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ARTHUR MALONE =Politan speaking from his notebooks on the 1960-1961 investigation

“ … By the time we all got to Colne Engaine January 1960 … & Miss Teresa Butler had given THEIR game away just before Christmas 1959 - I had to get it off Peggy, Harry Gordon`s wife, who she was - I and ANDRE had missed this one … the rather intellectual girl who had worked up her own WELFARE system at 16 years of age 1915 in Manchester with the help of an enlightened Factory manager … she knew all about MONTAGUE & LINDSAY & ANGELA … others I did not know were IN ON IT at the start ! She had kept newspapers and other printed matter where they `true blues` appeared LEADING THE EMPIRE - she had written to ANDRE 3 or 4 times but never saying what the matter was - simply signed herself T. Butler … ”

“ … she says IF he Andre MALRAUX had been GETTING HIS LETTERS then he had to KNOW whom she was - because he had been visiting 1945 onwards with her Aunts the Misses Bessie & Annie Carroll Williams = They had run a MISSION for SEAMEN at Walton Liverpool beginning with other young people in the 1890s … they had branched out into Welfare assistance for the poor - getting help from a few enlightened middle class women and daughters … they had often to beware of fathers and brothers … however some of the men helped … It was a dreadful MESS up there 19th century onwards ( ref. Mrs Gaskell - book “NORTH SOUTH” )

“ … families crammed in cellars with not a mattress to sleep on … But you had to keep quiet about what you did ! … They READ old JOHN RUSKIN … his Letters to Working Men … came to the work with a rather CLASSICAL education because of their mother and father come from Ireland - she a CLASSICS graduate - Germany I think … father a fine silversmith and inventor of sorts … The parents both died leaving a young family of five girls in their teens and twenties - they all survived enough & with a very fine intellect …

… With occasional troubles from the titled after Teresa got in with the WRONG SORT she about 7 years of age - got some of the `true blues` on her back at a riding school … Reason ! GORDONS had lands in Scotland and a piece in New Zealand. And the Irish cousins of her mother have 3 baronetcies Southern Ireland 19th century for being capable of gentle progress towards Home Rule - unfortunately they all sometimes bred good HORSES …

this was what JIM & ANGELA battened on to - could not get horses from them after offering the price of a Pint Pot …

- & ended up burning one home 1920 … & telling them they would have them SHOT for TREASON And the present century MISCHIEF BEGINS back then - immediately the 1st WORLD WAR ends … ”

( NB : Malone always in attendance on Greta Ransom as Detective for ANDRE MALRAUX now a Minister in the FRENCH Government of General Charles de GAULLE 1958-1969 - they LEFT the Political scene because they could NO LONGER TELL WHO WAS TELLING THE TRUTH around them )

Arthur Malone/Politan/ Detective-LAW - his Notebooks :

` 1958-59 - I was certain `Mengele ` doc Harrington, was receiving big moneys for harming ANDRE - ( that ) it had begun 1938 when they got hold of his copy the RANSOM WILL & did FRANCE in the eye too ! It was`nt until that late summer 1961 that I was pretty sure it had to be done with skilled medical preparations - by then I could not contact anyone without getting to them … & then I always went in disguise - but this would mean leaving young Greta alone & relying on a very few locals to keep a WATCH Disguise ? Old film studio make-up artists had given all of us classes after I went to work for ANDRE in October 1957 … but I had created disguise before in my Detective work

“ … We kept by her (Greta) - ANDRE gave instructions - he paid , sent the money from FRANCE - but we received nothing - Phil in London City & Argentine - Insurance & Finance … helped out I went in to the Museums in 1962 to do some private scientific work when Greta began at the Natural History Museum - Lived alongside - confided in Greta`s landlady Miss Rose Holder- worker all her life in the Post Office St Martin-le-Grande - she coming 60 years old & a sensible kindly woman had Teresa behave a bit better towards young Greta - although I NEVER TRUSTED HER, calling herself `Terry` now :- she would SELL the GIRL as a ROAST PORK DINNER if she could be sure of SECURING her HALF of the ESTATE ”

“ … Miss Rose travelled before the War on the Continent with a friend on their holidays - and knew her human rights - We could not have found more loyal friends round that part of London . I got a room with her parents old friends same floor Gabriel House Lambeth across the lift shaft - Old Mengele still calling himself Doctor Harrington friend of Royalty would park THAT BLUE CAR up a bit and skulk around - He and Teresa would DINE WELL about London Town - she had perhaps much more CLOUT than him from her Roaring 1920s Noble buddies … she knew a thing or two about HORSES … he did not understand that world … they treated them like their own relatives … a morbid world at times … when you learned WHAT they did with their OWN relatives … but the HORSES were sacred … I think they believed it too … ”

