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1850s - RANSOM - there is a request from the Mayor that we buy back the Manor of EAST CHEAM England he has discovered from Records we the RANSOM families held it in the 9th century AD -

Fred Ransom of Montrose Scotland & his wife and children HOLDERS of Jacopsholmen Island - she a Greenland-Norwegian heiress Gertrud Poulsen did buy it back !

& a wonderful mid-day Mayoral dinner was held in the Barn for the entire village … RANSOM cousins from the world attended if they could SAIL IN ! Photography begins 1840s - has anyone got photographs to add to this restored genealogy ? Perhaps they could be put on their personal web-sites - & a jot/mot sent to me … ( airplanes arrive after 1904 and photography of our properties from the air begins … )

19th century/20th century RANSOM - the exciting matter for the 19th century and early 20th century RANSOMS was that when everyone collected their old Logs/letters/documents/etc together those ` DARK AGES ` of Europe & Britain & the decaying ROMAN BRITAIN were NOT dark at all ! RANSOM families on the East Coast of Britain and sailing about the known world had left writings & little bits of seashores about the globe - got as dowry with a foreign Bride - in the century and a half after Columbus got to America we could say `14 races on the distaff side` hath made us & we are all at least 27 nations ...

Mid & Late 19th century & early 20th century Ransom & branches became detectives & some of our female lines (daughters of Ransom families marrying OUT) were all busy adding any information, even scraps are important … Any photographs they could find were copied & a lot of visits made `SAILING IN `… & sailing around the globe …

`oral history from18th-19th centuries always proved to be correct & could be followed up with drawings photos documents ancient letters & connected to ancient diaries local documents & LOGS from all centuries from our trading voyages …our foreign Brides … `

Len Immanuel RANSOM youngest brother of FJR - born October 1921-killed 1981/2 at sea by orders of the criminally insane -

LEN is co-heir, sub-heir to the heir GR - ANDRE MALRAUX is our Guardian until we are 25 years of age each - & MALRAUX is GUARDIAN for life of the entire GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts Legal WILL 1937 …

Lennie begins “ … I have been reading a book I have borrowed called `The Monks of Dinneford` I do not think there are any more copies allowed to be about nowadays …

( I remember the book Lennie - milk toffee coloured cover with gold lettering on the front as well as the spine - there was a copy in `Stella Maris` and somebody on the seafront had one … size 8 inches by 6 inches and a quarter or so : there is sure to be a 19th century Printer format for this size - The MONKS lived nicely were sensible and did not confront BIG BOOTS - but got on with trying cures from flowers-fruits-weed-roots-leaves and things … Greta Ransom born 1933 )

LIR “ … the MONKS of DINNEFORD cured ailments - there was one of us RANSOM there long ago - but there is no mention in this book - but he was there before this is printed … So I am going to do some work exploring them, writing and drawings of them - I have a publisher in South America … I do want to get back to ARGENTINA for our name RANSOM is hated here in Gross Britain … they cannot forgive us for our great ESTATE of Philanthropy around the world … & Uncle Tig`s HOMES for unwanted CHIL.DREN - they would not have minded if we threw them out at 12 years into their Empire factories - but we educate foreign children until 18 or 22 years - and so many of them went into the SCIENCES …”

“ The MONKS went in for botanical cures - they had servants - worked them civilized hours. The Monastery comes from Elizabethan times so far as I can learn - they did not confront in religious matters but changed when expected to do so - put religious iconography under the hearth and buried it deep in the fields. They preferred to get on with what they believed in …”

“ … Some recruits were taken in at an early age because they had this state of mind - mildly scientific - others are Widowers and others possibly men looking for a sane way of life … The MONKS are strict about hygiene - sanitary arrangements … you ALWAYS WASH BEFORE YOU EAT … They had to be very careful in the early centuries or they could be accused of witchcraft, Black Arts … they did not visit the sick but left that to another branch of Monks who could dare to try a botanical remedy : if there was not a PHYSICIAN in attendance WITH DIRTY FINGERNAILS. An important point is that they all seem to live into their 90s and remain healthy … ”

« … In the 18th century they would receive polite visitors even have middle class ladies to tea but they were always sure of their background … A rise of intelligence at this time begins to happen over health. Remember our ancestor, the great-grandpa of Aunt MAG RANSOM GROTE , POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret Yates of Carlisle his wife are keen on the Botanical cures in WEST GREENLAND … POUL writes to his Pope Benedict XIV = 14th the Humanist Pope 18th century , saying he believes in the Botanical cures not the animal - he gives Benedict his observations and his uses of the botanical cures … »

