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…. Malraux returned to the Café & the Medics left … it was arranged that Brown RNVR drive me to the British Museum & ANDRE MALRAUX would collect me at 1 pm …

I see that Brown has spiteful little eyes … he is probably in the PAYE of dirty JIM & Count Lindsay … & they give him free heroin …

1957/1958 winter- CHAOS REPORTED to London - over in the JAN STEEN TAVERN North Paris - a man of high integrity who had lost his wife & two children in an accident had his mother go over- they live in a flat in Lancaster Gate- friends with Andre -

I am told by his mother one morning in the Squareas I left 50 Saint Edmund`s House Lancaster Gate Square feeling crushed

by the events of the week before- the day before & the hours since I awoke ! The feeling of DOOM from the faces I had encountered the last days … BITTERNESS PETRIFIED ! “ FACES PETRIFIED IN BITTERNESS ” (Geo. SEFRIS Greek poet)

ANDRE MALRAUX is a beautiful man ” She on her return from Paris stopping me by 50 Lancaster Gate Square - her Irish face so sad - ` ANDRE does not know what goes on over there - the two boys should not be there & are not wanted - they are hostages - as you Greetha - When I opened a door THEY ALL SCATTER TO THEIR CHAIRS (… its an Irish expression … )

She was poisoned soon in their Lancaster Gate flat - her son came to see Andre- with a face of grey grief - he knew his mother had been killed & that we are connections - I call this episode `Oliver Goldsmiths good kindly mother of Old Ireland/she may have known Annie & Bessie my great-Aunts … with ANDRE they all go to TEA at the Oblate St Charles , round the corner …


1967 November - Peter James Palmer Whitehead - Zoology/ Ichthyology BRITISH MUSEUM Natural History has work November 1967 PARIS at N.H. Museum/dept Ichthyology… makes enquiries -

“ I AM SHOCKED - what I have been told- three people-

they plead I do not say who they are … but, THIS IS NOT THE HOUSEHOLD OF AN INTELLECTUAL … ”

“ … I do wish you could tell me more- about him- & living at Lancaster Gate Square-I will read you some- its in French- French- I learned it at Radley College but I do not often use conversation- only use it for my Science- When I help Budker with his work on sharks I can manage French enough Paul Budker International Whaling Commission/Paris-PJPW translated his book SHARKS- 1967 -

Well I dont want you to be shocked- but frankly- how did

you get in with these people ? I think I feel sorry for him -

but I have only read…well…one of his books - I am going to take my notes up to Edmund (Grasses-on loan from Kew Gardens) and ask him to go over my notes ”

“ … For instance- is buffoon the same in English ? I AM GOING TO READ YOU SOME OF MY NOTES in French- WITHOUT COMMENTING- until I talk to Edmund- ask him for a translation

German Air Force age 17 years-1939-45 WAR- Edmund Laurnert Botany-KEW & BM Natural History Museum - can rhyme in one verse in Welsh/Greek/German/English- His great grandma was Cook to a big household Thuringia- she made Champagne soup & jelly- Edible & Medicinal Plants- Britain & N. Europe/

1967 November - PJPW British Museum Natural History -

... translating & breaking off to repeat



- PJPW reads it first the evening of his return from Paris

` WHEN THE MASTER OF THE HOUSE WAS IN RESIDENCE - HE WAS TREATED AS A BUFFOON - When he was away the Place had the smell of a Mafia … There were two boys up on a platform -

they were neglected - when he M. Malraux returned he would go up to them - they were very fond of him -

SHE often took her boy with her - It was known the Master had another place of residence - it was said to be London - they did not know ? - M. MALRAUX had his work for General de Gaulle -

… A woman of the staff had tried warn M. MALRAUX the eldest boy was being lead astray - he was encouraged to waste his time -

men came from Britain - but they the men, sometimes women, were fluent in French `

` An old woman camped out in the dining room and demanded meals at any time - the staff was big - lavish perhaps -

sometimes - you had the feeling you were followed- or listened to -when you left the place … when you had left you felt you were investigated - One (of them) had gone to New York - he said he was aware of un-natural watch kept on him- for sometime - 2 years before he felt he was not followed about - `

