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1947 October - In 10 months these young men are dead !

19 Weddells are dead in that 10 months ! RECORDS/

The plan of criminally insane Nobles is to DENY EXISTANCE

OF ALL WEDDELL DESCENDANTS of the marriage 1824 of JAMES WEDDELL & Alovedmah Maria Miss San Julian THE ICE WHITE BRIDE - only child of an INCA Nobleman highly educated Roman Catholic a long time friend of James Weddell QUAKER -

… Murder every Weddell using the pattern for the murders of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - three-quarters of our orphan children slain by 1946 - Then put an ugly name on THE WEDDELL SEA in a few years time - REFUSED 1970 after careful consideration of RECORDS by International Oceanographers & societies/ Captain Alan Villiers says Oxford December 1967 - “they will try again … 25 years or so ”

1953 - I am shown an Atlas without the Weddell Sea - printed in 1949 in England ! This bestial plot is organised by LINDSAY Earls -

& Noble Britain penniless ON THE PIN -

1960 - over 150 Weddell descendants including the triplets, were missing in South America etc - records/diaries/letters/histories/ we are told all bodies are burned - & the grave of James Weddell in churchyard of St Clement Danes has another body in 1954 ! Mengele & Naval Intelligence - Rule Britannia - they are all to be Peers of the Realm - 7 SEAS OVER …

THEFT - Letters from Andre to Greta stolen by Teresa Gordon Ransom in May 1947 … & evening of the 17th April 1947 Wedding of GRACE day , the 2 Watercolours sent by `young Paccelli` Pope Pius 12

to Andre MALRAUX - stolen by Teresa Gordon at 5 pm ...

That evening the watercolours are handed into the back of Buckingham Palace wrapped in newspaper with a note addressed to her long time friend from 1919/1920 Angela the Witch EIdleweizz...

1920 - “ Ange & Tree ” they get put in a French Clinic for a month after joining a Witch Group - a Forest in Normandy “ They are using purple pellets & THE DEVIL KNOWS WHAT with it ! They could scarcely walk & were crazy for a month … JIM pretended to be looking after the girls !!! - THEY CAN ALL DRINK A PUB OUT OVERNIGHT ” (cine film 1920 - Ange & Tree ” they wear sweet fairy dresses of organza & satin ...shown to us by David`s sister 1960s - Records with ANDRE MALRAUX & others )

1958 Summer - the 8 letters that ANDRE MALRAUX wrote to Greta Ransom delivered to Jaywick are wrestled from the young 19 years old Postman by Teresa Gordon Ransom...She threatened his job

& he was in training - going to make a career in the Post Office ...

Sold to dirty JIM Cur JAMES Steward of WHITES CLUB a vice bar in Saint James ... Some other things, negatives, photos, got to Ed du Cann ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE PIN !

1953 December - Mr H.W. Poulter in Colchester Castle Keep is saying

“... its rare to get two birds like you two together Child ...

you`ll keep one another safe … it this harsh world ...

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX - tells PJPW -

“ Old Winnclemann had this in mind - marriage - the moment he knew I was not dead at the end of the War - He had listened to Greta at her games in the Recreation Ground with the other children after school when he and his wife took their dog -

He had even called out joining in to a game about Roman Britain

` lead on - we follow - to the High Place of the Kings … ”

21st century - Greta Ransom answers Andre Malraux -

` There is no need for romantic words as we have been together since Summer 1937 ... LIFE IS TRAGIC - as it is going to be TRAGIC as we go into the decades ahead ( I remember darning your socks Georgie-Andre ) - socks had to be darned until he got his big Job in Gaul know`th NOT he is Guardian to the miracle of Grote RANSOM Estates yet many people think he does know & has refused perhaps ?… because of his work with Saint Charles General de Gaulle ? ...

