Greta Ransom

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but I did not show my surprise … managed to say thoughtfully ` Well there was no decent medicine in those days , I suppose … to help them out of pain - disease and wounds and that sort of thing … ` … ”

“ … She went on I did not want to break her mood - made some tea and moved about the kitchen where we sat she then spoke on a piece of land owned by the eldest brother Frederick Henry Gordon of her father George Ernest Gordon … … … GHOST STORY continues next page - HORROR story … TRUE … … …

( MEMO : Frederick Henry Gordon 2nd wife Annie - 1 daughter Betty Gordon marries = 1 son & 1 daughter Gordon and Sandra were in London Police Force 1961 = they should be given this land back - it was stolen from them FHG went to Court to try get it back but the THIEVES had the Court say it had been neglected … he FHG had plans to build a retirement house there

… his brother JOHN GORDON had the Gordon Family SEAT -

he had Retainers who helped him get `rough JUSTICE` done to the CAMERON Tribe = they in 1891 had cut the face off his Cameron Branch BRIDE, 21 years old , on her WEDDING MORNING … so they did not lose her fortune

NB: it took 20 years to get the monsters … they spent the money of the bride they had kept HOSTAGE from birth LIVING THE BIG TIME abroad … and had to creep back to Scotland - they were SENT TO HELL -

… … … This can be read on early in the 3,000 pages Document `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc …` )

GHOST STORY - Detective ARTHUR MALONE Politan-King Arthur/ continues :

… his NOTEBOOK readings - recording the un-requested visits spring-summer 1960 to Colne Engaine near Colchester, of Teresa GORDON born November 1906 becomes Mrs F.J. Ransom 1932

“ … She, I should now call her `Terry` … , said that all 6 boys of Frederick John GORDON & his wife Matilda nee Kellow her grandparents had been given land by a grandfather, some came from a great-grandfather … ”

“ … … this piece belonging to her eldest Uncle Frederick Henry Gordon … it was near … GLAMIS CASTLE she went on horseback to see it … it was about 5 miles by 7 miles reaching to the sea - it began with a weedy shallow watery area that you could put water fowl in if you lived up there … then it lead to some woods, some grassy areas, and so to the seashores … ”

She had spoken to THEM, her friends, about it … They said that it could be tidied up they would do this and keep it in TRUST for she at 21 years of age Well, her father and his brothers did not want this land - it could be considered neglected … She said that she gradually got her friends to gather up all the GORDON lands of her Uncles and her father - It was all put in her name Teresa Gordon … She described the pieces of lands as stretching across Scotland - but there was a break in the middle of the lands - when you joined them up … ”

“ … Well, she was told, you included it in your Chart, your PLAN of your lands that you registered … after awhile it would not be questioned - leave it for a few years and it would be your land … it would be accepted … it would NOT be questioned if you were somebody up there … THEY, her friends, were keeping all this LAND FOR HER … when she was 21 years of age it would belong to her Teresa Gordon and they looked after it now … for her …

… “ I did not say that is FRAUD … her manner was making my flesh creep … so this was how the big ESTATES up there could do it … get bigger … Sir Walter Scott must have known all this … ”

“ … What amazed me was how she thought so little of her intelligent family GORDON that she could rob them and set herself up as above them … because of her NOBLE FRIENDS … who clearly did these things … I learned she was 14 years when she first went to visit Glamis Castle … by invitation … ”

“ … I was anxious to warn my old friends in THE LAW what I felt might still be going on in SCOTLAND … … pools for the old persons ! but I dared not communicate from here and I was pretty sure I was followed if I slipped out to go to a Post office - I could only hope to use a disguise and get up to LONDON - Phil had to go back in MAY to the ARGENTINE as soon as they murdered his daughter … there was only me now to guard young Greta … and the confidences of TERESA her mother were to become much more ALARMING in a few minutes … ”

I gathered her idea of me … my standing in the Community - I was no more in her eyes than she regarded an electrical engineer - so this was the ROLE I adopted all the time from her now too many visits that spring into early summer 1960 - I kept my speech simple, playing the loyal Detective to ANDRE and looking after young Greta for ANDRE … and it was a job …

“ … I risked asking why she did not care for him and Greta being married - saying that everybody found they got on so well … She said he WAS NOT HER CHOICE … & she and her friends did not intend Greta to marry - and certainly not to have children … As a child , she said, they had found the girl to be insane like the father and his RANSOM relativesit was inherited … they were ALL MAD … it was felt they should not have any children … they had taken MEDICAL ADVICE … her noble friends …