` She had her own life, Madame - her friends- could get you out of bed at anytime to make up a game of cards -1 am-even 3 am-

If you asked her if shed had a happy day you were cold-shouldered-severally rebuffed perhaps `

` Once given a car lift - about 9.30 ONE MORNING - “ he the speaker -one of these 3 talking to me in strict confidence ”

PJPW says IN NO WAY DID THEY my kind informers & helpers CRITICISE HIM - Andre MALRAUX - I should make that clear, by the way ” ` In the car - she driving - he asked if she was to have an interesting day - She was pointed that it was not the business of anyone` there was lavish house-keeping sometimes ... `

PJPW says “ I do not want to shock you … as I said THIS IS NOT THE HOUSEHOLD OF AN INTELLECTUAL I will read a little more … ”

` SOME DAYS SHE WAS SO DRUNK SHE COULD NOT GET OUT OF BED ALL THE DAY - He MALRAUX was not often there - once a fortnight - he had his career with the General, & some events Paris could have him suddenly appear … `

PJPW adds - “ I will try translate a little more clearly- they, my kind informants, were often hesitant- I think deciding what was important- I had gone to meet them with someone- it was arranged- someone of impeccable standing over there - I won`t say- but their sympathy clearly lay with him Malraux ”

1967 November - PJPW returns from ICHTHYOLOGY - PARIS

“ Did you see ANY of this WITH HIM ? This UNSEEMLY BEHAVIOUR No-No- I think you did not- HE IS NOT OF THIS CHARACTER -

What am I to make of it ? …

… I have not read you all - you could be shocked at some of it -


Yet- I have now, ( since these meetings ) read two of his books -

I do not think he is of this calibre- a buffoon- If he were - I could not understand you ! - Well - living in that lovely house - Lancaster Gate Square … that you showed me last year

“ … I told you … I heard HE MALRAUX was up in the Gardens … when I came over with Monica the Sabbatical Glasgow 1958 - I called in when we came down to London at Communist Party headquarters… they told me he was in London … he went to Moscow … they still regarded him as a bit of a hero …”

NB: The father of the WHITEHEAD TWINS has a cousin HUGO RATHBONE … he is a FOUNDER MEMBER of the BRITISH COMMUNIST PARTY … these people had worthy aims/

/shelves of books Research papers, family Archives, will convey these TIMES 1870s-1900s

TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE get a ROBOT attached to your inter-net ... ask it to explain …

(SIGNED - Greta Ransom, Lennie I.R., & Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX

1966 November7.30pm a mist laden cold wet November night-not a soul in sight - an unexpected sign in pink-green fluorescent light said `The Dive` to the basement of the house next door to our home, Saint Edmund`s House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square … OTHERWISE ALL IS AS QUIET AS THE GRAVE -

1967 November - PJPW - “ That evening a year ago but I remember you said it was creepy - eerie - the men from that Club got in - when he was not there - I do wish you could recall that … & more

PJPW had a translation done by Edmund Laurnert Botany BMNH & read it over to me two days later - he had the interview correctly it was decided - he did not read me the shocking parts but he is speaking about some matters to colleagues, & unfortunately to MONSTERS of MENGELE !

1967 November - report PARIS MALRAUX HOUSEHOLD 1950s/PJPW

NB : The shocking parts would be about the AMBIANCE of the household - & that it was unsuitable for young HOSTAGES …


Refer some pages earlier this document - the Visit of Mrs Oliver Goldsmith 1957/58 ...

Parts of another Translation :

`When the Master of the house came - he went up to two boys

It was known he had another Place - it was not known where - ?

