Greta Ransom

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he will say 1970 that he had to rely on REPORTS on my `delicate state of health` (after I reduced my tall figure of 10 stone never less than 9 stone 9 pounds to 7 stone 9 pounds - WHY ??? BECAUSE I DISCOVERED AUGUST 1961 I was being POISONED - You little grown to tall with head in the HEAVENS, DREAMBOAT of the WESTERN WORLD !! and our children ` the Spaces in between our thoughts ` )

1961 24th May - ANDRE MALRAUX - bereaved of his two sons ages 18 and 21 spoof 1920s type car non-accident : head on driving & friendly waving as if going to pull over and have a chat = learned at North Coast Britain BROOKLANDS Racing circuit :

1961 May in a spoof JIM-LINDSAY-Mengele non-accident they specialize in since 1920s, is said to be ` in charge of Harrington Royal British Satrap and paedophile Permission given to JIM JONG & Mengele HARRINGTON by 2 whores of PARIS ::::

the paedophile spoof Doctor `Mengele` Harrington in late 1940s/1950s has got hold of masses of money from these women for investments - later a PEP - But he draws the INTEREST for ATTENDING their his ` old Mengele Wengele ` Harrington diagnosed CASE for TREATMENT : Thus the highly intelligent ANDRE MALRAUX - he their bread winner hooked by one when a teenager - took him down The Registry : the second had him round swing doors of The Registry when in deep grief over his WAR DEAD and the failure of his MARRIAGE of GRACE at Clacton-on-Sea 1947 : Oh he was deeply suspicious of Teresa Gordon whom he helped Deauville 1924 then he says `a DARKNESS came at him ` :

UNDERSTANDING : The Imperial CRIMINALLY INSANE GANG are terrified of ANDRE MALRAUX coming to take up his full GUARDIANSHIP of Greta and the Estate He is also told I, GR, am not `very bright in the head` : I beg READER to allow for my stupidity in assembling these RECORDS for the pure of heart, those of good intentions those we call HUMAN BEINGS :

((( 2012 September AD : I have a pan of food I have grown from the garden - I will eat from the warm pan while we check through these RECORDS : Music I have on at this moment is Debussy PRELUDES - suitable for us SAILING at the SEAS EDGES is CATHEDRAL SUNK UNDER THE SEA & and FOOTSTEPS IN THE NEIGE - the SNOW Also Bartok/Meissian/Alban Berg/Shoenberg his GURRELIEDER are very suitable & YANCY Blind Blake dear Edgar VARESE whose kind wife and friends bought me on 5th Avenue pretty little girl clothes when I was 3 years old

1935 October-June 1936 I have escaped with passport, leaving in our own little planes, from IMPERIAL VIOLENCE - there is no intention I be returned to suffer any more physical violence from NOBLE FILTH of Gross Britain :

We travel our GROTE HOMES and `JOYOUS VENTURE` RANSOM ESTATE : Aunt Mag is on the phone to us at every place, she glad we are grown and can help our Estate In September 1937 she and other HUMAN BEINGS chose ANDRE MALRAUX as suitable to head the GARDIANSHIP of Greta and Len Ransom = HEIRS to the ancient miracle ESTATE worldwide - ANDRE MALRAUX, young MAN OF LETTERS of FRANCE, agrees in OCTOBER 1937

however the Documents and correspondence to him are stolen from late November 1937 slayings rise about the globe and he can trust few about him 2nd WORLD WAR comes 3-4th SEPTEMBER 1939 :

From 1945/46 and onwards, both he and General de Gaulle are UNDER INVESTIGATION by a created department of BRITISH NAVAL INTELLIGENCE and cooperation by other THUGS some got out of British Prisons because THEY HAVE NEEDED SKILLS in this GENOCIDE and CORRUPTION FRAUD

1959 XMAS onwards : MURDER of the 3 RANSOM BROTHERS is planned - persecution and disfiguring of their running of the Estate - their niece GR and the youngest brother Len I. R. are heirs - co and joint heirs - and if GR is weak in the head then LIR and his 2 brothers are in charge - LEGAL WILL upheld worldwide makes this quite clear :

IMPERIAL BRUTES so sordid have been `nicking` from the Estate since 1920s onwards - BLEWBURY VILLAGE OXFORDSHIRE 1970 - THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING FOR THIS MONEY - we knew about it when I was in the CITY you are too young to be in charge Peter

End of 2nd World War : A JUST SENTENCE carried out immediately should have been that this entire gang of Aristocrat MANIACS were dropped without any protection or rations on an arctic island and left to die - they would eat one another : They are far worse than those who were tried at NUREMBERG :

1968 early SUMMER, Blewbury Village, the Harwell Pillar House is spoken of by these old Vermin droppings, those IMPERIAL FIGURES from A MORGUE, as to be taken and divided up - Crown Property - ALL BY MOONLIGHT Doc Mengele tries break in with his poison needles - in the name of his Clients of The SECURITY of the CROWNS

GR/W is used to this vicious creep from 1950s a bag of bones in high heels - it STINKS jumping out on her since 1953 Colchester Castle Museum I gradually win some support from people never met before -

They learned quickly the insane dangerous habits of the Royal and Aristocratic friend Doc Harrington PAEDOPHILE now caught in lonely country places stopping his slinky blue car where he saw young children or a child alone or at play or biking : Curiously : Telephone calls cannot be received to The Pillar House in the weekdays daytime unless caller has a secret number - THE KILLERS OF THE GROTE CHILDREN are again fearful of being FOUND OUT


