raised in the Court proceedings ... & should have been a matter for concern to me & General de Gaulle…but our Post/mail is swiftly scrutinized stolen … false messages SENT … because I ANDRE MALRAUX am known to be legal GUARDIAN to a great Estate … being robbed in the name of your Government, its Noble Class & its Crowns … !

“ … I am a FRENCH CITIZEN … IF the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN wished to OBJECT to my being GUARDIAN to an ESTATE OVERSEAS & OUTSIDE THEIR EMPIRE … & legally in the hands of the USA & the Argentine & free nations of the world THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & THE LORDS & CROWN WERE FREE TO DO SO …

in the normal manner … THROUGH THE COURTS !

The killings of good citizens around the world, & children from the ORPHANAGES who had escaped the slaughter … went on … 1945 onwards …it does not stop … I am warning you Peter …”

1945/1946 because of the interference of the CANN it leads quickly to more tragedy - Malaya especially … I have seen records … I am involved in this, Peter ! - Again I am put in great danger ... my life threatened ... my career - & those I take care of ” -

“ 1946 - the matter was out of control - because of the emptied orphanages & the slain children ... dead on sea shores - off-shores in nets ! ... I had NOT my WILL - telling me of the GUARDIANSHIP to these children ” ...

“ THE WAR HAD ENDED ! It required co-operation at the top - turning the other way - recognition OF THIS HORRIBLE CRIME

... by your Nation, Peter ... by YOUR CLASS !

“ Colchester - 1960 the full discovery had my Detectives grow faint hearted - They had assistance from Territorial Army friends by the Summer - you have heard …

… THE Detectives & colleagues now GREW FAINT HEARTED because they received NO SATISFACTORY REPLY from de GAULLE & myself ... We should have replied to the package from New York in early March …

We did not receive the important documents & papers … They are stolen WE WOULD HAVE SAID that the PLAN to publish this VIOLENT CRIME go ahead ... many Nations were to feature it on the front pages of their newspapers ” !

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - The Pillar House, Harwell -

“ Julie Butler ... did not live in Clacton upon leaving the ATS - she worked at Manchester earning money to pay off the ATS LOAN they had taken out for the GUEST HOUSE ! Julie lived with her parents. She came to Clacton several times a year for a few days to assist her cousin Miss Win Gordon . She, Win, had two helpers with the guest house in the mornings ! …”

1945 - “ IF I HAD MY COPY OF THE WILL then there was NO NEED for them to borrow from the ATS ! I could have arranged it for them

& without any interest… they could have re-paid the ESTATE in many pleasant HUMANISTIC ways perhaps they would have chosen to do other things … ” ...

... “ It is during the years 1945-1948 … & I did not meet her, JULIE BUTLER, very often - she had no idea of major troubles - she is the youngest of that generation a child of Mary Gordon`s sister Teresa Williams… two of her sisters married two brothers- BUTLER.

I know of the family from talks with my aunts Bessie & Annie …

She, Julie Butler, did notice on her visits - 4 to 7 days - about every 3 months she thinks she rushed down to Clacton - that her cousin was either sleepy or inebriated - In the ATS, Julie explained to my Detectives, they had learned to drink beer on ATS ARMY NIGHT DUTY with the Americans … ”

Malraux continues : “ She, Julie Butler, mentioned to the two women helping mornings with the guest house `that her cousin had hoped for a marriage & a family - theyd have to cheer her up now

she was approaching very fast 40 years of age - see she got to her Church activities - & telephoned her sister in the town Mrs Esther Potter … & their brother Harry over at Thorpe-le-Soken garage...

Ask that they took her out to cheer her up … as they had cars ...

