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Records Dr John RAY/L.I.R. : 1960 - NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine :

“ … & POUL GRONLANDER is the great-great-grandfather of our father FCFR = his father is JOHN RANSOM brother of Aunt Mag - he a Widower of Sylvia, Montreal, married 2ndly Millie Frobisher - she very in love = he into Education and with this tremendous ancestry longer than her own from Sir MARTIN FROBISHER = BOTH of SEA FAMILIES = they, parents of our father, get gory deaths from LINDSAY Premier Earls 1890 & 1897 :

“ … Our father FCFR, 14 years of age, had his dead mother put in his arms at the door of `Jerusalem` that is why that tiny house by Deptford Park was considered HOME to the family - & those far flung about the world. Two 2nd-cousins LINDSAY Tribe had killed his mother our future grandmother - Persecution came swiftly from EARL LINDSAY after her husband is murdered 1890 by them - she refused to marry one of them - they threatened to drag her young son our future father behind their carriage : Fighting over our ESTATE went on in the Earl LINDSAY families - the women too … they are INSANE from using a dope they grow illegally in Scotland … Divinorum Salvia Scotland …”

“ … He, our father FCFR, had to be hidden in the hilltop school Derbyshire - Scotland Premier EARL of LINDSAY & his family intended to KILL HIM - our future father … The EARL himself would then CLAIM the entire worldwide RANSOM GROTE ESTATE (and thumb his SNOUT at COURTS & KINGS) : Uncle Thomas Grote built his HOMES for Orphans on much of our LANDS = otherwise Aunt Margaret bought land about the HOMES after negotiation with the educated and the Governments of the small nations asking if they would like her to do this … ? We have never had to BIG BOOT IN … This new REIGN has continued to DESTROY our good names & continue the VIOLENT ROBBERY - cunningly telling us that you preferred to be with your mother … Teresa GORDON R. whose education ended at 12 years … most of them have no intelligence after that … they begin to wear a PELLET of this STUFF up the nose …” (Divinorum Salvia Scotland = THEY HIDE A GENOCIDE)


Reports below by Greta Ransom & Arthur Malone :


trouble is you keep GETTING OFF … ”

Reporting : 1960 January: Detective Arthur Malone/Politan=Tutor to the Medici children 15th century Florence …

( soon to be revealed as the son of an aged Duke of Connaught - his father in his 70s fell in love with a 17 years old - and she with him … that wonderful early 1900s summer … XMAS DAY 1959 - It is the HORROR now felt by his mother and her family who agree to tell him the name of his father - he pushing 60 years ! They had simply asked `how is your CASE going young Arthur … how is our dear ANDRE and young Greta Ransom … ? … `

( MALONE - a winter night 7.30pm first week January 1960 …

and you can call me KING ARTHUR … we used to be proud of our Nation … but no longer … THEY HAVE KILLED ALL THESE CHILREN AROUND THE WORLD … my old student LAW friends are revealing it … we all have to keep our heads down … Well ANDRE will be over when he can leave his job in GAUL … Lock your door do not go out at night or before daylight in the mornings ! Arthur Malone detective LAW reporting … I will read you more from my notebooks another night - we do not want to be seen around here … until we learn the lay of the land … Your Uncle HARRY GORDON is pouring it out … from before the WAR … a woman called ANGELA is concerned … Goodnight … ” )

MEMORANDUM : Two SCOTS TRIBES call our Estate their property - they refer to it as `GROTE` - the 2nd World War had them intend kill off all the male RANSOM heirs & lose the history of RANSOM family : cunning to use a GERMAN NAME only for our Estate JRR & LIR Arthur Malone Politan `KING ARTHUR` with Detectives and Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX …

1959 CHRISTMAS a relative Miss Teresa Mary BUTLER of 60 years of age, who kept herself from the Public Gaze, had been gathering RECORDS from 1920s - she gave away the crimes against the RANSOM GROTE INHERITANCE to Detective POLITAN ARTHUR MALONE - The Estate given to her niece Greetah RANSOM at birth by MARGARET RANSOM & her families and Trustees - so they could train the young family to carry on this very civilized great Philanthropy -

`Miss Margaret Ransom married a man who set up worldwide Orphanages to educate in other languages - HUMANISM … with approval from the educated and the Rulers of these nations OUTSIDE Great Britain … who always wanted to get their hands on the foreign lands and the investments in transport … the British `true blues` were determined to get hold of all the money - they always called it A FORTUNE … old Eskimos were not to be allowed to own anything = Miss Margaret had a great-grandfather who was half an Eskimo … he was 6 feet 5 inches tall and could exchange letters with one of our Popes … my men folk at Manchester and in Ireland know much more …