We are spied upon 24 hours the YEARS … by IMPERIAL BRUTES dripping blood & gore helping themselves to DOUGH - from this Estate my father & his two brothers are legally in charge of for the world G.R.X

GERTRUD OSTRANDER PALMER - mother of the identical WHITEHEAD twins/see Debretts/ Rowland John & Peter James born 24 June 1930 Kenya, Mia Carberry Nursing Home/files/photos/ Gertrud Ostrander Palmer Mrs Philip Henry Rathbone Whitehead, born March 1907 died March 1973 Harwell/OxfordHER comments waving a fag & reaching for a glass of Morland`s Beer under her low chair Walnut Tree Cottage Townsend Harwell are said to ANDRE MALRAUX too/1967/68...this document 1937 Summer-

HER FATHER John Campbell Palmer has 725 poems 1900s-1940s composed for dining with the Ogle Bay Rhymers Club/ Library of Congress ? or local archives ?/comments in rather 19th century fashion, family life, day-to-day matters USA & worldLawyer, lecturer, m Virginia Waugh Ostrander issue 2 sons 2 daughters/lived Wellsburg & Wheeling W. Virginia./GOBW-photos Kenya life-The Sotik 1929/30s with W. twins-husband PHRW Coffee farming/ she attends Bordeaux School of Art a year 1927/8.her Uncle Dr Joseph Belle Palmer line/ see Salt Lake City Records/photos/725 poems/lives/ with Whitehead families/

1967/1968 winter - WHITEHEAD TWINS MOTHER- West Virginia accent/




He ain t Arthur Millerbut he hes he`d a Hell of a time-

EVERIBUDY READ HIS BOOK-GREAT BOOKSTORM OVA SHANGHAISTORM OVA SHANGHAIAhhhhhh hev alsooh read the SPANISH HOPE.but sumbudi pinched it orf me- -perhaps they iz ohn the Blind library- Ah am enjoying` mah blind studiezzzzz…”

The hill-billy West Virginia accent overtakes her sometimes

Her sister Kathleen Aunt Kay with her husband Joe Sparkman had met Aunt Margaret Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE, the TIGGY HOMES are considered a USA institution J.S. is Life President the New York Yacht Clubhis father partner the firm Stevens & Sparkman yachts -

c 1970/71 - Eldest son will lose his life… He had worked his first job for GROTE BROKERS, New York 1950sThe year that they had to amalgamate with another firm to keep going after THE ROBBERY of the RANSOM 19 acres 1953/54 !

1969/1970 - Palmer Sparkman found that the GROTE BROKERS RECORDS are INTACTPalmer Sparkmans visit 1969 to his aunt Gertrude/called Teddy/ at the cottage down the lane Harwell, & to Peter Whitehead BMNH ichthyologist his cousin, to WHOM HE GAVE INFORMATION upon the RANSOM Estate , in the Museum BMNH & visiting at The Pillar House Harwell , is certainly relayed to IMPERIAL THUGS by SPIES about us since November 1966 continues -

1966 November - Miss GRETA RANSOM is followed to HARWELL

by Doc Mengele paedophile Royal Satrap Gollum HARRINGTON himself … & from this date THAT blue-car is seen hidden about HARWELL village Old Mengele Harrington, criminally insane, knows that the tragic GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX often puts in an appearance where the tragic HEIR Greta Ransom goes … /

… SPIES/ it is always so/ where RANSOM family go & Guardian

then G.B. Naval Intelligence set up a “ follow the golden goose girl & golden Guardian …

really advanced listening systems are tried out on us …/

NB: they must get a good education from we HUMANISTS …

NNB: Mengele paedophile blue-car HARRINGTON has nasty WITCH CONNECTIONS in France from the mid-1930s onwards & in Scotland 1940s onwards …he boasts in seriousness he is The Devil Falling & Fallen/ HE USES HORRIBLE DOPES on himself & encourages others of little intelligence /

1964-1973 … here in HARWELL, 19th c. en-nobled Whitehead Twins mother has brought gigantic WHIFFS of nasty WITCHCRAFT meetings & experience from KENYA/records Kenya witch trials 1950s/… it is known by OXFORD UNIVERSITY & Blackwell booksellers & friends that WITCHCRAFT goes on in GLOUCESTERSHIRE/there were old University DRINKERS in the K.A. Kings Arms Oxford who could speak seriously on this PROBLEM that they came to encounter late 1950s-1960s … records collected by Detectives-others PRE-1966 November -

