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ROBBING BANKS 20th century : Scotland Yard off duty, and in their role as good citizens, put their minds at this matter of LEN with no money of his own ! It was not at all ESTATE money ! They unravelled the FRAUD & THEFT : IT WAS NECESSARY TO HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT IN NORWAY to begin with !

LEN I. RANSOM - with friends after hours : … HIM - Philip Mountbatten comes out of the mists of Norway and begins playing Fairy Prince out of Story Books … then the grim parts of fairy tales get going … getting money somewhere then we know where its coming from ! … goes dancing off around the world while she counts the money … all gets a bit sinister again … he had one chance to stay sane in that lot … STAY AT SEA … Back we get him old JIMMIE JONG - and he begins to LORD IT in that Club - everyone hoped he`d get shot in Kenya … begins threatening Fred and Ivy again … spying on your brother John the American … your brother was ill advised to go in that Club - they had always known whom he was … kept a watch on such a clever young man in USA … then ANDRE losing his boys - he aged after that …

1940s-1990s … GENERAL KNOWLEDGE : … ` It was known since the murder May 1938 of Mrs Margaret nee Ransom GROTE, Ayrshire, that Lord Louis Mountbatten and his nephew withdrew big amounts of moneys for their own use - they had an establishment to do this for them and these withdrawals were without any lawful authority whatsoever - FRED (Ransom) managed the Estate for the young heirs his daughter and Lennie … but they & connexions were all threatened by LINDSAYBUGGARHS … trouble was the mob at the top threw mud at Mrs Ransom the former Teresa Gordon … Hah ! but she from 1st World War a close friend of ANGELA was useful to them all … they could threaten her and the RANSOM families … `

`… and in the 1940s that included the good HERO our ALFIE CHARLES REAR ADMIRAL 2 world Wars ! Threats reached his families too ! Threaten Teresa but that did not seem to worry her … but all of them could threaten and humiliate her husband worldwide ! … AND all of them going on threatening with ` … with God knows what … ` ???? … certainly over the Prison sentence Teresa half served … when the lot of them should have been put inside ! `

`IT HAD BEEN A MATTER OF BIG BOOTS ALLOWED TO TRAMP AROUND THE GLOBE … should have been exposed at the end of War … that GENOCIDE of all those children … but then everyone thought that de GAULLE would not let ANDRE rightful GUARDIAN have anything to do with the matter … Fred and you left with it … over a third of the ESTATE stolen overnight by the lot of them … complaints everywhere … nothing can be done when it has gone SO HIGH … NOW WE ALL KNOW THIS IS THEFT and the money ends up in NORWAY but suddenly there is no trace of your accounts because they silently claim the Estate belongs to them - NO MENTION of the DEAD CHILDREN - that is dangerous ! … You were born into it Len What do you think of a SEAT IN HELL having been recently FILLED ~ You need say nothing … we know more or less who did not do it …` ( reference: explosion given a monster 1979 - SUNDAY MORNING …)

` Margaret Grote - her Estate is the legal Estate of the RANSOM families and her WILL names her niece & nephew Greta & Len in training as figureheads and guided by her vast Ransom family & help of the GROTE FAMILY where the HOMES were concerned and many civilized persons around the world who are NOT of BRITISH NATIONALITY ! The WILL was executed in USA and ARGENTINE 1938 … the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWNS had no authority to BROKER A PENNY THOMAS GROTE in his WILL leaves his HOMES to his wife Margaret nee RANSOM and her heir her nephew Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM … `

` Lord Louis had the young RANSOM brothers threatened with death = Doctor Mengele Harrington appointed by Philip Mountbatten 3rd November 1953 to see no mention of GROTE or RANSOM Estate interfere with the reputation of his mother-in-law ANGELA … By Philip Mountbatten this ex-prisoner ex-lunatic Asylums creature known as `Mengele` Harrington had been given COMPLETE USE of the British Intelligence Naval, Army, and Whitehall … including OS Office ! This `git` was known to get graves demolished saying he represented all families RANSOM & WEDDELL He could not be arrested as he appeared in so many photographs of Royal Tours …`

