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(((( This evil cunning reasoning of Mr `Doc Mengele` HARRINGTON, can be dumped under the phrase `junk-fraud-balls & bunkum` = a phrase coined 1950s by young medical workers trying to use common sense in their social work and medical health care and not get perverted by the upside down bible of the Vienna circles of Jung & Freud & heroin cocaine notions ))))


Nota bene Clara born 1895 - in 1919/1920 a heroin addict as so many of the fashionable at that time, and feeling `on the shelf`at 25 years old : she hooked the 18/19 years old Andre Malraux attempting to be a writer - he did not tell her of a son `LITTLE GOD` - she came from a Higher Class so he felt :

1918 autumn : A baby born - called `LITTLE GOD by the astonished parents : Young Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX - he had not gone on to College in Paris because he became a FATHER in 1918 age 16/17 years -

` and the respectable Chinese family threw their daughter out as soon as she looked pregnant - he a kindly brought up child of `Three Graces` (( = Granny Adrianna part Italian/Berthe his mother who had lost to death his baby brother/and her sister spinster kind Aunt Mary )) his instinct was to support what the two of them had done =

I could not believe him - when I first saw him - swaddled up - We called him `LITTLE GOD` in Chinese : She had to find work & I had to pay for cheap accommodation for them - I still lived at home :

1957 October-November - 50 Lancaster Gate Square :

ANDRE MALRAUX is telling us, 2 young staff, me his Ward of 1937, of being young at the beginning of the 20th century - He says if only he had then the courage to tell his mother and Aunt Marie they would have been overjoyed - they only had him - and he would soon be grown to maturity and leave home it would have eased their loneliness But young people were shaped by customs `

1957 autumn - MALRAUX has just seen LITTLE GOD & his family - they have been traced : He had not seen him since age 4 years : He went in disguise and saw a man who looked like him :

1957 autumn : Unfortunately the criminally insane spiteful `Mengele` HARRINGTON gets to hear of this - the building is believed to be tapped/bugged by Naval Intelligence this seems to be verified in later years : I hear no more about Little God his nice wife, his shop, his three children, a girl 13 years, and two younger boys - all well brought up and intelligent : Andre went in in disguise and spoke briefly with the girl - his grand-daughter THEN NOTHING MORE IS SAID I fear for them : `Mengele` is later proved to have been killing for spite and to harm so many people to bring misery

1957 autumn - MALRAUX now tells me G.R. that LITTLE GOD looks like the young man we saw & spoke with January 1954 Salisbury Plains - He adds I will bring my notebooks back & read them to you He did this - read them aloud - I was able to add my memory pictures to his words - he said ` Yes, you have remembered well - but I have written here things that interested me - you noticed different matters we will put our words together `

(Records : typescripts/files-dates/ some added into `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER` ~~~ and this short piece goes first to ~~~~ WORDPRESS perhaps

NB : Idea : TWITTER etc : Issue `LITTLE GOD` and stop biographers of Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX saying spiteful things about WHY he avoided his `further education` and calling him `a drop out` and `street wise etc ` : about PARIS at 17 years of age : Young persons today finding themselves in similar situation `babe in the arms when they are 16 years of age` will understand his situation : Perhaps he should become the PATRON SAINT of the BABE SURPRISE League


Mrs Mengele HARRINGTON is speaking on the 2 years of Colne Engaine 1960 Summer the good Detective, harassed by her constant visits, and knowing she had a KEY to the new caravan bought by Greta had told her impatiently that `Captain Ransom visited him that day and paid him the 2 years wages owing for looking after Greta `

In 1972 Arthur Malone/POLITAN/ says that this was a big mistake he made - he had no idea then it lead to the THEFT by them of all the private moneys of Captain Ransom the cheque he paid in that day - they traced it immediately : He did not understand that Captain Ransom now collapsed after years of hard work around the world taking care of the delicate Estate and the constant attempts to undermine him and the Estate - he had to go and live quietly with his sister Ivy Jean Ransom she knew he was exhausted and that his children were kept from him by threats she had suffered harassment from LINDSAY-LINDSEY earls since a schoolchild :

1959/1960 - It was known by Arthur Malone and other colleagues that Andre Malraux had paid this money from France every 2 or 3 months but it never reached them - his Detectives and Colleagues - they knew he was a good man & that the money was being hi-jacked between he and Britain :

Mr Malone would act rather well the old tired detective 1960/61 - and say `this was his last case and he was looking after the Medici children so he called himself Politan` : He had done 2 years LAW and been in RAF trained as Detective wrote well, publishing articles signed `the Detective in the Lawyers gown` : He came to know spring 1960 that Mengele was a MANIAC and Teresa Gordon as well He found Mrs Nurse Mengele a dope taker and not to be trusted - she behaved like a Blonde Gestapo Camp Commandant