1938-1954 - GROTE HOMES CHILDREN KILLED by attacks at night -

Well planned as Army Navy EXERCISES/ Records-witnesses/photos/bones/

Surrounding lands claimed sometimes by tiny line on double documents one document says falsely ` British crown property` … a trick of JIM which he first uses 1930s - the document with this LINE will disappear at some time in the Negotiations of secret silence … to be presented when the FRAUD has had MONEY PAID for the properties, lands…

About Whitehall not a mention of GROTE HOMES to be made or you die

the childrens bones still coming up at sea & in pits on land

Late in the 20th century early 21stBONES DREDGED UP BY FISHERMAN-

when the criminally insane know their crimes are likely to be discovered they order concreting & landscape gardening … & Depth Charging by

British Navy & others/contracting OUT sometimes/

1943 - it is hoped 1943 to blame the Jerri & the Japs - (Germans-Japanese) It became a rather seedy charge 1950s -

1933 XMAS - POST/MAIL STOLEN property of the HEIRS -

ORDER by GROSS BRITAIN GOVERNMENT & CROWN in secret silence with Premier EARLS of Lindsay killers GROTE CHILDREN

With other Nobles of GB & Scandinavia - Agreement to pay the Crown massive family debts … & have a share out for top class …

1937/1938 - Post/mail STOLEN from ANDRE MALRAUX -

by Gross Britain Government & Crown & Premier Earls of Lindsay … `robbing FRANCE …they joke …`

In exchange for this Estate LINDSAYbuggarhs will foot the bill

for many Crown BILLS & travel & luxuries …

Stolen are RANSOM LANDS & our historic lands of overseas marriages 14 races/27 nations

- LINDSAY & thugs decide to get BIG PROFIT by any disgusting mining/logging/shoddy building/transport/… QUICK PROFIT !

Chant MAKE BRITAIN RICH/meaning its top CLASS -


1938 - Westminster secret silence REFUSAL to acknowledge the legal WILL - administered in New York & Argentine & Asia from 1938 - the murder of Margaret GROTE by JIM Jong

1936 December onwards - Selected British Embassies abroad will be told to help themselves to Banks Grote Ransom - pay expenses where they can get away with it - Properties that are in name of the two Ransom apes Greta & Len RANSOM can be robbed - ( & Colin Frederick is an heir after his birth in October 1938 )

DECREE ISSUED IN SILENCE says GROTE HOMES can be used -abused - Art Works sold for British Crown - Angela had her men grab many art works to sell off for themselves - ORDERS : Buildings to be quickly trashed/have DIRTY PARTIES/ sold on or pulled down & suitable trashy quick profit short-term Ventures installed/PROSTITUTION /GAMBLING/ etc

COMES 2nd WORLD WAR& this is of enormous benefit to NOBLES of Gross Britain & SCANDINAVIA…

… Jeri & JAPS are to be blamed ..

1936 April - in this document of 1937 Summer

PAUL WHITEMAN musician Conductor an American Gentleman :

( NB: there were NO gentlemen in the British Diplomatic Service THEY WERE ALLOWED HELP THEMSELVES TO OUR BANKS - GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & RANSOM heirs … Margareth girl of the SNOWS , her nephew Lennie, her niece Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM ) …

“ Wake up Savages from Tittle Tattle landI have opened your bank - with 3 American Senators YOU may now go shopping all over New York We have been saved awhile from stuffed Animals in a British Museum … FIGURES FROM A MORGUE …

Winston S. Churchill had no illusions about British aristocrats -

“… they were penniless all the time … or from time to time

NB : As their debts increased 1920s-1930s the ON the PIN of G.B.

IMPERIAL Empire increased their secret silence DECREES Westminster

savagery against those who had wealth to go on living as ARISTOCRATS should … as God wished them to do …

1937 May - Unlimited use of British Realm Institutions of State-

DECREE Lindsay et al to arrange a MASSACRE of Grote Children

the HOMES worldwide educating to 18-20 years of age.