“ … I used to go to work alongside Greta ( 1964-1966 ) in the City of London after our year and a bit in Kent (autumn 1962-1963 )After the surprise escape from Teresa with the Gordon-Potter cousins to GREECE that summer (6 weeks 1966 - the in-laws of Jennifer, Hatjiaggelis Family of Calithea Athens … ) we both went back to the Natural History Museum in October 1966 ANDRE now dropped by a few hours from GAUL …”

“ … he did not make himself known to Greta but would stare at her across the road … or once or twice from the Natural History Museum Waterhouse Gothic entrance, she saw him … he lurked amongst the Dinosaurs … you have to understand the loss of his two sons ! Andre told she was still a schoolgirl … by TWISTERS - and wanted to go out to work … I think it puzzled her … that he did not come up and speak … BUT THEY, over there, GAUL, had been nagging him about his AGE since he was 40 or so ! ` Green eyed women` said MI5 but they only had so much of the real problems … or could not say too much …

“ … But I felt he, Andre, HAD BEEN THROUGH TOO MUCH - two dead sons … & pressure of work alongside de GAULLE … He saw a girl young and healthy and felt he had grown old she kept her maiden status … The caravan her only own home was sited at Magdalen Laver-North Weald tube came to here … and she would go out to this countryside weekends. I got kind help out there - got myself a flat to rent cheaply weekends in exchange for NIGHT WATCH when the people below were away weekends …

… This FLAT was conveniently by the Blackmore Farm Gate - ANDRE now appeared & stayed a night - drinking at the pub across the fields from the Caravan `Mistral` … & he became known as `George` a relative of Harry Gordon at Thorpe-le-Soken - well known for his genius with all kinds of vehicles ! Andre could do a good country accent for this part of the countryside … you know about his ancestors … his mother, one line name of HISTON goes back to 9th century Norfolk did well later … arrived at SAXMUNDHAM … went to sea … farmed a bit … ”

“ … A strange sort of existence for us all ? We knew with Greta & ANDRE we were dealing with a rather SPIRITUAL & compatible pair - but the situation was always DANGEROUS : so long AS NO STATEMENT about the SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN was put ON THE FACE of the WORLD ! ANDRE said he would PICK HER UP as soon as his job ended … ”

“ … Perhaps he did not understand how much a country home could mean to a girl who had lost her family home in 1945 - that House at the End of the Recreation Ground Clacton During the Wartime violence and madness of her mother and Teresa & Noble chums, a young schoolgirl had to have had HOPE of a safe life when her father returned from the WAR … ”

“ … While at Colne Engaine ( near Colchester ) we had no lack of records given us about the madness of TERESA and THEM

( LINDSAY Earls & scum ) on the Clacton seafront before the war - Horrible violence and threats aimed at all the British RANSOM families - because of this INHERITANCE … & the whole family at times engaged rushing about the globe attending to the finest piece of PHILANTHROPY that could be wished for … Greta had no idea she had been often abroad before the war … War came, she 6 years old … they wiped it all out of her memory … we have enough records now how it was done - not then !

“ … I went alongside her fulltime in the City job she took in 1964-66, and Phil in Anglo - Argentine Insurance again assisting financially - & once a fortnight when he could he would give me a break - Remember that his daughter a year older than Greta had been murdered 1960 May for getting legal Documents about the Estate to her father … we had several old chums helping in the City - they had known Captain Ransom a good soldier, her father … ”

“ … But it was Pat MacDrew, came to lend me a bit of a hand April 1960 into the summer - but left disillusioned that Greta could not understand the situation - he had known her family before the war … Told me a lot about the stamina and intelligence of grandmother Mary Gordon … & of her high Vatican connections - he, ex-British Army Captain Patrick MacDrew, got his Mother murdered on her doorstep - 1961 somebody knocked her down at her Holland-on-Sea flat and injected HEROIN in her system and planted it in her handbag ! … We knew then … IT WAS DANGEROUS … and WHY …

( Mary Helena Williams Mrs George Ernest Gordon - the mother of Teresa, grandmother of Greetha )

… Pat, dismal, came again 1964/1965 to give a hand on and off when we got into the City - Disillusioned again he pushed off to see if anything could be done about that Settlement they had all founded out East end of the Wartime when he was in the Army they found that JIM and gang had wrecked it in the late 1950s - because they found out they had an ex-GROTE CHILD as Director Of course, all the money he and Army pals had put in as Capital for the Settlement had gone missing - JIM has always been up to that … so easy when he can go in and out of their Palace back door - had a private apartment since 1921 in case you don`t know …

MEMORANDUM : Philip Silverlee Argentine-London returned in 1961 after the murder of his daughter for obtaining important GROTE RANSOM Records in Buenos Aries … … & Captain Patrick Macdrew uncle of the murdered SEA HEIRESS , a 900 years old family of Castle Hedingham near to Colne Engaine - a big Settlement, philanthropy, New Found Land, and in Canada, Yugoslavia - she 9 years of age and in the same Clacton school class of Greta Ransom in 1942 - Jan. 2011 AD

