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The Premier Earls of Scotland and Gross Britain :

1937 onwards - THE LINDSAY GANG insisted upon their cousinship to RANSOM-FROBISHER-WEDDELL-GRONLANDER

Therefore they were inheritors of the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide and the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE`

Estate in 3 Parts worldwide :

An Estate gathering since 92 AD when REDEMPTIO = RANSOM took retirement from his JOB at LONDINIUM, River Thames, interviewing all ships wishing to enter the River from `Temple Harmony` (Gravesend) : REDEMPTIO = RANSOM ( of a Jutland-Mediterranean family for the past 200 years)

bought land at DUNWICH, Suffolk, ROMAN BRITAIN, and here the RANSOM families have kept `heimat` into the 20th century

My young father and Uncle Mainwarring RN (PHOEBE RANSOM with her Japanese Eyes 16th century married Sir Lionel Mainwaring a widower older than she ) hit back at the persecution of BOOTING IN by LINDSAY-Lindsey with some TRUE HISTORIES of LINDSAY-Lindsey - I give one below :

Nota bene: This gang of undesirable `rellies` have a hole called GRAND on Clacton-on-Sea seafront, put up 1910 in Scots granite on a narrow piece of land next 18th century ROYAL HOTEL - demolished Order of Council 1945-46 as it was going to fall and scatter dark grey Scots granite all over the seafront road :


And the LINDSAY they hath them no sheep

to take to HALL DAY


The Lindsay they went forth into the darkness

And they found them some sheep

& LO the sheep branded with an L BLESS the LORD

NEXT DAY the LINDSAY drove their sheep to HALL DAY

And it was seen the LINDSAY hath sheep :

A man stepped forth - Quoth `THEY BE MY SHEEP`

The LINDSAY strode upright, clad in fine cloths & lace


The man drew his guns

He shot them all three times in the bum

He thundered `THEY BE MY SHEEP


Late 1930s : Author Frederick John RANSOM b 1911, with help from `Uncle` MAINWARRING sometimes restrained by wife GRACE ( ` Mannering ` is how his brother says it )

COPYRIGHT : Greta nee Ransom & Victoria-Augusta Rathbone Whitehead 2011 AD :


` We decided upon a PROGRESS about the KINGDOM of SCOTLAND upon the fourth day we came upon a man at a lathe

And he was clad in a heavy leather apron

But we could not fail to notice that he wore no clothes :

We in courtesy greeted him and asked if he might recommend a good INN ` (continues)

( MEMO: a Lindsay, of course, had passed by and wished to borrow a tie for a wedding )


No time to type in more here perhaps I put them on a separate

JIMDO file Some may be in the `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts 1937 Summer etc

Greta Ransom age 4-5-6 years when these True Tales were written we are being robbed of paintings, HISTORIC DOCUMENTS, pieces of our seashore lands abroad are being savaged ,

especially in CANADA 1948 = LINDSAY-LINDSEY Earls, and the British Crown own nothing here that is part of our RANSOM Estate - it has been taken by FRAUD THEFT with VIOLENCE :




D E C E I T 1938-1960 -



BENNY GOODMAN & an IRISH MINISTER - VISIT to 50 Lancaster Gate Square : BENNY GOODMAN IS WELL AWARE OF THE GROTE HOMES of the pre-war : Andre Malraux upset by presence of Teresa Gordon Ransom & Lt-Commander David Brown rnvr : Malraux rushed out of the big drawing room where the flags hang out and did not return until after midnight : TGR is squatting in the top room of Greta Ransom and had refused to let Greta come down to his apartment & be introduced - he found Greta in her room half asleep and unable to follow what he said :

THUS Malraux does not learn that Benny Goodman knew Margaret GROTE (killed by Jim Jong 1938 Ayrshire) and all the Ransom families, especially musician LIR, & has met Greta on the Nord-Sud Poles tour of Grote Homes 1935-1936 when they were staying in New York … … …

Andre Malraux will order Teresa Gordon Ransom OUT of St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square : (whom he met 1924 December Deauville with a Miss Plunket Green and he and his kind friends loaned them some money : see other Reports : ) OUT of the building next day !!! Finally, after some days, he will himself have to pack her case and march her out of the building … twice … & object to her cunning booting in New Year Eve 1959 = reports are on other pieces of this on-going work :

