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DRAMA HUMANITAS reaching down the ages to us …

1097-99 AD - SIWARD RANSOM - wife & 5 children at Brittany seashore Estate/ESTATE still owned by RANSOM Grote Estate in 1960 when we receive a harrowing Report on persecution of the tenant & wife and two daughters by Earls of LINDSAY & JIM Jong Sir/cur JAMES acting for `Angela` & her in-laws sometimes referred to as ghouls of Norway

Further information is recorded - will be given in full as we progress with this restored genealogy - some is already in 3 parts document “1937 SUMMER

1450 China - marriage of RANSOM Sea trader mainline to a daughter of HUE` ARTUN - Hue` is a prominent Trader/part Governor/philosopher - a peninsula/ now the coast of North Korea/ another daughter at same time makes a marriage to Dutch Sea trader (Heidegger ?) contact with them in Netherlands to 1953 … Several pages written 1880s from documents & a drawing made by Max Beerbohm Tree for Millicent Frobisher Mrs John Ransom c 1890 more will follow on by FJR and written research by JJR & LIR 1950s - several pages appear in `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc`

NB : the eldest son is F.R. who buys Farm Montrose Basin 1499 & makes 2nd marriage 1504 to Lady of Okinawa Japan = late 1520s Mainwarring/Mannering families connect by marriage to PHOEBE RANSOM to mainline Ransom “ the wicked Sir Lionel Mainwarring” history as related by Uncle Gimlet-eyes Mainwarring 1930s … RECORDS of many pages are given in `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc`

C 14th-15th centuries `ANTICS ` RANSOM - of City of Leeds & Tynemouth town - has ships of honest Trade, sails himself : MEMORANDUM : HIS TOMB DESTROYED BY LINDSAY Premier Earls on a FROLIC with JIM JONG 1920s : DAVE Count LINDSAY & his MOB heard boasting about it 1950s in WHITES VICE CLUB Saint James` Scarlet Town (London)

… Our smiling near ancestor has himself a portrait stone figure … he is known as `ANTICS` RANSOM … he liked to join in JOUSTING matches - he is recorded as amusing his young friends by imitating a knight on a tomb - he takes up this posture when he sees them come up to the Charge in the JOUST - photo existed of his tomb in an English Midlands church late 1920s he is lying on his tomb his head propped up on his arm smiling at his friends coming up to the Charge just as he used to do in life … ” Report: The tomb could not be found 1950s - there were other similar tombstones in England 19th century

18th century - `STONE HEAD` RANSOM & his `ALSATION whore` - an abused RANSOM bride - Roman Catholic ITALY

Aunt Margaret said 1930s : ` She was nothing of the kind ! she did not produce children until age 39 & then they got three … they lived in Spain & then ITALY - it was frowned & gossiped upon if a woman did not have children … because of local gossip he had himself carved in stone with a very angry face & put this on Pillars at the entrance to their Estate … he & she were very happy in spite of no children … he had to be away a lot at sea … she was delicate … then he stayed home … they had three children … he became known locally as STONE HEAD `(she came of a very good family in Alsace Lorraine - Aunt Margareth exchanged Christmas cards )

10th-11th Centuries - ALICE wife of OSBERT RANSOM - he gives us the motto/legend for shields & flags `SATTEUS LAETUS` ( Medieval Latin - the translation agreed upon is `I am joyful with sufficient` ) - a little more will follow later … some is in `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc`

Late 18th century-19th century - AQUIDA/Aqueda - Basque family of the area of San Sebastian Spain = FCF RANSOM = give bride to Yueshama/Yahamah Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel son of the High INCA line direct descendant/educated by Jesuits etc = ref. James Weddell/SEA sub-arctic/ Jean ballerina a great-grand-daughter of SAN JULIAN marries 2ndly Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM 1909 = become parents of FJR/IJR/JRR/LIR = Greta Ransom daughter of FJR 1911-1969 who was the compiler of this Pedigree

6th-7th centuries - SPAIN & East Coast Britain - our tall beautiful RANSOM bride `AURORA`

“ … the BERBER bride of RANSOM East Coast Britain

“ Our grandfather the father of our mother is a member of the Town Council of Castile, a fairly wealthy farmer-trader-man of some writing … & he did NOT like young RANSOM at all when he saw him talking to her … he came to buy hay & marmalade … She is 6 feet tall with dark hair below her waist & her eyes the colour of the Spanish dawn … he had to show he was not just a sailor - we are five children and keep both religions, & sometimes go to sea … my parents go out into Moorish-Christian social events … I am their youngest child a cripple & so I keep the family records ... which I like to do ` …