“ 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc, Clacton & West Greenland …

Arthur Malone/Politan/ notebooks : 1960 summer - I was pretty sure Greta Ransom did not get ANY MONEY directed to her from her Uncle from the USA … she did not remember him Doctor John RAY Ransom& that her mother had never given her a half-penny from the generous allowance she received from her husband Army Captain F.J. Ransom to maintain herself and Greta

1947 - She, Teresa, had dirtied the reputations of Andre and Greta after she and her `fiends` crashed the marriage - Had a private meeting with CLARA in July ! CLARA and old `Mengele` Harrington her friend, were lending weight to this all that summer 1947 - SHOCK OF THEIR LIVES - MONEY REMOVED FROM THEM - I will say no more about that situation … others can …

… Teresa, from that summer 1947, managed to insist to him, her younger husband, & his relatives - and some of her own - that her poor brain damaged daughter PREFERRED to LIVE with HER ! UG ! How he a young man of 22 when his only daughter was born was fooled by their TRICKY answers to his correspondence to his daughter … she never got a glance at it … The bastard du Cann is helping his MUM - Teresa ! ANDRE did not know about this one until after I came to help Andre at The Gate (50 Lancaster Gate Square) … ”

I was certain by summer 1960 that Greta had never had a sixpence except what she earned … her mother Teresa took it all & went off to wine & dine with her NOBLE screwballs and villains over the years … But then `Mengele` ( Dr Harrington ) and JIM could use the British and easily the International Banking System to lay claws on anything … call it CROWN MONEYS … belonging to old RUM TUM TUM … pass it in to them as GIFTS … they paid no Income Tax … nothing had to be declared … their set up could not be checked … they were supposed to be confidential with God … ”

“ It was the deaths of those children that had us stick to it - the crime rose and fell in your mind as you went about your life … I knew by 1961 we had some help from those who had seen some of it … no idea it was worldwide at that time !

MEMO : former ANGELA Bowes Lyon - claiming since 10 years of age 1910 that “ the old ESKIMO left it all to me …= old Eskimo is Margareth RANSOM Mrs Thomas I. GROTE whose high intelligence and kindness with her husband TIGGY have made the greatest piece of intelligent philanthropy the globe has ever had … building on our RANSOM family lands investments in transport, technology, science, arts - with SAFETY STANDARDS put as priority …

1960 - that SPRING … I was often on my own guarding Greta, Phil coming down every 4 days from London then the killing of Phil`s daughter in May in the Argentine & he had to rush over there - She and he got all the WILLS documents carbon copies letters needed - & this vital EVIDENCE had been given to the ONE Courier sent by de GAULLE to NEW YORK late February 1960 - seems de GAULLE thought it best not to draw attention to the mission - so sent just one unaccompanied Courier to NEW YORK

… Idea was to have the COURIER sent by General de GAULLE land at the New York airport, meet Phil with the Documents in a parcel, then leave soon after by the next flight back to FRANCE … I was perhaps uneasy hearing these arrangements - but IT HAD HAPPENED a few days before … ”

“ … I went across the meadow in daylight & told Greta what had happened - she was absent minded at first but then would respond as if she had a memory - & I had known her make an answer if I had given a question - I said that the documents would have arrived to de Gaulle & Andre by now … we would hear soon - & I could then tell the other nations they go ahead with our plans - Legal circles helped with this - luckily I did not know exactly where abroad I believe - I did not wish to know too many names because it then put me in danger the way ahead was agreed by the legal OWNERS of the Estate …

“ … 1960 March - we in our base at Colne Engaine, and associates in London , were all waiting for the acknowledgement from ANDRE … Then I knew we would GO AHEAD with other Nations that held the ESTATE - WE RECEIVED MESSAGES April 1960 said to be from ANDRE `discussing the matter` …` General de GAULLE was said to be visiting other leaders` … nothing of length was received … The year dragged on with murders & threats and robberies … … … & into the next year … ”

“ … It was not until March 1962 General de GAULLE & ANDRE saw the legal WILL & bits and pieces … & that was a piece of LUCK - Miss Rose Holder arranging that Greta go and see her Father … his sister IVY Ransom realised when Greta said she could not remember what he looked like that FOUL TRICKS had occurred - Ivy told me - we got onto their brother USA citizen Dr JOHN RAY Ransom working for the American STATE DEPARTMENT He arranged to get the Documents to de GAULLE and MALRAUX swiftly … Kennedy family had since 1960 been footing the bill for investigations - some parts of the ESTATE had been regained FRANCE seemed to do nothing

“ … De GAULLE is quoted as saying March 1962 on seeing the WILL with the name of ANDRE MALRAUX as GUARDIAN “ … an obscene gigantic piece of Statecraft by Gross Britainnique … ”

