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1936 New Year & January =




The Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux have information given them - either from Dr John RAY Ransom of USA State Department or from ANDRE MALRAUX a Minister of France in the Government of General Charles de GAULLE :

NOTA BENE : It is clearly the words of A MAN OF THE SEAS who has had to take High Office : he is not aware of the power of the women near him or expects the system to control their wilder moods :

The GROTE HEIR Greta Ransom is accepted as the grand-daughter of Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM, A MAN OF THE SEAS (families Ransom and Frobisher) = a younger man this speaker has known from boyhood and has continued to respect = The mother of FCFR is the young Millicent Frobisher of the Arctic explorer Mariner family descended from Sir Martin FROBISHER = this family are well known & respected = that her mother is a former LINDSAY does not in any way take priority over these SEA FAMILIES =

MEMORANDUM: Lindsay are known from late 18th-19th centuries to have a foul side to them = Insurance Fraud at sea-sinking old hulks/Money Changing Fraud overseas/suspected to cull heirs = a Court Case 25 years ago 1910 has them shunned in many respectable circles = & there is the coming disgrace over the theft of the Frobisher Florida lands & the utter neglect of them and killings :

( `1937 Summer/document in 3 parts has records) )

HENCE the reason the families RANSOM


and great houses where FROBISHER are

related :


Sir Martin Frobisher 16th century Tudor ARCTIC MARINER married one of the 10 daughters of a Lord Wentworth my grandpa FCFR has many relatives Many respectable educated families are wary of the EARL LINDSAY gang when they get out of Scotland they come to functions by gate-crashing after us Frobisher-Ransom branch )

((( The speaker in this REPORT : he will have been appealed to over the1934 requested urgent DISMISSAL of the 2 room apartment Buckingham Palace granted Teresa Gordon = she married 1932 to the elder son of his acquaintance also a SAILOR the above Frederick Charles : the two grandfathers of Greetah Ransom b 1933 requested this, making personal visit to The Palace and in writing

My grandpas FCFR and Geo. Ernest GORDON, may have not discovered this apartment Teresa can use until 1935 or even 1936 : PURPOSE was to mess up the heir `Neddy` = Edward VIII give him a bad reputation -


There are many Reports 1930s-1940s concerning the removal of a man going to be a good king - He was NOT going to lay hands on the RANSOM ESTATE or the attached THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN WORLDWIDE funded from the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` centuries old green-peace ESTATE = This Estate in 3 Parts has been eyed by EARLS OF LINDSAY-LINDSEY and the families of ANGELA ( = who is Elizabeth ANGELA Margerite Bowes Lyon b 1900 )

MEMORANDUM : A newspaper tycoon says 1946 `he would not have gone along with it if he had known what it would lead to : (slaughter of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide during the 2nd World War = ???)

The speaker = he will learn that Teresa had her old friend Angela request this : Angela is before her marriage to the youngest son of a King, close friends with LINDSAY Premier Earls families & a Mr JIMMIE JONG ( Carew) JAMES b 1898/99 son of a Western educated Chinese heiress and her husband a minor RN then minor Diplomatic Post China 1890s the widowed Chinese lady Mrs Jong James lives with her sister part of the year in a respectable apartment PARIS : )))

HENCE : 1950s Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON close chum of some VIKINGS orders ALL RECORDS of RANSOM FAMILIES DESTROYED =

This GP only Hong Kong 1947 will have rewritten a SERF HISTORIES for the RANSOM & GORDON families = to protect The Crown who wish to make him a PEER of the Realm …” :

1957 November, 50 Lancaster Gate Square, Doc `Mengele` is sarcastically telling ANDRE MALRAUX that `the Ape Greta Ransom is the daughter of a HENRY HARPER and Teresa Gordon or someone she got a gutter child from

Andre MALRAUX a ` FRENCHMAN OF LETTERS` got angry with this pre-war chum of Clara Malraux Andre-Gov-Sir filled a Goblet with liquor, carefully putting in it some of the TRICK DOPES that `Mengele HARRINGTON uses on others as FUN Malraux locked him in a cupboard awhile and then threw him out in the Kensington Parks over the Bayswater Road The GP Doc Mengele at 10 am next day now proceeded to take off all his clothes in this famous London Park two lady dog walkers suffered shock and immediately reported him to the Policemen at the Park Gates : The ZOMBIE Doc Harrington was taken by Black Maria to a cell PEACE was granted to ANDRE MALRAUX and the Catholic Charity he runs with General de Gaulle at 50 Lancaster Gate Square PEACE of a WEEK long :