1957 November - St Edmund House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square

REPORT : Benny Goodman came - Greta confined to her top room by her mother Teresa Gordon R. and David Brown rnvr - they came down to the floor below - room of Andre - A Madame Malraux was present : Andre rushed out after some minutes and left the house - he did not return : Mrs Ransom, mother to Greta, had met Mr Goodman in New York 1920s with her friends Angela and Jim = they had stolen his clarinet that afternoon - he had a concert that evening - he had an idea where it could be - sent Police to their hotel - clarinet found - a prank - he did not think so :

This evening : ANDRE clearly could stand it no longer - he rushed off before hearing that Greta was to go in a Nut House = The former Teresa Gordon full of casual smart talk & Brown introduced with printed music he had written : Benny Goodman referred to `Greetah` - he was told with authority by Mrs R. that `she was a nuisance to everyone and now confined to her room by a Doctor - she was to go in a mental hospital `

Benny Goodman had seen Doctor `Mengele` Harrington in Paris and London - he had noticed the HIGH HEELED BOOTS this little runt had told him that Greetah preferred him to ANDRE he doubted it he saw Greetah at a distance, so tall, striding off to her library Paddington He had to be careful - he knew the GROTE children had all died - he would speak with Len about this guy in high heeled boots - hangs about the Paris Malraux household and London :

Madame Malraux has an Irish Minister boyfriend this month - he said she picks Andre up like an Irishman picks up a pint of beer, drains it - puts Andre down empty …” ( = Irishman would put empty pint down with a slam - it means `bring me another` )

(MEMO : The Irish Minister wants to talk to Madame de Gaulle - he knows that a Madame Malraux plays her music on the piano - he has an idea - and Mrs de GAULLE might like to mention it to her husband the GENERAL :

1957 November - Clara has arrived - Andre had refused to re-new her Visa in October : The telephonist says she should not speak to Andre like that - she is shouting at him before I put her calls through to him

The other late afternoon `our girl` (Greta) came in early from her studies - Andre must have put the little note in her powder compact that he would be over from France : Clara was shouting at Andre in his room - he kept the door open so we could hear The GOV, Andre, he said `my dear Clara, this is England, I will only speak to you if you speak English not German or French `

Clara was shouting at Andre Charles wonders what the HELL is going on here = it reaches us from Paris via Whitehall that Charles turns pale when he sees Clara near him she is surely an immoral woman in his eyes …”

Andre has his two sons here for the school half term he has booked the restaurant - taking them and `our girl` out to supper

( NB: 1957 November - I GR give a tiny simplified part of life at Lancaster Gate Square that month : in December I was getting very `hazy` in my mind, barely a memory unless I am told things daily and reminded again and again - the DOPES are the same as the system used on the old retired man Hilldrop Crescent 1920s - Teresa Gordon got Prison sentence 6 years for this: it is behaviour sometimes used by End of the Empire Noble Britain on old relatives to get hold of their homes and wealth :

1957 October - Malraux made 2 visits to my father FJR at Deptford where he has a room in a tiny flat of his sister - BUT MALRAUX took a side-kick who owed WHITES Club a big amount of money for heroin : My father was attacked after the 2nd visit and his sister Ivy Jean would not allow any more visits : she did not say what had happened to him :

Benny Goodman may not know that MALRAUX and de GAULLE do not know of the ESTATE Guardianship : I met him 1936 New York - he knew Aunt Margareth - knows Lennie a young talented musician - my father of course IT IS PUT ABOUT that the GUARDIANSHIP of the ESTATE is an embarrassment to Malraux and de Gaulle False messages have been sent to GROTE BROKERS since 1946 and 1949 snubs came to the RANSOM three brothers :

1962 March - General de GAULLE seeing the legal WILL and papers of appointment sent to ANDRE MALRAUX 1938 says a gigantic obscene piece of Statecraft by Gross Britain …”


1960 January-February - Colne Engaine REPORT given to the Detectives and colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX - he is a new Minister of Government France =

1937 October ANDRE MALRAUX `Man of Letters` is made GUARDIAN by world wide agreement to the worldwide THOMAS GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate = he had in late September 1937 accepted Guardianship of heir Greetah RANSOM to Mrs Margaret Grote her aunt = her letter which reached him in France late October 1937 said how happy she was he accepted and he would be hearing more :

By November 1937 his postal communications/all communications/were cunningly STOLEN-STOPPED by the Aristocrats of Gross Britain able to dominate the British Government : it has an IMPERIAL EMPIRE that is a third of the world at this time : 1938 mid- May Orders were given by the highest in the land of Gross Britain and Scandinavia to find ANDRE MALRAUX and KILL HIM