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Memo : ( RANSOM property from 1801 - Diary F.R. “ to-day I have purchased a parcil of 19 acres New York … He is the grandfather of Margareth Ransom and her two brothers JOHN and POUL … administered by GROTE BROKERS, of the unpaved streets The CITY of NEW YORK , from 1831

1831 - ` … Fred Ransom having parked his ship came upon the little Firm in a muddy street, a board outside , and became one of the very first customers turning the management of the 19 acres over to them - He lived with his wife at Jacopsholmen Island - West Greenland . Island her dowry, just within the Inner Arctic circle - she grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER and he FRED RANSOM of MONTROSE Scotland came from very cultured families who SEA TRADEthey were committed to building a Church and Colleges upon the Island … granted in 1770 for this purpose … & to remain in the name of POUL GRONLANDER Chinese-Eskimo genius -polymath - Catechist & humanism Trader …` ( RECORDS of the Families … )

And 1830 onwards a wholesome small Solicitors firm in Buenos Aries attend to RANSOM ancestral lands … It is they who write and speak of the ESTATE in 1960 as `A DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN encircling the earth … `

MEMORANDUM : 1911-2011 AD - 100th anniversary of the birth of my father




RANSOM … our RANSOM ancestry is in a direct line

to he GAIUS Clan of RANSOMout of Mediterranean & JUTLAND BC/AD …


SEA TRADERS & ADMINISTRATORS for ROMAN REPUBLIC & ROMAN EMPIRE … We held `cards` for MITHRAS the honourable Religion of SOLDIERS … and then joined CHRISTIANITY carrying on bringing organised

SCIENCES … and always struggling with PEACE … … … … …

1801 - RANSOM -


19 ACRES NEW YORK - stolen 1953/54 by British IMPERIAL criminally insane … … …

NB : The matter of stealing the 19 acres under New York had been done in cunning secrecy over 10 years - and overnight 1954 the firm of GROTE BROKERS, Wall Street, New York, AMERICA, had found themselves without any warning robbed in the name of THE BRITISH CROWN by the Premier EARL No 14 of LINDSAY … who brayed that he was in charge


in 3 PARTS for ANGELA given it all by an old Eskimo =

Margareth nee RANSOM GROTE = The British Government & CROWN had decided long ago upon this … seashores of the entire globe belonged to ANGELA … blah blah blah - the murderer of the Castle Hedingham heiress age 9 years in spring 1942 so he could pay his DEATH DUTIES in on in strident upper Class BRITISH accents of authority -

MEMO: a marriage in 1883 of a Miss Millie Frobisher to JOHN RANSOM brother of Margaret Grote had it become their property … The Premier Earl LINDSAY MANIACS lived by THEFT and Insurance Fraud & murders for money and possessions - they one of the many PRIMITIVE violent Narcotic growing Scottish Clans … ` … Millie had a Miss Lindsay mother 1850s who escaped them to marry a FROBISHER of the Turdor line from the SEAS … `

… Cunning & CRIMINAL investigation of how the property lay on the 19 acres New York began in 1941 … when Maurice Goldsmith brother of CLARA MALRAUX ( he just accepted to USA citizenship to escape from NAZI GERMANY ) this brother of Clara Malraux, gave a hand spying until 1948 … helping JIM Jong the half British-Chinese - JIM is an old acquaintance - Maurice had known him in PARIS 1920s-1930s … but there were also skilled trained treacherous CREEPS spying on the Estate so that it could be STOLEN by LINDSAY EARLS & The BRITISH CROWN of the former `Miss Angela Elizabeth Bowes Lyon` …

… “ … she Angela had her MEN from her youth helping - for a share in the Estate …they were using Teresa Gordon who married young Fred RANSOM … keeping her crazy … promising her HALF … she would SHARE with ANGELA … they would give out PORTIONS … the lot of them had gone barmy on that DOPE they grow in Scotland … ”

( Divinorum Salvia Scotland - pellets fire-blown are inserted in their snouts or under the skin of the head … if they use it more than 2 months at a time VIOLENCE begins … REPORTS 1970 )

1954 onwards … NEW YORK, Wall Street, the GROTE Brokers had survived by amalgamating with another firm … It was a most terrible blow to the dignity of this small impeccable firm begun by two GROTE brothers from West Saxony come in 183O & to erect a brown painted wooden building off Wall Street … and they prospered by their very honest and efficient good services … There were photographs that we had, taken 1840s onwards … I remember them (signed) Greta RANSOM

1831 = two Grote Family young men from Germany … had just begun the little Firm in a muddy lane off what will one day be fashionable Wall Street … young FRED RANSOM , speaking German too, called on them … he noticed they were new to The New York : He had parked his ship in the familiar place beside his family 19 Acres - he walked in & spoke with them, learned their background, was impressed, & asked them to manage the purchase by his father of the `19 Acres New York = it belonged to he & his brother JOHN RANSOM … FRED was hard at work building church, housing, casting a great bell, establishing a furniture factory ( JESUS CHRIST WAS A CARPENTER) on the HOLY Island JACOPSHOLMEN West Greenland the DOWRY of his wife GERTRUD grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER … they were committed by Decree 1770 to building a UNIVERSITY to mighty genius POUL of CHINESE and GREENLAND ancestry (Eskimo & French too … )