… The WRITER is the youngest child a Miss or Master RANSOM tells us the grandchildren are quite pale skinned & some live in Britain or Europe …His/Her mother is respected in both Religious creeds, wears both Arab and Christian garments, & that the writer ( he/she ) is happy recording the family histories ” …

“ … her father holds a Civil Office for the Port & is on the Town Council - he farms and sails her dowry is 2 fields of Casserina (?) trees and one field of plums & THE LAND is included in her dowry … ”

… “ … now we use our name RANSOM Ransom line …

Four (of us) have issue … I am crippled … the 5th child … I am happy & record our family both lines … Four of us have issue and harmony is on both sides of brown and white … The grandchildren of my grandfather are pale (skinned) & pass amongst (society) & they respect our grandfather the father of my mother Our mother wears Christian & Arab clothes & is respected amongst both faiths … she can go into society in both … Our mother attends upon both religions & there is no difficulty (for her, for us) that she does this … Our grandfather did not like our father at first & he tried to chase him off … but he established that he was serious, had lands overseas & a good family with money ( … and they could all read and write very well ! … )

( As a child I GR am very interested in 6-7th century grandma `Aurora` RANSOM - I am raised a Catholic but I enter all other religions because our GROTE HOMES children are of different faiths … My father is a Nonconformist & a Quaker … Greta Ransom … who would not have existed if Aurora`s Father had refused young RANSOM marriage to his tall brown skinned cascading hair daughter with her EYES the COLOUR of the SPANISH DAWN …” )

There is an entry for AURORA & family & descendants in the `scaffolding work` = 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc` : other records & places … Aunt Margareth Ransom Grote went to Spain (?) to stay with M. Senr. El Fazi ? in 1929 he ran a sort of shipping agency on the waterfront he was a descendant of the line of AURORA `s father 6th-7th century … ” ???? - anyone remember ?

Born 1902 - ALEXANDER RANSOM … can he be found to have survived 1950s - his children & grandchildren now safe ???

This is his history from 77 AD Gaius RANSOM :

LIR/JRR - He is born to a Finish mother in 1902 - she did not want him - put him in a paper parcel at a few days old and delivered him to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM = he FCFR born 1884 is 18 years old in 1902 - Placed by FCFR with Music Teacher and `guru` husband in England - 1909 take after the marriage of FCFR to Jean Weddell to a childless Weddell couple by the newly weds … ”

… “ ALEXANDER IN CLOVER ! Alexander had 11 languages at age 15 years of age - began to travel with RANSOMS about the globe - Married had issue 3 daughters in North AMERICA - Gave all three good dowries : Alexander became an honest Farmer Trader and could not stop making HONEST MONEY …

“ He may have been slain 1948/early 1950s by LINDSAY EARLS Gang with JIM Jong … & Mengele Doc HARRINGTON ? … We lose him from 1948 - His wife may have died - we can only hope he is safe with the daughters and their families … ” If he did not find safety with his daughters then he is another MARTYR ?

NB: ALEXANDER is half-brother to Fred John Ransom/Dr John RAY Ransom/Len Immanuel Ransom/and Ivy Jean Ransom/& Uncle to Greta Ransom = restoring here our GENEALOGY for her father FJR born November 1911 in his 100th year 2011 AD

1930s - ARBUTHNOT Family - 3rd cousins to RANSOM families - Clacton-on-Sea 1930s … ( … would probably have interference from LINDSAY Earls & JIM Jong the well known PIMP for his MOONLIGHT Employers … I Greta Ransom seem to recall some nervous talk here late 1930s … when I attend Convent of Saint Clare, by Clacton seafront … I see a man & woman with a nervous expression … Miss Win Gordon my aunt would occasionally speak with them on the seafront when we are taking our Sunday walk … they go to another Church …


c 1920 onwards - BAXTER = The Dissenter line 17th century England younger sister born 1887/8 of Jean Weddell born 1885/6

( = Mrs Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM ) marries the Bookbinder BAXTER, Buenos Aries, Argentina, he is a direct descendant of the English Family of the Dissenter Richard Baxter … MARRIED IN - 2 sons slain Australia 1953

