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1967 NOVEMBER : TROUBLE AT MORGUE : MATTER IS = HOW DARE TERESA GORDON Ransom ALLOW A MARRIAGE by the APE-ESKIMO Greetha Ransom !!! Is she having a JOKE with us ???

IT HAS BEEN FORBIDDEN the Ransom Ape-Eskimo MARRY - DECREE by MOONLIGHT from WESTMINSTER : THE IMPERIAL MORGUE is still TREMBLING from the 1947 Papal approved CATHOLIC MARRIAGE TO MALRAUX GUARDIAN = Has our dear Teresa gone mad ? Give her some more money ?

(((( WHITEHALL Centre of British Government : ` 1948 had to rush him down the PARIS REGISTRY again stop Mrs de Gaulle knitting tiny garments for the expected tidal wave of little Malraux-Ransom-Weddell Eskimo-Apes ` )))) :

1967 November - swift visit by above Noble criminally insane PIMPS to CUR Rowland - he in debt creeping up to near 45,000 pounds agrees to give PERMISSION to LIFT all postal deliveries and cut and control, and report, on all communications from RANSOM families now that Greta Ransom is wearing a wedding ring from 12th October 1967 to his identical twin brother in BMNH -

1967 November - This Noble Scotland-BRITISH-one a half Chinese, GANG then BOOTED IN late afternoon on PJPW in BMNH = Ichthyology-British Museum Natural History he must agree to this of course (blackmail of course - but he & twin have played Games etc with this posh NOBLE Schools blackmailing Class = They can bat and whack it back at them - Many of them have FOUL CRIMES, and especially concerning the GROTE HOMES and RANSOM Estate worldwide :

Thus entered after dark into the BMNH, that great Waterhouse building, these 3rd Generation Noble Poor from the Most Noble bog-trotters of Scotland & chums VIKING ghouls reduced to grave clothes : WHITEHEAD P. must agree with brother SIR ROWLAND :::: Brave men should shoot them all 3 times in the BUM & herd them into mid-Oceanus Germanicus = NORTH SEA :

(((( I will finish this piece of work with a relevant `LINDSAY-Lindsey BIBLE TALE ` And, Brethren, it fell upon HALL DAY & the LINDSAY they had them NO SHEEP thus after Midnight chimed they went forth in silence and got themselves sheep ( to continue at the end of this explanation of continuing obscene violence from aging Noble criminally insane 1967 onwards ))))

Nota bene : Peter James Palmer Whitehead, BMNH, Zoology-ichthyology : did not know until Feb 1970 from his cousin Solicitor young Tom Blyth of the great debts of his twin - who when asked how he would pay had replied with arrogance `Family funds` = would that be RANSOM ESTATE family funds ???

unfortunately since Summer 1968 the pair of them have been closing parts of our miracle transport etc. investments, and the half Philanthropy ESTATE - either a FUN hedonism attitude, no GOSPELS ACTED OUT : Cur ROWLAND and identical twin PJPW are given Documents directing they are Head of the Ransom family for the dim-wit Greta Ransom & the Weddell Ape Len Immanuel Ransom, co-and sub-heir :

MEMORANDUM : and the legal GUARDIAN, ANDRE MALRAUX is alive - and the three good RANSOM brothers FJR/JRR/LIR - and their sister Ivy Jean who has been subjected to brutal threats since a teenager - 1950s she has a noose waved at her in the streets after dark by JIM JONG and his ex-Army Kenya thugs - she tries not to worry her brothers : so this is all done to protect the Noble British Lords and their CROWNS = ? ? ?

1945 - But my father FJR and his two brothers, with good wholesome nations have been in charge of the restoration and maintenance of the RANSOM ESTATE = aware that one word of GROTE HOMES amongst the smaller nations can lead to slaughter of those who dare utter a word :

The identical Whitehead twins have known ANGELA since 1936, they 6 years old - she always had the same joke did they know which of them was which This is after the divorce 1936/1937 of their parents : Angela & her mother-in-law & friend JIMMIE JONG have a fixation on making young persons WARDS OF COURT : the families Whitehead and Rathbone were alarmed - it would mean they had no control of inheritance moneys :

Thus the American mother Gertrud nee Ostrander Palmer (known as Teddy) was returned by her Wheeling West Virginia family to London town 1938 & stayed during the 2nd World War helping American Red Cross : She appears at Church at Wallingford every fortnight :

( NB : Wards of Court : 1959 in London, a visitor to Andre Malraux tells a long tale of destroyed inheritance because of this system - in his case he is a distant in-law of Angela & her mother-in-law = system dates back before King John and Maid Marianne :

1968 the twins requested to make a short private visit to ANGELA arranged by JIM JONG Cur James and Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON & some LINDSAY-Lindsey help :

Early 1968 - WHITEHEAD identical twins lead into CRIME : Their old acquaintance Angela had a tale of being denied this Estate - left to her by an old Eskimo - and how the Apes-Eskimos Ransom took it : Not a word is spoken of the dead GROTE CHILDREN & her friend Teresa Gordon 1932 Mrs F.J. Ransom ( Ange & Tree of the 1920s) booted in on her and said `get that fat off - do something - leave my family alone ` ( But I and good folk do not follow the matter here - other than ANGE has had too much `dough` )