THEY ARE so I shall have them LEAVE when they are 14 years ” says a Princess Elizabeth to Greta`s grandfather the noble FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM spring 1939 a birthday Mr Pong JIM Jong is behind THIS BIG GIRL, with her mother Angela & her grandmother M. TECK - (WITNESSES/Records/ BBC/Noble people humanists/Greta Ransom her widower grandfather & family members )

It is M. Teck who caused the GIGANTIC DEBTS to the Noble family early in the 20th centuryshe believed she should have married the Texan GERMAN Millionaire & rode out on the Range keeping her figure she WENT GAMBLING to soothe her nerves… & took to drinking from 6.30 AM raw Opium brandy & hot chocolate …

1939 spring - The birthday party - Imperial heir - Scarlet town : “… she has no breeding, like her mother, said people of quality who were leaving for OVERSEAS … they say the last War has only ended 20 years ago… “ we do not wish to go into another … matters could have been sensibly stopped ten years ago ! …

1953 3rd November - enter Mengele DOC Harrington paedophile

taken up employment for Norway Denmark & Mountbatten HOUSES OF ASSASSINS - & he boasts whom his EMPLOYERS are … to intimidate VICTIMS of these Playboys -


`Mengele is to CLEAR OUT ALL RECORDS OF THEIR CRIMES - & charge the correct rates for his work - he will submit his record of expenses to The WHITEHALL - & he will have free use of the Grote RANSOM Estate around the globe - He is to find IT NECESSARY to bring false charges & murder persons who know of GROTE/RANSOM/WEDDELL/GRONLANDER

NB : slow style MURDER in hospitals/Clinics/their own homes-

HAVE spiteful fun- HE Doc Mengele HARRINGTON of the MOST Noble IMPERIAL class

“ … IS EMPLOYED TO HARM THE HEALTH of middle-age MEN ” is as far as the USA State Department SPIES get to an understanding 1958 !

They, on a monthly SALARY employed by USA GOVERNMENT are to REPORT …

IN SCARLET TOWN - sometimes a Russian & a Chinese give them a bit of help there are some GOOD GUYS around SCARLET TOWN…keep heads down -

1950s - at 50 Lancaster Gate Square - Doc MENGELE paedophile Royal Satrap Yacht companion is slow-killing ANDRE MALRAUX using the women in A Jan Steen Tavern Paris to assist with POISON medicines … that we are sure they do not know are POISON MEDICINES when The Master of the House is in Residence - records 1967 Nov. PJPW et al…

1947 onwards - Andre MALRAUX is trying to get his boys free of a HELL risen up about him & Mengele paedophile IMPERIAL British HARRINGTON has got a DECREE FROM … ????? … & got some control of the MALRAUX moneys … !!! Records/oral from ANDRE MALRAUX 1957 December !

ANDRE MALRAUX 1946/1947 intended his SONS to AMPLEFORTH SCHOOL ( A Doctor Tolken MAN OF LETTERS/LORD OF THE RING/HOBBITS/ has his sons in this ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL … ) MALRAUX has no idea his GUARDIANSHP ESTATE will have it all PAID …

1947-1960s - Mr Mengele HARRINGTON insists ANDRE MALRAUX IS A PAUPER

… All moneys belong to HIM Mengele HARRINGTON paedophile -

in charge of them for Clara nee Goldsmith MALRAUX et al MALRAUX is CAUGHT up in a WEB of the criminally insane- his POST/mail telling him of his LEGAL GUARDIANSHIP is stolen by BRITISH IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT FIGURES Lords of LINDSAY & CROWNS … from 1937/38 CHRISTMAS !

NB: Manipulating leaders of the globe with dopes …

Is the PLAN of Doc Mengele HARRINGTON 1950-1952 - a listener realised this runt is not being funny - & UNDERSTOOD old Mengele-Wengele HARRINGTON gave out lethal medicines to good men This man tried tell `ROUND THE EDUCATED PARTS OF SCARLET TOWN`

Mengele HARRINGTON is dangerous - the man left for NEW ZEALAND.