ROBBING BANKS : ` Foreign BANKS have a phrase `borrowing` for Accounts held by a person in two or more nations = easy for IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS to BORROW to NORWAY = if the foreign Bank is to be emptied into NORWAY then all documentation can be lost - especially if a representative of the British Embassy/Consul comes asking for it - all they have to say is `PRIVATE BRITISH ROYAL MATTER` … Hey Presto ! …`

`… so your brother Captain Fred John RANSOM was left with no private money Argentina, Japan, Wales and his NORWAY Bank empty too by end of summer 1960 - The private Detective Arthur Malone said he made one mistake in his career by telling Mrs Harrington that YES HE HAD BEEN PAID = Captain Ransom had visited and paid all the WAGES owed to him from 1958 when payment from ANDRE had suddenly ceased - although ANDRE, they all knew, had sent the money ! QUICK as a FLASH she told her husband `Mengele` and he had his TEAMS examine the bank account of Arthur Malone - the cheque was traced to Argentina !

A side-kick of the British Embassy could poke about in the Bank and get other Accounts - so they wiped him out ! Arthur said he had Nurse Harrington hanging about him and jeering a bit … his nerves were on edge with a number of developments … HIS ONE MISTAKE ! `

NB : 1960 the Kennedy family of America began to assist - paying for all their investigation - hoped to aid recovery of stolen parts of Estate - had known Tiggy, Margaret & families … Fred Ransom was warn out by 1960 - collapsed with Ivy in Deptford. They stayed near that little home of their parents … their murdered parents 1938, 1939 … Fred Ransom had been beaten up twice after a a second visit from ANDRE MALRAUX early November 1957 - IVY RANSOM was very distressed and angry at her brother attacked after the visits - and no message or phone call came to them - she now tried keep MALRAUX away … she could not follow many horrible matters ! She had been attacked in the streets at night - JIM and gang had threatened her with a halter … she was not to go near her niece and nephews the children of Teresa …


Continues : 1958 - MURDERS ON-GOING :

to keep ANDRE MALRAUX from taking up a JOB with General Charles de GAULLE in his new FRENCH GOVERNMENT …

“ 1958 January … It was the Chinese young woman scientist - she had previously come into No 50 twice with some work for ANDRE … It is she a worried Chinese Legation asked to make a visit early evening : said they felt she would NOT arouse suspicion of the housekeeper & Mrs Mengele Harrington = known to go in & out of the place … that Andre called his London home ! Her visit definitely saved the life of young Greetha ... The young Chinese woman got up to her room - found a very sick girl - it was just before 7 of the clock that evening … She says she spoke softly to Greta - who was obviously in a coma - in bed in a room at the top of the big house - She says she kept telling Greta she was sending in a real Doctor - keep calm … She sat on her bed a few minutes & held her hand - pulse dangerously slow ! She dared not stay too long - she was supposed to be downstairs with a file of Papers she would leave for ANDRE … ”

“ … The CHINESE Legation heard her report - within minutes of she getting back to them - She had told the Housekeeper she was sending a real Doctor to Miss Greta Ransom immediately The housekeeper did not dare refuse him entry … Mrs Mengele Harrington seems to have disappeared from the scene … She must have telephoned immediately to her husband in PARIS - reporting the new development … ”

“ … Now this real Doctor had to cover himself … the girl was clearly being killed - by somebody ! In the London household of ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE ! It looked bad to him - very bad he had to make some sort of report … !

“ 1958 January ANDRE in PARIS now had his terrible headache disappear after the REAL DOCTOR was called to young Greta ! Oh it went in a couple of days … SEEMS their PLAN had become risky to themselves - so they put it on HOLD ! RECORDS -

MEMORANDUM : ANDRE MALRAUX - January-March 1958 - he is to undertake a TOUR of the GUYANAS for General Charles de GAULLE …

? ? ? MALRAUX may at his tropical FRENCH destinations be given recognition as the GUARDIAN to the Estate GROTE RANSOM - OPEN SESAME ! It would to ANDRE MALRAUX expose the REASONS for the rude monsters sniggering behind his back in WHITES CLUB the last years 1953 - 1958 ... He would certainly learn of the massive DECEIT to himself, the theft of his signed copy of a legal WILL - & the ongoing theft of his Mail … this is a gigantic crime of deceit to his REPUBLICAN NATION of FRANCE

… ANDRE MALRAUX would swiftly learn the names of those who slew the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN Orphan children who since the 1860s have been educated in the quality THOMAS GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` ESTATE worldwide. They educated in several languages & all branches of LEARNING, have put a great peaceful humanist workforce around the globe …

… Therefore, it may have been decided to KILL

ANDRE MALRAUX before he leaves for this

GUYANAS TOUR - for General de GAULLE ??? Before somebody gives the game away ! They had to send MINDERS with him ~~~ you don`t need me to tell you about that ~~~ Have a look at the media coverage of that TOUR for FRANCE … start there - then make some visits you know where !