This sister of Jean Weddell RANSOM came with her now delicate health husband to BLACKPOOL England to live in the 1920s - their two young sons are swiftly refused at a school because they are of INCA descent : LIR/JRR “… our cousins, one very beautiful with gold hair the other dark refused education & peculiar RACISM harassment began in England when they were very small … Aunt Baxter & husband educated them mainly at home - Attacks in the street on them did mean they had to be protected all the time …” …

their home in Blackpool is broken into 1930s on many occasions by JIM & gang who say they represent the British Government and Crown - a wedding present a painting by SAMUEL PALMER given by Aunt Margareth Ransom Grote was stolen 1939 - you Greta used to kneel on a chair to look into its intricate scenes - kept on a wall so that it did not get too much day light … Aunt Mag`s father bought it from Sam Palmer - he had known him … (NB: it looked like a painting sold a few years ago - the British Nation asked to help with FUNDS to buy it from an un-named seller …)

“ … their father the book-binder BAXTER Blackpool is found dead, hung Police uneasy ( JIM & Lindsay Crawford Earls gang have a history of this revenge ) - but we RANSOM families explained the connexions to RANSOM & GROTE HOMES worldwide … … it was known to be a spiteful attack …” JIM may have done this War is coming with Germany again - plans are laid to RIP OFF all GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM LANDS & lay hands on properties WEDDELL and even BAXTER … “ It is to make BRITAIN RICH ” you would hear this 4 whiskey talk in WHITES Club Saint James` a VICE BAR … after DARKNESS FALLS `

Aunt BAXTER (sister of JEAN ballerina Mrs F.C.F. RANSOM) born 1888 Argentina is a former Miss WEDDELL -

(she a grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL Quaker the sub-arctic SEA & his INCA Roman Catholic wife The Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian) She with help protected her two fatherless boys & earlier they went to a High School - but they were not able to go out at night near Blackpool, England The 2nd World WAR ENDED (1939-1945) & I GR heard from second-cousin Julie Butler ex-ATS that “ … your father`s cousins - the Baxter boys - they have gone to AUSTRALIA … ”

` … but our beautiful Baxter cousin is found dead in Australian undergrowth his body decaying … his brother had disappeared … it is believed he was slain too - they descended of the San JULIAN Peru INCA and Richard BAXTER 17th century Dissenter, England /… cousins to RANSOM families & to WEDDELL families and a cousin to their mother is Clarke Gable actor Records : of various Secret Services trying to help …

JIM JONG is known to have been responsible with a LINDSAY who travelled with him … they were heard bragging “ … of going HUNTING BIG & LITTLE GAME in Australia …”

MARTYRS - FOUR - four human beings 20th century of the WEDDELL/ Hesketh and BAXTER families … have been slain so that `BRITAIN CAN GET RICH` …

( KEEP IN MIND, Reader, that a wedding present to the Aunt & Uncle BAXTER is a painting, intricate, by SAMUEL PALMER - stolen 1939 in the name of the British Crown for ANGELA … and decades later sold for millions of pounds … )

( … this unnecessary slaying of the descendants of the brave MARINER James Weddell the Navigator of The Antarctic WEDDELL SEA 1829, is spoken of as ex-Army Kenya nerves ” = WHITES CLUB St James` where JIM Jong 1953 onwards called Sir/Cur James is co-Steward … there is unease round & about SCARLET TOWN = code name amongst Special Agents for LONDON )

… JIM Jong now Sir James, runs his own Mercenary Meetings after dark at WHITES CLUB an establishment for Aristocracy … he is that small fat half Chinese thrown out by his good Chinese family for murdering some of them and stealing from 1917 … a nuisance to good British families and the Police pre-2nd World War … he is described as “ A PIMP - who has no regular employment but works for certain SCOTS LORDS …

by MOONLIGHT ” ` … he should not be let into your wholesome and holy households …`


PHOTOGRAPH - Newport ESSEX - I, Greta Ransom age 12 years, took the Widower 1944 of Josette Clotis/ Georges-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX here winter 1945 : he had mention of a Leper Hospital in his East-Anglia family records - his mother traces her line to 9th century name HISTON - in the 19th century they had come to SAXMUNDHAM HALL Suffolk - we saw her little dowry house intact 1937 and again 1945 - it was there in January 1954 - MALRAUX wished to buy it back for his two sons - his mother had lost control of it after the 1st World War : he came with records of his families 1937 - they seem to have been destroyed when his Aunt Marie died 1941 … I have replaced some in document `1937 SUMMER` etc. on