Nota bene: the VIOLENT THEFT of wholesome



( unapproved older chum from 1919 of my mother TERESA GORDON ) become a QUEEN 1937 & her family BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY & her IN-LAWS NORWAY and SCANDINAVIA have NO CLAIM to our 19 acres under NEW YORK … THEY CUNNINGLY STOLE IT 1941-1954 when they all SHARED OUT THE MONEYS = MONEYS which drip

BLOOD and GORE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN whom they slew - so that the top of the IMPERIAL PYRAMIDS could pay their massive DEBTS & give themselves

THE BIG TIME 20th century …

( some comment “ … protecting themselves in case the REPUBLICS occur … … … ” : RECORDS : … )

MEMO : ANGELA and her chums Premier Earls of LINDSAY and cunningly organised with connivance of Lord Louis Mountbatten the SLAUGHTER of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … and went on to this ROBBERY 1941-1954 using her IMPERIAL KUDOS :

… message to these GHOULS - I want it ALL BACK & the thieves, their kids, grand-kids, great-grand-kids can be `brickies mates` putting back the PURITY & HUMANITAS we RANSOM WEDDELL GROTE GRONLANDER civilized families established around the entire globe : and I want them on their knees, with Media attending, at Memorials to the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN : Too much GLITZ has had them allowed to become criminally insane …

REMINDER : DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND a dangerous narcotic that creates violence when taken in PELLETS up the SNOUT … is being grown in sheltered GLENS in WESTERN SCOTLAND in the 1970s - in 1980/81 it was ON SALE at Cheltenham Races - where Fred and Rose West go - Police investigations 1990s WEST CASE : there is one mention of a witness commenting on a purple powder


19th century - RANSOM-GRONLANDER families -


1830s - the New York roads were fairly unmade at that date … Fred RANSOM of the FAMILY RANSOM of Montrose Farm near the BASIN, was living 1820s on the West Greenland Island JACOPSHOLMEN the Dowry of his wife Gertrud POULSEN grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER the 6` 5ins Eskimo-Northern CHINESE genius polymath catechist … POUL had intellectual correspondence with the HUMANIST POPE Benedict 14 … POUL writing in 4 languages to the Pope explains “ … for which one your Excellency prefers … ”

… The RANSOM family had created a little UTOPIA on 78 miles JACOPSHOLMEN Island off Xristensharb, West Greenland … where they ran a school of high intelligence with their own three children attending - children by 15 years of age had learned easily half a dozen language very well = Fred RANSOM had a busy life physical and intellectual … and Fred RANSOM gave the tiny island employment in ship repairs and furniture making from the vast deposits of OAK ballast left in the 17th 18th centuries by the Whalers …

In the ARCTIC summer the family and Greenland Eskimo-Chinese relatives & other lines of BRIDES to RANSOM from the world … with friends too, they all put on magnificent THEATRE in a building of oak that they had gilded inside - it had a Tier and seated very comfortably indeed over 200 persons … but often 300 or more got in for the CHRISTMAS Medieval Plays and Events …

I Greta coming 3 years of age opened the doors with Lennie October 1935 and saw the great RANSOM-GRONLANDER theatre all glowing GOLD inside …

The 19th century Orchestra was highly professional & many of them Eskimos … ( Of course, Denmark and Gross Britain disapproved of culture for Eskimos - ) The most intelligent persons of the world sailed in for the GREAT PLAYS of all NATIONS … Fred RANSOM & families began the first season in the 1830s to last 6 weeks - but it lasted 7 MONTHS An Emperor of Ethiopia sailed in one Season - because as a 12 years old FRED RANSOM had put himself in the Coptic School - his Aunt the Widow of the American Consul to Ethiopia was glad of his company …

… THE THEATRE WAS FAMOUS - it is set above the harbour against the snow background … the church of JACOP had a painted door by French painter DELACROIX a friend … the great bell Fred RANSOM cast on the island rang out the hours … The great house of wood he had built for his bride was the biggest ever put up in GREENLAND - architects said it would be standing in 400 years time … Captain Alan VILLIERS & COUSTEAU stayed in the house as young men …

“ … ONE SAIL - Margareth GAVE US THE KEY to the Island … ”

Captain Alan Villiers, OXFORD December 1967 - is speaking to Greta Ransom and Peter J.P. Whitehead and others






… upon all this HUMANISM created by the RANSOM FAMILIES begins 1883 … In the 1930s the full bloated MANIACS of the Premier Earls of LINDSAY TRIBE … joined 1904 by family of Angela, and 1923 with her Noble & Royal Viking violence in-laws NORWAY-DENMARK … They begin in secret silence using The British Government and GHOULISH Noble Lords to dismantle and GRAB at the RANSOM GROTE ESTATE In Lordly voices doth they make PLANS - kill GROTE HOMES children - burn them in pits or drop in nets at sea … all this is traditional NOBLE BEHAVIOUR of PRIMITIVE SCOTTISH EARLS and LORDS … ` they had aged work worn people who had been their EX-workforce put in pools Western Scotland `