NB : I, Greta Ransom Whitehead, will meet she who saved my life January 1958 - in China in 1986 = 6 weeks Tour for British Museum NATURAL HISTORY Museum She had recognised my name on the information schedule - She and her students welcomed me - she took my hand, put her arm around me … we had our photograph taken together … I will print it in this Document

RANSOM Histories I OWE TO HER MY LIFE … She may have saved the life of ANDRE MALRAUX that January 1958 ?

1965/1966 = She Chinese Guardian Angel had met ANDRE MALRAUX again - he was on a sabbatical - a world tour - he was suffering from the DEATHS of his TWO YOUNG SONS 1961 May Possible : Mengele may have thumbed a lift with the BRITISH Diplomats … ( 1966/1967 FLYER Lennie Immanuel RANSOM visited Chairman MAO - he has known him a long time - Estate & GROTE CHILDREN matters … the Chairman of the LONG MARCH was sympathetic : ` I told him, Andre, a man can get more sons` Len is a Master of JAPANESE language and has some Chinese - they may have spoken in French …

1958 January - it is possible Doctor Mengele Harrington was going to damage the brain of MALRAUX - Mengele fearing exposure of the GUARDIANSHIP of the ESTATE might have his FRAUD moneys stopped ! Then he could enjoy locking Andre up in an Asylum - and attempt brain surgery on him ! Mengele

Harrington used to boast he would get the brain of MALRAUX and put it in a glass container & he would then tell him how he hated him … This was recalled at the funeral of ANDRE MALRAUX 1976 November - Nota bene: Mengele Harrington, with Clara, had some role to play in the funeral of ANDRE MALRAUX … ?

DANGER SIGNALS AT LAST : 1981 - It is not until the divorce of Mengele Harrington in 1981 that the media- the world - learned that he has only a general G.P. licence … & that reluctantly given by BRITISH HONG KONG - It was now revealed in the COURT hearings that he has NO MEDICAL QUALIFICATIONS to operate on the head - the brain ! Mengele was made to admit this in The Court - it was reported by the MEDIA of Britain and the Continent and USA : Yet it was known from the early 1950s that this MANIAC `Mengele` did carry out such horrible mutilations in certain private clinics he could use ! He also operated illegally removing female wombs …

… The Records of many State Agents and others are not often shared - They do know the circles of Mengele are too powerful - USA Agents in 1958 (not Dr John RAY) were trying to trace who employed Mengele “ … to damage the health of middle age business men & men in prominent positions… ”

MEMO: WE ALL LIVED IN DANGER - because of the SLAYING of the GROTE CHILDREN & the great FRAUD - BUT NOTE : Mengele Harrington and JIM JONG Sir James of WHITES CLUB had other evil work unconnected to us …

KUDOS : winter 1940/41 - Nuffield Doctors tried have JIM locked up for the duration of the 2nd World War : his friend ANGELA of the Palace, and the LINDSAY MOB, had him released after 6 weeks STUDY ! JIM, whom three Doctors diagnosed in Report : ` … dangerous - a nasty little piece of vermin - he enjoys causing physical PAIN to others … ` Went back to Buckingham Palace where he has a 2-room apartment since 1921- During the War years 1939-1944 JIM runs a 2-man UNIT-Intelligence in the Palace - 1960 he writes of himself as ` … the left hand of the King …`

NB : 1958 my Chinese Guardian Angel did know I had 3 Chinese Ransom Brides in my direct ancestral line - & she knew who they were and where they came from … & also of the 18th century line Northern Chinese from POUL GRONLANDER …