19th century - GRONLANDER & RANSOM ...

of Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland -

“ they were , the RANSOM families, Conservationists before their time - Fred had to teach Gertrud whom she could admit to their Paris home, & in the Perigord Chateau after they eloped to Paris -

old Jacop her father following swiftly on

In Europe she was an attraction - her exotic looks - her outstanding Social position as an heiress ... & her high education was such a surprise ... & her several languages -

1830s - ON THE CONTINENT of EUROPE it was her explanations of the use of her Greenland lore that had the educated listen & not just look - old Delacroix paints her several times -

PAINTINGS : - Two DELACROIX paintings are destroyed by JIM/Tree/Ange/ & Mengele Harrington - Gertrud in her savage necklace by the Greenland shore is by FJR left to Greta Ransom W. 1969 - RECORDS : destroyed in name of Gross Britain Government & Crowns ` & Gertrud in heathen robes - is missing ? …

NB: you can see Gertrud grandmother TWICE BACK of Greetah Ransom - at the foot of a painting LOUVRE - SARDANAPULUS… she is painted as exotic girl & wears an indigo veil …

GERTRUD POULSEN - old Jacop Poulsen his only daughter the Gronlander`s grand-daughter went to a Finishing School in Norway - & for pleasure could sing Grand Opera -

Fred Ransom her husband had to show her people of worth in Europe & Gross Britain whom you could trust the simple technician who had a matter to explain & came with drawings or some other work not the expensive factory owner who destroyed the bodies & souls of men women & children ... they must not be let in the door ” FJR/JRR/LIR

… The humble aristocrat who came to her , GERTRUD POULSEN

Mrs FRED RANSOM, WITHOUT RACISM … & listened to her

bursting enthusiasm over her snow lands … & heard her philosophy of her people ... `that you put back in Nature what you take out` ... she could allow persons of this QUALITY entry to their circle, or their home in Paris …

NB: Paris Ransom house - a home that had belonged to them since late 17th century - Bought by Father Ransom of Laetitia & Fabricius Ransom his eldest son/Lady Lettie is Indian from Karachi/records

1707 - (Let & Fab Ransom as Lennie calls them -)

RANSOM FAMILY - educated the 9 years old Lettie his sons had picked up in a cockle-shell boat off Karachi 1707- runaway bride helped escape by a sympathetic servant who knew her sister age 12 had died at his handsthat nasty old Nizam - He who now chased the Ransom brothers for 20 years until his death …

A marriage 1717 to eldest son FABRICIUS RANSOM & Lettie now a fine Classical scholar- the family had connections to Hans Sloan-

Visit to her parents India she age 50 with F. Ransom husband & sons -

Records RANSOM family & others/letters-diaries-paintings stolen from MONTROSE Farm, the Basin, September 1939 - property then labelled Crown Lands until a SCARE 1973 when the MURDERERS of Dr JOHN RAY Ransom discovered farm pulled down/lands sold/ALL DOCUMENTS MISSING AS USUAL …

Reports/records/this document Summer 1937 in 3 Parts gives these tragic events,,,

born 1841/43 - “ MARGARETH daughter of Fred & Gertrud Ransom

a beautiful child had only the exotic oval eyes in blue - but this was enough to have her called `old Eskimo` - by Lindsay Earls & other Gross Britain disgusting noble thieves -

“ Lindsay a bloody nuisance since the Planet began”

`quotes Winston Churchill January 1960 - he tells how they`d tried lock Margaret Ransom Grote up in an Asylum in the early 1920s but he came to hear of it - as well as LINDSAY killings in Scotland for money & lands - HE THREW THEM OUT OF BRITAIN …

`… Earl of LINDSAY trying to CLAIM all her wealth … via her sister-in-law Millie Frobisher Ransom skater ” Academy of Ancient Arts/Millie murdered 1897 by two LINDSAY 2nd cousins for her Florida lands !

1920s - Churchill spoke to Mrs Grote & found her education far superior to his - “…she could speak to you in 12 languages & about the literature too - & she knew Arabic & Classical languages - her family Theatre on her Island off Xristensharb had given every worthwhile play- all of Shakespeare - intelligenzia sailed up for the Season- nearly 40 years of it ”

“ If Earl Lindsay has a degree - then I have 10 ! They can barely read or write - Mrs Grote left the realm to go abroad as she always had her work taking care of her the Orphanages her husband left her…on her Ransom Family lands - he & she circumnavigating A to Z for years… RECORDS 1960 January

1938/1939 winter - When Churchill heard Angela`s two small girls were put to claiming Mrs Ransom Grote`s Estatehe said they should go back to a schoolroom & learn you did NOT take another peoples properties !