I began a novel twice … its all over there with my collections from newspapers about this … But I could not get in touch with ANDRE … he knew my Aunts Bessie & Annie after this last War … they said what a nice man he was and that he was the GUARDIAN to my niece Greetah … I HAVE BEEN THREATENED by my cousin TERESA … over there you will find the newspapers with her friends in … She was given a Prison sentence 1927 & when she came out they kept away ... But the moment she married young Fred Ransom all her old friends took her up again … on account of this inheritance … can you follow what I mean … ”

( Arthur Malone says his hair stood on end he let her finish and swiftly got message to ANDRE by a secret route … got him over in hours to speak with her … Andre then had to return in the dawn to FRANCE to his job in the Government … Christmas came !

He Malone decided to go up on this Island, ARRAN, on the 27th December after spending two days with his mother and her families … and see what he could learn … he got help but then it became dangerous - he got out … dirty JIMMIE Sir James had his boots all over the island - he was claiming it as his own … later, 1957, he sold it to a 2nd cousin of ANGELA = it was all FRAUD & with VIOLENCE & coming from the top … )

17 December 1959 Miss Terry Butler continued ` I went up to the Island ARRAN after my niece 5 months old had been rescued from them - they had put her under the floorboards of a house locked up for the winter … they intended finding the little body and crying that her Aunt a former Miss Ransom was a WITCH = then they would lock her up ! A woman called ANGELA with my cousin Teresa and their `true blue` men had plotted this … The Police told me everything … I met some kind people up there … they said that her husband had been murdered in 1904 … the Earls did it …` ( 2011 AD COMMENT : the victim Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM would like to do this back to all of them … they are to kill with FUN violence all the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES 1938-1954 … )

… She, the often `invisible` Aunt TERRY Butler, describes the STATE of the country mansion Buckinghamshire `CLIFTON ON HIGH SEAS` = CLIVEDEN a DEN of the Waldorf-ASTOR family Miss Teresa Mary Butler tells ANDRE MALRAUX 17 December 1959 the history of this crime as she has learned it over the years She tells how she wrote him several times signing herself T. BUTLER, not saying too much … she never got a REPLY ! MALRAUX says he never received her correspondence.

` Concerning 1947 April : She and her branch Manchester and Southern Ireland were kept away from the CATHOLIC WEDDING = They would have spoken of is GUARDIANSHIP to this ESTATE - the men in her families Southern Ireland and MANCHESTER went visiting in the VATICAN - a cousin resided there - a Dominican Father `Stephen Foster` … everyone was alarmed then nervous of what happened after 1948 … when MALRAUX went to the REGISTRY with his sister-in-law …`

1959 December 17 `… a ROYAL YACHT & Scandinavian relatives - with some of the worst of `true blues` and Scotland sailed in on vulnerable nations & helped themselves to the Ransom Estate banks … She and her families were all Roman Catholics who had to go to their JOBS … She said `ENTER my dear ANDRE - I have been wishing to speak with you for nearly 20 years about my niece Greetah & her INHERITANCE from her Aunt a former Miss Margaret RANSOM. My Aunts Misses Bessie and Annie, met her - they were all champions of WELFARE SERVICES to the globe. I never got a reply from you but I knew you had to know my family name BUTLER if you were getting my correspondence - I realised all was not well ! I used to visit my cousin TERESA in Holloway Prison 1927-1931 … I and her sister KITTY Vansittart, slain by them at CLIVEDEN 1929, knew she had many friends who were insane but high placed …`


1960 January/NIGHTWATCH - Dr John RAY Ransom = & 1973 an unknown speaker … “ … Because of the Estate inheritance it was necessary for you to understand you must value all your forebears - especially as they have a habit of turning up on all lines - a very nice habit

Do you remember Aunt Mecklenburg ? … Her telling us how she had taken the Baron Mecklenburg to Court and WON - but as he had NO MONEY she could not get repayment for the 3 fields of BARLEY he stole from her … creeping in when she was away … She is a relative to TIGGY, the GROTE side, and you do not have a blood line there - they are connected by marriages …

“ … Because she is a friend of your RANSOM Uncle Fred McMurray & family … and he has invited her to Hollywood when he makes a film … I intended to ask she or him if there is a blood link there ? I only know his RANSOM line … I forgot to ask them … ”