It is, therefore, inevitable the Research Worker comes to understand records-memorandum-letters and documents the more they are examined :

late 1970s Mrs Mengele being divorced, surprised by his announcement, her husband Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON, that she was not needed anymore, said many things to those who consoled her

she is given a very good lawyer She may have come to some little understanding of the evil reputation of this G.P. only set up by his titled connexions of Scotland, England, Norway & Denmark : her Lawyer would understand much more and how far the matter could be taken into A COURT :

She said `MENGELE had the WILL when she began her marriage to him (1953 October) then he had two Perhaps he took the WILL of Mr F. J. Ransom after he `Mengele` gained ACCESS 1967-68 immediately after the marriage of Greta to Mr Peter Whitehead of the Natural History Museum South Kensington :

Her husband `Mengele` he called her Greta ` Ape-Eskimo` many things & said she deliberately faked loss of memory : he had orders from those PROTECTING the CROWNS to find out what she knew He insisted that Greta had harmed his patient ANDRE MALRAUX from 1937 November 1967 he was now very very angry saying that her mother Teresa should not have allowed this marriage !

He, Dr Harrington, said he had been given Orders from The Government & Crown 1953, and he agreed with them, that the Ape-Eskimo female Greta Ransom was not to marry or have children - and all RANSOM males were under investigation for the British Government, its Empire & Commonwealth, and the safety of the CROWN :

NOTA BENE : He `Mengele` Harrington is divorcing her 1978/1981 - she is in shock : This Divorce Case happening in London had newspapers and TV taking pop-shots - the Judge had to ask Doctor Harrington about his medical qualifications ? And he had to admit to having no brain surgery - only a 2 years study G.P. license Hong Kong 1948

MEMORANDUM : IT WAS KNOWN to foreign `Media` that he Doc `Mengele` , sentenced paedophile, HARRINGTON, distinguished Physician of many branches of Medicine as he presented himself abroad, was an intimate friend of G.B. & European Royal persons - including Philip Mountbatten known as `the Greek` - later `Duck` = & his Uncle Louis RN 2nd World War and ANGELA of the Bowes Lyon family Scotland - they known in fashionable & Bohemian PARIS : This is ANGELA called in an Emergency to wear a Crown 1937 = took her first name `Elizabeth` for the Coronation = born 1900 Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes Lyon

1967-1968 - 1979 - Mrs Nurse `Mengele`, in shock at learning she was being divorced, confides that her husband, Dr Harrington, said 1967 he wanted to know what he Mr Ransom lived on in London this was after the marriage 1967 November of Greta to the Whitehead twin in the Natural History Museum : her husband said he required her help as a Nurse, and that of her friend Lady James, to help the British Government and Crown

they were to visit Mr Ransom & tell his neighbours he was unbalanced Lady James threw his teapot out of the window & said to the neighbours that he had done it & they were sent by the Doctor - Her husband Jimmie, Sir James, said they were to ask old Fred`s wife Teresa Gordon Ransom, their friend, to help them A key would be given them so they could go into the two rented rooms of Mr Ransom

this is the Deptford by the little Park area I believe, where the little family house `Jerusalem` was 1890s before Angela and Jim came winter 1939 and emptied it of paintings and papers & claimed it as their properties : Then they had to order the joists cut overnight and the roof fell in - Because a Magistrates Document was coming to have they and the Earls LINDSAY-Lindsey FORBIDDEN entry :

1967 November : ( Sympathetic caller & others late 1970s ) Her husband Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON insisted they must try stop any meetings of Greta with her family RANSOM he would be getting immediate assistance - He had asked the Head of the RANSOM family the EARL LINDSEY to assist them all : They had made a marriage to a Miss Lindsay - ( LINDSAY-LINDSEY - you DIRTY LIARS all of you : She is called MILLIE FROBISHER Womens Gym, Classical Arts including CHARIOT RACING : - 1883 she marries her soul mate the widower JOHN RANSOM Educationalist : You criminally insane DOPE SOAKS LINDSAY : )

Mrs NURSE Harrington says that her husband said that Meetings of these APES-ESKIMOS would embarrass his high placed friends He had devoted years to seeing that THE CROWN and his Golden Boy Phil the Greek got justice but this was a ROYAL MATTER and could not be done in public : She said she had found Philip Mountbatten `rather soapy - he had told her she could make a beautiful Countess ( a version of `Come up and see my etchings` HIT `EM where it hurts ! )

1967-1970s `Her husband wished to prove that Mr Ransom and family members Ransom and Weddell and some relatives in Norway who were Eskimos, had stolen moneys from an Estate intended for the Earls of LINDSAY and a share to go to THE CROWN

He said that they acquired the Estate by Fraud - and the RANSOM men lied that they must manage it for the dim witted Greta and her young Uncle - both of whom he suspected had engaged in misconduct before the war (2nd World War) she said her husband studied paedophiles but she knew he had trouble with himself in this direction she found him overwrought sometimes and he got too excited when he had been working in the Hospitals :

` NO - she did not question her husband, he was nearly 20 years older than she he was said to be a great doctor his friends were with titles `

` Her husband, Dr Harrington, believed that the ape-child Greta had lead astray his Patient ANDRE MALRAUX - as the immoral woman Josette had and that they had all destroyed the perfect marriage of Clara Malraux - these apes at the seaside that was SUMMER 1937 when he had run away from his legal wife Clara who could manage him `

Mrs NURSE `Mengele` HARRINGTON : ` She often went to Paris in the 1950s and stayed in the MALRAUX HOUSEHOLD she was to see the two sons of Mr Malraux had the opportunity to go out and enjoy themselves Her husband said that they must not come to school in England - it would not do for illegitimate youths to go to Ampleforth Catholic School she had heard they were to go here when they were young He said it was an unsuitable idea that came from the illiterate RANSOM families - He and Sir James, Jimmie, had been told to stop this `