Our 3 Chinese 15th century RANSOM BRIDES, and POUL GRONLANDER family 17th century onwards , can be found on the Work Document in 3 Parts/ `1937 SUMMER - Andre Malraux Josette Clotis and Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & West GREENLAND … `

` 1958 January The good Doctor she had sent in swiftly to 50 Lancaster Gate Square , to see me …in that cold top room with only a 1 bar fire began to further save my life

NB : 1957 October - 1959 May - DOCTOR ` Mengele` HARRINGTON broke the small electric fire twice - and had the big radiator turned off … he also used to steal the electric light bulbs … as well as ordering MEMORY LOSS powders to be spread on my pillow and around the neck of my clothes … some of my clothes went missing … He would seat himself with ANDRE MALRAUX with 2 bottles of champagne when he knew ANDRE and Greta-GREETHA were going to have an evening reading together

We two perhaps taking a short walk around the quiet Lancaster Gate Square, getting an evening newspaper, a bottle of milk, some wine gums to stop Georges-ANDRE smoking … talking with the Paddington Salvation Army people, the locals … calling at the Paddington Library … Sometimes we had in mind seeing an old film in the little cinemas -

The RANSOM Histories READER can have all this time come ALIVE by turning to inserts `1957 Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square MATTHEW PARIS` etc on in the first work I assemble on computer beginning 2008 AD for the MARTYRS 1937 SUMMER etc

… I believed that ANDRE MALRAUX was not at all WIDE AWAKE when Mengele=blue car Donald Duck was sitting by the open door of the 2 rooms of he Georges-ANDRE = Mengele liked to KICK THE DOOR CLOSED when he saw me on the stairway … I believed Doctor Mengele gave Andre MALRAUX a MICKY FINN !

… he frightened me … I had heard of his horrible crimes from young professional people since winter 1953-1954 … putting white mice in the womb of an 18 years old Swedish girl - JIM seen at the same time ! … I was a mere 24 years of age - my father never sent me a Xmas card or a birthday card … I felt an odd young person who had no proper home and a mother who had been trying to poison me 1955 : so I had to leave my Colchester Museums job … she HUNTED me ! But she insisted she had no money and was made to marry my father and that we were INSANE … I found safety in Museums !

1950s … But this Mengele weirdo could hop to PARIS and stay in the MALRAUX house … where his two boys, Pierre and Vincent sons of JOSETTE, live at the top of the `Jan Steen tavern` rented house … The two sons of MALRAUX were not allowed to come to the best English ROMAN CATHOLIC schools - Writer TOLKIEN ( Lord of the Ring ) had sons at AMPLEFORTH School : the two MALRAUX boys would have been with people of the intellect of their father MAN of LETTERS : ORDERS had been given by BRITISH ARISTOCRAT thugs to destroy his sons … `

REPORT : “ 1958 January The real DOCTOR … picked up the bottle of medicine spooned into the dying Greeta three times a day frowned at the label = he took the bottle away with him after examining the girl - had it analyzed - said later “ … she had only hours - at the most 3 days to live … in spite of her splendid physical condition … … … ”

“ … they did not know if MALRAUX had ordered this KILLING ? they … had YET to learn his severe medical state in PARIS at this time …

MALRAUX ? … they later agreed … was to be KILLED too … … … or crippled … … … ” ? ? ?

1958 - that January winter evening : The Housekeeper at 50 Lancaster Gate did as the REAL Doctor said she was told immediately that this matter had been REPORTED TO HIGHER AUTHORITIES … the intention was to KILL THIS YOUNG WOMAN of 24 years of age … she in splendid physical condition … ”

… Mrs `Mengele` was swiftly told to KEEP OUT ! she would telephone to her husband in PARIS the new developments ? but we know she went on fooling others, including ANDRE and de GAULLE … The sons of MALRAUX stayed hostage in the household in PARIS … Mrs `Mengele` and her husband had been destroying their education since 1947 - encouraging them to be out on the streets …

Pierre and Vincent MALRAUX born 1940 & 1944 their mother JOSETTE CLOTIS dead 9 November 1944 after receiving a large quantity of AIRMAIL post from GROTE BROKERS, Wall Street, NEW YORK, USA … This AIRMAIL showed MALRAUX was GUARDIAN to a GREAT ESTATE - Josette after a few stunned days tried get a message to ANDRE MALRAUX via French Resistance Workers :