1950s RUSSIAN Intelligence Workers in London wondered at their VODKA TIME if `Greetah` is the daughter of ANDRE by some RUSSIAN PRINCESS Thank you RUSSIA = But I have to inform you I am the child of my father FJR and the line descends SUFFOLK from REDEMPTIO RANSOM 92 AD Dunwich retirement land he bought retiring from his Post LONDINIUM work along the River Thames :

Also I proposed to ANDRE MALRAUX Christmas 1938 in a card with a big red puffer train on the front : my offer of marriage when I am 16 is if Josette does not want you - I can marry you when I am 16 …” This is taken up 1947 permission `Young Pacelli` a family friend, trying again 1953/54, and again 1957/1959 = but EVIL circumnavigates us night and day :

NB: 1936 : TO RETURN TO THE REPORT that this Chapter announces :

It is like a letter - or someone writing about what they have heard spoken : The date is 1936 :

` I have never been in a Grote Home I have never been invited : but I am assured that what Tiggy said would happen after awhile has happened :

I have never been able to get into these nations I am told that they will now talk it is because of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in administration and other careers in music I am told

Why is the child back ???

I hear she did not have a passport at 3 years old a simple matter put her on the passport of her father then ! Let them go to New Zealand then later when she is older we can ask for help the Empire is falling apart …” `

` ! LOOK ! THEY have made all this trouble ( = he means LINDSAYbuggarhs Premier Earls ) and the result is that Margaret Grote has left it all to the child ! Grand-daughter of poor Frederick Charles and after what that poor boy went through

YES ! I hear Angela shouting the other side of the door ! Now she is shouting at me :

I did not say Teresa is a hay bag - I said she is like an old hay wagon, falling apart she cannot last the decade :

It would be better the Ransom family were all abroad : After what poor Frederick Charles suffered

we were both young together he did not tell me about her death for a little while - we were listening to some PURCELL I like Purcell on the piano ! : He then spoke on that night - without my asking How she said she would go and talk with THEM for an hour she did not come back for hours he was frantic she was all he felt he had Then a knock on the little front door and the two of them put her in his arms wrapped in a blanket said they had found her collapsed on the highway

He took her up to her bed and sat by her - he could not believe she was dead - so young so tiny

I remember her skating - divine and the Greek bit the dancing and the chariots wonderful

Poor boy, only 14 he said he sat by her all night - he could not believe she was dead and into the next day and the next he could not say how long then he went to the little front door and yelled for help : `

( NB : his mother Millie Frobisher, a grand-daughter of that EARL LINDSAY of a marriage 1830, is 32/33 years old )

` No he did not immediately call the Police - they had suffered interference since his father was killed I know how he felt we were young


` I am going to take a yacht trip NO - not to the South Seas to Plymouth to do as I please …” ` (1936)

( LINDSAY-Lindsey are understood to be the persecutors demanding control of the GROTE HOMES and RANSOM Estate )

This REPORT finishes with information from the writer/recorder :

1936 (for two days ?) then he was not feeling too well he went to his dinner sat down later he was dead ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MEMORANDUM : My grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM refused the Estate, honouring the decision of his young mother) & with the big families agreed with his Aunt Margaret, sister of his father, that the first born March 1933 of his son Frederick John RANSOM should be the heir and they would all train the heir (she-me-Greetha Ransom) in the duties of the Estate : his mother Millie Frobisher had refused to have the Estate for him after the LINDSAY her maternal line kin killed her husband JOHN RANSOM 1890 Hithergreen School

The LINDSAY Premier Earl ( known as `Old HIGH POOP` = & with syphilis ) had him killed, John Ransom husband of Millie Frobisher, to get hold of the ESTATE = saying that his first born son Frederick Charles F.R. was heir to everything and therefore he Premier Earl LINDSAY owned the Estate !! So Millie who has a Lindsay mother refused the Estate for her son !



to his daughter

Greta Ransom :


RANSOM born November 1911

Killed March 1969 by IMPERIAL SCUM

Those NOBLE SCUM who slew the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN during the 2nd World War to have quick riches and pass blood dripping riches to their next generations

REPORT : Did you get a notebook written by your father it was tossed in a ditch near you they kept you away from his Requiem you have no postal communications we did not know at this time : We felt that the Whitehead twins were with honour - we did not know of their vicious greed 1968 in PERU and continuing destruction of the estate and handing big amounts to the Imperial enemies of your families