RECORDS : recall that “ … your horses will not drink there … ” They are become MANIACS with talent for FRAUD-HOMICIDE-VIOLENCE extending beyond the worst in the history of the world … Many of them grow in sheltered Glens the dangerous narcotic DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND … & wear fire-blown pellets of it in their SNOUTS … training on it from 12 years of age …

“ JIMMIE JONG - At the LINDSAY EARLS tea-table from 1910 …” The criminally insane & tiny ( less than Hans Ruhmann size -but no trace of the kind genuine responsive behaviour of this popular German movie star …1920s-1980s ) JIMMIE JONG born 1898 appears He has joined the rival TRIBES of Scotland & Scandinavia ` … playing at Mata Hari …` JIM trained at the School of CHINESE OPERA of PEKIN This was an effort to straighten him out ! By his distraught respectable family of CHINA who had to find him a HOMICIDE-FRAUDSTER-EMBEZZLER … in his early teen years …





secret-silence CLAIMS

by Gross Britain & Scandinavia …

… upon the worldwide GROTE HOMES

& RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts - from 1850s = 2000 A.D. into the 21st century :

… although the violent fraudulent CLAIM to our RANSOM 19 Acres purchased 1801, later to be under New York City

(1870s onwards is the underpinning FINANCE of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES educating orphan children to 18-22 years worldwide ) had come 1884 by the EARLS of Crawford LINDSAY, it was realised by them from 1933 that they were going to have to give a portion to their old teenage chum ANGELA & at the least PAY the massive GAMBLING DEBTS of her IN-LAWS …

She the the Former Miss Angela ELIZABETH Patricia Margerite Bowes Lyon pre - her marriage of 1923 = “ the former Miss Bloody Liar ” named thus by the City of London Elders 1960s faced with the horrendous CRIME of the SLAYING of the GROTE CHILDREN - during the 2nd World War … by 1941 ARISTOCRATIC Britain & Scandinavia knew they could not possibly make GROTE Children GENOCIDE a NAZI CRIME … )

There is by 1929 strong pressure from NORWAY & DENMARK … mounting to MANIAC behaviour 1932 the marriage of Teresa Gordon to Frederick John RANSOM … & violence from 1933 the BIRTH OF THE HEIR proclaimed by Margaret RANSOM Mrs GROTE & her families and advisors … The ghoulish Noble VIKINGS of Scandinavia see they can cheerfully thieve PORTIONS of the ESTATE … using ANGELA now an in-law = from her marriage to a British Royal younger son in 1923 - LINDSAY Crawford specific EARLS of MISRULE saw that it was really the ONLY WAY they could hope to get their hands on sufficient of the RANSOM lands, investments … and worldwide Banks Capital -


work it from there -Chicago Gangster sTYLE …` This age, 1920s-1930s, the ARISTOCRACY of Scandinavia-Britain-Continent are all avid movie goers & DESCEND on Film & Stage personalities … pick many pockets slithering about the New York and Hollywood world … latching onto Uncle Fred Mac Murray & families, he Insurance Broker Wall Street as well as Film Star - because he is of the RANSOM ancestral line

… and in 1938 the ARISTOCRATIC MANIACS did WAR DANCES of SPITE over the existence of numerous descendants of sub-artic Mariner JAMES WEDDELL-RANSOM Family Estate marriage to the carefully guarded and educated Roman Catholic scholars line of the INCA ROYAL Scientists LINE , has two Scots TRIBES & JIM British-Chinese half-breed arranging a fatal car accident to the pregnant wife of Cousin Clark Gable `Cousin CLARKE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THAT CAR … he forbade his 2nd wife 1960 to tell this to the child she would give birth to = AFTER HIS too early DEATH 1960 …` Records/diaries …

He and his first wife, actress Carole Lombard, had been visiting the WEDDELL families in Argentina to whom he is closely related … thus he is a direct descendant from THE ROYAL INCA … MEMO : A 5 years old son heir of Scientist Humanist Rulers ATAHULPA & HUASCAR 16th century PERU `a descending line of high intelligence and crème-de-la-crème educated … now to be used for savage hunting by PRIMITIVE MANIACS out of SCOTLAND and SCANDINAVIA … who want quick DOUGH for luxury …`

NOTA BENE : the ARISTOCRATS go on murder holidays 1940s-1980s to kill the SOUTH AMERICAN Weddell families and others who are ex-GROTE HOMES children, or anyone who knows of the RANSOM ESTATE & GROTE HOMES … These TOUGHENING UP HOLIDAYS are spoken of by JIM JONG Sir James in Gents Club WHITES St James` 1952-1960s as ` HUNTING BIG & little GAME …

… ` & the morning meetings in that Gents CLUB WHITES 1950s had JIMMIE JONG CUR JAMES begin with his habitual toast `The Sovereign Gentlemen` = become Patroness Saint of Crime ? then the NOBLE MANIACS began to PLOT another MERCENARIES HOLIDAY of their on-going

GENOCIDE - Moneys brought back from `DES INDES` in a violent secret silence rape of WEDDELL and RANSOM FAMILIES, will be shared cunningly