He does not seem to have realised JIM is a pimp- but he knew the murderous Lindsay mob ! Churchill champions Mrs Grotes ancestry - “ England has always had an influx of foreigners coming in - in her case she has a family Ransom down the East Coast of Britain from the beginning of Christianity … ”

NB: Churchill perhaps has no experience on the use of Divinorum Salvia Scotland- Lindsay Earls of Crawford etc had 1920s had made a number of killings in Scotland - WSC took stolen properties off them & drove some overseas - he had no illusions why penniless aristocrats stole - THEY HAD NO MONEY ”

1939 January - Mr Winston Churchill questioned a child cheering him up over a newspaper article he was grumbling aloud over - 1939 a winter morning in his newspaper shop - Greta Ransom spoke kindly to an old man who looked like Father Christmas ...

I understand we own the land & Mansions WSC lives in - We are to meet an Agent about repairs- usual FRAUD & falsehoods is afoot by JIM & LINDSAYbuggarhs ! (Margareth Ransom Grote has been murdered by JIM Jong 15 Mai 1938) Death duties are paid 3 times over - on the ENGLISH Ransom Estate - & also stolen THRICE in this violent theft by Nobles who keep unholy households - Greta Ransom 5-6 years old

I & my father FJR & Lennie that winter morning about 9 am noticed a slimy man following us - cocking-an-ear -

“ Mr Churchill found the 6 years old Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom could tell him the philosophy-administration-welfare- of her Aunt Margareth & Family, her Estate & Tiggy Homes- This child had travelled to them when 2-3 years with Lennie `

`Ah yes hed seen young Len at doos - Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransoms youngest boy - he could fly planes Pole to Pole - so here

were the heirs - it was a good Team - War is coming ! Theyd be

better off in the Argentine ? He had to correct two small girls some years ago about this Estatetelling them they could not take other peoples property- he repeated this 1939 “ They must go back in the school-room & learn from the beginning `THEY CANNOT TAKE THE PROPERTY OF OTHER PEOPLE` … ”

Records/diaries/1930s-1960 Colne Engaine

1920s-30s - Winston CHURCHILL is aware Angela & LINDSAYS kept company at Clacton-on-Sea where Lindsay clan have a big place the GRAND on the seafront next the Royal Hotel a fashionable hotel 19th century … before Frinton Sands is well known -

“ CHURCHILL did not know of JIMs powerful role - this half Chinese kept a bashful appearance- his little head going from side to side smiling with a look of goodwill - always as though apologising for his Asian half from his mother - but loyal of course, mentioning his devotion to her -


then thrown out of China by his Chinese grandfather for embezzlement his business & assets & fraud extended family China/possibly Indonesia too/ & violence/ `

JIM Jong Mr Pong travelled with a simple half-hessian sack & metal cosh - rarely expensive suitcasewould pour the tea as in China - act Page-Puck- he is born just before the 20th century -

In Pekin JIM studying at the Chinese Opera 2 years is judged very good at evil roles - not at sympathetic parts - Records his mother et al

1939 October - JIM is to get a signature from Churchill to stop off at West Greenland - Jacopsholmen Island to ORDER de SALLE family of PARIS out of RANSOM great warm house early December INTO THE ARCTIC WINTER 1939

1939 October - JIM Jong/ now called Major this-or-that …

“ … it is known `to authorities` he is to get from Churchill

a signature to go to Canada only, they thought …”

Report … that night JIM gave a small dinner in the Palace -

4 people present - it is Wartime - They are Churchill & his Aide -

Jim & his Assistant in this Intelligence Unit he now runs in Buckingham Palace 1939-1943

“ JIM now called Major James/Carew/O-Carroll etc…enthused theyd been given a bottle of good brandy & a chicken by well-wishers-

He JIM saw to serving & pouring - playing his usual little Puck-Page role - It was pleasant - although the threat of a fearful WAR present ”

“ THE Palace FAMILY had gone out to a meal in London with friends with the 2 girls - JIM kept house - there were not too many Palace staff at that time of evening & because it is wartime ” -

“ IT IS BELIEVED THAT HE GOT THE official SIGNATURE FOR CANADA HE NEEDED as the pleasant dinner is over the main course ” … no name for this witness given

Nota bene:

& Churchill did not see in teeny-weeny writing GREENLAND ??