They the HELPERS had mentioned Miss Win Gordon did not want to go out - or even fetch some little shopping from the town … that they had to say she was not in to morning callers … ”

Nota bene : 1959 Julie learns from Police/neighbours/detectives/ pre-war friends of Gordon family-events of past years-the visitors/ & now neighbours & Police have concern over the blue car paedophile with Imperial connections- travels about with Philip Mountbatten goes in the backdoor of Clarence House to his patient Angela of 1950/52 -

1945-1948 Manchester Julie was working a 16 hours shift most weeks running a machine shop for an old friend of the older generation Manchester- she earned a lot- to pay off the ATS loan for the Guest House- living with her parents Teresa & Frank Butler Roman Catholics Manchester - `our BILL` Butler is Mayor of Manchester & the good Catholic family active in Manchester circles …

NB: Detective Malone/Pat MacDrew/ `1958 spring she Julie had thought that the blue car spoken of by neighbours was the property of ANDRE MALRAUX- that he came perhaps to see the family- & she was not full of good wishes to him … she had only the INPUT of her cousin Win tight lipped & older than she Julie …`

`Julie Butler had no idea of this Doctor Mengele Harrington who dressed up so like MALRAUX he could fool the Staff at 50 Lancaster Gate Square if they saw him pass by …` Malone & Detectives Colleagues

( Mengele paedophile Doctor HARRINGTON had boots specially made with 6 inch soles - an identical raincoat to Andre - & a wig made to resemble Malrauxs flop of hair when he was young across his forehead … 1950s & 1960s Mengele at a distance looked so like MALRAUX he fooled many people he wished to harm Andre Malraux & get him a bad reputation & lose him his JOB in FRANCE ! )

1953 onwards - Mengele HARRINGTON had been creeping in on

Miss Win Gordon spinster - learning of the many people who knew of the Marriage of Grace 1947 - & who knew of the GROTE RANSOM Estate

& ANDRE MALRAUX being in Clacton 1937 & after the 2nd World War !

He too wished to destroy the good family RANSOM & to remove ALL EVIDENCE OF THEM EXISTING… especially in World Circles before the war …

… He Mengele HARRINGTON Royal Satrap began a persecution in Colchester of all who knew ANDRE MALRAUX … & the Doctor of the FOUL OBSCENE mouth became an astonishment to many good citizens.

BUT this Doctor HARRINGTON went about with Noble figures & a man called Duck Mountbatten of Norway… 1950s they had Special Branch in the form of Ex-Army KENYA THUGS booting in their doors late at night … Police could do nothing because the blue car sometimes had a symbol that it was Royal Household Westminster Police never proceeded with complaints it seemed …

NOBLE HEAVY DOPE USERS : Dr HARRINGTON, paedophile with Prison sentence & psychiatric sentences 1936 -1949 relied on his family & school connections from 1950 to STAY FREE !

1953/54 - He knew well, on his secret visits to No 5 Colne Road , Clacton-on-Sea, reading the documents Miss Win could show him on her sister Teresa, THAT she the former Teresa Gordon, then as Mrs FJR is often apprehended by Police & society for her violence at citizens

… & from 1933 VIOLENCE at her husband & children & joining with her NOBLE CHUMS to keep this on-going ! She had also crimes with her NOBLE CHUMS against her Gordon branch families.

NB: HARRINGTON is NO STRANGER to Clacton-on-Sea Essex !

1947 summer he began a persecution of Professor WINCLEMANN - bringing CLARA MALRAUX with him twice !

In 1949 HARRINGTON is back in a psychiatric clinic as a PATIENT ~ CRIMES of VIOLENCE - one nasty crime against a blind musician is in FRANCE !

Nota bene: Teresa Gordon is a child of 7-11 years when the violence against the Gordon family from NOBLE POWER begins … she is 9 years younger than JIM & 6 years younger than Angela WITCHCRAFT & drugs used by them are NOT found in her Family Gordon or the Irish cousins …

& certainly not in the Weddell & RANSOM FAMILIES. Witchcraft belongs to the NOBLES of NOBLE SCOTLAND & THE NORTH …

1954 - MR Mengele DOCTOR HARRINGTON for the Government & CROWN now set about REMOVING THE PRISON RECORDS of Teresa Gordon/the Police reports where he could find them on her VIOLENCE to her RANSOM family - HE COULD GET BIG MONEY for this … He drew CASH from WHITEHALL & had open-BANKS on the RANSOM Estate when he went overseas .