“ … We are all chance … but your LINDSAY blood line from only one grandmother 3 times back has you in danger from their primitive greedy violent behaviour … I & others find them to be dangerous maniacs : they have shown this 1938 with their rude interruption to a pleasant RANSOM tea party by the seaside (Frinton-on-Sea) they ignored strangers taking tea alongside us - they apparently need fear no criticism from the LAW of Great Britain … ”

… Disturbing & dangerous - a TRIBE they have a relationship with has now acquired a CROWN - both TRIBES claim the property of GROTE and RANSOM - OUTSIDE the LAW of Great Britain - but also outside the LAW of all other nations of the world - several of these smaller Nations in South America and Asia have received very rude and vulgar oral messages in the name of British Government & Crown

your tea-party guests of 1938, were disgusted and frightened to learn first hand of these two SCOTTISH TRIBES having a FUN WAR with PERU - removing by the authority of the British Government - that is by FRAUD & theft IN SECRECY vast amounts of MONEY from Banks in South America …. & destroying investments Aunt Margareth & your father and our families have made in electricity, schooling and medicine in Peru … These Tribes of Scotland are insane from their habit of using the narcotic they grow on their private lands - DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND - They are dangerous maniacs … they are out of control & demonstrated this to your family and guests that afternoon 1938 … ”

RECORDS : it is possible the speaker 1973 was present at this Frinton-on-Sea Tea House afternoon - when we were all pelted with smelly cockle shells by JIM JONG, Premier Earls of LINDSAY mob & the heir Tucker No 14 : some UPPER CRUST dope-soaks with them …

“ … But they have in 1937 acquired massive KUDOS We did not think this possible … Sadly - the way ahead for your old and young families puts a RIVER of BLOOD around the earth - it floats children of GROTE HOMES … real HOMES built upon the RANSOM ancestral LANDS … ”

` … the years ahead has two TRIBES display KUDOS from violent robbery … & the RIVER of BLOOD will break its banks and flood civilized family dwellings = a GENOCIDE quite equal to that of madman Hitler will be hidden by KUDOS granted these primitive fraudsters … They already use their booty in boastful vulgar luxury - there has been enormous squandering & waste of our careful maintained philanthropic Estate - two TRIBES and acquaintances dirty the lands of other nations The coming of the 2nd World War had them easily able to attack our worldwide Family Estate Green lands of the world found attacked by dangerous MANIACS carrying their TRIBAL WARS out of Scotland … … `

RECORDS above : Speaker 1973/Diaries JFR/JRR/LIR

Nota bene : thousands of RANSOM photographs 19th-20th centuries BURNED on quayside by Jimmie JONG & Premier EARL LINDSAY No 12 they could break-in our HOMES & we had lost much since ANGELA got herself a CROWN … A great amount of global history, a CAR BOOT FULL, is taken off AUGUSTA FROBISHER (Ettrick & Napier Branch) & GRETA RANSOM 1938 autumn - we about to put it on a boat to NORWAY to Count POULSEN family to take to AMERICA - included 18th century writings drawings WEST GREENLAND NNB : there were original maps early Dark Ages/Latin-Arabic documents/& drawings …

EARL LINDSAY No 12 & JIM JONG ( = a half Chinese b 1898 of Nanjing/(Port Arthur & Shanghai/ rejected by his CHINESE respectable family for HOMECIDE-FRAUD-embezzlement & gas filled cushions for his old relatives … ) …

… began to burn these most precious historical RECORDS of centuries BC-AD RANSOM - Jutland-Mediterranean-East Coast of BRITAIN, CHINA, GREENLAND, N.& S. America … in front of AUGUSTA FROBISHER (Frobisher/Ettrick-Napier line) and me GRETA RANSOM, on the River Thames quayside 1938 - a ship to NOROWAY awaited us =

A Policeman called by someone watching this crazy violence could do nothing to stop Premier EARL LINDSAY No 12 & his Moonlight Worker JIM JONG PIMP continuing the burning …

… & jeering in our faces & hitting me & throwing me on the ground - I cried out “ STOP THEM AUGUSTA” - Augusta said “ I am frightened of Earl Lindsay ”

Earl LINDSAY No 12 told the Policeman I was of his Family - and NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE GROSS BRITAIN : 1937 SUMMER etc


Photograph below :

1973 - Victoria-Augusta &

Peter Rathbone Ransom Whitehead :

HOPE little Peter died May 1998 age 27 years of age =

Photographer-philosopher-the essence of kindness always … Stories for PETE ACE ACE & ACE life at The Pillar House Harwell where he grew up will come on my web sites soon … they are all safe in typescripts & carbon copies and read on tapes … with early music … !

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