Is it likely JIM used invisible INK ? … it was a great favourite at Christmastime - I believe I GR sent COLONEL ANDRE a letter in INVISIBLE WRITING when I was 12 years old ! Greta Ransom

Above Reports/eye witness/accounts/diaries/gate-keepers/

USA INTELLIGENCE AGENTS 1948 / accounts checked 1950s -

1949 - COURT MARTIAL of JIM Jong - Major this-&-that

( possibly Southampton/Press items/a well documented MATTER with records available into 1950s ) - Major of various surnames / JIM/Cur James of WHITES CLUB vice bar 1950s/1960s/ & Mr Pong Jimmie Jong of 1920s-1930s/ ...

... JIM one of the accomplices to LINDSAY Premier EARLS ... planning meticulously 1930s the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ...

He has been the chum & travelling companion of ANGELA since they are in their teen years - He is stripped of the KINGS UNIFORM …

1939-1943 - JIM was giving trouble in the Buckingham Palace - but he was the close friend of Angela - he whipped a valuable Vase & took it to New York for sale - some few other things disappeared

1944 - JIM left Buckingham Palace service/North Africa & Kenya - boasting he did not want to miss the fighting - 1944 North Africa he killed 4 Italians prisoners of War of good families - For the sake of possessing a watch with a compass … he shot them in the back ... ”

1949 Reports/ `doctor killed as he going to be A key witness 1949

to JIM`s `Court Martial` - when he is STRIPPED of the Kings Uniform - BUT NOT THE QUEENS uniform/ Rise of JIM - NANKIN MAN / `

1949 - 2 lorries full of NO Rank soldiers …

not allowed give evidence of what they saw JIM do 1944

“ 1949 - A Court Martial JIM dismissed Army UNIFORM/Full Court Martial expected is converted into REPRIMAND Hearings by meetings of secret silences/down DARK LANES in SCOTLAND

In 1960s JIM is back in Army Uniform on a horse alongside the Sovereign … who is a SHE - City of London make a protest ”


Peoples of the Ransom Estate A to Z the globe are missing ... their lands trashed-turned to poverty-stripped of all woodlands-rivers & waterways, seacoasts FOULED...TO MAKE BRITAIN RICH .. Earls of LINDSAY are known to many human beings to have lead night-time BATTLES to SLAY THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ... IT IS A TERRIFYING SITUATION - it is understood “ WHEN THEIR LORDSHIPS SIN everyone must give in …”

1945 July - ( See this Document/Summer 1937)

`THE REARING TOM CAT July 1945 Clacton-on-Sea ...

LINDSAY evil mob - allowed in their `GRAND` Clacton seafront - BEFORE IT IS PULLED DOWN ... condemned ...

Many human beings of the Ransom Weddell Gronlander branches of our families are found missing/ slain by LINDSAY & Noble gangs for money - in name of the CROWNS - It is 1961 before ex-Army & others could EXTERMINATE a few of the Noble MONSTERS … too many were left able to STRUT ABOUT

1960 - No Weddell descendant can be found alive South America

from the marriage 1824 of JAMES WEDDELL Quaker-Weddell Sea-

to the only child of the INCA Nobleman Roman Catholic

“ Marriage of the ICE WHITE BRIDE…”

1829 - James Weddell offered Post as Full Governor -

Taking over from his father-in-law Acting Governor, SAN JULIAN

the Ice breakers owner-Mathematician-Astronomer-Philosopher-historian-Visitor to Rome- Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel -

Acting Governor Tierra del Fuego/San Julian Bay/1830s -

JAMES WEDDELL Mariner/WEDDELL SEA sub-arctic -

... his mother of a respected London Quaker family PIERCE-

1830/31 - Weddell is refused permission by British Admiralty to return

to his two sons James Weddell born 1825 & John Weddell born 1826

his young wife dead from a PLANNED attack in the countryside outside the town at age 21 years -

She is the Peruvian Aelovedmah-Maria granted a Sainthood by South American Catholic Church - her grave under the Altar was a Pilgrimage for many South American families -

1936 - Ransom-Weddell her own family make THE PILGRIMAGE to her TOMB with kin of her grandmother, & the AQUIDA line of her mother of the Land of the Basques/SPAIN JEAN ballerina, her grand-daughter, lead the Pilgrimage to the hillside church …

NOTA BENE : 1946 December -

`Alfred Charles Ransom Rear Admiral 1st World War & 2nd World War - with other RN seniorsabout them that afternoon & early evening some Sea Scouts/Ocean Scouts - descendants of JAMES WEDDELL from his younger son JOHN WEDDELL born 1826 …`

Greta Ransom aged 13 years 9 months is present from 5 pm -

she descended from the elder son James Weddell born 1825.

