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the GROTE FAMILIES did not contribute a penny - a branch that Tiggy is born to are the good BROKERS, ADMINISTRATORS for the RANSOM ESTATE - work given to them New York commencing 1830/31 a wooden building off the future Wall Street - all of them unmade roads at this time : This history can be read on the web sites and and unedited work goes often to WORDPRESS sometimes refs to Twitter and sites :

1937/1938 - The WILL of Mrs Grote widowed 1904, is legal & administered by USA and Argentina - the wishes of Margaret nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE are clear - Estate to her RANSOM families who made possible the worldwide PHILANTHROPY of the Estate over many centuries :

SHE LEAVES THE CROWN family 8 presents but NO PART OF THE GROTE HOMES worldwide or the RANSOM ESTATE worldwide a most delicate piece of miracle investments, administration, education, and PHILANTHROPY : She leaves NO directions to MAKE IMPERIAL BRITAIN and its Royal persons, its in-laws in Scandinavia and on the Continent, in any way R I C H

The British Government & Crown are informed June 1938 where thy may see a COPY of the WILL - this is all that the LAW of Gross Britain & Crown requires :


1938 autumn a letter to a Prince of Norway, son of a King of Norway, says the GROTE HEIRS have proved they can run the ESTATE it is about that Mrs Grote was killed before her time : we must therefore proceed in silence

An illegitimate son says Colne Engaine 1960/61 he very young acted sometimes as Secretary to his father at this time - he did not believe that he would agree killing of the GROTE HOMES children …” 1960/61 : he soon has a 4 years old daughter of a private relationship die

Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON stands guard, with others of evil, 1960 on Colne Engaine - where the Detectives, colleagues, of ANDRE MALRAUX are attempting security for all under threat by maiming and persecution and death by MANIACS terrified of being found out over the SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN

this can be read in Work on the above sites - dates are always given at the commencement of the work : ( Sorry no fine index - but a general index heads `1937 SUMMER` Document in 3 Parts : )

1960 - from 2nd January - Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON the paedophile maniac of the prison sentence 1936 Austria for savaging a baby of a few months for 2 months is threatening the Colne Engaine based Detectives, colleagues of Andre Malraux new MINISTER of FRANCE in the GOVERNMENT of General de GAULLE :

`Mengele` informs where he can that he is given full HOUSE of LORDS and CROWN full powers to investigate all RANSOM households and their relatives & that the fool ANDRE MALRAUX is granted to him as his PATIENT by women in France and their friends in titled Britain :

NB : He, Doctor `Mengele` Harrington / Hong Kong G.P/only - 1948 / has been persecuting all the RANSOM and WEDDELL, GRONLANDER/Poulsen and FROBISHER families from 1953 - November 3rd-4th he learned the FULL corruption by IMPERIAL BRITAIN and its Aristocrats over a great ESTATE :

HARRINGTON, spoof doctor, was given a big team by the old IMPERIAL GANG : He can now use hundreds he may not be questioned by any department of British administration - he is working for Government and CROWNS

By the end of NOVEMBER 1953 he is BOOTING IN on CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricenses = Colchester and Essex Museums - where Greta Ransom is employed as ` Our British Maid of all work` - and ANDRE MALRAUX visits : Mr Doc HARRINGTON sets his `DOGS` upon Graham Greene novelist and families - and DONOVAN BOOKSELLER, Colchester & the STRAND, London :

Sentenced paedophile, NUT HOUSE MANIAC HARRINGTON : called `Old Doc Mengele` by nervous medics in London :

1953 onwards He is hurriedly making lists of RANSOM distant relatives, school teachers & pupils, and good citizens involved in running the British ancestral holdings of the RANSOM Estate : he has made secret visits to lonely spinsters ! Everyone is UNDER SUSPICION OF PULLING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT AND CROWNS : He and his IMPERIAL gang are ALL on the PIN - Heroin and other DOPES are considered normal by Aristocrats of the fallen down BRITISH EMPIRE now the COMMONWEALTH DOPES Rule as before :

1950s-1960s : This is all recorded - by good persons weak persons whom he Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON has terrified with his SLIMEY or BIG BOOTING AUTHORITY : Doc HARRINGTON is becoming madder and madder with his new found POWER : He is not now simply a CRAFTY PIMP upon the clever good-souled and bullied ANDRE MALRAUX - who earns the DOUGH :

This AUTHORITY of the REALM is all `decrees by MOONLIGHT` = HARRINGTON in his MANIAC MIND sees himself as protecting those criminally insane who have been squatting on, living by illegal withdrawals from foreign banks in RANSOM GROTE names : Of course, Doctor Harrington is now allowed some freedom to do the same abroad :

`Mengele` HARRINGTON he is seen on the Royal Yacht, in a canoe with Philip Mountbatten in Australia - Phil the Greek HARRINGTON sometimes sports a sign on his infamous slinky blue car `Member of the Royal Household` and has privately treated ANGELA 1950/52 (widowed Queen 1952) for 1920s dopes-drinking-and heavy weight problem as she increasingly acquired from the 1930s : as all the Old Roaring 20s nobles did :

her first son-in-law, (of Norway & Greece) tells Scotland Yard 1947 that ex-British Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM

