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READER should locate by date 1939 the scaffolding Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc` 1939 December WEST GREENLAND the 2 letters received from Cousins Poulsen de SALLE 1939 23rd December -




a family with 4 children under 13 years are ordered out of the big warm 19th century RANSOM HOUSE - left to die in an unheated hut on the seashore -


Dear little Greetah we were just making the cake we always make for Christmas I am writing another letter to your father for my father who is unwell but he will write some things himself / Sarah

23rd December 1939 these letters are delivered because a Skipper in a small boat stopped at the Island & gave the family Poulsen de SALLE old furs and oatmeal and took the letters - he did not know where he would be ordered so did not take the family - war has just begun :


The 2 letters were posted in the SHETLANDS and arrived 2 weeks later to Clacton-on-Sea on the 23rd December 1939 : The letter to my father Warrant Officer FJR will tell of JIMMIE & thugs ordering this family of cousins OUT into the ARCTIC WINTER without stores and allowed to take no bedding Parents and 2 small sons died in 18 months

JIMMIE JONG James/Carew/O`Carroll etc ? / calling himself a British Army Major is seen on the Island 1941 : Events become utterly sordid and sadistic madness takes over as known to happen in Aristocratic SCOTLAND A Danish Yacht with criminally insane dope-soaked Aristocrats joins a persecution of the 2 girls left alive :

Sarah who was 13 in 1939 is able to speak in 1958 to Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen of the American State Department but her life is threatened as the RANSOM families lives are NOTHING MUST BE SPOKEN ABOUT THE SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN :

From the end of the 2nd World War British and Scandinavian Aristocrats & all Imperial creatures, aided by the British PRESS, have become DIVINITIES helping to make Gross Britain RICH `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND` document in 3 parts `scaffolding` :

I have used great letters and turquoise and blues to aid understanding of what it was like to be cast out of the big warm RANSOM 19th century house in the inner Arctic winter - by JIM Pimp now calling itself a Major of Buckingham Palace, coming ashore with 6-7 thugs in British Army tough clothes & ordering the family of 2 adults 4 children under 13 years OUT into the cold & wiring up the house with explosives ORDERS BRITISH GOVERNMENT & other Noble THUGS :

((( JIMMIE JONG born 1898 is the criminal companion of Angela Bowes Lyon and my mother Teresa Gordon/ a superb horsewoman winning money at private Races from age 10 years old/ since 1917 : MEMO: Her respectable GORDON family had always tried to STOP this relationship with Angela and JIM - both of them older than she & both WILD of behaviour : )))


1950s - persons of standing informed this nephew he had NO CLAIM to take monies from the Banks of our GROTE RANSOM family Estate : It is around learned & fashionable London of his Princely jeers at our RANSOM modest life styles - 1960 he hurled at Len Immanuel Ransom in public `My friend the Ape Boy` :

1946-1980s - NAVAL FIGURES/RECORDS : ` he is not a Naval man but a PLAYBOY - takes the Estate moneys in arrogance for his expensive gambling and other pleasures : THE SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN has the British Navy never so disgraced since ALFRED FOUNDED IT 10th century AD `

his Uncle gave permission to sail the ships in - and went ashore certain places around the world after the children were slain - he was portioning out RANSOM lands where the GROTE HOMES were built

FJR and others LIR and GR have also encountered personally this vulgar brash Viking type : not at all a Noble Greek as we learn of from history lessons



All of these sub-sub APES recorded by many abused persons, and by my young father FJR, are dangerous from DOPE SOAKING themselves :

They also get PROFIT from growing and wheeling-&-dealing in DOPES overseas (after it was becoming difficult late 19th century with the input of QUAKER morality into the City of LONDON) :

ARISTOCRATS & IMPERIAL FIGURES use the obscene DOPE called Divinorum Salvia Scotland grown by Noble Scotland - fire-blown pellets up the SNOUT hit their brains in 2 seconds ::::::::

These NOBLE SUB-SUB APES also get PROFIT from sending this 2 yearly SCOTLAND CROP to BRITISH EMPIRE/COMMONWEALTH slave labour factories and other disgusting establishments they with their stomping ghoulish creepy IMPERIAL AUTHORITY run for quick dough = moneys :

Sincerely : Greta RANSOM daughter of Frederick John RANSOM my PEDAGOGUE =

I remember the physical violence dealt me 1930s/early 1940s by many of these NOBLE VERMIN of GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA and the ongoing THREATS and threats made to me, families and children, 1968/71 into the late 1980s

1946 December some British Naval Figures said that the killers of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN should be left on a remote tiny island and left to die :

MEMORANDUM : These Records dove-tail into the ( with all DATES ) `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts called `1937 SUMMER etc` - This big work is also in plain script on WORDPRESS illuminating short pieces are on the JIMDO web site The entire WORK is recording the TRAGEDY of our families on many branches who have encountered IMPERIAL ATHORITY EVIL GREED because of our PHILANTHROPY



1938 - A WEEK in the LIFE of the GUARDIANS

of THOMAS GROTE HOMES founded upon the

worldwide ancient lands of his wife

Margareth nee RANSOM :

Diary of LIR = perhaps another reading it and relating in sorrow A FACT

TEXT BELOW an attempt at understanding EVIL PERSONS who have 1938-1954 slain the worldwide THOMAS GROTE HOMES children and savaged so horribly with their VIOLENCE and GREED the great centuries old quietly maintained ( well away from IMPERIAL EYES and Divinorum Salvia Scotland SNOUTS ) RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts worldwide :

