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1946 December Alfred Charles Ransom and good Navy men could do little after this date : they had no idea December 1946 that Andre did not know they were RANSOM relatives ” ( MALRAUX was deceived by disgusting violent tricks organised by LINDSAY gang - & the bitter mouthed little GORDON bastard Edward du CANN & his dope-growing father … JIM JONG is in KENYA … )

“ … Your father attacked as planned by them - late that afternoon - is reported by telephone to us all at the Quaker Rooms gathering … we were told FJR would not be arriving at 6.30pm … he has been found in an East End street - he has been savagely attacked - he is in Hospital ! Andre MALRAUX called to the telephone - he is told to get to FRANCE fast as a message had come saying he was needed for his JOB OH ! ALL PLOTTED and PLANNED to keep us all APART … there was NO CALL from FRANCE … !

NB : = Rear Admiral Alfred Charles RANSOM - 1st and 2nd World War - entries in DEBRETT Peerage 1953 ~ with his cousin Herbert Charles RANSOM - career heading Crown Office and PALESTINE Finances - Both of them, of our close RANSOM families, with noble careers served with civilized behaviour : NO civilized behaviour came from the ARISTOCRAT MANIACS of the BRITISH EMPIRE ! THEY SET ABOUT A GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & all who assisted …

Rear Admiral Uncle Alfie-Charles RN features under dates 1946 and 1948 , and with Herbert Charles and Aunt `the MAY BELL` featuring from my birth in 1933 onwards help me keep my life = Greta Ransom … NB : accurate records of these RANSOM families are given in

1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc

Records-letters/speakers/follows on :

Dr John RAY Ransom : “ GORDON - your great-uncle JOHN GORDON, brother to your grandfather who is the father of your mother, kept a Family GORDON SEAT she has never told you this & forbidden her sister Win Gordon to tell you more … JOHN GORDON, he had her, Teresa, up three times - he and his Butler, his half-time maid, got her OUT ! (1947 onwards) He said to her “ You have let down your husband, your sons, your daughter Greeta our heir ! I know why you come to me - you think you can put a POWDER in my tea ! And I will sign all I own to YOU ! I do not recognise YOU as my niece ! You and your RELICS of SCOTLAND and Noble VIOLENCE are not welcome here ! If you come again I will get the Sheriff and the POLICE to remove you …

“ … I have received Reports on the unnatural deaths of your father and mother - he is MY brother George Gordon ! You are one of many children born to he and Mary ! WHY should YOU put yourself first ! It is enough that your FOUL friends have been instrumental in the MURDERS of the Orphanage Children … THOMAS GROTE and his wife Margaret were lovely people - YOU NOW INSIST YOU OWN ALL THAT THEY CREATED ! GET OUT Teresa ! You and your fat friend ANGELA are both crazed …

… you were crazy and unrepentant in 1929 = BOTH OF YOU !

when I came to speak with you IN THE ROYAL HOLLOWAY PRISON : protecting her ? Protecting her and the half-breed JIM because you had nowhere else to go ! You were early released and miraculously made a marriage to a young man of good reputation YOUNG FRED RANSOM - he since 17 years old has helped administer for his Aunt Margaret (Ransom Grote) a miracle - a MIRACLE … around the earth … you hath chosen to join the very worst scoundrels that we have in SCOTLAND … GET OUT !

RECORDS : Letters/oral/tapes/ JOHN GORDON/ Scotland = - 1891 GORDON-CAMERON tragedy & mutilation on her wedding morning is to be read in Work “1937 SUMMER etc” = This well known family history of not long ago, 1891, is in several pages - I told it to Andre and Josette and Unity her mother our hostess a summer evening 1937 … ANDRE MALRAUX wrote it down in his notebooks - Josette made notes for she might write such a tragedy into her stories … she would explore it …

… I have used the shades of mauve to tell of the MARTYRDOM of a young bride, Margery CAMERON, in the dawn hours before her marriage to JOHN GORDON 1891 - it doth show the terrible maniac behaviour of the NARCOTIC GROWERS to obtain money from others … This is perhaps one of the worst recorded CULLINGS in the history of NOBLE ARISTOCRATS SCOTLAND … She a MARTYR …