I said a few words about this INHERITANCE … Andre & de Gaulle would be looking into it - I wanted her the mother of Greta to have a good income and a nice house and be able to travel about a bit … if it all came out alright then this would happen … she could enjoy life quite a bit … ”

“ … She said slowly and with bitterness ` that THE ESTATE WAS ALL HERS … she had been told this … there was a list of 10 THEY had DECIDED the whole ESTATE should be claimed in her name, Teresa Gordon … An old ESKIMO Aunt Ransom was NOT ALLOWED by the British Government & CROWN to have such a great Estate it was ORDERED before the War that it should be BROKEN UP and shared out between she and her friends … there was NO MATTER to discuss … it was a matter for she and her friends … ”

“ … She said that High Chief Justice Armstrong headed the list - a Mr du CANN - a Baron B with a very long French name I could not get at first - then I realised it was an early NORMAN FRENCH name …

( MEMO : look at the Roman Catholic 9th/ or19th Baron B … … … in Debrett Peerage - he is killed in Netherlands 1944 2nd World War/Roman Catholic family - he leaves 3 tiny daughters … this is her chum with the big fast brown roll down top car … ) …

“ … She, Teresa … did not continue with the other names on the list of 10 - I was pretty sure the Old Log of the Navy as the Russians called him, was on that list ... OH ! I dearly wanted to get this lot to ANDRE ! But it was NOT safe to leave here … and I was pretty sure not safe to travel about hoping to slide in on MALRAUX or General de GAULLE I could not get information to Dr John RAY - he had returned to USA to his work for American State Department … ”

“ … I did not dare leave here to try find information on whereabouts of ex-Army Captain Fred Ransom … No messages in writing could be sent anywhere, no telephone calls made it was clear to me that 50 Lancaster Gate Square had been ringed about with every device every system of the British State `the National Industry` as I came to hear it was called They, her noble friends, had to see that knowledge of this their CRIME against those million GROTE HOMES CHILDREN did not come out … ”

… I said, well, in that case all they had to do was put a NOTICE in THE TIMES newspaper, Teresa … that would end the matter … why did they not do it before the War … those on this list could do so … I said I did not understand these things too much … but I had heard in similar situations all you did was put a NOTICE in THE TIMES … and that settled it …

( MEMO : Arthur Malone has done Law Degree studies except for the last exam which he had to re-sit many young LAW students have to retake this one … Arthur Malone went into RAF & 2nd World War coming … after the War he decided to become `The Detective in the Lawyers Gown` … )

… I kept our talks casual & showed little interest now I would like to have got the full LIST of those names - but I did not dare ask any more - that might have broken her mesmerized mood … ”

“ … She continued to speak - said a Mr Edward du Cann would be given a PORTION too she stroked her hands and her purse as she repeated `PORTION` `PORTION` `PORTION` she said a PORTION would go to several other people, all of them her good friends … She said IT HAD BEEN AGREED the Estate was too big - the old woman was an ESKIMO and it could NOT BE ALLOWED she have so much She had been told by her Noble friends that they, all these Eskimo and other natives about the world, would not wish to work for the BRITISH EMPIRE if they were allowed to have all this money spent on them … by the insane RANSOM family … ”

“ … She began to say that I did not understand the child Greetha was born from Ape stock … from them the RANSOMS mating down there Tierra del Fuego with APES … she did not want to make the marriage … She said it was her mother made her marry him Fred Ransom a common man - no titles & bred from APES … Her father did not agree with the marriage … ”

She had been so ashamed to have to give birth to this APE offspring … she had been told not to let it walk or teach it to talk and it should not have a name … she was told to keep it in a cupboard in a dark place … ”

“ … Had I not noticed, she asked me had I not seen that her tongue was too big for her mouth ? when she was born a slice should have been cut off around the whole edge of the tongue - IT COULD STILL BE DONE … to make the tongue fit into the mouth … she went on stroking her purse and her hands … …


I felt I had to say something quickly here … she had clearly heard about the poetry reading that Greta gave us in the evenings … I said thoughtfully that we had put some of the poetry she Greetah read aloud to herself on tape & THAT NO JUDGE NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN JUDGE would find this NORMAL … that Greta should suddenly late at night read loudly into the empty meadow POEMS … when nobody was there Yes … all this was in favour of the Estate not being given to one person I could see what she and her friends felt … but young people often did these sort of things … you never knew nowadays … ”