Follows : Greta Ransom with help of SEFRIS/Aeschylus/ Sandburg perhaps - And my PEDAGOGUE my young father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM Autumn 1938 I am liking `old John Ruskin` his ATHENA Queen of the Air a little book that can be carried about in `a muff`, a pocket, a kit-bag :

( MEMO : John Ruskin educationalist, has written also a story about Mr South-West Wind Esquire which children of all ages very much like usually printed at the back of his `Sesame & Lillies` Young readers who like the Kipling 2 vols. Puck of Pooks Hill & Rewards & Fairies like the Ruskin tale readers of `Ghost of Thomas Kemp` which is probably by Penelope Livesley I used to read these stories several times to children in The Pillar House of the L. Leslie Brooke Books for children, in Harwell village :

( my 3 true histories of life 1970s-1980s in Village for a Thousand Years are on web site There are more in typescript I used to record TIME PASSING )

STATEMENT : ABOUT mid-19th century 20th century IMPERIAL GROSS BRITAIN and its relatives in SCANDINAVIA et al

` FROM THEIR OWN SAVAGED IMAGINATIONS they have created for themselves a glorious time of Empires especially The declining BRITISH EMPIRE = thus EMPIRES of their own MINDS :

They in expensive clothes, trained in nothing intelligent raised to strut out front their authority has become awesome with the aid of weekly paid newspapers and scavenging Diplomatic crowd drawn from their supporting ramparts : they have all formed themselves a `PETRIFIED MIND STATE` = petrified in ancient cities presented in their early learning whose day-to-day life was never what these PLAYBOYS spout from their enforced late 19th century early 20th century learning of BABYLON, GREECE and ROME :

( & HENRY 8 might well have thrown them all in Oceanus Germanicus ) :

LIR diarist b 1921

slain horribly 1981/82 by IMPERIAL GREED :

Lennie my youngest Ransom uncle, my best friend my `young Fledermaus` (granted Certificate as An excellent Flyer age 15 years October 1935) : youngest child of the little heimat `Jerusalem` the road by the little sloping Park, Deptford by the River Thames :

do you remember a TRIO we practice at `Jerusalem` your father, your grandfather, me that evening we go to the bigger house of a friend he plays cornet, but not that evening the programme was a piece of Hayden, then a piece of Beethoven followed by a Monologue : Frederick Charles my father, your grandfather, read some BOEWULF .. And then another read a piece about an old fellow ` Yearning to go to Australia` Their was present a man with a modern masterpiece (music ? Or painting ? )

YOU arrived earlier that morning to `Jerusalem` the home of Millie our grandmother Mill sits on the stairs with her skating boots we say `going out soon Millie - we will take you with us ` The LINDSAY killed her in 1897 she was only 33 years old skating, Greek dancing riding little chariots with her school friends

YOU HAD A TALE Sheshe had gone mad again - you had your left ankle in plaster and splint Hospital said it would heal she had kicked your shins and it had left a bump the Hospital said it would be alright after awhile

This is what happened : you were left alone with her that morning last week - she did not let you go to school - perhaps her friend JIMMIE JONG was coming to make big ham sandwiches and drink all the day : BUT A MAN CALLED AT THE LITTLE FRONT DOOR and asked for the Story Book that his daughter had been given you thought she had a drawing in it `YOU SAID THAT THE BOOK had been read to you by Aunt Winnie and it was propped up on the tiny desk ready for him She had said NOT HERE It could not be found. He would call on your father` …”

SHE NOW WENT BANANAS ! She INSISTED you were to say that YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE BOOK ! She said YOU BLOODY BITCH YOU ARE TO SAY YOU KNOW NOTHING …” Granny Gordon tells her to `STOP THE STABLE TALK - Treasa I won`t have it in this house go to church and say a prayer ` She does not - she goes DRINKING on the front if they the LINDSAYBUGGARHS are there `

She began breaking things in the house, kicking things then she kicked you so badly the ankle and the shin you managed to get out in the back garden and through the fence to the side street the kind half Jewish lady who hides you was not in her husband is an invalid You went for a walk limping later you went to Granny Gordon`s when you knew Uncle Harry would come for his midday dinner …”

You told Uncle Harry you did not worry Granny Gordon you should have been coming from the Convent School to your dinner at `Crail` anyway : this is to keep Granny busy now she is a widow the Doctor has said this she must have a household to see to but we must see she is not worn out …”

Your father said `do not confront her - she is like her Noble friends they can never be blamed for anything ` ( HUH ! My Sainted Aunts ! She had probably thrown the book in the fire or she had sold it ) :

he said it was a rare book but he would put the Booksellers to find another copy it would be expensive : No matter SHE WAS MAD BECAUSE OF HER NOBLE CHUMS THEY HAD NO MONEY THEY ALL THOUGHT THEY SHOULD BE RICH SO THEY STOLE WHERE THEY COULD and BIG BOOTED about the globe

1938 LONDON : Len Immanuel RANSOM, `Jerusalem` the tiny house with a garden and an apple tree at the end of the road beside the narrow lane that leads to the little sloping park DEPTFORD by the River Thames



LIR : (1960s) Andre ( MALRAUX ) began the Catalogue of all the paintings and art work in the GROTE HOMES and our RANSOM homes about the world -


no more `

reports given of how THEY tore it off the wall in the GROTE HOME and kicked and tore it to pieces then burned it they were shouting it was not to their taste We are scolded for picking things up cheap No the RANSOM families very often bought PICTURES they liked from young blokes they met who were painting things for walls throughout the centuries WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO FIGHT :

( OH IMPERIAL BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIA ! Surely you have doubly booked your SEATS in HELL / Greetha Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM )

Continues especially on FATE of art works the IMPERIAL CROWD did not like