` He was very fond of the two boys - they should have been away at school - When the Master MALRAUX was not in residence the Place had the smell of a MAFIA -

A doctor rather odd - had attacked young people - young men visiting … & staff in the buttery = The Butler`s Pantry `

` He Malraux & She - had separate lives - When the Master of the House was in residence - here in Paris - he was treated as a buffoon ` part translation - Dr Edmund Laurnert Botany BMNH

PJPW Well - I have now read some of his writing - I am frankly horrified by some of this - that they have told me - (they) rather frightened - anxious I do not say whom they are … ”

` Sometimes she took her child with her - Two boys were neglected … UP ON A PLATFORM … ( G. Pierre & Vincent sons of JO & ANDRE of SUMMER 1937) `

1967 November - PJPW “ Well - I wont go on with this - but its not the household of an intellectual - but you clearly did not feel this - with him - You did so many things in London - from Colchester - Ive seen your programmes/pamphlets - youve told me things - things I did not know - about the 18th/19th centuries too - where I have to go to for `the Classifying House` work …”

NB: Peter J.P. Whitehead twin - descended from the great NONCONFORMIST QUAKER families that made Britain`s wealth- The families of Darby-iron bridges Reynolds Bristol philanthopy- Ball/Wedgewood/Darwin/Huxley- Greg of Quarry Bank- Rathbone of Liverpool- PJPW is an ichthyologist BMNH 1961 onwards -

Began work in Kenya after leaving Trinity Hall Cambridge -

1953-1960 worked for G.B. Government Kenya - (vast pedigrees Liverpool etc -with everyone- & GRW & families … )

1967 - Peter is worried - he has opened a door into IMPERIAL HELL … he is given NO KNOWLEDGE from these French acquaintances of MALRAUX about THE SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN …

THE great Estate to which MALRAUX IS GUARDIAN being the REASON WHY the FRAUD & VIOLENCE continues … the OBSCENE COVERING UP of this GENOCIDE …

1966 November - The paedophile Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON has begun his investigations of WHITEHEAD Family November 1966

& JIM Cur James casually informed him in several ways as follows :

` Oh … I tried push the old grandfather in the Thames…he would not agree to Government Crown findings … we all needed to go HUNTING BIG GAME … we were short of dough … `

1967 November - PJPW asks Greta, a tongue-tied hunted girl of 20 centuries history in a straight line RANSOM … what was it like - the life at the ANDRE MALRAUX London place- this Catholic household ? …

“ How were you treated ? - Frankly I am shocked - shocked at this - what I have heard - IT IS NOT I REPEAT - THE HOUSEHOLD OF AN INTELLECTUAL

1967 November - Married to PJPW 6 weeks- suddenly asked to find my way back into horror- happiness- horror ! One is speechless- a typewriter would have been the answer- but life is busy- as usual I have a week`s work for which I rely on the payment to live -

ARCHIVES : There are files of the months/ Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square- end July 1957- June 2nd 1959 … then to Colne Engaine 31st December 1959 … 1960/62 - NIGHT WATCH & DEATH WATCH !

1950s Graham Greene Novelist had more knowledge than PJPW will have in 20 years time- the burning of Donovans Rare book Room to burn volumes on Ransom-Weddell-Gronlander-San Julian-scholarly accounts-& the history of the Island Jacopsholmen off West Greenland- Graham Greene could say how Colchester Museum had the paedophile Harrington employed by The Crown persecuting Colchester & demanding all Works in these names- & DIRTY JIM the Vermin of the pre-War RACES now CUR JAMES stomping around with 4 ex-Army THUGS, all of them with gun holsters under the armpits … knives … PROTECTING GOVERNMENT LORDS & CROWNS … Master Green RC Convert - of excellent Novels - could only GO TO CHURCH & ask for GUIDANCE … he has family & young to protect - Poulter used to wave the book Father Baker his mortifications at Master Greene 1953/54 -

1967 November - PARIS - The 3 supporters of Andre Malraux do not tell PJPW `his 2 sons died` … they perhaps believe PJPW knows this - they refer once to `an accident ` but it goes un-noticed by PJPW

PJPW continues “ … What impresses me is they are only looking back a few years - my notes go on from 1949/50s/61- to just before you came to the Museum 1962 from Colchester

( 24th January 1962 ) you never said about living over the Park- with him- not in 1962- Only that you called a mysterious man `your second cousin` & had written some poems to him - Only last year you told me more- then I learned who he was

1966 November - I took PJPW to the house 50 Lancaster Gate Square at 7 pm - I did not know then that PJPW had been told 1958 on his Glasgow `sabbatical` that MALRAUX lived in the Gardens Lancaster Gate Square - he called in on The British Communist Party - his Grandmother Ethel Rathbone has her cousin HUGO RATHBONE a Founder Member -

This dark raining night - it is the author Richard Carrington tells PJPW ` OH THE MALRAUX MORGUE ` & said MORE that I did

not hear - I had gone with Peter to deliver some Research papers to Carrington his book on THE SEA - & decided myself I might see the house again - I certainly was too scared to go alone …

I Greta Ransom wanted to see if that building of horror-happiness-horror - built 1860s - see if it really existed !