Reports : The British CONSUL in France late October 1944 sent 2 gunmen to kill she and Malraux and retrieve the correspondence from USA … but he was away - it was not known where … one fluent in French threatened her that he could `TAKE THESE CHILDREN AWAY FROM YOU - you are NOT married to MALRAUX `… It is later believed this is HARRINGTON a sadistic PIMP and paedophile … ? SEEN summer 1944 LIBERATION of PARIS - at a popular café table with CLARA Malraux … Andre has to divorce her 1945-1946 - or he would not have been able to join the General de GAULLE team …

… To ANDRE in Alsace Lorraine her message came as an oral message - but it had to travel via 4 French Resistance carriers … and is delivered to him by two of them after her sudden death 1944 - 9th November : she fell on the railway lines near Tulles and a train ran over her legs …

… ANDRE MALRAUX could not understand the fragments of her message that reached him after her death and burial … HE KNEW NOTHING OF HIS GUARDIANSHIP to the GREAT ESTATE - all his POST having been stolen by THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN … In 1960 January he could only recall for Arthur Malone his Detective that the first Resistance Agent said ` that she was worried about an ISLAND ` a little more of her message came from another Agent who recalled a part of this message two years on ( 1946/1947 )

NB : Reader can turn to “1937 SUMMER etc” and easily find 1939 de Salle family of Paris - ARCTIC CHRISTMAS 1939 - turned OUT of the great warm RANSOM HOUSE into the bitter cold - left to DIE on JACOPSHOLMEN Island - West GREENLAND :

I have used icy blues and greens for the TEXT to convey the horror of being thrown into the Arctic Winter in Paris day clothes and without bedding or food - It was JIMMIE JONG Major of Buckingham Palace came in on a launch with 6 -7 men in British Army warm clothing - gave the family of 6 only 20 minutes to GET OUT ! The house was then wired with explosives ! 2 Letters are written by the family and 2 days later given to a Skipper passing by CHANCE on his way to Shetlands - they reached Officer Frederick John RANSOM on the 23rd December 1939 at Clacton-on-Sea - 2nd WORLD WAR is underway !

MEMORANDUM : this is the matter of the De SALLE family of PARIS being thrown out of the RANSOM big warm home on JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND, off XRISTENSHARB, CHRISTMAS December 1939 - left to die in the inner Arctic winter …by JIMMIE JONG & 7 British Army thugs, JIM PIMP … now a Major running a 2-man INTELLIGENCE UNIT in BUCKINGHAM PALACE where his childhood friend ANGELA is a QUEEN

NB : Josette, Andre, Clara and brother would know of the little half-Chinese PIMP whose respectable Chinese mother and her sister had an Apartment in PARIS 1920s-1930s … document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom etc … `

… … … education in ENGLAND for Pierre and Vincent born 1940 & 1944 had been BANNED by Jimmie Jong Cur JAMES and his MOONLIGHT pre-war Employers the FAMILY of the G.B. Premier EARLS of LINDSAY … In the 1950s `Doctor Mengele` HARRINGTON boasted that he was KEEPING the young Malraux sons out of the pure REALM of Great Britain. He diagnosed in his notebooks that Josette was little more than a PROSTITUTE who lured the mad fool MALRAUX into keeping her … He `Mengele` PEER IN WAITING … had a DUTY to the British Crown … to keep immorality out of its fair lands …`

… ` … & this Ape creature Greta Ransom had been fooling the poor mad Malraux since 1937 when he made an immoral visit to a dirty little Essex town and engaged in more immorality there with she and Josette - Why he Dr `Mengele` Harrington had all of them UNDER INVESTIGATION all were Cases for treatment …”

` … He Mengele Doctor paedophile HARRINGTON enlarged that he was privately hired by Royal circles - had a duty to protect the mad fool ANDRE MALRAUX from himself … and `Mengele` HARRINGTON who could sniff out money was allowed to RAGE ON … ( EXPLANATION : they are all on excessive dope and liquor in the 20th century … `Mengele` has MIXES he gives them … and has many of them his puppets on strings … He says he is experimenting for the British NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE … )

REPORTS : `Mengele` is being paid overseas vast amounts from The BRITISH Treasury or the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE …

