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7th century Suffolk - `MY NAME ONLY` RANSOM ( … he has a first name, Christian name, in the early 19th century genealogy 1st cent AD to 800 AD = our copy was destroyed by the criminally insane ) - It is in the 7th century that the head of our family insists to his sons & grandsons ` YOU ARE TO USE THE RANSOM NAME - not take the name of the women you marry because their family is richer than you - … it is HUMANITAS that matters`

NB: We were also short of sons in the 4th-7th centuries … infant mortality rates were high NNB: & WE ALL write in LATIN-Arabic-Scandinavian and Germanic tongues & `Early English` tongue of East Anglia when WE are at home/heimat …

= HUMANITAS = the condition of being a man/the qualities proper to mankind as a race - magna est vis humanitatis - especially : human conduct, humility, philanthropy, gentleness, kindness, politeness = mental cultivation, liberal education, good breeding, elegance of manners or language, refinement -

`My Name only RANSOM ` says firmly “ … I do not want descendants who turn and fight against our family RANSOM & do not uphold our high standards ”

( Uncle Gimlet Eyes Mainwarring RN (16th century Mainwarring marry PHOEBE RANSOM a daughter of F. Ransom & the Lady Japan-Okinawa 1504 Bruges marriage ) would add

“ … or I will not leave you a brass coin or a turf & certainly not one of my three ships ! … )

The excerpt above is from his `LIFE BOOK` & he writes in Latin & an early English of East Anglia of the 7th century - RANSOM are never without the skills of reading writing and languages - it is very necessary for SEA TRADERS - & to fly a flag ` HUMANITAS `…

7th century Suffolk - `CHALICE` RANSOM - ? he may be the same as `My name only RANSOM` … a silver chalice with a big R engraved on the side came to us early summer 1938 from Hebrides Arran solicitors for Margaret Ransom GROTE (deceased 15 May 1938) - I was shown a copy of an English magazine of the 19th century with a photograph with learned text - The CHALICE was shown 1938 to Norwich Museum who authenticated it saying that `RANSOM 7th century owner may have used it still as a drinking cup … but there was the possibility it was older than the 7th or 6th centuries - that it was a personal goblet made for a member of the RANSOM Family of EAST ANGLIA ` it might have been used by this Sea Trading family in the Mediterranean or in Iceland or Greenland

DESTRUCTION - of RANSOM CHALICE or GOBLET : This our RANSOM chalice/goblet, is stolen from our Clacton-on-Sea Old Road home swiftly by JIM Jong before we put it in the Bank vaults & then took it to an American Museum for safety & where scholars might examine it in peace … It was featured in a sepia magazine 19th century - something like Illustrated London News. JIMMIE JONG future SIR JAMES, spitefully had the GOBLET-CHALICE melted into a lump of metal …

JIM Jong ( … he has a 2-room apartment at the back of Buckingham Palace since 1921 to 1956 … ) delivered it to my mother Teresa Ransom with the message for the entire RANSOM FAMILIES “ … that everything belonging to the Old Eskimo on Arran island (Western Hebrides) in the `Grange` belonged to Her Majesty they felt we could sell the lump of melted silver for money as we were paupers … ” …

My father & I wept & wept ( I have some information in `1937 Summer` - type written pages may have more - I was not yet 6 years old ... )

(Memo: `Majesty` is `Angela` ( the former Miss B L of Wales ) who has haunted the Gordon and Ransom families with JIM Jong since 1913 … She had been taken to ROME by our Aunt Margareth Girl of the Snows in 1910 after an outbreak of Fever in Glamis Castle - Angela (Elizabeth) Bowes Lyon behaved very badly & collected for her family names of everyone Margaret Ransom Grote knew in Rome & other places they visited on the 1910 journey -

NB : the names of the friends and families of Margaret GROTE were the `crème-de-la crème INTELLECTUALLY` of the civilised world : human beings beyond the understanding of British & Scandinavian aristocratic persons always short of a million dimes The friends of Margareth Ransom GROTE and her RANSOM families would never destroy ancient history : WEEP, but remember, our 6th-7th century RANSOM CHALICE destroyed 1938 by JIM PIMP and his chums the LINDSAY Premier EARLS of Gross Britain & mobs of Scandinavia …

Further Memo : Angela & my future mother Teresa Gordon with JIM & LINDSAY Earls, all criminally insane, have been misbehaving all the Roaring 20s … the fashion of the penniless aristocrats to torment intelligent and civilized families to rob them of moneys and properties had become a NOBLE CULT : they become more violent & criminally insane in the 1930s


Photo : 1973 - Victoria-Augusta 5 years old on her 2nd Classical Tour

VENICE - outside the Cathedral of Saint Mark - the composer Claudio Monteverdi worked here 17th century …