Although I had called November 1962 & spoken with the housekeeper & she said the name MALRAUX …/records/

I am reminded October 1966 when I had returned from 6 weeks Athens with my cousins - one married living there - Some older scientists in the BMNH who had known Andre Malraux spoke to me about my `coming & going from one side of the Park to the other ` They were family men & concerned about the tragic DEATHS of the past years …

1957/58 - A young man Oceanographer Heyward used to exchange a greeting with me winters beside the great staircase at Sir Joe (Joseph) Banks Soho Square - he is often trundling his Sea Boxes in & out (his great great Uncle Heyward on The Bounty) 1966 - Doctor Heyward now appeared as a Staff Member Oceanography housed in a HUT in a courtyard inside the great Waterhouse Building BM Natural History- He surprised me as we used our bunches of keys for the Spirit Building - saying Hello- I usually see you at Sir Joes - How is Camulodunum- must fly- come & see us in our HUT- coffee time - I will introduce you

1966 November - nearing end of afternoon work at BMNH I decided

to accompany PJPW after 6.30pm to deliver the papers to the author Richard Carrington who lived very nearby Lancaster Gate Square -

No 50 the house of strange happiness-violence-threats-horrors-doped beverages-winters 1957/1959 - a man in a Glenn Miller raincoat who made my legs go weak when I saw him- It had become a nightmare-

Sea mists- pencil sketches upon the iced air of perpetual winters -

I hoped he would step from the shadows of the Pillars-

… If only A PHANTOM - of the Opera !

That evening the usual MIRACLE did not happen…I refer to those MIRACLES of our past that have ALWAYS been SMASHED to fragments after some minutes … `

1967 - I felt a British Museum Natural History scientist would be a safe person to escort me to THE DOORS JAWS OF HELL -

Alone I might be suddenly transferred into that LOST time …

See again the threatening Mr Mengele paedophile scowling at me from the stairs & kicking the door to ANDRE`s room in my face & speaking to a sedated MALRAUX… in his Mengele style crass charlatan GOBO out of OLD VIENNA Junk Fraud psychiatry !

1957 - Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON murderer of the 12 years old Catholic boy in the Kent Hotel- the good child sucked a poisoned scarlet lollipop prepared by Mengele Harrington for 5 November 1957 when he gave one to all THE STAFF - they suffered ODDNESSES & spoke upon their conditions the next day (one is Jenny Brett 2nd cousin to the Whitehead twins … records in this Document 1937 )

Doctor HARRINGTON is awaiting his PEERSHIP …

GRASPED BACK INTO THAT TIME - be caught in it for ever !

That evil blue car outside - & my mother squatting in my room crazy that she might get the blame for Andre & Greta not knowing of the Estate- She Mad mother Kali-Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R. now being given moneys by JIM & drinking mornings with him IN HIS PRIVATE OFFICE- WHITES Club …

it has VICE every day round the corner in 2 flats of Prostitution RUN BY JIM … refreshment for the CLUB !

WHITES where 3 kinds of dope are in the Spirits- (Charles Boxer & PJPW 1978 confirm) Earls-Lords-other piles of dogs dirt - all full of ill-will towards Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom & families at the Seaside- young brother Colin Frederick Ransom - setting horrible VIOLENCE traps for all of us - mouthing foul things given them by Doc Mengele

1966 November - MALRAUX MORGUE - No person appeared in the black grey damp mists & slanting rain of that night, but … I had memory flood into my mind of returning upon such evenings



I had no memory of Pierre & Vincent November 1957 ...

they did not exist in my head -

… No lights were in the windows - Saint Edmund`s house No 50, is not yet become a hotel -