Dr JOHN RAY Ransom - NIGHTWATCH 1960 January-February at Colne Engaine near Colchester After his death, Uncle John Gordon, your father later added it to our Family Estate - the memorial to his little Cameron wife-to-be had gone - the urn with her sweet face - all destroyed by THEM ! But it was a piece of GORDON property ! It has meaningful history for us ! As he got older he lived quietly, growing the best tomatoes in Scotland in his Market Garden : He observed one day that his little half-day maid had rescued a frog down his well and taken it to a pool - it pleased him … Now he employed she and her family to continue his market gardening - they knew what LIFE should be about …

… He had a parlour with your name carved in wood - he was proud of his little great-niece G R E E T A from the RANSOM FAMILIES of MONTROSE … the farm across from the Basin … he had visited when he was younger ! Your name had been hacked out when we visited - DEVILS & GHOULS had gone to the property at the end of his life … ”

“ … He said ` … DAMNED NOBLE SCOTLAND PERVERTS COULD NOT BEHAVE THEMSELVES - they should have been KICKED OUT OF SCOTLAND … TO THE NORTH POLE ! He grieved that he had a niece who would listen attentively to THEM and then harm he and his brothers and sisters, her parents, her brothers and sisters, her young husband and their children HE SAID HE DID NOT RECOGNISE TERESA GORDON as his niece ! She and her Noble companions were mad … coarse … violent … INSANE …

1976 - ANDRE MALRAUX has died too early November 24th - he could not keep Doc Mengele HARRINGTON away from him - this maniac had wormed its way into British French circles 1945 by saying it was the chosen PHYSICIAN of the MALRAUX family - HARRINGTON had met General de GAULLE 1941 when he and his family found SANCTUARY in Suffolk England he had access to the General and Madam de Gaulle up to November 1970 REPORTS various ` LAST CALL` :

Late 1970s - Len Immanuel RANSOM/ & others/tapes “ … he, JOHN GORDON, is let down … your father too ! The Whitehead twins laying hands on your Estate 1967 as soon as they had given you a wedding ring - listening to the SCUM of SCOTLAND and an old mad woman who hurried them into her private nest … gave this GORDON property away to a superior Playboy branch of GORDON … They swanked - they began to MOCK Andre MALRAUX They did not tell him or the RANSOM brothers, or the relatives both sides anything at all about their AGREED demolition of the entire ESTATE ! They were told they could have deposits of MONEY abroad …

WHY DID THEY NOT GIVE THIS GORDON ESTATE to the GORDON in-laws … To your brothers JOHN and COLIN ? Your cousins … your aunts GORDON - Jenny of Greece, Harry and family … A Family GORDON & RANSOM STRONGHOLD had been created for you all … where you could all visit ! Your father had legally arranged all this =

before your father is SLAIN 1969 by JIM JONG Cur James and Mengele and their bitches Did you hear how your father had them breaking in on him 1960s - taking his craftwork and trying to sell it in Bond Street - then they trampled on it in the street - Mrs JIM JONG threw his teapot out of the window - and Mrs Mengele in her smart Nurses cap told the other residents he was going MAD = they came for the GOVERNMENT & CROWN !

“ … At his death many people broke down ! But the Whitehead twins went gaily off overseas to demolish the Estate legally left to you and Len … throwing hundreds of people out of accommodation and jobs so they could get money for a share out with the violent criminals ! They all lick the boots of one another … Mr Mengele and the in-law-Cousins PREMIER EARLS LINDSAY followed on EMPTYING THE BANKS overseas !

… Comment : `perhaps one expected to be made a Baronet equal to his twin - & the other a COUNT … ` They would meet overseas Mr Doc Mengele he a PEER-in-WAITING since 1953 ! A gang of criminally insane at the top of Gross Britain have organised the SLAYING of the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES - & slither about the globe tumbling the Estate adding more BLOOD and GORE to the RIVER they have put about the earth - to get big money and HEDONISM …`

` It has exhausted all of us … we swim in a great river of blood … since the slaying of MARGARET RANSOM Mrs Thomas GROTE … and the children (rescued from birth to 22 years of age) of their HOMES … (Greta RANSOM for RANSOM families … and Uncle TIGGY GROTE - TIG who learned 110 languages from 1864 to his murder ARRAN by SCOTLAND NOBLE EARLS 1904 … our