“ … I KNEW NOW that she and `Mengele `

Harrington … were both


dangerous MANIACS

he had a reputation in London for spiteful revenge on patients … he had to be stopped in the London Hospitals (1953 onwards) carrying out any operations … the patient looked as if a screw driver had been taken to them … one patient had died … He Harrington, called by 1952 `Mengele` in the London Medical circles was allowed to be a CONSULTANT … nothing more … I KNEW THERE COULD BE FURTHER ATTACKS ON YOUNG GRETA … if I did not stay at my post … I desperately needed help - and to warn ANDRE …

“ … Teresa Gordon … married to young Fred Ransom her confidences told me what they had all been like UP THERE 1920s - far North of Scotland … When I managed to convey all this to my old friends & acquaintances in the LAW later that year they said they would put in some `NIGHT WATCH` up there … but it would be impossible to stop it still continuing … The matter of the fields of purple narcotic is linked to all this BARBARISM … for two centuries at least the narcotic Glens (Divinorum Salvia Scotland) were still being sown and reaped … by Noble Scotland and Gross IMPERIAL Britain … ”

REPORT above : GHOSTS/GHOULS 1960 May-June - Arthur Malone Detective to ANDRE MALRAUX at Colne Engaine …

MEMORANDUM : Teresa Gordon has been taught in this witchcraft 1920s Western Scotland that everyone has

… “ a lonely spirit - a ghoul ` and for `fine words`

it may do things for you … if you could conjure it up ” G.R.

… Of course, these maniac deeds are being asked of herself using her imaginary spectre from January 1954 she has the SADIST PAEDOPHILE MANIAC spoof Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON to do her bidding … he sometimes displays on his `little boy bait` sleek blue 2-seater car a logo recognised by Police and others employed by the British State … this LOGO indicates he is a Member of a British Royal Household

Doctor Mengele Harrington paedophile can arrogantly spout that he is `studying paedophilia` : he has been known to add to a Lecture 1950s in Scarlet Town that he believes tiny children lure good men - and that he, Dr Mengele Harrington can tell by the look in the eyes of a new born child that it will harm boys and men … He got laughed off a lecture platform in the early 1950s

… He is also a member of The BRITISH Society of HYPNOTISTS = SVENGALISM - he hypnotises sane normal citizens WITHOUT their PERMISSION … especially if they are trying to speak upon an INJUSTICE he is said to have learned SVENGALISM in Hong Kong CHINA … when he was reluctantly given a G.P. Licence … because of his upper class connexions …

MEMORANDUM : This creature no real Doctor, born 1912, has been persecuting ANDRE MALRAUX from 1938 … he is a friend from the 1930s of CLARA divorced wife of Andre in 1946

He with other GHOULS has stopped the sons of ANDRE MALRAUX going to the Catholic Schools … AMPLEFORTH was chosen by him in 1946 They are killed in a car 1961 …

… Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington and his young wife nurse were often in the French household … she when ANDRE was away

She & Mengele both live on INCOME from our GROTE RANSOM ESTATE granted to them from 1953 by ANGELA … She insists the ESTATE of an OLD ESKIMO all belongs to herself … SHE DOES NOT REQUIRE A WILL …

Nota bene : … She ANGELA is the companion of my future mother Teresa Gordon in this WITCHES-GHOULS-GHOSTS obscene behaviour … (known to chums as TREE & ANGE ) they have driven themselves into permanent HATE & ENVY & GREED by taking the dangerous narcotic DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND It is grown by nearly all NOBLE FAMILIES on the WEST SIDE of SCOTLAND … Teresa likes Neddy (future King Edward VIII) but Angela is often mocking him … she & JIM & LINDSAYBUGGARHS know he does NOT agree with demolition of GROTE HOMES

I from birth and my families RANSOM & GORDON & Southern Irish branches have to cope with these criminally insane monsters - who have abused the BRITISH NATION …



WE RETURN from 20th century RANSOM


Queen Saint Etheldreada of ELY East Anglia features in our history 7th century AD … our oldest RANSOM house was here near Ely until 1948 …

but the LINDSAYGANG stole it -

pulled it down RECORDS :