I vaguely recalled the lines by Daphne du Maurier in her novel REBECCA ` in this ruin lay our suffering` I felt the great house a ruin with our lives caught in it … by moonlight winters -

I was glad to have Peter J.P. Whitehead with me - otherwise I could not have stayed more than a few seconds - then run - or fallen down as I tripped on our footsteps of hundreds of years …

1960s - I Miss Greta Ransom had no words to speak to others about

that past - only inner sweeps of fearful feelings - I lived in a long dark tunnel of hundreds of years where the only daylight was from memory - Fear had me wrap my shivering heart my soul in dark & mist & rain the more -

… I could recall it had always seemed to be WINTER- that I am a pauper- with a father who was adopted -

1966 - My fragments of memory … after memory remove sedatives & all that dope/stuff that these criminally insane Noble brutes have in their pockets -

NB : Recall - at a Noble IMPERIAL dinner 1930s “ one crawled under the table & died …after the trifle … ”

No memories existed of FLYING TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER

June 1938 TO TAKE AUNT MAG`s spirit back ... with Lennie FLYER-

I Greta Ransom age 5 years 4 months - I had been up thrice to Greenland `FOR A BEER` - Nov 1933 first time for my christening Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM … & October-November 1935 - when we have escaped from savagery of LINDSAY Earls & JIM Jong & his IMPERIAL old brutes killing for this MONEY - All of them ON THE PIN -

1937 summer - 5 weeks happiness with JOsette & ANDRE MALRAUX & me Greetah - 1966 November - I view only our MORGUE 50 Lancaster Gate Square … a cold misty slanting rain no stars night 7.30pm ... & little MEMORY is allowed me ...

1962 November - I had it confirmed that ANDRE MALRAUX & all of

us lived there - by the housekeeper who looked startled to see me

then relaxed - The great beautiful Catholic home - hostel - Mission

… A house lived in by Andre Malraux where General de Gaulle had also work going on - I could still recall that he called early one morning on MALRAUX … an hour earlier than the appointment made for him …

1962 November - I speak with the same French housekeeper …

& the cat walked by ! The same cat - The building she reminded me was so warm & cosy when we were all there - warm inside those cold winters - she now sad - tragic- actually shed a tear … saying slowly it was to be sold as a hotel …. ` it had been got off France & Diocese of Westminster `…

She had not seen Mr Malraux for 9 months - since the accident …”

I did not ask - I had no idea of an accident - perhaps I should know ?

I did not wish to upset her more by appearing a fool - her husband the violin teacher well known - is ill & from June still coughing -

“ the Doctor says he can do no more for him ”

ANDRE MALRAUX`s housekeeper 1952-1961 London : POISONED -

She did not continue living in her ground floor flat 50 Lancaster Gate Square after her husband the well known Violinist died from bronchial matters- between 1964/66 she died from being poisoned/reports-

London Police looking for woman in white raincoat with a dark scarf over her head - a bouquet of flowers had been possibly brought by this woman who called in the afternoon - report given to Press - later Police say they are now satisfied matter closed …

` Andre had found her another flat after her husband died - She had a monthly Soiree for the former Malraux Catholic YOUNG STAFF

who were at 50 Lancaster Gate Square the 1950s `

Reports above from BROWN RNVR & Arthur Malone/Politan -

Brown had been invited to one of the two/three ? Soiree she `Auntie` Housekeeper gave before she is killed - she knew too much ! Brown RNVR knew her death is FOUL PLAY… & was annoyed “ it was going to be so enjoyable once a month - she Auntie the Housekeeper always took such an interest IN MY MUSIC …

1970 - THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING FOR THIS MONEY, Peter… we knew about it when I was in the CITY … you are TOO YOUNG to be in charge a Retired woman who held a position City of London …

1940 XMASTIDE - I Greta Ransom 7 years not asleep in an upstairs room in the Army Bulford Camp little house.. hear JIM Mr Pong talking clearly below & he now Major this & that Carew-JAMES s


“ It is all underway - they are all to be killed - dumped offshore - yes all of them ... get the lands fast ...