« Our DINNEFORD Monks do not at any time go in for poisons or liquors of enchantment … they are early SCIENTISTS … there were more of this sort in Christian Monasteries at the end of the Roman Empire and immediate following centuries - ignorance sets in when the Classical world early Herbals are no longer known or available Our Monks had to be careful from about Elizabethan times that they did not arouse ignorant speculation in the countryside around them They had no roadway but kept only a delicate lane to their premises - they saw to the culinary arts for themselves & kept their kitchens their store rooms spick and span … you can be sure no mice got in … Everything had its place in nature …they liked singing and sang very much - perhaps they sang when other Religious Orders would pray more … I hope to learn more about them … I WONDER WHAT THE DINNEFORD MONKS HAD IN THEIR LIBRARY … did they manage to keep early HERBALS - avoid the religious problems that HENRI 8 had mid-reign … it has interest to we who gather history … & prefer to know of the progress of MANKIND - and we are the civilized of the world … »


`THE MATTER of the removal worldwide of monuments and references to our names - RANSOM & WEDDELL ?

LIR : My father in 1925 ( Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM ) had a man call on him one day - he did not know him but had seen him that year at a very big Party of Army & Airmen … The man said he would not give his name but handed my Dad a page he had torn from a notebook - it read `ALL with the SURNAME RANSOM are to be KILLED`

` … The man explained that a BRUTE had called - then it was trying to attack his young son and daughter - he had managed to KNOCK HIM OUT with a mixture in an alcoholic drink ! He then took this monster and threw him in the fields of a rich neighbour - he the rich neighbour would not wish this brute about him - of this he was sure ! Dad felt that the worst was over now the villains had experienced this last GREAT WAR - and that the jealousy over claiming the ESTATE after the 1883 marriage of his mother and father had nowadays finished …

( JOHN RANSOM & MILLICENT FROBISHER 1883 in `the Seamen Church` Saint MAGNUS the MARTYR on the River Thames, City of London … )

& Dad emphasised that he felt the `WORSE WAS OVER` … but thanked the man. The man was possibly a chemist - we believe he and his family left to live abroad - either Australia or New Zealand …`

LIR ` … NO ! NO ! The LINDSAY craze to get hold of our RANSOM ESTATE & THE GROTE HOMES has gone on … once they joined with the Bowes Lyon Tribe they knew they would have to silently part with a half of it … The B-L have bigger riding crops than the Uncles LINDSAYI have seen my families murdered by them all … since 1938 1939 … when they poisoned my mother then hit my father in a vulnerable spot at the back of the head - And I am now hunted in Gross Britain as if I were a figure of fun : insulted, my passport stolen this morning, my kitbag & my Flying gear and my warm sleeping bag gone - my camera & my modern microscope … I had hoped to come and be introduced to my kin … I had come from Argentina … leaving the body of my young mother still dancing, the FIREBIRD of the INCA (his mother JEAN WEDDELL) safe I felt at last with good friends in New York … they had known Aunt Mag & Tiggy …`

`… but the new monsters had already embarked upon robbery - by giving a wedding ring in 1967 - INSULTING the RANSOM FAMILY & keeping us all apart - the old and new monsters have gone on having a fling … Joined by a pair of ghouls who are claiming to be members of the aristocracy … from one good Quaker raised up in 1888 ` …

` My brother John and his wife and child gone - killed - ( Dr John RAY Ransom, son Poul , and biologist wife ) the LINDSAY now lead by Lord still calling himself cousin when he needs our KUDOS Lindsay (Earl 15) have taken all the CANADA lands - they have trashed them, sold them off in LOTS, and emptied the Banks in Canada - the management of the lands along the water are now neglected … Lord or Count LINDSAY whatever he calls himself now is more criminally insane than ever before … this has happened to the two ghouls that set about ANDRE 1967, joining the others … they have all known one another at their British schools … THEY ARE ALL UNCLEAN … they dirty the globe wherever they are … `

( NB : the blood line comes from 1 grandmother three times back to Greta Ransom !