I GR was not supposed to KNOW WHO THEY ARE ! I was not warned beforehand~ there were letters sent to me that last week but I received NOTHING !

` AT 6 pm ANDRE MALRAUX entered & began to speak with the young sailors … he had NO IDEA these WEDDELL boys were related to Greta Ransom ! Swiftly matters moved ! 6.30 a phone call from London told that FJR Greta`s father ATTACKED IN THE STREET - he was in hospital - ANDRE was told by Aunt Win he was needed in PARIS

Greta told to `RETURN TO YOUR LODGINGS` … IT WAS CAREFULLY PLOTTED & PLANNED ! TO KEEP GUARDIAN & HEIR from meeting FAMILY ! Hearing of the ESTATE ! ` Records 1960/61 Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux/

1946 December - The elders RN in this group - have every intention

of swiftly HALTING the murders of the Ransom Tenants settlements

& of the ASIAN GROTE HOMES children that may be left... the killing is still going on ... They will stop the Ringleaders continuing more sadistic havoc & madness - this is believed possible !

Evidence 1946/48/ points to father & bastard Du Cann with LINDSAY EARLS - organised the attack on young ARMY Captain Frederick John RANSOM so he & his Party of RANSOM WEDDELL relatives did not attend that early evening at the CLACTON QUAKER ROOMS meeting - & GREET at last ANDRE MALRAUX just become engaged to marry to the young HEIR of Margareth Ransom Grote... GREETAH Frobisher Weddell Ransom ..

1946 December - “ AFTER the NEWS ARRIVES 6.30 pm that FJR has been attacked & is in London hospital & his family with him ...

Miss Winnie Gordon by swift phone call to ANDRE MALRAUX- with us at the QUAKER ROOMS Clacton.. tells him he is wanted in France ”

« She now ordered her niece Greeta to `GO TO HER LODGINGS` ...

YES -Winnie Gordon ex-ATS had told Greeta that she a schoolgirl could NOT go to the Ball with the Naval men as she did not have a ball gown & was too young. Miss Gordon says to Greta, that her mother would call upon her later that evening » ...


TERESA GORDON Ransom is to be placed in a MENTAL INSTITUTION - lunatic ASYLUM - by the end of October 1946 !

Nota bene : Her crimes COULD NOT be prosecuted/reason TO PROTECT THE ROYAL FAMILY of ANGELA & the Premier Earls of Crawford & LINDSAY - it was believed their YOUNG were not part of the crimes of Teresa & her noble friends - THE MATTER serious is a woman who got a Crown by default

She a VISITOR to the LINDSAY GRAND - on Clacton-on-Sea seafront 1920s … to 1938 !

1946 late August-September- THE Clacton/Chelmsford COURT DID NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE OF THE SLAUGHTER OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN or know it is still continuing ASIA …

OR that ALL these NOBLE CREATURES were receiving MONEYS … & incapable of feeling any REMORSE at the bestial deaths given these children …

… THE BRITISH SCANDINAVIAN NOBLES UNDERSTOOD THEY WERE NOW RICH … an OLD ESKIMO & her KIN, her KITH, were to be destroyed … for they were bred from APES & ESKIMOS … hee haw then BRITAIN WOULD BE RICH …

PORTRAITS : Teresa Elizabeth Gordon Ransom, a sister to Miss Win - Miss Gordon self-appointed ?

… as Miss Winifred PORTIA at the MARITAL COURT :

she is told in the SUMMING UP quite CLEARLY & FIRMLY to arrange the ENTRY of her sister Teresa to TENDRING ASYLUM for Assessment …

… assessment to suitable NUT HOUSE/ high security CRANKY HOUSE … she Teresa chum of ANGELA would be placed - at least WHILE THE 3 RANSOM CHILDREN WERE IN EDUCATION TO 21 years ! -