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Nota Bene : the Berber family of Aurora 6-7th century Castile & our 3 Palestine lines of our Ransom brides of 11th-12th centuries - also we have Uncle Fred MacMurray New York Broker & Film Star & a cousin to ballerina grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom is Clarke Gable via our INCA Tierra del Fuego line of the R.C. scholar Yahama Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel direct descendant of the INCA Priest Ruler mathematician astronomers - Imperial Noble Britain & Norway call us `Apes & Eskimos

1504 Okinawa is a Ransom widower of Montrose marriage in Bruges Cathedral to `The Lady Japan` of an old Royal line Okinawa paintings of Phoebe Ransom Mainwarring of Montrose Scotland with her Japanese eyes were to be seen in famous pre-2nd World War collections

Until the 2nd World War 1939 we are invited to great houses in England where our Frobisher line have relatives - Clouds/Taplow Court/Cliveden/ also invitations from Buckingham Palace & the Admiralty - Alexandra Palace is another kidnapping by JIM & Lindsay (Earl 14) two little Pimps - but INCA KIN had just taught me HOW THEY BUILD A MOUND

We have days in DEPTFORD staying in our little house `Jerusalem` by the Park - we go with JEAN my granny ballerina, & we her young Ransom family join in her HOLY WORK

We visit GROTE HOMES & the Estate & relatives 1935-1936 for 8 months - travelling to & from Greenland to the Magellan Straights ( a pair of legs dangle from a tree - he was given 3 chances - my Jurisprudence exams when I am 3 years 3 months will have me say `perhaps he needed to be examined by a doctor & have a rest in a hospital ` GROTE HOMES CHILDREN talking with us in Ecuador felt this was a good point GROTE CHILDREN learn easily 4 languages & visit across the globe - the Ecuador Home had been to China 30 years before on our big boats & still wrote to each other & some made visits - they are working in teaching/science/welfare/medicine or some liked to STAY HOME & farm

1957 November I, age 24 years, am taken one cold misty damp night to a scary house of childhood fears - ANDRE MALRAUX has known my mother Teresa E. Gordon since 1924 Deauville-Paris. This house Hilldrop Crescent Highgate is where she & her aristocrat friends/fiends misbehaved in the 1920s MALRAUX, whom I usually call Georges as his mother did, he began to say If you wanted to write a novel I have been working at COLCHESTER MUSEUM Roman CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis & said stoutly I DO NOT WRITE NOVELS ONLY TRUTH HISTORY ! Perhaps not a polite thing to say to A MAN OF LETTERS - FRENCH But, we have our creepy problems of the present day 1950s my mother & her aristocratic fiends will NOT leave MALRAUX & I alone - we are followed about Scarlet Town (Foreign Spies code name for London) by their thugs - some called Naval Intelligence BILGE RATS Rear Admiral Uncle Alfie Charles Ransom is now dead so there is no advice to be got

This 20th century human History will have the reader sometimes travel via ancestral lines reaching back to 9th century East Coast Britain for the mother of MALRAUX/HISTON is her first recorded ancestors surname - & BC Jutland for the RANSOM line of ` first known grandfather` Ransom who came to LONDINIUM 77 AD & created a nice job for himself in the ROMANA-British Empire he had languages With my Ransom families records & other branches, ANDRE MALRAUX & friends, I have put back upon the face of TIME those good human beings so viciously CULLED, SLAIN, REMOVED from PUBLIC RECORDS by Imperial Powers - those FIGURES FROM A MORGUE

good persons & their graves & evidence of their existence removed by the British Government & Nobles so that IMPERIAL FIGURES from a dying Empire became rich & increasingly criminally insane - Often using a dope they grow in Scotland, Divinorum Salvia Scotland, inserting fire-blown pellets up the snout which HIT the brain in 2 seconds/Reports 1970 These PIMPS did not have to pay their gambling & luxury debts & inevitably their friends/fiends joined them stealing from the Estate where they could twist the Institutions of the Nations - The EVIL speak again from diaries/tapes/oral/monuments/secret silence decrees/letters

1950s - Colchester Curators & other scholars shown the work of my father Frederick John Ransom (Army Captain 2nd World War) with his families on our Ancestry said it was `a work of genius`

This 3,000 plus page Document is a scaffolding for work on GOOD & EVIL - you will not regret embarking with we SEA TRADERS - meeting much HAPPINESS & unfortunately brutal cunning EVIL - Here you meet human beings you would have much in sympathy with & enjoy their company & in this work (and that to follow on) I have returned them to the civilised world with their own words very often -