… HARRINGTON paedophile had to make LISTS where RANSOM properties lay overseas… these were given to his EMPLOYERS via a WHITEHALL monster & they NOBLE BRITAIN all got FRAUD going on some more some calling themselves BUSINESSMEN … The LORDS & CROWN had to have lands properties slid into its claws & jaws … without disturbing the top dogs with papers documents & things everyone could USE SOME MONEY … “ IF IT IS NOT DOING ANYTHING… just lying around ” … said MORGUE FACES … ”

Mengele paedophile a spoof doctor...insane HARRINGTON is re-writing all the truths as falsehood - he was praising evil criminally insane British Noble gangsters - HIS NOTEBOOKS ARE FULL of these have his NOBLE MASTERS escape their horrendous crimes ...FOR DOUGH & KUDOS...

Mengele HARRINGTON Doctor - ISSUED A DECREE that he went to STAY in NUT HOUSES as a PATIENT … to LEARN …

1953 onwards - Mengele paedophile HARRINGTON gives ORDERS that all DNA of families RANSOM-WEDDELL-GRONLANDER is to be destroyed... graves uprooted in name of British Crown ...

He has put his Naval intelligence et al TEAMS to work about the globe ... They earn barrels of money ...

... & HE COULD WITHDRAW BIG AMOUNTS OF MONEYS FOR HIMSELF off-shore & collect his wages for his HOURS OF HARRASSMENT WORK from WHITEHALL Government Departments ~ HARRINGTON paedophile-prison sentence Continent 1935/38 - transferred for 2 years confined compulsory Clinic treatment Gross Britain ...

1935/1938 - Mr Harrington - out of Prison & Psychiatric Clinic, landed on the MALRAUX FAMILY & connections summer 1938 - employed to Report on everything they did - whom they knew -

He could call on assistance British Embassies if needed in his investigations for the British Government House of Lords & Crown- He is well paid for this TERRORISM by LINDSAY Premier EARLS - Reports/accurate evidence/diaries/County archives/other sources -

1937/1938 - ANDRE MALRAUX notebooks -

Winter 1937/38 - We, JO & I , corresponded with the family at Clacton seaside & our new friends - I had a letter arrive October 1937 from a Margaret Grote saying she had made me Guardian to her niece.

I of course accepted ... & immediately told Mary Gordon in a letter she received ... & she acknowledged my letter in a telephone call I made to her... in October 1937 -

( Andre Malraux looked towards me Greta - met my eyes & dropped his gaze... & returned to his notebooks -)

Nothing more was heard - I had no idea there could be anything else - than the Guardianship to Greta - The letter signed Margaret Grote said I would hear more - no address for a reply to Mrs Grote was given... Sadly I did not know whom she was - I in my 20s long ago... in a remarkable Salon in ParisI saw a woman at the end of an elegant room - She was with very eminent men & women - I was not introduced - I was a very young man I HAD SEEN A GODDESS

Nota bene : Malraux raised his head slowly, looking across the dining room table into the air towards the doorway to the hall…lowered his head as if in REVERENCE…& GRIEFwent on speaking…his fingers on his notebooks…I know those wrists…the way he uses them so delicately… Greetha Ransom X - 1970

1937- Len & Greta Ransom/ Aunt Margareth says Christmastide 1937 - she has read his books & is waiting for more - Since September she has spoken with people about him & he is approved by everyone - ANDRE MALRAUX of Sea peoples ancestry- APPOINTED GUARDIAN October 1937-

NB: Her WILL courtesy copies & copies to every Nation are sent out January 1938 ... & by May the last of 7 ( seven ) Signed copies of Margaret Ransom Grote HER OWN WILL - the Wills of her father - mother & her husband are required to operate the full Estate A to Z the globe - 3 WILLS are sent to ANDRE MALRAUX - stolen by British Government-Lords-& Crown - False messages sent to VICTIMS when the criminal teams cunningly know it is necessary -

1935 - Diary/LIR & GR - Louvre - P a r i s November 1935 -

` WHY Lennie is Aunt Margareth shooting that painting with

the Director ? ` & the 15 years old FLYER to Greenland - his Pilot licence to be collected when we get to New York - embarrassed by the stout girl/boy niece said to our entourage “ Greetah has a weak heart ”