Neither Ransom elders or me GR , or Winston S. Churchill, acknowledged this DIM DARK relationship as having ANY CLAIM made by LINDSAYbuggarhs upon our properties as in any way LEGAL ! He CHURCHILL says January 1960 ` LINDSAY - bloody nuisance since the PLANET began … NO ! the relationship claimed is TOO FAR BACK … give `em a spade and tell them to dig it up !! ` He, W.S.C. dies in 1965 … )

RECORDS/TAPES of above - LIR/Lenir artist/Len IMMANUEL musician/ full Christian & INCA name Len Immanuel RANSOM born British & Argentine citizen 1921 - murdered 1981/82 : ORDERS of LINDSAY Earls Numbers 14 & 15 - & Doc Mengele HARRINGTON

( MEMORANDUM : `JIM the BAKSHEE` from 1932 at Clacton-on-Sea we have the little evil Gnome about us - he is well known to the town for begging for a loans … he is called `BAKSHEE bakshee` Jimmie as well as several other names, sometimes `little varmint-little bit of vermin` … My young honourable ex-soldier father `young `Fred RANSOM warns me about him. `Never let him in - he is unholy - he wants BAKSHEE all the time … he vandalizes property of those who won`t give him BAKSHEEHe is round the young women Friday afternoons promising to take them out because they are paid at the end of the day. You are to keep him out of this house when you come back from school - warn anyone here that he is not allowed over the doorstep or THEM the LINDSAY on the seafront … they are not to be considered relatives ! They too like Jimmie want BAKSHEE all their lives … ` (Greta Ransom) …. )

Len I Ransom et al `SIR MORTIMER WHEELER came to see your father with a suitcase of money - from New Zealand.

` … A man had hidden it in the ruins of his farmhouse. His property destroyed by fire, his family perished in the flames - all done by JIMMIE - he came for `BAKSHEE` for ANGELA and her Norway tribe. Jim tried sell off the family lands - Jim insisted it was CROWN PROPERTY. There was a letter in the suitcase too ! It described what had happened to them …`

`… Sir Mortimer Wheeler said `JIM - Bakshee Jim - on a `DIG` you`d get Jim hanging around ! `Bakshee Bakeshee` Jim whimpering for Bakshee … He would maim your best leading Workman … NOW HE`s GOT A KNIGHTHOOD ! ` REPORT : Sir Mortimer Wheeler … & ex-Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM who skilfully has managed to rescue with friends two-thirds of the ESTATE after the SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in the name of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & its CROWNS …`

`Young Army Captain Fred John RANSOM, who has kept the Estate off `duck boards` & restored much of its dignity 1945-1969 until his murder in March He has taken on himself the DANGER after the discovery 1945 of the SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in the name of the British Government & Crown so in secret they could LAY HANDS on the Estate of a brilliant human being they, the vulgar, call `OLD ESKIMO ` behind her back & continue to call her after they have arranged her murder done by Mr JIM PIMP …` LIR et al`

( REPORT : Greta Ransom remembers well 1936-1939 : Jimmie Jong Mr Pong the Chinese Clown … is seen one night by the CLACTON WAR MEMORIAL stealing the best poppies - the beautiful big silk POPPIES cost 10/shillings each & the 5/shilling poppies are lovely too - he takes his stolen things abroad to sell, and these will appear on hats on the Continent … The people who saw him immediately reported him at The Police Station even though it was late at night - The Police went to the GRAND straight away & hammered on the door and said they wanted to talk with JIM ! The Earl or his heir said JIM had gone abroad that afternoon. This was a big LIE. G.R. )

MEMORANDUM : JIM Jong PIMP Cur James - Lord Bakshee James etc. died in 1981 Oxford-LONDON (Chinese-British born 1898 Port Arthur possibly : JIMMIE Jong PIMPED in PARIS and around the globe & from 1921 he has a 2 room apartment at the back of Buckingham Palace - 1923 his friend ANGELA Bowes Lyon became engaged end of January and marriage April 1923 to the fragile of health & delicate of mind younger son of British Sailor King George V … The British EMPIRE & its Lords & Crowns and relatives HAD NO BIG MONEY anymore from 1870s :

… ` they LINDSAY fiddled money changing - sunk ships for Insurance- … & came upon the RANSOM family … & the attached GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN … all this overseas in nations mainly OUTSIDE the EMPIRE … they would BOOT IN … `


Photograph below :

2nd Classical Tour - for Ransom & Whitehead children with Greta Ransom W … 1969 CORINTH GREECE in the setting sun … we walk ancient ways on ancient stones now at peace …