`Mengele` Doctor HARRINGTON - his disgusting NOTEBOOKS : these notebooks he was certain would get him a PEERAGE … he had become known amongst the young MEDICS as `the PEER in WAITING` They joked amongst themselves but were frightened of the IMMENSE POWER granted to old ` Mengele-wengle DOCTOR ` HARRINGTON ` … 1940s-1950s he could get up to Scotland to Royal Balmoral or the Hebrides Island of Arran, or on that Royal YACHT of G.B. … or thumb a fast plane to Australia or Philippines or Malaya to join a Royal Tour `Seems HARRINGTON had been to school in Norway for awhile …

& by 1952 the young MEDICS had his full unpleasant life history … violent about money age 12 years and found blackmailing small boys at school for sex … he has violent greed spells of madness at 17 and at 20 years of age - A stay in Portugal with unpleasant results - a marriage of a kind, then HARRINGTON found to be sexually attacking a baby under a year - it was being given narcotics by HARRINGTON to stop its cries of distress he was caught and put in PRISON Austria - because of his noble background he was sent to England to a psychiatric clinic -

RELEASED in 2 years - & by summer 1938 British citizen Harrington immediately took up PERSECUTION Work for British Government Lords HIS JOB WAS TO SPY AND REPORT UPON ANDRE MALRAUX a young FRENCH Writer of 36 years of age - HARRINGTON already knew JIM Jong & LINDSAY EARLS - he now met them in PARIS to report on MALRAUX - Harrington 1938 immediately developed a spiteful HATRED of the young tall very polite ANDRE, a clever young man keen to learn, a popular figure with all classes … his books published 1920s-1930s show him to be concerned for people caught by injustice and stupidity

… See `MATTHEW PARIS` by Andre MALRAUX in Part 3 of `1937 SUMMER `

1938 - Harrington was instructed that his work was to make friends with Clara Malraux and her brother Maurice Goldsmidt living in PARIS … Harrington was paid from the French British Embassy - he was on `Special Agent` work - for MANIACS like himself …

THE 2nd World War began 1939 September - Harrington had to flee France - he became a Director of a Scientific Unit England - he had NO training for this - in Spring 1944 he was DENOUNCED as a PAEDOPHILE in the Market place of MARKET HARDBOROUGH … and he fled to Clacton-on-Sea to the EARL of LINDSAY holiday house - called `GRAND` on the seafront squashed on a piece of land alongside the early 19th century ROYAL HOTEL …

1944 early summer - It is Harrington who follows the 11 years old Greta Ransom and her young brothers John and Colin Ransom about the seafront, the Pier one afternoon … I Greetha took the boys into the town after noticing this thin unpleasant faced creature in a fawn raincoat standing behind us - moving with us … then got us home by an unusual route The Primary School had a notice in the playground - saying young children should not be left alone in the town or on the seafront - as the POLICE had received information about an unpleasant man …

1953 THE London British & Foreign MEDICS 30-40 years old, explained that `old Mengele` was accepted as a Doctor - 1954 he was forbidden to operate in London hospitals - his work `looked as if a screw-driver taken to the patient - one woman died ` ( MEMO : her dead husband had been a friend of the young RANSOM family of Deptford & Clacton-on-Sea `LONDON Hospitals could not stop Harrington entering as a Consultant because his connexions were so ARISTOCRATIC

1950s - The young of LONDON, Medics and their friends in Teaching & intelligent careers … had to be discrete … ANDRE MALRAUX, they did not know sufficiently well … he was followed about by Mengele - they saw this & heard of it from others - worried about JIM & Mengele perverting the young in WHITES CLUB they came to know of dangerous matters - knew MALRAUX & General de GAULLE had no real understanding of pervert Doc HARRINGTON … they begin to understand that 2 boys, his sons by Josette, were clearly hostages in his French house a rented place in Paris …

… Greta Ransom they had met in 1952 … a 19-20 years old working in Colchester Museums … she did not seem able to tell them much about ANDRE … or the Catholic marriage to him 1947 … before he was HOOKED UP to his sister - rather his sister-in-law Certainly NOT by General de GAULLE … unless he had booked his PLACE in HELL … ( Ref. No 18 the Prayer Book - BANNED ! )