…that week we have an early supper to take out in PARIS… with Valter BENJAMIN an old family friend… ` he tells me that what I like is called technology & science … he will take us to see paintings of Gertrud… by old Delacroix…everyone used to sail up to the ISLAND for the PLAY SEASON… before great troubles arose in Europe…`


it is an instrument for looking at paintings . Result of my question to Len … We spent a very happy afternoon in the SALPETRIE HOSPITAL Greetah allowed to talk non-stop & Len translating in places -

Result all Staff SALPETRIE HOSPITAL whom we met …

are coming to help with dear Thomas-Tig`s GROTE HOMES round the globe & are coming up to our Island JACOPSHOLMEN Greenland FOR THE PLAYS as soon as we can begin again -


- Aunt Mag got a bill - she will pay it for us she writes …

PARIS - We missed her Visit - we were late to Paris after escaping from Stuffed Animals in a British Museum, Canada I think it is ? -

Aunt Mag girl of the SNOWS had to leave for ROME to see her grandson a Priest in the Vatican... we stayed in her Paris apartment …

& I liked the photo of Mr Bulgarin his mother as a girl…so I did him a drawing…he will always keep it he writes …

... Aunt Margareth, Len says she had found some letters in the attic of her house in The Netherlands to do with this painting she had given The Louvre Paris - its the bottom row-big rectangle-goldie shades- they are using an instrument to look at paintings -

… it is not a rifle - my father teaches me about guns …

Fat Angela & LINDSAY are to toss DICE for who can get these gifts off the LOUVRE Records/diaries/people talking over a happy Goblet or two … /

ANDRE MALRAUX has been given copies of the diary entries

by LIR for the years 1930s Len records the Family RANSOM/Weddell/our Tour Nord-Sud Poles GROTE HOMES … many things …

… In 1960 MALRAUX knows the past life of Greta Ransom to whom he is Guardian from 1937 GR can recall very little/& NO PHOTOGRAPHS letters reach her …

1950s/1960s … Mengele paedophile Royal Satrap Harrington & his MONSTERS tell ANDRE MALRAUX the old tales …

“ they see IMPORTANT things torn up by the Ape-Eskimos ”

NB : Tearing up important post/mail IS A TRICK used by the NOBLE criminally insaneto LOCK UP their old relatives & ROB THEM of properties, jewellery, lands, Trust Funds, bank accounts & investments ! It is well established in the 19th century !

… And OPERATES into the 20th CENTURY …

1935 - We are on the way to The Basque Lands seashore Grote Home, one is at Saint Sebastian Spain - then by big ship with Alfred Charles RANSOM RN, cousin, North America … then down by planes, railways & cars & more ships & a flying boat to South America which are Jeans lands. The GROTE HOMES are to be called upon for Aunt Mag & we will see all of Jean`s relatives says Lennie -

I am to be introduced as another little INCA Weddell says my grandmother ballerina Jean Weddell Mrs Frederick Charles F. Ransom … We will meet our INCA & AZTEC kin & kith …

… We shall meet in North America that boy 11 years whose mothers blood line is Wat Tyler - he will ride a chariot one day - we give him a scholarship to Worcester School USA diaries/accounts/ LIR/

& Paul Whiteman & his duck-billed Platypus who will OPEN OUR BANKS … & go to THE TROJANS in German …

Meet the kind Mr & Mrs Varese & they come to the Opera with us … `he makes music after looking at great buildings…& travelling between France & North & South America listening to sounds` THEY ARE ALL FRIENDS OF Margareth GIRL OF THE SNOWS … LIR/

1930s diaries LIR & others/ “ THE RICHEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD ”

as vulgar IMPERIAL brutes Gross Britain & Scandinavia called her - Margareth Ransom Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE the most highly educated philanthropist they rob & refer to as an OLD ESKIMO ...


“ Aunt Mag - she never made an entrance when she took a ship -

she often travelled as a Miss Miles - & she trained a girl to play the role of herself ... she this girl had a good education & was set to know all the books, plays, music of the times ... she could comment as we the family think... as HUMANISTS... it was very successful... Aunt Mag would come along in the evenings & play the chaperon... they enjoyed this ... The chaperon could then add her incredible education to the evenings, delighting the company ” ...

