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MALRAUX `s GUARDIANSHIP from 1937 of a million GROTE HOMES CHILDREN around the globe is kept from him - Harrington is officially in secret silence employed by LINDSAY EARLS & BRITISH GOVERNMENT from 1938 to spy on MALRAUX In this work it is explained by many good people how keeping Malraux from knowing of the Guardianship is done -

UNTIL XMAS 1959 when a Catholic woman `HIT THE HEAVENS` & the GORY FRAUD is revealed it was because of a visit from a Vatican representative a Priest named Ratzinger that she wanted a STOP put to this horrible matter dumped on `Young Pacelli` ( Pope Pius 12th ) & which he had to keep `behind a terrible door in the Vatican` because the Guardian Andre Malraux & his Employer General de Gaulle did nothing from 1946 when they were supposed to have been informed OF THE SLAYING of the GROTE CHILDREN about the earth OF COURSE, the two good honest men did not know ! Britain Ruled the Waves

LEARNING THE TRUTH in January 1960 he ANDRE MALRAUX immediately said I would have accepted - it was what I could do …” TheSE GROTE CHILDREN could be found after 1945 in pits as burned bones, or in nets at sea

Reports are given in this work from those who saw this including the man of Normandy who grew up alongside a GROTE HOME he a lawyer/broker/onion seller brings a notebook to us 1960 “…the earth is now reluctant to receive the ACID (Lindsay & scum jeer `that acid is poured into the pits & that depth-charging by the Navy goes on where they dumped the kids ` within the 2 mile seashore limit of nations of the world )

A French farmer speaks 1960 of little grey hands that come out of the earth in winter - there was no time to burn them after pouring in the kerosene & there are others reporting

There is a good man my Irish families call `young Pacelli` the VATICAN (become Pope Pius 12) - His belief & trust in us all & he granted permission 1947 for `an early wedding of Grace` - My grandmother Mary Helena Gordon would speak with him on the telephone 1930s- his old friend Rome has come to be head Priest of the great piece of 1920s architecture CLACTON-on-Sea Church of Our Lady by the Convent of Poor Saint Clares on the seafront ` I remember the photos of a Vatican apartment by the gate sent by `young Pacelli` 1938/39 when times were dangerous & he wished Granny Gordon come with me to his little School for children at Risk. He writes to she & Honoria-Rachel that he has just moved it inside the VATICAN - An Irish-American cousin is a Dominican Priest in the Vatican - he sends me blue green sweets of sea colours & Margareth Grote owner of the great worldwide Estate has a grandson a Priest at Rome

I curtsy again to all those good human beings I meet when I am 3 & four years of age about the globe 1935-36-38 after we fled in our planes the criminal insanity of IMPERIAL GREAT BRITAIN & embarked upon visits for Aunt Margareth Ransom Grote to our 3,000 or more GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN encircling the globe since 1864 - children educating to 18 or 22 years - hated by IMPERIAL POWERS Britain & Scandinavia & to be SLAIN brutally during the 2nd world war

In these pages YOU WILL ENTER GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN with us in the 1930s & meet the happy children orphans , & AGAIN during the 2nd WORLD WAR by NIGHT hear the reports of those observers who got away from the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN MONEY could be got quickly for British & Scandinavian Nobles & IMPERIAL POWERS by the SALE of the lands & the art works in every home

1966 old scientist to Miss Greta Ransom : You had an ugly woman at the helm of your Nation in the War - I was grateful for my HOME in ASIA it enabled me to go on & do SCIENCE I had a mother but a dead father

( Report 1966 a most eminent man whose government protect him when he travels off-shore )

This woman says to Whitehall centre of British Government 1938 I WANT THE GROTE HOMES CLEARED the lands sold & the MONEY GIVEN TO ME …” /records/she uses `purple-plum` Divinorum Salvia Scotland as her friends/fiends/ her parents grow it as most Noble families Western Scotland

1937 SUMMER - the colour code assists - will show you how meaningful, secure & happy life can be We embark here upon a voyage of good & evil which tells of the CHAOS & CATASTROPHY of the human condition when the criminally insane are able to seize VAST TERRIFYING POWER you will emerge stronger from this `sail `

2011 AD - Greta Ransom for my families & ANDRE MALRAUX