Its started - I can`t go - pity - got to stay on duty & MAN the Place - David & Angela … can`t be left … ”

A GENOCIDE - Orphans in Grote Homes A to Z the globe - & violent killings of FAMILIES Ransom-Weddell-Gronlander began 1929 -

Highly trained thugs take Purple Plum - Divinorum Salvia Scotland

pellets up their snouts - & earn big wages for `Hunting Big Game - sexual fun too ` - toasting `The Crown Gentlemen`

“ 1961 November - A cold Saturday winter afternoon at 50 Lancaster Gate Square - men burst in to turn off water & electricity at 4 pm- darkness is advancing - ANDRE MALRAUX his two young sons KILLED in MAY 1961 - is given notice to Leave his 2 room apartment in London/SCARLET TOWN …

look at the 2 windows left the floor above the balcony where the flags hang out - Neither he or General de Gaulle or the Diocese of Westminster had received Gross Britain Government & Crown written Orders of this -

they go on stealing our Post/mail where they can …

` A second-cousin of PJPW came to Andre`s rescue & got a delay/

… Jenny Brett had worked for Andre 1957 -files/accounts/diaries/records/2 letters from Jenny 1988 & 1989/

Her death is 1989 after she & Greta Ransom Whitehead have been seen talking … at the 100 Years Anniversary of Sir James Whitehead Lord Mayor Extraordinary 1888 -

Procession City of London 1988 is commented upon by old colleagues 1992/London & Oxford … “ A video is made - they would spot them talking together …” says PJPW February 1992 in Oxford - speaking on the death of his 2nd cousin Jenny … & the 1988 LORD MAYOR PROCESSION- anniversary of their great-grandpa becoming LORD MAYOR of LONDON James Whitehead Quaker, of Orton Appleby Cumbria 1888 …/biography JAMES Lord Mayor Extraordinary by great nephew Bob Walker/ 1989 - in libraries GB & New Zealand

1961 - I Greta Ransom had two interviews November/December to take a job in London - arranged by H. W. Poulter Deputy Curator of Colchester Museums - the first interview I take is with the Librarian of the Kings Library British Museum - the second is to be at the Vic & Bert - An errand that afternoon to a friend of Mr Poulter at the British Museum Natural History & TEA & a Tour of the Whales Section curiously desk drew me to the building - & I began work there 24th January 1962 (George Gordon Lord Byron the poet his birthday ) -

1961 November - HAD MALRAUX not been given noticehe would have come out of HELL & grabbed PERSEPHONE into the remains of his home 50 Lancaster Gate Square … as she stepped into PAST TIME in ALBERTOPOLIS … the great CLASSIFYING HOUSES to earn her pittance weekly …

About ANDRE MALRAUX in this apartment is furniture he had collected for the little high flat home he has been given permission by General de Gaulle to make for us where we should live quietly from 1957 ! The rooftop flats on the buildings Lancaster Gate Square … An account of selling up the home is given by him 1970 to PJPW … GRW allowed to take shorthand from the little kitchen The Pillar House … HARWELL… He is telling me that HE HAD REALLY CARED …

THAT I MATTERED ! I the pauper ! This is the first time I can follow our life those years … It had been wiped out 1950s by cups of beverages from the Housekeeper & Doc Mengele or his evil wife & their evil assistants calling Andre away … or knocking me into a stupor before I went down to the floor below to MALRAUX …

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX says At Lancaster Gate Square you remember when we lived there Greetha … my apartment … The Chesterfield I kept…nothing else…the Queen Anne Walnut wardrobe, do you recall it Greethathe books on KNOSSOS I gave to a school ……..

IT IS KNOWN by THE EVIL that GR is RETURNING to LONDON/Scarlet TOWN - They knew in a few hours ANDRE MALRAUX would grab me - PLUTO seizing Persephone - I would step towards him EVEN IF I COULD NOT REMEMBER HIS NAME ! Heir & Guardian Grote Homes Ransom Estate A to Z the globe HUMANITAS ! MALRAUX KNOWS HE IS GUARDIAN 1961

Even if I am allowed NO MEMORY …

1946 - Whitsun when we are ALLOWED TO WALK OUT …

… & late autumn when we are engaged -

I like the X at the end of your name Georges-Colonel Andre -

When we are married I shall call myself Madam X ”

He did not look amused & said to the 13 years old

“ I will slap you cannot say such things to my General … ”

But it is agreed by two schools someone had to marry him

“or the wrong sort of woman will get him- he is still a boy- & holy

-& an Angel- Well he may take the Robe or Veil with that divine voice Perhaps Madam X is a film-black & white ? Divorce of Madam X ?