“ ... or Aunt Margaret, she would be a Mrs Mevrick -

the Mevrick family had been friends of her parents - she could remember them... & Mrs Mevrick whom she liked, when she Margareth was a child - It was understood on board she was not to be disturbed during the daytime - & all her meals had to be brought to her cabin ” ...

“ ... But in the evening she would join the passengers & was found to be a delightful woman - although she was getting stout as she got older - more than plump after Tiggy died, then her son - she could dance like a girl & was very light on her feet - Sometimes there would be someone of her intellect on board - or she might travel with others -theyd all decide to take the same boat - then shed loosen up - otherwise she used the daytime as working hours ” ...

She would not be accepted in a BRITISH SALON - that society of the Noble IMPERIAL monsters - for Aunt Margareth had always an oriental look from Greenland ... although she is very beautiful as a child & a young woman - & she never had a dried out face ... as the English peaches & cream became - theyd have parched lined faces by 40-50 … something years of age ” ...

“ She never let it be known coming on board that she was a

Mrs Grote the rich woman - she never counted her money in that manner - She knew where every part of the Estate was - the smallest homestead - the tiny supportive umbrella - the investments in big concerns or the family craftwork - & so did Grote Brokers USA - begun by the family of the father & uncle of TIGGY …

Aunt Margaretha would call upon our good old faithful Argentine solicitors who have taken care since 1830s when her father FRED RANSOM found them - they called the JOYOUS VENTURE a delicate flower garden around the globe … & it gave them such pleasure & they had such luck in their dealings with other firms abroad managing the parts of it … once it was understood how it ran the Estate DELIGHTED everyone it is the source, the river, that can never run dry … ”

“ The Estate had been her JOYOUS VENTURE before she had her son at 41 years of age - her only child - he was with her until he was 15 years … then went to be further educated in France… he had already travelled the world with his mother - His happy marriage gave her two grandchildren girl & boy - our cousin is a Priest at Rome his sister was destroyed by JIM Jong - who savaged her reputation when she did not wish to marry him & caused her death ”

Records/ FJR & LIR 1938/weekend lessons for the Grote heirs

1958 March - LIR/JR® in London for USA State Department Work investigation/ Detectives & colleagues question GR in 1960/

` I GR present 11 am in Bond Street cafe March 1958 & ANDRE MALRAUX just returned from GUYANAS for General de Gaulle with us- but popping out to a shop- some scares because I clearly had lost my memory of life with ANDRE before he left - I know that CLYTEMNESTRA & her MONSTERS & Doctor Mengele want to put call me “ FOOL-HALF WIT ! ”

I GR had an influenza beginning & felt not at all well that morning- I had concrete in my head but I could see all that went on about me- their speech had to be read to me years on- it was in another part of my brain because of Mengele & Co using many drugs on me so I forget their evil - Two professional medical world are present/a dispensing chemist has given them his report on a KILLER MEDICINE that Mengele is giving ANDRE ! WILL SOMEBODY TELL HIM TO STOP TAKING IT ! They are too scared of Doctor Mengele-wengele ~

The high placed medics have been drawn into Andre-Greta troubles since 1953 - They are frightened of Mengele near to ANDRE- acting this Doctor lark - They try explain to Greta & Arthur Malone Detective & explain they have questioned some medicine Andre has been given for 4 & a half years now by Mengele- the receipts have been collected by a young professional person- at risk to himself & family- for Mengele is seen in company of Nobles- & expects a Royal Peerage soon -

1958 March - Bond Street Café - `Old Mengele is we are sure

harming men - middle-aged men - for money - We believe he has

been harming ANDREs health for a long time -Old Mengele- he wants Andre s head on a wall - This stuff he has been giving Andre over four years will have him in a wheelchair in 5 years - Mengele wants to lock everyone up … he goes mad … ”

Old Mengele is not allowed to touch a patient in the hospitals -

he did one Op that looked as if a screw-driver had been taken to the patient - a woman who died … `

Nota bene : A Mrs Hopman/Hoffman ? /the wife of the Streatham scholar killed in war - he whom gave Greta & Len lessons 1938/1939 on the telephone -