We seem to have got into political tangles with the ramparts of TRICKSTERS around everyone Andre MALRAUX - two dead sons in 1961 - because of this on-going THEFT OF MAIL … this cunning waste of time … these FALSE messages sent …

1960 Summer - “ But a surprising piece of good luck - an encounter that summer 1960 - We had been given two MERCENARIES by JIM & gangs - they were to not let us leave Colne Engaine … ! - Mr Mengele Doc Harrington was throwing his weight around from time to time - but he had hoped to personally follow ANDRE about France & the globe - Greta being dead by then … ” ( Arthur Malone `the laid back Detective` … calls this `my last case` … he has a noble background … he is well aware we are in danger : “ Call me King Arthur ! …” )

“ … I was on my own guarding Greta that summer from July …

the matter of slain children was drawn to the attention of the two Mercenaries : & also taken up by those who had come upon it during the 2nd World War = they began to serve out justice where they could on those who did it - they had a rule that they did not kill women … … We also learned later we had won over the Mercenaries Greta could go shopping in Halstead for her scanty rations and I was nodded at that I would not be followed if I wished to slip out to a telephone or a Carrier Pigeon - they saw the evidence of the slaughter that I had photo-copy of … ”

“ … Our casual visitors that summer 1960 all worked on their own - from now on ( British and Overseas Territorial Army and others joining together ) they had to protect their families … We were informed sometime afterwards when they had accomplished something

It was this kept us in harness, held ANGER in check … I did not blame ANDRE he had been fooled since 1938 !

… This crime we came upon January-February 1960 , you have to understand … had us numb … ashamed of our nation we began to act as if we were already dead men … I think everybody felt this upon first encounter with a GENOCIDE against CHILDREN - and many ex-Services had known, some seen, this GROTESQUE SLAYING of worldwide mainly orphan children in the best of education - The GROTE HOMES for Children were outside GROSS BRITAIN & its EMPIRE - who had always made their DISAPPROVAL QUITE CLEAR - they would be in the way of BRITISH TRADE …. … … !

NB : There is much more in Document in 3 Parts called `1937 SUMMER - Andre MALRAUX Josette Clotis & Greta RANSOM, Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND … `



20th century - RANSOM HISTORY -

ALMOST A GHOST STORY certainly frightening - & unfortunately all true

Arthur Malone Law Detective/Politan I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT TERESA, Mrs Ransom … … coming over that spring 1960 … I had to go carefully talking to her - Pat and Phil said `do not trust her` - they described her as the mad one with her ennobled friends before the War From the 1st world war a big normal family Gordon had got landed with the worst of Scotland coming up its garden path : the Irish side from her mother Mary Gordon was heavily Catholic, well-to-do, I was told … and knew Popes ... it reached into Manchester and from the early 1920s into Clacton-on-Sea … I had not known of the families until I came to work for ANDRE October 1957 … ”

“ … it would have helped if I had known their complete histories that first month working for Andre in 1957 - I would then have had my notebook full & then could have spotted that the persecution of ANDRE by JIM and his Club and crones was something more than envy of a French good looking 6 footer -with some successful books in print I now had NOTEBOOKS full , spring 1960, from helpers about the seashores of Essex who would have willingly given this information three years ago … ”

TERESA, mother of Greta and the others … she would appear too frequently … sit herself down in the cottage by GALLOWS CORNER Colne Engaine … and talk all the morning or afternoon about Racing - she clearly knew a lot about horses … & I by then knew a lot about her - I did not want to rouse her suspicions when she asked me how much longer I was going to bother to stay with this Detective work here ? … I said I had been given a good job to look after ANDRE - see he could do his work in FRANCE and see that her young daughter Greetha-Greta was not molested again by men who were jealous of Andre … otherwise I did not involve myself with family matters when on a JOB - I told her that was how a good Detective worked in his employment … just do as you are told to do … … …

“ … I asked her, after she had appeared a few times, about Scotland, she being of the big GORDON Clan - did she like it ? My simple enquiry acted almost like mesmerism on her ! She began to tell me about staying at GLAMIS CASTLE when she was very young and mad about horses … how you went out in the dawn & got your horse from the stables … and saw the sun just rising and the dew heavy on the trees and grass - you took your horse carefully along the bridle paths in the early morning - many of them overgrown you had to coax your horse sometimes, whisper in his ear, stroke his neck again and again, have him know he was safe with you - then he would go forward where you wanted to go … … … she gave me the creeps saying how she stroked the neck of the horse … again and again … ”

“ … She said … ` first your horse came to a pool where they all of them up there got rid of the old people - Well … you could not have them a burden to the families that worked for you, they would be in the way of your workers - you could not have them spending your time looking after the old - so they were put in the pool when they were too old to work … your horse did not drink there … … …