1946 early November - he said “ I knewwww … YOUUUU would happen to me ! Mad Malrooox & his 13 years old girl friend ! I shall be the laugh of the Continent ! No kissing until you are 17 … ”

We got engaged in the Choir of Clacton-on-Sea Our Lady Church - Colonel Andre told Father Wilson “ I will take her ” - he was quite cheerful about it - We sang a piece for our Engagement - Palestrina ? - Georges-Andre as Angel Gabriel & I the Virgin Mary -


We are having 15 children & the girl twins will be called Osyth & Othona Ransom MALRAUX -

At his death `OUR CHILDREN THE SPACES BETWEEN OUR THOUGHTS` ref. King of Asine-George Sefris-Greek poet

1976 November - The SLAYINGS of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN still covered up by IMPERIAL Gross Britain they are criminally insane -

Noble IMPERIAL Powers hath NO DOUGH - GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL accurate information removed from the new Internet - attack in an Oxford University Study et al - more deaths - by NOBLE POWER OF THE PIN …

1946 November - December - Andre Malraux Colonel Georges -

with me attends Choir practice rehearsing The Marc-Antoine Charpentier MASS FOR CHRISTMAS EVEMALRAUX to France CHRISTMAS with his two tiny boys - many in-laws & relatives -

I sang at midnight in CLACTON church choir - we agreed, ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM, to think of one another at that hour -

WE ARE ENGAGED TO MARRY - permission is asked of R O M A

Our engagement & marriage will be told to only a few Catholic persons Britain & Gaul - Our COURTSHIP letters are from one friend to another & not hot stuff - he forbids it …

1946 December - We are to meet my father & relatives at the Quaker Rooms Old Road Clacton-on-sea - but FJR is attacked that afternoon at dusk - Present are Rear Admiral Alfred Charles RANSOM & senior Naval company with Andre & Greeta & 3 Weddell 3rd cousins -

Ocean & Sea Scouts - & Dr John RAY Ransom is talking about his mother who had died 1938 - LETTERS FROM JEAN he received …

He is a nice looking young man wearing casual clothes, fair hair, his eyes are one of green & one of blue-grey . Miss Gordon has never introduced me or ANDRE MALRAUX in September 1946 as she SHOULD HAVE DONE …

… the du Cann Fraudsters forbade it - ANDRE & GRETA ARE NOT TO BE INTRODUCED to the brother of Greta`s father … of course, like their Noble Class, du Cann are HIGH on heroin etc … & penniless AS WINSTON CHURCHILL says January 1960 …

This young man received a last LETTER from JEAN posted just before her death ... It came from a tiny ancient homestead close by - he received these letters via her relatives WEDDELL in South America … he NEVER KNEW SHE WAS HIS MOTHER

… the RULES OF THE SCHOOL KENTUCKY where he was being educated very highly to overcome his birth DEFECT - forbade them to know their parents until they were between 17 & 21 years of age & could go into the world as fully educated strong young mena few of the pupils would never leave the school for they were so deformed but they had the greatest education in the world … & did so many things from their HOME … & the lovely lands surrounding it … He was lucky - there were two men in the AMERICAN SENATE who had come from this school you learned to overcome misfortune …

1946 summer - JOHN RAY Ransom has been in the CLACTON Town all this summer 1946 walking over the footsteps of JEAN in the streets she described , the buildings, the countryside where JEAN wrote she went with her grand-daughter & her father -

… He is now staying in the room where she stayed her last summer upon earth looking after her grand-daughter …

He is telling GRETA his niece …` he explained to the old tenants that his mother stayed in that room … then she died on the train after a happy summer with her son & his family … They agreed to rent him the room `… Greta Ransom does not know whom his is !