(( `Bitch of Belsen` came to mind of some persons No doubt Mr Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON upon the marriage October 1953 put her on a CRASH COURSE with DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND Our sympathy for her, 20 years his junior ? - Yes - but beware of her - She has joined an IMPERIAL GANG who KILL for MONEYS She left school at 15, had a son - brought up by her parents quite happily, lived with a posh man and trained in Nursing Where Mengele looking for an escape route from his frequent commitments to NUT HOUSES came upon her ))

Speaking 1977/79 - having learned he is divorcing her :

Mrs Mengele says she Acted as Nurse from autumn 1953 for her husband in his Private Work : `1960 Summer : she says she did come to know her husband had taken the Private Income of Mr Ransom in Argentina : She also knew he had to swiftly remove many banking and financial records when he found there was nothing that could be declared illegal here Her husband Doctor HARRINGTON could not bring any charges against the father of Greta Ransom as he had hoped to do : he wished to disgrace them all for not giving this Estate to the British Crown Her husband was able to use Government circles to remove moneys he had friends at the top of Government and Crown circles :

` Her husband Dr Harrington said these RANSOM moneys belonged to the Crown he had examined the Case and found it so Her husband or she were able to collect from the Birmingham RANSOM bank their household expenses each month - he was told this by a Royal patient : his work was confidential for the Crown and this was allowed in the circumstances : She was very young when she met him - he had a break down and was being nursed in a Clinic he said it was because of stress and overwork she did not suspect he was insane as she had been told recently she said she had become frightened of him `


The above remarks, and the following, are perhaps found by the READER to be criminal, and describing a collection of dangerous MANIACS

1977-1979 - the being divorced MRS Nurse `Mengele` HARRINGTON is speaking to sympathetic persons - she will be given a good solicitor :

he, her husband Doctor Harrington, had the WILL and he had another - 2 Wills - by the 1960s. She felt he may have given one to ANDRE MALRAUX when he was sure he was dying Her husband claimed Mr Malraux as his Patient until his death and after his death ( November 1976)

( 1958/1959 ) Her husband, Dr Harrington, had not agreed with his Patient Mr MALRAUX going into the General de GAULLE Government he had spoken on this in France

She had been told to see that Mr Malraux when in London was not disturbed by Greta Ransom her husband said that the Catholic marriage mocked the Church of Rome - he had been told to destroy all records of it = He often said that the only woman that could control the extreme madness of Mr Malraux was his legal wife Clara Her husband had made many notes on these matters - he had decided that the marriage to Clara had been destroyed by APES and ESKIMOS


( READER can refer to January 1959 = in and shorter pieces on -

MEMORANDUM : ` the Chinese Legation London had a young woman worker enter 50 Lancaster Gate Square one evening - she had previously some work with Andre Malraux - They, giving protection with MI5, knowing that Greta Ransom was the heir to GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE still aiding China with its necessary philanthropy, felt only she could get in THE MALRAUX FORTRESS without risk of life :

She made her way to the top room = Greta in bed and being poisoned to death - she had a real Doctor sent in : Mrs Nurse Harrington on Duty for her husband and housekeeper telephoned her husband in Paris (where he saw that ANDRE MALRAUX had a frightful headache that kept him confined) and said `THE GAME IS UP`

Both Andre and Greta got better that week : Various Reports - more victims will be made : The Chinese girl met in 1986 in CHINA - see photo of she and Greta together : )


1977-1979, the being divorced Mrs Nurse `Mengele` HARRINGTON

`Her husband Doctor Harrington, friend of titled people and Phil Mountbatten had frequently said

MALRAUX was the sign at the end of the Barbers

Pole that was FRANCE

1978/79-80 The above are scraps of conversations with Mrs Nurse Harrington - by good persons genuinely sad that she had been lead by paedophile `Mengele` Harrington as he was now widely known

He is displaying himself more and more as a MANIAC set up by British Aristocrats and IMPERIALS TO GET THEMSELVES PIECES OF THE GROTE RANSOM ESTATE and after the SLAYING worldwide of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN using the cover of the 2nd World War, sometimes scared that if this Estate was not wiped off the face of the earth, or dirtied where it did linger in memory, then they might have difficulties in their HEDONISM THEREFORE A BIG NATIONAL INDUSTRY GOT GOING TO DESTROY ALL RECORDS of THE GROTE HOMES or to mouth filthy things about them And tell PRESS to not corrupt its READERS with tales of prostitution and sex :

1977/80 - A future MARTYR has also some commentary on tape after visiting her and, as others, expressing genuine sympathy :

1982 HARRINGTON is dismissed from practising in British Hospitals by the BMA a very short British newspaper article is shown to GRW by a person collecting a file for abroad :


1938-1954 - SLAYING of the TIGGY GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide - built upon Ransom hereditary lands worldwide -