Early 1960s Rowland had already lost thousands of pounds with `Whizz Kids` His brother spoke my name to him - I worked again in the BMNH from October 1966 : ROWLAND knew from 1966 November what the name Miss Greta Ransom meant ( I working in City of London 1964/66 to summer) He immediately informed his twin that month - they told their mother Rowland understood much of the ESTATE MATTERS from early 1960s - he made rude flippant untrue remarks about Herbert Charles RANSOM CBE whose career included running Crown Office and Finances of Palestine : Rowland had much HEARSAY about good people who had died when he was in his 20s

The twins, Angela, JIM Jong Cur James, MENGELE, LINDSAY-Lindsey, Scandinavian ghouls needed dropping on an isolated Arctic Island, in day clothes, with dustbin bags & empty bottles of gin and left = they would eat one another : SLAYINGS in horrible ways, `hunting big and little game` got going again : Mr Doctor `Mengele` Harrington is mixing drugs DOPES it is known that the use of pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland causes envy & maniac violence


1967 December CHRISTMAS coming 1967/New Year 1968

( READERS : have an evening read of Charles Lamb on Old and New Years - he is calming his good life has messages :

ANDRE MALRAUX my GUARDIAN from October 1937 visited in January 1958 the old Pritchard couple in that cottage Enfield where Charles and Mary Lamb lived - it was then unchanged : they owned the JAYWICK SANDS Holiday Shops of their pleasant 1890s-1930s years (buildings they erect ed of white painted wood - inspired by the Old Curiosity Shop of Writer Charles Dickens ) - The great Uncle of Mr Pritchard invented the indelible dye PERKINS PURPLE - it set the families up to do civilized good things : I draw your attention from my type-scripts to good wholesome people and their lives :

CONTINUE : ` Shadows from our SOULS ` : here we are writing from the Records of the Years - on parts of the obscene deceit & GENOCIDE to keep hold of a pure enlightening Estate & grab handfuls for luxury living and BIG BOOTING about the GLOBE : More is in the `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER` & other sites :

LET US HOIST SAILS and with a good crew sail about the GROTE RANSOM Estate SEAS EDGES

Reader should keep in mind that these 20th century creatures so obscene in this destruction of the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide are also DAFT - STUPID - BARMY - always DANGEROUS


Greta R.W. told that she and new family, two children Amanda and Paul ages 7 and 6 years, will be going to new house `TWICKERS` at Clacton-on-Sea built by the inlaws of her brother John Gordon RANSOM : He & wife Rita nee Bloom of Peterborough, & first child Catherine, ` will be away` :

Teresa Gordon ( 1920s she is horse racing mother of Ed du CANN of the DOPE GROWING family, he to be future MP ::: & ` Henry Hall = `Das BOOT` the rightful BASTARD KING of NORWAY` = Teresa GORDON got around with ANGELA and JIMMIE JONG 1920s ) :

1967 CHRISTMAS : I am told repeatedly that she Mrs Treasa Ransom will NOT WORK AWAY, this Christmas, SCRUBBING DOORSTEPS for HER WIDOWS MITE but stay and guard us from the other relatives Gordon I am to cook a Christmas dinner in the new house - luckily I went shopping carefully for the traditional things otherwise what were we to have ? Smiths Crisps & Peanuts from the Pubs ?

Already I am told repeatedly `we are to LIVE on the salary of Peter J.P. Whitehead a Worker at the Natural History Museum : I am stressing here the meanness - and this is to continue all my married life I have already been allowed to spend my SAVINGS on warm bedding and clothing for the two step-children We are to have the front of The Pillar House in HARWELL village February 4th = I have not yet recalled that ANDRE MALRAUX and I passed this house in 1954 January = when we believed again that OUR LIFE was to begin

1967 CHRISTMAS : BUT I Greta Ransom W. AM NOT TOLD : Invitations, very good hotel booked London, for the new family by the 3 Ransom brothers : Presents delivered to BMNH for us = PJPW of Zoology took all labels off and left them on Paddington Station with notice `for the poor and down and out` he was being advised by the VERY NOBLE BRITISH FILTH they who now, from November 1967, licked their jaws at the extra DOUGH they would now pull in using WHITEHEAD TWINS - THUS AVOID EXPOSURE of their bestial crimes = especially the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN WORLDWIDE using the 2nd World War

MEMORANDUM : GROSS BRITAIN HAS AN EMPIRE to maintain and thus RULE THE GLOBE until 1947 when it has to enter into daylight :::: but bravely goes on frightening other nations : DEUS VULT :

1967 CHRISTMAS at `TWICKERS` Clacton-on-Sea :

Christmas Day, dinner in the ovens, LONGING TO TAKE THE CHILDREN DOWN ON THE BEACHES : Greta R.W. told by Teresa Gordon R ( 3 prison sentences since 1927) that she may not call on any relatives they have their own lives - you are no longer one of us Two children of PJPW ages 7 and 6 years old taken to see the sea on Christmas morning - GRW told she has a house to look after and food to cook Boxing Day not allowed out - then fretting children have a quick visit made well out of the town - Whispers about GRW not to answer the telephone All the madness and villainy of Treasa (Teresa) Gordon R. as usual

1967 DECEMBER : NO CONTACT TO BE MADE WITH RANSOM BROTHERS and other members of the Family - PJPW will be taken to visit some - he is to inform them that GRW is not very bright in the mind

In exchange for this FRAUD he will be allowed to travel with his twin pulling down the Estate - they are by MOONLIGHT to act for GRW

After 1961 - ANDRE MALRAUX is not to be allowed any contact with GR - however he is often about me `Daddy Long Legs` but he does not speak