( father and elder brother of the RANSOM & GROTE families chosen heirs, Greta Ransom & Len Immanuel Ransom) is in the way of an ESTATE left to his mother-in-law ANGELA = L I E S

But it is known to many good British and foreign citizens and ex-Forces 2nd World War that his Danish Uncle made Head of the British Navy, a Lord `Dicky Bird` Louis Mountbatten, is seen in the wartime tramping over the GROTE HOMES lands where the children are in pits, bodies partly burned : and children also drowned in big nets and sunk off shores just within the 2 mile limit of little nations worldwide :

MID-1950s ` the Mediterranean known to be full of dead children in nets` Depth charging ordered 1960 onwards & ACIDS poured into the death pits on the lands where the HOMES stood that is where the dead children are known to be : deposits of child bones were still reported 1980s-1990s :

Early 1950s - The British Aristocratic Clubs & MESS talk has been about Oh HOMES were PROSTITUTION British Government and Crown had to step in to stop the immorality - all children worldwide badly diseased so had to be killed off pampered brats learning 3 or 4 languages : able to interfere with Great Britain getting the best of foreign trade blah blah blah how much will you get out of this ???

( In earlier years, 1960s especially, civilized human beings have discussed these obscene charges made by the worst of noble SCUM with a dying Empire : it is made by Aristocrat MANIACS who are short of DOUGH & many of them with syphilis :

NB : SYPHILIS a disease only curable from 1943/1944 when the first Sulpha drugs became available )

( MEMORANDUM : Queen Elizabeth ( known as ANGELA - one of her baptismal names ) is the wife of the fragile health younger brother of the 1936 deposed British King Edward VIII : he became British King George VI in 1937 and lived through the 2nd World War )

(Records : NB : I age 5-6 years am not given the name of the writer of the 1938 letter `WE MUST THEREFORE PROCEED IN SILENCE` : In 1960 it is again felt necessary to withhold it from the younger generation

Born 1912 - Mr `Mengele` Doctor HARRINGTON is granted 1953 AUTHORITY of BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN threat to the Realm - investigation without hindrance ordered by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN all APES and ESKIMOS :

Yet in 1938 he a dangerous patient in a British psychiatric clinic was released to go to France and investigate ANDRE MALRAUX whose name is in the legal WILL 1937/38 as GUARDIAN to the worldwide Estate GROTE HOMES and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` :

Mr HARRINGTON, Scotland roots, some schooling in Norway with Mountbattens, has known in PARIS circles the half Chinese-British JIM JONG (= he close companion of ANGELA and her Bowes Lyon families from 1912/13 ) the Earl of LINDSAY-Lindsey families ( = report Violet Artist Lady Rutland-SOULS ) and Paris based CLARA MALRAUX 1st wife of ANDRE MALRAUX and her brother MAURICE : This area can be followed in `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts, the lengthy `1937 SUMMER` etc - and in shorter in depth pieces some on WORDPRESS carries un-edited work - necessary to some Readers - this is gradually transferred to one or other of the above web sites :

THE GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN began Christmas 1938 Norway - planning and execution is underway Christmas 1939/1940 = Those who believe they are the rightful inheritors of `the old Eskimo her misguided Estate` are to BIG BOOT in on the HOMES during the 2nd World War and secure the British Empire domination of the 20th century entire world

1938 onwards : A NEWSPAPERS & BBC black-out has been ordered 1940 reference the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and RANSOM Estate : by MOONLIGHT Decrees the above Lords of British Government and a new Crown & branches of her Scandinavian Royal in-laws - who have also been putting in PAWS into the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE from when TIGGY GROTE was slain on ARRAN Western Hebrides 1904 : 1st World War saved the life of the widow, my aunt Margareth Girl of the SNOWS Margareth nee Ransom MRS THOMAS Immanuel GROTE

1939-1940 - A small sub-Committee of old experienced retired respectable men is put BY MOONLIGHT of WESTMINSTER to investigate the Estate and inheritance

found to be with A Legal USA Will and Administrators of QUALITY this world-wide Estate steeped in PHILANTHROPY from successful Trading and honest healthy investments the last centuries = These old pensioned respectable middle-class men are expected to agree the matter is private and the Estate of an OLD ESKIMO should be left with Scotland Nobles = LINDSAY-Lindsey Premier Earls & the family Bowes Lyon of the new Queen

: 1920 onwards she is known about Europe and the globe as `ANGELA` : but to be known from May 1937 as Elizabeth wife of younger brother of deposed King Edward VIII December 1936 =


But the sub-committee had 3 of the good old men declare `THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN cannot BROKER A PENNY of this ESTATE ` : I fear the British Government has embarked upon FRAUD …” one writes in private letters :

( Son of a former Quaker Lord Mayor of London/see biography by great nephew Bob Walker of New Zealand/ unpublished biography with Appleby Grammar School/ The name of the worried sub-committee member is Sir Rowland Edward Whitehead K.C., marries Ethel Rathbone 1897 of Liverpool family - father Philip Henry RATHBONE - Hanging Chairman of Liverpool Art Gallery & Museums - issue : See Debrett Peerage etc )