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Restored RANSOM HISTORIES continues TO PUT US ALL BACK ( we descended from one family ) from 77 AD Londinium (Roman London) ` VINLANDIA` SCHOLARS have shown our line back into BC JUTLAND … OUR ROOTS - 2nd century BC is fairly easy & the area could be ascertained Jutland back to 4th-5th centuries BC.

… Here I lack, so far, Jutland names & places that were known to us - Dr JOHN RAY Ransom did speak them 1960 on NIGHTWATCH but alas they did not sound familiar … this was the new evidence he had received from USA & CANADA Academics & the VINLANDIA crowd … they have been exploring their ancestry from the 19th century … they gave the RANSOM brothers information in the first half of the 20th century …

After the following pages of explanation of the DRAMA of DESTRUCTION of our RECORDS in the 20th century I will write in this Document the names of RANSOM & details of our ancestors as I turn through the Directory I have made … MEMO : These are also familiar histories to me as I grew up from 1933-1945 … I have inserted many in length in `SUMMER 1937 Andre Malraux etc … `

NB : The reader

can now turn through the 20th century






to less savage times

Happily in 92 AD Gaius Ransom retires to Suffolk coast -

… 100 AD a son or grandson 22 years old has a narrow escape - arrived late November from Mediterranean Trading - pulled in for winter months at what will one day be called PORTSMOUTH Harbour - he knew he would not survive long with such rough primitive company in the other ships pulled up for the winter months … He gathered 5 ill treated Orphans shivering under a den of branches they had tried to construct in the earth bank - He and two faithful men thus got a full crew in silence … and set out in the fierce winter Channel seas and arrived safely to DUNWICH Suffolk & the family home - The orphans grew up to become stout trustworthy companions & received SANCTUARY the homestead-heimat of RANSOM Suffolk coast : records in Latin/& early English …

Thus our RANSOM ancestry

proceeds down the centuries

to all of us …

1973 - The following photograph is of the great niece and great nephew of Dr John RAY Ransom … 1969 he met the year old Victoria-Augusta & introduced his son POUL age 11 = cousins = little Peter was not yet born …