NB: the grand-daughter of Jean ballerina married to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM, BEING ATTACKED by second cousins of his mother … They Premier Earls of LINDSAY - ROBBERS who are obscene & disgusting criminally insane for 3-4 generations SCOTLAND & are to ROB with violence CANADA TRANSPORT putting Lindsay No 15 to grab dough the dough - No 15 is several times CONFINED TO A NUT HOUSE FOR bloody VIOLENCE against women & men … records/

… A companion is half Chinese JIM & his travelling companion Angela … spoken about after the 3rd drink in RESPECTABLE clubs as whore of the EmpireSHE IS NOT an UNUSUAL TYPE


But seen to be far worse in Gross Britain than any other nation/records-research etc/

… ALL THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN are festering bodies part burned

in pits about Europe & the globe or in nets within the 2 miles limit of the nations WHO NEVER SLEW THESE CHILDRENIMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA did this DEED … they want DOUGH … for the GOOD TIME … they are called 1960s criminally insane but are top Vampires & dogs-crowing & barking on their rubbish heaps … WHEN NOBLES SIN everyone has to give in …

1946 December - A phone call at 6.30pm came from London to say

FJR my father seriously harmed & taken to hospital - Andre is called to the telephone by Miss Win Gordon & told he had to leave for London & Paris - I was dismissed as “ you are not invited to the Ball & you have no dress-please return to your lodgings with the young Nappers - your mother may call later ...

1946 December … It is Esther a week later made a fuss when Win excused herself saying “ I did not let Greta go to the Ball with the Naval people because she had no ball gown...” Esther said bewildered `I have evening frocks - why did you not ask me Winifred... all my friends have evening frocks ...we could have found her a ball gown... ” IT IS A TERRIBLE CRIME - WELL ORGANISED BY ON THE PIN - to keep me Greta Ransom HEIR from knowing WHOM I AM … & ANDRE MALRAUX from knowing HE IS THE GUARDIAN ! To this Estate the globe !

Nota bene : My father attacked violently in London, he on the way to the Railway Liverpool Street to meet his relatives to come to Clacton …

1946 December - hideous things happen ...

A list is made of the Weddell families in South America by Teresa Gordon Ransom - she sentenced to be in an Asylum from October 1946 -

… but the du Cann father & bastard son & 2-man false legal team

have forbidden Miss Winifred PORTIA Gordon to Register her sister for the Asylum-they will collect her in a week- SHE alone is told the incarceration of this MAD CREATURE Teresa could harm the CAREER if the 1924 bastard Edward Gordon R.C. /age 2 years becomes Edward du CANN by adoption into family of his father

(RECORDS : Adoption certificate 1927 PRODUCED for him in 1978

after he fell FOUL of legitimate citizens using his vicious tongue -

his birth certificate is NOT TO BE SHOWN to those who uphold the LAW … because he is in POLITICS … )

NB: EDWARD du CANN has been on daily HEROIN from age 17 years ... he will BOAST about it to some medics of high degree & academics 1954 January ...HE SEEMED TO THINK IT WAS SMART ... they did not ...Greta Ransom age 20 years is present that early evening - she simply said in answer to what she presumed to be a MODERN JOKE ` … ` this is your brother ` ` MY BROTHERS ARE very TALL …

He is companion to JIM … & Angela … & is urged by them TO CLAIM to be IN CHARGE of the Estate GROTE RANSOM - they three with others have physically had Greta Ransom HEIR damaged from childhood …

Nota bene: a damaged shoulder is from their violence when I am 2-5 years of age - giving me a slow writing hand - I also have a hole in my skull for my 12th birthday … If I could I would do the same to all of them - & PUT THEM ON CHAINS to work away AT EVERY NATURAL DISASTER this GLOBE has year in year out signed Greta Ransom

1946 December - CLACTON-on-Sea Old Road QUAKER ROOMS -

Here that early evening is Clytemnestra Old Mother Riley Gordon-Gordon Ransom … criminally insane like her IMPERIAL & NOBLE CHUMS … making a list of my 3rd & 4th cousins Weddell - She was asking the young teenage Weddell cousins - they had no idea of her evil noble connections - Records/ the list is put in back of Buckingham Palace late that night addressed to Lindsay Premier Earls Angela & Admiralty - to be sent to others who kill for DOUGH -